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01 November 2018
2018 Issue 15
Principal's Message
Primary News
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Principal's Message

What an eventful fortnight it has been, particularly farewelling our Year 12 students. Our College mission is to raise responsible disciples of Jesus Christ, and accomplishment of this is clearly evident among the graduating class of 2018. Congratulations to all who received commendations and awards for both academic excellence and endeavour.  


We have many other events at this time of year, so please ensure you check the calendars sent by Heads of School or Coordinators to ensure you are abreast of all you need to know.


Looking to 2019 - Changes & Leadership

We will have a few changes for 2019, beginning of course with our new principal, Mr Andrew Manning, arriving in January.


In the Primary area, in order to keep class sizes to reasonable numbers for 2019, we have slightly reshaped the class structures. We will have a Prep and Prep/1 composite, three classes at each of Years 1/2, Years 3/4 and Years 5/6, and a Year 4/5 class .


Mrs Donna Martin and Mrs Jo Moore will continue to lead the Prep-Year 2 team. We will welcome back Mrs Madura Nadarajah and Mrs Anna Lam to support teaching roles in the team.

As the upper Primary will be a mix of year levels, Miss Sara Wright will coordinate Years 3-6. Mr Elkington is stepping back from coordination to take a day each week to pursue his puppetry in more depth. Mrs Karen Hooper will be the Years 3/4 Team Leader to assist Miss Wright in her extended role. Mrs Tammie Chester will join the Years 3-6 team for 2019.


In the Secondary School, Mr Joel Williamson will continue to lead the Years 7/8 team. We will welcome Mrs Jo Piening to this team in 2019. Year 6 students will be excited to know they will have a familiar teacher for some subjects moving into Year 7.


At Years 9/10, Mr Berry will be taking extended leave from March to May to have a well deserved holiday with his family. Mrs Sharyn Hadlow will be the Acting Years 9/10 Coordinator for 2019.


There are no changes at Years 11/12, with Mrs Lara Curtis-Morris continuing as Years 11/12 Coordinator, assisted by Mrs Rachelle Cooper. Mrs Olivia Williams will continue as the Trades Skills Centre Manager.


Mrs Glenys Bailey will continue as the Head of Primary, and Mrs Shirley Patterson as Head of Secondary. I will also step back to my usual role as Deputy Principal.


God bless,


Toni Steinbergs

Acting Principal

Pray for Bayside

Please pray for all our VCE students as they undertake their examinations.


Pray for our teachers as they busily prepare student reports.


Please pray for College leadership, particularly those taking on new roles and responsibilities in 2019.


Continue to pray for favour - with council and the weather - as plans are made for our North Campus and works progress on our new Science building.

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

Creativity is one of the gifts that God gives to each of us and it can be expressed in so many different ways.  This week, the G Block foyer and gym have been transformed for the Arts Technology Expo, where a wide range of student work from across the College, has been put on display.  The Prep-Year 4 students have been practising songs to perform and Mrs De Haan, our Primary Art Teacher, has spent hours in preparation. God wants us to use all the different types of arts in responsive and creative ways - visual, musical, dance, film and drama - in order to glorify Him. Creativity can also be seen in our student writing. In the past fortnight, the Years 3 and 4 students have been learning about writing different types of poetry. Some examples can be seen on my office windows.

The Primary School gardeners are starting to pick some results of their work. The students have been able to supply some lettuce to the canteen and have started picking silver beet. Soon, some of the strawberries will be ripe.


The Primary staff are currently working on compiling class lists for 2019. Please pray for staff as they do this and also prepare for writing reports. This week, the non-ELC Preps for 2019 have visited the Prep classrooms, and it was a special time for the teachers and students to start to get to know each other.


May God bless you all as you enjoy the mid-term break.


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Book Fair a Success

A big thank you to all the families who supported the Book Fair last week. With the rewards earned we were able to purchase over $500 worth of books for our Library.  Congratulations to the McLaren and Kovac familes, and Nikolas Williams who won the Book Fair prize packs. 


Jennifer Champion

Teacher Librarian


Amazing Creation

Did you know that earth is 149.6 million kms from the sun? Or did you know that the earth rotates once around the sun in 24 hours?


The Years 3/4 students are currently learning all about planet earth. We've been discussing the earth's axis, seasons, and the earth in relation to other planets. God's creation is magnificent - what a privilege it is to discover what He has put in place to help us live and glorify Him. 


Chris Elkington

Years 3/4 Coordinator


Preps out for Dinner

Our Preps had a fun night at their Prep dinner, with games, activities and a bit of dancing, followed by a delicious dinner of chicken burgers, salad, cheese  and chips, topped off with an yummy yoghurt icy-pole. What could be better?


Primary Art

The Years 3/4 students have had an exciting week in art. They have been constructing birds out of wire and paper based on observational drawings they have completed in previous art lessons. These structures will be coated in a paper pulp and decorated but already look fabulous in their raw form. 

Prep M enjoyed their art lesson doing observational drawings of flowers out in the sun. 

Our Years 5/6 students have been learning about grouting and have produced some amazing mosaics.


Caroline De Haan

Primary Art Teacher



Across the College

Arts Expo

What an incredible display of our students Art we enjoyed on Wednesday 31 October. 


Our students presented wonderful pieces from each year level; from pottery to mosaics in the Primary, as well as musical performances and a wide range of pieces from the Secondary in Art, Media, VCD, Design Tech and Performing Arts.


A huge acknowledgement to our teachers who organised and set up for this Exhibition to honour the gifts of our students. 


Inter-school Athletics

On Monday 29 October, 50 Bayside students from Years 7-10 represented the College at the SEISS Inter-school Athletics Carnival, held at

Knox Park Athletics Centre. We had beautiful weather for Athletics, and the students all put in a fantastic effort across all of the events that they were competing in. Three of our students; Eddie Attard-Stevens, Maddison Bownds and Jacob Hutchison, all won the overall individual achievement award for their year level, which was a great effort. Bayside finished the day in second place, just 20 points behinds Mt Evelyn, so we will aim to return to number one again next year! Thanks to everyone who took part.


Andy Lancaster

Secondary PE teacher

Rally Day - Volleyball & Badminton

Year 9 Girls

Although we didn't win we tried our best and had fun. All the other schools were encouraging and helped us have a good day despite the outcome. We loved the opportunity to participate in volleyball and it was a great way to finish the year - Jazz


We had lots of fun. It was a great day with friends laughing and having fun. Loved playing with all the Year 9 girls - Christa

Year 10 Girls

A great way to finish our last Rally Day of the year, well done Year 10 girls for the win! - Karina 


We were all really encouraging and worked as a team which really gave us a boost to win the final! Well done girlies!  - Erin


Madelon and I loved having the opportunity to play Badminton and we ended up winning the final! YAY! - Teagan 


Year 9 Boys

Will and I walked onto the court not expecting too much, we were there just to have a bit of fun. We ended up being undefeated and winning the Badminton Grand Final pretty convincingly - Tim 


Today the Year 9 boys were lucky enough to play in the inter-school volleyball rally day. We had a great team and were good enough to come out with a few wins. Unlucky we didn’t make it to the finals but we all put in 100% - Jacob 

Year 10 Boys

Rally Day was a whirlwind, very up and down I must say. We lost our first couple of games but worked it out eventually and rallied together to win our last few games. We didn’t make finals but it was a great day full of good friendship bonding opportunities - Jack 


Lachy and I played badminton today. We won two games and lost two. Unfortunately, we didn't make it into the final. Even though we didn't make finals, we enjoyed playing - Isaac 

North Campus Bike Track

Whilst everyone was having a good time at the Twilight Carnival earlier this year, something very important was also happening.


The funds raised at the Twilight Carnival have been used to create a Primary bike track on our North Campus and begin early works on the Secondary track. 


A huge thank you to all who came to the Carnival to make these improvements to our College possible. 


The students love it!


Years 11/12 Happenings

Last Thursday, 25 October, Mrs Williams and I attended the PLLEN VCAL Awards dinner, held at the Mornington Racecourse, where schools and students across the Peninsula are recognised for their excellence in VCAL.  It was an honour to see Matthew Wells and Tafadzwa Mupamhanga both awarded for their work in VCAL. Congratulations to them both.

On Monday 22 October, Bayside celebrated with the Year 12s as they finished their final year of schooling. The Year 12 students thanked

the school community and their families for all that they have given them over the years. On Monday night, teachers were able to honour the students and share memories of their time together at our Presentation Night. Yesterday, exams began. Please continue to pray for our Year 12s as they begin work or complete their exams.


A reminder that the Year 11 Social will be held on Monday 19 November. Families should now have received invitations via email. A big thank you to the wonderful parent and student committee organising this.


Congratulations also to the many students who have gained parts in the production of Beauty and the Beast. This promises to be a fantastic community event, and we encourage our students to get involved not only on stage, but backstage as well.


Enjoy the long weekend!


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Coordinator

Subject in Focus

Business Management Unit 4

This semester we have looked at the concept of change in a business. Change is an inevitable part of life. We have been reminded of this as we have witnessed our Year 12 students finishing school, looking forward to the next chapter in their life. For many, what 2019 brings is not yet known, but what we do know is they will encounter change in many areas of their lives.


When looking at change in a business, we see that there are many factors that push for change. For example, changes in legal requirements, competitors, changes in societal attitudes, technology, new management. It is how business respond to this change that will determine their future viability.


One of the models of change we have looked at is Senge’s ‘learning organisation’ - the concept that in order to remain adaptable and flexible an organisation must give attention to five disciplines:

  1. Mental models - the deeply ingrained assumptions and generalisations that influence how we understand the world and how we respond to it.

  2. Shared vision - where all the people within an organisation are inspired to achieve its future goals.

  3. Personal mastery - the discipline where the business will only learn through individuals that learn.

  4. Team learning - the process of building and developing a team’s capacity to create results that its members truly desire.

  5. Systems thinking - evaluating the business as a whole, rather than as separate parts.


The model of the ‘learning organisation’ can be applied to our own lives and how we adapt to the many changes coming our way. I have especially been challenged in the area of ‘mental models’. Romans 12:1 says, ‘Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’ The area of the mind is where we face most challenges and where we need to allow God to transform us on a daily basis. What challenges are you facing today?


Sonja Campbell

VCE Business Management Teacher


Media Unit 2

Year 11 Media students collaborated to produce a photographic project that challenged audiences to consider healthy eating and our impact on the environment with our food packaging.

The set of photos featured the contents of student lunch boxes and was presented in the format of a fictitious Instagram account.


One of the aims of this project was for students to model positive uses of social media, using media technology to share the story of God’s love, rather than use it to produce messages that are in opposition of this message.


Joel Kong

VCE Media Teacher


Administration Housekeeping

The following information has been sent out to Parents/Guardians for completion and return to the office:

  • Annual Details Check with General Declarations form and Family Occupation Index

These bright yellow forms were posted during the September school holidays. Return date - Monday 15 October.


It is a legal requirement to have this information checked once a year. If you haven’t already done so, please assist admin staff by returning them as soon as possible.


  • 2019 Secondary camp letters and medical forms were handed to students at Home Group (Year 7 - at the Family Dinner and Games Evening) on Tuesday of this week. Please keep an eye out for them and ask your child/ren to check their bag if you haven’t seen them. Please note: no forms means no attendance at camp.

Thank you for your assistance in returning all of these forms. We understand it’s time-consuming but they are vitally important. It is a very busy time of year and it is helpful if admin staff do not have to spend time phoning or emailing parents to chase them up.


Withdrawal Notice

It is timely to again remind families of our withdrawal policy relating to exiting the College. When finishing at the end of a school year, you are required to provide one full term’s notice in writing, addressed to the Principal. A full term’s fees will be charged when less than one full term’s notice is provided.

2019 Uniform Changes

As revealed at our recent 'Partnership Forum' (EGM) on Thursday 18 October, the College has been looking at providing additional uniform options for girls in both the Primary and Secondary Schools. Subject to the availability of stock, we are pleased to now advise that from next year, in addition to the girls' summer dress and winter skirt, girls will have the option of wearing navy trousers/slacks in both schools, and a navy skort (with logo) in the Primary School.


In the same way that boys in both the Primary and Secondary Schools have the choice of wearing shorts or trousers as part of both the summer (Terms 1 & 4) and winter (Terms 2 & 3) uniforms, girls may wear the navy trousers/slacks or skort as part of the summer and winter uniforms. The Primary trousers/skorts are to be worn with the navy (unisex) polo shirt (not the PE polo), and the Secondary navy slacks are to be worn with the white shirt. 

Uniform Shop Summer Opening Hours


Frankston Hockey Club


Basketball Clincs


Frankston Christmas Festival of Lights

Frankston’s Christmas Festival of Lights is coming up on 24 of November, see attached for all the information.


Love Where You Live Langwarrin


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