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08 September 2016
Issue Ten
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  Diary Dates & Events        


Diary Dates & Events


Thursday 8 September

Parent Teacher Conferences

1pm - 7:30pm


Saturday 10 September

Spring Market  9am- 2pm

Out of Uniform Day - gold coin donation required


Monday 12 September

Knox District Athletics Day


Tuesday 13 September 

Finance Committee meeting


Thursday 15 September

School Council Meeting 7pm


Friday 16 September

Last day of Term 3 early dismissal at 2:30pm



Monday 3 October

Term 4 Commences


Friday 14 October

Year 12 Final Day

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner


Tuesday 18 October

Finance Committee Meeting


Wednesday 19 October

Art & Tecnologhy Showcase from 6:30pm


Thursday 20 October

School Council Meeting 7pm


Tuesday 25 October

Year 9 City Experience Information Meeting 7pm



Tuesday November 1

Melbourne Cup Day

(Students not required to attend)


College Principal's Report           

Welcome to this Edition of The Score

September has arrived inspiring everyone with the sunshine and not so cold mornings. Term 3 has been hard in terms of weather and illness and like many workplaces a large number of our staff and students were impacted. I thank parents who informed us of student absences through our absence hotline and followed up with notes and medical certificates upon their return to school.

When students are absent for illness and are unable to complete work, it is important that extensions are applied for through the relevant subject teacher or in the case of a prolonged illness, having a conversation with the relevant year level coordinator.


2017 enrolments

We are pleased to announce that we have had a significant increase in enrolments for next year for Year 7 and enrolment requests are continuing to occur at other year levels. If you know of anyone who is still considering Scoresby Secondary College for next year, it is important that they complete an enrolment application to finalise our staffing numbers for 2017.  I would also request that if anyone is moving out of the area or not returning next year to please contact the General Office. Student allocation to electives for years 9-10 and VCE subjects for Years 10 -12 is currently underway. All students will be notified of their subjects and materials charges in term four.


Doctors in School

Scoresby Secondary College’s purpose is to provide a safe, supportive and challenging learning environment that focusses on nurturing the whole person in order to develop active and self-aware contributors to our global community.


To achieve this we play a critical role in promoting the health and safety of our students to help guide them in the establishment of lifelong healthy behaviours. Research has shown that school health programs and effective health promotion by skilled staff can reduce the prevalence of health risk behaviours among students and have a positive effect on academic performance. It is easier and more effective for our students to develop healthy behaviours during their transition from childhood to adolescence, than trying to change unhealthy behaviours during adulthood.


Many articles have been written about the rise in numbers of adolescence experiencing mental health issues and participation in preventable health risk behaviours. Headspace is one agency that was established in Knox to provide early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds, along with assistance in promoting young peoples’ wellbeing, but as with other external agencies, the demand for such service is rising.


Scoresby Secondary College’s Head of Student Services, Mr Michael Alexis, leads our team of professionals and conducts weekly case management and referral in consultation with parents to the most appropriate external agencies.  Our proactive approach to early intervention was therefore seen as a benefit to apply for the Doctors in Schools Program. To include a doctor to work alongside our regular wellbeing staff which include our chaplain, educational psychologist, social worker, integration staff and speech pathologists in addition to visiting teachers, speech pathologists and other professionals who are required from time to time could only facilitate more comprehensive wellbeing structures and support the promotion of access and equity for all students.


We were therefore pleased last week to be announced as one of the schools in Victoria to be allocated an adolescent health trained general practitioner (GP). The GP will attend Scoresby up to once a week and will provide: health support, support for staff coordination and access to specific program training.


The skilling up of staff will be an essential element of the program as it will expand the expertise of our staff. It will enable us to use the best strategies and programs to better support students who may be experiencing health and wellbeing conditions which in schools can range from mental health issues, unhealthy eating behaviours, inadequate physical activity, substance abuse or participating in behaviours that contribute to unintentional injury and violence.


Already we have many proactive health promotion programs in place, through our teaching and learning programs in health, physical education, food technology and science and through extra-curricular programs such as our respectful relationships program, antibullying and cybersafety programs, Keys Please (safer driving), information sessions on resilience, stress management, nutrition and many more.


Like many other schools we were disappointed that the media took the topic of contraception as the focus of this new initiative and did not report about the integrity required through the application process. In our application, we included how the doctor would be engaged in our case management and referral system.


In Term 4 we will be establishing a policy with the protocols for referral once the appointment of the doctor is made. All College policies are developed and approved by our Education Policy Committee (EPC) and then passed to College Council for final endorsement prior to publication.  Both EPC and College Council have parent, student and community representation. If you would like to join EPC we welcome new members. The committee meet once two to three times a term.


Uniform Review

College Council Uniform Committee have been conducting a full school uniform review for the past two years. We are very pleased with the fabrics, colours and styles for each of the items. The Year 7 students commencing in 2017, students changing from Junior School to Senior School and College Captains will be required to purchase the complete new uniform. There will be a two year phase in for all other students will all students from 2019 expected to be all new items. I thank parents, students and staff who responded to be part of the consultation for the work they have carried out on behalf of our community.


Education Support Staff Week

We recently held a morning tea to acknowledge the work of our education support staff and the important role they play in our College. I am sure the broader members of our community also appreciate the work they carry out on a daily basis in the office, finance, welfare, integration, information technology, science, food technology and facilities.


I wish all of our students, staff and families all the best for the school holidays. For those who will be working throughout the break, I thank you for putting in the hard work for our students. Some of our teaching staff are conducting revision sessions for Year 12 students; our facilities staff will be extremely busy carrying out work to further improve the environment; and many more staff will be preparing lessons for Term 4.



On Friday 26 August we said farewell to our International Student William (Chen) Li.

We wish William well as he returns home to China.

Gail Major






Assistant Principal's Report


In the week of Monday 5 September the school participated in the National eSmart Week. The goal is for everybody to be able to access the great things that the digital technology has to offer and ensure that young people are being smart, safe and responsible in the way they behave online.


At Scoresby Secondary College Students in Year 7-9 explicitly participated in activities during their Information Technology lessons. Common messages of being safe in an online environment is important all of the time and this occurs when teachers ask students use the internet and other interactive programs.


The importance of cyber safety and strategies when dealing with issues online are important for all people. We aim to teach students the preventative approach (not putting things online that might get them into trouble in the future) and well as strategies in getting support if/when they are impacted on by something they see online eg: bullying messages, inappropriate comments or images.


To test your knowledge there is an online quiz where people can test their understanding of the cyberworld and obtain a digital license. The Digital License is an online research with quizzes for young people – students can work with their parents to earn a digital license. This tool is interactive, comprehensive and covers a range of different subject matters across safety and security. The skills taught in the classroom and online are important for young people to be able to explore and navigate the web safely.


Student / Parent/Guardian / Teacher Conferences

This conferences are a valuable opportunity for students, families and teachers to reflect on the individual’s learning over the semester as well as establish goals and develop strategies to achieve success for the remainder of the semester.


I encourage all families to attend these days and find out specific information about how your child is progressing so far. This allows families to be proactive with future learning and be able to continue to work with your child’s teachers to ensure your child makes the most of their learning opportunities.


Emergency Management Drill

On Wednesday 7 September we conducted an Emergency Management Drill – Lock Down. It was great to see all students and staff able to follow our procedures very well. Throughout the year we conduct various types of drills on different days and at different times to ensure all members of the school community know exactly what to do in an emergency situation.

Use of School Car Park

In general most families understand the importance of not driving into the school grounds; however there are a few families that are still driving into the school grounds (particularly the back of the school).


The safety of the students is of paramount importance at our school and rules have been established to ensure the health and safety of our community members. The Staff car park is not to be used by parents for drop-off or pick-up at the start or end of the school day. The exception to this rule is people who require the disabled car park.


If you are required to drive into the school (eg: to collect your child during the school day), please drive at walking pace and ensure that you take note of the pedestrian crossings and park your car in the visitors car park located closest to the General office.


Planning 2017

Planning for 2017 is well underway and we are on track for finalizing elective subjects for year 9 – 12 students; however, there are still a few students who have not returned their subject selection form and/or the $100 deposit. If your child has not returned this form yet can you please have it returned as soon as possible to allow them the best opportunity to get the subjects they want. Any student who has not returned their forms once the options have been finalized, they will be required to select from the available options. If you know that you child/ren will not be attending Scoresby Secondary College for 2017 can you please let the school know via a note, to the General Office.


Chris Knight

Assistant Principal

Junior School


Tuesday 23 - Friday 26 August 2016

What a great success….


THANK YOU to all the Year 8 and 9 students for their commitment to the program and for being so involved in all aspects of the week.


As outlined in the previous issues of the SCORE newsletter, students were involved in a range of activities that challenged them emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually:

  • Brainstorm Production, “Sticks and Stones” for all Year 7, 8 and 9 students
  • Climbing Rock Wall
  • Bollywood Dancing
  • Comic Art workshop
  • Japanese Drumming
  • Mind Challenges
  • Youth Budgeting CAP course
  • BBQ on the last day (Years 7 – 12)


The surveys conducted at the end of the Respectful Relationships component and general feedback from students has been positive, with some great ideas for improvement and development of the program for 2017.


I would like to thank all of the staff involved in the Challenge Program which included teaching and support staff. Also great work from all of our presenters. In particular, THANKS to the staff trained in the Respectful Relationships program and for all their preparation beforehand. (Fiona Matthews, Emma Morris, Simone Hargrave and Michael Alexis)



Year 7 Comments

This year has been really good because we have done a lot of important things to help with our education, I  have made a lot more friends also I have really enjoyed meeting all the new students and this year  as year 7 leader and being on the SRC I had amazing roles which I would not get if not student leader.

Erin Stirling 7B


What I enjoy about learning at Scoresby Secondary College is being able to have an open conversation with your teachers to let them know if you need help with the work you're given or if you feel that the works too easy for you. Teachers also try and get you to separate what we know and don't know so that we can learn the stuff that we don't know. So far I have enjoyed it here at Scoresby and I wouldn't change schools for the world.

Tatira Tatira 7B


I enjoy learning about history because it means we can learn about our ancestors and how we evolved and lots of other past civilisations.

Caitlyn Tilly 7B


Charlotte Stirling 7A

I enjoyed food technology, cooking food and learning new recipes. The food that we made was amazing, I enjoyed trying new foods and developing my skills.

Charlotte Stirling 7A


What I have enjoyed about this year is food technology, music and hanging with friends. In music, I learned how to play the bass guitar and in food technology, I enjoyed making the chocolate truffles. In year 8, I am looking forward to further developing my music skills.

Jaidyn Steele 7A



Michael Alexis

Head of Junior School

Senior School 

Units 3 & 4 End Of Year Exams

The conclusion of Term 3 signifies the end of all Unit 3 & 4 coursework. Our students should be congratulated on reaching this point, as it is signifies a significant step towards them obtaining their VCE goals.


The focus for our students now shifts towards their end of year exams. The final exams for each study contribute towards a large proportion of a students graded assessment. Therefore, it is crucial for our students to be adequately prepared for this period in order to maximise their performance.


To support our students in their exam preparation and revision, Scoresby Secondary College will be holding a Holiday Revision Program during the term 3 break. This program will cover most studies and will be supported by our various VCE teachers and external expert teachers. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the revision sessions, as they will provide significant support for our students to maximise their understanding of the key skills and knowledge that will be covered during their exams.


Our Physics students are particularly fortunate in that they will have Mr. Colin Hopkins hosting their study session. Mr. Colin Hopkins is from Bialik College and has been invited to run the 4 hour Physics revision session. Mr. Hopkins has been teaching physics for 40 years and his classes have been performing at the top in VCE exam for many years. All the Physics students will benefit from the session and are requested to attend.


We encourage our students and their various home supports to take into consideration the following suggestions in order to maximise performance over the coming weeks.

  • Students to attend the Holiday Revision Program. See the attached program timetable.
  • In line with the school’s homework policy, it is expected that Year 12 VCE students complete three hours study per weeknight with up to six hours on the weekends. Therefore, the necessity of a clear study timetable to plan when the work will get done is of increased importance during this time.
  • Study groups are strongly encouraged.
  • The Hub is open each afternoon until 5.00pm.
  • Study support is available most Thursday afternoons from 3pm in the Hub.

A final word of advice for all our Year 12 students is to be organised, manage and plan your time carefully, get help from teachers ahead of time and do not leave study and revision to the last minute!


Year 12 Final Week Arrangements

Traditionally, our Year 12 students have had the opportunity to conclude their classes at the college with a number of celebratory events held during their final week of classes. This tradition will be continuing for our current Year 12 cohort with a number of planned activities to be held starting the week of Monday 10 October.


These events will provide our Year 12 students with the opportunity to thank and celebrate alongside the various people who have supported them throughout their educational journey. It is a chance to also bid farewell to their cohort and to the wider college community as they prepare to embark on their final examination period and post secondary school pathways. The finalized itinerary for this celebration week has been provided for your reference.


Aaron Mackinnon

Head of Senior School


Naplan Results

Our Success

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority have now released NAPLAN data.

Results were posted out to the parents of students in Year 7 and Year 9, from the College last week. Should you by now not have received your results, it may be that the College does not have up-to-date address details. Parents should check (and, if necessary, update) address details on their Compass account.  As noted in previous newsletters, NAPLAN data does provide important systemic level data and does provide parents with a ‘snapshot’ of where their child is at, in terms of core numeracy and literacy skills at the test time (May).


The significant growth in the  achievement demonstrated by many of our students are a testament to the sound core skills and knowledge they have built in these areas and highlights the interventions introduced from the start of last year are having a positive effect.  


The College was acknowledged at a recent Outer Eastern Region literacy forum for the growth in our student learning. 


In the 2016 NAPLAN data for Reading, 21 % of the students in Year 7 in 2014 were in the highest achievement level.  In this year’s Naplan tests ,  52% of the same students are now in the highest level.  The growth in student literacy skills for these students were not just confined to reading, there was a growth of 15% in grammar and punctuation and 8% in writing.


I would like to acknowledge the commitment of our English teachers to quality teaching practice. They have engaged in the establishment of our instructional model and developed and delivered our guaranteed and viable curriculum and worked in collaborative teacher teams to develop the literacy skills of our students.  Our employment of a coach two days a week and the introduction of journaling this semester will further build the writing skills across the curriculum to provide a solid foundation for students who undertake VCE  in a few years.


While there has been growth in mathematics data since 2015, the full benefits of the work undertaken this year by our teachers with our new numeracy coach will be better represented in the 2017 test results.


Gail Major



Math & Numeracy

Australian Mathematics Competition Results

In a previous edition of ‘the Score’, it was reported that all students in Year 7 to Year 10 completed in the Australian Mathematics Competition. As this article is going to print the certificates have not arrived so photos and more information on Scoresby Secondary College’s top students will be reported in a later edition.


To whet your appetite I can tell you our top student, Brian Shum of Year 7, was in the 99th percentile rank. It will be exciting to read of Brian’s future results. The top student in Year 8, Tyler Smith was placed in the 94th percentile.


The Australian Mathematics Competition results can also be used to evaluate current teaching programs. It is with great delight that I can report the following.


Year 7

A quarter of the students in Year 7 will be awarded high distinction, distinction or credit certificates. The success of the focus on Numbersense with the problem solving approach in Term 1 has been reflected in the results in Number and Problem Solving. Compared to Victorian private and government schools, the students at SSC were average or above in 58% of the Routine and Non – Routine Problems. In addition, no pun intended, 66% of the Year 7 students answered all the Number questions correctly. It is great to see the hard work of Primary teachers and our Numbersense program reaping rewards.


The Junior Competition is given to Year 7 and Year 8. With this in mind we could predict even better results in 2017. Two Year 7 students, William Li and Ty Diaz-Baird gained 100% in section 1, with Brian Shum and Jordan Haag only getting one question wrong in this section.


Year 8

Nearly 60% of the students in Year 8 will be awarded high distinction, distinction, credit or proficiency certificates. Similar to Year 7, Year 8 has been very successful in the Routine and Non – Routine Problems. Year 8 students achieved average or above in nearly 50% of questions. Again, there has been success in the Number questions with 70% of Year 8 students receiving full marks in the Number questions.  


Year 9

Michelle Shum was the top student in Year 9 with a percentile rank of 86%. Year 9 students’ results showed strength in solving the Measurement questions with 58% of students gaining 100% with the Measurement questions.


Year 10

Jessica Saunders was the top student in Year 9 with a percentile rank of 92%. Year 10 students’ results mirrored Year 9 with strength in solving the Measurement questions with 68% of students gaining 100% with the Measurement questions.


Leanne Wilson 

Numeracy Coach

Staff Profile

Ms Allirra Scott

Allirra has joined Scoresby Secondary College as the Student Leadership Coordinator and teacher of Year 12 English, English, Drama and Humanities. She was previously at Norwood Secondary College teaching VCE English and Drama.


After successfully completing Year 12 Allirra trained at Box Hill Insitute where she gained a Diploma in Dance Teaching and Management. Her passion for the Arts led her to open a dance school in Bayswater and Upwey, where she taught ballet, tap contemporary, hip hop and jazz. She also worked as a choreographer and assistant director for school productions of: Footloose, Grease, Crazy For you, Singin’ In The Rain and The Wizard of OZ.


Having a love for producing school productions was a driving force that helped her make the decision to return and study secondary teaching and has completed a Bachelor of Education (P-12)  English, Dance, Drama and Theatre Studies at Victoria University. While completing her studies Allirra continued to work in the Arts and was also an Integration Aide.


Being part of Student Leadership has been a privilege and an honour. Allirra enjoys getting to know the students and finds it extremely rewarding seeing the student’s achievements, including successful fundraisers, raising their profile and building strong connections with the wider community. Allirra is looking forward to continuing to watch the Student Leaders grow and develop and inspire others in the future.


Community News

ScoresbySpring Market

The 3rd Annual Scoresby Spring Market is on Saturday 10 September, from 9.00am – 2.00pm, in the School Hall & outside area.

Come along & support your School & your Chaplain.  The day will be a bigger success if you & all your friends visit the Market.

  1. We will have a Second-hand Book Stall (not text books) – Please donate good quality 2nd hand novels and non-fiction books (eg. gardening, cooking, sport, travel, health, NO obsolete text books) into the college General Office.
  2. **If you can volunteer your time on the day to help with the stall please contact Cindy Lopes regarding what time and how long you can help for.
  3. Email: [email protected]
  1. Raffle Prizes – we will be having a raffle.  If you, or your employer, are able to donate some gifts for prizes, that would be great.  Please bring to college General  Office.
  1. Here is the link to the Scoresby Spring Market Facebook Page – please “like” it, and ”Share” the advertisement Post with all your friends – who can share it with the most people, & get the most ‘likes’?

**If you can volunteer your time on the day please contact Cindy Lopes regarding what time and how long you can help for. Email: [email protected]

If there are any queries, please contact: [email protected]

The Market will raise funds for Andy’s Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy Committee

VCAL Community Project

With the Spring Market coming up on Saturday some of the Senior VCAL students have been very busy making a variety of chopping boards and cheese boards for sale at the spring fair. Pictured are the boards which have come up very well and the students should be well pleased with themselves.

Pictured from the left are: Mike Driscoll, Dylan Port, Darien Richards and Dylan Simpson.


Having The Talk


St Johns Ambulance


Caring Again


Careers News

Whats On                   

Dates to Diarise in Term 4

  • Year 12 VTAC late applications – throughout October until 4 November


VTAC 2016 Key Dates  - Thursday 29 September

SEAS applications close - Tuesday 4 October

Scholarships through VTAC close - Friday 14 October

The VTAC website is  


Studying in the USA

Education USA Melbourne is holding an Undergraduate Information and Sports Scholarships Session for students who wish to find out more about going to university in the USA.

Date:     Thursday 29 September 2016

Time:     3.00pm – 4.30 pm
Location:        U.S. Consulate General, Level 6, 553 St Kilda Road in Melbourne
Students must register their attendance – for more information, please visit Study in the USA Information Session  


Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA)

Students considering a course, and eventually career, in medicine are invited to visit the Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) website as it is a very comprehensive resource for prospective students, first year students, and graduating students. 
Visit Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) to find out more!


Forensic Medicine Career Information Session

The Institute of Forensic Medicine is hosting another Career Information Session, developed by the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine in response to the large number of enquiries they receive regarding Work Experience.  Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the work carried out at the Institute, work experience cannot be offered.  So, the Career Information Session has been developed for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 to offer an insight into the various career options in the forensic sciences. 

Date:    Monday 26 September 2016
Time:    12.30pm – 4.00pm
Venue:  Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, 63 Kavanagh Street, Southbank

Unfortunately there is NO tour of the building available.  Spaces are limited so attendees MUST RSVP to this event.  To register visit Forensic Medicine Careers Information Session.


Nursing Degree @ Holmesglen Institute

Did you know that you can complete a Bachelor of Nursing degree at Holmesglen?  Did you know that, although this nursing degree is offered through a TAFE, it is a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)?

The entry requirements into the Bachelor of Nursing is a successful completion of the VCE including Units 1 and 2: satisfactory completion in one of General Mathematics or Maths: Mathematical Methods or Units 3 and 4: any Mathematics; and a study score of at least 25 in any English.  Students will also need to attain a minimum of a 50 ATAR to be considered for this course.  Graduates of this course are eligible to receive the Bachelor of Nursing and are eligible to apply to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia as a registered nurse. 

For more information about this degree and the course structure, etc. visit Nursing Degree @ Holmesglen Institute


Teaching Degrees – Early Childhood 

Unless otherwise indicated* Early Childhood teaching degrees all have the same VCE prerequisites: Units 1 and 2: satisfactory completion in two units (any study combination) of General Mathematics or Maths: Mathematical Methods or Units 3 and 4: any Mathematics; and a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or at least 25 in English other than EAL.  Unless otherwise stated, these degrees are also 4-year degrees.

For a comprehensive list of all teaching courses, their exact prerequisites, their majors and other double degrees they might be linked to, visit VTAC.

A reminder: The Australian Government now requires all students undertaking Initial Teacher Education courses in Australia to pass a literacy and numeracy test in order to obtain their degree.  Many universities will require their students to sit this test in the first year of their teaching course.  To find out more about the literacy and numeracy test, and to try a few sample questions visit Teacher Quality.

 Teaching Degrees – Primary School

Unless otherwise indicated* primary teaching degrees all have the same VCE prerequisites: Units 1 and 2: satisfactory completion in two units (any study combination) of General Mathematics or Maths: Mathematical Methods or Units 3 and 4: any Mathematics; and a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or at least 25 in in English other than EAL.  Unless otherwise stated, these degrees are also 4-year degrees.  For a comprehensive list of all teaching courses, their exact prerequisites, their majors and other double degrees they might be linked to, visit VTAC.English other than EAL.  Unless otherwise stated, these degrees are also 4-year degrees.  For a comprehensive list of all teaching courses, their exact prerequisites, their majors and other double degrees they might be linked to, visit VTAC.

Teaching Degrees – Secondary School

Unless otherwise indicated* secondary teaching degrees all have the same VCE prerequisites: Units 1 and 2: satisfactory completion in two units (any study combination) of General Mathematics or Maths: Mathematical Methods or Units 3 and 4: any Mathematics; and a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or at least 25 in English other than EAL.  Unless otherwise stated, these degrees are also 4-year degrees.  For a comprehensive list of all teaching courses, their exact prerequisites, their majors and other double degrees*** they might be linked to, visit VTAC.

Bronwyn Haines

Careers Advisor

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