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02 May 2019
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Quick Dates

Week 2/3, Term 2


Friday 3 May

Year 9 Geography excursion


Saturday 4 May

3.00pm  Rock Band at May Fair (Lanham Park, Grange) 


Monday 6 May

Labour Day Holiday


Tuesday 7 May

8.30am  Shake & Stir The MacBeths (Year 12)

3.15pm  World Challenge Vietnam Team Meeting


Thursday 9 May

Women in Engineering (UQ)

2.00pm  Drama incursion - Years 8, 9, & 11 and Drama X students


From the Sport Development Leader

As usual, time flies when you are having fun - and fun is exactly what the girls are having out there on flying the Mount Alvernia colours on the courts and fields around Brisbane.

Well done to our Tennis teams for 2019.  We had four teams playing every Saturday throughout Term 1.  At the end of the competition we had two teams make the grand finals, held at the UQ Tennis Centre.  Our girls were outstanding on the day, coming away with a Premiership in both Senior A and Inter D divisions.  We take a break now in the tennis program, with training and intraschool matches to recommence in Term 4.

We have just wrapped up the first trimester of sport last night.   As always, we are so proud of our girls and the way they conduct themselves in sport.  We had five teams in Grand Finals last night, many of which were unbeaten through the season.  We had another two teams fighting for third spot and many other teams out there just loving the game and participating.


We had strong dominance in both AFL and Indoor Cricket this trimester.  We have ended up runners-up in Both Senior 9-a-side AFL and Junior AFL.  In Cricket our juniors won the Grand Final while the seniors had a very close game to finish runners-up.

Volleyball and Touch Football produced some great games, with our Year 7 A team unbeaten until the final game.  These girls did a fantastic job finishing runners-up in Junior Touch.  Our other teams have learned a lot and I’m sure will be back stronger and wiser in 2020.  Volleyball numbers were the largest ever this trimester, with Mount Alvernia entering eight teams.  Our Open team was lucky to have Anna from the Japan exchange, who was so strong and positive and a great addition to the team.  All of the games were so close and the players displayed great skill.  While a premiership was not earned this year, lessons were, and 2020 will see a very strong team return.


While all this has been playing out, we have been busy with other sports such as our Interhouse Cross Country, where we witnessed some outstanding athletes in both the senior and junior events.  With the first ten girls in each age group automatically selected into the CaSSSA team, it was close racing.  We have an article with more information in the following pages. 


Rugby 7s has kicked off for 2019.  We have partnered with Norths Rugby this year and enlisted the services of Glen Dodd from Rugby Training Solutions.  Glen held the first session on Tuesday, starting right back at the basics of safe rugby.  It is crucial to teach our players correct body position and tackle techniques before we head into actual contact rugby.  If you wish to sign up for these sessions make sure to register on Moodle.  These come-and-try sessions are free before the teams are selected in Week 8 and sent to battle on the fields against competition.


Cheersport continues to amaze us, posting videos on Facebook of their aerial flips and throws.  We can’t wait to see the routine once it’s polished up. 

Bootcamp also starts again on Fridays.  We have had excellent turnouts in Term 1, and hope this continues.  Not only do we have a regular instructor, but this gives our Cert 3 Fitness students some valuable experience in instructing.


Our Futsal teams have been back out competing at the North Brisbane carnival.  For our juniors this was for many their first ever tournament and they played strongly as a team.  While they did not qualify for states, three members were rewarded with an invitation of selection into the U13 State team.  Our U16s are playing as I write this, with two wins from two matches today and two more to go.  If they win one more game they will book a spot at the State Championships in July.


While our pool may be empty over the winter terms, our United Swim club is operating from Padua pool and is going strong.  Again there is some further information in further pages.


So, as one season ends, another begins.  Sign-ups for Trimester 2 sport are closed and gradings will be underway for Soccer, Hockey, Netball, and Volleyball next week.  We wish the girls the best for the next phase of sport and hope to report back on this soon.


Until then, thank you for your support and we will catch you at the games.



Josh White

Quick Dates

Tuesday 7 May Soccer, Hockey, and Intermediate Netball Gradings, Rugby 7s Come-and-Try
Wednesday 8 May MSM Cross Country Meet, Senior Netball, and Year 7 Volleyball Grading
Thursday 9 May Year 8 Volleyball Grading
Wednesday 15 May 9-a-side Community Cup Football Carnival
Friday 17 May UQ Cross Country Meet
Monday 20 May Monday Mingle starts back  (Court Sports)
Tuesday 21 May QC Cup Netball Competition
Wednesday 22 May Round 1, Trimester 2 Sport
Saturday 25 May Kedron Parkrun for Cross Country team
Monday 27 May AFLQ Schools Cup Twilight Carnival
Wednesday 29 May Round 2, Trimester 2 Sport
Friday 31 May CaSSSA Interschool Cross Country

Run Club every Monday and Wednesday from the San Damiano 7.00-8.00am

Bootcamp fitness every Friday  in the San Damiano 7.00-8.00am            

From the Sport Captain

With the second trimester of CASSSA sports programs  set to start in less than three weeks, trials for Volleyball, Futsal, Netball, and Hockey have begun.  Sign-up numbers have shown a decline in participation rates compared to previous years, starting with Year 9 and continuing throughout to the senior school.  The importance of women’s participation in sport needs to be reinforced to the girls, along with the many benefits that sport offers regarding time management and academic success. 


My goal as Sport Captain this year is to motivate all girls at the College to sign up for as many physical activities as possible.  There are currently interschool sporting initiatives being developed to encourage the girls to increase their own personal participation rates, so I am sure that this will improve our numbers as the year progresses.


According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, “By the age of 14, girls drop out of sports twice as often as boys”.  This is heavily influenced by many factors, including social stigma, lack of access, safety and transportation issues, costs, and lack of positive role models.  At Mount Alvernia, we encourage all girls to participate in sport, whether it be in a team or individually, competitively, or socially.  Participation in sport and physical activity positively impacts on social and mental health.  It helps girls meet new friends, work towards and attain goals, and increase confidence, which are all important factors for adolescents.  Meeting new people in other year levels, or even in their own, who have the same interests, can spark long-lasting friendships.  Studies also show that adolescent girls who spend time participating in sports also tend to achieve higher grades, develop leadership skills, and become more successful in team work.  These are just some of the reasons that we want our students participating in as much of the sport and physical activity on offer at the College as possible.


It is very exciting to be starting the training and hard work that goes into success for Trimester 2.  Good luck to all girls who are in the process of trialling; you are successful already by just getting out there and giving it a go.  Step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  You never know, you may love it!

Maddie Brown


Cross Country


The 2019 edition of the Interhouse Cross Country was a huge success, with a different format that allowed our best runners to be showcased and supported by their peers over a two-lap, three-kilometre course.

On the day we split the races into Years 7-9 and Years 10-12 events. 


Our girls raced so well across the two races, with winners really having to fight it out for the honours on the line.  The support from house members running through the tent city was deafening and contributed to the atmosphere of this event.  A huge thank you to all the teacher and staff who made this event so fun.


We trialled a participation walking event after the runs for our students who would normally walk the course.  Having the option to walk with friends, play music, and dance through Tent City was a winner on the day.  Each house received a point for every walker through the line, and it certainly helped in the overall win for Rieti on the day.   We now look forward to the competitive phase of the season with CaSSSA lead-up meets and the Interschool on 31 May.


2019 Cross Country Results

1st Rieti 452
2nd Belle Prairie 423
3rd Villa Spada 347
4th Greccio 317
5th Perugia 312
6th Spoleto 231

Age Champions

12 Years    
1st Tess Elkin 17.27
2nd Imogen Nally  
3rd Niahm Hooper  
13 Years    
1st Inde Basche 14.32
2nd Trinity Woodward  
3rd Chloe Skewes  


14 Years    
1st Erin Winstanley 13.51
2nd Sienna Ballantine  
3rd Ryley Tamer  


15 Years    
1st Aleisha Ling 13.57
2nd Charlotte Russell  
3rd Charlie Ryan  


16 Years    
1st Lucy Bliss 13.58
2nd Sophie Green  
3rd Chloe Winstanley  


17 Years    
1st Holly Smith 14.22
2nd Brianna Born  
3rd Lauren Holding  


Fastest Times 2019

1st Erin Winstanley 14 Years 13.51 (BP)
2nd Aleisha Ling 14 Years 13.57 (BP)
3rd Lucy Bliss 16 Years 13.58 (R)


Sport Interview

Sports Committee Interview - Alice Kelly


I’m Emma Green and, after being elected as the 2019 Year 8 sports representative, my aim in this position is to increase participation from a variety of grades across the college.  I am able to achieve this by reminding the year level about upcoming events and what there is on offer.  After achieving this there will be an increase in participation in a wide range of sports offered around the College.


As Trimester 1 has just finished, I have found a girl from the Francis School to inquire about her thoughts on the sport Mount Alvernia has to offer.  I asked Year 8 student Alice Kelly the following questions:


What sports have you partaken/are you currently partaking in at the College?

  • Touch football
  • Rugby 7s
  • Bootcamp
  • Running
  • Monday Mingle
  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Athletics

What do you most enjoy about participating in these sports?

I already love sport but doing it with friends and improving my fitness has made it very enjoyable. Trying a new sport I didn’t think I could do and then discovering that it’s my new favourite sport makes participating so much fun.


What motivates you to try new sports?

When teachers or students talk about the new sports on assembly it reminds me about all the other sports Mount Alvernia has, and that normally motivates me to try something new.  Also I have friends who also enjoy sport as much as I do, who help me to keep trying new or old sports.


Explain the sporting atmosphere at Mount Alvernia College.

I think all the sports that Mount Alvernia provides are amazing because I know that there are other schools who have never even heard of Rugby 7s or they don’t have a bootcamp.  I feel lucky that there are so many sports I can do and try, as I believe that the sporting atmosphere is very welcoming, enjoyable and fun.


What is a sporting goal you wish to achieve during your time at Mount Alvernia?

My sport goal is to place in a college carnival, and cross country is what I would mainly like to place in. 



From Alice's responses it is clear that sport is enjoyed by many Year 8 students.  Participation is encouraged and we hope to see new people out on the sporting fields or wherever it may be.




Sports in Year 11

Being elected as the 2019 Year 11 Sports Representative, my role in this position is to encourage those of my year level in thee participation of sport and, with the help of the other members of the Sports Committee, to provide games and competitions throughout the school year.  My aim in this position is to increase participation in my year level by encouraging and providing fun and exciting games in which they can participate.  In doing this, the goal would be to see the girls at the College becoming more motivated and joining in in as many sports teams and commitments as possible. 

As we are halfway through Semester 1 and at the start of Term 2 I have personally seen some of girls from Year 11 - Sophia Cull, Ruby Quinn, Olivia McManus, Lauren Holding, Roxana Fuentes, and Sarah Galvin - to ask questions about their thoughts on the Mount Alvernia sports.  Here are their responses:


In which sports are you currently partaking?

Olivia McManus: At the moment, I am doing soccer.  But, in my time, I have done futsal, athletics, cross-country, boot camp, hockey, touch, and rugby 7s.
Lauren Holding: During the year, I usually represent the College in futsal, soccer, cross-country, and touch.

Sophia Cull: I am currently paying volleyball for the current trimester of sport.

Roxana Fuentes: I am planning on signing up for the new soccer season.  


What do you enjoy most about participating in these sports, and what made you sign up to them?

Olivia McManus: I mostly enjoy the lifestyle when competing in the sports.  The sports have all the benefits of physical activity producing endorphins and build a network of supportive, like-minded and positive friends.  On top of this, participating in sports develops teamwork, leadership, listening, organisation, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Ruby Quinn: I enjoy participating in the College's sporting teams as it is social and fun.

Sarah Galvin: I enjoy school sports as it is a fun and friendly environment.

Lauren Holding: I enjoy participating is sports at the College as it is an opportunity to get fit in a fun and social environment. 


What is it like representing Mt A at sport events and what is the atmosphere like?

Ruby Quinn: When representing the College there's no pressure for us to do super well; everyone understands that it's mainly for fun and we are trying our best.

Roxana Fuentes: When competing, there is no pressure to be the best and win every game, but to try your hardest and to push yourself.

Have any of you girls participated in a sport at the College which you had never played before? What motivated you to try this new sport?

Roxana Fuentes: Yes, I have just signed up for soccer and have never played it before.  This will be an interesting experience as most of the girls in the team are in the same boat but, in the end, we will have stronger friendships and just have fun while getting some exercise.

Ruby Quinn: Yes, joining in new sports with friends - it’s an opportunity to do something new and learn new things. 
Sarah Galvin: Yes, volleyball.  I signed up to this sport because some of my friends were doing it and we wanted to have a fun team together.

Sophia Cull: I started volleyball in Year 9 for the first time as it is a very social sport in the College and I ended up having a lot of fun, and now I have been playing it for the past three years.


How has sport in the College affected you throughout the years at being here?

Roxana Fuentes: Since doing athletics every year at the College, everyone is very close and connected when we go to meets and when competing. 

Sarah Galvin: Sports have affected me as I have become stronger and more fit from participating.

Ruby Quinn: Definitely, particularly in Year 7 I made lots of new friends from doing sport.  I also learned valuable teamwork skills.

As seen in the responses from the group of Year 11 students, girls at the College enjoy the fun and social sporting environment - encouraging participation throughout all year levels and giving them an opportunity to build teamwork skills, make new friends, and keep fit.  This is exactly what I wish to motivate the girls to do through my aim as sport rep.

                                                                                                                                                                Emma Winstanley


United Swimming Club

Johanna Sehl (Year 9) and her sister, Ashleigh (graduated 2018), are currently on an eight-day cultural exchange with Tokai District Swimming in Nagoya, Japan.  United Swim Club coach Kirk Taylor has joined them, along with two Padua students.  They will participate in an exchange to the local club and then participate in the State Titles for Japan before returning home.


A reminder that United Swim Club operates year-round squads from the Padua Pool.  More information on this can be found at



Swimming Success


Mt A had three swimmers at State Championships for Swimming in March.

Airlie Davis, Chelsea Mayer, and Inde Basche have been swimming well, representing Mount Alvernia College and Met North District.


Airlie Davis (Year 7) swam PBs for all her events and, up against some strong U15 girls, she did us proud!

2019 Qld Secondary School State Championships

Silver - Mixed 13-19 200metre Freestyle Relay Multi-class

Bronze - Girls 13-15 100metre Backstroke Multi-Class (State Record for age and classification)

4th - Girls 13-15 50metre Butterfly Multi-Class (State Record for age and classification)

5th - Girls 13-15 50metre Backstroke Multi-Class (State Record for age and classification)

7th - Girls 13-15 100metre Freestyle Multi-Class

8th - Girls 13-15 50metre Freestyle Multi-Class


Airlie will now go on to compete  at the 2019 School Sport Australia 13-19 Years Swimming Championships (Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, Albert Park).


Chelsea Mayer (Year 7) also represented Met North in backstroke and, while Chelsea won the Backstroke final, she was unfortunately disqualified on a technicality.  We were extremely devastated for Chelsea to win and not receive the benefits of all that hard work she has put in.  Back to training now so she doesn’t have this happen again.


Inde Basche also attended the State Championships for Breaststroke and swam well.


We look forward to hearing more about the girls at the National Championships.

Gymnastic Success


To Lisa Gardiner, an acrobatic gymnast who has been training for over six years.  She is in a trio which will be trying to make the Australian squad/team for the 2020 World Championships in Switzerland.


Lisa's first competition was during the holidays, when she competed at the State Team Trials for Acrobatic Gymnastics.  Her trio made the qualifying score and was selected to represent Queensland at the 2019 National Championships in Melbourne in May/June.   This competition will also be the first step to qualify for the Australian Squad.


AFL Success


To Jorja Guyatt.  Jorja (Year 12) has just been named in the U18 AFL Lions Team, and will be travelling to Coffs Harbour to play a tournament against the other U18 Australian clubs on 10 to 12 May.  Jorja has been in the selection process for six months now, and we are as thrilled as she is with her inclusion in this team.


Trimester 2 Sport


Cultural Corner

From the FCIP Captain

There is a lot going on this term with regards to all musical groups.  The Senior String Ensemble, Senior Concert Band, and Rock Band are all performing at either one or both of the Colleges' Open Days on 19 May.  As well as this, the Rock Band performed today at Padua, and will perform again at the May Fair this Saturday.  All of the ensembles have been working hard in rehearsal, and I am sure this will be reflected in their performances.  Keep up the hard work, FCIP.

Claire Reid


Afternoons with Art X

We begin our after school art workshops for the term next Tuesday, 7 May, and continue for the next five Tuesdays until 11 June.  This afternoon of art making takes place in the Art Room S106 from 3.15pm until 4.30pm.  All students are welcome to attend, and all ability levels are catered for.  It’s your chance to improve and develop your art making skills even further.  If you are new to Art X, please collect an information letter from an art teacher.  See you all next week.

Lorella Masci, Arts Learning Area Advisor




From the Cultural Captain

From the Cultural Captain

Last term we introduced an awesome new project called the Pink Piano Project. This term my aim is for the pianos to be painted and decorated. I will soon announce a design competition that will lead to the pianos taking on a new look.


UNESCO’s International Arts Education Week is celebrated from 20 to 26 May.  Everyone can find a way to celebrate this week, whether it is by participating in an extra curricular arts program, studying the arts at school, finding your own time to pursue arts activities, or supporting your daughter’s participation in the arts.  The arts are an essential part of a complete education, no matter if it happens at home, school, or in the community.  Celebrating International Arts Education Week is a way to recognise this impact and share the message with friends, family, and communities.


The College Open Day on Sunday 19 May is another chance for all students - old and new - to come along and experience life at Mount Alvernia.  There will be many cultural things happening around the College, such as choir, band, and drama performances, art making displays, and many more.  Come along to experience a fun and exciting day at Mt A.

Amy Strachan




Make Her Space

Make Her Space Poster Competition


C105 is being re-purposed as a maker space room.  This is your opportunity to create a poster for the room.   It has to be eye-catching, brand the room, and contain the words Make Her Space


You can use any media; all entries should be emailed to Linda Clark, [email protected], OR handed into Student Services.  Closing date: Thursday 9 May.

From the iCentre


Mother/Daughter Celebration

Z Club

Mother's Day


In the Z Club we imaged how horrible it would be for a woman and her children to have to flee domestic violence and enter a women’s shelter on Mother's Day with no craft projects, $2 mother’s day stall gifts, or home made cards for the children to give Mum.  We have decided to make some gift bundles and deliver them to women in this situation to help just a little this Mother’s Day.


To do this, we need to raise funds and thought that you might like to help us, and buy a great present Mum on Mother’s Day.


Students can send us their favourite photo with their mum and we will have it properly printed and framed ready for collection next Friday, just in time for Mother’s Day.  So the girls can make their mum and another mum who is going through a rough time have a great day all for a low cost of $5.


The process is simple – pay $5 on the school payment portal by 10.30am next Thursday and email us a photo at [email protected].  Photos will be collected at second break next Friday.


Thanks for helping us help a woman in need.


Open Day Assistance Required

The Parents & Friends Support Network is looking for volunteers to assist with baking goodies and serving on the barbeque stall on Open Day - Sunday 19 May.  If you are able to help, please visit the website to indicate your availability.


Thank you in anticipation of your generosity.


La Cucina


Tuesday 7 May

Margaret Hutchins, Melinda Day

Wednesday 8 May

Renay Green, Julie Wilson

Thursday 9 May

Natalie Mills, Julie Ingle


Open from 7.15-9.30am & 10.30am-3.00pm (3.15pm Wednesday).   Staff, parents, and friends are very welcome to drop in for coffee—$3.50; $3 in own cup.


Please direct any enquiries to Kim at College Reception, ph 3357 6000.


Community Notices


Activities Corner
Year 11s at Cross Country
Senior A Volleyball Team