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30 November 2017
Issue Nineteen
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Important Dates


4th December: Year 10 Work Experience Begins

12th December: Year 6 Orientation Day/ Course Confirmation

18th December: Semester 2 reports available to parents on Compass

21st December: Semester 2 reports available to students on Compass

21st December: End of Term 4

Principal's Report 

Presentation Night 28 November – Celebrating Success

Our exemplary 2017 Captains, Ashleigh Hammond, Courtney McKenzie and Nell Crosset lead the Presentation Night proceedings on a warm Tuesday night with professionalism and care. Their welcome to 2018 Captains Isabelle Carney, Ky Luong and Claudia Junge, speeches and acknowledgment of award winners illustrates that the future is in safe hands. Our 2018 Captains are excellent role models and leaders for all students with their diverse passions in the arts, Student Representative Council, rowing, sport and the life of the college overall.


Thank you to all who contributed to the success of the 2017 Presentation Night. The evening was a celebration of the learning, personal best, creativity, sporting achievements and engagement of our students. We celebrated our award winners and our quiet achievers. The girls who may not have received an award but who know they have given their very best throughout the year.


Thank you to all of our staff who contributed on the night, but more importantly for their contributions every day teaching the girls, building confidence and wellbeing.


The 28th November also saw the Exhibition of work by our Year 9 and 10 Design Technology students. The work displayed from Jewelry, Interior, Fashion, Textile and Costume Designers was inspiring. Many thanks to Jo Jepsen, Hazel Etheridge, Carol Busetti and Oliver Hull for the outstanding quality and display of the girls’ work. Thank you to Jo Jepsen our Technology expert and leader.


Early 2017 VCE Success!

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) have shortlisted Ashleigh Hammond and Lillianne Lords’ films for their annual celebration of the very best VCE films, “Top Screen”. We wish the girls every success to make the final cut. To make the short list in itself is a great achievement. Thank you to Roger Dunscombe our Year 12 Media expert and teacher.


Congratulations to Jo Jepsen who has four students shortlisted for VCE Top Designs! Well done to Sarah Betts, Emma Croker, Lilly Oshlack and Meshi Seymour-Pessah. We wish our students every success for the next two stages of selection for the Top Designs exhibition.


Further Student Success

Congratulations to Casey Trinh of Year 7 who won an Endeavour Award for her Peace poster in a competition held by the Lions Club. Casey is an excellent student who deserves every success.


Swinburne University held a Lego league competition on Sunday 19th November. The girls exceeded their expectations for success with their robotic programing and project designs. Enormous thanks to Wendy and Tony Keen, Catherine Walkear, Lisa Cardamone, Emily Shaw and Sarah Lerpeniere for devoting their Sunday to this excellent STEAM initiative.



Health and Wellbeing of Young People 

On Tuesday Federal Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, released new national guidelines on physical activity, sedentary time and sleep for children. The Guidelines recommend limiting sedentary screen time as recent studies have shown that Australian children are spending 20% of their time using screens during the week and 30% on weekends. The University of Wollongong early childhood expert, Professor Tony Okely, led the project to update the guidelines for the Department of Health. Sleep plays an essential role in adolescent growth and development. Professor Okely pointed to the issue of children using screens before sleep, highlighting research that shows screen time in the bedroom can impact sleep duration as well as quality. Excessive screen time has been shown to lead to structural and functional changes to the brain’s emotional, processing, executive attention, decision making and cognitive control. Screens are a part of our working and recreational life but setting boundaries, especially around sleep is essential for overall health outcomes.

Thank you to our students, parents and staff for your ongoing support to ensure MGC is a centre of personal best in learning and wellbeing for every person in our community.


Kind regards,

Karen Money

Year 7 News

Kim Kane Picture Book Incursion

On the 24th of November, Kim Kane a prolific picture book author,  came to talk to us about how to write an effective storybook. She discussed the importance of the illustrations and how they can impact the feeling of the book, the overall reading experience and can help children who are not as confident with their reading understand the storyline too.


The editing process was also talked about, Kim talked about how when you edit your story, you do not only look for grammar and spelling mistakes you should also look for ways to change your story to make it more fluent and easy to read. The development of a published story book was also discussed; how the author does not always get to choose the illustrator of their story and how it can take a very long time to publish a book. Some authors do not get their book published until 14 years after the book is written! This incursion was very informative. It will help students to write effectively; creating their own picture-story books that convey a message through words and pictures.


Cooper Gildon




French News

Year 10 Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette Competition



3ème Prix: Bella Niven-Brown, Melbourne Girls’ College

2ème Prix: Lorenza Peel, University High School

1er Prix: Miranda Moloney, Melbourne Girls’ College


Prix Michelin Australia

Offert au meilleur candidat en année 10

Bella Niven Brown

Melbourne Girls’ College


Miranda Moloney being awarded First Prize in the Year 10 Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette competition at the Awards Ceremony at St Kilda Town Hall.


This year I participated in the Berthe Mouchette competition (poetry reading and Year 10 Written paper). Basically, you choose a French poem, out of the given options, and then you go to the Alliance Française building to recite the poem. It was a good experience. Miranda and I recited our poems in a room in front of one judge (and no audience), and afterwards had a pain au chocolat and hot chocolate. I definitely recommend participating, as it's a good way to practice your French in a not too stressful situation, you miss school, and get some nice food! 😊. The Year 10 Written paper was conducted at our school with the finalists going on to write an essay at the Alliance Française in St Kilda.‘  


Bella Niven-Brown


Bella was unable to attend the Awards Ceremony as she is currently on exchange in Le Puy en Velay, France



Food Tech News

Flavour Forecast Competition

Each year the Home Economics Institute of Australia run a national competition in Food Technology open to Year 9 and 10 students. Min Marriott and Shi Lei Lenga-Rouge from Year 10 entered into the competition, with the task involving the students to write, produce and evaluate three unique recipes relating to three separate design briefs. The girls spent many additional hours outside of their studies to work on this task, spanning a number of months. The girls produced Spanish Baked Eggs, Pasta all’Arrabbiata and Pepper and Lemon Curd Fruit Tarts. Winners were announced earlier this month, and while we didn’t make first place the students have received certificates for their efforts and participation, and I would like to share the wonderful work of these students. Well done Min and Shi Lei.


Ashley O’Brien

Food Technology


First Lego League Competition

On Sunday 19th November two MGC teams participated in the First League Lego Regionals at Swinburne University of Technology. Heats were held in over 80 countries with 22,000 groups across the world competing for places at the grand final in San Diego, US.



Throughout the day, Team STEAM and Panics! Solved spent the day working through each skill area including Core Values (Teamwork, Inspiration, and Gracious Professionalism), Project work (Research, Innovation and the Presentation), Robot Design (Mechanical, Programming and Strategy) and finally, the Robot Race itself.



Although both teams did well and scored good overall marks, they were unsuccessful in progressing to the Sydney Regional Finals. However, the judges were impressed with the teams innovation with their projects, robots ideas and robot innovation.

As a rookie team, we learnt a lot, and we’ll be back next year!


Parents' Association and STEAM

The STEAM program at MGC could not simply function without the generous support of our Parent’s Association and in 2018, the PA has funded the following equipment:


Four Lego EV3s and expansion packs

Four iPads

Three Multi Chargers for the EV3s



This equipment will go towards supporting our highly regarded robotics course, events including Lego League competitions and STEAM lunchtime sessions.

Youth Entrepreneurs and STEAM Ambassadors Conference

On Friday 24th of November, our 2018 STEAM Captains Karen Wong and Charlie Goldberg, 2017 Middle School STEAM Captain Eleanor Eyres along with STEAM team members Lucy Skelton, Veronique Villis and Scarlet Gregory attended a conference at Scotch College. STEAM Leader Wendy Keen, also attended and presented at the conference.


The conference was for students and teachers to share ideas about promoting STEAM in schools. There were three excellent keynote speakers. We heard from a doctor using VR to minimise pain in children, a Year 11 student from WA just starting his film-making career and a 24 year old who has started her own company to send student experiments to the international space station.


We also attended workshops on different things that schools are doing in the STEAM area. It was all very inspirational!!



Performing Arts News 

Performing Arts Presentation Night Thank You

Thank you to the following students for all their hard work throughout the year and for performing so beautifully at Presentation Night and to their teachers for facilitating:


Soul Band, led by Andy Clarke


Vocalists: Katy Anderson, Varaidzo Chipunza, Alex Dolan & Astrid McFarlane


Caitlin Moloney (Bass), Jean Palamara (Percussion) Isabella Rogers- Headicar (keyboards) Luccia Stella (Guitar) Ann Stern (Guitar) Lucy Xu (Drums) and Sophie Young (Keyboards)


Choir, lead by Ellyce Clader and Susan de Jong:


Luul Abdisamad, Felicity Edmondson, Claire Garner, Savanha Gotsbacher, Eloise Higgins, Cing Hoih, Amanda Huynh, Jackie Huynh, Nell Jenney, Beiwen Jiang, Baowen Jiang, Imogen Meskauskas, Jasmine Mosley, Ophelia Murray, Linh Nguyen, Jessica Nguyen, Cindy Nguyen, Grace Palumbieri, Lucy Robotham, Frace Rosebirch, Christina Soupionas, Zoe Tregloan-Dunn, Tyana Tsai, Claudia Van Vliet & Jo Vossos


Show Choir, led by Ellyce Calder and Susan de Jong:


Katy Anderson, Varaidzo Chipunza, Layla Enriquez Tsilfidis, Anais Keenan, Ruby Lund, Astrid McFarlane, Ophelia Murray, Ruby Ricci & Riley Stoffell.


String Quartet, led by Wen Chin:

Jessie Radda, Sandra Byrne, Porta Frayne & Claudia Carlton-Allen.


Year 9 Dance Extension, led by Jordan Evans:

Siobhan Henderson, Honey Stoove, Emma Kirkham, Gorran Katinic & Stephanie Moutray-Read


Congratulations girls!


Anne Corry

Performing Arts Leader



Carols by Candlelight

The MGC Choir will be performing at Yarra City's Carols by Candlelight concert. Please see the attached flyer for more information:



Continuation of Instrumental Lessons for 2018.

Dear Parents/Guardians,



We trust that your daughter has enjoyed being a part of the Instrumental Music
 program at MGC. Apart from undertaking weekly lessons, students have the
opportunity to be involved in our many ensembles and performance evenings.
We thank you for supporting your daughters with their home practice.

Planning for 2018.



Staffing and timetabling is an involved task, so it is necessary for your daughter
 to indicate if she wishes to continue with her music tuition in 2018 to guarantee
 her place.



In order to secure your daughter’s place in the program, we require you to return
the portion below to the General Office with payment methods.

Want to begin instrumental lessons for 2018?

Please submit your application form to the office ASAP.



Anne Corry

Instrumental Music 



Sports News

Year 7 Hockey Team

A big congratulations to the Year 7 hockey team who have been crowned state champions! The girls played incredibly well, winning every match they played last Monday at Footscray Hockey Club.


Well done girls!



Rotary News

Richmond Rotary Club

Ladies Designer


All clothing to go $5

Saturday 16 December 9.30am – 3.00pm

Melbourne Girls’ College

Lyceum Hall Gate 2 Yarra Boulevard Richmond. Parking: Yarra Blvd or Bridge Rd

Rotary Club of Richmond


All proceeds to Rotary Community Projects


Year of Awesome!!

Year of Awesome - #experiencesnotstuff

It’s experiences not stuff that makes you feel alive, and connects you to the world and the people in it.


The benefits that play provides for children have been tracked over decades.  Studies show that increased play during early childhood creates the foundation for an individual’s development that helps determine their lifetime earnings and provides a whole host of other benefits. 


And don’t forget the funds raised will support Playground Ideas to help communities living in poverty build play facilities to help their kids. And your school will receive 50% of funds raised by your community to go towards helping us build new play facilities. 


Click here to buy tickets and share:





School News

MGC Homework Club

Come one, come all!!


Students are invited to join the MGC Homework Club.


When?  3:30-4:30 Mondays and Thursday

Where?  Room 112


See you there!!

Ms Hajzler


Melbourne Girls' College
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