05 April 2019
Issue Five
McKinnon Secondary College
03 8520 9000
McKinnon Road
McKinnon, Victoria, 3204



Thursday 4 April

Year 9 Duke of Ed Practice Hike


Friday 5 April

Year 8 Survivor – Sports Challenge

Year 9 Duke of Ed Practice Hike


2:30pm Early Finish


Monday 22 April

Easter Monday – Public Holiday


Tuesday 23 April



Thursday 25 April



Tuesday 30 April

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences – no classes


Wednesday 1 May

Year 12 Theatre Studies Production (Theatre)

Late Start (Students arrive at 9:30am)

University of Melbourne Maths Competition


Thursday 2 May


Year 12 Theatre Studies Production (Theatre)


Friday 3 May

Year 12 Theatre Studies Production (Theatre)

McKinnon Cross Country (P 5-6)


Sunday 5 May

2:00pm Thistlelonian’s Afternoon Tea


Wednesday 8 May

7:00pm Open Night


Thursday 9 May

Kingston Intermediate Round Robin


Friday 10 May

9:15am School Tour

Year 10 Geography Camp


Saturday 11 May

Year 10 Geography Camp


Monday 13 May

Early Finish (2:30pm)


Tuesday 14 May


6:30pm Finance Sub-Committee

7:00pm School Council


Wednesday 15 May



Thursday 16 May

Kingston Senior Round Robin



Friday 17 May

McKinnon Model UN


Monday 20 May

Year 10 Outdoor Ed Bush Walk

Year 9 Careers Interviews

Year 8 Medieval Day


Tuesday 21 May

Year 10 Outdoor Ed Bush Walk

Year 9 Careers Interviews

9:15am School Tour

7:00pm Vocal Night (Theatre)


Wednesday 22 May

Year 9 Careers Interviews

Kingston Cross Country


Thursday 23 May

Year 9 Careers Interviews

Year 12 Outdoor Ed Camp

7:00pm Strings Night (Theatre)


Friday 24 May

Year 9 Careers Interviews

Year 12 Outdoor Ed Camp


Saturday 25 May

Year 12 Outdoor Ed Camp


Sunday 26 May

Year 12 Outdoor Ed Camp


Tuesday 28 May

7:00pm Senior Concert (Theatre)

7:00pm Education Sub-Committee


Wednesday 29 May


Year 10 Drama Performance


Thursday 30 May

Year 8 Survivor – Art Challenge






McKinnon is proudly an accredited school with the CIS. We work diligently to meet the 65 international standards across all aspects of our organisation.


This is a formal process of continuous improvement and although rigorous it is very satisfying to reflect and make plans for next steps.


Last week we held our preparatory visit for the CIS self-study stage of our accreditation visit.


Our two external critical friends included Mr Ray Davis, International Advisory with the CIS and Mr Mark Beach, Principal of Discovery College, Hong Kong.


This process helps us to reflect on our past and current situation in order to prepare for future plans. It is important to be aspirational.


It is all data informed and though extensive consultation with staff, parents and students, we hope to achieve candidate status again.


A report will be tabled by the CIS team that will hopefully guide us and challenge the School team through the continuous improvement cycle.


We always hope to move McKinnon from Good to Great.


In particular I would like to acknowledge Mr Simon Hughes and Mr Adrian D’Ambra for their efforts with our CIS Accreditation process.


Plans continue to be developed with the appointed architects K2LD, the Victorian School Building Authority and McKinnon representatives including our School Council President, Mr Alan Bullas.


We have now completed the detailed design section of the process.

This will be a 2nd campus of McKinnon where initially 650 students will be accommodated and then 1150 in the next future development of the Campus.


We are yet to finalise the details however our preference at this stage would be for our Year 9 cohort to be there and undertake a specialised curriculum and leadership development program. It is a very exciting opportunity for our school and provides flexibility in the future given our population constraints.


There has been an extensive review of all school enrolment boundaries in Victoria.


All schools will be zoned to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend a local Government school.


Some schools will have restricted zones given the pressure they are experiencing with enrolments. We fall into this category.


There has been no change to our zone.


The enrolment process is also exactly the same.


America, Canada, Germany and Central Australia.


Our Music Tour Group, German Exchange Group and our Central Australian Tours all left this week. We hope they have a wonderful experience and that they return with wonderful memories. They are indeed all being given the opportunity to develop as global citizens.


I acknowledge and thank the many staff who give up their own time to ensure that students have these invaluable learning opportunities.


Parenting is indeed rewarding however, it is a very complex and sometimes challenging task.


We host a number of parent evenings and the one held this week was Sex 101.


These evenings all come with talks from experts and wonderful resources that help you to navigate difficult conversations with adolescents.


Thank you to those parents who attended this week. Also thank you to our wellbeing team and Head of Health, Mrs Susan Wilken. Our next evening is Drugs 101 and I ask parents to look out for information that will be distributed soon.


What a great start to their year.


I cannot thank the staff involved enough for the opportunity they have afforded these students. To build these strong relationships camps are of vital importance at McKinnon.

The Student Managers, Mrs Sargent, Mr Rood, Mr Farthing and Ms Mellios were very pleased by the positive attitude of the group and the way they participated enthusiastically in all the activities.


I hope they continue to build a strong sense of belonging and commitment to each other and their school.


It gives me great pleasure to announce that Grant Sandler (Year 11) has been selected as a member of the School Sport Victoria 18 Years and Under Tennis State Team.


This team will compete in the annual School Sport Australia 18 Years & Under Tennis Championships held this year in Adelaide from 4 - 11 May, 2019. The team will compete against ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA.


This is a wonderful achievement for Grant and we wish him well in his endeavours!


It will be a requirement that all students are in full winter uniform from the start of Term 2 and a reminder that the school blazer must be worn on the way to and from school.


I thank staff, students and parents for their support during what has been a very successful but busy Term 1.


I hope everyone enjoys valuable time with family and friends.









Bookings for our Parent-Teacher-Student conferences, to be held on Tuesday 30 April, are now open. These will take place between 9:45am to 8:00pm; as such, no classes will be conducted on this day.  Bookings can be made via Compass.


Families were recently emailed a document providing an overview of McKinnon Secondary College's Reporting and Assessment processes. This outlines how to access information about your child's progress, for example through Learning Tasks and Progress Reports. While this will be very useful for families new to McKinnon, it may also provide additional guidance to all parents about the ways in which we provide feedback to students to support their learning. A link to this document is also available in Compass, via the ‘Favourites’ menu (accessed by clicking on the ‘star’ icon).


Families are reminded that all students should be in full winter uniform from the beginning of Term 2. School blazers must be worn to and from school. It is also important to note that nail polish and facial piercings are not acceptable at school. Please note the only type of socks boys may wear are grey school socks. Thank you to all families for your continued support of our uniform policy.


Incidents have arisen recently where individuals have used social networking sites such as Instagram to post offensive and harmful material to students.  


Please discuss with your child their use of such social networks, including the risks associated with creating online 'friendships' with individuals they don't know in person. In addition, creating an online presence/profile that permits anonymous postings is extremely risky and should be strongly discouraged. Whilst we recognise that online communication and interaction is a big part of students' lives, we want to ensure they are also safe and responsible users of such technology. Online harassment via social networks can not only cause great damage to students' self-esteem, it is unlawful.



On Wednesday 27 March, the Year 11 and Year 12 Studio Arts classes met at McKinnon train station to leave for an excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria. On arrival, we split into two groups in order to look at both previous Studio Arts folios as well as high scoring final artworks at the 2019 Top Arts exhibition, a showcase put on annually to celebrate top scoring VCE artwork from around the state from the previous year. We all found this exhibition very informative in helping us with our own studio practices and processes for the coming year as well as inspiring to see the effort and amazing level of work done throughout 2018.

From this, both classes continued on to a presentation and viewing on another current exhibition being displayed at the NGV, Escher X Nendo: Between Two Worlds. This incredible display showcased the work of M.C. Escher, a Dutch artist who was most famous for his combined use of patterns and illusions along with mathematical concepts in his printmaking. It was presented by Nendo, a Japanese design company who put their own take on his concepts into the design of the space. We were especially fortunate to be able to visit this exhibition as it is the first time the NGV has ever collaborated an artist’s work with a design team like Nendo to create an overall show.


We would like to say a massive thank you to Ms Kuriata and Ms Rogosic for organising and attending this fabulous excursion with us!


Coco Greenberg

Year 11 Student



As Term 1 comes to an end, it has been pleasing to reflect on the terrific start to the year made by English students and staff. Following on from the great success of 2018, our VCE staff have reflected on our Year 12 data to inform our direction for 2019, creating new resources and curriculum plans to further improve teaching and learning practices.


Students have enjoyed a range of extracurricular activities including performances of Romeo and Juliet at Year 10 and Extinction for Year 12 EAL. Our Year 7s have quickly immersed themselves in the McKinnon English program, making the most of their Book Buying sessions and engaging units undertaken in class. Book Club and Writer of the Month have also seen terrific student participation.

As we enter Term 2, students are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities provided to explore their passion of reading and writing. In particular, keep an eye out for an exciting new competition for the best spellers in the school.


Have a safe and productive break. Read critically, write freely.


Sam Florence

English KLA Manager



The Year 7 students undertake the elective of Food Technology during either Semester 1 or 2. They do look at the nutritional value, the sensory properties and influences on their food choices during their theory sessions. However, it is fair to say that they most look forward to their practical sessions.

Below are some reflections of our students about their experience in the kitchen.


Apple Crumble - Rose

In Year 7 Food Tech, we don’t just learn how to cook. We learn how to be safe in the kitchen, how to read a recipe, how to get all our materials and stay organised. Food Tech helps you stay focused. You know you need to get everything done in the amount of time given. This term we have made apple crumble, chicken laksa, sausage rolls and much more! The apple crumble in particular was my favourite. We learned to chop, boil and peel the apple. As well as melting butter and mixing some other ingredients to make the crumble. It all came together to be a delicious dessert. I have enjoyed cooking all the dishes in Food Tech - it has been wonderful!


Sausage Rolls - Lizzie

One of my favourite things we have made in food tech so far was sausage rolls. Making sausage rolls was something I enjoyed because it expanded my knowledge of which knife and board to use for different food items. Sausage rolls is a useful recipe to know because I can make them at home and take to school for lunch. It was fun because we got to get our hands dirty by mixing with our hands instead of spoons! My friends are always begging for more!


Chicken and Corn Quesadillas - Evelyn

Food Tech is so much more than I expected! We have made numerous delicious recipes and I have loved making them all. Personally my favourite recipe was making Chicken and Corn Quesadillas. It was so much fun and I gained more experience on how to dice/finely cut vegetables like onion, tomato and capsicum. It was such an enjoyable and easy recipe that I was willing to try it at home as well.


We will again publish some further reflections during Semester Two.


Susan Wilken

Manager of the Health Learning Area and one of the Year 7 Food Teachers



On Sunday 31 March, eighty Year 11 Business Management students operated a business of choice. We ran our businesses at Bentleigh, Centre Road market from 6:30am - 12:00pm. There was a wide range of business from seeds, pre-loved clothing and shoes, games, hand-made cards, DVD’s, CD’s technology, gardening tools, manchester and much more.


Thanks to our Business Management teachers, Mr Evans, Mr Blackwood, Mr Verlin and Ms Lucarelli, the Business Management students were able to experience and understand what it is like to plan and run a business, all of which made it vital to our understanding of AOS 2 Internal Environment.

The Bentleigh community were really supportive of all our businesses and we look forward to running a stall there in future years. Special thanks to Mrs Binnion for being so enthusiastic and for buying our goods. Also, a big thank you to Ms Catherine Jordan for the thoughtful and incredibly tasty pastries she made for the students!


This market day was an incredible learning experience and we would highly recommend it to all Year 11 students interested in business.


Ana Vukcevic, Imogen Hardwick and Aleksandra Petrovska

Year 11 Students



This free event has been designed to encourage girls to understand how STEM skills can lead to a rewarding career in Cyber Security. Experienced professionals and Cyber Grads will lead the discussion and workshop to inform students about learning pathways and the diversity of Cyber careers.


Girls will be given a taster of Cyber through the ASD CyberEXP program that provides an authentic insight into the sector. Girls will take home a new understanding of the opportunities of future work that aims to ensure our safe and secure living and working environments.


WHO:         Girls Years 9 – 12

WHAT:       Girls Do Cyber

WHEN:      Wednesday 10 April, 2019

WHERE: Joint Cyber Security Centre (JCSC)  Melbourne, Level 32, 600 Bourke Street Melbourne

TIME:          10:00am – 2:30pm




Register your interest at


For more information contact Renee Hoareau at [email protected]


The first four weeks of this challenge are over and some students have really been keeping pace with the work. Congratulations to the following students who have completed all four weeks within the given timeframe:  


Aditi Patil

Ariel Golembo

David Le

Ethan Green

Helen Chen

Liam Zeevi

Roger Hao

Suen Kee

Coco Lu


The final week for the Beginner and Intermediate levels will be a Design Tournament where the students will be given a topic and some existing content that they need to turn into a really engaging website. They will be able to submit their final design which can then be voted on.


Students from all over Australia will be competing so it would be great to see some McKinnon names on the leaderboard.


Shirley Munro

ICT Teacher



Clear sunny skies, not as cold as expected - what a great welcome for our group as we travelled by charter bus from Frankfurt Airport up to the town of Kirchhain!

Families waiting for us at the school's bus bays threw their arms around their McKinnon partners and there were small banners with lovely welcoming messages. Twenty-two McKinnon students and three staff (Frau Fowler, Cassie Semple and Herr Nutting) couldn't have wanted a better first weekend in Germany before going to school on Monday. Host families were out and about over the weekend enjoying the great weather and showing their McKinnon guests something of the German Easter traditions that are already visible here.


Some of us are still a bit jet-lagged, but everybody is well awake and waiting to see how the first school day goes. Students are getting ready to present their talks about aspects of Australia in classes here at the Alfred-Wegener-Schule, as many of them have already been booked by various classes.


Regards to all


David Nutting

German Teacher


The planning for the French Exchange Program is well under way. The French school has booked their flights and will be spending the last three weeks of Term 2 in Melbourne. We have begun planning excursions and activities for their time here. The families are starting to look for second hand uniforms that the French students can wear while they are at McKinnon - a very strange experience for them. If there are families with spare skirts, ties or jumpers that could be borrowed for a few weeks, please let us know.


Our students have recently received information about the exchange partners from France who will be arriving in the evening Friday 7 June. This is the first test as the 'dossier' about the student is written entirely in French. The McKinnon students and their families will have to take the time to read it carefully to learn more about this French student. They will also soon start to make contact, trying to learn more about each other before their arrival.


It is a very exciting time as we anticipate their arrival.


Our own trip to France at the end of Term 4 is starting to take shape through booking flights and confirming dates. 


Kellie Dickson

French Exchange Co-ordinator


Year 2019 is a rather auspicious occasion for The Alliance Française all around Australia, due to the 30th Anniversary of the French Film Festival. AFFFF is a significant cultural affair always impatiently awaited by the Francophiles in all Australian major cities, Melbourne included. 


As with every one, this year was no different and our McKinnon French students were also actively involved in this remarkable event. We organised several outings to see relevant films so our students could not only enjoy this unique opportunity, but also be enriched, linguistically as well as culturally.


Thus, on a beautiful and sunny day on Thursday 7 March, we set off with a large group of three Year 9 French classes. The students and Year 9 teachers took a short journey to the Como Cinema in South Yarra for a more immersive and varied experience with the French language.

The film 'Dilili in Paris' was an animated film that took us to 'Belle Epoque' a prosperous period after First World War. The film’s heroine who was a 6 year old girl from New Caledonia, not only resolved several mysteries of kidnapping but also introduced our students to famous French figures of the 'Belle Epoque' glory days, such as Renoir, Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur and Gustave Eiffel amongst others. The film was also a visual marvel, as it took us on an enchanting tour around Paris and its landmarks.


All in all, this colourful film with unusual characters provided kids with visual beauty and extraordinary history lesson of France.


It also delivered a positive message, the notion of bravery and altruism triumphing over ill-willed actions, which connected with our students, while also enriching their language skills.


I would like to thank my colleagues Maria-Carmen Jimenez and Annie Koehne for their co-operation and support in this activity.


Ludmila Antal

Teacher of French



During Week 8 of Term 1, all Year 11 Biology classes undertook group presentations in which they created a master class on an ethical issue in biology ranging from 'How Old is Too Old to Have a Baby' to 'Are Genetically Modified Foods Bad for Us?'

These presentations showcased a wide range of presentations, in which groups created activities, Kahoot quizzes and provided great learning opportunities for the rest of the class.


Overall, it was great to see all students get involved in this learning activity across all the biology classes!


Ms Philipa Andrieux

Biology Teacher



Twenty-five of McKinnon’s finest swimmers won their way through to the Southern Metropolitan Swimming Championships on Thursday 28 March. 

It was an excellent days racing with the college winning 10 Gold, 8 Silver and 6 Bronze medals. The highlights being 10 students winning their way into the State Finals to be held next term. These students include:

- Ron Golombick (50m butterfly) won in a SMR record time.

- Bevis Han Li (50m Breastroke) won in a SMR record time.

- Will Sharp won 4 events and 2 Silver in Relays. He broke records in 50m backstroke and 

- Maya Hammam won 2 events.


We also had two Relay teams win through to state. The 12-14 Medley Relay including Jerome Soen, Ron Golombick, Bevis Han Li and Oscar Whitney.


The Boys 14 Years Freestyle Relay represented by Oscar Whitney, Billy Barton, Josh Feder and Gregory Wen.


Well done and good luck to all these students on Wednesday 24 April at MSAC.



Tim Blackwood

Head of Physical Education and Sport


On Thursday 21 March the Term 1 Inter Round Robin took place at a variety of venues across Melbourne. Congratulations to the Boys and Girls Volleyball Teams and the Girls Tennis Team who have all won through to the Southern Metro Finals next term. Thanks to all the players for representing the school on the day and the coaches for giving up their time.


  Team                              Position        Coach

Boys Baseball


Mr McConnon

Girls Softball


Miss Pemberton

Boys Tennis


Mr Voorham

Girls Tennis


Mrs Hooper

Girls Volleyball


Mr DeSalvo

Boys Volleyball


Mr DeSalvo


James Bridges

Head of Inter/Senior Sport


On Monday 1 March the Term 1 Senior Round Robin took place at a variety of venues across South East Melbourne. Congratulations to the Softball, Girls Tennis and Girls Volleyball Teams who have all won through to the Southern Metro Finals next term. Thanks to all the players for representing the school on the day and the coaches for giving up their time.

Team                              Position                     Coach

Boys Baseball


Mr Farthing

Girls Softball


Miss Schmidt

Boys Tennis

A- 3rd, B-4th

Mr Hoskin

Girls Tennis


Mr Strehlau

Girls Volleyball


Miss Adler

Boys Futsal

A- 2nd, B-1st

Mr Jhoomun

Girls Futsal


Mr Pantelios

Boys Basketball


Mr Hudd

Girls Basketball


Miss Greenwood


James Bridges


















Congratulations again to all the house captains on their amazing work for the House Music Festival on Wednesday 20 March. The night was an absolute tribute to your collective hard work and dedication.



Congratulations to ‘The Bolsheviks’ for their performance in the second lunchtime concert for 2019 on the deck. Students enjoyed the festive spirit that was generated in the last of the summer sun.

We look forward to the continuing concert series throughout the year – and this week Naomi Kricheli (Year 11) who will be the final performer for Term 1.


Congratulations to the Year 9 music class who ventured to Claremont Terrace to entertain the residents on Tuesday 26 March. The feedback was incredibly positive and we thank Ms Vrisk for organising this excursion.


The Touring Band landed safely in New York and have started their tour of the United States of America and Canada. We look forward to hearing their about their adventures once they return.


A reminder that students should take their instruments home with them by the end of term so they can practice their technique over the two week break. The music centre will be open until 3pm to assist with pick up of instruments. Any students going on camps or overseas should take their instruments home before leaving for camp.


Instrument lessons and hire can be paid for through Compass.


  • Saturday 27 April - SSB at Frankston Jazz Festival
  • Sunday 5 to Tuesday 7 May - Symphonic Wind Band Rehearsal Camp
  • Wednesday 8 May - Open Night (Senior Stage Band and VCE students)
  • Tuesday 21 May - Vocal Night
  • Thursday 23 May - Strings Night
  • Monday 27 May - Symphonic wind at Lions Festival Cranbourne
  • Tuesday 28 May - Senior Concert (Orchestra, Ovenden Band, Intermediate Stage Band required)
  • Tuesday 18 June - Tri-school Senior Bands Concert
  • Tuesday 25 June - June Ensembles Concert (Junior/Intermediate groups)
  • Thursday 27 June - Year 12 Night

Megan Papworth

Head of Music



This is my last newsletter as Manager of the Resource Centre as I will be retiring. I would like to take this opportunity to say good bye to all my colleagues and the students of McKinnon. McKinnon Secondary College has been a great place to be a part of and everyone who works or comes here as a student realise it is a special place. I am sure it will continue to be that way!


When they returned from their camp the Year 7 students were quick to borrow the books they had selected. It was great to see their enthusiasm. There are still a lot of great reads in the library. Does your son or daughter have a book to read over the holidays? If not, why not? This is a very worthwhile conversation to have.


The widely read and much loved novel “Looking for Alibrandi” was written.  It took until 1992 to publish Melina Marchetta’s debut novel looking at life in multicultural Australia from the point of view of an adolescent girl. It was made into a film and is still widely read.

The internet was first switched on for the first time in March 1989. Can it be switched off? Lol. It has certainly made the running of a library a lot easier and changed the way we work and the services we can offer (amongst other things!).


Russell Absalom started at McKinnon (1988 actually but close enough).


Russell Absalom

Library Resource Manager



The 2019 McKinnon Cross Country Carnival is going to be held on Friday 3 May during periods 5 and 6. All students are expected to participate (run or walk) and pay $2 to raise money for our chosen charity. This year we are raising money for State Schools Relief. Students can be in school PE uniform for periods 1 to 4 and can get changed into their costumes at the beginning of lunch.


Good luck to all students and may the best house win!


Alice Carter

Cross Country Carnival Organiser


On Thursday 21 March, McKinnon Secondary College celebrated its inaugural Year 11 formal. This incredible night was held at Merrimu Receptions and was a highlight of the year so far for all who attended.

Months of planning by both students and the student managers, culminated in a fun and glamorous evening. Students’ outfits were stunning and countless photos were taken, even before the night officially began. The atmosphere outside the venue was buzzing, with students admiring one another's transformations and full of excitement for the event that was to come.


When the night officially began, we were all blown away by the venue and were eager to find our tables and friends amongst the crowd. The evening was spent eating delicious food, dancing and celebrating the night’s success as a cohort. There were many awards given out on the night and many fantastic teachers who dominated the dance floor.


Congratulations to all that were involved in this memorable night. A special thanks goes out to the Year 12 student leaders and teachers who attended but especially the student managers - Ms Jobson, Mrs Gambino and Mr Cukierman and the principal team - Mrs Binnion, Mr Kan, Mr Noble and Mr Long, for your hard work and dedication in organising this incredible event.


Genevieve O’Brien, Jessica Salisbury, Nicola Karavendzas, Ethan Ferry and Skyla Isaacs

Year 11 School Council representatives


During Term One, a select group of Year 11 students had the privilege of participating in the Year 7 Peer Support Program. The program was incredibly rewarding for both the Year 7s and their Year 11 mentors. Each week, the Year 11 leaders met with their groups of Year 7s and spoke about issues which may arise when starting High School.

The program allows the Year 7s to take a break from their regular classes and play fun games, which create bonds with other students who they may not have bonded with otherwise. Peer Support allows the students to make new friends and talk about the sometimes frightening experience of starting Secondary School. It also allows them to create friendships with older students, who can support them through their junior years and provide them with someone who they can confide in. The mentors can closely relate to the Year 7s, having gone through very similar experiences only a few years before. Overall, the experience was enriching and fantastic for both the Year 11 mentors and Year 7 students.


Jessica Salisbury

Year 11 Student



Office hours are:                        8:15am - 4:30pm

Telephone:                                                8520 9000


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.



Student absences should be reported to the school before 9:00am. Please email the Attendance Officers Alison Pollock/Joanne Robinson ([email protected]) or telephone 8520 9050 on the day of the absence by 9:00am. 


A note on the day of return to the General Office is required for absences where no parent contact has been possible.



In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school. Students are expected to be at school at 8:30am. A locker bell rings at 8:35am and class begins punctually at 8:50am. If your child is late for any reason, please notify the school by phone 8520 9050, email [email protected] or by writing a note in the student's diary explaining the reason. 


If no explanation has been received students are given a pass to class and an after school detention for the following day.


Please ensure that if your child is leaving early or arriving late for any reason that a note needs to be written in the diary so that the teachers are aware too.


If your student needs to leave school early for any reason, please write a note in their diary explaining the reason. Teachers will not allow any student to leave their class unless there is authorisation.


We appreciate your support in this. If you have any questions please call Alison/Joanne on 8520 9050.


Families are now able to order and purchase uniforms online. Ordered items can be collected from the Uniform Shop. Please allow three working days for pick-up. Please click on the attached link to order uniforms:

Phone/Fax No:  9578 2151



For years 10 - 12 only there are a limited number of old style track pants and old style kea jackets being sold at reduced prices.

Track pants $21.00

Jackets          $42.00

Only available for purchase from the shop.



Saturday 6/4             9:30am – 12:00noon

Tuesday 9/4              11:00am – 3:00pm

Thursday 11/4           11:00am – 3:00pm

Tuesday 16/4            11:00am – 3:00pm

Thursday 18/4           11:00am – 3:00pm



Tuesdays                                      8:15am - 12 noon

Fridays                                        12:30pm - 4:00pm

1st Saturday every month    9:30am - 12 noon


Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.


USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person. If you have lost anything see Mrs Plate in the Sick Bay during recess, lunch or end of day.



Local Community News


Parks Victoria is hosting a range of FREE family friendly Junior Ranger activities these autumn school holidays across southern peninsula. These activities are also aligned with the Premier’s Active April and Nature Play Week (17 – 28 April). Also on offer are additional activities such as the Very Big Bushwalk (18/4/19) and a big family Treasure Hunt. Please refer to the attached flyers for further information.





The Travel Clinic in Caulfield is the “One Stop” medical and vaccination service. They have all necessary vaccines, medications and travel health kits on site (no trips to the pharmacy), at very competitive prices, saving students’ families and staff time and money. Please refer to the attached flyer or the website


Local Advertisements


Pitsa Binnion
Grant Sandler
Michael Kan
Richard Long
Lachlan Noble
Russell Absalom
JR School Newsletter Article - Autumn 2019.pdf
Junior Ranger What's On Southern Peninsula - AUTUMN 2019 A3 Poster.pdf
very big bushwalk poster - Coolart and Cape Schanck.pdf