09 November 2018
Issue Eighteen
Upcoming Dates
Principal's Report
Assistant Principal's Report
House Report
Cheese Your Own Creation
Year 8 Altitude Day
Voices from the Fields
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Upcoming Dates

12th November- State Final Hockey Junior Girls

15th to 16th November- More than a Focus on Footy camp

20th November- Yr 9 French trip

21st November- State Final Hockey Junior Boys

21st November- T20 Blast Cricket Intermediate Boys Regional

22nd November- Golf Academy excursion

23rd November- Year 12 Graduation

26th to 27th November- Student Leadership Retreat

28th November- Year 10 Mission to Mars excursion

29th November- House Celebration

7th December- Whole school assembly

16th December- Country Orientation Day

17th December- Statewide Orientation Day

12th to 13th December- Open Water Academy Camp

14th December- Junior Final Assembly

17th December- Senior Final Assembly

Principal's Report

There are few times in life that we get to genuinely acknowledge and celebrate the contributions that an individual makes to a school community such as Warrnambool College.  A couple of weeks ago, such an opportunity arose as I sat in the audience of the Victorian Education Excellence awards ceremony.  It’s fair to say that there’s some pretty amazing things happening in Public Education in Victoria at the moment.  I was inspired and privileged to hear about many of these endeavours as the nominations for various team based award categories were read out over the course of the evening.  Selfishly though, my main interest for the evening lay in the individual award categories and specifically the ‘Outstanding Business Manager Award’.


Some months earlier we nominated Chris Dickson, our incredible Business Manager at Warrnambool College for this award.  As I sought references to support our application, many people from within and beyond our school offered their extremely positive reflections on Chris’s incredible contributions to education in South West Victoria.  As I said to Chris at the time, even if the nomination went no further, at least we knew explicitly the positive impact she was having on our school and others in our area.  I wasn’t shocked when Chris was shortlisted – after all as far as we’re concerned she is the best Business Manager going around.


But as I sat in the Regent Theatre in Melbourne with my fingers and toes crossed, I hoped that the judges had realised just how amazing Chris is and what she achieves for our school community each day.  Chris is a doer, an enabler, a constant source of support who always seems to have time to assist anyone when the need arises.  She leads her team of Education Support staff with sensitivity and pride.  She finds a way of funding various initiatives at our school that we’d otherwise go without.  As I said in my reference for her, if I could only nominate one person in my career for the education excellence awards, it would be Chris.


The Victorian Education Minister, the Hon. James Merlino, was given the task of reading out the successful awardees on the night.  I willed his mouth to form the sound ‘Cr’ and then burst into spontaneous applause and hoots of delight when he announced ‘Christine Dickson’ as the winner.  It was a delight to share this moment with Chris and the rest of the audience.  Chris is never looking for specific recognition with all that she does and achieves at our school.  She always maintained that she’d only accepted the nomination because she felt that it might help our school’s great achievements to be acknowledged by others.  And so she was very humble when on stage receiving the award – deflecting the attention and acknowledging other’s contributions to student learning at Warrnambool College.


I’m proud of everything that we achieve at this school.  I’m proud that we can support students to be the best they can be.  I’m proud of what our staff achieve in their personal growth and development to be relevant and meaningful facilitators of learning.  And I thank Chris who enables so much of this to happen for our school community.


Kind Regards,


Dave Clift


Assistant Principal's Report

Building Works

Our new administration building was completed last week and works started on converting the old administration into the Library. This weekend on November 10th and 11th there will be significant works taking place including Independent Class A asbestos removers removing asbestos from the eaves in the B-Wing. Therefore, there is to be no access to the College for the entirety of the weekend. Occupational Hygienists will issue a clearance certificate (including air clearance monitoring) to ensure that the school will be safe for students and staff to return Monday morning.
Please be mindful that anyone that enters the College grounds this weekend will be asked to leave immediately.
Splash Factory swimmers can access the pool but cannot park on school grounds.



Daily attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don’t fall behind academically, socially and developmentally. When you make school attendance a priority, you help your child get better grades, develop healthy life habits, avoid dangerous behaviour and have a better chance of graduating from high school. School helps children to develop important skills, knowledge and values that set them up for further learning and participation in their community. Great attendance helps students to make the most of life opportunities. Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12, or an equivalent qualification, have: better health outcomes, better employment outcomes and higher incomes across their lives.


Positive Psychology - Tips for self-kindness

Carve out time for yourself to do something that feels good – go for a coffee, have a bath, read a good book; do something that brings you joy.

  1. Notice your self-talk, and cut yourself some slack. Everybody makes mistakes and nobody is perfect. Speak to yourself as you would a friend.
  2. Discover JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out) and give social media a miss for a while. Everybody posts their best selves and it can make us feel bad that our lives don’t match up. Be kind and have a day free of social comparison.
  3. Acknowledge your successes. We’re always quick to do that for others, so why not take a few minutes and consider all you’ve achieved. Well done you!
  4. Hang out with your cheerleaders. Spend time with the people who uplift you and support you. The ones that fill your tank.
  5. Take your daily ‘MEDS’ (Mindfulness, Exercise, Diet and Sleep). Looking after your mind and body is a great form of self-kindness.

When does school officially finish?

Last day of official classes for Yr 7-10 is Friday 14th December.

There is an end of year program for Yr 7-9 students from Monday 18th Dec –Thursday 20th Dec.

For all end of year dates of assemblies, exams and other activities view our full school calendar on our website https://www.wblcoll.vic.edu.au/links/calendars.html#year=2018&month=11&day=9&view=month

House Report


It was a great celebration for the house final assembly for our year 12 students last week. Such a privilege as a house leader and mentor to send our students on their way towards their exams over the next few days. We wish them all the best and we look forward to their final graduation at the Lighthouse Theatre on the 23rd of November. Having them walk across the stage will be a proud moment for them but also for the staff that have supported and guided them over the past 6 years.

The house celebration day for Flagstaff was again another successful event which saw our students, parents and greater community involved in raising funds for rural Victoria, in particular our farmers doing it tough. The funds raised do go directly to the farmers which is managed by the Australian Red Cross directly. Great to see our school community coming together for a great cause.

Leadership has been set for the coming 2019 academic year and we will be led by James Duncan and Sydney Berryman. Both James and Sydney are both strong and emerging leaders and we look forward to them putting their ideas into actions. They will be supported by an amazing group of aspiring leaders. Our first step in our leadership challenge will begin with the Student leadership Retreat in Port Fairy on the 26th and 27th of November.

With subject selection and timetables almost ready to go for 2019 it is vital that students are in the correct classes that they have chosen. VCE class have been distributed in the past week and Year 7 to 10 will be distributed in the coming days. If you have a space in your timetable for 2019 then please come and let us know and we will amend this for you.

For the rest of the students Year 7 to 11 it is business as usual with exams not too far away. It is important that all students are in classes as much as possible at this current time to ensure that they are prepared for the coming assessment tasks and preparation for the exams.

We would like to congratulate Charlotte Poyner for her success in making the Western Waves Girls Cricket squad, what an amazing achievement!

With the end of the term in sight we are planning our final house celebration days so please watch this space.

Almost there!!

Mr Payne, Mr Struth, Mr White


Merri has seen some exciting developments recently. The intertute competition sees M5 take the lead from M3, with some impressive performances in the Wednesday battles. The year 12’s have been coming and going, with good reports feeding back to the teachers post exams. There are still some exams to go and we wish you all the best.


On the event front:

Our Movie Night fundraiser is almost here, at the Capitol Cinemas on Thursday the 15th of November the premiere of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” will be shown for us all to enjoy. For only $15 you’ll be the first in town to see it and have full access to the lolly bar and supper. Money raised will go towards the Taksenkangbluong Community Centre in Cambodia.  By supporting this charity we are helping support and empower students in the Taksenkangbluong Village through school and access to education. The Taksenkangbluong Community Centre Foundation will have a store set up on the night for those who are interested to find out more about it. , and purchase some unique Christmas cards!
A link to the trailer is available below

Our end of term celebration is fast approaching, where we will head to Lake Pertobe on Thursday the 29th of November for some activities and food in celebration of another busy year. Students will be in teams, and work their way through a series of challenges with winners being awarded several prizes!

#100 Raise the Bat! William Bradley has risen to the crest of Merri elite, having notched up 100 merits this year. Let’s take some time to let that sink in, 100 Merits, this is a phenomenal achievement, earning Will an excursion with the Executive team! This shows a consistent application across the entire year and cannot be overstated how big of an achievement this is.

Cheese Your Own Creation


Warrnambool College Food and Industry students, were given the opportunity to whip up a storm in the kitchen, thanks to the Great Ocean Road – Careers made here - Cheese Your Own Creation program.


The program involves students and teachers in a uniquely creative way: in teams of two, students were required to design an imaginative dairy creation. The student chefs then developed a recipe of their new creation, the recipe and photo were submitted to be judged. Twelve lucky recipes were selected for inclusion in the 2019 Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Calendar. Excitingly one of these finalists were from our class – Tabitha Castleman and Amber Sanderson


Briony Wringe, Great Ocean Road Senior Brand Manager, said, Cheese Your Own Creation makes important links between the dairy industry, school and local community.

“We’re proud to support Cheese your own Creation, it’s a great opportunity for students to get creative while learning about the wide range of career opportunities in Australia’s vibrant dairy industry.”


Students and teachers were provided with supporting resources and curriculum for the duration of the programme. Each school receives a Coles gift voucher to purchase Great Ocean Road products and is provided with a copy of the 2018 Warrnambool Cheese & Butter calendar for creative inspiration.


“Through the programme students can gain an understanding of the dairy industry, the nutritional value of its products, and the importance of the industry to regional economies – all while having lots of fun in the kitchen. I’m excited to see what the students create and trying my hand at some of their recipes,” Ms Wringe said.


At the conclusion of the Cheese Your Own Creation programme each student will be awarded a certificate in recognition of their hard work.

Year 8 Altitude Day

On the 1st of November the year 8's were involved in their second Altitude day this year. It was a terrific day for the boys and the girls. The boys had a day facilitated by The Man Cave where they explored healthy masculinity, positive mental health, respectful relationships and gender equality. The girls enjoyed a similar day exploring leadership, supporting one another and mixing with new people through team challenges, games and anonymous discussions.



Voices from the Fields

Seven current teachers, including an Assistant Principal are about to hit the Lighthouse Theatre in a play Directed by Warrnambool College ex Teacher Michael Hoffman.

As part of the local theatre troupe Dog’s Dinner Theatre Productions, Emma Miller, Erin Toulmin, Alex Mawson, Wendy McKenzie, Meg Lumsden, Kerry Cheeseman and Mark Pech will perform in a show called ‘VOICES FROM THE FIELDS’ which is timed to align with the centenary of the ‘war to end all wars’ which is on in the days immediately prior to Remembrance Day on November 11. Other cast members include Ann Body, Deon Cameron, Anita Senior, Woody Bucci, Daniel Miles, Michael Turner Downes, Penny McLeod and Anne Maree Stonehouse. 

Through poetry, song, visual image and dance, the show will take the audience on a journey exploring the impact of war on people on all ‘fronts’ - the battlefield, the family home, the recruiting centres, the hospitals and rehab centres, and the streets of popular protest.  While the voices of poets from the Great War ring loud, the show draws on material from other sources, including the musicals Godspell, Les Miserables and Hair.  The voices we will hear speak to us about the impact of conflict, regardless of location or place in history.

Director Michael Hoffman said that “audiences won’t be asked to celebrate, glorify or even understand war, but will simply be asked to empathise with those impacted by war.”  His vision is that this piece of theatre will, through the enduring beauty of art, lead to insight … and hope for the future.”

The show will play in the Lighthouse Theatre November 9 and 10 with both matinee and night performances. Tickets are now on sale through the venue.

Hands on Learning

The Warrnambool College Hands on Learning students have spent the past twelve weeks building four outdoor table and chair sets for donation to Tower Hill Reserve.

Tuesday 6th November 2018 was the official handover celebration at the Tower Hill Reserve. The founder of Hands on Learning, Russell Kerr, spoke passionately about the value of the program. He reiterated that the aim was to help students remain engaged in school through the building of ‘real’ objects. He celebrated the positive outcomes the students have experienced over the year. Whilst the value of a smile, growth in confidence or the prevention of unknown outcomes cannot be measured, the engagement of the students in the building of the furniture was clearly evident.


These sturdily built picnic sets are a living legacy for the students; under each bench is a placard naming each student who participated in the building of this furniture.


Warrnambool College would like to thank all community members and organisations who have played a role in the success of Hands on Learning at Warrnambool College over the past years.


School News

VCE Arts Exhibition


Asbestos Removal

As Warrnambool College forges ahead with the building works, the school will to be ‘out of bounds’ for periods to allow for asbestos removal.

During the course of this weekend, 10th and 11th November 2018, there will be asbestos removal occurring. As per OHS regulations no person can be on site during the entire weekend. Please be mindful of this if you were planning on accessing any of our facilities, as you will be turned away.

Uniform Purchases

Parents please note that the following items will be available from the main office, not the Buxwear school shop.  These items are available at reduced rates while stocks last:


VCE Jumpers                      $70

Grey School Shorts          $25

Navy Polo Shirts                $20


There are also navy, white and grey socks available for $5.00 each.


Parents who are have applied for SSR uniforms will need to collect the white polo shirt from the uniform shop and the grey shorts from the main office.  All other SSR items will be available from the uniform shop.

7C Art Excursion

Students in year 7C Art Class recently visited the Warrnambool Art Gallery and the F Project Gallery and enjoyed viewing the Paul Jennings exhibition that is currently on show at the 'WAG' and a range of prints at the F Project Gallery based on local sea birds. We enjoyed our excursion despite getting drenched in the downpour when we returned to school!


Art News

Warrnambool College is currently seeking donations from individuals, school families and/or organisations to assist with the purchase and installation of a new kiln. Your support will assist fund this purchase and provide our students with this engaging learning experience. Students LOVE CLAY, it is a material which truly encourages hands on learning through tactile engagement. Clay is embedded in the Art/Design Curriculum across all year levels and is an effective medium for students to discover and develop their creative and learning skills in both 2D and 3D. The process of working with this natural material to create a unique clay project supports personalised learning, sensory development, fine motor skills, self-esteem, self-expression, problem solving skills, discipline and pride in a child. In addition, clay has a well-documented therapeutic quality that settles and calms children.

A kiln on site will assist students and teachers to create and fire ceramics artworks, it will encourage the experimentation of glazes and create further learning opportunities for creativity in our classrooms.

We currently have $5000 though require a further $10,000. Please donate to our kiln project today to support our students.  Please contact the College on 5564 4444 

Community Notices

Warrnambool Girl Guides


Foster Care


Holiday Actors Workshop