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24 March 2020
Issue Ten

'Do all that you do with Love,' Saint Therese of Lisieux

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From the Principal...   

Dear Parents and Friends,

Today is the last day of Term 1 for our students. This is due to the Victorian Premier's statement yesterday that announced that all Victorian schools will close as of Tuesday 24th March for the term. From Tuesday 24th March until Tuesday 14th April the students will be on a term break. At this stage, the school is expected to reopen on Tuesday 14th April.


Maria Kirkwood issued a statement this afternoon regarding school closures and arrangements that can be made with the school should parents who are essential service workers or for those who consider their children to be at risk or vulnerable to continue sending their children to school until Friday 27 March. If this applies to you, we ask that you let the school know as soon as possible so that we can organise supervision arrangements. Please phone the school on 59967525 or email me at to make this arrangment.

The staff will be working for the remainder of this week to ensure remote learning is available to our students if schools are required to stay closed next term.


Today, the school contacted each family who responded to the Caremonkey survey that they did not have a device or internet connectivity at their homes. 


A Remote Learning Package was sent out via Caremonkey to parents with the instructions for remote learning, this includes instructions for parents who require financial assistance to pay their fees as a result of being impacted by the coronavirus, for example, loss of income. 


Please ensure that you continue to check your emails over the term break to look for updates from the school.


Last Friday, the school held the annual 'Say No to Bullying and Harmony Day'. While we were unable to go ahead with the African drumming incursion, many of the children came dressed in their national dress or wore the colour orange to mark the occasion. The children participated in classroom-based activities to build their awareness of and to celebrate one another's differences, be they cultural, religious etc. It was also a day to reflect on how we can make strong choices and say NO to bullying!


I hope you stopped to admire the amazing banner that was created by the children of the school with the help of Mrs Perrins! It certainly looked fabulous attached to our front fence.


I think given the pandemic at the moment, it is especially important to be accepting of each other and to be respectful, kind and patient. Panic, anxiety, and uncertainty is all around us. I often wonder how this can be happening in our world now. 


While our school remained open today and last week, it was lovely to see the children laughing, learning and playing with one another. I have to thank our students for the way they have adapted to the changes that have been imposed on them in such a short period of time. 


I would like to congratulate the staff of St Therese's for the amazing work they are currently doing in this uncertain time. The teachers have not only continued to provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities in their classrooms to the children who were present but they are in the midst of preparing for the possibility of remote learning if the schools should close. This is no easy task! There is much to think about, prepare for and learn. Each and every one of our staff is putting in well over 150% to make sure that the students will continue to have the opportunity to access great learning. Please, when you see your child's teacher next, make sure you say THANK YOU!

Let us #PrayTogether for doctors, hospital staff, and volunteers who are giving their own lives to save others. And for civil leaders, for those who have to make decisions at this time. All these people are the pillars defending us in this crisis.

(Pope Francis Twitter March 21)

I pray that everyone this week and throughout the school holidays stays healthy. Please check in on your neighbours and be mindful of social distancing! All of us need to do our bit to keep our community healthy.


Yours in partnership,

Michelle Bruitzman

Dates to Remember ...

Term 1 2020


Monday, March 23

  • Last Day for students

Tuesday, March 24 - Friday, March 27

  • Staff only at school

Term 2, 2020

Monday, April 13

  • Holy Monday - Public Holiday  - No School

Tuesday, April 14

  • School Closure Day

Wednesday, April 15

  • Students Resume

Religious Education

Parish Bulletin


Easter Blessings

With so much uncertainty surrounding the current global and local landscape, we can still have courage and faith in our God during this Lenten Season. Easter is the most important time of our Catholic Liturgical Calendar therefore, although we are somewhat restricted in our travels and attendance to places of worship, we can still be involved in the special space of prayer. I have included a prayer for you to share at the bottom of this section about the greatness of our Lord's Resurrection and our quest to do His will.


Prayer is a powerful motivator to connect with our God and our family during this special time of the year. The reading of Biblical text can also be an opportunity for us to connect with our God and with each other.


I trust our St Therese school community will take this time to reflect and connect; as a family that prays together, stays together.


May you all stay safe and be blessed during this Easter season.

God bless.



School News


The Easter Raffle was brought forward and held last Wednesday afternoon. Congratulations to all those who won one of the 106 prizes! Yes, 106 prizes!
If you get a call from the school, it may be to inform you that you have won a prize. Please come down and collect it!


The following students wanted to share their thoughts about their recent Taiko Drumming performance at St Peter's College.


This is Meleesha 

I think that our performances at St.Peters was really good, we had to work together as one and we had to do our best in the hot sun at St.Peters east.

We did our best and we recovered from all of our mistakes pretty quickly.

I am very grateful to have Andrews Sensei in our school to teach us taiko drumming!

At first I was scared and nervous at the West Campus but when I went to the East Campus I felt brave, I felt like everything else didn't matter and I just drummed. Overall I had a very fun time and a very good day 


I am really proud of myself for what has happened today because I have never really done a performance out of school so this was my first. I only joined last year and doing this was a great experience. I enjoyed today because I was with my friends and seeing some of the people who went to our school was very surprising. When I graduate from St Therese’s I would love to join a club that does Taiko Drumming .

        By Regina – SH

The experience of performing at St Peter’s was awesome!

It was so fun and even if I was nervous at first, when I started drumming, I just felt happy! I can’t wait to do another drumming performance!!!

Georgia SL



Last year, our school children raised $335 through some fund raising through Japanese classes. We raised these funds to help with the rebuilding of Kumamoto after a huge earthquake a few years ago. When we had our Japanese day, we presented Toshi Sakamoto with the donation on poster paper, just as a “fake cheque”, as they do on game shows etc. We were still collecting money at that stage. Our school deposited that $335 into his account by mistake. This mistake was only picked up in February 2020. When Toshi told the Japanese people about our kind donation to help rebuild their town, they turned around and told him to thank us but they were happy to donate our donation to the CFA after they saw how Australia was suffering with the bushfires. So on the 1st of March, Toshi donated our $335 to the CFA. So to all our families who helped our children raise money last year for Japanese Day, thank you for your kindness. What goes around comes around. Our kindness went around to the Japanese community and touched them and then they returned that kindness back to the Australian community. We need more kindness in our world. Thank you for being kind.

Most sincerely,

Joy Andrews


St Peter's College Enrolment


nCoV update

Please find the most recent fact sheet regarding the Coronavirus outbreak and a Frequently Asked Questions sheet.

The safest way to protect your family is to teach your children how to practice safe hygiene.


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