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06 December 2017
Issue Twenty-one
School Dates
Principal's Report
School & Year Level News
Global Citizen Awards
Out of School Hours Care, Parent &  Community News
Ormond Primary School
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School Dates

Dates to Remember


Wednesday 6th - Prep to Yr 2 Swimming

Thursday 7th - Prep to Yr 2 Swimming

                               -  District Swim Trials 4pm

Friday 8th - Yr5/6 Interschool Sport Finals

Monday 11th - Prep to Yr 2 Swimming

                                  Yr 2/3 Theatre Productions

Tuesday 12th - Transition Program 11:30am - 


Wednesday 13th - Prep Animals of Oz

                   -  2018 School Payments/Booklists Due

Thursday 14th - Year 6 Rush HQ

Friday 15th - Prep to Yr 2 Swimming

Wednesday 20th - Yr 6 Graduation

                                       - Yr 3 Wattle Park visit

Thursday 21st - Dress Up Favourite Colour Day

Friday 22nd - School Dismissed at 1:30PM 


Events on Compass awaiting Parent Approval


Animals of Oz - by 6th December

Year 4

2018 Year 5 Camp 

Year 5

2018 Yr 6 Parliament Excursion

Year 6

Rush HQ

Selected Students

Yr 5/6 Interschool Sport Finals

2018 Swimming Trials


COMPASS Parent Portal


*Please note that once the 'due by' date has passed the online consent function is no longer available. Please contact the office for further information.


2017 Term Dates


31st January to 31st March - 2:30pm finish


18th April to 30th June - 2:30pm finish


17th July to 22nd September - 2:30pm finish


9th October to 22nd December-1:30pm finish

2017 Curriculum Days

There are no further Curriculum Days scheduled for 2017.

2017 School Council Meeting

  • Tuesday 12th December 6:00pm

2017 Education Sub-Committee Meetings

  • Tuesday 5th December  6:30pm

Communications Sub Committee Meetings

There are further meetings scheduled for 2017.

2017 Public Holidays

  • Monday 25th December - Christmas Day

2018 Enrolment School Tours

There are no more school tours scheduled for 2017.  Should you wish to have a tour please contact the office on 9578 1327.


Enrolment Packs for 2018 are available from the School Office.

Whole School Tranisition Program 2017/2018

Tuesday 12th December 2017 - 11:30am – 1:00pm

  • Classroom Orientation. Children are required to bring their lunch on this day.

2018 Term Dates


29th January to 29th March

*Monday 29th January is a Curriculum Day - students in Year 1-6 will commence school for 2018 on Tuesday 30th January. Foundation students will commence on Wednesday 31st January.*


16th April to 29th June


16th July to 21st September


8th October to 21st December


Term 1, 2 and 3 students are dismissed early at 2:30pm on the last day of each term.  Term 4 students are dismissed at 1:30pm on the last day.  The After School Care Program will open early on these days.

School Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8:15am to 4:15pm 

Ph: 03 9578 1327                

Fax: 03 9578 4540

Our Vision

We believe:

  • All children should be stimulated, engaged, challenged and supported in their learning.
  • The school environment must have a safe and nurturing quality which allows all children the opportunity to learn.
  • The school community promotes and values diversity in interests, beliefs and perspectives.             
  • Students can be effective global citizens with a sense of belonging and responsibility to our world.

Our Values


  • Treating one another with consideration and courtesy
  • For self and others
  • For property and the environment


  • Displaying fairness in our words and actions
  • Accepting of other people’s beliefs
  • Accepying of other people’s differences
  • Accepting of other people’s perspectives


  • Gaining knowledge and skills through educational experiences
  • Seeking knowledge through study and investigation
  • Displaying a positive aƫtude towards learning
  • Utilise critical and strategic thinking


  • Never give up
  • Remain committed to achieving our goals
  • Excellence
  • Take pride in what we do
  •  Strive to always do our best

The Ormond Team

Acting Principal

Natalie Rose

Assistant Principal 

Lorrie Dell


Natalie Rose

Lorrie Dell

Sally Berryman

Felicity Hall-Shulman

Lorraine Bell


Helene Ioannou 

Jacinda Hocking

Stephanie Halliday

Year 1 

Joshua Hewett

Paul Bratt

Andrea Durward

Year 2 

Sally Berryman - Foundation to  Year 2 Team Leader

Effie Liarakos

Year 3 

Joshua Kamoen

Jade Lipson

Julie Nield

Year 4

Lorraine Bell - Year 3-4 Team Leader

Gregg Workman

Margot Hudson

Year 5 

Felicity Hall-Shulman - Year 5-6 Team Leader

Siobhan Hosking

Year 6 - Level 4

Sandra Johnson

Chris Cheverton

Specialist Teachers

Michael Pannam - PE/Sport

Helen Kupfer - Visual Arts

Kim Stewart - ICT

Anna Park - Korean Language

Welfare/Education Support

Lorrie Dell - Wellbeing & Welfare Coordinator

Michelle De Silva

Sue Rimmer

Belinda Van Kessel

Lina Sidiropoulos

Bianca Borsi

Amanda Davis


Jan Cassidy - Business Manager

Brodie Thomson - Communications

Out of School Hours Care

April Kopitz - Program Coordinator 

Sharelle Davis - Assistant Coordinator

Tristan Kopitz



Principal's Report

From the Principal...

Over the last fortnight, life at Ormond Primary School has been extremely busy. We have been finalising class structures, student placements and staffing arrangements which can be quite a complex process in any school during this time of the year.


Balancing the needs of the students, staff, increased enrolment demands, recruitment processes, managing an ever changing staffing profile, budgetry constraints, finalising our appointments and managing staff that might be potentially returning or leaving Ormond Primary School can cause some feelings of uncertainty. I hope all families can understand and support this process, as this is a school’s operational obligation and cannot be discussed within the community.


Class Placements

When we are compiling class lists, many factors are taken into account including academic abilities, individual needs, gender, learning partners, student relationships and previous class placements/teachers.  We also look at what is in the best educational interests of students as a whole. It’s about getting the balance right – and making the classes fair for all.


Our teachers have spent considerable time on these allocations and parental input has also been valued in this process. On Tuesday 12th December all students will meet their 2018 teacher and peers. Please support your child to embrace change and demonstrate their utmost resilience, even if they feel disappointment. These are just little hurdles we all face in our daily lives and what makes us stronger as individuals.


2018 School Payments

A reminder that the inital 2018 School Payments are due by Wednesday 13th December 2017. 

It is the school’s preference that all payments are made via the Compass Parent Portal. Parents/Carers must also complete the annual Permissions and Agreements for 2018 at the same time.  Compass accepts Debit and Credit cards.  Payment plans are also available if you pay via Compass.

Manual payments can be made at the office by cash, cheque, credit card or EFTPOS.  If you choose this option you must still access Compass to complete the annual Permissions and Agreements. Manual payments will not be accepted over the phone.

Donations to the Building Fund are tax deductable a separate tax deductable receipt will be issued. These payments can also be made via Compass.

The State Government now provides a CSEF payment of $125.00 per child to go towards Camps, Swimming, Interschool Sports and Excursions.  To be eligible for this Fund you must be in possession of a Health Care Card which will be valid as at 29th January 2018. If you believe you are eligible for this payment, please come to the office to collect an application form.  Please do not pay any contributions for 2018 until you have completed this form and spoken to our Business Manager, Jan Cassidy.

If you have any issues or questions regarding Compass, please contact Brodie in the Office on 9578 1327.


Extreme Weather Conditions

After arriving at school on Monday, we were pleasantly surprised that there was not much damage caused by the storm. The department’s Security/Emergency Services sent out plumbers and electricians to help deal with the leaking roof and electrical faults. It turns our pigeons are more of a problem than our roof, as they have decided to set up their homes in our pipes. Apart from the library and outside Mr Cheverton’s room, there was no additional damage caused throughout the school. 


School Review - 2018

Last week the Leadership Team met with our Senior Education Improvement Leader – Stuart Andrews to review the 2017 Annual Implementation Plan and celebrate some of our achievements over the last six months, as well as discuss goals and key improvement strategies for 2018. Every four years, Primary Schools in Victoria write a 4 year Strategic Plan that lists the key initiatives for continuous school improvement. The Plan is written in consultation with students, staff and parents. From the Strategic Plan, the school identifies goals for each of the three years. In 2018 the school will undertake a self-evaluation in readiness for the School Review which contributes to the development of a new Strategic Plan.



Whilst we all braved Melbourne’s extreme weather conditions, it seems strange that we are now officially entering the summer months. I would like to remind all families that we have updated our school’s SunSmart policy attached below. Apart from wearing wide brimmed hats, I would like to remind families to provide each student with their own roll on sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays are harmful because overexposure to UVB radiation can cause sunburn and some forms of skin cancer. It also has harmful effects on the eye as well as the immune system. During the summer months we encourage parents to apply sunscreen before school and we will help remind your child to re-apply at lunchtime. We have also attached this to our website to help parents check UV ratings.

SeeUV is also a warning tool for current UV levels. Although you can’t see or feel UV, the app uses the current temperature and UV readings to depict the strength of UV rays in your environment – the more red rays dancing across your screen, the greater the UV damage danger at that location – telling you to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide. Check out the app for yourself, free on Google Play and the App Store. Let’s all be proactive and prevent skin cancer in future years.


New Student Toilets

We are extremely excited to receive the news that the Department of Education & Training will fund the full refurbishment of our student toilets. A few weeks ago I met with the Victorian School Building Authority – Architects and our plans have been submitted for the tendering process and appointment of contractors. The scope of works exceeds all of our expectations and will be over $50,000. We hope that the emergency works can proceed immediately during the summer break or at least at the end of Term 1.


Our students have been extremely excited by the news and starting to show more respect for our facilities in the interim. Our Student  Action Team for School Hygiene have generated great reminders and posters that are on display in the students toilets. I would appreciate if parents could also continue to remind our students not to loiter in the toilets and respect each other’s privacy. It has been brought to my attention that students have been engaging in the following behaviours which will warrant serious consequences.  

  1. Peeping through the doors
  2. Urinating on the seats
  3. Wasting toilet paper by throwing  wet paper up on the ceiling
  4. Switching lights off – frightening younger children
  5. Locking doors from the inside and climbing out
  6. Throwing paper towels on the floors
  7.  Graffiti
  8.  General inappropriate behaviour

As a result of this funding, we can now turn our attention to refurbishing the Art room and even consider insulating the walls our Year 6 classrooms, which were poorly built during the BER project and become extremely hot during the summer months. We thank all parents who have already contributed to the school’s Building Fund, which is a tax-deductible donation.


Year 6 Graduation/Student Leadership

As we approach the end of the year, our Year 6 students are preparing for their special activities as part of their celebrations. On Wednesday 20th December, we get the opportunity to acknowledge the graduating classes of 2017.  We are very proud of our students and cannot wait to make this night so special and memorable for all. In the meantime our Year 5 students are starting to step up and consider what leadership opportunities they will seek in 2018. We cannot wait to hear how they will lead the school in 2018. They will certainly have big shoes to fill in many positions.


New Principal - Kerri McLeod

Last Tuesday Ms McLeod visited Ormond Primary School. She was taken on a tour of the school and met all the students. Kerri and I had a good handover meeting, which will allow her to start 2018 with all the information on hand. I know she is looking forward to meeting all members of our school community.


F-2 Swimming Program

Many of our students are enjoying their last few weeks of school participating in the school’s Swimming Program. We are seeking feedback about this program to better inform our plans for 2018. Please feel free to email the school.


Student Reports

All school reports will go live via COMPASS on Monday 18th December. Below you will find information regarding the reports and how to be able to download a copy. Comparisons cannot be made to last year’s reports as we did not report on the Victorian Curriculum Standards.

Parents of all Year 6 students as well as those of students who are departing Ormond Primary School at the end of the year are asked to please ensure you have download all your child's reports for your own records as your access to the Compass Parent Portal will no longer be available after 28th December 2017. 


Reports can be located under the 'Report' tab of your child's profile on Compass (please see attached example pictures). If you have any questions or technical issues please contact the office. 


Student Achievement

Congratulations to Ella P who was awarded the Lorraine Francis Community Award from Nick Staikos, Bentleigh’s Member of Parliament at last week’s assembly.


Ella has demonstrated her community leadership by instigating a whole school initiative to collect items for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and has organised fundraisers for  State School Relief as well as for Ormond. Ella is a very active co-captain of the Student Representative Council and always makes new students feel welcome at Ormond.


Natalie Rose                                    Lorrie Dell

Acting Principal                            Assistant Principal

School & Year Level News

Whole School News

Student Banking & Icy Pole Day

The final day of Student Banking and Icy Pole Day for 2017 will be Thursday 14th December. 


These days will recommence in 2018 on Thursday 15th February.


Dress Up Day 'Favourite Colour'

To celebrate the end of another fantastic year, the SRC would like to hold one last dress up day on Thursday 21st December.


This will be a free event. As a team, we have decided that students are allowed to come dressed in their favourite colour, and teachers will be dressing up in school uniform.


Awards will be given to the best dressed teacher and 1 student from each year level. Please do not use paint or hair spray. Thank you for all your contributions this year and the SRC Team have thoroughly enjoyed working with the whole community.



SRC Team

Library News

Book Borrowing 

As a lead up to the end of year, students will no longer be able to borrow books form the Library as of Monday 4th December. 

Please ensure all books have been returned as soon as possible. 

Year 1 News

Chesterfeild Farm

On Wednesday 22nd the Year Ones spent the day at Chesterfield Farm. This term the Year Ones are learning about ‘Plants, Animals and Us’. As a part of our unit of investigation, the students had the opportunity to see and experience a real Farm in action. Students were highly engaged in all the activities throughout the day.


The activities included spending time in the baby animal nursery, hand milking a cow named Ginger, a cow milking show, sheepdog demonstration, a feed trail and learning about animals and animal products in the discovery barn. It was certainly a very hot and tiring day but it was a great day enjoyed by all. A big thank you to the four parents who came to help out on the day, it was very much appreciated.


Year 2 News

Lego Education Centre Excursion

A fun day was had by the Year 2 students a few weeks ago when they visited the Lego Education Centre in the Docklands. Below are some students recaps of the day. 


"The Lego Centre was  a fun and enjoyable place. In room one  we made  simple machines. In the other, we made creative creations."  - Adam 

"We made machines that we use at home. We made hand beaters, cars and fans." -  Sophie H

"I enjoyed making a space machine." -   Lily 

"We made a throne out of large rubber lego for Ms Liarakos."  - Zoe 

"The Lego Centre was awesome, we made lots of sculptures." - Jack 


Year 5 News

Last Monday Year 5 students entered the hall filled with excitement, not knowing what laid in front of us. After everything was explained we headed into groups of 5 and 6 and split up into parts of the room. We were all given a coloured ball ready for the ‘Ball Challenge’. As we started the activity, Michael our instructor came around and gave us help when needed. The activity was based on teamwork, as we had to throw the ball diagonally to each other, trying not to drop the ball and if we did, we had to start again. This seems like an easy activity but it was challenging.


As the incursion progressed we moved on to a different activity. We joined teams and then began the ‘Boot Challenge’. This was also a very challenging activity needing both leadership and team skill.  At the end of the season we were all puffed out, because we had put in 100%. We were all so lucky for Michael to come in and show us how to do great teamwork. We all had a blast in the session.


By Morgan and Senin


Visual Arts News

 All the Roosters have made their way to the Zart Art Studio ready for The Student Gallery Opening Night!  Some of the Roosters had a quick play in my garden before the long drive over to Boxhill (see their frolicking photos)

Save this date! The opening night is fast approaching! Select students from grades 1 to 6 have artwork exhibiting as part of their Term 1 showing and I’m sure would love to see some friendly faces at the Gallery. 

We hope to see you in the Gallery for this wonderful event celebrating the artistic merits of our future artists!


Student Gallery Opening Night

  • Date: Thursday 7th December 2017
  • Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Official Opening: 4:30pm
  • Venue: Zart Art Student Gallery
  • 4/41 Lexton Road, Box Hill North 3129
  • A light afternoon tea will be provided.
  • RSVP: Monday 4th December 2017

Please contact Colleen with the number of people attending. Email: [email protected] zartart.com.au – or – Phone: 03 9890 1867


Exhibition on display from Friday December 1st 2017 until Tuesday March 13th 2018.

Parking at Zart: Please be advised there is NO ON-SITE PARKING available at the Zart Complex for events/workshops. For this occasion special parking will be available just across the road, or alternatively there is also free all-day parking in the surrounding area. Please bring this map with you on the night to help you find parking!


PE/Sports News

District Simming Trials

Swimming trials for the Ormond P.S. swim team will be held at Carnegie Swim Centre on Thursday 7th December between 4.00 – 5.00.

Students from years 2 to 5 in 2017 may try out. Students must be able to swim 50m with confidence and not stopping along the way.

Parental help with timing etc would be appreciated. 


Students will be required to pay an entrance fee on the way in.


Michael Pannam

Sports Coordinator

House Points Leaderboard

The weekly House Points are as follows: 

Hollows - 43 points

McKillop - 44 points

Flynn - 42 points

Chisolm - 45 points. 


The overall House Points currently are:

Hollows - 327 points

Mckillop - 343 points

Flynn - 339 points

Chisolm - 388 points


Tom & Tom

Flynn Captains

Festive Colouring Frenzy

The festive season is coming so we thought it would be a great idea to host a brand new End of Year Colouring Competition called 'Festive Colouring Frenzy'. Entries will close Monday 11th December.


The picture can be of anything that makes you feel festive, for example Christmas, Hanukkah or Summer Holidays so you can get really creative. The competition is open to all year levels. The winner isnt judge on best drawing, it will also be judged on most interesting and creative design. 


Please use A4 size paper to create your masterpieces and hand them in upstairs in the Year 5/6 Atrium. 


Claudia & Arden                               Nathan & Sarah.

Arts Captains                                    School Captains

Global Citizen Awards

Global Citizen Award Certificates will be presented at assembly on...

Monday 11th December 9:00am 


Eva M  -  Persistence

Eva has worked diligently on all learning tasks throughout the year and has been a wonderful role model for her peers and has developed great confidence in herself and her ability. Well done, Eva!

Zoe G  -  Persistence

Zoe has consistently strived to improve her writing. She has become more confident using class charts and lists. Zoe always takes great care to ensure it is 5 star writing. Great work , Zoe!

Elly R  -  Quality Learning

Elly has been working hard to use teacher feedback within her writing. She is working on her finger spacing and handwriting. Keep it up!

Alice M  -  Persistence

Alice has tried extremely hard this year to complete all tasks on time. Even when she has been unsure she will still persist to the end. Well done!

Mila F  -  Persistence

Mila has worked hard on her writing skills and has shown amazing improvement. She now demonstrates a positive attitude towards writing and confidently produces some great work. Keep up the great work!

Kalani R  -  Persistence

Kalani has developed a positive attitude towards learning reading and recognising high frequency words. Kalani uses great strategies to improve her reading skills. Well done, Kalani!

Year 1

Lucas Mc  -  Quality Learning

For putting in a big effort with your writing and thinking of lots of great ideas about what you would do if you could be invisible.

Jayden T  -  Respect

For respecting the feelings of others when problems come up in the playground.

Year 2

Leo  T  -  Excellence

Leo demonstrated excellence in designing and creating his toy. He also worked very  hard to complete a detailed procedure to explain how he made his toy.

Zoe  X  -  Excellence

Zoe worked very hard and showed excellence in designing and creating her push pull toy. She also took great care to include all the steps in his procedure writing. Well done Zoe

Edie H  -  Excellence

Edie completed an outstanding poetry poster about Water.

Sophie A  -  Quality Learning

Sophie’s application to detail enabled her to produce an excellent poetry poster about water.

Year 3

Sarah L  -  Quality Learning

Sarah has used strategies in setting small goals to better utilise her time during class activities. This has helped her finish her work to a high standard in a timely manner. Well done Sarah!  

Noah S  -  Quality Learning

Noah’s confidence has increased this semester. He now enjoys sharing his thoughts and opinions during class discussions. Well done Noah!

Raph S  -  Excellence

Raph has written a fabulous persuasive piece on ‘Why you Shouldn’t Have Siblings’. He included the required elements and was able to think outside the box and add in some quirky sentences to make it more humorous. Well done!

Darcy R  -  Excellence

Darcy has stepped up this term and taken greater initiative when completing tasks. As a result, he has taken more pride in his work. Well done!

Talya L  -  Excellence

For her excellent oral responses, including the use of scientific vocabulary, when describing the features of her paleontology diorama.

Connor R  -  Quality Learning

For his observations and insightful inferences during our class shared reading sessions. Well done Connor!

Year 4

Laura C  -  Respect

Laura considers the feelings of others by treating them with respect, politeness and courtesy. She is a role model for inclusiveness.

Amelia S  -  Respect

Amelia is a keen and respectful learner. She is always attentive and makes good choices. Well done on making a great start at your new school.

Nic J  -  Acceptance

NIc demonstrated outstanding team work skills when negotiating certain design elements with his team’s recent contraption project.

Mair E  -  Quality learning

Mair has worked hard to apply knew skills in writing. She  included multiple clauses to create enhance descriptions and add detail.

Daniel H  -  Excellence

Daniel has written a truly enchanting story, packed with rich vocabulary and descriptive clauses. An excellent piece of writing, Daniel.  

Isaac D  -  Persistence

Isaac has worked diligently on his division facts and strategies and made remarkable progress. Fantastic work, Isaac.

Year 5

Aidan J  -  Quality Learning

Aidan worked hard on his leadership project and it has been a pleasure to see his growth as a learner and as a member of our school community. Well done, Aidan.

Toby T  -  Respect

Toby has continued his mature approach towards both his learning and his peers and should be proud of his progress. Great work, Toby.

Delfin T  -  Excellence

Delfin’s talent for writing continues to grow. The pieces he has produced, from creative to informational, are of a very high standard.

Kate N  -  Quality Learning

Kate puts commitment and effort into everything she does. From content to presentation, her work is always the best she can do.

Year 6

Tom P  -  Excellence

For his “all round” abilities across the curriculum, including excellent leadership skills.

Tyler S  -  Respect

Tyler has gained the respect of his teachers and peers with his mature attitude to school.

Thomas O’B  -  Persistence

Thomas displayed good commitment to the preparation of a class task, for the benefit of his peers. Thanks Thomas, your help was much appreciated.       

Aiden CI  -  Excellence

Aiden has shown dedication in his role as part of the Environment Team, during Year 6 leadership time.

Visual Arts

Lily T  -  1A  -  Excellence

For completing a fabulous ‘Kandinsky’ inspired artwork, which included a vibrant colour scheme and thoughtful placement of shapes.

Maia J  -  6B  -  Excellence

The high level of pride Maia applied toward the planning and execution of her artwork in  response to Gustav Holst’s Music, resulted in an absolutely stunning composition.

Out of School Hours Care, Parent &  Community News

Out of School Hours Care

End of Term Fees

To secure your child's  2018 placement all end of term fees must be paid by Wednesday 20th of December.  Any families not returning to Ormond Primary School in 2018 must also have all their outstanding fees paid by this date. 


Summer Holiday Program

Please find attached the booking form and schedule for the Summer Hoiliday Program. Bookings close Monday 18th December unless booked out beforehand. 

Enrolments for 2018 Check List:

  • Have you - completed accurately the Enrolment form with start date and attached any additional sheets required i.e. copy of child’s immunisation certificate, Asthma form and Anaphylaxis form.
  • Have you - paid END OF TERM FEES by the end of term 4 2017.
  • Have you - booked the Holiday Program.
  • Have you - received a confirmation letter prior to start date on your enrolment form with the days your child/children are enrolled in the program for 2018.


After School Care Activities

Thursday 7th December              Bubble Wands                       

Friday 8th December                    Straw Painting                      


Monday 11th December              Children’s Choice Sasha                               

Tuesday 12th December             Friendship Bands                              

Wednesday 13th December      Christmas Activities              

Thursday 14th December           Christmas Activities  

Friday 15th December                 Christmas Activities  


Monday 18th December             Christmas Activities  

Tuesday 19th December            Christmas Activities                                      

Wednesday 20th December      Students at Allnut Park               

Thursday 21st December           Christmas Activities

Friday 22nd De cember              End of Year Party 1:30pm Start time


Reminder to Parents whose children will be attending Aftercare on Wednesday 20th December you will need to pick up your children from Alnutt Park before 5:45pm after this time staff will be walking the remanding children back to school and can be collected from the Art Room.


Sharelle Davis

Acting Coordinator

Out of School Hours Program




The Hawaiian Beach Party was a fabulous way of coming together with the school community to celebrate the end of the school year. The weather was tropical which made for a perfect night sitting under the trees listening to beach tunes, dancing, eating picnic and pizza and catching up with friends. The children were fabulously entertained by Tim the DJ, there was Hula for all ages, some fantastic and colourful costumes and beach games on the oval.


A big thank you to all the volunteers who contributed to the event’s success, the sponsors, Jellis Craig, Mr Burger and Will’s Batch and to the Ms Kupfler and the grade 6 students for the artistic decorations.

Mango Drive

The Mango Drive was a great success with 144 boxes of Mangoes sold. Thanks to the Year 6 students who helped unload all 144 boxes off the truck and to helpers on delivery day.


Hopefully you are all enjoying eating your mangoes!

2017 - Thats a Wrap.

P & F held its final meeting last night for the year with the main agenda of the evening to thank all of our class representatives for their contribution throughout 2017. For those of you unable to attend or who have contributed in other ways the P&F Committee thanks you for your time and energy.


Our class representatives have done a wonderful job communicating information throughout the year, organising events and supporting class room activities and teaching staff as required.


The P&F year has ended on a high note with next year’s committee already taking shape with seven members, class representatives already starting to sign up across the classes and our first Family Welcome event scheduled for Thursday February 22nd . Meetings will recommence on Tuesday 6th of February at 7.30 pm in the staff room. New faces and ideas welcome.


And finally, a massive round of applause for this year’s P & F committee who have worked as a team to organise a number of wonderful school events and fundraisers for our children and families. Thank you for your commitment, energy and enthusiasm and please enjoy a well-deserved holiday.


Contact Details:

If you are not receiving emails from P&F and would like to be added to the list, please email your details including child’s name/s and grade/s to [email protected]

Community Events & Adverts

Disclaimer:  Community Events & Adverts that appear in this newsletter are paid advertisments  or are deemed a Community announcment. Ormond Primary School is not affiliated with these organisations.

Ormond Primary School
'How To' - Make Parent Payments.pdf
'How To' Give Parent Consent.pdf
COMPASS Parent Guide update 2018.pdf
P-2 SWIM timetable 2017.pdf
Letter to Parents on Reporting.pdf
Letter to Parents on Reporting.pdf
SunSmart Policy.pdf
Summer Booking Confirmation 2018.pdf
Summer Schedule 2018.pdf