02 November 2018
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Burwood East Primary School
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Monday 12th November              9.00am

Monday 19th November              9.00am

Monday 26th November              3.00pm

Monday  3rd December                9.00am


Transition Session

Foundation 2019

Tuesday        13th November    11.30 am - 12.30 pm

Wednesday  28th November    11.30 am - 12.30pm

Please meet at the school hall at 11.15 am 

Please see Website for details



2nd November Year 1/2 Chesterfield Farm Excursion 

2nd November Foundation Myuna Farm Excursion

13th November Second Hand Uniform Shop

23rd November Moonlight Cinema

29th November LAST DAY OF COMMONWEALTH BANK  SCHOOL BANKING(No processing will be available after this date)

30th November Year 2 Sleepover




6th December Year 6 Fun Day

11th December 2019 Day

13th December Graduation Night

14th December Year 6 Sports Day

Curriculum Days

Monday 5th November

(students do not attend school)

Public Holidays

Melbourne  Cup Day

Tuesday 6th November


Term 4 Dates

Monday 8th October to Friday 21st December

 Principal's Report

This week I had the pleasure of attending the Year 5 and 6 camp at Maldon. It was fantastic to spend some time with the students and see them outside in the school environment. The camp  specialises in bicycle safety and provides a fun and relaxed environment for all students to build positive relationships with their peers and teachers. I would like to thank the staff; Daniel, Shona Rob, Daniel A and Beth for their organisation of the camp and for ensuring that the children had a variety of great experiences.

As most of you know enrolments are set to rise once more to around 540 to 550 next year. I was informed last week that we would be receiving an additional Mod5 GPC Relocatable building in time for the beginning of the 2019 school year.

As the weather has recently warmed up, we have been seeing more and more students on the school grounds between 7.30am and 8.45am.  I would like to remind all students and families that staff do not officially commence duty until 8.45am.  Whilst it is lovely to see students keen to be at school and spending time with their friends, we are not in a position to supervise games and activities and would hate to see an accident or incident occur when there is no supervision or assistance.  I would ask that students arrive a little later when adequate supervision can be provided.  Thank you for your co-operation.


Thank you to the parents who have taken the time to write to me regarding information or concerns they may have over their child’s class placement for 2019. 


The last Pupil Free Curriculum Day for the year is on Monday 5th November. As the ‘Melbourne Cup’ public holiday falls on the Tuesday 6th November, school will resume in that week on Wednesday 7th November.


With the warm weather about to start, it is vital that all students wear their school, SunSmart hat when outside. Students who do not have a hat will be asked to play in the shade, students should also be drinking water regularly and taking breaks from play if they are getting too hot.


To assist our 2019 planning we would like to hear from families who are moving and their children not returning to Burwood East PS. Please let us know in writing as soon as possible.


Yours in partnership,


Darren McDonald


Principal Learning Awards


As Principal, I believe it is very important that I acknowledge the wonderful work our students produce in all areas of the curriculum, therefore students are encouraged to visit me in my office (classroom) to showcase their achievements.



























Happy Birthday

Children who have a birthday that falls during the week may wear free dress for that day and for those children whose birthday falls on the weekend they can wear free dress on the Monday.



Student of the Week Awards

Student of the Week Awards are presented weekly at assembly.  These awards recognise students effort and success in the classroom. Well done to the following students!

























Assistant Principal's Report

Dear Members of the Burwood East Primary School Community,


Life Education

What another action packed two weeks we have had here at BEPS. The Life Education program has now finished with students across all levels learning more about their own health and wellbeing in an engaging and positive manner. Thank you to Samantha Howden for her organisation of the program across the whole school.


Walk to School Month/Year 5 & 6 Camp

We have also come to the end of walk to school month, where so many of our students have been active by walking, riding or scooting to school. There was also lots of walking and riding at our Year 5/6 Camp at Maldon that I attended on Tuesday. It was great to see our Year 5/6 students challenging themselves in a different setting and demonstrating resilience and confidence in attempting less familiar tasks such as rock climbing and an obstacle course. The afternoon was completed with a bike ride from the camp to learn more about the ‘misfortune’ of some gold miners in the late 1800s. Thank you to all the Year 5/6 staff, Beth and our parent and student teacher volunteers for helping support our students over the 3 days.


Curriculum Day

This Monday the 5th of October is a Curriculum Day so students are not required to attend school. The staff will be using the day to further develop our Inquiry Investigations approach for 2019 and beyond. Providing opportunities for our staff to plan and develop units of work together is important to ensure that we continue to develop and evolve our programs as a ‘Whole School Approach’.


Student Hygiene 

This week there has been a number of students presenting at school with symptoms such as cold or flu-like symptoms, vomiting or diarrhoea. Unfortunately, this is an issue that schools often have to deal with at different times. Staff have also been reminding students to make sure they are using soap and the hand driers when washing their hands as part of being hygienic at school.
If your child has these symptoms, you are encouraged to seek medical attention, limit contact with others and ensure your child stays at home until symptoms have passed. Furthermore, if a child becomes ill at school with these symptoms, we will contact the family and arrange for the collection of your child.


Many thanks,


Andrew Den Elzen

Assistant Principal's Awards























Year 5/6 Camp
Blue Light Bike Camp, Maldon

On Monday October 29, the Year Five and Six students ventured off on the two and a half hour bus ride to Maldon (not far from Bendigo) for their three-day camp.

It was a very active camp with lots of bike riding around the camp’s own track and also a ride on the roads down to an old gold mine. The students got a tour of the mine, saw some of the equipment the miners used to use and even bumped in to an old ‘loose fingered miner’ who had been stuck in there for years.

Not only was there bike riding but there were lots of other fun activities such as a rock climbing wall, inflatable archery, an obstacle course, and mini golf.

The first night we went on a small tour of some of the mining areas with our guide, Ray. He took us to many mining nostalgic sites and a ‘locomotive graveyard’, where lots of the old steam trains went to die. Due to the clean air the night sky was very visible and we were able to see Mars.

The last day we got to spend some time walking through the historic town and really learnt about the history of Maldon. We completed a mini quiz which took us to places such as the Post Office, the Art Gallery, the Primary School and we even found time to stop in at the Lolly Shop!

All the Year Five and Six students had an excellent time and showed great determination, resilience, responsibility and friendship. They should all be commended on their wonderful behaviour and positive attitude throughout the whole camp.

Thank you to the pre-service teachers, Eliza and Sam, and parent, Andrew who assisted and gave up their time to make the camp a huge success.

Daniel Darmody, Daniel Addison, Shona Garland, Rob Marks, Beth Cleary, Maria Tymms



What has been happening in Physical Education?   


After a well-deserved break for all students, Term 4 was upon us. To start our final term of the year, all students participated in the Hula Hut Challenge.

Students were given six hula hoops, a picture of the hula hut, and a peer group to work together and construct the hut.

Some students discussed the hut before starting. Other students first attempted building the hut. Some students waited and watched others construct a hut. All year levels and students had a different way of solving the Hula Hut challenge.

Students worked on their communication, teamwork and cooperative skills within their group.

Beth Cleary
PE Teacher


Sports Update

With Term 4 underway, BEPS sport is in full swing. Burwood East has been represented in the Track and Field Eastern Metropolitan Regionals, SDSSA Hot Shots Tennis, and SDSSA Cricket Gala Day.  

A special congratulations to Anneliese for participating in the Eastern Metropolitan Regionals in Week 1. Anneliese ran in both the 1500m (4th) and the 800m events. She represented Burwood East with pride and it was fantastic to see her race for the final time, before leaving for secondary school.

All the best in the future for your Cross Country, Track and Field, Swimming, and Netball.

SDSSA Hot Shots Tennis 

Congratulations to the BEPS students who competed in the SDSSA Hot Shots Tennis competition on Friday 19th October. Our students demonstrated fantastic teamwork, sportsmanship and tennis skills.

Well done to the girl’s team for winning the competition and are invited to participate in the Monash Waverley Divisionals Hot Shots competition.

Cricket Gala Day

Fantastic effort to the Year 5 and 6 students who competed in the SDSSA Cricket Gala Day on Friday 26th October. All students represented BEPS with pride and demonstrated all the school values.

Thank you to Daniel A, Eliza and the parents who supported our five teams throughout the day.

Beth Cleary
PE Teacher

Performing Arts


Students have shown their wonderful creativity in Performing Arts this semester. They have been continuing to develop their ukulele skills, playing instruments to songs and stories and participate in drama games and activities to increase their confidence and performance skills.

Our expert groups such as the school band, choir and expert ukulele group have enjoyed increasing their song repertoire and love performing to an audience.


Visual Arts


The focus this term in Visual Arts is Resources-Natural and Synthetic. Students discussed and explored what resources are and observed their differences. They discovered how resources can be used in their natural form or manipulated.

Students created amazing art using paper folding, printing, collage, drawing, weaving, photography, dioramas and trioramas.


Mandarin in the Classroom


In the Mandarin classroom, we learnt through music, games, calligraphy, arts, crafts, and sharing. This term BEPS the students inquiry is into natural and synthetic resources. The students also learnt about and celebrated a significant Chinese festival - Mid-autumn festival.

Foundation consolidate natural resource learning through games and sharing.

Year One celebrate mid-autumn festival by reciting the moon poem and having a go at making a lantern. Year Two did Calligraphy writing on special paper and described natural resources to their peers.

Year Three and Four learnt about natural resources through ICT.

Year Five and Six investigated their Inquiry topic of natural and synthetic resources.

EAL Learning


In EAL, students have been learning how to identify and use text features of non-fiction texts, labeling and drawing diagrams of their favorite animals and researching fun facts to write information reports.


Upcoming Events
Around the School




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Lunchtime and After school Programs 

Digimaker - Computer Club Lunchtime activity

Term 4 Sessions - Please see attachment


Camp Australia - Before and After School Care

Program details



Chess - Lunchtime Activity

Term 4 Sessions please see attachment


Tennis - Lunchtime Activity

Term 4 Sessions  - please see attachment


Sporty Stars - After school and Lunchtime

Term 4 Sessions - please see attachment



Term 4 Session - please see attachment


Information Page



Community Notices 


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