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16 November 2018
Issue Twelve
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Principal's Report

Old friends come to visit

This week we were so lucky to have some old friends of Pascoe Vale Girls College come and visit us. Jim and Laurie Stenehjen taught at PVGC during the mid seventies and were happy to share their fond memories of the school with their family.  The Stenejhens were visiting from their home in North Dakota and made sure that visiting their old school was on top of their 'to do' list. 


Jim was a science teacher at the school while Laurie taught 'Home Ec.' to our students. Laurie was transported back in time while visiting our food rooms as they looked exactly the same as they did the day she left! 


With Andrew, Michael, Camille and Dan in tow, it shows you how important our school is and the indelible mark it leaves on many who attend or teach here. We are lucky to have such a rich history and great people attached to the school. 



A busy time of year!

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support program

The creation of a positive climate for learning is an essential element of student success at Pascoe Vale Girls College with the knowledge that school climate impacts a wide range of outcomes for students, including health and wellbeing, motivation to learn and achieve and academic performance.

School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS) will be implemented at the college in 2019 to further support the building of a positive learning environment.

SWPBS is a whole-school framework which provides school communities with an approach to promote positive behaviour using a range of systemic and individualised strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes for students.

To facilitate the introduction of the program, there will be a professional learning session held for all staff on Wednesday 5 December from 1.30 – 3.30pm. Timetabled classes will run from periods 1 – 4 with students dismissed at lunchtime. Parents who may require supervision for their child can contact the college.


Building Project – New facilities for the college

Brand Architects have now developed schematic designs for the creation of a Performing Arts Centre on the site of the existing E.D. Daniel hall with new food technology and music learning spaces adjoining the Performing Arts Centre. Landscape designs have also been presented for consultation.

This development will provide the opportunity for improved delivery of curriculum within specialist spaces and a new facility for college events and community use. Parents are welcome to view the plans for the project which are available for viewing at the General office.


Curriculum day 5 November

The curriculum day was very successful and provided staff with valuable collaborative time. Courses were reviewed and curriculum planned for 2019.


Course confimation days 2019 Years 8 - 10

Thank you to all the parents who have completed Course Confirmation for students in Year 12, 2019.

Please note the following dates for Course Confirmation for other year levels:

Year 11 2019: Monday 26 November (students have been provided with specified times)

Year 10 2019: Wednesday 28 November (students have been provided with specified times)

Year 8 and 9 2019: Tuesday 4 December (students will be called to the Finance Office)

Payment of 2019 College Charges, including fees for VCE or VET subjects for Year 11 and electives in Years 9 and 10 is requested on these days.  Subjects are confirmed and contact details updated.


Second Hand books

The college has appointed Campion Education to manage the sale of second hand books. The collection of books will take place on Friday 7 December and the sale of books will be held on Tuesday 11 December. Parents are free to make their own arrangements prior to the sell day; the sell day is provided as a service for parents who wish to source second-hand books. All students were provided with 2019 booklists and second hand book sale information.

Important Dates

Term 4


Thurs. Nov. 15th – Fri. Nov. 23rd   

Year 11 Exams


Mon. Nov. 19th  – Fri. Nov. 23rd   

Year 10 Exams


Monday November 26th  

Yr.10 Course confirmation for Yr.11 2019


Mon. Nov. 26th  – Fri. Nov. 31st  

Year 12 2019 Orientation Program


Thur. Nov. 29th - Frid. Nov. 30th

Year 9 Exams


Tues. Nov. 27th  – Fri. Nov. 30th   

Year 11 2019 Orientation Program



Wednesday  November 28th  

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner


Mon Dec. 3rd   – Fri. Dec. 7th  

Year 10 Work Experience

Progress Reports Published Yrs.10 & 11


Monday December 3rd  

Awards Night – E.D. Daniel Hall



Wednesday December 5th

Students finish at 12.30pm

All staff prof. development


Wednesday December 5th

Music Concer: ED Daniel Hall


Senior School Report

A lot to look forward to!



All Senior School students need to be congratulated on the way they approached their Unit 3/4 VCE exams.  All exams ran very smoothly, with students arriving promptly and following all procedures.  Year 12 exams continue through to Wednesday 21st November.

Year 11 Unit Two exams begun this week.  They will continue through to next Friday 23rd November.  Students only need to attend school when they have a scheduled exam.  Students must report to the exam room 30 minutes before the exam is scheduled to begin.

Orientation Week - Year 11 into 12

During the week of Monday 26th November through to Friday 30th all Year 11 students will be participating in the Year 12 2019 Orientation Program.  This is a vital week where students begin Year 12 classes.  All classes will provide beneficial learning for the start of Unit 3 subjects and students will be given valuable work that needs to be completed over the holidays, so students are ready for Day 1 2019.

Orientation Week - Year 10 into 11

A reminder to Year 10 students that Year 11 Orientation is scheduled to take place between Tuesday 27th November through to Friday 30th.

Year 10 students completing a Year 12 subject in 2019, must attend their Year 12 class during the first day of the Year 12 Orientation on Monday 26th November.

Course Confirmation

This week all Year 11 students had their 2019 course confirmed. Important information was confirmed to support communication with the school.

Valedictory dinner.

Reminder to Year 12 parents that the final activity for our Year12 students is the Valedictory Dinner scheduled for Wednesday 28th November.  Please encourage your child to finalise payments and their table grouping.


Middle School Report

Girls in Property

On the 30th of November 12 year 9 students were selected to attend the Girls in Property Careers Day at Foy’s Arcade on Burke Street. The day consisted of keynote speaker, interactive industry panel and networking with professionals from a variety of jobs in the property industry. Students also made a visit to Melbourne Central Shopping Centre where they were introduced to property managers and project leaders


Remembrance Day

The College takes great pride in commemorating Remembrance Day by laying a wreath for all those who served in Australia’s forces. This year, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that was signed at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918,  Milly Combridge on behalf of the College laid a wreath at the cenotaph in Rogers’ Reserve Pascoe Vale


Year 10 Food Technology Hampers


Junior School News

Metro Tunnel Industry Immersion Excursion

On Tuesday 30th October, 7A went on an excursion to the Metro tunnel. Throughout the excursion, we learnt more about the careers associated with this major project. Our arrival and departure from the excursion gave us a thrill, as our transportation to most of our excursions have been school buses, however, going on public transport was like venturing out into unknown territory.


When we finally managed to get to the city, (without losing limbs or people), we walked to the building where we would be learning about the metro project. When we met our team leaders, we were greeted by delicious muffins, which we happily accepted. We received drawstring bags with a booklet, water bottle and a pen. We were also given bands and little pamphlets so that we would know what group we were allocated to, 7A belonged to the red group. We then all went into the theatrette and waited for the other schools to arrive. Once the other schools came, a lady came up the front and started telling us about the metro tunnel project and the different jobs such as civil engineering, architect, finance manager etc that would be needed in completing the project.

After the other schools went with their team leader to their allocated places,(we would rotate with the other schools later on)  we stayed and played a job guessing game. There were four people and they all had different jobs, which we were supposed to accurately guess. Our class was told to spread around the theatrette and everyone would need to pass a microphone squishy around to ask questions to the people. Once the questions were finished, we all got stickers with the people’s names on it. We all went up to the poster and put the stickers on the jobs we thought that the people did. We managed to successfully guess two jobs correctly.


We then went down a corridor to a different room to learn more about the different jobs in this field. We all received remotes that looked like old Nokia phones from which we would choose our answer for a random question. The answers would then be automatically put into a bar graph. We then played a game where we all had little cards with two choices eg. money or fun, writing or drawing etc. We had to ask our partner which option they would choose, and vice versa. To record our answers, we got an activity booklet. After that we all got cards with different jobs from different families written on them. Between two people, you had to make a pile for jobs you both wanted, only you wanted, only your partner wanted and a pile for jobs none of you wanted. We then recorded this in our booklets.


Soon after this activity, we had a well deserved lunch break. Everyone then left to find food or tables to sit at. During this period, everyone was busy; looking for food, eating food, walking around to burn calories or taking pictures. This period was filled with fun and laughter but we soon had to end it as lunchtime was over.


After meeting, our team leader took us to the Metro Tunnel Headquarters where our class split into two groups so that one could stay and finish an activity sheet and do Virtual Reality while the other went to see the tunnel dig in the city. The group which stayed did an activity sheet and VR. After finishing the sheet which asked us random questions in which we have learnt the answer throughout the day, we went to have a go at the VR headset. In the VR, we appeared to be on an elevator which was going down to the construction site, where we would see the tunnel being dug, the tunnel is 10 meters long and has a 7 metre diameter. We also had fun playing with a game on the big screen, in that game we had to collect as many hats as possible in a set time without hitting into obstacles, every time we hit into an obstacle we would lose 5 hats. To move to another lane to avoid an obstacle we had to raise our left or right arm.


After we finished and the other group came back our group we went to see the tunnel dig in the city. There were walls with windows from which you could see the tunnel dig which was 10 metres below ( It would become deeper than 40 metres soon). The team leader told us a few things about the dig and then we all went back to the HQ.


Finally, we all went upstairs to play a question and answer game. The winners got chocolates. After we heard this, nearly all of us raised our hands to give an answer. First we had individual questions and then we all got into groups of four or five to play the game. We had two groups that were winners, their scores were both 7. We were further educated on the construction site and soon after this we all walked to the Flinders St station, got into the train and then off at our separate stations.


7A has enjoyed this excursion very much! It gave us more of an idea for possible future paths. It was really fun to be able to explore and learn more about the Metro Tunnel, and we  enjoyed being able to hear from those currently working on the magnificent project. The conversation had really given us an insight into what things were being worked on and what it took to work on such a huge project.



Overall, we were really fond of this excursion and found great fun throughout the day. This was a great learning opportunity for the whole class, and we would hope for another excursion like this in the future.


Written by: Hooria and Melat, with a sprinkle of Kim.

STEAM news




Year 7 Zoo Excursion


As part of their studies of Animal Classification, all year 7 Science classes attended an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo on one of the following dates:

  • Tuesday 23rd October

  • Monday 29th October


Students worked in groups to complete a series of fieldwork activities on the classification of the animals at the Melbourne Zoo. They also were able to explore the zoo and get up close to numerous animals.


For more information on the Melbourne Zoo, please click here.



Year 8CAL Seamless Science Experience

As part of their enrichment, all year 8 CAL Science students attended La Trobe University from Monday 12 November to Friday 16 November. This is an off-campus learning experience where students explored STEAM based concepts and issues not presented in the school curriculum whilst engaging in university style research and facilities.

They participated in a range of STEAM based lectures, workshops and laboratory sessions, with each day focussing on a particular theme.


The themes and activities for each day were:


Monday 12/11


  • Bacterial Food Poisoning Lab

  • Food Poisoning Lecture

  • Cancer Lecture

Tuesday 13/11

Synchrotron Science

  • Synchrotron Science Lab

  • Synchrotron Science Lecture

Wednesday 14/11

Computer Science

  • Escape to Virtual Reality Workshop

  • Bacterial Food Poisoning Lab (check results)

Thursday 15/11


  • Wearable Technology Workshop

  • Robots Rule Workshop

Friday 16/11

Presentation Day

  • Student presentations


Students have grown Lysozyme protein crystals in micro-well plates and Staphylococcus aureus colonies from their noses! They have learnt about virtual reality and internet security, remote controlled robots and created wearable technology. They also worked in groups of 5 to research a topic of interest over the week and then presented their research in creative ways.


The cost of the program was covered by the La Trobe University Science, Health and Engineering (SHE) Outreach Program.


For more information on La Trobe University SHE Outreach, please click here.



L’Oreal Girls in Science Forum

Ten students from PVGC were invited to attend the L’Oreal Women in Science forum at The University of Melbourne Parkville campus. The aim of the forum was to showcase the achievements of Female Scientists and to inspire girls to change the world through their studies in STEM fields.


Students started the day by listening to the following guest speakers:

  • Professor Duncan Maskell, Vice-Chancellor, The University of Melbourne – Welcome address

  • Monika Radulovic, Presenter and Influencer - MC

They were then introduced to the 2018 L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellows who spoke to students about their current work n STEM fields:

  • Airlie Chapman, The University of Melbourne, Bridging the gap between humans and robots

  • Kirsty Short, University of Queensland, Discovering the link between influenza and obesity

  • Katarina Miljkovic, Curtin University, Unlocking the secrets to the universe

  • Asha Bowen, Telethon Kids Institute, Ending skin disease for Australia’s indigenous children

  • Stefanie Zollmann, The University of Otago, Enhancing our perception of the world through Augmented Reality


The L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Australia & New Zealand Fellowships were launched in 2007 and have recognised 39 outstanding local scientists, supporting them to continue their research and help them rise to leadership positions in their field of expertise.
Each Fellow is awarded $25,000 for a one year project, which can be used to provide practical help for the winners to enable them to undertake research in their chosen fields. The winners may choose to spend their fellowship on buying scientific equipment, paying for child care costs, conference & travel costs or other items they may need to continue their research.

After lunch, students rotated through two of the following activities:

  • Physics Laser Show

  • Science Galley Communications

  • Is this your card? Maths show

  • The Wonderful World of Chemistry

  • Photosynthesis and Beyond - how doe trees work?

  • Drone demonstration

  • DNA extraction from the pantry

  • Earth Sciences Virtual Reality Demonstration

  • Tiegs Museum Treasure Hunt

  • Bioengineering Augmented Reality demonstration

  • Robotics Lab Interactive tour

  • Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy & Pathology

For more information on the L’Oreal Australia: Form Women in Science program, please click here.



Epilepsy Awareness Month


Did you know November is Epilepsy Awareness Month? Start a conversation with someone about epilepsy. It could be facts driven or your feelings. It could be about you or someone close to you living with epilepsy.
Opening dialogue with another person helps reduce stigma, furthers education and boots your confidence. One in 200 kids at school are living with epilepsy, which is a lot!

No one with epilepsy should go it alone.


Penola Saints Netball Club


Moreland Library Events


PVGC News and Information

Armistice Centenary: Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital 





It was a privilege to be asked to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony with Ms Di Lisio on the 9th of November at the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital. This year the ceremony was extra special as it marked the 100 year anniversary of the signing of the treaty to end World War One.  During the ceremony we had the honour of witnessing the unveiling of a beautiful mosaic created by Ms Deprost. The mosaic was the last in a series of three in a three year project to remember fallen soldiers.  


Lest We Forget.

Amelia Combridge-10E


Student Health and Wellbeing 

The health and wellbeing of students at Pascoe Vale Girls College is most important. We have many processes in place to ensure your daughter is as safe as possible whilst at school. Students with particular medical conditions are well cared for and we ask that parents provide current information and instructions to ensure we know, in most cases, what to expect and how best manage our students' health.

If you have any questions about the management of your daughter's health at school, please contact the school nurse.



All medication must be held by the school office and be provided with a note of instruction from the parent/guardian advising of the administration requirements. This allows staff to monitor medication usage and symptoms, which may require further attention.

This rule not apply to all asthma medications, Epipens and diabetes equipment/supplies. Students with asthma, anaphylaxis and diabetes must have their medications with them at all times.



If your daughter suffers from asthma, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development requires an Asthma Action Plan to be provided annually. Asthma medication and a spacer must always be carried by the student.

Asthma plan copies can be found on the Asthma Foundation website -


Pascoe Vale Girls College believes that the safety and wellbeing of students with anaphylaxis is a whole-of-community responsibility and manages this in accordance with DEECD Ministerial Order 706.

ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis:


Parents of students suffering with a medical condition are required to complete a Health Support plan (see link below) and return it to the school Office. If the condition requires specific treatment outside of the normal school procedures, a doctor may be required to approve the document.

Health Support Plans can be found on this link –


Head lice is a time consuming and frustrating problem. It is good practice for parents to check their daughter's hair regularly (at least weekly) to find any infestation in its early stages and making the treatment process quicker and easier. Infestations that remain unnoticed can take weeks to clear properly.

There is lots of information available to help manage head lice:

If you don’t already have Ambulance Victoria membership, join today and make sure you’re 100 per cent covered. 1800 64 84 84 or visit,

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