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31 August 2018
Issue Thirteen
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Science Week  
Science Week 
Science Week  
Science Week 
Science Week 
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Key Dates


Until Friday 31 August

Year 10 Camp


Tuesday 4 September

7pm, Winter Concert


Thursday 6 September

9am, College Tour

SMR Senior Basketball 


Monday 10 September

10.30am, College Tour


Tuesday 11 September

7pm Dizzy's Jazz Night 


Friday 14 September

SRC Free Dress Day - Football code theme


Monday 17 September

District Track & Field carnival


Wednesday 19 September

2.15pm, Colour Run 

7pm, Music and Theatre Soiree


Thursday 20 September

10.15am, College Assembly 


Friday 21 September 

Last day of Term 3.  2.30pm finish.

Term 4

Monday 8 October

First day of Term 4


Tuesday 9 October

7pm, PFA meeting


Thursday 11 October

7pm, Grade 6 Information Night 


Monday 15 October

Year 7 Immunisastions


Wednesday 17 October

6pm, Art and Design Show

7pm, Resilience Project parent presentation


Thursday 18 October

Grade 6 Music Information Night


Friday 19 October

SRC Free Dress Day


Tuesday 23 October

Year 12 last day

7pm, Valedictory dinner


Thursday 25 October 

7pm, PSA Reunions - 2003 & 1998

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Families 


I commence this message offering my sincerest thanks to Tim Veevers, Geoff Perks, Adam Howells and Valerie Bell who, along with a united team of dedicated staff, students as well as members of the Parents and Friends' Association, pulled off the most magical of productions this year.  I was fortunate to attend the opening night and was treated to superb singing, colourful costumes (coordinated by Amy Willet and Val Bell), innovative props and superb set designs.


I am also very appreciative of the support of the PFA members who were positioned Front of House and operated the kiosk. I would like to make special mention of Fiona Faulkes from the office who was always on hand to assist with any last minute issues and Bronwyn Moline who liaised with the PFA.  Events such as this require a huge time-commitment from the staff that are there every night until after the curtain closes. They contribute to events such as this because they truly care about the students who participate in the production. 


You may have already listened to one of our podcasts, which were instigated by two MGSC Alumni, Georgia Higgins and Katherine Powell (2013) who are media graduates from Swinburne University and have created their own start-up business creating podcasts for business and other organisations such as Mentone Girls’ Secondary College.  Their business is called 'Off Air Media'.  The focus of the first podcast was on the production and performing arts area. There were interviews with staff and students and a sneak peek of the singing and orchestra playing from the musical 'Wonder in Aliceland'.  Within days, the podcast was number 11 on the iTunes education chart.  If you have not listened to it yet, please do.  You will find the link on our school website under News and Calendar as well.  You will hear the voices of our students and staff involved in the production and in the school band. Our next Podcast will be coming up soon, so stay tuned for this and add it as a favourite in iTunes.


I hope that you have cast your vote for Getting Girls on Track in the 'Pick my Project' community grants initiative.  We cannot do it without you and our students deserve to have these facilities.  Please spread the word.  Details are on our website and in this newsletter.


We will be reviewing our 2015-2018 Strategic Plan next week with a panel comprising of two Principals from other Schools, a DET appointed Reviewer, Regional Representative, student representation and staff from our leadership Team. We are seeking the assistance of any parents who might be available between 9am and 9.30am on Monday 3 September to provide feedback to the panel.  Please email me on [email protected] if you are able to assist us.  We require approximately 4 – 5 parents on the morning. 



Ms Linda Brown 

College Matters

Message from the School Council 

This will be my final School Council newsletter article as my daughter and her cohort of Year 12 colleagues are in the final stages of the learning ahead of studying for their VCE exams.


I have been on School Council for nearly five years and over that time have seen many wonderful changes at our school.  Many classrooms have been renewed or renovated, the grounds have been freshly landscaped, new shade cloths have been installed, we have a new logo, and we have a new principal in Linda Brown.


I am confident that these changes will continue after I leave School Council as I am happy to report, that at this month’s school council meeting, we had a presentation from a leading School Architect where he laid out a Masterplan for the future of MGSC.  At the concept design stage only, this Masterplan included a recommendation for a new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Centre and a new main school building. 


In other news, the School Aerobics team performed superbly having competed at the National Aerobics competition on the Gold Coast over the weekend. The Dynamos (a team made up of Years 9, 10 and 11 students) finished 6th and The Untouchables (Year 12) finished 4th, just missing out on third by 0.2 of a point! 


I have found the role of School Councillor rewarding and interesting and a great way to get involved with the school community. With my daughter leaving the school this year, my term as a School. Councillor comes to an end.  I would encourage any parent who wants to contribute to the running of the school to consider nominating in 2019.  


Richard Elstone

School Council member 

Do we have your current email address?

Many members of the school community are using email to communicate with parents. Don’t miss out on important announcements and updates. Ensure we have your current email address. If you recently changed it, please notify the General Office.

Assessment and Reporting

Rochelle Dickson, our Director of Assessment and Analytics has updated the assessment and reporting guide for parents. This can be found on Compass under School Documentation, which is located in the Community tab on the menu at the top of the page. The guide is also on the website under the Curriculum tab.

PFA thanks

Thanks to the following members of the PFA who looked after front of house duties for the recent production of Wonder in Aliceland: Jo Baxas, Anna Borek, Jane Briffa, Bella Ciurej, Michelle Lafferty, Sujo Lee, Miriam Maguire, Linda McIntyre, Ales Nebesky, Robyn Salisbury, Elizabeth Semmel and Emma Walker. Your support of the students and of the college is greatly appreciated.

Parent Opinion Survey

To all the parents who were randomly selected to participate in the online Parent Opinion Survey - the closing date has been extended to Sunday 2 September. Parents can submit completed online surveys until 11.59pm Sunday. Thanks to those who have already submitted responses.


Ms Carol Duggan & Ms Bronwyn Moline

Assistant Principals 


A wonderful experience in Aliceland 

Congratulations  to everyone that contributed to the success of 'Wonder in Aliceland',  the 2018 school musical. 


There were two capacity performances for local primary schools, four evening performances and a matinee.  These were the result of  weeks, days and hours of rehearsals,  design and construction of sets, making of props,  preparation of costumes, and the design of sound and lighting. 


Students and staff contributed as directors, choreographers, production managers, technicians, performers, chorus members, dancers and musicians.  The work was done backstage, onstage, front of house, in rehearsal rooms, in the art rooms, in classrooms and in the bio box.  Over a hundred students were involved and of course many, many hours.  


The official program acknowledges the many people who made it all happen. Well done to everyone. 





Science Week  

National Science Week was celebrated across Australia from 11 to 19 August.  The theme was Game Changers and Change Makers.  Students had opportunities to attend a number of events, many with a focus on women in science. A very special event was being able to invite Year 5 students from local primary schools to participate in experiments in our labs, guided and assisted by students. 

Here are some reports on the many activities our students participated in over the week.


Ms Dahliyani Briedis

Science Domain Leader 

Science Week  

Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

On 16 August, we were lucky to have several neuroscientists from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health come to visit us for National Science Week. The first speaker, Thijs Dhollander, spoke to us about his work with diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (dMRI), a way of scanning the brain and using computer imaging to test what direction the axons in the brain were travelling, so that when neurosurgeons have to cut out tumours in the brain they can make sure the tumour is safe to operate on. He also showed us a couple of examples of dMRI scans that had been done on patients to test if a tumour was safe to remove, including a scan of his own brain so we could see how it worked.


The second speaker was Amy Shepherd, and she told us about her work researching the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and possible ways to combat these effects working with mice. She told us about training mice to use touch screens to test how well they learn and perform cognitive tasks, both in mice with and without Alzheimer’s disease.


Additionally, the neuroscientists informed us about research that is currently being conducted on genes, which could possibly be used to treat one form of epilepsy using concentrations of spider venom.


It was really interesting to hear about current research of the field of neuroscience and psychology, and a bit about where it’s headed for the future! It was also really cool to hear about the relevance of what we learn in Psychology and how it is used practically in the field, particularly as in Units 3 & 4 Psychology we learn about the neural basis and effects of Alzheimer’s disease.


Big thank you to Ms Mel Erwin for organising this event.


Zoe Day (Year 11) 



Science Week 

Go Girl Go for IT

On Thursday 16 August, Casey Boswell attended the 'Go Girl Go for IT' event, where she spoke at a panel with other inspiring women in IT representing the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN), to share her passion for technology and her STEM experiences so far.


The event is run by the Victorian ICT for Women network every two years (since 2001) to encourage and showcase careers in IT to Victorian school girls in Years 5 to 12. This includes hands-on workshops, presentations and an IT careers expo consisting of booths from universities, companies and organisations promoting IT careers such as Telstra, ANZ, AGL Energy and Toyota (to name a few).



Ms Mel Erwin

Psychology and Science Teacher

Science Week  

Inspiring Australia’s young scientists

During the first holidays this year and throughout Term 2, a group of Year 11 students were reaching out to Rotary clubs in our community in search of endorsement and sponsorship for their applications to the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF).


This year’s successful applicants are Katie Barnshaw, Casey Boswell, Charlotte Collins, Natalie Hooper, Isabelle Jacques, Zahra Mackenzie and Caitlin Morris.


The NYSF takes place over the summer holidays for students entering Year 12 who are passionate about Science. The 12 day residential program is designed to give students a broader understanding of the diverse study and career options available in science and STEM. Students visit laboratories, go on site tours, attend lectures, take part in workshops, go to social events and participate in group activities that improve communication and presentation skills. The focus in not on academic achievements but rather on developing well-rounded individuals.


Last year’s attendees from MGSC were Margaret Bradbury, Olivia Jaconelli, Kate McMahon and Sally Walker. The four of them kindly gave up their time to mentor the Year 11 applicants and were instrumental in preparing the students for the application process which included contacting Rotary clubs and attending interviews. We even set up mock interviews at school.


I am so proud of the students who applied. They pushed through the fear of interviews and contacting strangers, and challenged themselves to achieve their goal.


Student experiences of the NYSC application process.


After the NYSF students of last year sparked interest in prospecting future candidates with a presentation during a year level assembly, the eager Year 11s began their lengthy application process for the exciting science program by contacting their local Rotary clubs. The Rotary clubs help run the application by endorsing selected applicants and help fund the costs of the program. They met the Rotarians of the clubs to get their endorsement to allow them to complete an application online. This application consisted of questions about their interest in STEM subjects, why they want to attend the program and to get to know the applicant. Once the application was submitted, all that was left was the district interviews (groups of Rotary clubs based on location areas). The past NYSF students were eager to help the applicants and wrote up a list of potential interview questions. They also collaborated with volunteer teachers to run mock interviews.

As the date of the district interviews approached, the applicants were ready to perform. But in a rare case, the district interviews got cancelled as it was determined that there was a sufficient number of places allocated to our district to accommodate the applicants. Therefore, after their online applications were reviewed, they were accepted into the program!

Casey Boswell (Year 11) 


The Year 11s have all been successfully accepted into the National Youth Science Forum (otherwise affectionately known as 'nerd camp'). We are now all eagerly awaiting to hear news on whether we got into the Canberra or Brisbane sessions. Either way, it is a very exciting time for us all in the science community. 

Katie Bradshaw (Year 11)


We really enjoyed mentoring the girls in their application for NYSF, and are very excited for them to experience NYSF in January! 

Year 12 mentors


Ms Dahliyani Briedis

Science Domain Leade

Science Week 

Primary School lab visits 

Over the weeks surrounding National Science Week  Year 5 students from Beaumaris Primary visited our science laboratories and used equipment to carry out experiments.  MGSC students from Years 8 to 10 assisted the primary students in conducting and understanding the experiments and what important scientific concepts were involved.


The students rotated around the workbenches, exploring a game changing idea in each of the VCE sciences studied at MGSC:

  • Biology – Students operated microscopes to observe the tiny hairs on spiders legs, tar in a smokers lung, and the individual cells of a plant.
  • Chemistry – The chemical reaction between magnesium and an acid was observed (and heard as they lit the resulting gas with a match!)
  • Environmental Science – water quality was considered as students challenged each other to make a filter that would produce the cleanest water.
  • Physics – Evidence of the electron shell model of an atom was observed in the form of coloured flames produced by burning chemicals over a Bunsen burner.
  • Psychology – Baffling optical illusions were tested and discussed.


MGSC students share their experiences. 


My partner and I were doing the environmental science experiment. I think that this was great as it got the visiting students involved and I believe that they really enjoyed making their water filtration systems. I found it interesting to see what kind of solutions each group would come up with. Some water filtration systems worked well and some didn’t work well. They saw for themselves what they could have done. I think that it was a great learning experience for the kids and they were very diligent in thinking about what materials would filter out the large and small bits of dirt and reaching the end goal of making the water clear.


Asmita Raj (Year  9) 


I had a great time helping out with the primary school visit. The students visited our science classroom and completed five workshops. The five workshops were all topics that were covered in science at our school which included, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Psychology and Environmental Science. I had an amazing time assisting with the Environmental Science workshop. In this workshop, students had to create a water filtration method to filter dirty muddy water into clean water. This workshop not only used their creative skills but also their thinking skills as they had to use materials that were different to the other group. It was amazing to see the different methods the students came up with. Overall, the primary school students enjoyed all the workshops. 


Julia Le (Year 9) 


Science Week 

Girl in Physics Breakfast

Year 10 student Diane Luo;  three Year 11 students - Indiana Budimir, Rebecca Smith and Michelle Taneja; and two Year 12 students - Margaret Bradbury and Samantha Atran - attended the annual 'Girls in Physics' breakfast.


Girls from all over Victoria travalled to Monash University to hear Dr Ceri Brenner speak about her experience studying physics and entering the field of Laser Physics. She didn’t go easy on the science behind it all, but it was great to see that our MGSC students identified concepts that they had learnt in class.


After the talk we walked over to the Synchrotron. Not usually open for visitors, we were grateful to have our very own tour guide take us around the whole ring and explain what each station’s specialty was and the sorts of research that has been done there, from detecting the chemical makeup of paint underneath the top layer of a famous painter’s painting, to collecting real time data of the degradation of breast milk in a bottle.


It was a big day and we were in awe of the minds behind all the science and technology that is the Synchrotron.


Ms Dahliyani Briedis

Science Domain Leader

Science Breakfast 

On Wednesday 15  August,  Casey Boswell, Natalie Hooper, Grace Grimmer,  Caitlin Morris and I visited Mentone Girls' Grammar for the annual Science Breakfast where we heard an inspirational speech from Jacqui Savage.


Jacqui taught us that anyone of any ability can pursue science and that in our lifetimes we will have more than one career! The event allowed us to network with fellow girls in science from our neighbouring schools and provided us with a deeper insight into future career opportunities in STEM.


We would like to thank Ms Briedis for organising for us to attend this event. 


Katie Barnshaw (Year 11) 


Junior Lord Mayor Competition

Congratulations Chloe!

On Monday 20 August Chloe Shovelar was invited to the Melbourne Town Hall Council Chambers as one of seven finalists in the Junior Lord Mayor Competition. Chloe was interviewed by a judging panel comprising of Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp, Peter Hitchener, Denis Walter, Dr Jo Clyne (History Teachers’ Association of Victoria) and the CEO from 13CABS.


She was asked a series of questions based on what she would do to improve Melbourne and how she would make a difference to our community. Whilst Chloe was not crowned Junior Lord Mayor, it was a fantastic achievement to be selected as a finalist and a wonderful experience for Chloe. Well done!  


Ms Petra Witt

Year 7 Student Manager


News and upcoming events

A huge congratulations to the Year 8 Band for their performance at the Victorian Schools Music Festival. Mr Campbell and I were extremely proud of the way the band performed, and more importantly, in the way they prepared for the performance and the dedication and commitment they showed in being their very best on the day. If any family would like to order official photos of the event they can at with the access code VSMF18. A video of the performance can be found at:


The Winter Concert is on Tuesday 4 September  for all music students.  The performance runs from 7pm to 9pm. Performers will need to arrive by 6:30pm. Music performance uniform (see College Diary)is to be worn. Entry is by gold coin donation at the door with all proceeds going towards the 2019 Senior Music Tour.


After the Winter Concert, members of the Year 8 Band will be invited to join the Symphonic Band in preparation for Presentation Evening. Rehearsals are on Thursdays from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. 


Thank you to those who have returned their 2019 Senior Music Tour to NZ expression of interest forms. Please try to return these by Monday 3 September. If you need extra time, please let me know.


Dizzy’s Performance for the Guitar Ensemble, Stage Band and Jazz Band on Tuesday 11 September at Dizzy’s Jazz Club in Richmond at 7.30pm. Performers need to arrive by 7pm. Pre-booking  is recommended as the venue has limited capacity. For tickets go to:


The Music and Theatre Soiree is coming up on Wednesday 18 September at 6pm. Application forms for students to perform will be circulated soon.


Early next term there are two Information Nights.  The Year 8 Band will be performing on Thursday 11 October at the Grade 6 General Information Night. The Year 7 Band will be performing on Thursday 18 October at the Grade 6 Music Information Night.


Congratulations to the Symphonic Band which  performed at the Victorian Schools Music Festival on Monday 27 August at Hawthorn Arts Centre.  Further congratulations to the band that was part of  Wonder in Aliceland.  The band performed for all six performances and many hours of rehearsal and made a significant contribution to the succeess of the production. 


Mr Tim Veevers

Director of Performing Arts



2018 National School Aerobics Competition

We would like to acknowledge and congratulate the two school aerobics teams who competed in the 2018 National School Aerobics Competition on Sunday 26 August. The girls have been training hard for many months braving the cold early mornings before school.


The National Championships held in Gold Coast saw both teams achieve amazing results. The Untouchables, a team consisting of Year 12 students were the first Mentone Girls’ Secondary College Year 12 team to make it to the Nationals. The team finished in a very close 4th position, missing out on third place by only 0.2 of a point. After achieving 5th place in all of Victoria they gave their best performance coming 4th in Australia.


The Dynamos, a team consisting of Year 9, 10 and 11 students also had an outstanding result finishing 6th in Australia.


The girls represented the school with pride and are to be commended on their dedication and team spirit. Many thanks to Miss Tess Molina for her coaching and commitment to the teams.


Ms Teagan Dixon

Acting Coach




Year 10 Student Leaders Conference

Tereza Nebesky  and I, along with 12 other girls from Victoria’s seven government girls’ schools, met at The Mac. Roberton Girls’ School, to discuss plans for the upcoming annual Victorian Association of State Girls’ Secondary Colleges conference.


The objective of the conference is to encourage young girls to pursue their dreams and aspirations in life, without considering misogyny and gender to be an obstacle. Our goal, over the four planning days, was to organise an event, in which 15 selected girls from each school would have the opportunity to develop positive self-awareness and build strong relationships with new people they meet along the way.


Each year, a theme is selected as a key focus point of the event, this years’ being S.T.R.I.V.E. The acronym stands for: Strength, Talent, Resilience, Independence, Values and Empowerment.  These are six traits we all believe to be necessary for an optimum mindset, and healthy lifestyle. As part of the event, we plan to have motivational speakers, self-defence lessons, self-appreciation building exercises for the girls to take part in and finish off the day with show bags put together by the student organisers.  It is our role to plan a day incorporating S.T.R.I.V.E as much as possible, in order to make sure it has a lasting effect on all participants, so they will leave feeling they had gained something from such a unique, once in a life time experience.


The conference will be held on Wednesday 19 September at The Mac. Robertson Girls’ School. We hope all those involved enjoy the conference as much as Tereza and I have enjoyed planning it!


Ashli Sali  (Year 10)

Library and English News

Book week celebrations 2018

This year’s Book week was celebrated in style with many classes joining in for fun filled educational activities in our brand new Library. The theme of the Book week for this year was ‘Find your treasure’.


The library organised games and competitions on finding treasures among books. While looking for treasures our girls learned about our genre system, the shelving order of the books and also the images of the genre labels. They had great fun and also won prizes.


The highlight of the Book week activities was the author lecture given by the award winning famous Australian author of many teenage fiction titles; James Moloney.  James Moloney was studied by our students just a couple of years ago and they loved seeing him and hearing from him in person.  James talked about how he started off as a writer while working as a teacher in Queensland, how he transformed thoughts into words and then into books. He also gave valuable tips on becoming a successful writer and how to get books published.


His advice to our students was ‘Don’t lose heart if your first book is rejected by publishers, just keep writing’. He also read snippets of a few of his prize winning books. More than 200 girls came for the lecture and were transfixed to his reading and also asked many useful questions. I would say our girls were highly inspired by the visit.


Neelika Kottachchi

Library Manager


Students in Year 7 to 10 are currently preparing for their last CAT of this term and then they will be planning for the Public Speaking Competition early in week four.


All girls will present to their classes and initially they will choose a topic and undertake research for this accordingly.


Many girls became involved in library activities to celebrate Book Week, culminating in the attendance by several English classes at a talk given by prominent children's author James Moloney.


Anne Gamble

Head of English and Literacy

Health and PE

Colour Run 2018 

The Colour Run, an all-school event, will return on  Wednesday 19 September. The aim is to promote positive health and wellbeing with lots of colourful fun. 


All Year 7 to 10 students will take part. It is optional but strongly encouraged that Year 11 and 12 students get involved and relieve some stress prior to their October tests.


Event details will be available on Compass.


Ms Jackie Mathews

Domain Leader, Health & Physical Education 

Outdoor and Environmental Studies

The Year 11 Outdoor and Environmental Studies class had a great few days at Mt Buller as we are having one of our best snow seasons in sometime. Most students were new to the snow and managed the runs really well by the last day. The camp was full of spills and thrills and the girls had a great time, hopefully considering yet another outdoor pursuit to add to their list.


Fitness & First Aid 

The Year 9 Fitness & First Aid class had their first taste of interval and Fartlek training at Runnez last week as they are about to embark on their own training program to improve selected fitness components. The class did really well in the session and it was great to see them all pushing themselves throughout the session.


Ms Deb Jarvis

Director of Middle School


Year 8 Hip Hop house competition

Congratulations to all students involved in the Hip Hop routines as part of our dance unit in our Year 8 PE program. The top two groups that have made it through to our dance off competition have also been awarded the following house points:


1st place - 10 points each
2nd place - 5 points each


As the results have now been tallied, below are the overall winners: 

1st -  Jackson (185 points)
2nd - Kenny (95 points)
3rd - Melba (75 points)
4th - Mackellar (70 points)

Well done to all involved!!

Keep your eyes out for more information about the Year 8 Hip Hop Dance Off event to be held over the next few weeks!

Beachside Athletics Carnival

The team of over 50 students will be representing the college on Monday 17 September at Duncan MacKinnon Reserve Athletics Track. Those involved are expected to arrive in the gym by 8.30am ready to depart by 8.45am and will be returning to school by the conclusion of the day.

Team members are reminded to please come to school dressed in full and correct PE uniform with their lunch (there are NO canteen facilities) and some warm clothing.

Any further questions or concerns can be directed my way.

Athletics Victoria Nitro Challenge

An Intermediate team consisting of 10 students will be representing the college on Thursday 13 September at Lakeside Stadium. This a team event which requires the students to compete in a range of track and field events competing for points. Good luck to the students involved.


Ms Ilana Parker

College House & Carnivals Coordinator

World Challenge

World Challenge

Teachers participating in the expedition attended a very informative World Challenge conference last Saturday where they were briefed on the Helix emergency safety service, the methods of communicating in the wilderness and other health and safety processes used by World Challenge.


Mrs Louise Rieniets was acknowledged for participating in her third expedition and joins Ms Deb Jarvis and Ms Amy Willett who have already completed three expeditions. The experienced Expedition Leader for team 1 was present and met with the teachers.  She is excited to meet the team at the Build-up Day on Friday 9 November between 3.30pm and 6.30pm.


Hint #16: Please ensure your daughter now has a valid passport as she will need to apply for the Nepal visa early in term 4.


Mr Michael Warden

World Challenge Coordinator

Getting Girls on Track

Pick our Project - vote for your school

An initiative to build a running track at MGSC has been short-listed in the 'Pick My Project' grants program. The track will be part of an upgrade of the school's sporting facilities which will see an improved field games surface.  Our community - parents and students over 16 years old can make this project a reality. There are four steps:


1. Register at 

2. Select Mentone VIC 3184 or 175 Balcombe Road 

3. Pick Getting Girls on Track. You get two more votes.  (Consider the Light the Night Project at the Mentone Reserve.)  

4. Spread the word. Get your friends and family to vote. 





In our community



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Attendance & Absences

Students should aim for an 100% attendance record. They are expected to attend school regularly and remain at school and in class until officially dismissed.

Year 7-10 absences: Parents/guardians use Compass to log when and why before 9am.

VCE student absences:  Parents/guardians contact the VCE Office on 9581 5231 before 9am and update attendance on Compass.  If contact is not made on the day of absence, an explanatory note must be brought from home on the day the student returns and handed in to the VCE Office for VCE students. All notes should be written and signed by a parent/guardian and must clearly show the student’s name, form and date of absence.

Late arrival - after 8.50am

Years 7-10 must sign the arrival book at the General Office and take the white late slip to class. 

VCE students sign in at the VCE Office.


Second Hand Uniform Shop

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Reimbursement after sale of items is by bank  transfer. Cheques are not issued. 

Please label all items for the second-hand uniform shop clearly with: 

  • Seller's name  and contact details
  • BSB and Account Number

Hand into the Office. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Carolyn Page, Finance Manager.


Uniform Supplier - Costume World 

Shop 5 1291 Nepean Highway, Cheltenham

T: 9584 7006

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Many of the school's spaces are available to hire including the gym and lecture theatre. 

For information on hire rates and availability, contact Bronwen Petersen, Facilities Manager

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