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22 July 2016
Farewell from Paul van Breugel
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Farewell from Paul van Breugel

Mr Paul van Breugel


Welcome back to term three of the school year and also farewell from me as College Principal.


As some of you may be aware, over the school holidays I was offered and have accepted the position of Principal at Warragul Regional College. This was not an easy decision for me to make as I have loved the time I have spent at Traralgon College both as College Principal for the past 6 ¼  years and for the 2 ¼ years as Junior Campus Principal before that.


However after 8 ½ years at the college it is time for me to move on, and as I now live in Warragul this will save me a great deal of travel as well as being an opportunity to take what I have learnt at Traralgon College and apply it at a new school in a different context. I commenced this position on Monday July 18. 


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the Principal Team, the Leadership Team and all the staff who work so hard to support the students of Traralgon. A special thanks to our parents who take and have taken roles in the past as College Councillors and who have supported me in the tough but rewarding job of College Principal.


I leave the college knowing that the team of staff have put in place many changes and improvements aimed at engaging our students and providing opportunities for deep and meaningful learning. This is no easy task with the demands of modern life, technology and the many distractions and challenges our students face. All our staff should be acknowledged for the work they do.


Sue Coffey has been appointed as College Principal in an acting capacity while the Department of Education and Training organises a replacement process for a substantive replacement. Sue has been a key member of our Principal Team for the past 5 ½ years as Senior Campus Principal and will lead the college with skill and confidence continuing the work that is already underway and guiding the college through the upcoming school review process.


Thank you all for your support over the past years and I look forward to seeing and hearing about the continued development of Traralgon College into the future.

College Princpal's Report

Mrs Sue Coffey
College Principal

Welcome back for term three and as many of you know Mr Paul van Breugel has taken up the position of College Principal at Warragul Regional College so in the interim l have been appointed as the acting College Principal until the position is filled on a more permanent basis. Mr van Breugel’s message to students and families is in this issue of the College Connection so please take some time to read it. We are currently working on sourcing someone for the Senior Campus Principal position and we will notify everyone as soon as possible.


College Assembly

Earlier this week was the first of our whole College Assemblies and the performances and informative presentations delivered by the students were exceptional. The logistics of getting all 941 students into the senior campus hall in a timely manner and having them sit quietly was expected to be challenging but we were pleasantly surprised as everyone moved quickly and took their places. The majority of students behaved beautifully and were respectful of their peers. It takes a lot of courage to stand up and sing, play an instrument or speak in front of your peers in the classroom let alone a whole college. Thank you to all the students who performed or presented, to the school captains junior and senior for introducing the items and for showing such professionalism. A special thank you to Mr Callander at Senior Campus and Ms Coleman at Junior Campus for coordinating the SRC and helping them plan for the assembly and thank you to Mr Byrne and Ms Thompson for assisting the students who performed. We need to encourage all of our students to develop their strengths and talents and to build the confidence to share their expertise with others. Congratulations on an excellent event.


Course Counselling

Course counselling time has come around again and we need to start thinking about choosing subjects for next year. Year 9, 10 and 11 students and their families are encouraged to come to the senior campus on Wednesday evening next week to see the courses that are offered as this will help them make informed decisions about their future course of study and possible pathways to employment or further education. Details have been sent out via Compass so please read them and we look forward to seeing a packed hall on Wednesday night.


School Uniform

The majority of students who walked into the assembly yesterday were in school uniform and they certainly looked like they belonged at the college. The students who were out of uniform need to address this problem as quickly as possible. The uniform is compulsory and is set by the School Council which is our governing body. Beleza are the uniform provider and should have new jackets in next week, all other items hould be available. When all students wear the uniform and wear it with pride, our college is well represented in the community. When students mix it up and wear other colours we are considered to be a motley lot who don’t seem to care. It is everyone’s responsibility to send a positive message to the community about our college. Please do your bit.


College Strategic Plan

I will be working closely with the Campus Principals, Assistant Principals and Leading Teachers this term as we are required to review our achievements over the last four years and begin setting our strategic direction for the next four years. More details about this process and the involvement of students and families will be forwarded to students and parents during the term.


Junior Campus Principal's Report

Mr Michael Shone Campus Principal

Term 3 is an important time of the year for all Junior Campus students, particularly those in Year 9. These students will begin participating in a Senior Campus orientation program, select their 2017 Year 10 subjects and complete a range activities in their advisory classes designed to prepare them for the important decisions that lay ahead.


This week all Year 9 students spent one period at the Senior Campus participating in an introduction to Year 10, the course selection process and an activity designed to make them familiar with the campus. On Wednesday 27th July all Year 9 students and parents have been invited to attend an important information session at the Senior Campus on the Year 10-12 program. During this term all Year 7 and 8 students will also make their elective subject choices for this year and all parents are encouraged to discuss these decisions with their children.


Chinese Delegation at Junior Campus

Throughout the first week of this term, Traralgon College hosted a delegation of 18 students and 3 teachers from our sister school in Taizhou, on Tuesday 12th July this delegation spent the day at the Junior Campus. Hosts and guides for the day were our six Year 9 students who are travelling to China for 6 weeks in Term 4 this year – Jared Bates, Liam Deering, Jacob Lambert, Rennae Munson, Taylah Murie and Selina Patton. These students welcomed the delegation to the school in Chinese, then guided the students through the program for the day. The delegation spilt into two groups and both groups participated in a Cooking, Maths, Physical Education and Chinese Lanaguage class with our students. At the end of the day the Chinese students said they had enjoyed the day immensely and spoke of how different the opportunities and learning was in Australian schools compared to those in China. On Sunday 17th July myself and Traralgon teacher Miss Yuanbin Wei accompanied the students back to Melbourne to farewell them. The Chines edelegation  expressed gratitude and appreciation for the warm welcome they received from all students and the Traralgon community during their time here.



Wakakirri Preview Performance

On Monday 25th July, Traralgon College’s team of 80 junior and senior students will present our 2016 Wakakirri performance to the community. Wakakirri - which was formerly called Rock Eisteddfod - is a state-wide competition where teams of performers from schools explore a theme and tell a story though dance and song. Traralgon College has a long and proud history of successful involvement and next Monday our team will give a preview performance to Primary School students and Junior Campus students during the school day. A preview performance will be held for family and community members at 7:00pm on Monday 25th July and all interested people are encouraged to come along and support our team. On Monday 1st August our team will perform and compete in Melbourne.


Year 9 Job Skills Expo

Year 9 students have been given the opportunity to participate in the Gippsland Job Skills Expo on Tuesday 26th July. The Job Skills Expo conducted at Lardner Park is a highly successful program for Year 9 students. It provides an opportunity for young people from local schools and community programs to attend and gain an increased insight into career pathways and training options. Over 100 exhibitors, from Universities, TAFEs and industry from the local area and across the state, provide a “hands on” experience for participants. The Expo includes the opportunity for parents and members of the public to also attend.



Permission Deadlines for Excursions and Camps

All Junior Campus events that require parent permission have a deadline of two days or more before the commencement of the event. Parents are able to provide consent and make payment online via Compass for an event up until midnight of the due date. This cut-off date and time is in place to allow the school to plan for changes to staffing, transport and alternative programs back at school based on the number of students for whom payment and consent has been made. Parents and guardians please note that this due date will not be altered under any circumstances. Students are not able to submit signed permission forms and payment after the due date, and parents are not able to complete payment or consent via Compass after the due date.

Junior Campus News

Fun Run

Mrs Robyn Flewin


On Thursday 9th of June, Year 7 students participated in the Annual Traralgon College Health Day. Students were involved in 3 different sessions including the impacts of sexting, teenage nutritional needs, hidden sugar in everyday items, the traffic light system for classifying foods and a year level round robin volleyball tournament.  We had a guest speaker, Claire, from Latrobe Community Health Services to help with these. A big thanks to all the staff and students for their participation.

A great time was had and some new information was presented that needs to be processed.


In the afternoon session we held the Annual Adidas Fun Run. Students either ran two laps of the marked area around the school or walked one lap. It was great to see lots of students really challenging themselves to either complete the two laps or be one of the first runners for their year level. Well done to

all students for their active participation and thank you to staff for their help. Thanks to students for all their fundraising efforts.

Tee Cee's Cafe

Mr Nicholas Ludowyk (Chef)


In Term 2, students in the Year 9  Food for Occasions class organised and produced a café for 25 guests which included both family members and staff of the  College. The menu that was designed included  a ‘Tropical Sunset’ mocktail, Creamy Pumpkin Soup, Butter Masala Chicken, and Raspberry and Chocolate Brownies with House-made Vanilla Ice cream.

Students worked in 4 areas:    Waiters, Entrées, Mains and  Desserts, with each section   having an ‘in-charge’ person  voted  by the rest of the group called a ‘Chef de  Partie’.


Students prepared a fantastic and  delicious culinary  experience for their guests, whilst learning a lot and having fun along the way. Well done!


AIME Program


AIME is a program designed to support the education of young Indigenous students through a mentoring program led by undergraduate students from Federation University. The program also aims to recognise the Indigenous identity of each student and build a sense of value and appreciation for the aboriginal culture within the school.

On Wednesday 22nd June, AIME coordinators and mentors came to the Junior Campus to review the program so far and set out future plans. Our Indigenous students were invited to participate in a discussion of evaluation of the program so far and hear about plane for the remainder of the year. This includes two more visits to Federation University, a continuation of the after school ‘tutor squad’ tutoring program and two whole campus events celebrating Indigenous Australian culture.


Senior Campus Principal's Report

Student Exhibition Evening
27 July

The College is hosting a student exhibition evening on Wednesday 27 July. This event will be held at the Senior Campus, at 154-184 Grey St and will be in the Hall. The evening will commence at 7pm and conclude at 8.30pm.

Students entering Years 10-12 are able to build an individual course by selecting subjects to study in accordance with their own interests and intended career paths. All students from Years 9-11 are spending time in Term 3 completing a course counselling process with their teachers to help establish goals and identify appropriate subjects to select.

As part of this process, the student exhibition evening will showcase a range of past and current projects being undertaken by students in particular subjects that will be offered in 2016. The night enables parents and incoming students to form a better understanding of the subjects on offer for them to choose. On the evening, parents and students will be provided with written information about curriculum options like VETiS and VCAL, but these will not form a part of the presentation, in order to maximise the time you have to visit the different stall and speak to teachers and external providers.

The night will consist of:
7:00PM Welcome by Sue Coffey – College Principal

15 min video presentation featuring previous and current students explaining and showcasing the work they have done in selected classes.

7:30-8:30PM 1 hour to visit displays from each learning area,  as well as external ‘VETiS’ (Vocational Education and Training in School) and Tertiary Education providers, Careers Practitioners and an opportunity to talk to teachers from each learning area about the subjects that are offered in 2015.

8:00PM Second presentation/video for students and parent unable to make it to the 7:00PM session.

All students entering Year 10-12 in 2017 are encouraged to attend this session with their parents, as the evening is a key part of their course counselling and selection process.
If you have any queries, please contact Mr Aden Wyers or Mr Paul Crutchley at the Senior Campus to discuss further.

Chinese Delegation
Thank You

Our Chinese delegation from Taizhou High School enjoyed their visit last week to Traralgon. They visited Phillip Island, Tarra Bulga National Park and spent time at the College and their host families.


I would like to thank the families and staff that hosted students and teachers, we would not be able to host these delegations without you generously opening your homes and including them in your family.

Senior Campus News

Miss Karen Anders
Year 10 Coordinator

Inspiring Young Women

At the end of last term, a number of girls from across the Latrobe Valley attended the Inspiring Young Women event held at the Italian Australian Club. Students from Traralgon College heard from three guest speakers who spoke of their diverse pathways and the steps they took to follow their passion and dreams. Our girls enjoyed a relaxing dinner with women who share similar career interests and are currently working in their chosen field. The event offered an opportunity for our girls to hear about the demands of each job, and they were also able to network for the future. Thank you to the Baw Baw LLEN for organising this event.


Late last term, Year 10 students participated in the Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV), Ready, Set, Go! – Work Ready Program. 
This involved a visit from the World Of Work On Wheels (WOWOW) bus.  The purpose of the program is to:

  • Build career aspirations;
  • Develop awareness of and build on Core Skills for Work; 

  • Improve understanding of the ‘World of Work’; 

  • Improve awareness of further study pathway options; 

  • Assist with subject selection; 

  • Provide awareness of occupations in key growth industries in Victoria .

The WOWOW Bus travelled to 20 Victorian government schools in remote and rural Victoria over Term 2. It showcased some new technologies such as NAO the Humanoid Robot and the Samsung Gear 3D Glasses. Students sat on the bus to view and immerse themselves in some of the growth industry areas exposing them to different career options and building aspirations. A set of the Samsung 3D glasses will be donated to the school at the completion of the program.


Work Experience

Year 10s undertook their Work Experience placements at the end of last term.    It was great to visit our students in their work places! Many employers made positive comments about the way our students have engaged with their work.  Students have enjoyed the opportunity to try something different to the routine of school and to experience the demands of different jobs. They have returned to school with a better understanding of the direction they wish to pursue in the future.


Student accounts of Work Experience:

‘I got to use a camera and take photos for advertising small businesses’. (Bec)


'I watched several surgeries, helped with cleaning the place up and made a few friends with the clinic cats and patients that came in over the week…  Thank you to the people I worked with!' (Melissa)


‘I learned a lot of new skills and built up my confidence with customers and workers.  Everyone there was super welcoming and taught me a lot’.  (Brooke)


‘It has opened my eyes to a career option and confirmed that I want to do something to do with special needs for the rest of my life’. (Jorja)


‘It was really good insight into being a teacher and also how to talk to children’.  (Ashley) 

Rose Garden Rejuvenation

Mr Peter Gafa
​Miss Sandy Williams

Hands on Learning students have been  restoring the Rose Garden to its former splendour.


This is just one of many Hands on Learning (HOL) projects Year 10 students undertake around the Campus. HOL help students to plan projects, help arrange materials and then learn some valuable hands on skills that will help them to secure future employment.    


Pictured are Hands on Learning students Tija Manuel and Stephen Cannard with Mr Peter Gafa and Ms Sandy Williams

Student Achievement

Erin Howlett
Weightlifting Champion

Congratulations to Year 11 student Erin Howlett. Erin competed last weekend in the National Youth Weighlifting Championships at Olympic Park in Sydney.


Erin broke two Victorian records, for the highest weight snatched and the total weight lifted in the snatch and clean and jerk.


Erin has been training as a weightlifter for 2 and a half years, she trains twice per week at Hawthorn Weightlifting Club as well as twice per week in Traralgon.


We wish Erin the very best in her quest to qualify for the World Junior Championships in a few years time.


Shannon Freeman VIS Scholarship

Congrtaulations to Year 10 student Shannon Freeman who has gained a scholarshp with the Victorian Institute of Sport Netball Program for 2016-2017.


We wish Shannon the very best for her training with VIS and look forward to following her Netball career.



Donate to the School Resource Fund

Voluntary Financial Contribution


Parents and Guardians are requested to make a contribution to the school to support the School Resources Fund.


While $150 is the suggested amount, Traralgon College are grateful for contributions of any amount.


Donations ot the School Resources Fund will be used to purchase much needed resources and equipment that will enhance your student's learning, including:

Science lab equipment

Sports and outdoor recreation equipment

Audio Visual equipment

Art & Technology equipment

Class sets of books

Access to sigital subscriptions

Other erquipment as required.


To donate call the office or drop in and see our office staff.


Community News

Wakakirri Preview Performance


A preview performance of the Traralgon College Wakakirri 2016 entry will be held on:


Monday 25 July at the Junior Campus Stadium, 7.00pm
Entry is $2.00
All Welcome

Please come along and support the students who have been working hard on their performance for Wakakirri 2016.


Southern Cross Cultural Exchange

We would like to invite students and families to experience a different culture first-hand through voluntarily hosting a European high school student on exchange. With Europe being so much in the news lately we thought this might be a timely invitation to get a better understanding of European culture from none other than young European students who are coming here on exchange.


Please select from one of our attached flyers to find out more about hosting a French or German student. We also have some students arriving from Finland and Sweden. All would be happy to share their culture, including insight into their education systems with their fellow Aussie students, and make friends.


Autism Health & Well Being Expo

The Autism Health & Well Being Expo is being held on Sunday, 31st July 2016 in Preston, Melbourne. Over 70 Exhibitors will be on board to share information on clinical, natural and social autism services, along with teacher training organisations and equipment companies that specialise in sensory calming products for students with autism at your school.



There’s also speaker presentations and a Quiet Room to retreat to when needed. This event is for people with autism, carers, teachers and anyone else that wants to know more!


A flyer is enclosed that you can distribute to staff and families by email, post on Facebook and noticeboards, and include in your school newsletter. 


Tickets are selling fast and are capped this year to keep the event autism friendly, and are available at


See the below flyer for more details


Morwell East FNC Open Day

Morwell East Football Netball Club welcome all to their open day on Saturday 23 July commencing at 12.30pm in our social club rooms.


See the below flyer for more details


College Calendar

July 2016

25 - Wakakirri Preview Performance

26 - Year 9 Job Skills Expo excursion

27 - Student Exhibition Evening Senior Campus 7.00pm (see College Principal's Report for more information)

28 - Australian Mathematics Competition

29 - Medea Excursion - Year 11 Literature Students

August 2016

1-3 Mt Baw Baw VCE Outdoor Education Trip

1-2 Wakakirri Heats in Melbourne

1 - Wakakirri Melbourne Performance

12 - Year 10 Health Services Excursion to Morwell

18 - Print A Car Challenge -  Qualifiying

19 - AIME Day for Indigenous Students

31 - Debutante Ball

September 2016

1 - Debutante Ball

7-16 Natural Wonders of the Ouback Camp

18 - Print-A-Car Challenge 

12 - Wakakirri Grand Final

16 - Last day Term 3

October 2016

3 - First day Term 4

21 -  Last day for Year 12

26 -  Year 12 exams commence

November 2016

1 - Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

18 - Year 12 exams conclude

December 2016

20 -  Last day Term 4

College Connection
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Host a German student - for School Newsletter 2016.pdf
Host a French student - for School Newsletter 2016 - last group.pdf
Host a German student - for School Newsletter 2016.pdf
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Morwell East Open Day.pdf