19 October 2017
Issue Thirty-two
Important Dates & Correspondence
Principal's Report
Infant Jesus School
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Important Dates

Important Dates and Correspondence

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Term 4 2017


Thursday 19 October

Class Assembly Year 1


Monday 23 October

Reconciliation Parent Night Meeting


Tuesday 24 October

P & F Meeting


Wednesday 25 October 

Year 3 Retreat at Schoenstatt Shrine 

Year 6 Dance Lessons


Thursday 26 October

Parish Mass Years 3 and 4


Friday 27 October

Interschool Athletics Carnival


Wednesday 1 November

Whole School Mass - All Saints Day

Yr 6 Dance Lessons


Thursday 2 November

All Souls Day


Term Calendar 2017



Uniforms can be purchased from Lowes located at the Mirrabooka Square Shopping Centre.


Lowes have advised that any quality issues regarding uniforms can be addressed with their Mirrabooka Store directly and exchanges will be made on faulty stock. New shipments will be arriving soon with all stock and sizing available.


For opening times and online orders go to


iNewsletter Information

We will soon have a facility to allow Readers of this Newsletter to read it in any language at the press of a button. More information in Term 4.

Newsletter Deadline

If you have articles for the Newsletter please be aware that the Newsletter is assembled on Tuesday and Wednesday and then emailed out on Thursday. It is helpful to assembly to have articles as early as possible. Thankyou

Principal's Report

The 3L's

Dear Parents,


Recently, I came across an article that I thought was pertinent to all of us as parents. The article spoke about how aware we must be as parents of our importance to be models in the lives of our children, and how they will eventually live out their lives reflecting the values they absorbed during the time they live with us. In essence, the article spoke about three things, put forward as the “3L’s”. 



Children today need a lot of love; often they put on a brave front and appear so self-confident. However, they need tons of love that must be sincere and honest. Children need to know that God’s love is real and they should be able to see it in our lives, the more Christian we are the more loving they will be.



Children say all the time, “No one listens to me!” Many times they are trying to tell us so many things, but we are too busy and too tired to listen. As they say, we were given two ears and only one mouth – perhaps there is a  message in this! 



It is important that we try and spread happiness in our homes and to all we meet. Just as Christ taught us to think of others, we too should try and think of others more often and be less selfish in our deeds. We have so many reasons to be happy and each one of us has been blessed in so many ways. If we were to sit down and think about all the nice things in our lives, I am sure we would be surprised.


Our children are with us only for a short time.  Unfortunately, they grow up so very quickly.     Before long they will set out on the journey of their own life. The question for us is how good a role model were we to them in the short time we have them. Have we taught them about the love of God and to love others? Have we shown them how to listen and have we tried to spread happiness in our homes and with all we meet?


Missing In Action

Some parents may have been wondering where Mr Hille has been of late, as we don’t seem to see him? The truth of the matter is that I have been incapacitated to a degree. For at least the last half of Term Three I  was experiencing some severe pain and discomfort in my back and leg. It got to the stage where I was struggling to stand, sit or walk.


I had been doing the right thing and had been seeing the doctor and the physio. I had even tried the naturopath and the local medicine man, all to no avail. In fact, it got so bad I took myself to hospital because I was not able to walk.


Eventually, after some gentle persuasion and encouragement I was able to see a neurosurgeon who determined that I had a rather large herniated disc and needed back surgery ASAP.


Thankfully this surgery all took place in the second week of the holidays and now I am on the road to recovery. I need to take things easy for a little while and be careful with my back, but will return to full health.  


I am really grateful to the staff who have stepped up and assisted me where necessary and I am also very appreciative for everyone’s concern, prayers and well-wishers.

Thank you


World Teacher's Day

An editorial in the newspaper told of a school teacher who asked her class of first graders to draw a picture of something they were thankful for.  She thought of how little these children from poor neighbourhoods actually had to be thankful for.  She knew that most of them would draw pictures of turkeys or tables with food.  The teacher was taken aback with the picture Peter handed in—a simple childishly drawn hand. But whose hand? 

The class was captivated by the abstract image. “I think it must be the hand of God who brings us food,” said one child.  “A farmer,” said another, “because he grows turkeys.”  Finally, when the others were at work, the teacher bent over Peter’s desk and asked whose hand it was.  “It’s your hand, teacher,” he mumbled.


The anecdote illustrates how teachers, by the simple things they do, play an important role in the development of all children. We are very fortunate in Australia to have a quality education system in comparison to other parts of the world. Our Catholic Education system would be non-existent if we did not have people who valued learning in a Catholic Education environment and strived to provide our children with experiences and learning situations that enable them to cope with the demands of an ever-changing world.


As some of you may, or may not be aware Friday, 27 October, is World Teachers’ Day.  This provides us all with the opportunity to recognise and thank our teachers for the job they perform within our community and for our children in particular. Some suggestions of what could be acted upon include:



  • Send a thank you letter or card, or just say ‘thank you’ to your teacher.
  • Reflect on the difference a teacher has made in your life.


  • Acknowledge and celebrate your successes and your commitment to the most important profession.
  • Promote your profession amongst your peers, friends and family.
  • Make your students more aware of the significant role of teachers in society.


  • Write a supportive letter to the School Board or Parent Representative Council about the school.
  • Write a letter of thanks about your child’s teacher to the local media or send it to the school.
  • Reflect on the difference a teacher has made in your life.
  • Appreciate that your child’s education will open doors for him or her to achieve a better future.
  • Compare the opportunities in a country where education is available, such as Australia, with other countries where, for example, girls and the disadvantaged have very limited educational opportunities


Student Drop Off and Pick Up


It is very important that parents see that their children arrive at school no later than 8.20am so that they can unpack and get organized in order to start school promptly at 8.30am. Morning supervision, for Year 1 to 6 students, is from 8.00am and children are not encouraged to arrive at school before this time. Class teachers (except Kindergarten) will have their classes open for the children from 8.20am.


It is school policy that parents (carers) of Kindergarten and Pre-Primary children must wait with their children until the classroom opens. This is to ensure the safety of the children before the school day starts. Older siblings attending Infant Jesus School cannot assume the responsibilities of the parents and wait outside the Kindergarten or Pre-Primary classrooms with younger siblings.

  • Recess Time is from 10.30am - 10.50am                         
  • Lunch Time is from  12.30pm - 1.05pm 
  • End of the School Day   3.00pm             In the afternoon, teachers will supervise the departure of students until 3.20pm at the drive through entering from Peters Place or the Russell Street drive through. Any student who is not being collected from either drive through needs to wait outside the Library where they are supervised by a teacher. Any child remaining at school after this time will be required to report to the school office and stay there until they are collected. Please note that the office closes at 4.00pm. Thank you for co-operation in this matter.

Annual Community Meeting

The date for the Annual Community Meeting has been changed from the 14 November to the 28 November at 7:00pm. 


Interschool Athletic Team

We wish all our students in the Interschool Athletics Squad  the best of luck as they compete in the CPSSA Interschool Athletics Carnival next Friday at the State Athletics Stadium. We know they will give their best efforts, no matter what! Parents are encouraged to come along and support the team if they are able.


The Catholic Church has had a focus on ‘Missions’ over the past week. This was highlighted at our Mass on Wednesday where  a special collection was taken to assist those people working in the Missions around the world. By drawing this to our attention it helps us better appreciate the magnificent work so many people do for others in our world. 


The following prayer, of mission, reminds us to pray for those who are suffering:



Mission Prayer Of St. Teresa of Avila

Christ has no body now but yours,

No hands, no feet on earth but yours.

Yours are the eyes through which He looks

With compassion upon this world.

Yours are the feet with which He walks

To do good works and bring peace.

Yours are the hands with which He blesses

All the world with God’s love.



Infant Jesus Family

Congratulations Michael Sheridan and his wife Amanda on the arrival of Connor last week. 

Did You Know...?

  • The first email was sent out by Ray Tomlinson in 1971
  • There are about  6,800 languages in the world
  • All the coal, oil, gas and wood on the earth would only keep the Sun burning for only a few days

Thought for the Week


Do not go where the path may lead,

go instead where there is no path and leave a trail


God Bless,


Paul Hille







Welcome to Term Four! We can’t believe there is only nine weeks until the end of the year. The children have settled back into routine and are excited about the upcoming term and all of the events and learning that we have planned at Infant Jesus School.


In Religious Education, the children will be participating in a unit centred on the Sacrament of Penance. Through this unit, the children will discuss and work together to develop a deeper understanding of how we are all different and how it is important to be accepting of others. Our second Religious Education unit is ‘Advent and Christmas’. The children will understand how Jesus’ followers celebrate the good work of Christ during this special time. 


During reading, the children will continue to focus on ways to better comprehend texts and use a variety of strategies to interpret and understand the message and intent of the author. They will be participating in a variety of reading activities based on six countries within North and South America.


In writing, the children will continue to develop their creative writing skills through narratives and persuasive texts and they will also write information reports on a chosen county. They will learn how to write a script and this will be intertwined with their understandings of North and South America. The students will be involved in an iTunesU course to direct their learning through this integrated inquiry.


The students will continue to learn the intricacies of the English language. They will also continue to look at how the English language has been influenced by other languages with our study of root words, prefixes and suffixes. The children will continue to work on specific word lists identifying a particular spelling choice. They will use a variety of graphemes and will consolidate their understanding of punctuation and grammar.


In Mathematics, the children will continue to build on their understanding of the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and in particular, division. Throughout the term, the children will explore angles and how to measure, draw and identify a variety of angles in their world. The children will be investigating grid references and will learn how to read coordinates and use directional language. The children will also use their knowledge of two dimensional shapes and apply rules for transformation, translations and reflections. They will be encouraged to keep up with the set tasks on Mathletics that support and facilitate the consolidation of their learning.


 A weekly focus on problem solving strategies will continue throughout this term. These sessions will support the notion that, “there is no one way” to solve a problem. Trial and error, drawings and diagrams, tables and charts, are just a few examples.


The children will be investigating North and South America in their integrated and English time. They will be exploring the location of these continents in relation to Australia and will specifically focus on Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina and Columbia. When the children investigate these different countries, they will develop an understanding of the climate, culture, landforms, vegetation and animals. They will also develop an understanding of bushfires and their impacts on communities. The children will work collaborately to better understand how our volunteers and communities work together during a natural disaster, such as a bushfire.   


We will be integrating our art making and responding outcome with our geography unit about North and South America. The children will be investigating the landscapes, landmarks, climate and native animals of each of these countries and will create an art piece to represent a  North or South American country. 


In Science the children will be learning about physical sciences and how light from a source forms a shadow and can be absorbed, reflected and refracted.


Mrs Tania D’Angelo will be teaching Health this term where the children will be looking at ways to promote their health, safety and wellbeing. We will be discussing how to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and also how to increase fitness for general health. Finally, we will be revisiting water and road safety and how we can play safely whilst at school.


In Italian this term, the children will be learning about different types of Italian cuisine and food. They will be discussing and learning about how Christmas is celebrated in Italy and the traditions celebrated at this time such as, La Befana.


In Sport the children will be learning about lacrosse and the skills and rules associated with this game.


In Music the children will be developing and consolidating their theory and oral skills. The will also be learning about:

  • Major/Minor pentatonic scales
  • 6/8 Time keyboard skills


During STEAM sessions, with Miss Phoebe, the students will be exploring micro:bits. A micro:bit is a small piece of technology that can be programmed to do a number of nifty things. It is like a tiny, pocket-sized computer and encourages students to build upon the coding and programming skills students were learning in Term Two. 


Along with using the micro:bits, students will also become mini inventors! They will use the LittleBit STEAM kits and the engineering process in designing, building, testing and improving inventions. To begin with, they will be creating a self-driving car.







Last night we held the BYOD Information Night for Year Three 2018 parents. This evening was well attended with parents coming together to be informed more about the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program at our school. 


In 2013, Infant Jesus School established a BYOD 1-1 iPad Program with the Year 3-6 classes.  The outcomes have been extremely successful and the iPad has become an educational tool in the child’s toolkit to help meet curriculum requirements alongside (rather than instead of) more traditional tools like text books, pencils and paper.


iPads, as a tool, are fast and automated, interactive and multimodal and they support the rapid communication and representation of knowledge to many audiences and adapt to different contexts. They afford children the opportunity to transform the ways that they think and learn and give them greater control over how, where and when they learn.


All Year Three students at Infant Jesus School require an iPad.   


The information from the evening can be found on the school website and an informative interactive book about the BYOD Program can be found at the following link;










On Friday 27 October 2017, our Interschool Athletics Squad will travel to the State Athletics Stadium to compete in the CPSSA Interschool Athletics Carnival.  All parents need to return the permission slip to your child’s classroom teacher if you have not already done so.



Training has already begun every Monday, Wednesday and Friday leading up to the carnival starting at 8:00am on the oval. Many children have already been out there training hard and it has been wonderful to see their will to improve. I hope to see all of the squad members attending.


Details of the carnival are below and due to the early start I ask that the children come to school on the day at 7:40am dressed in their sport uniform ready for the bus. More details can be found on the permission note.


Date:              Friday 27 October 2017


Venue:           State Athletics Stadium,

                       Underwood Avenue, Floreat. 

                       Entry Via Challenge Stadium


As always we need some parent volunteers to assist on the day. If you are able to help then please indicate this on the permission note.


Mr Sheridan








In very exciting news for our Year 5 children, the CPSSA has announced a Summer Lightning Carnival! This will mean the children will compete in either Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee or Cricket against other schools in our association. This is a great privilege as it will be the first year that this has been held. 


The Carnival will be on Friday 17 November from 10.00am to 2.00pm. In previous calendars, it was on a different date; however, due to many schools having Remembrance Day commitments the association decided to move it back one week.


Both Ultimate Frisbee and Cricket will be held at Yokine Reserve with Tennis at Noranda Netball Courts. A permission slip will be coming home shortly with more details.





The Power of One- KONGA® Kids Classes.
For the Power of One initiative, the students were invited to participate in KONGA® Kids classes last term.  KONGA® Kids is a fun workout that uses simplistic dance fitness movements combined with music that the kids love.  It helps improve the students’ coordination, spatial awareness, motor and brain development. It also helps the students build confidence and encourages self expression.

The sessions were really fun and it was fantastic that so many students attended. Thank you to all the students and their families who donated money for Catholic Mission.

Mrs Claire Dada, Mrs Maria Tassone, Mrs Jen McHugh, Mrs  Anne Foley, Mrs Milly Cardile.





Scholastic Book Club Issue 7 is now open, catalogues have been sent home. Closing date is Monday 23 October 2017.





This years disco will be held Friday 3 November in the Parish Hall and our theme is ROCK STAR!  Please see attached flyer to purchase tickets.


Calling all artists!! We are in need of someone with exceptional drawing skills to help with disco props. Please email if you can help. Thank you! 



We are still trying to hunt down the second prize of our quiz raffle. If you are the owner of raffle ticket ORANGE B007 (Amber) please email   

Thank you  

Our wonderful Parent Rep Nicole Mammone has kindly been sorting the lost property box and she has returned all labelled items to their owners.  There are several jackets/jumpers that have no name or a name which can’t be read. If your child is missing an item, please check the lost property box outside the iLab at your earliest convenience.
Nicola Cecchele
P&F President




This has been set for Friday 27 October 8pm, 663 Newcastle Street, Leederville.  Please contact Belinda 0410682991 or Gabrielle

0402 140 181 for details.


Date: Sunday 12 November 2017. Start time is 1pm
Cost is $50 per person, this includes a beautiful grazing table from Carnival Creations, Champagne, Soft Drink and Water.  
Location is : Matilda Bay - Site 4

If you are thinking about attending, now would be the time to let us know and get your payment to us to secure your place. We do have a maximum for this event, so unfortunately when we reach that we will no longer be able to accept any other bookings.  Please let us know you will be attending via email  Please contact Simone McGuire on 0414 719 009 to arrange for transfer of your payment.  Once payment is received we will email to confirm your place.

Thanks ladies, we are looking forward to a wonderful end of year celebration with as many of you as possible.
Tash, Simone. M, Simone. S and Joanna



Please see attached information regarding this year's Father and Son Camp.



Term 4

Friday 20 October

Rosanna Franceschino, Marisa Gulluni

Monday 23 October

Louise Staltari, Wanita Gentile

Wednesday 25 October

Jenny Allpike,  Emily Dayan


Our Canteen runs with the Summer Menu during Term 4. See attached. We are also in need of helpers on Wednesday Roster. If you are available that would be appreciated.




To assist with school based events, please ensure that both of these have been completed. 

1. Complete the Volunteer Workshop 

2. Read and Sign the Code of Conduct which is new in 2017.  
It is a requirement that not only the Parent Volunteer Workshop has been completed, but the school based Code of Conduct has been signed and returned to the office.  


Copies of the Code of Conduct are available from the front office. 



An iPad is now available for entering the school during school hours. This replaces the sign in book. Please follow these procedures:

  • Sign in and receive a Lanyard or Exit Card
  • Enter the school
  • Sign out and return the Lanyard

All visitors to the school must sign in i.e. Parents dropping things off, Parents picking up students, Volunteers helping Canteen or Class, Students arriving late,  Maintenance workers etc.




There is an approval procedure that must be followed if you are taking your children out of school for several days.  

  • Letter or email must be sent to the Principal and Teacher advising the school of the circumstances of the absence. 
  • School then formally approves the absence with a letter sent to Parents.

It is important to note that the Education Act states that all children need to be at school at all times during the school year.


Prolonged absences should only be taken if it is essential for illness, pastoral and family reasons. In this instance it is a requirement that parents provide a valid explanation, in writing, for children’s non-attendance at school.


It is also important to note that prolonged absence from school will impact on children’s learning.



On Wednesday 18 October four Year Six leaders attended the Catholic Mission Mass at our Infant Jesus Parish. Our leaders were very fortunate to serve at the mass and come together as a community with other schools from the Archdiocese.


Catholic Mission offers assistance to those in need in Australian and in over 160 countries throughout the world. Various needs are identified by local communities and through the work of Catholic Mission people are provided with support. This year the mass acknowledged the works of other Catholic agencies in the Archdiocese that work tirelessly to care for all in our communities. Bishop Don Sproxton especially thanked the work of Caritas Australia, Catholic Mission, Life Link Agencies and St Vincent de Paul.




On Wednesday  1 November the whole school will gather to celebrate the Feast of All Saints at the 9.00am Mass at the Infant Jesus Church. This is very significant feast in the Church year and calls us to recognise and remember all those who lived their life serving God.


All parents are very welcome to join us for this special celebration.




Reconciliation - Parents Information Night (Parents Only)

Monday 23 October at 7pm at the Parish Centre
Reconciliation Retreat at Schoenstatt Shirne
Wednesday 25 October
First Reconciliation and Family Retreat

Monday 6 November at 5.30pm or 6pm or 6.30pm or
Thursday 9 November at 5.30pm or 6pm

 First Communion Photos Now Available for Viewing

All those beautiful memories of the First Communion will last a while— the children looked so lovely and the families so happy. Mayfair Photography have delivered the proofs of the photos for viewing. Please come to the Infant Jesus Parish Office, Monday - Thursday 9.30am - 12.30pm to view the proofs and to place an order if you wish.  Please note that photographing the proofs is NOT permitted, since all photographs are copyrighted to Mayfair.


Infant Jesus School Band -  Photos from Jubilee Mass

These photos are now available for viewing on the following link:


Infant Jesus Parish 24:7 Morley Youth Group

All youth in Years 6-12 are invited to join us this Friday night, 6-8pm in the Parish Hall.  For more info call Roger 0434 988 711 or Elizabeth 0410 554 393.




St Teresa was born in Avila, Spain, in 1515. This was the era when much of the modern world was being shaped. Printed book made personal reading possible from the 1450’s, this in turn brought about a change in how people understood themselves—the modern sense of the individual self was born. The Protestant Reformation began in 1517 bringing enormous political and religious changes throughout Western Europe. Globalisation began in 1492 with the discovery of the New World. The Scientific Revolution began with the publication of Copernicus’s work in 1543. In Spain, however, there were the dark shadows of anti-Semitic racism and oppressive patriarchy as society and church could not give a free and equal place to those with Jewish blood or women.


Teresa can be considered the patron saint of mid-life transformation. At the age of 39 she had an experience before an image of the suffering Christ which changed her life. For twenty years she had been trying to live a life of prayer, but had failed. She now felt that Christ came down to her and lifted her up. She discovered we are saved by God’s grace not by our own efforts. She also felt that Christ accepted her, though she was a woman with Jewish blood. She was helped to understand her new life through conversations with learned priests from whom she got guidance and a theological base for her life. As they listened to her they also learned that the risen Jesus was not just a person of history but was present to them in interior prayer.


She listened to the aspirations of young women and guided them. In the process she became a spiritual mother. She became a founder of new communities. She founded her Carmelite nuns in 1562 and the friars in 1568. She was a woman of strength and character unafraid of the Inquisition, the Hierarchy or the other powers of the day. She dared to write books teaching from experience the way of contemplative prayer- the most controversial topic of the day. She was a charming, wise and witty woman who delighted in friendship. Teresa died in 1582. Today, I give thanks for her life and teaching. (Father Greg Burke)



"I invite all Christians, everywhere, at this very moment, to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ, or at least an openness to letting him encounter them; I ask all of you to do this unfailingly each day. No one should think that this invitation is not meant for him or her, since "no one is excluded from the joy brought by the Lord. The Lord does not disappoint those who take this risk".  (Evangelii Gaudium...The Joy of the Gospel... #3).



Archdiocese of Perth



Local news from across our parishes, agencies, schools and organisations can be delivered weekly directly to your inbox via The eRecord. It contains the latest news, events and photos from the Archdiocese. Parishes receive a PDF copy of the e-newsletter to print off and distribute for those who don’t have or don’t use email. Subscribe to the e-newsletter by sending details to

Further info: Jamie O’Brien 08 9220 5900.

Lowes Uniforms

We are pleased to announce a 20% Off Sale Day for all our Lowes Customers. Anyone who is not a Lowes customer can apply in store or online to receive the discount on the day.
On Thursday 12 October we will be having a 20% Off Sale Day In-store and Online for all stock. Please find Flyer attached.



West Australian Opera invites child singers aged between 11-15 years to audition for the Children’s Chorus for City of Perth Opera in the Park. The children’s chorus will be made up of 4 girls and 4 boys. 


Auditions will take place on Saturday 11 November 2017 at West Australian Opera (3rd Floor Studio, His Majesty’s Theatre, 825 Hay Street, Perth. Entry via stage door).


For the audition, children should prepare to sing a song of their choice, preferably from memory and in a classical style. Simple art songs, folk song arrangements or traditional music theatre pieces written for children are encouraged. Pieces may be sung in any language, but English or Italian are preferred. Backing tracks and a cappella auditions are discouraged. A printed copy of the music should be provided to the accompanist on the day and a short resume and headshot detailing any relevant training and experience should be provided.


Children that are selected will be required to attend music and production rehearsals at His Majesty’s Theatre and stage rehearsals and the performance at Supreme Court Gardens. In order to qualify for these auditions, children must be available for all required rehearsals commencing Thursday 11 January 2018 and running through to the performance on Saturday 3 February 2018. Rehearsals will take place during school holidays or outside of school hours when applicable and practicable.


The rates will be as per the West Australian Opera Performers’ Collective Agreement 2011-2013 or subsequent agreement signed by the company. West Australian Opera complies with the Juvenile Code of Practice from the Performers’ Collective Agreement.


To register for an audition parents or guardians must complete the online registration form.


Registrations close Friday 3 November at 5pm. Parents will be notified of their child's audition time after this date.

WA Young Salesians - Summer Camp 8-12 January 2018

 Are you between 12-15 years or starting Year 7 in 2018? 
Come and join us for this 5 day fun filled camp at 
Nanga Bush Camp, Dwellingup. Only $205 ($41 a day) 
Contact your Parish Priest, visit the website or contact Graham on 0418 979 600 for more info or to pick up a form.
Places are filling fast! Register now at:


Vacation Swimming (VacSwim) 2017/2018 Summer

Enrol your children now in VacSwim swimming lessons during the summer school holidays.
 With swimming pools and beaches a part of the Western Australian lifestyle, ensuring your children learn how to swim and are safe in the water is a must for all families. 

Your children can join in the fun of learning to swim in lessons run at pools and open water venues across the State. VacSwim is for all children – from beginners through to advanced survival, rescue and resuscitation.

Your children can learn to swim for just: 
•    $7.00 per child for a five day short program 
•    $13.00 per child for all other programs.

It's even cheaper if you have three or more children:
•    $18.00 a family for a five day short program 
•    $35.00 a family for all other programs.

To find out more about VacSwim and to enrol online please visit


St Vincent de Paul - Car Boot Sale

St Vincent de Paul – Lockridge Conference is conducting a Car Boot Sale on 5 November 2017 on the Good Shepherd Oval at Kiara, further details are on the attached flyer.



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