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23 September 2018
Issue 14
R U OK? Day
Lilydale High School
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Term 3 Over and Out

Thanks to everyone for a successful Term 3, we have had some incredible achievements that involved staff and students, here are a few:

  • We Will Rock You - Great production!
  • 2019 Course Selection for Middle and Senior Schools
  • Awards Assemblies - Semester 1
  • Year 10 Driver Education 
  • Senior Boys Netball team – State Champs
  • Girls Football team – State Runners-up
  • EMR Regional Netball Championship team
  • Resilience Project – Student and parent sessions
  • Monash Accounting Week Case Competition Award Winners – James Laven, Ben Vincent, Damien Armstrong
  • Are you OK? Day
  • Student vs Teachers Netball/Basketball matches
  • VCE Music Performance Evenings
  • September Soiree
  • VCAL students – building a fairy garden at WNPS
  • Year 12 Coffee mornings
  • Year 8 Wellbeing Day
  • Year 10 MIPs/Careers Interviews 
  • Ross Huggard Year 12 English Lecture
  • Year 9 Yarra Ranges Tech School Visits
  • Great Book Swap
  • Premiers' Reading Challenge
  • Community Time  - Year 7 students
  • Duke of Ed visit to community members
  • Netball Victoria School Championships
  • VCE Ski Camp
  • World Challenge Fund Raisers
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Garden and facility improvements
  • Aeroschools Victorian Champs
  • New LHS Careers website
  • Cool Beans Cafe Barista Training
  • Chirnside Park Shopping Centre Art Display Competition
  • Lilydale Basement Food Hub  cooking sessions
  • PISA Testing
  • District Athletics
  • Grade 5 Mini Lessons
  • Australian Mathematics Competition

Duke of Ed – Community Service

An important aspect of the Duke of Edinburgh program involves  students undertaking a number of hours of community service.


Recently, the Community Connector from Chirnside Park Shopping Centre contacted us to enquire as to how we may be able to be involved with the community. It only needed to be a simple activity that would encourage connections with a view to building student confidence and resilience and, at the same time, contribute to the community.


Our students took up the challenge of bridging the generation gap by sitting and chatting with the community members over a latte. The students were wonderful, engaging with many people across a range of ages and discussing many topics.


Special thanks to everyone involved.  Particular thanks to Duke of Ed teacher, Jye Cuffe for setting up and facilitating the excursion and to Ian Bunston, Community Connector at Chirnside park Shopping Centre.



Three Way Conferencing

Thank you to those parents, guardians and students who attended the Three Way Conferencing held on Thursday 20 September.


The opportunity to meet parents and exchange information is important to us to ensure we can establish a partnership that enables students to succeed at school.

Road Safety

Members of the community contact me occasionally regarding the unsafe behaviour of some of our students when crossing roads in the school precinct. Their concerns are often in relation to students failing to use appropriate crossings which results in drivers having to take evasive action.


Can I urge all of our students to take care when crossing roads and use the pedestrian crossings to ensure their safety. 


Attendance - Everyday Counts!

Attending school every day is vital for students of all ages to fully achieve.  We all want our students to get a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begins with students coming to school each and every day.


Missing school can have a major impact on a child’s future – a student missing one day a fortnight will miss four full weeks by the end of the year.


There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes.


Regular attendance is valued at Lilydale High School. Students who attend regularly give themselves the best opportunity to achieve academically by engaging fully in their learning and foster and maintain friendships. 


I ask all parents/guardians to encourage regular attendance for your child/children to ensure every chance for success.

Mobile Phone Policy

Over the years we have maintained the 'Mobile Phone Policy' that bans the use of phones whilst at school. Our focus is on learning and social interactions without the use of phones.


In the case of emergencies, staff must be able to discharge their duty of care according to department guidelines i.e;


'Whilst students are at school they are in the care of school staff, when there is an issue or emergency at school it is incumbent upon staff to be able to deal with it'.


This is sometimes difficult when students directly contact parents rather than speaking with Coordinators who are always happy to call parents for the student concerned.


Please don’t encourage your child to contact you during school hours – any student who is in need of assistance for any reason, must report to the Sub School Offices. In the case of medical issues, students must report to Sick Bay.


Thank you for your assistance with this in advance.



Please have a safe and restful break.  We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday October 8.


Wendy Powson




Friday 21

STUDENT FREE DAY - Staff Professional Development Day

End of Term 3





Monday 8



Wednesday 10

Healesville Sanctuary Excursion

VCE Theatre Studies Monolgue Night 1 - 7 pm


Thursday 11

Drama Solo Performances - 3 pm

VCE Theatre Studies Monolgue Night 2 - 7 pm


Friday 12

Year 10 Formal - 6.30 pm


Monday 15

Benalla Clay Target Shooting

Year 9 Camp Meeting - 9 am


Thursday 18

October Arts (18 to 30)


Monday 22

Smiles Dental Van visit (22 to 31)


Tuesday 23

Year 12 - Last day of classes

Virtual Reality Melbourne Uni Excursion


Wednesday 24

Melbourne Museum Reptile Workshop


Thursday 25

Mandella Melbourne Museum Excursion


Monday 29

End of Year Instrumental Music Concert


The following calendars are also available on our school website homepage from the News and Events tab;

  • Whole School Calendar
  • Junior School Calendar
  • Middle School Calendar
  • Senior School Calendar
  • Sports Calendar 


Please note:  School events by nature are subject to change. The school reserves the right to add, change or cancel events as required.


2019 Term Dates

Term 1   29 January (school teachers start) to 5 April *
Term 2    23 April to 28 June
Term 3    15 July to 20 September
Term 4      7 October to 20 December

Photo: 8N History


Photo: 8N History

8N History

Students in 8N have created some outstanding pieces for their 'Medieval Europe CAT' in History this term.


For my CAT, I looked at medieval medicine. I decided to make electuaries which were an early type of medicine lollies that had herbal essences in them.  They were often offered at the end of a fancy meal. As there are no recipes for electuaries. I decided to make Turkish delight instead – which would have been very similar. Instead of putting rosewater in them, I put herbal essences to improve health. I also made some longevity tea, which is just fresh herbs boiled in water and left to sit for a while.



For our CAT, we made a medieval food eaten by peasants. This was called pottage.  It consisted mainly of veggies that they could grow in crops, broths and fire to cook it on. Doing this helped us understand how hard it would have been to be a peasant.

Jaimie, Paula and Emma


We created a Viking ship for my History CAT. We used icy pole sticks, hot glue, washers, striped fabric and hot glue to create my Viking ship, based on the Normen Lange, which meant “The Long Serpent” in Old Norse.

Jordy and Angus


We created a model of a castle displaying the components of a medieval castle. It featured towers, a keep, an armoury, houses, stables, a jousting arena, a moat and a draw bridge. These were made out cardboard and paper.

Matt and Oliver


We created multiple models of different torture devices used in medieval times. Some of them made the tortured have permanent damage while others were just used to inflict pain. We made medieval torture methods of wire and clay, saw torture, Judas cradle, Spanish donkey, coffin torture, waterboarding and iron maiden.

Aidan and Ella


For my History CAT this term I decided to do it on St Denis of Paris, a bishop of the 3rd century who was martyred before allegedly picking up his own decapitated head and walking six miles while preaching a sermon on repentance. For the creative component, I created a layered model depicting St Denis walking down the street carrying his head, sticking the foreground and background onto different pieces of cardboard before gluing them together to create a 3D effect.



We made a model of a Viking helmet and a model axe. The helmet was made with paper mache, wrapped over a balloon which was layered again and again for a week. It was then painted and varnished to give it a rusted look. The weapons were just made with paper, but they were folded and slotted inside each other and taped to get a 3D look.

Liam and Ben

Shae Perryman

Photo: Year 7 students and their automated rubbishbot.


Photo: Year 7 students and their automated rubbishbot.

What's been happening @Steamworks!!

Fabrication Specialist Jayden Eagleton (Year 10),  not only fixed two 3D printers in ten minutes, he went on to design this electric racing car as a full size model in VR.

Tyler Swan's EPIC product.

Sophie and Karla's great product following a fantastic presentation.

After a tough term learning new tech, design and teamwork skills, it's time to wind down with Table Tennis and Pacman for our last period.

Gaga Girl production merchandise.  Outstanding work!

Product presentations!

Rescue robot with dual controls.

Courier Drone Mod Mk5

We feel, we think, we design, we create, we test, we tinker, we fail, we fix, we fly!

Tony Vallance


Technology Fees

Many Technology elective subjects and all Home Economics classes carry a fee to help cover the increasing cost of materials.


Notices will be issued to students via Compass and I ask that parents/guardians please assist the school by paying the contribution as soon as practicably possible. 


If you are experiencing any difficulties with this request, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.  Thank you.

Caitlin Marshall

Head of Technology

Year 9 Home Eco Food Prep Skills

Wednesday 19 September - Risotto!!




September Soirees

Last week, we had three wonderful September Soirees. The first Soiree was for the Guitar and Voice students..  We heard some beautiful soulful singing and technically challenging pieces on guitar. The students all did a fabulous job  preparing for the performance night.


The second Soiree was for the Piano and Drum students. Amongst our more experienced pianists, we had some beginner piano students that performed for the very first time, that played confidently and musically. We also had some amazing drummers play. Their performances were very well received by the audience.


The third Soiree was the largest of the three with over 35  students performing. We heard some jazzy saxophone and clarinet ensembles, a senior brass quartet, a classical woodwind ensemble and several amazing solos. The students all performed very well and deserve congratulations from all of the Instrumental Music staff.


End of Year Concert

Our End of Year Concert with students from all year levels will be held on Monday 29 October at 6 pm in the Performing Arts Theatre.


Please come along to hear all of the large ensembles performing.

Good LUCK!

We would like to wish good luck to the following students who will be sitting practical exams for the Australian Music Examinations Board in two weeks time; Emily Gerdes, Bec Clark, Heidi Graupner and Darcy Lloyd.


Kate McAlister

Head of Instrumental Music

R U OK? Day

Thursday 13 September

R U OK? Day is a national day of action in September dedicated to reminding people to ask family, friends and colleagues the question, "R U OK?", in a meaningful way, because connecting regularly and meaningfully is one thing everyone can do to make a difference to anyone who might be struggling.


On Thursday 13 September, students and staff joined in the festivities at lunchtime today for R U OK? Day.


Student Services


What's for lunch? 

LHS students cooking a delicious lunch of 'Jacket Potatoes' and 'Quiche Lorraine' to share with other students in Student Services on Thursday at lunchtime.


Jane Robbins

Smiles Onsite (Dental Van)

Lilydale High School is participating in the Smiles Onsite (Dental Van) program.  Below is a link that directs you to the company’s online dental consent form.
They offer a 'Dental Examination' for all students and Medicare Bulked Billed treatments if needed.  The Dental Van will be at Lilydale High school from Monday 22 October.

If you would like your child/children to participate, please fill in the dental consent form by clicking on the blue link.  This form can be filled out on your computer, smartphone or iPhone.   Alternatively please collect a form from Student Services. 
Dental Consent Form Link:




LHS Careers Website

We encourage parents and guardians and students to visit the LHS Careers Website on the school website homepage.


Our aim is to provide students with all the latest information that will help them make decisions about their future career and life beyond school.

Tim Kogelman and Craig Harris

Career Practitioners

Engineering Careers Information Session - Melbourne

Keep the services moving and operational in an exciting Engineering role within the Australian Defence Force.


Monday  24 September

6.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Melbourne Defence Force Recruiting Centre, Level 14, 501 Swanston Street


Details and Registration: 


Deakin University Step on Campus - Burwood

Join us during Term 3 school holidays and experience Deakin University.   You'll be taken on a 45 minute tour of your chosen campus, where you'll find out more about university life, study areas and be able to gain a feel for the campus from your tour guide, a current Deakin student!


Wednesday 26 September

10.00 am & 12.00 pm

221 Burwood Highway



Details and  Registration:


Year 10 Students
University of Melbourne - Hands On Engineering and IT 

Introduce your Year 10 students to engineering and technology concepts and issues through our interactive workshops, held on campus.


Tuesday 25 September

8.45 am - 3.15 pm

Parkville Campus

381 Royal Parade



Details and Registration: 


Holmesglen Student Showcase - 15 to 28 OCT

The 15-28 October Student Showcase will highlight the best of Holmesglen’s trade, hospitality, health, education, IT and environment courses. Come experience a variety of interactive activities.



Holmesglen Open Day - 
Thursday 29 November


MC Academy VCE - Songwriting & Arranging Workshop - Melbourne

Gain tips on co-writing original songs, and then also arrange these songs to meet their full potential for a pop-rock band.  Aimed at budding songwriters and instrumentalists.


Friday 28 September

10.00 am - 2.00 pm

JMC Academy

 171 Bank Street

South Melbourne


Details and Registration:


Academy of Interactive Entertainment - Industry Experience Day - Melbourne

AIE's Industry Experience Days are a great opportunity for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 to learn about the local and international game development, 3D animation and visual effects industries.


Students will get the opportunity to learn about the different pathways to get into the industry, what should be in a portfolio and will be able to get creative in practical workshops using industry-standard 3D animation and game development tools.


The sessions are run by industry professionals who have worked on some blockbuster games and films. Everything is provided for you to participate in the hands-on workshops and you will be using the same software that is used in the industry.


If you are thinking about a career in the games or film industry then we highly recommend registering for the free event.


Tuesday 25 September

10 am - 2.30 pm
Tower 4, Atrium Level, World Trade Centre
18-38 Siddeley Street



Details and Registration: 


Pathways Beyond School: 
Learn and Earn with an Australian Apprenticeship or Traineeship

Outer Eastern LLEN, in partnership with Swinburne TAFE and Box Hill Institute, is holding two important information sessions for teachers, students and families to increase knowledge of current trends in Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships.


The sessions are designed to provide up-to-date information for students to explore career options through industry focused Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships, and help support young people beyond Year 12 looking for alternative pathways to jobs and sustainable careers.


The forums will include some key presenters from TAFE, Local Industry, Education and Apprenticeship providers, as well as hearing real-life success stories from young people currently pursing successful careers through Australian Apprenticeships.


We feel this event will provide an excellent opportunity to maximize options for young people in senior school years, and outline the advantages and supports available through current Australian Apprenticeship and Traineeships, leading to future job pathways in the Outer East.


Both sessions are FREE, and available to any teachers, students or families who have an interest in learning more about vocational pathways, projected job growth and skill shortages in our region.


Thursday  11 October

6.30-8.30 pm

Wantirna Swinburne University (TAFE)

Swinburne HUB, WA building


Thursday 25 October

6.30-8.30 pm

Lilydale Box Hill Institute

Lakeside Campus, LA Building


Attached is a flyer with booking details and further information.


If you would like more information, please contact the OELLEN on 8578 6844 or [email protected]


OELLEN is a community organisation that aims to empower young people that are disengaged from schools, employment or the Knox, Maroondah and Yarra Ranges areas. We do this through connecting them with educational programs or industry specific training.



Casual Job

Casual staff are required at Peach Cafe, Rayners Orchard farm, 60 Schoolhouse Road, Woori Yallock.  

  • Must be able to work weekends 
  • Must be reliable 
Position involves duties such as; food preparation, taking customer orders, serving meals to tables, clearing tables, assisting with packing shop fruit produce, maintenance of the cleanliness of cafe floor and farm toilets.
Casual shifts are 4 - 8 hours in length, as per cafe staff roster.
For enquiries and applications contact, Dwain or Len  5964 7654.
Casual shifts available from October through summer school holidays, possibility for permanent shifts after February 2019.


Photo: Year 8 Health and Wellbeing Day


Photo: Year 8 Health and Wellbeing Day


Friday 21 September

STUDENT FREE DAY - Staff Professional Development Day

End of Term 3


Monday 8 October



Monday 22 October

Smiles Onsite (Dental Van) (22 to 26)


Monday 26 November

Year 8 Probability Fair  (26 to 28)


Monday 10 December

End of Year Program (10 to 20)

Year 8 Camp 1 (10 to 12)


Wednesday 12 December

Year 8 Camp 2


Thursday 20 December

Year 7 and 8 Awards Assembly


Please also refer to the Junior School Calendar on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.

Year 8 Wellbeing Day 

Tuesday 18 September

As part of LHS Health & Wellbeing program, a full day was dedicated to working with Year 8 students on many aspects of their own health & wellbeing. 


On this day, students had the option of ordering a healthy lunch for $5.   

Unapproved Absences 

Please assist us to fulfil our legal obligations and approve outstanding absences your child may have on COMPASS for this year.  


The Junior School Office should be contacted if it is expected that your child will be away for more than two days.   To this end it is vital that student contact details are up to date.


Parents and Guardians who may have forgotten their Compass username and password, can contact the Junior School Office for assistance.

Students NOT returning to LHS in 2019

Please NOTIFY the Junior School Coordinators Office as soon as possible if your son/daughter is NOT RETURNING to Lilydale High School in 2019 to complete Year 8 or Year 9. 

Before a student can leave school, they must satisfactorily complete Year 10 and until the age of 17, they must be in some form of full time training or employment. Training options can include; VCE, VCAL, full time TAFE and Apprenticeships. 


Any students wishing to leave school before these requirements are met, must put in a request for exemption to the Regional Director in consultation with Lilydale High School.


If you son/daughter is not returning in 2019, an Exit Form (available from the General Office) will be required to be completed and returned to the General Office by Friday 14 December.


Junior School Coordinators

Photo: R U OK? Day


Photo: R U OK? Day


Friday 21 September

STUDENT FREE DAY - Staff Professional Development Day

End of Term 3


Monday 8 October



Friday 12 October

Year 10 Formal


Monday 15 October

Year 9 Camp Meeting


Friday 19 October

Year 10 Sports Coaching Primary School Visit


Friday 2 November

Year 10 History Immigration Museum Excursion


Monday 12 November

Year 9 Camp (12 to 16)


Friday 30 November

Year 10 - Last day of classes


Monday 3 December

Year 10 Exams (3 to 6)


Friday 7 December

Year 9 English

Year 9 Maths Exam


Thursday 13 December

Year 10 Awards Assembly

Year 10 into Year 11 Orientation


Friday 14 December

Year 9 Awards Assembly


Please also refer to the Middle School Calendar on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.

Year 9 Camp
Final Payment OVERDUE

A reminder, Consent and Final Payment $490, was due Friday 14 September.


Could parents and guardians still to make this payment, could you please contact the School Office promptly.

Year 10 Formal 

Friday 12 October

Linley Estate


6.30 pm to 10.30 pm


All Year 10 students attending the Formal, will receive a FORMAL TICKET and an Important Instructions Notice the first week of Term 4.


Students must show their ticket on arrival, to be seated.  NO TICKET – NO ENTRY.  


Students are not to arrive at Linley Estate before 6.15 pm.


SCHOOL RULES APPLY at the FORMALNo mobile phones, unnatural coloured hair or facial piercings are permitted. Formal attire is required.


GFP Formals photographers will be the official photographers at the Formal. 

If you have any questions regarding the evening, please contact Liz Nevins on 9735 5644.

Unapproved Absences

Parents and guardians are asked to please approve your child's absences on COMPASS. 


It is DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) policy that all student absences are accounted for.


If you have forgotten your Compass username and password, please contact Lauren Kelso in the Middle School Office.

Students NOT returning to LHS in 2019

Please NOTIFY the Middle School Coordinators Office as soon as possible, if your son/daughter is NOT RETURNING to Lilydale High School in 2019 to complete Year 10  or Year 11.   

We need to know if your child will be undertaking one of the following;

  • Transferring to another school                
  • TAFE (Institute/Course)                     
  • Apprenticeship/Traineeship               
  • Full Time /Part Time Employment      
  • Seeking Employment                        
  • Other reason   

Before a student can leave school, they must satisfactorily complete Year 10 and until the age of 17, they must be in some form of full time training or employment. Training options can include; VCE, VCAL, full time TAFE and Apprenticeships. 


Any students wishing to leave school before these requirements are met, must put in a request for exemption to the Regional Director in consultation with Lilydale High School.


If you son/daughter is not returning in 2019, an Exit Form (available from the General Office) will be required to be completed and returned to the General Office by Friday 14 December.


Middle School Coordinators



Friday 21 September

STUDENT FREE DAY - Staff Professional Development Day

End of Term 3


Monday 8 October

Term 4 Starts


Wednesday 10 October

VCE Theatre Studies Monologues Night 1, 7 pm


Thursday 11 October

Drama Solo Performances

VCE Theatre Studies Monologues Night  2, 7 pm


Tuesday 23 October

Last Day Year 12 Classes


Wednesday 24 October

Year 12 Festivities Day


Wednesday 31 October

VCAA Year 12 English Exam


Please also refer to the Senior School Calendar on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.

Year 12 Captains' Report

As the year comes to an end, students are looking forward to the future past their exams. Some are thinking of going to university, others TAFE and some straight into working.


All Year 12s coming to the end of their schooling, should be reminded that after exams comes many exciting events and challenges to overcome. So, study hard now and set yourselves up to take on your future in whichever way you see fit; for life will go on and it will be time for us to take on the world.


Good luck everyone!

Rocci Pitasi and Olivia Marceddo

Year 11 Captains' Report

This past year has gone by very fast.  Between mid-year exams, the GAT, the Deb Ball and everyone’s extracurricular activities, I’m surprised we have had any time for school work at all. Everyone has been tested and pushed to their limits in our first year of VCE, however everyone has taken the work load in their stride and done really well. 


Everyone has matured so much this year and we have really grown as a year level. More people are working together and encouraging each other to succeed. It has really shown this year that we are prepared and ready for what Year 12 can throw at us.


This year has been full of twists and turns for everyone, but we are all very excited to see what the next chapter of our lives has in stall for us. One more year of high school and then we are free.  Let’s see where the world can take us!

Chloe Saunders and Benson Rowntree

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner


“The Peninsula”

Shed 14, Central Pier, 161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands 

7.00 pm until 12.00 am

 Dress: Formal or Lounge

 Meal and Presentations


Cost $100.00 per person

$50.00 per child (up to 12 years) 


The Valedictory Dinner is a wonderful opportunity for students to celebrate the conclusion of their school years and enjoy a relaxing night with their family and teachers. 


We encourage students to invite family and friends to attend the dinner and share in the celebrations of “Six Years Together”.


The details for this evening can also be found on Compass and the Year 12 Google Classroom page.


Ticket purchases and payments are available online from the school website and the link below:


There will be 5 tickets made available per family (including student ticket) in the first round of the ticket releases.


If you require any further detail, please do not hesitate to ring the Senior School Coordinators on 9735 5644.


2019 Year 12 Study Retreat

Wednesday 30 January - Friday 1 February

Deakin University 



Notices have been distributed in Year 11 Home Groups this week, for the 2019 Year 12 Study Retreat.


Students will experience full campus life, attending lectures, staying in dormitory rooms/housing and using the university’s impressive facilities.


There will also be various workshops and guest speakers, including the Resilience Project and Chief English Exam Assessor and Author, Ross Huggard.


Payment and Consent can be made online through Compass.  The first instalment to secure your child’s place, is due on Friday 12 October.


Students will also need to return the Medical Form, to the VCE Office by Friday 12 October.

Year 12 Breakfasts

Don’t forget that the Year 12 breakfasts are still happening on Friday mornings from 8 am to 8:25 am in the VCE corridor.


Well done to our captains for successfully organising this again this term, you’ve done a great job!



A reminder that if your child misses a School Assessed Coursework (SAC) they must get a medical certificate to enable them to sit the SAC in the next available IPT time slot.


Students will not be granted SAC redemption unless they have a medical certificate or it is a school-approved absence. If there are extenuating circumstances please let us know and we will make a decision based on the VCAA guidelines.


Once a student has been approved for SAC redemption, they will be required to sit the SAC the next available time slot.


It is a requirement at Lilydale High School that students attend all timetabled classes so that teaching and learning opportunities can be maximised. If students have reached their limit for absences from class there is an opportunity for this time to be redeemed.


Students can speak to their Year Level Coordinator to discuss making this time up at lunchtime, during afternoon study periods, or after school.


Furthermore, it is a requirement that students attend Home Group, even if they have study periods, periods 1 + 2.


Absences on COMPASS

Any absences from school must be parent/guardian approved.  You can do this through a signed note or you can approve your child’s absences via the Parent Approval Button on Compass. 


You can also use Compass to view your student’s past absences. 

VCE Coordinators

Year 11 students NOT returning to LHS in 2019

Please NOTIFY the Senior School Coordinators Office as soon as possible if your son/daughter is NOT RETURNING to Lilydale High School in 2019 to complete Year 12.

Until the age of 17, students must be in some form of full time training or employment and have satisfactorily completed Year 10.


Training options can include; VCE, VCAL, full time TAFE and Apprenticeships. 


Any students wishing to leave school before these requirements are met, must put in a request for exemption to the Regional Director in consultation with Lilydale High School.


If you son/daughter is not returning in 2019, an Exit Form (available from the General Office) will be required to be completed and returned to the General Office by Friday 14 December.


VCE Coordinators


Volunteer Puppy Caring

With 100 puppies expected to be born before the end of October, Seeing Eye Dogs is in DESPERATE need of new volunteer puppy carer’s to help nurture the next generation of Seeing Eye Dogs as they begin their training.


Hear the benefits of puppy caring in schools from a current Puppy Carer


What is Puppy Caring?

The puppy caring program requires volunteers to care for a puppy in their home from the age of 8 weeks, until they are approximately 12-15 months of age, before entering the training program. The puppy will be with you in everyday situations including going to school which has been proven to have a positive impact on health and wellbeing.


Seeing Eye Dogs provide all the equipment, food, training and support needed through regular home visits from a Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Development Trainer, group training days and socialisation days. Various caring options are available.


For anyone who applies before 30 September 2018 and mentions this item, your class will be entered into the draw to win a tour of the Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Centre located in Kensington!



For more information call: 0428 010 843 or email: [email protected]


The Team at Seeing Eye Dogs


Come & Try Track Cycling

Blackburn Cycling Club invites you to Come & Try Track Cycling at Burwood East Velodrome, Saturday 13 October at 10.30 am

This is an introductory session for junior/new riders;

  • Bring your own bike
  • Free to attend
  • Qualified coaches
  • Safe environment to learn cycling skills, away from traffic
  • Boys and girls welcome

BBN CC is one of Melbourne’s leading cycling clubs.  We run regular track racing and training sessions from October to April for beginners, juniors, elite and masters.  Track bikes available to borrow.


Register your interest via email; [email protected]
Facebook: Blackburn Cycling Club

Australian Learning Lecture at Emerald Library

In conjunction with the State Library of Victoria, Emerald Library is proud to be hosting a screening of the Australian Learning Lecture (ALL) case study: ‘Collaborative Problem Solving’.


The ALL is a project designed to strengthen the importance of learning, by drawing attention to new ideas and approaches to learning. The Collaborative Problem Solving case study looks at ways of developing essential problem solving skills necessary for jobs of the future.


The screening will be followed by a Q & A session, facilitated by ALL representative Eleanor Bridger.


This event is aimed at teachers, parents and guardians.


Tuesday 30 October

6 - 7 pm

Emerald Library


Bookings can be made at:


Yarra Ranges School Holiday Program


Family Fun Run


Lilydale High School News
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