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23 August 2018
Issue Twelve
Important Dates
Principal's Report
Parents' Association Fathers' Day Breakfast
France Tour 2018
Bring It On Acknowledgements
Photos - Bring It On: The Musical
International Student Public Speaking Competition 2018 
School for Student Leadership
VicSRC Congress 2018
Year 8 Incursion - Mana Spirit of Polynesia
Parliament House Visit
Congratulations to the Senior Basketball Team!​
Congratulations to Claire Cheesman
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Important Dates


24th August - AAFC Legacy Fundraiser

28th August - PISA Testing

31st August - PA Fathers' Day Breakfast

3rd September - 2018 France Tour meeting

4th September - Year 12 Music Evening

11th September - Year 12 Drama Solos






Principal's Report

Our School Production “Bring It On!”

Congratulations to Anne Corry, Lindy Mumme, Alice Dawes, Trevor Howlett and all of the team, who provided lifelong memories for the students involved in “Bring It On!”


All of the students, whether performing, behind the scenes, working on sets, lighting, makeup and choreography are to be congratulated for their hard work and dedication in each performance. The dedicated leader of the production, Anne, has received a large number of grateful messages; all are in line with this example:


Dear Anne, What I really wanted to say to you was how hugely impressed I was with what you achieved. Having had some experience in the theatre and as a teacher I must send you a note of appreciation. Just terrific! The energy, the delivery, the pace, the timing, all the performances—a great experience for all the audience and of course the students, both cast and crew.

You’ve been very generous in your credits to all involved but the main credit must go to you. Thanks so much for everything you put into the whole production—your audience can’t wait for the next one.

With warm best wishes.


Father’s Day Breakfast hosted by the Parents’ Association 31 August

Many thanks in advance to our tireless Parents’ Association (P.A.) for hosting the annual Father’s Day breakfast in the Gillard Centre. I have heard from a number of Year 12 Dads for whom it will be their last MGC breakfast, all are very appreciative to the P.A. for making them feel welcome in all the previous years.


Congratulations to Milla Harrison

Milla Harrison was successful in obtaining the Department of Education and Training China Scholarship to undertake a full scholarship in the program of Chinese Language from March 2019 to January 2020 at the Renmin University of China. Milla is a role model for other students, in so many areas but in this case most notably in the study of Chinese as a second language at Melbourne Girls’ College.  In 2020, we look forward to hearing about Milla’s experiences and learning in China back here on the banks of the Yarra.


2019 Planning                

We are already planning for 2019 with course counselling and staffing under consideration. I wish to congratulate the following colleagues on their appointments:                       

  • Sefija Demirova who is our newly appointed Assistant Principal, joining Brent Houghton and Andrew Arney
  • Ella McDonald, our new Leading Teacher in Student Agency and Leadership
  • Lisa Rosos our Visible Wellbeing Learning Specialist
  • Sandor Kazi our Data and Analytics Learning Specialist
  • Rebecca Irvine from Glen Waverley Secondary College our Differentiation, Problem Based Learning and Collaboration Learning Specialist
  • Nicole Gibson, Humanities teacher
  • Kathryn Binding, Laboratory Technician
  • Claire Cheesman, Aerobics Head Coach

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV

Our School Council meeting held 21 August saw the approval of the perimeter cameras as a safety measure. The last newsletter ignited our parent, Dr. John Fitzgerald, Associate Professor of the University of Melbourne to bring a class of second year students on Friday 17 August to undertake a Crime Prevention assessment of the perimeters of MGC as one of their criminology assignments. We thank John and look forward to the outcomes.


Kind regards,


Parents' Association Fathers' Day Breakfast

France Tour 2018

France Tour 2018 Family Meeting


Reminder for Monday 3 September that a family meeting for the 2018 France Tour will take place from 6 -7pm in the Library

Bring It On Acknowledgements

Thank you!

Principals & Staff of MGC for their support

Elizabeth Cornell at Hal Leonard for copyright.

Dani & the MGC Café for preshow and interval refreshments, staff and student catering

Sylvan Dorney and Beth Barrass for TryBooking Ticket Sales, Bulletin and Newsletter

Parents Association for Choir Risers and Harp.

Jason Parker from Strathcona for Costumes and Lockers hire

Matthew Bass from Musical Shirts and Jordyn Taylor for T-Shirt sales

Carol Busetti for teddy singlets

Oliver Hulls for Year 12 Trophies

Glen Holland for rearranging hirers & collecting lockers

JB for covering classes and organizing room changes

Staff for Front of House & Student Executive for ushering, led by Mae James

Year 9 Deans and students for their support and commitment during City Experience.

Nick Rutherford: Resolution X – Stage Lighting hire

Matt Goldsmith: Stagepass Productions – Audio hire and advice

Andrew Holmes: Production Resource Group – Lighting effects & donations

Corex – Plastic sheets for scenery

Andrew Vance’s Environment Collective, led by parent volunteer Ruth Cronin

Staff Afterschool and Dressing Room Supervisors

Olivia Paoletti at Noel Jones Real Estate for Fete Boards

Ella Thyer for Poster design

Min Marriot for Program

Jason Kohlman and James Lauritz for photography

Wendy Keen (program photos) and Anthony Keen (College TV Slides)

To our 17 Year 12 students in the production-thanks for making Bring It On a priority and good luck for the rest of the year.

Our Arts Captains for all their help and support, led by Emily Fitzwilliam.

Our amazing student crew, led by Florence Honybun and Indah Parna

Patricia Sklavakis for Hair & Makeup

Our Musical Director Tony Hicks and Andy Clarke for rehearsing and conducting the orchestra and our wonderful student musicians, assisted by Wen Chin (cello)

Natasha Lowe for playing clarinet and her parents for their support.

Ellyce Calder and Susan de Jong for their assistance with vocalists.

Samantha Bruzzese for Choreography, stunts and being an inspiring role model

Our wonderful student choreographers and directors:

Hannah Jukes-Frere and Ava den Elzen (What We Were Born to Do & Legendary)

Hannah Willoughby and Charli Carney (Do Your Own Thing, Friday Night Jackson, It’s All Happening and I’ve Got You) and Genevieve Campbell (Cross the Line)

Performing Arts Staff: Wen Chin, Jordan Evans & Zack Pretlove

Our Technical Director, Trevor Howlett for his hours of work on Sets, SFX, Lighting and Sound

Alice Dawes and Lindy Mumme for co-directing.

To all parents and friends for their support and for coming to see the show.

To all the 145 students involved for their commitment & faith-thank you & well done!


Anne Corry

Producer and Co-Director

Photos - Bring It On: The Musical

Congratulations to the cast of Bring It On!: The Musical

Congratulations to the cast and crew for pulling off a combined six successful shows! Thank you for all the hard work, time and dedication put into making our school musical a success!


Please find below the cast (and crew!) photos for both Cast One and Cast Two.

Cast One


Cast Two


International Student Public Speaking Competition 2018 

On Wednesday 22nd August, two of our wonderful International Students took part in the International Student Public Speaking Competition held at Northcote High School. The theme this year was 'Hitting the Bullseye' and our representatives were Lan Wang, Year 11 and Manvi Uphadaya also of Year 11. After months of preparation and practice, they spoke clearly, confidently, concisely and were excited to mingle with 15 other schools at the competition. Manvi and Lan represented MGC with charisma and pizazz, which resulted in Lan taking out first place! Well done Lan! We are extremely proud to support the International Student community and look forward to next year's competition. ​


School for Student Leadership




It’s Ruby, Cecilia, Hazel, Mihiri, Jemima, and Saskia from Year Nine.


We're all currently attending the School For Student Leadership at the Snowy River campus for the whole of term 3. During our term here we work on a Community Learning Project, based off something in our community that we want to make an impact on.

We're inspired by the work of Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) and want to support them by raising money as part of our participation in the Medibank Melbourne Marathon Festival 2018 on the 14th of October. We’ve decided to run the 5.7k event with the ASRC’S team, Run4Refugees!


We hope by doing this we can raise awareness around MGC and the surrounding community, and support a cause that we all are passionate about!


Please help us help them by giving whatever you can!


The more people that know about the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, the greater their impact.


So dig deep, skip a coffee or two or check in your bag for loose change & donate to us today and help make a difference!


Thanks heaps everyone!


Ruby, Hazel, Mihiri, Cecilia, Saskia and Jemima

VicSRC Congress 2018

VicSRC Congress 2018 – 10th to 12th July

The VicSRC Congress was once again held at Melbourne University and MGC was lucky enough to have 3 student representatives in attendance. Olivia Tribe (7C2) and Jade Frame (8L2) participated as delegates while Mia Sherman (11L1) continued in her organizational role with the VicSRC Executive helping to run workshops and manage the proceedings. Students from across Victoria gathered over the 3 Day event to discuss, argue and ultimately present solutions to some of the many concerns facing schools and students.


If you’d like to find out more about the VicSRC and the Congress results head to:

Reflection – Olivia Tribe 7C2

When asked if there was anyone who wanted to go to the 2018 VicSRC Congress, I jumped at the chance.


When I arrived at Ormond College I was nervous about what was going to happen, and how I was going to make friends. But I had as much fun as I had expected-maybe even more! One of the many highlights was getting to collaborate and work with other passionate students. They each brought different ideas, opinions and suggestions to the table.


The issue that my action team/group was working on was 'opportunities and access for rural remote schools'. All of the group members thought that this was an important issue as it affects 30% of school children. Our issue was voted as the third most important issue.


Overall it was a fantastic experience that I have learnt a lot from. I would highly recommend this event to anyone who has a passion for public speaking and our education.​

SRC ‘Ideas for Change’ Survey results and ongoing action

Thank you again to the 320 students who responded to the SRC’s ‘Ideas for Change’ survey at the end of last term. The SRC has been busy writing emails, organizing meetings and discussing these ideas in order to address the top concerns raised through the survey.


The top three issues raised were Uniform, Facilities and Wellbeing. This week we had Miss Rosos and Mr Houghton visit our meeting and spoke to these concerns. The SRC will hopefully have some announcements to make closer to the end of Term 3 as details are further clarified.


If you’d like to contribute to work already being done on these issues or want to find out more, SRC meetings are every Wednesday at lunchtime in Lyceum 7/8

LRC Congress 2018

At the end of Term 2, the entire Year 7 cohort met in the Auditorium to conduct a formal debate on issues raised by the Lyceum Representative Council (LRC). Students moved resolutions and had the opportunity to speak for and against depending on their opinions on the issue. While we only managed to get through 8 of the 10 resolutions, all of those debated were passed and are currently being worked by the LRC.

  1. The LRC proposes that we should expand the accessories guide so that we are able to wear a more diverse range of jewellery and accessories
  2. The LRC proposes that Lyceum 3&4 should be soundproof.​
  3. The LRC proposes that we should have drink taps and water bottle refills in the Lyceum.​
  4. The LRC proposes the hair guide for year 7 students at MGC should be expanded to allow students to have a larger variation of hair colours.​
  5. The LRC proposes that all Lyceum rooms should have functioning heating and cooling.
  6. The LRC proposes that the fence to the oval near gate 1A is removed to avoid crowding.
  7. The LRC proposes that we put a student gate next to the car park gate .
  8. The LRC proposes that at 2.05 a bell goes letting students know that they should be in class.​
  9. The LRC proposes that the school needs bigger compost and soft plastic bins.​
  10. The LRC proposes that all Lyceum rooms have one or two clocks per room.




There have been lots of exciting things happening in STEAM this term. We have begun our training for the FIRST Lego League competition, had many students involved in other STEAM competitions and events and seeing some really interesting projects happening in classes. In the picture above, some of our Year 10 Digital Worlds students are using python coding to create their own structures in Minecraft.

Car Sales and Python Coding


The wonderful people from CarSales are coming back on the 7th of September for another Python coding session. There are still a few spots left if you are interested. Email Mrs Keen if you want to join us.

Go Girl, Go for IT at Deakin

Zack Pretlove and Anthony Keen escorted over 30 students to Deakin’s bi-annual event, Go Girl, Go for IT. Students are given the opportunity to engage with industry leaders who showcase careers in the field of IT. The event is run by the Victorian ICT for Women network. Secondary School Girls from across Victoria were able to hear about the incredible range of vocational avenues that are available in IT.

Go Girl, Go for IT aims to excite and engage female secondary school students by introducing them to the vast range of global, lucrative and varied career options in IT. The event focuses on inspiring students with fantastic role model speakers, showcasing technology of the future and challenging their preconceptions of a career in IT. There will be access to a wealth of information that will assist students in making informed decisions about a career in IT.



Girl Power in STEM Camp, by Sam Kintanar

During the school holidays, I was part of the Girl Power in STEM Camp run by Melbourne University. I spent three and a half days learning what it takes to have a career in engineering, what dorm life is like (hint: it’s pretty lit) and most importantly, getting to know 29 other like-minded girls in my year level!

I arrived at the Trinity College Campus on the afternoon of Sunday 8 July. After a quick briefing from 3 female Melbourne Uni staff on why the world needs more female engineers, I got to know the other girls in my group through a game of bingo. While the parents munched on some complimentary scones and fruits, I learnt a lot about the hobbies of the girls I met and even figured out who my dorm buddy was. The rest of the evening was spent tucking into a great meal at the Dining Hall before participating in an intense Trivia Night.


On Monday, we spent most of the day at the Melbourne Uni campus. With an Engineering School student as our tour guide, we spent most of the morning having a look at the state-of-the-art buildings and laboratories that can be found in the different parts of the campus. My favourite equipment would have to be the large-scale testing equipment in the Civil Engineering lab Additionally, we found an underground carpark that has been featured in several movies and a cosy creperie. Then we explored mechanical and software engineering through three separate workshops. From these workshops I learnt how engineering students can apply their skills overseas through volunteer work. I also had a fun - yet stressful - time in my group trying to diffuse a virtual bomb during our Virtual Reality workshop! The busy day ended with (another) exquisite dinner as well as a screening of Hidden Figures.

Tuesday saw the 30 of us spend another day at the Melbourne Uni campus. On this day our workshops focused on environmental, chemical and software engineering. A lecturer at Melbourne Uni told us about her experience living in Antarctica for several months through her career in chemical engineering. Finally, our day concluded with a catered dinner at The Gateway on Trinity and an extremely insightful Q&A evening with 5 female engineers.


Before we knew it, it was Wednesday! On our last morning at Melbourne Uni, we spent roughly an hour learning about electrical engineering by being taught how to use a basic Arduino kit that we were given for free. Lastly, we spent lunch with the MUR Racing Team. We were given a tour of space where they build their racing car and I had a go at trying out the racing simulators the MUR drivers use when training! Then after that, it was time to say goodbye to the friends I had made over such a short time.


I highly recommend applying for this program if you are a Year 8 student and have an interest in STEM. I feel that after this camp I’m more interested in pursuing a career in engineering now. If I learnt one thing, it’s that you shouldn’t believe any stereotypes about female engineers, because they simply aren’t true. If engineering is your passion, then please apply, because this 4 year program will open your eyes to the possibilities ahead.

First Lego League


Preparations for this year’s Lego League Competition is well underway. This year’s topic is “Into Orbit” and our two teams are constructing their Lego robots and preparing their projects in time for the regional finals. Due to overwhelming popularity in Victoria, MGC has become a regional centre for the event and the College will be hosting up to 20 teams in November before the state finals.


Mic Lowne will be our head referee on the day and we are very lucky to have such a passionate supporter of the First Lego League to be helping us. His experience and legendary status of all things Lego is very well known, and his participation is very much appreciated!


Volunteers will also be helping run the robot game, helping with the judging of the projects and robot design.

It’s a great day and I encourage anyone interested to attend at MGC’s library on the 10th of November.


Finally, big thanks to Dr Therese Keane at Swinburne University for bringing MGC together with other members of the First Lego family.


Year 8 DigiTech Bootcamp

At the end of Term 4, the Year 8s will be participating in our first Digital Technologies Bootcamp. For 10 days, Year 8 students will be engaging in a range of IT activities including Coding and Entrepreneurship. Details to be finalised but the program will reflect the new Digital Technologies Curriculum.

Year 8 Incursion - Mana Spirit of Polynesia

On Monday 13th August, Bernard Mangakahia visited MGC to perform “Mana” The Spirit of Polynesia. He taught us about many different cultural traditions and performed a number of dances.  My favourite dance was the Native American hoop dance. I liked the way that each hoop represented a certain challenge that people must face throughout their lives. The hoop also represents the way that each challenge will continue in an endless cycle and will keep on repeating itself until the challenge is faced.  The key message of the performance was that you should always follow your dreams and if you work hard enough you can achieve anything that you aim for. We also learnt about how you can change traditions and try new things to expand boundaries. The performance also tied in well with our study of the film “Whale Rider.” In the film, Paikea was brave and challenged tradition in her tribe and succeeded in changing the way her grandfather viewed women in her tribe. This allowed for girls to reclaim their power and use it for good.

Greta Clark-Walsh 8H


Parliament House Visit

Last Friday 17th August, Diversity Captain Shehela and I attended the Deakin Oration at Parliament House, where we were fortunate enough to listen to Dr Tilman Ruff AM, Nobel Peace Prize winner from the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN). Dr Ruff spoke about the human, environmental and political impact of Nuclear armaments, and how ICAN worked to establish the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, the first UN ban on Nuclear weapons to date. Most impactful of all was the clearly demonstrated need for young people to take a stand against Nuclear Weapons, and weapons of mass destruction more broadly, if we wish to prevent the catastrophic consequences of a nuclear war. 


Lilian Gonzalez, Humanities Captain 

Congratulations to the Senior Basketball Team!​

The senior basketball team competed recently at the region level. Well done to the following players and good luck for competing on the 18th September. They beat Northcote HS, Mill Park SC and SEDA college to progress through to state.


Ella Marsich (year 12), Eleanor Owens, Bella Niven-Brown, Chloe Cranage, Liv Whyte, Maddie Wigg, Emily Cumming

Congratulations to Claire Cheesman

Congratulations to Claire Cheesman in year 12 for being accepted for the position of MGC Aerobics Team Head Coach!! She will be transitioning into this role during term 4 and will be taking over solely from 2019 onwards. Claire has been a member of the MGC Aerobics team since year 7 and has turned into the most outstanding, dedicated and passionate aerobics athlete and coach, who will do an amazing job in her new position. We are looking forward to her leadership in continuing the amazing success of the  MGC Aerobics team to date! WELL DONE CLAIRE!


Library News

Student Creative Anthology

Curious about the creative talents of students at Melbourne Girls’ College? Looking for fresh new writing to read? Purchase the MGC Creative Anthology for a window into the writing, artwork and tech drawings being produced in our wonderful school. At only $10 this is a great gift for friends and relatives. You can purchase the book here.


Library Book Club

The Library Book club is up and running! The Book Club is a space for students who want to read books, read about books, talk about books, and then read and talk some more.


If you have any questions or you'd like to get involved, please email Beth at [email protected].

Library Events


MGC Homework Club


Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Hope to see you there!

Ms Hajzler

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