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08 June 2017
2017 Issue 8
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Principal's Message

During May, I visited both state and federal parliaments as well as attending the AGM of Christian Education National, the Christian school group we are a member of, the AGM of the Australian Association of Christian Schools, who provide government advocacy for us, and our own AGM.



On the national scene, there has been much discussion about what has been labelled “Gonski 2.0”. What is it and why is it important? Generally, Australian Governments determine the funding levels of independent schools every four years. A challenge with the overall system has been that while there is a model of funding, not all schools have been subject to it. I realise that this may not make sense, but in reality while there has been a model that calculates funding for each school, some schools are funded at levels above that stipulated by the model (not Bayside). The original “Gonski” model and now the new Gonksi 2.0 are attempts to bring greater transparency to the system, ensuring that all schools receive the monies as allocated by the government formulae, as well as having a model that applies for a longer period than the usual four years.


Now, as a Principal, I could argue about the fairness or otherwise of any model put forward by a particular government, yet the idea of transparency and funding certainty is great. As such, I have recently written to our federal member Chris Crewther stating that we appreciate the attempt to bring greater transparencies and to remove the inconsistencies.


Staff Changes

As we enter the last month of Semester One, I wanted to take the opportunity to inform you of a few staff changes. Previously, I was delighted to announce that Mrs Glenys Bailey is stepping into the role of Acting Head of Primary for Semester Two. Given this, we have been seeking a new Prep teacher of the second half of the year. Thankfully, we have been able to appoint Miss Jennie Taylor to this position. Miss Taylor has previously worked at Oxley College and will be a great addition to the team. I am also delighted to announce that Mrs Nadarajah is about to take maternity leave! We are delighted for Madura. Again, thankfully, we are delighted that Mrs Tammie Chester has accepted the opportunity to replace Mrs Nadarajah in the second half of the year.




Christopher Prior


From the Deputy's Desk

Digital Awakening

According to a data report in 2016, statistics on internet use per minute were: Facebook users like 4.2 million posts; Tweeters post 3 million tweets, 1.76 million Instagram photos are 'liked'; users upload over 300 hours of new videos to YouTube; and 51 thousand apps are downloaded from the App store (source here). The internet never sleeps, and it seems, neither do some of our children.


For the first time, researchers have discovered the long-term effects on teens of reduced sleep caused by mobile phone use: poorer mental health outcomes. Their study, published in Child Development, followed over 1000 Year 8 students for four years. In addition, these academics, from Griffith and Murdoch Universities, found kids experience a raft of issues, including depressed moods, lowered self-esteem, reduced coping skills and increased delinquency following phone-disrupted shut-eye.

This busy world presents challenges to parents in providing balance against the demand of technology for more of our time. As you put in boundaries and safety guidelines for your children, be encouraged, the Bible gives us the promise of rest, in Psalm 4:8 - In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety.


May you find your balance and your family's peace in the Lord.


Car park Reminders

Please be reminded of the following rules and courtesies when using the College car park:

  • Enter via the entry gate and only proceed straight ahead according to the marked arrows. Please do not turn right to access the car park.

  • Only collect children from a marked car park or the designated collection zone.

  • Only park nose-to-kerb in the marked bays if you wish to leave your vehicle to collect children. Never reverse-park.

  • When using the drop-off/ collection zones, please stay in your vehicle and keep moving forward as far as practicable before collecting children. This allows traffic to keep flowing.

  • Do not allow children to cross anywhere that does not have a marked crossing.

We can only be confident of keeping your children safe if all users adhere to the above. Please assist us in this endeavour.


Congratulations Dr Prior

Our Principal, Chris Prior, is not one to stand on ceremony, though did have a rather important one last week. He was officially awarded his Doctoral degree for his research and thesis on Christian education, particularly within our movement of CEN schools. The College extends our sincere congratulations.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal


Primary News

Preps have an encounter with the Police

Sirens were heard last week at school when Sergeant Scott Tomlinson (also known as

Knightley's Dad) came and talked to the Preps about what the police do to help us.  The students then got to sit in the police car and press the buttons.  

Wet Felting in Art

Our Years 5/6 students are learning all about wet felting in their Art classes. The end result is amazing. How very creative you all are.


District Athletics

On Wednesday  31 May, selected students from our Primary School went to Ballam Park to compete in the District Athletics. It was a great day, and everyone had loads of fun. Students not only competed, but also cheered on their friends.


I had the job of helping the boys and girls triple jump and high jump, making sure students didn’t miss their turn. It was a great atmosphere for competing, as students from all schools were cheering each other on, and many students made very good jumps that were high and long.

At the end of the event, after most students had finished competing, we all met up at high jump where the 12/13 boys were still jumping. Two of the competitors were students from Bayside, Pascal and Isaac. Isaac gave it his best effort, making some impressive jumps, and jumped a new PB, 1. 45 metres, placing 1st overall. Pascal, Kyle, Owen, Lily, Annabel, and a few others will now compete in the Peninsula Division Athletics later in the year. Well done to everyone who competed. 


Jordan Lock - Year 6

Book Club

Term 2 saw the commencement of a Thursday lunchtime Book Club for Upper Primary/Lower Secondary students.  As the weather has become colder it has been a good way to share our lunchtime: reading, eating and enjoying the warm indoors. More recently, the students

began to create their own Book Club character, 'Sally Boosh-Cadoosh', and are looking forward to writing some short stories about her adventures.


Janienne Woodbridge

Teacher Librarian

Secondary News

District Cross Country

We had a fantastic day on Tuesday and were blessed with perfect running conditions.
Bayside gave it their best shot to try and retain the trophy but in the end did not have the depth of runners like last year. Overall, we came second to Mount Evelyn CS.

Also don’t forget to congratulate the following medallion winners on their outstanding achievements:

1st –  Charlie Matheson, Lila McDonagh & Aaron Sinclair

2nd –  Emily Marden

3rd –  Thomas Garth

Years 10/11 Business

On Monday 22 May, our Years 10/11 Business Management students ran market stalls as  fundraising for Thailand.


Students planned their business by writing a Business Plan, ran their business, evaluated their business and submitted a Profit and Loss Statement.

They raised over $350. Well done, everyone!

Thailand Trivia Night

It was a night filled with fun, games and food. Our Thailand trekkers did an amazing job setting up, serving food, child minding 70 children and cleaning up at the end of the night.

A massive thank you goes out to all the Bayside parents and friends who attended the night, and it was so good to see some past students joining in just like old times! We hope you had a great time. We raised some much-needed funds for Thailand, as well as going home with some bargains.

Work Experience

Year 10 teachers have enjoyed visiting our Year 10 students on Work Experience placements. It is always an amazing week for our Year 10 students as they gain a more realistic insight into the world of work.

They are currently finishing up their placements and we can't wait to hear tales of employment in our next issue.


Years 11/12 happenings

Well done to all our Year 11 VCE students who completed their first set of exams for this year last week. They approached this well, and I'm sure are relieved that the week is over. I am confident that these exams will provide encouragement for all the hard work students have been putting into their studies. For some, this may serve as an important reminder to be studying consistently throughout the term. Unit 2 will commence this week.


Our VCAL students did a great job of running their market businesses at the Hastings market. I have heard wonderful feedback about their interactions with members of the community. A big thank you to Sam Waldron for organising this. It has also been wonderful to observe these students engaging in running a fortnightly program for our Years 5/6 students.


Life Skills Week is coming up quickly, and will be an excellent opportunity for students to engage in a range of workshops to plan for the future. An alternate class schedule will run on allocated days. A schedule was emailed to parents and students at the start of the term.


Important reminders:

  • Compulsory VCAA GAT for all VCE Units 3/4 students in Years 11/12 - Wednesday 14 June. 
  • Life skills Week - 19-23 June
  • Community market - after school on last Thursday of Term 2 (29 June)


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11-12 Co-ordinator

Subject in focus - Physics

Our latest topic in Year 12 Physics is Special Relativity. We have learnt that many of the things we have assumed about our world are wrong. Special Relativity shows that many things, such as the rate time ticks, is not constant. Time is relative and thus it depends on a viewer’s reference frame. For example, someone moving at a speed of 87% the speed of light experiences time at half the rate at which you do. That means for every second that ticks by on their watch two seconds ticks by on yours.


Josh Beck - Year 12


Years 11 and 12 Chemistry students explore the intricacies of God’s creation as they examine the nature of chemicals and their use and bonding. In their current studies of carbon chemistry and electrolysis, the structure, production and versatility of chemical substances is explored.

Students have the opportunity to construct electrolytic cells and observe the effect of imposed electric current on a variety of solutions, including water. Students develop understanding of the diverse range of materials which can be produced by nonspontaneous electrolytic reactions, highlighting the inherent beauty of God’s design.


Sharyn Hadlow

Years 11/12 Chemistry Teacher

Year 11/12A

During our Home Group, in groups of about five we talk about the power and miracles of Jesus. Our book talks about seeing him more clearly. In our groups we discuss all the passages, answer the questions and look up Bible verses.It is great to hear everyone’s stories about God and their personal opinion on Him.


Matthew Wells - Year 11

A word from our Captains

Last Monday we began the week with our first prayer walk. Four of us from the leadership team started off what is now a weekly walk around the oval and behind some classrooms. We prayed over the whole school, and will be taking prayer requests from the office each week. Anyone who wants to start the week in conversation with the Lord is more than welcome to meet us at 8:30am each Monday morning in front of reception (A Block).


This week in V Block we’ve had encouragement sheets put up on each of our lockers to help us recognise and respect one another’s gifts in accordance with our College's4th Purpose. It’s awesome to see everyone writing what we love about each other, bringing more colour and positivity to V Block.


On Mondays at lunch time all Years 7-12 students are encouraged to come along to A2 and share in a devotion, with time to build community and ask any questions about the Bible. We’ve seen some growth over the past few weeks and really encourage everyone to come and enjoy some time together unpacking a bit of God’s word.


John McPherson

College Captain

Edrolo visits Bayside

Vic Altomare from Edrolo came to visit our Year 12 Legal Studies class as part of a trial for a new Edrolo program. 


Earlier this year

In April, Home Group 11/12B ran an Easter themed colouring competition for the Primary

School. This was to give the Primary students an opportunity to celebrate God-given gifts and the creative skills He has given us.

Many students entered in their age group categories. All the entries were all so good and this made it very challenging to decide on winners.


Some students received prizes for their amazing colouring. These prizes were drawing equipment to help students continue their creative work.

All about Literature

Our Year 11 Literature class spent a day in Melbourne exploring literary areas of our city.

The day included the opportunity to purchase books for the College as well as write poetry inspired by our sensory perceptions of the city. 


Sam Waldron

Year 11 Literature Teacher

James Cooper returns

It was such a blessing to have our 2014 College Captain visit with us for the Years 11/12 assembly on Monday 5 June. James spoke to the students about really identifying the gifts which God has given them and using those gifts in an active way to honour God and bless others.


Calamity Jane

Tickets go on sale 1 July!


Canteen News

Coming into the colder months, canteen is serving up some yummy warm meals. Warm crispy chicken wraps and salads are on the menu for $5 each.


Soup is available over the counter (see daily specials board), and we have warm chocolate and choc chip muffins in the oven for recess, lunch and in lunch orders for $2 each.


An updated copy of the "Winter" menu is now on the school website so please check it before filling out lunch orders, as some things are no longer available, and prices are subject to change!


Of course we are always taking donations of fresh fruit to continue the "free fruit" initiative! Leave your donations at the office and they will be most gratefully eaten by the students.


Karissa Gaskell

Canteen Co-ordinator

The Big Freeze

The Big Freeze Festival is a local event run by a group of mums who want to promote kids staying active, creative and using their imaginations over the winter. See the website for details:

Gateway Church - Kids With Courage Program - Term 3 2017


Camp Australia Newsletter


Working Bee - 24 June

Our next scheduled Working Bee is taking place on Saturday 24 June from 8am-1pm. This special Working Bee will be held  in support of our upcoming production of Calamity Jane - to paint sets, make props and sew costumes. For more details contact Mrs Hooper.


Families are reminded that they are to attend 8 hours at Working Bees throughout the year or are liable to pay the Working Bee Levy of $150. The remaining Working Bees for 2017 are:

Saturday 26 August (Term 3, week 6)

Saturday 28 October (Term 4, week 3)

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