06 March 2019
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Principal's Report

From the Principal's Desk

Welcome to the new format for our newsletter – an exciting innovation for our school. We’re hoping it provides easy access to information about our school in an interactive manner, as well as being visually appealing with the photos in a digital format, whether they are on your computer, ipad or phone. Hard copies of the newsletter are still accessible for those who wish to receive it that way, however the electronic version is far more engaging.


Our building project continues to progress and has gained momentum as we rapidly draw closer to a finish. It still looks like there is a quite a bit to be done but in the scheme of the overall project we are close to around 90% completion. We will be ready to move into our newest building next week – a significant step. We have the sports courts and a good deal of landscaping to be done in order to create outdoor spaces. I’m sure our students will really welcome the recreational areas, as they have been existing with limited outside possibilities at recess and lunchtime – a credit to them as they have handled it well to date.


We have a student free Curriculum Day on this Friday March 8th and this will assist us in getting ready for teaching in our new spaces across the school. We are also entertaining the idea of having a family evening with a BBQ early next term to give parents and community members the opportunity to have a look at the changes and improvements. Until then, we’ll watch the building project continue with its exciting progress.

P.E. Department

Eureka Swimming Sports

On Wednesday 28th March, 39 students from Beaufort Secondary College travelled to Ballarat to compete in the Eureka Swimming Carnival. All students represented the school in an excellent manner, and were strong competitors.

We finished 5th overall on 366 points, which was a great result.


The efforts and achievements of each competitor is displayed below:

Felicity Stares: 50m Breaststroke – 5th

Dallas Smart: 50m Freestyle – 5th, 50m          Backstroke – 6th,

Reagan Fulford: 50m Butterfly – 5th

Isabelle Mulquiny: 50m Backstroke – 6th,

Riley Burril: 50m Breaststroke – 6th , 50m Freestyle – 7th,

Eric Wilkinson: 50m Butterfly – 4th, 100m Freestyle – 5th, 50m Backstroke – 6th, 50m Freestyle – 7th,

Emma Thompson: 50m Breaststroke – 4th

Sarah Boyd-Whatmore: 50m Freestyle – 3rd, 50m Backstroke – 2nd,

Matilda Sporton: 50m Butterfly – 4th, 100m Freestyle – 4th,

Hannah Fraser: 50m Freestyle – 5th,

Bria Moodie: 50m Freestyle – 5th,

Benjamin Allen: 50m Breaststroke - 3rd, 50m Freestyle – 4th,

Ben Peacock: 50m Backstroke – 6th, 50m Freestyle – 5th,

Sophie Cook: 50m Freestyle – 5th,

Mia Evans: 50m Breaststroke – 5th, 50m Freestyle – 5th,

Jeff Debast: 50m Breaststroke – 3rd, 50m Butterfly – 5th, 50m Freestyle – 5th, 50m Backstroke – 5th,

Tyler Richards: 50m Freestyle – 5th,

Jaelyn Brand: 50m Freestyle – 5th,

Tayla Stanaway-Barker: 50m Breaststroke – 4th, 50m Freestyle – 6th, 50m Backstroke – 3rd,

Jack Peacock: 50m Breaststroke 3rd, 100m Freestyle – 4th, 50m Freestyle – 3rd, 50m Backstroke – 2nd,

Xavier Mcervale: 50m Freestyle – 2nd,

Ashleigh Crowley: 50m Breaststroke – 2nd, 50m Butterfly – 3rd, 100m Freestyle – 4th, 50m Freestyle – 2nd, 50m Backstroke – 3rd,

Jeremy Broadbent: 50m Breaststroke – 3rd, 50m Freestyle – 4th,

Jude Poyser: 50m Freestyle – 2nd,

Victoria Homan: 50m Breaststroke – 2nd, 50m Freestyle – 2nd, 50m Backstroke – 3rd,

Tiarna Prattley: 50m Freestyle – 2nd,

Matthew Treacy: 50m Breaststroke – 4th, 50m Freestyle – 4th,

All competitors should be extremely proud of their achievements. 


On the day we also applied some great pressure to the other schools within our medley and freestyle relays. One age group was lucky enough to get on top and win.  This was the 18-20 Year-Old Girls Freestyle Relay. The team was comprised of Ashleigh Crowley, Tayla Stanaway-Barker, Victoria Homan and Tiarna Prattley.  A big congratulation to those girls!


A special thanks also to Mr. Collins, Mrs. Fischer and Miss. Howden for helping with the official duties on the day.  Thank-you to friends and family who came along to support our competitors.


Intermediate & Senior Volleyball

On Friday 1st March three teams of Intermediate and Senior Students travelled to Daylesford for a Volleyball Competition. The students showed terrific sportsmanship on the day and displayed some great skills on court.


Intermediate Girls' results:

Game One: Ballarat High defeated Beaufort

Game Two: Beaufort defeated Mount Clear

Game Three: Daylesford defeated Beaufort


Intermediate Boys' results:

Game One – Mount Rowan defeated Beaufort

Game Two - Daylesford defeated Beaufort


Senior Boys' results:

Game One – Daylesford defeated Beaufort


A big thank you to Mrs. Ham for coming on the day and assisting with the coaching of the students.

Health & Wellbeing


Please be aware that there is gastro going around.  The Department of Education states that students are to be away from school for 24 hours after the last incident.   

The Importance of Fuelling your body

ust like putting the right kind of fuel into a car to help it to give its best performance, our bodies also need ‘fuel’ to help them operate properly.

Of course cars need to be maintained (looked after) in other ways, as does your body, but neither of them can work without fuel.


Your body needs protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and water.

· Protein: builds up your muscles, organs and glands. It helps repair and replace them too, so that your body can keep on working. If you eat meat, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, dairy products and legumes, then you've got it!  Protein from animal foods has all the essential amino acids you need. Plant foods have each got some of them.


· Carbohydrates: They give energy to all the cells in your body.  They produce glucose. Glucose gives you quick energy, but your body cells can't use heaps of it all at once so it saves some in your liver and muscles, as glycogen.  Some simple carbohydrates come from 'sometimes' foods like fizzy drinks and lollies, which have lots of sugar and don't have important vitamins which your body needs.  But many come from foods such as apples, bananas, grapes, raisins, as well as low-fat ice cream and yummy frozen yoghurt. These give you extras such as vitamins and minerals.  Complex carbohydrates come from food like bread, cereals, pasta and vegies like corn, potatoes and carrots. They give you energy more slowly so it lasts longer and they have heaps of vitamins and minerals, which your body needs.


· Fats:  By eating fats, you store energy for later.  There are three types of fat that we eat. 

Saturated fatty acids - from animal foods, dairy foods and some oils that come from plants.

Unsaturated fatty acids - from plants, fish and most plant oils.

Mono unsaturated fatty acids - from some plant products such as olive oil and canola oil.


· Vitamins and Minerals:  Our body needs vitamins and minerals to help it work.  There are two types of vitamins, fat soluble and water soluble.  There are 2 types of minerals too - macro minerals and trace minerals.


· Water:  Your body needs water to work well too.  The water in blood carries food to all parts of your body.


Breakfast provides energy and essential nutrients, improves alertness, concentration, mental performance, mood and memory.


Smart Eating Ideas for Brekkie:


Here are some options below for delicious breakfast ideas that your kids will hopefully love!


• A bowl of whole grain cereal with milk, a dollop of yoghurt and sliced fresh fruit. Try adding a sprinkle of nuts for extra crunch!
• A delicious smoothie made from milk, fresh fruit and yoghurt
• A toasted slice of sourdough bread with some cheese, baked beans or avocado
• Untoasted muesli or rolled oats
• Poached eggs on whole grain toast with tomato, mushrooms or spinach




Lunchtime Activities

Drawing Club

Drawing Club is a new lunchtime activity offered every Friday with Ms. McGregor for all students who love to create, draw and listen to music in the Art room.



Year 7, 2020 Information Evening


         Do you have a child looking at enrolling at BSC next year, or do you know someone who might?


Year 7, 2020 INFORMATION EVENING: Tuesday 19th March

6pm – 7pm

Information session, school tour and BBQ provided

All welcome


An invitation to come and experience everything Beaufort Secondary College has to offer.

Parents and Friends


From the Office

Student Absences

It’s not OK to be Away!


If your child is away due to illness or a    medical appointment, please phone the school before 10.00am.

Notes for medical appointments can be handed in to the General Office before the day of the appointment.

Students telling their teacher, or a friend, is not adequate notification of your child’s absence.

Families who are going on holidays during the school term should provide a letter to the school at least 2 weeks prior to the holiday,  so that work for the students can be provided.

Study Periods

Dear parents,

Please be advised that students in Year 11 and 12 are to be at school during their study periods. Study periods are an opportunity for students to catch up on any work to be completed such as class tasks, projects and also homework.


They are a valuable learning time and we appreciate your assistance in supporting your child’s learning.  If your child is unable to attend their study period we kindly ask that you please send a note or phone either Mr. Lindorff or Mrs. Evans.


Student’s who are unable to provide a note may need to catch up on their study period during recess or lunch time. Thank you for your understanding and support.



School Uniform

Students are reminded that they are expected to wear the correct socks to school.

Boys - plain grey socks, no emblems.

Girls - plain white socks with summer dress or shorts and navy tights with the kilt.


School coats and vests are available to purchase from Beleza in Ballarat.

Staff - Who to Contact 2019

If parents need to contact the school, below is a list of teachers areas of responsibility. 

If you are still not sure who to speak to, our friendly office staff can help or direct you to the        appropriate staff member.


Principal:  Mr.  Karl Schier

Assistant Principal:  Miss. Kate McGinty

VCE, VET & VCAL Co-ordinator:  Mrs. Belinda Evans & Mr. Anthony Lindorff

Year 7 Co-ordinators:  Mrs. Julie Doyle and Miss. Keiran Vernon

Years 8-10 Co-ordinator:  Mr. Simon De Zoete-Spiero

Sports Co-ordinator:   Miss. Keiran Vernon

Careers and Work Experience:   Mr. Phil Crouch

Business Manager:   Mrs Kerry Grant & Mrs. Kathie Pitt


For subject related matters, please contact the subject teacher.

Community News


The Beaufort Secondary College community and Year 7   would like to express their sincere thank you for the recent donation from the Beaufort & District Op. Shop.   This donation has gone towards the Year 7 camp to Halls Gap.  The Op. Shop’s continued support to our school programs is very much appreciated.



Beaufort Walkfest

On April 6th and 7th 2019 will be a weekend of guided walks to address the health of the community by encouraging social connection and physical activity.  There will be a program of walks of different lengths and challenge to suit all ages and capacities.  Most walks will start from the Bendigo Bank Complex near the oval at around 10am.

We hope to attract walkers from all over Victoria but we would love to see as many local community members as possible.

Floral Tram


Rural Health Information Evening


Dates to Remember

Important Dates


Thur 7           Years 9, 10 VCE AG Wimmera Machinery   Field Day Excursion

Fri 8               Curriculum Day

Mon 11         Labour Day Public Holiday

Fri 15            House Athletics Sports

Fri 22            Greater Western Region Swimming Sports

W 27 - F29   Year 7 Halls Gap Camp

Wed 27         Year 11 Physics - Ecolinc


Fri 5               House Cross Country

                        Last Day Term 1

Thur 27        VCE Legal Studies Ballarat Law Courts 

Tues 23        First day Term 2

Thurs 19      Eureka Athletics

Thurs 25      ANZAC Day

Fri 26             Eureka Athletics


Sun 5             Debutante Ball Training begins

Tues 7           Eureka Cross Country

Fri 10             Girls' Football & Boys' Netball

Thurs            Year 11 Chemistry - Ecolinc

Wed 22         Eureka Football & Netball (11-12)

Thurs 30      Eureka Football & Netball (9-10)


Wed 5           Year 8 - Ecolinc

Fri 7              GWR - Cross Country

Mon 10        Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Tues11         Eureka Netball (7)  Year 11  Exams   

Wed 12        Eureka Football (7-8)  Eureka Netball (8)

Th 13 - F 14         Year 11 -  Exams

Tu 25 - F 28         Year 7-10 - Exams

Wed 26        Eureka Hockey (7-12)

Thur 21       VCE Legal Studies Supreme Court Melbourne

Fri 28            Last Day Term 2

                       Debutante Ball


Mon 15        First Day Term 3

Tues 16       GWR Badminton (7-8)

Wed 18       GWR Badminton (Int & Snr)

M-F 22-26            Year 9 -  Rubicon Camp  

                                Year 10 Work Experience


Fri 26          Eureka Basketball (Int & Snr)

M- F 29 - 2           Year 10 - Work Experience


Thurs 1      GWR Table Tennis

Mon 5         Year 12 Chemistry - Ecolinc

Wed 14       Eureka Basketball (7-8)


Mon 17       GWR Athletics

M-F 16-20            Year 10 - Melbourne Urban Camp

Fri 20            Last Day Term 3


Mon 7           First Day Term 4

Wed 9           Eureka Tennis & Volleyball (7-8)

Year 11         Chemistry - Ecolinc

Wed 16         Eureka Tennis (7-8)

Wed 30         VCE Exams Start


Tues 5           Melbourne Cup Day


M-Tu 2-3       Year 8 -  Exams

W-F 4-6 Year 8 - Surf Camp - Anglesea

Th-F 12-13    Year 7 & 9 - Exams