Photo: EVERY PERSON FLOURISHING AND KNOWN. Respectfully acknowledging the original custodians of this land in the City of Greater Dandenong, The Wurundjeri people.

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03 June 2019
Issue Eight
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Photo: St Anthony’s Parish and St Anthony’s School hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as central and fundamental responsibilities of the Church. St Anthony’s is fully compliant with all policies in relation to Child Safety. These documents ensure compliance with the Victorian Government Child Safety Standards which took effect on 1 January 2017 and reflect our Parishes’ ongoing commitment to ensuring that all children are safe, happy and empowered.

Message from the Principal

Photo: St Anthony’s Parish and St Anthony’s School hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as central and fundamental responsibilities of the Church. St Anthony’s is fully compliant with all policies in relation to Child Safety. These documents ensure compliance with the Victorian Government Child Safety Standards which took effect on 1 January 2017 and reflect our Parishes’ ongoing commitment to ensuring that all children are safe, happy and empowered.

National Reconciliation Week 2019


National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.


The NRW theme in 2019 is Grounded in Truth
Walk Together with Courage
.  The following is an excerpt from the organisers of Reconciliation Week.


"At the heart of reconciliation is the relationship between the broader Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. To foster positive race relations, our relationship must be grounded in a foundation of truth.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have long called for a comprehensive process of truth-telling about Australia’s colonial history. Our nation’s past is reflected in the present, and will continue to play out in future unless we heal historical wounds.


Today, 80 per cent of Australians believe it is important to undertake formal truth telling processes, according to the 2018 Australian Reconciliation Barometer. Australians are ready to come to terms with our history as a crucial step towards a unified future, in which we understand, value and respect each other.


Whether you’re engaging in challenging conversations or unlearning and relearning what you know, this journey requires all of us to walk together with courage.


This National Reconciliation Week, we invite Australians from all backgrounds to contribute to our national movement towards a unified future.


We pray for our students and parishioners who are taking part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation at the moment. May they have the courage to live this Sacrament through action and word. May they reveal Jesus in many ways.  May they be God's hands. This is our mission as a Catholic school. 


As always, go gently about your week, look after one another and God bless, 





Deputy Principal News


Deputy Principal News

Finding a healthy technology balance

In moderation, TV, computer games and online activities can be fun and educational. But if you’re worried about your child’s screen time, here are some tips for encouraging healthy technology use.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests too much screen time is becoming a hazard to our children’s eyes, general health and to their social skills. Too much screen time can also make it harder for your child to get to sleep and to concentrate on their schoolwork.

Tips for healthy technology use for your child:

  • Try to set reasonable limits on technology use according to your child’s age and agree on times of the day (or days of the week) that will be technology free.
  • Encourage your child to take regular breaks from the screen.
  • Find activities your child enjoys doing that are not screen based, and encourage them to do them regularly—go to the local park, play sport or music, or help you cook. When they’re having fun, screen time will suddenly become a lot less attractive.
  • Try to keep technology out of your child’s bedroom and, where possible, make sure phones, TVs and computers are kept where you can keep an eye on their use.
  • Encourage your child to turn off all screens about an hour before bedtime. Research shows that using these items too close to bedtime makes it harder to fall asleep.
  • If your child wears glasses, check with their optometrist about suitability for screen use.
  • Don’t let your child put the screen too close to their eyes, especially for long periods of time.
  • Set up computer workspaces properly, including a chair that encourages good posture.
  • Set a good example. Your child is more likely to take time off from their own screens if they see you doing the same.

For tips and advice on helping your child have safe and enjoyable experiences online, visit the eSafety website.

Important Term 2 Dates

Please note

Monday June 3rd-Friday June 7th

Family week

Tuesday June 4th

5.30-6.30 Padua building Prep-2 Bible and Pyjama night

Tuesday June 25th

Please note that on Tuesday 25th June school will finish at 1.00pm for Parent/Teacher conferences  The school bus will leave at 1.00pm.


Friday June 28th

Please note that in the last week of Term 2, school will finish at 2.30pm on Friday June 28th . The bus will leave at 2.30pm.

Wednesday June 19th

Please note that School photo day has had to be moved to June 19th. There are some other dates for you to note such as excursions and activities booked most recently. 


For all upcoming important dates/events click here


Important announcements


Prep Interviews for 2020 are well underway

If you have not returned your enrolment form please do so this week.

Staffing Updates

This term we welcome a new school Psychologist to enable our Chaplaincy program to continue in Stacey's absence. Ms Katrina Brzozowska from Catholic Care joins our team every Tuesday. If you would like to know more about the referral process for Chaplaincy or for our Art Therapy program please contact James Gow. 

We also welcome a new CEM appointed Business Manager every Monday fortnight, Mrs Sally Todd. Sally will be working closely with Karen Rowland and myself to enable a cohesive financial management of the school. We are working on contacting all families who are not up to date with school fees at present. 


The Music Bus – Open Day

St Anthony’s thoroughly enjoyed the recent visit from the Music Bus. We have received an overwhelming response and we look forward to being able to partner with The Music Bus to bring our students a fun, interactive, collaborative or individual approach to learning music at school. If you have not returned your form it is not too late.  The Music Bus will be in touch with you very soon to organise your tuition day and times.
To find out more, visit or call 1300 168 742.




Please remember from Term 2, our school canteen will only be open for lunches and counter sales on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. This means no canteen on MONDAY or TUESDAY. 



If your child is going to be absent from school, please call the school office on 95460044 by 9.00am.  Alternatively, you can email the school to notify of your child’s absence at, or log the absence via the link on the website.

If we do not receive notification of an absence by 9.30am we are required under regulations to message you at home or work to follow up the absence. Please notify the school of all absences. Please note that prolonged absences without notification will be followed up. Many days absent from school does impact on student learning and programs designed to support students.



Kids Helpline - Anytime Any reason

Kids helpline has an online help domain now. Children who are not comfortable to call the 1800 number can go to the website (see the link above) and enter the age appropriate link to get mental health and wellbeing support.

Learning at Home - A new tab on our website to engage you with home learning

This is a new tab on our website to engage you with your children's home learning. We will post links and useful sites and videos that will enable you to support your child's learning. Please send us feedback via DOJO to enable us to post useful links.

Earn and Learn

Please keep all your Woolies stickers and place them into the box at our local Woolies or here in the school foyer. 

Woolies are  helping kids across Australia get exciting new equipment for their schools and Early Learning Centres. After delivering over 300,000 pieces of equipment for science, technology, maths, arts and more last time, we've brought Earn & Learn back. 
So let's stick together Australia and make this year the biggest one yet.

New Digital tools at St Anthony's

We have recently purchased 50 more student iPads and another 10 for our Learning support educators to support our learning and teaching programs. By housing these devices in the P-2 areas this has enabled us to move all chrome books across to Level 3/4 where students have a 1:1 device. Level 5/6s have Chrome Books. We are very fortunate to be able to provide these tools as a shared resource to support a variety of digital and design thinking and learning. Thanks to Ellis Warrener for working so hard to complete this installation.

Photo: This is who we are

Our Sketchnote

Photo: This is who we are

Our Sketchnote 


What is a sketchnote?

Sketchnotes are rich visual notes created from a mix of handwriting, drawings, hand-drawn typography, shapes, and visual elements like arrows, boxes, and lines. ... Sketchnotes are about “ideas, not art“. Our sketchnote comes from our 4 year strategic direction and embodies everything we value and hold close to our hearts. Our students designed the graphics and we hope that this visual helps you to see who we are.  You will see it around a lot just like our bumper stickers!

In praise of ...

In praise of ...

The goodness and generosity of our beautiful teaching staff at St Anthony's. We are fortunate to have educators who go above and beyond for our children and families. Just recently some of our Year 5/6 teachers travelled to Cranbourne to pick up 3 of our students for an excursion that required them to be at school by 7.30am. These students had no way of arriving for this departure. Their teachers felt it was important for them to be with their peers on this day and made sure they could come. Thank you Ashlee and Marnie.

In addition to this, more of our educators have taken the time to help our parents to enrol their child into secondary school, complete paperwork required for a deadline, taken families to important appointments because it matters that they get there and enabled many families to access information by taking the time to listen and persist on long phone calls. 

Every day our staff do more than teach. They are wonderful human beings and we are so lucky.

Photo: Small, focused intentional group teaching, self directed people, learning what they need. People not data.

Learning and Teaching News

Photo: Small, focused intentional group teaching, self directed people, learning what they need. People not data.

Student Led 3-way Learning Conversations

Three-Way Conferencing  is coming…

In the last week of school the student led conferences will be held. On Tuesday June 25th starting at 1.30 pm and on Wednesday June 26th starting at 3.30pm.  School will finish at 1.00pm on Tuesday 25th June. You will receive a letter shortly inviting you to book online. There will be a booking link for you to choose your preferred time.  You may also book an interpreter.

Please book your times and bring your child with you.

They will be doing all of the work! If you need assistance to make your booking and choose an interpreter please come to the office and we will be happy to book with you.

Three way conferencing is a celebration of learning. It allows students to talk about their strengths, areas for improvement and goals in subject areas and learning skills. It also provides positive feedback for student successes. It is a vehicle for explicit teaching and modelling of active listening skills and it caters to and supports the range of abilities within a classroom.

What is a Three-Way Conference?

A three-way conference allows students to take the lead as they provide the teacher and their parents with examples of their academic progress. It encourages students to take responsibility for their learning and to share their work. Research shows that student achievement increases when parents, students and teachers work as a team. A three-way conference is an opportunity for parents, students and teachers to engage in conversations about students' learning at home and at school.


Glennis Kerr

Teaching & Learning Leader

Photo: St Anthony's Catholic School in the Parish of St Anthony's Noble Park

Parish News

Photo: St Anthony's Catholic School in the Parish of St Anthony's Noble Park

From the Parish Bulletin



Reconciliation 2019

We have many children who we have submitted expression of interest forms for Reconciliation .
Emails were sent to these families giving the program dates and enrolment forms.
If you would like your child to receive Reconciliation, it is not too late to enrol.
You will need to fill in an Expression of Interest form.  Please see the Parish office or Helen Nguyen for a form if your have missed out.

Photo: ”Encourage one another and build one another up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ‘In a Catholic School young people are empowered to develop as optimistic global citizens capable of articulating their beliefs and worldview in light of the Catholic faith and tradition’. Horizons of Hope. Wellbeing in a Catholic School.

Religious Education News

Photo: ”Encourage one another and build one another up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ‘In a Catholic School young people are empowered to develop as optimistic global citizens capable of articulating their beliefs and worldview in light of the Catholic faith and tradition’. Horizons of Hope. Wellbeing in a Catholic School.

RE News

Students receiving the Reconciliation this year, you will need to attend one of the following masses.


Saturday 8th of June at 6:30


Sunday 9th of June at 8:30AM or 10:30AM or 5:30PM mass.


During this mass, your child will receive a blessing from Father.


If you haven’t returned your form yet, you can hand in your completed form to Father.


Meeting sessions

Session 1 - Meeting 1 –

Wednesday 19th June at 7.00pm (Parents Only)


In St Anthony’s hall

Session 2 - Meeting 2 – Wednesday 24th July at 7.00pm - workshop



at St Anthony’s Noble Park

Saturday 10th August at 10:30am


Learning Space News

Prep News

We have been very busy in Grade Prep.  Recently we have all worked together with buddies and family members to deliver our own Celebration of Learning.  We have also created Rainbows as we learnt about Noah’s Ark and created habitats that care for our animals in the zoo in our room.  We are learning a lot about Creation and Animals as we become “Protectors of all God’s Creatures”.

Student Choice Student Voice

In 2018, term two, we started planning for a sandpit and a sensory garden.

Two Terms have passed and we finally built our sandpit and sensory garden. These are the steps: We started planning and designing the sandpit and the sensory garden, we invited some experts from Bunnings to help us. Chris (maintenance) and Tam (gardener) came in to share their knowledge with us. We went on an important excursion to Bunnings  Warehouse, Springvale. We kept planning and designing in groups. We made slideshows and picked the best one to present to the principal.


Everybody enjoyed the planning, designing and creating of the new addition to our school. Thank you to Bunnings Warehouse, Springvale.


From Level 3/4 2018


Wellbeing News

NCCD Information Sheet for Parents, Carers and Guardians

Schools must now complete the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) every year. It counts the number of students who receive additional adjustments or “help” at school because of a disability. The NCCD helps governments plan for the students with special needs.


You can access the NCCD Information Sheet for Parents, Carers and Guardians by clicking here

Thoughtful Thursdays!


Sport News

District Cross Country

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the District Cross Country yesterday! It was definitely a chilly one and the rain came and went but I am extremely proud of the effort our students put in to their races. They all put in 100% and pushed through which is not a small feat!

Good luck to David Suzdin, Sarah Siddig and Natalie Issa who made it through to Division Cross Country! This will be held Friday 7th of June at Wachter Reserve, Keysborough.


Visual Arts News

Visual Arts News

In Visual Arts, Level 1/2 have been 'Colouring In My World' and these are some of the stunning pictures of 'My Place' from Aboriginal Australia; Rangoli designs from India and Fabric designs from Africa! Enjoy!

Grade 5/6  students have come a long way since the blank paper that was staring at them a few weeks ago! With safety first, off they go!

Foundation Art exploring rainbows and colour, being careful, creative and collegiate.


Catholic Secondary School Expo @ St Anthony's

We invite you to our first ever Catholic Secondary School Expo - Mazenod College have joined this event!

St. Anthony’s P.S invites all parents of students in Grade 4 and 5 to our first ever Catholic Secondary School Expo!

Come along and visit the different stalls to find out information about different Catholic Secondary Schools in the local area. All schools will have staff representatives there for you to talk to and to answer any questions you may have.


Tuesday June 11th

6:30pm to 7:30pm

St. Anthony’s Primary School

Padua Building

Light refreshments provided


High schools attending:

  • St. John’s College, Dandenong

  • Nazareth College, Noble Park North

  • Killester College, Springvale

  • Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Oakleigh

  • Salesian College, Chadstone

  • Mazenod College, Mulgrave

We hope to see you there!

Please note that all of  our Catholic Secondary schools were invited.



Car Park Safety

Car park behaviour

Child safety is everyone’s responsibility!

It has come to our attention that many parents are completely disregarding the rules of the car park at morning drop off and afternoon pick up. The rules of the car park are there to protect your children and you! Child safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Respectful behaviour in front of all children is compulsory at all times. The right role modelling of how to enter, exit and pick up children following lawful procedures is your responsibility. We shouldn’t have to remind you of this responsibility. We all must ensure the utmost safety for all of our community.


This means:

  • From the front car park if you are stopping you must walk your children in

  • You must use the parking bays to park

  • No double parking

  • You cannot remain stationary in your car blocking the entry and exit lanes

  • If you are exiting the front carpark, there is no right turn before 9.00 am and before 4.00pm

This means:

  • From the back gate it is a drop off and pick up zone only

  • No parking

  • You must use the crossing at all times to cross the road


The staff on duty are there to remind you of the right behaviour and they should not be in danger of being run over or abused for doing their job.

Please ensure that you follow these rules to keep all traffic moving well and all people safe.

Local law officers can issue an infringement notice (fine) to any driver of any car who is not obeying the rule of the road.

Your assistance in this matter is urgent and appreciated.


Patrika Rowley

Community Announcements

Community Announcements


St. Anthony's School