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25 November 2016
Issue Thirteen
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Principal's News


The college was involved in a number of big events over this past fortnight.


The Year 12 Valedictory dinner held at Melbourne Park celebrated the end of the students’ formal schooling and the senior school team organised an occasion for students, parents and staff to commemorate and celebrate the end of a journey. It was a wonderful occasion and congratulations certainly go to all the staff who had a role in organising and managing the event. The much anticipated release of the Year 12 ATAR scores on December 12 will draw some students back to school and we hope before then that the informal celebrations to various destinations are conducted in a safe and secure manner.


Incoming Year 7 students and their parents attended an information night hosted by the Junior school. On behalf of the whole college community we welcome our new cohort of students and their families into Ringwood Secondary College and we are certain that the transition program in 2107 will be appropriate for this most challenging and exciting stage in the students’ lives. My speech on transitions and memories emphasised the importance of our collective support to enable the positive entry of students into the college and this was suitably demonstrated by our junior musicians on the night who have been supported to blossom in their performances by a dedicated Music Department. The iPad program was also outlined and the iPad induction dates were provided so that on day one of the school year, Year 7 students have the tools in readiness to learn. Orientation Day on December 6 is much anticipated for all.

While the weather dampened the numbers, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of college council members who were invited to take a tour of the building construction that will become the new Junior school. With countless purlins, 60 tonnes of Australian steel and 1500 bolts in the skeleton of the construction so far, school council members were excited by the contemporary vision that this new architecture provides for vibrant and ambitious learning spaces. The planning around sustainability and practicality has enabled this construction to be the prototype of future thinking around our teaching and learning environment. We will all be the beneficiaries of this transformative plan.


As we are in the busiest part of the year with exams, the transition program, final incursions and excursions, it is important to emphasise that the college program is continuing and students are expected to work productively in all their classes. The End of Year program has been published on Compass and student report dates are on the calendar. Please note that we are transitioning to continuous feedback in 2017 and that it will be the final time that we will have both summative and continuous feedback in this reporting cycle.


Eleni Stathatos

Acting Principal

Assistant Principals

Senior School


As you can see by the many photos that adorn this newsletter, the valedictory evening that was held at Melbourne Park was a huge success with over 600 members of the college community gathering as one to farewell the class of 2016.


The night was filled with warmth, affirmation, friendship and reflection. The College is so proud of the class of 2016 and they are to be wished all the best in the next phase of their life, whether that includes further study, employment, travel or a gap year.


The staff of Ringwood Secondary College are to be congratulated for their input into our students, thus preparing them to take their place in the world as global citizens.


Thanks must also go to the Senior School team for all the meticulous planning and organisation of the night. Thank you to the ladies in the office who prepared all the awards and thank you to all the staff who attended and supported the evening.


On another note, transition classes for Year 11 students going into Year 12 conclude today and students in year 10 starting their VCE journey next year, have their Year 10 into 11 tradition classes next week.


Every student, in every subject will have a task that will need to be completed over the summer holidays. The transition program establishes preparedness for the upcoming school year and allows all our students to start the year in a positive manner, willing and ready to take on the challenges that they will face.


James Barut

Assistant Principal

Middle School


Well done to our students in Year 10 who have now completed their Semester Two examinations. The exams were conducted in the core subjects of English, Maths, Science, History and Health, and were held this week from Monday November 21 and will conclude on Friday morning November 25.

The exams were conducted in the College Hall under the careful watch of external supervisors to provide students with an authentic experience in preparation for their VCE studies in 2017. The general approach of the students towards their studies and their behaviour during the examination period is to be commended. Students were attentive to instructions and displayed a mature approach to the exams, enabling the entire process to run smoothly.


Year 10 students will participate in the Year 10-11 Transition program next week, and will be required to attend school each day for the scheduled transition classes. Students will attend an assembly during period 1 on Monday morning, and will then follow a transition timetable where they will attend three lessons over the week in each of their Year 11 subjects. Students who will be entering VCAL next year will also complete a VCAL transition program during the week.


From December 5, many of the Year 10 students will be heading off on the Queensland trip, where they can celebrate the end of their school year.

I wish all of our Year 10 students every success in their exams, and for a safe and happy holiday period. It has been a pleasure working with this group of students over the last term.


Year 9 Assembly

At the Year 9 assembly this week, the girls and boys were addressed in separate assemblies to discuss a range of issues related to cybersafety and the serious issues and consequences for all concerned of participating in activities such as sharing photos/videos online, and ‘sexting’. The girls viewed a series of film clips to reinforce the message that it is not wise or safe to send photos/videos, or post photos/videos online of themselves or others that are of a very personal nature. The boys were also made aware of the same issues, and encouraged not to place pressure on others to participate in activities of this nature. All students were encouraged to think carefully before hitting send or publish. We constantly remind students that ‘if your parents or grandparents would be shocked if they saw a particular photo of you shared online, then don’t post it!’ Students were also reminded that they can seek advice and support from a supportive friend, parent, teacher or member of the wellbeing staff.


With a few weeks of school left, we encourage parents to support their child and the school by ensuring students complete their final assessment tasks in a timely manner.


Annette Niven

Acting Assistant Principal

Junior School

Around the schoolyard

The smiling fresh faces of Year 7 students exuding endless enthusiasm, reminds me of the reasons as to why I became a teacher. The joys of a day include watching students playing football, soccer, and downball or sitting quietly talking to each other. I hope this enthusiasm for learning and enjoying each others company continues well into Year 12 and this cohort of students enjoys the next five years ahead.

Stay focussed!


These two words ‘stay focussed’, are so important for all junior students to think carefully. At this business end of the year, with reports and assessments being finalised, students can often loose direction and not apply them to the task at hand. They are strongly encouraged to finish the year on a high and work solidly towards 2017.


Sun Smart

As the weather is warming up students must ensure they cover up with sunscreen and use a hat/cap.


Cancer Council Victoria recommends using SPF30 or higher broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen. However sunscreen alone will not provide adequate protection against overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Cancer Council recommends five steps to protect against sun damage during the daily sun protection times (when the UV level is 3 and above):


1.Slip on sun-protective clothing.

2.Slop on SPF30 or higher sunscreen–make sure it is broad-spectrum and water-resistant. Put it on 20 minutes before you go outdoors and re-apply every two hours.

3.Slap on a hat –that protects your face, head, neck and ears.

4.Seek shade.

5.Slide on sunglasses –make sure they meet Australian Standards. UV levels are most intense during the middle of the day.


Check the daily sun protection times, available via the free Sun Smart app online at or or in the weather section of newspapers as a free website widget.

The sun protection time shows when the UV Index is forecast to be 3 or above.


Upcoming events for incoming Year 7’s 2017

  • Small Schools (invite only)-December 1st
  • Orientation Day-December 6th


High School Musical Jn

Rehearsals for the show are progressing well and it is definitely a show not to be missed. Refer to the

for details on purchasing tickets. Congratulations to all students involved, either in the show or behind the scenes.



Resilience is a key word that is often mentioned and I thought the following information is worthwhile reflecting on. You can access the information below from

Some kids are resilient by nature – their temperament helps them to be mentally and psychologically tough. You know those kids. They get straight back up after a setback or disappointment. Rejection in the playground doesn’t faze them. Unfortunately, not every child has such natural resilience. The good news is that most of the research shows that resilience can be nurtured and developed, particularly when parents themselves are resilient and they actively foster it in their kids.

Resilient kids share four basic skill sets- independence, problem solving, optimism and social connection.

From a resilience perspective parents need to coach kids through some of the more challenging moments and reviewing what they may have learned for next time. Avoid solving all their problems for them.

You can promote a lasting sense of resilience in your kids by:

  1. Having a positive attitude yourself. Your attitude as a parent impacts on their ability to bounce back from some of the difficulties they face. Make sure you model a ‘you can do it’ attitude for your child when he meets some of life’s curve balls. 
  2. Look for teachable moments. Many kids’ learning opportunities are disguised as problems. Make the most of these opportunities so that kids can grow and learn from some of the challenges they face. 
  3. Make kids active participants in the family. Active participation in a family develops the self-help, problem solving and independence skills of kids that are necessary for resilience.
  4. Build kids coping skills. There are plenty of strategies you can pass on to kids to help them cope when life doesn’t go their way, including acceptance, getting away for awhile, and normalisation.

Promoting resilience in kids is a not a single event but a continuous process that requires adults to be supportive and empathetic when things don’t go their way. It also requires you as a parent to have an understanding of resilience, so you have faith in yourself, and your child’s ability to cope.


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal



From the Office

Second Hand Book and Uniform Sale

The Second Hand Book and Uniform Sale will be held on Wednesday, 7 December 2016 in Rooms 208 and 209 commencing at 7:00pm and running until approximately 8.30pm.


Items for sale may be brought to Room 209 to be processed on the following dates:      


Tuesday December 6, 5:00pm - 6.00pm    OR   Wednesday December 7, 10:00am - 11.00am


Items WILL NOT be accepted other than at the times above


Please see below for details:


Reminder When Dropping off Students


Due to building works at the College, the entrance to the front of the Library on Bedford Road is a 'no public access zone'.


Please note that this entrance is not a drop off point at any time. Please use the surrounding streets i.e. Rosewarne Lane, and Hill Street to drop off/pick up students.

Maria Allison
Assistant Principal

End of Year Planning 

End of Year program commences on Friday 9th - 15th  December 2016


Reports will be Published:

Yr 7 - 9

Friday 16th December


Yr 10 

Wednesday 14th December


Yr 11

Friday 9th December


Yr 12 Results 

Monday 12th December


Facilities Report

Junior School/Library Building update

The past week has been especially exciting on the building front. The upper floor concrete slab was poured for the Junior School building and much of the steel frame is now in place. The shape of the building is revealing itself and looks most impressive.

We also conducted a brief site tour for School Council and Facility members last Monday evening. Neil Morcomb, Project Manager, Newton Manor Constructions, detailed how the building was progressing and we are especially appreciative of his time.


On Wednesday 16th November, the College Library was emptied. What a job!

You’ll notice, if you drive past,  two shipping containers that are holding most of our books at the front of the library. Currently a temporary library is operating out of the old VCE Study Centre. The library has also had asbestos removed from the building. 


Recent activity

  • Painting of external Wellbeing windows
  • Work on Automotive classroom
  • Repairs and services to air conditioners
  • Landscaping –central entrance
  • OH & S improvements 
  • Landscaping –replacing second tier on oval with concrete sleepers
  • Lots of mowing!


Facilities Manager


Compass Management Of Student Attendance By Parents​

Please note that messages can be left on the  attendance line 9845 7519 at any time  - night or day

  • Please contact the attendance line if your child/children will be leaving school before 20th December for any reason
  • Ensure that all absences in November and December are updated on a daily basis
  • Contact the attendance line if a student will be absent for any reason for more than 2 days or if the absence will be ongoing for an extended period of time so that staff can be notified and assist where necessary
  • If you are aware that a student will be late please enter on Compass, give them a note, or ring the attendance line
  • Class absences for periods 2 & 3 cannot be approved by a parent  - call the attendance line if you think they may have been absent due to a school activity
  • Do contact the school if you have any concerns at all in relation to your child’s attendance or any other issues that may be affecting regular attendance

IMPORTANT - If you receive an SMS please ring the attendance line on 9845 7519 as soon as possible


Your support with all matters attendance is appreciated.


With Thanks

Attendance Officer

Commencement Dates 2017

The College program commences for staff on Monday January 30, 2017.


Commencement dates and arrival times for each Year Level are:


Tuesday  January 31, 2017

  • Year 7 - 8:45 am start at the Hall.  Dismissal at 1:05pm
  • Year 11 - 12 - 9:30 am start with extended assemblies followed by normal VCE classes periods 2 to 4.

Wednesday  February 1, 2017

  • Year 7  - 10:05 am start period 
  • Year 8 - 12 - 8:50 am start with extended Year Level Assemblies for Years 8, 9 & 10, followed by normal classes.

These arrangements will once again ensure a smooth start for all year levels and all students.

Year 12 Validictory

A Night to Celebrate




Presentations and Speeches:



Around the School

Library Renovations

As part of our school’s upgrade, the library is being renovated. Over the past two weeks library staff have been preparing to move most of our collection and furniture into storage containers.

On Wednesday a professional team helped us relocate to our new temporary home in what was previously the VCE study centre.


We are now set up and ready to recommence library services. Our popular reading ladders program will continue to function and we can accommodate a small number of private study students. Library hours will remain unchanged for this year.


We anticipate moving back into our renovated library at the end of term 1 next year.


Emily Collins & Deb Wilkins

Library Coordintors

Indonesian News!

Year 7 Indonesian students are participating in a New Pedagogies for Deep Learning assignment with Ringwood North Primary School. The focus of the assignment is on Sustainable Palm Oil usage and human impact on the Indonesian environment. Students are creating Sustainable Palm Oil awareness campaigns to share on our YouTube channel. Part of the assignment requires students to present their findings directly to their target audience. Students will visit Ringwood North Primary School to present this in their Presentation Space and the primary school students will vote for the most effective campaign. A reminder to parents of students in 7B and 7H that consent for this excursion is due as soon as possible.

20 students across these classes will also have the opportunity to attend a full day excursion at Melbourne Zoo to put their knowledge gained into practice with Zoo educators. This is an exciting experience and students are encouraged to work hard in class throughout this unit to increase their chances of gaining entry into the draw!


Our Indonesian Language Assistant Pak Ery officially only has four more weeks left with us at Ringwood SC before going home to Indonesia. Students in Indo Club have enjoyed his language and grammar games recently! We will all miss him greatly!!

Jessica Lundie

Indonesian Teacher


Youth Voice for Peace

Aimee Platts Year 11 has been involved in the Youth Voice for Peace this year and she was 1 of 3 young people involved in the event last Friday at Maroondah Council`s Karralyka.  Aimee delivered a reading that she had written as well as the Ode of Remembrance and lead the event in a minute silence. She did a wonderful job!

"Standing on the beach at Gallipoli
Nothing but silence as you remember the brave men
All those years ago
Today, we remember those who fought and served
To bring peace among countries
We learn about the scarifies made so their stories live on
To remind those how we got to be the country we are today
After standing on ANZAC cove, with the waves being the only sound
As no words can describe looking out over that historic place
The peace has returned and will forever last "

We are super proud of what Aimee has achieved over the last 12 months 

Rachelle Jones
Youth Programs Worker


Maths News

Congratulations to the students who have challenged themselves by entering a number of maths competitions.


This year 125 students sat the ICAS UNSW Maths Competition.

Particular congratulations go to Shije Huang of Yr 7 and Kefan Tang of Yr 12, who both achieved High Distinctions, placing them in the top 1% of Australian students in the competition.

Distinctions were achieved by:

Asif Ahmed, Clinton Bouphasavanh, Joshua Clements, Thomas Cooke, Vithara Gunawardena, Brynn Jacka and Samuel Rhodes, all in Year 7

Grace Veenman from Year 8

Yanzhen Gu, Max Hennessy, Alex Jackson, Lorenzo Louw, Mark Reynolds, Daniel Roberts, Chris Swindells and Lachlan Watson from Year 9

Chelsey Chen and Dean Stevens from Year 10

Holly Hey and Jiayu Li from Year 11

Jiayue Huang and Evan Wang from Year 12.


Additionally 49 students received Credit certificates and 17 achieved Merit certificates.


Two teams of three students entered the inaugural Choose Maths video competition. Congratulations to Patience Amartey, Lauren Clements and Swetha Vasudevan who were awarded an Honorable Mention for their video explaining the ‘Birthday Paradox’.


In the Education Perfect Online Maths Championships, Joshua Clements and Clinton Bouphasavanh achieved Gold Awards; Brooklyn Owen a Silver Award and Credit Awards were earned by Abbey Hepworth, Megan Rennick and Za Bet Thang.


Last, but definitely not least, Brooklyn Owen and Erin Wynne achieved medals in the Manga High Online Maths Challenge, a world-wide competition.

Donna Mackinnon


YR 11 VCAL  fighting hunger in Australia

The Yr 11 VCAL class organised a food drive for food bank victoria as part of a unit on homelessness  and fighting hunger in Australia. They raised 30 kg of food that equates to 60 meals for the community in need.

All the food will be repacked into food parcels that is distributed to more than 450 food relief agencies across Victoria

So well done to all those students for helping make a difference in the community.


Voula Margellis

 VCAL Personal Development Skills Teacher

Careers News

Please read through the Careers news

Helen Doherty

Careers Team


Well done to William Lucas from yr 11 VCAL for organising an end of year dinner at the Oven Twist Restaurant.  As part of the VCAL PDS projects this year students have looked at Health and Nutrition; working on the individual and their understanding of the wider community. It was a great way to end the VCAL year .


We also wish William all the very best as he has picked up an apprenticeship for next year and will be leaving us.


Voula Margellis

VCAL teacher

Poetry Week


Poetry Week is kind of a big deal at RSC,

This year we had workshops with a poet named Scotty.

He came a few lunchtimes and taught them to jam,

Then during Poetry Week they were ready to slam.

This year the Year Sevens outnumbered the rest,

But the talent, my goodness, beyond their years was expressed!

The staff held their annual Poetry Cup,

Where they closed off the staffroom for the first half of lunch.

Competition was fierce as the competitors played,

For the honour, the glory and the peer accolades.

Poetry Week is open for all who can feel,

With some courage and a pinch of keepin’ it real!


Student Poetry Slam


1st place

I cry when my favourite Game of Thrones character dies

And I write about those who thrive and those who die and the few who survive

And I watch in wonder as others accept their small wonders

And wonder about those wonders with wonder in their eyes

When I have only ever wished for a simpler mind

A mind with one eye, a rulebook, set guidelines

I throw away my gifts

I try to say somethin' different 

I end up just referencing a song 'bout independence 

Alexander Hamilton lived four lifetimes in one

He was forgotten until a genius read a book and wrote him a song

I don't know who invented my pen or my language 

Were they just grunts from an exasperated index?

I don't understand the law, hell I'm only thirteen,

But I have enough perspective and sense to see

That xenophobia is irrational

And homophobes are idiots

And it blinds me how you can't see that we can make a difference

'Cause we created sexism

And we created racism—

We created a world where Donald Trump may well be president 

So now I'm in a place where my accent defines me

And I'm allowed to read, unless my principal chides me

But what kills me the most is that I can see what adults can't

And I can write about our problems when our leaders just ignore them.

Holly Manuel, 7I


2nd place


Winter's icy hands wrapped around her throat,

Only pain flew out when she spoke.

Nothing but horror finds her eyes,

When the stench of death fills the skies.

On tippy toes the monster roams

Through the woods in scarlet robes.

Bright blue eyes bathed in tar,

Crimson lips covered in scars.

She walks the streets with a tear stained face

Consumed by the feeling of disgrace.

Sticks and stones may break your bones

But words can cut you deep.

Watch the word you say to friends for they can make you weep

Isuri Jayasinghe, 7I


3rd place

As the clock ticks your hands flip through the pictures in the album that is your life, you wonder how it came to be that you would soon be set free from this illusion that causes you strife. You stand up and say “I WILL NOT GO THIS WAY”. You stride towards the window and open it and you gaze out. You see a beautiful orange sky and say to yourself “My oh my”. You turn to see the nurses and you think I’ve got to break free. You propel through the window and plummet towards the ground, when suddenly; just before you hit the ground you feel a restraint coming from your back. You turn and see these beautiful things, you realise that you now have springs. Springs in your back, how can that be? These springs are wings, just wait and you’ll see. Your newly found wings bounce you up to join the clouds, you look down to see the thousands of crowds. You glide down to a poppy field and in the grass you lay, you whisper to yourself “I will go this way”

Cody Wake, 9B




Well done to Jason Qin, Harrington Gontier, Jesse Cormack-Brown and Alex Serre, who competed in the state finals for Yr 8 Boys Table Tennis at MSAC last Thurdsay. They put in a fantastic effort, winning the first round against Warrigul Secondary College convincingly. After a loss to Williamstown, in a tight contest, it all came down to round three, where we played McKinnon Secondary. Jason gave us a great start, as he did for every round, but unfortunately after a nail biting doubles round we were unable to get through, coming third overall in our group.

Well done to the boys for their achievements. I know they will be eager to do even better in 2017.


Ms Boutsikakis



The Year 8 Baseball team travelled to Gilbert Park to compete for the Eastern Region title. Below is a summary of their 3 games, provided by the coach Mr Ian Morley.

Game 1

Ringwood 3 - 5 Brentwood

(Harrington Gontier 2, Curtis Thomson 1)

After a tense start, Ringwood rebounded well in the fourth inning, scoring 8 runs. But time ran out before Brentwood had completed their innings and the scores from the end of the 3rd inning were to stand.


Game 2

Ringwood 3 – 6 Heathmont 

(Will McHardy, Curtis Thomson, Damon Gervasoni 1)

Heathmont got off to an explosive start, scoring five runs in their opening inning; but Ringwood bounced back strongly from there.


Game 3

Ringwood 6 – 4  Emerald College

Kaileb Monro 2, Will McHardy, Josh Holland, Nick Delahunty, Will Newey 1)

It was Ringwood’s turn to make the stronger start, before Emerald fought their way back in the final inning.


Best players for the day: Will McHardy, Harrington Gontier, Kyle McCartney, Josh Holland.




On the 26th of October a small cluster of Year 9 and 10 students ventured out to Luther College to battle it out in the annual Touch Football Gala competition, competing against a number of local private schools. With the elite experience of Benjamin Akaruru, the pure and natural talent (so he proclaims) of Joel Burleigh, the speed and agility of Kiara Simons, all mixed with the leadership, perseverance and dedication of Sarah Snary, it’s no wonder some of Ringwood Secondary College’s finest athletes had those private school kids quivering in their boots. Our male and female teams we both untouchable, as we gallantly battled our way through the preliminary rounds. The boys suffered a minor setback leading into the finals series, yet courageously used that loss as motivation to come back faster stronger and victorious in the semi finals. Both teams, through hard work and perseverance, made their way into their respective Grand finals. Unfortunately, as history would have it, we weren’t able to take out the silverware, with Luther College victorious in both Grand finals. Our teams put up an incredible fight only losing by one try in both matches. We’re looking forward to next year, and the strong possibility of bringing ultimate glory to Ringwood’s Touch Rugby team.


Ms Jessica Friend



Congratulations to the Year 8 Girls Softball who won the State title this week. A full write up will appear in the next newsletter, to acknowledge this outstanding achievement. Well done girls!


Kyle Simkin

Director of Sports

Performing Arts and Music

High School MUsical JR

Rehearsals are well under way - make sure you dont miss out on tickets.

Book at

Benajamin Moody

Director of Performing Arts

Music News 

Congratulations to Training Band and Miss Grinter on their stirling performance at the Victorian Schools Music Festival for Novice Bands, held at Deakin Edge, Federation Square last week.  They received very positive feedback on their performance from both adjudicators who are from the USA.


It has been a very productive year for all ensembles. Our achievements have included the following.


Generations in Jazz, Mt Gambier:

Emily White – Piano in Division One Super Band

Holly Watson – Future Finalist


Flute Guild Competitions:

Ben Holland and Abbey James - First in 16 yrs. and Under Duet Section.

Alanah Brewster and Tiffany Hayes - Third in 14 yrs. and Under Duet Section.

Ben Holland, Abbey James, Victoria Sutton and Angie Symon - Honorable Mention in the 16 yrs. and Under Small Ensemble Section.

Tiffany Hayes, Alanah Brewster, Alana Purcell and Jasmin Hass - Performance Award in the 14 yrs. and Under Small Ensemble.


Victorian Schools Music Festival:

Symphonic Band Gold

Symphony Orchestra Silver

Senior Stage Band Silver

Senior Strings Silver

Senior Choir Silver

Intermediate Stage Band Silver

Junior Concert Band Silver

Intermediate Concert Band Bronze

Junior Choir Bronze

Junior Stage Band Bronze

Training Stage Band Bronze

Training Band Silver




Royal South Street Competitions, Ballarat:

Symphonic Band First Place

Intermediate Stage Band Second Place

Intermediate Strings Second Place

Jazz Combo Second Place

Justin Thomas Second Place Jazz Solos

Junior Choir Silver 

Symphony Orchestra Third Place

Training Strings Third Place

Senior Stage Band Honorable Mention with 90 points, 5 points between HM and first place getter.

Senior Choir Honorable Mention

Training Band Honorable Mention

Intermediate Concert Band Highly Commended


Out of the 15 sections entered we received 12 placings and mentions. 


Thank you to everyone for a year of outstanding achievements!


Currently we are preparing for 2017 with all new ensembles that commenced at the beginning of this term.


If there are any students who would like to join our program either as a beginner or already learning outside the school, please email either our Performing Arts Secretary, Mrs. Rae Sedergreen, [email protected],

or myself, [email protected], as soon as possible, so we can get you started now rather than waiting for the beginning of next year.


We would also like to thank our wonderful Music Association for their brilliant fundraising efforts this year. If there are any parents who would like to join this great group of parents for 2017 or find out more about what they do, please contact Music Association President Bernadette Holt either by email [email protected], or ring 0447 243 678.


The year is not yet over regarding performances.  The Senior Stage Band will be performing at Bennett’s Lane Jazz Club, Monday 5 December 7.30pm, as part of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.


Symphony Orchestra is busily preparing for Presentation Night. Please note all Symphony Orchestra musicians are required for a rehearsal 9 am – 12 noon on Wednesday 14 December in room 700.


On behalf of the Music Department, thank you for all your support this year and we wish you a safe and relaxing Christmas and New Year.



Diary Dates for Term 1 2017


Sat 28 January

ISB & TSB Stage Bands Day Camps ISB 9am-4pm,


Sunday 29 January

SSB Day Camp 9am- 4pm

Thursday 2 February

Lunchtime meeting for all music students in Room 700

Sun 5 February

Day Camps SC  9am-12pm& SVE 1-4pm

Mon 27 February

Recruitment Night 7pm

Thursday 23 March

Music Photos 7.30am – 11.30am

Sat 25 March

RSC Symphony orchestra – Symphonie Fantastique 10am – 1pm

Sun 2 April

Senior Choir & SVE Day Camp

Tues 11 Apr

Stage Bands Day Camps TSB & SSB

Wed 12 Apr

Stage Band Day Camp JSB & ISB



Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music








Girls Footy Clinic

The Basin Football Club Registration Day


Norwood Girls Football

Information Night


Mullum Netball Club

2017 Autumn Season registrations now open


Maroondah FREEZA Event

The Whitehorse ‘Flying Pigs Events’ FReeZA crew have combined forces with the Maroondah ‘Amped Entertainment’ FReeZA crew to bring you an awesome event!


‘Connect – Celebrating Cultural Diversity’ is a community event for young people on Friday December the 16th from 4.30 – 8pm @ the newly renovated Ringwood Train Station. There will be live music provided by young local artists, Market stalls, workshops and food stalls!


Please see the flyer attached and promote to the young people in your organisation or school so they can come along and enjoy what this  event has to offer!


Open Day East Ringwood Tennis

A Free Open Day at East Ringwood Tennis Club on Saturday 10th December 2016 starting at 2.30pm till 5pm.


Come and be a part of our Free Open Day where you can experience a fun and exciting environment and free tennis coaching.


Please find attached PDF regarding the Free Open Day, this will explain what’s involved during the event.


RSC News
MNC Flyer.pdf
WHITEHORSE MAROONDAH freeza event POSTER sep16.pdf
WHITEHORSE MAROONDAH freeza event POSTER sep16.pdf
East Ringwood Tennis Club FREE OPEN DAY FLYER.pdf
Secondhand Books for 2017.pdf.doc
Secondhand Books for 2017.pdf
Secondhand Books for 2017.pdf
Careers News Nov 22.pdf