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29 April 2019
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Brunswick North West Primary School
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upcoming events

term 2, 2019

29.04.2019 - OSHC subcommittee meeting (MPR @ 6.30pm)

                           - Indonesian Family Meet Up (@ 7.00pm)

                          - Buildings & Grounds subcommittee meeting (Grandview Hotel @ 7.00pm)

30.04.2019 - Education subcommittee meeting (staffroom @ 7.00pm)

01.05.2019 - Finance Committee meeting (Hannah's office @ 7.30am)

02.05.2019 - Community Events Team meeting (Sprout @ 9.30am)

03.05.2019 - 5/6 Sports Gala Day (9.00-1.30)

06.05.2019 - Grades 3-6 swimming program commences (concluding 16.05.2019)

08.05.2019 - Unique You & Gender Equity Information Evening (MPR @ 6.00pm)

09.05.2019 - District Cross Country

                           - Tuning In To Kids family workshop 1 (MPR @ 6.00-8.00pm)

                           - School Council meeting (date postponed)

10.05.2019 - Autumn Family Day

                           - Plant & Produce Market (grade 5 families coordinating)

12.05.2019 - Working Bee (9.00am - midday)

14.05.2019 - NAPLAN testing window commences (concluding 24.05.2019)

15.05.2019 - Finance Committee meeting (Hannah's office @ 7.00am)

16.05.2019 - Grades 3-6 swimming program concludes

                           - Tuning In To Kids family workshop 2 (MPR @ 6.00-8.00pm)

                           - Strategic Infrastructure Committee meeting

18.05.2019 - Federal Election Day (BBQ @ BNW!)

                           - BNW Trivia Night (Estonia House - tickets available now)

22.05.2019 - BNW Open Day

23.05.2019 - Tuning In To Kids family workshop 3 (MPR @ 6.00-8.00pm)

24.05.2019 - NAPLAN testing window concludes

30.05.2019 - Tuning In To Kids family workshop 4 (MPR @ 6.00-8.00pm)

04.06.2019 -  Community Events Team meeting (Sprout @ 9.30am)

05.05.2019 - Eid

                           - Divisional Cross Country

06.06.2019 - 2020 Foundie Information Evening

                           - Tuning In To Kids family workshop 5 (MPR @ 6.00-8.00pm)

10.06.2019 - Queen's Birthday (no school)

12.06.2019 - Finance Committee meeting (Hannah's office @ 7.00am)

13.06.2019 - Strategic Infrastructure Committee meeting

                           - Tuning In To Kids family final workshop (MPR @ 6.00-8.00pm)

14.06.2019 - BNW Co-Motion Dance Evening

17.06.2019 - OSHC subcommittee meeting (MPR @ 6.30pm)

                           - Buildings & Grounds subcommittee meeting (staffroom @ 7.00pm)

18.06.2019 - Education subcommittee meeting (staffroom @ 7.00pm)

21.06.2019 - Plant & Produce Market (grade 4 families coordinating)

27.06.2019 - School Council meeting (staffroom @ 7.00pm)

28.06.2019 - Term 2 concludes (2.30pm finish)

family information evening

We invite all parents and carers of students in grades 3-6 to attend an important information evening on Wednesday 8th May @ with presenter Lauren French of Body Safety Australia. Our school has engaged with Body Safety Australia for three years now, to work with our students on learning about puberty, sex, sexuality, relationships and body autonomy through the Unique You program. We know that learning about these concepts extends back into the home and want to support all families to have positive and effective conversations with your children. Feedback from families attending sessions in previous years indicates that these presentations are extremely informative and enjoyable to be part of.

Following on from the Body Safety Australia presentation, Deanne Carson of Body Safety Australia will be talking with families of students in grades 3-6 regarding the gender equity oval project our students will be involved in this year. In response to the student data from our Attitudes to School Survey last year, we discovered that our students did not feel that our yard is equitable for students who are not playing in cubbies. It was identified that the 'purpose-built' spaces of our yard caused friction between cohorts of students who wanted to utilise the space in another way, often ending in isolation or conflict. We have surveyed all students across all year levels and sought funding for a project that will engage leaders from across the community, talking about gender equity and will feed into a Buildings & Grounds project to create more equitable spaces in the yard. We look forward to sharing more information with you on the 8th and to hear how you may want to get involved.

Childcare is available, please register online here or by calling the front office. More information on this night is below.


Tuning into Kids workshops

We are pleased to announce that Anthony Woodruff is joining us to facilitate a six-week, emotion-focused parenting group, supporting parents and carers with toddlers and primary school aged children. These workshops are aimed at supporting families to guide young people in communicating their feelings, managing conflict, improving their problem-solving skills and building closer within the family structure. Workshops begin Thursday 9th May, 6.00- 8.00pm and you can register by emailing Wendy White, Assistant Principal ( or calling the school. 

BNW trivia night

Tickets are now available for BNW's annual trivia night. This is the only 'grown-ups only' social event our Community Events Team (CET) puts on each year and is a great opportunity to connect with others in the community. This year's theme is GLAM ROCK and we can't wait to see your characters shine through! Don't forget to write your names on the table list in the main corridor, or call the front office and we can write it in for you.

CET is looking for more members! If you are interested in getting involved in the trivia night or other community events at BNW, come along to our Community Events Team meetings or make contact with the front office.

federal election day sausage sizzle

May 18th will be a busy day for the BNW community and beyond! CET is looking for any community members (who aren't too busy sewing on sequins onto their costumes for later that day) to assist in our Election Day BBQ. Hot sausages on a cool May voting day raise funds for our school programs and bring smiles to many faces in Brunswick. If you are interested in helping out, please let us know!

volunteering @ BNW

We pride ourselves for our sense of belonging as it is beneficial for everyone. Family involvement in school strengthens our young people's connection to their education, it demonstrates the community connection many families choose our school for and helps us provide the best educational program and environment possible. In an attempt to better communicate with those interested in volunteering, the school is trying to build a volunteer register. We would love all family members to complete this short survey to help us collect this information. All information will be kept private and no one will be asked to commit to any volunteer work in the survey. 

There are so many different ways to become involved in your child's education and we love it when you want to get involved, but we must remind all family members that Working with Children Check cards are required by law.



principal's message

welcome back

Welcome back to term 2 and our new newsletter format! I hope you have all enjoyed a restful break this past two weeks and that you managed to spend quality time with your little ones. It has been wonderful to see the students again, hearing about adventures in the bush or back yard and it has been truly special to hear about the acts of kindness some families engaged in with their additional time. For anyone who has misplaced their 101 RAK Challenge sheet  (or had it damaged by water), you can download another copy below.

new format

After much research and consultation with parents and carers as well as other schools, we have adopted this as our new newsletter format. iNewsletter provides the school and its community with a digital newsletter that adapts to all platforms and can also be printed, for those of you who prefer to read from paper. We are excited by this new format and hope you all find this to be an easier and more appealing way to access information regarding the school and upcoming events, we are also glad to announce that this newsletter can be automatically translated into a number of other languages. We all know that effective communication is the key to a smooth running school year and therefore ask if you have any suggestions on how we can further improve our communication to families, please let us know! If someone you know wants to subscribe to this newsletter, tell them to go to

school fees

I want to say thank you to all the families who were so prompt to pay school fees last term, these funds are instrumental in providing our educational programs. If you have not yet made a full- or partial-payment of your child’s school fees, you can find information on school fees on Sentral or by contacting Audrie at the front office.


Are you having trouble with Sentral? We know that transitioning to a new program is never easy (I am still looking for buttons in the wrong place!) but we assure you the benefits are numerous and well worth this temporary discomfort.

In addition to improved administration such as consenting to excursions, paying school fees, booking parent-teacher interviews and digitising late passes, Sentral provides our school with a comprehensive platform to track important information about your child. Through Sentral we are able to track attendance with increased accuracy, wellbeing data and academic data that feeds into semester reports. Whilst our previous student management system offered semester reporting, there were many limitations on what we were able to change as a school. With Sentral, the upcoming reports will have increased accuracy and clarity around your child’s achievement.

If your issues with Sentral are more than just acclimatisation, please contact Mayii at the front office; not only is she well versed in assisting people with Sentral, when we know of common concerns we are better able to support the whole school community with the transition.


Term 2 is normally a ‘quieter’ time of the school year, but this term is already looking to be filled with interesting and engaging events for everyone! Make sure you keep an eye out on the upcoming events page of the newsletter and check Sentral for any actions required. Some of you may notice that NAPLAN is on this term and that the testing window overlaps with grades 3-6 swimming. As NAPLAN transitions to a digital platform, schools are provided with a longer timeframe within which to test students in grades 3 and 5. Adjustments will be made at a school level to ensure students are not impacted either in regards to attending the swimming program or sitting NAPLAN. Please contact the office if you have any questions.


I’m so glad to see most of our families (and staff!) have recovered from the various illnesses that spread across BNW and Melbourne these past few weeks. We regularly get to experience the benefits of the close community that schools can create, however schools can also be a germ’s favourite place. Our school has on average more than 600 people attend the building and grounds each school day and many of us spend most of our day there. In order to keep us all healthy and well, we ask that families support our young people in the following:

  • If your child is unwell, please keep them home. This will help them recover faster and can prevent the spread of infection in some cases. The Department of Health requires any confirmed cases of whooping cough (pertussis), polio, measles, mumps, rubella (German measles) or meningococcal disease are reported to the school.

  • Teach your child to wash their hands effectively. We have new soap dispensers which we hope will last much longer and will continue to educate our younger students in washing their hands. We appreciate all families ensuring their children know how to use soap to wash their hands. Hand sanitiser is also available from the front office or teachers, for those students wishing to use it.

  • As the weather cools, we expect to see more coughs and colds. Please support your child in knowing how to maintain hygiene when coughing or sneezing. Tissues are available in all classrooms (and donations are always welcome!)

sticks & stones

Did you know that we regularly receive stick donations at school? With so many of our students engaging in nature play, we can sometimes run low on good sticks for cubby building. We welcome all families and community members to donate sticks to our school-yard, but do ask that any donations are checked for foreign objects (no screws or nails please!) and please make sure the sticks are from safe trees.

We also love donations of mulch for our productive garden, Sprout garden and in some areas of our woodlands, but we do ask that school leadership is informed of any upcoming deliveries of mulch to ensure it is dropped off in an appropriate place within the school and that staff are aware of any alterations to our daily program may be required for student safety.

food at school

We remind all families that we have a number of students across the school with allergies to a range of food products. We ask that all students do not share food while at school. If there is a special event involving food that is intended to be shared (such as a class party or birthday), please ensure all food brought in has a full list of ingredients and is provided directly to the classroom teacher. Whilst nuts are a common allergy, we have students allergic to a range of foods and therefore a complete list is required.

We thank you for your assistance in maintaining a safe environment for our students.

school life

insights of daily life and learning activities


Numeracy News

Welcome back to another term at BNWPS! Even though it has only been a day, we teachers have already had a PD about numeracy! On Tuesday, we learnt about letting kids struggle a little bit in numeracy before we jump in to help. As teachers, not only are we natural helpers, we are also (slight) control freaks. This means that sometimes when we see a student having trouble with a question, our instinct is to help them, to show them a strategy, give them a hint or to over explain something. Whilst we have the best intentions, sometimes it means we don’t let students figure out things for themselves, learn their own strategies and be okay with not knowing something and having a bit of a struggle. As parents, I can imagine you would feel the same. If you see your child struggling with a task, you want to help them. You don’t want them to have that feeling of not being able to do something so you immediately swoop in and help them. Whether it be with their homework, tying their shoelaces or friendship issues. If they are really having trouble then, of course, you help out but, is there any harm in letting them struggle with their learning? I remember as a child, my dad LOVED to help. He would jump in whenever he could to help me with a problem (especially with maths). He was doing it out of love but I would have two thoughts while this was happening. First was, “why isn’t he letting me do it myself!” and second was, “well…if dad is going to do it for me, why would I try in the first place!” This can happen with students too. If the teacher is the person who constantly feeds them too much information during a lesson, why would they try? Why wouldn’t they just wait until they find something tricky and then come and ask for help, knowing that the teacher will give them enough information to get the answer without having to do too much struggling?

 But, how great is it when you do struggling and you get it! You finally figure out how to do something new, all by yourself. There is a feeling of pride and success that is hard to beat.  This is what we want to encourage in our classrooms. We want students to be okay with entering (as Peter Sullivan calls it) the zone of confusion. Where they aren’t sure and have to use trial and error, make mistakes and figure it out. There is nothing I love more as a teacher than seeing that light bulb face students make when they figure out a problem, especially when they get something that they initially thought was impossible to figure out. Luckily, we get to see this face quite a bit at school!

At home, it would be great if you discussed the zone of confusion and share with your child some struggles that you might have had to overcome that initially felt impossible! In the classroom, we will continue to promote learner resilience and keep our fingers crossed that we get them to enter the zone of confusion. After all, entering the zone of confusion is the first step to knowing you’re going to learn something new!


Here is an article by Peter Sullivan that discusses the zone of confusion in mathematical learning.

Enviro Club

Sprout cares for the environment!

From the beginning of Term 2 please bring your own container for pretzels & licorice.

Use a container for lunch orders.

Please don’t drop your rubbish. Put it where it belongs.

Together we can make a difference ♻️

From Kris, 1/2A & Craft Club

oshc & sprout

term 2 Sprout news

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Term 2. This term I'm in desperate need of a volunteer for Thursday mornings from 09:00-11:30 as of May 9th.  You would only be needed every 2nd Thursday, but we would hope you could commit to the full term and beyond. 


We have made some changes to the menu for this term (downloadable link below).  A hard copy has been sent out with the eldest student in each family, and we will also add it to Sentral as well as having copies at the front office.

Can we also remind students to bring on their own containers for pretzels & licorice as we are trying to reduce our waste here at BNW, one bag at a time?!


IMPORTANT!!!! Sprout will remain closed every Wednesday until further notice. 


Many thanks,


OSHC audit

Wominjeka everyone,

Welcome back to Term 2! We have some great news to share with all of you: we have just heard from the Department of Education and Training about our Rating and Assessment Process held last month and we are very proud to inform you all that Brunswick North West Primary School OSHC has been rated as Exceeding National Quality Standard (the highest rating of this process). This is fantastic news for all of us, especially for the children, the families, the community and especially for all our “well experienced, enthusiastic and committed educators” (textual words) who worked really hard and collaboratively to make this program so successful!

Well done and Thank you!

OSHC staffing

  • Most of the educators are attending the Victorian Inclusion Expo Preston (with morning keynote from Bruce Hurst) on May 1st.
  • We would like to welcome 2 amazing casual educators: Teresa, who is a retired teacher and grandmother of Finley, and Zoe, from UK who has just become her journey of becoming a teacher. Please feel free to pop in and meet these beautiful ladies.

OSHC reminders & notices

Aboriginal Story Telling Incursion: lock in this date – Monday the 29th of April, we will have people from Yarn Strong Sista to share Aboriginal Culture through story telling and art. The incursion will be split into 2 groups, with families welcome to attend:

* The first group from Foundie to Grade 2:                  3:45pm - 4:45 pm

* Second group from Grade 3-6                                     4:50pm - 5:50pm


Science Incursions: our next Science Incursion will be on Thursday on the 2nd of May and the topic will be Experiments with Light, where children will make an electric circuit!

Children are asked to bring a shoebox or similar sized box. They can make a pin-hole camera out of it in the lesson.

 If your child does attend the program you don’t need to make any extra booking. If your child would like to attend but they do not attend OSHC on Thursday, please make a casual booking through MFL.


CCS eligibility: to be eligible for Child Care Subsidy please make sure that you have provided CRN for parent/guardian 1 and your child. Also, make sure that you have registered our service in

school council

important news from our school council and sub committees



Suitcase of Dreams launch - Natasha Colangelo

In conjunction with two other talented artists, Renato Colangelo, and Rosa Voto, we have explored and recognised the ageing population that shaped the culturally rich suburbs of the City of Moreland and wanted to pay homage to them. With this in mind, we have photographed 100 participants from diverse backgrounds, namely immigrants from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s over the last 11 months.


These portraits portray a strong message of resilience, persistence, unity, and hope.

They will be printed A0 size and in black and white and will be exhibited on the external wall of Sorrento cafe- 801 Sydney Road Brunswick.




Explore & Grow playgroup - Elizabeth Harper

A garden playgroup for children and their carers. Each week there will be an activity for children, nature play and a little gardening for adults. Most activities are aimed at children aged 2-5 but younger children are welcome. Each session will conclude with a story, BYO snack.


Indonesian Concert & Exhibition

Please see attached poster for details of a fun afternoon of Indonesian dance and music on Sunday 5th May. This is a fun and free family event!

Salam, Ibu Kas


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