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06 December 2018
Term 4 Week 9 2018
Dates to Remember
General Information
From Narre Warren South
From the Secondary Campus
From the Officer Primary Campus
Heritage College
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Dates to Remember


Thursday, 6th December

Year 6 Celebration Dinner


Monday, 10th December

Service Projects - Secondary

Presentation Night - Primary


Tuesday, 11th December

Service Projects - Secondary

Primary Picnic

Presentation Night - Secondary

Last Day Term 4


Thursday, 13th December

ELC Closes


Friday, 14th December 

Staff Christmas Breakup


Tuesday, 18th December

Offices Close

General Information

School Bags and Lunch Bags


Canteen Term 1 Week 2 2019

Please note that the canteen will reopen in Week 2 of Term 1 2019.


Thank you.

Presentation Nights - Parking


Monday, 10th December from 6:30pm 



Tuesday, 11th December from 6:30pm


On each of these nights families and staff will be arriving at our NWS Campus from before 6:00pm to prepare for these events. The car park will fill up very quickly and our overflow car park (weather permitting) is the school sports field.


When accessing the school oval please enter through the rear gates from Montebello Blvd.

It is unsafe to enter the oval from our main entrance as cars back up through the gates and block the round about, waiting for access.


In the event that our oval is wet or soft underfoot due to rain, please make arrangements to arrive a little early and park in the streets surrounding the college. Although there are no parking restrictions in the surrounding streets, please be mindful of our neighbours and respect their access to their own homes.


Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

PB4L Value Awards

Prep/1W - Phoebe M (for Service)

Year 2/3C - Mikaela T (for Service)

Year 4/5N - Faye G (for Service)

Prep DH - Marti O and Eddy Z (for Service)

Year 1WV - Luke (for Respect)

Year 3MC - Moyata O (for Service)

Year 4CJ - Liam B (for Service)

Year 4/5W - Michelle N (for Service)

Year 5RJ - Amish S (for Service)

Year 6E - Jacob V (for Service)

Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 9

Photos, Videos and Social Media

Uploading photos and videos onto social media services and websites can be a great way to share memorable moments with friends and family, or to boost engagement with your community.


But there can be risks associated with posting photos and videos of children online. There are some things you can do to reduce the risk of photos and videos being shared more widely than you intended.


Tips for taking photos and videos and sharing them online


Public and private places

The law treats taking photos or videos in private places and public places differently. In public places you have the right to take a photo unless you do so in a way that is offensive or makes a nuisance to those around you. When an event is taking place at a private place people can enforce rules about photography, so you should consider gaining consent before taking photos and videos.


Think before you post

Once posted online any photo or video can be shared, copied and/or manipulated. You may not be able to control how a photo or video is used by others.


Think about:

  • Who might be able to see these photos?

  • Is there anyone else in this photo? (Be mindful that some people may not want their image to be published)

  • Will this photo offend anyone?

  • Are there any identifying details in the photo? (Including personal information such as your child's name, landmarks and street signs)


Privacy settings

When uploading photos and videos check your privacy settings on the social media services you use as well as on the device. You can change privacy settings to control who sees your photos.


Alternate ways to share photos and videos

Other ways that may give you more control when sharing photos and videos include:

  • sharing photos by email

  • using a secure online portal (secure online facility enabling organisations to authorise access through secure passwords)

  • multimedia messaging service (a standard way to send messages that include photos and videos over a cellular network).



Sharing photos online can sometimes identify your location.


If you do not want to share your location through your photos:

  • check the location settings on your device to know what apps are using geo–location and turn them off or limit the function

  • ensure that GPS locations and schedules of children’s activities are not shared online.


The risks

Taking these steps and being mindful of safety can help to minimise any risks that come with you sharing photos and videos of your child online. It’s important to remember that some people may have a different interest in your child than you do. There have been cases where innocent images posted on social media or other websites have been ‘harvested’ and used for other purposes. Sometimes predators can narrow down their search of children because of identifying details in photos.


Information for parents and carers

Parents, families and children enjoy seeing photos of their achievements but this should always be done safely.


Can I take photos and videos of my child at school or club events?

Check with the school or organisation that arranged the event. Your child’s school and/or organisation should be able to provide details of their social media policy or photography/recording policy.


What can I do if I have concerns about current photography practices at my child’s school/club/organisation?

Contact the school or organisation directly to raise your concerns. Schools and organisations should be able to refer you to their social media policy. This should provide details about the type of photos that can be posted, the way they will be used and how they obtain consent from parents or carers.


Do photos and videos once posted on social media sites, become the property of the site owners?

Some social media sites give themselves the rights to copy and use your photos and videos. Social media services may have Terms and Conditions or a Statement of Rights and Responsibilities which outlines how they manage sharing your photos, videos and information—these should be reviewed carefully before making any decisions on whether you consent to photos of your child being posted.


A photo or video of my child has been posted online without my permission. How can I get it removed?

In the first instance you should ask the person who posted the photo or video to remove it. If the person refuses or you don’t know who posted it, you may wish to contact or report your concern to the specific social media site.


Taken directly from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner iParent Portal:

Information Link


Mrs Naomi Moss

eLearning and Curriculum Coordinator

Heritage Church

“Our church seeks to be relevant, inclusive and non-judgmental. We acknowledge and respect differences and offer fellowship to anyone who seeks it. We are an active church that practises hands-on ministry.”


Heritage College

333 Centre Road, Narre Warren South.

Saturday Mornings


10-11am - Hot Drinks and Catch Up

11am - Worship Team and Pr Lagi bringing the Word


Pr Lagi Limu

Heritage Church Pastor

PB4L Report 
Week 9 - Service

Where has the year gone? It feels like we only just started the school year and now we are having classroom end of year parties and practising for presentation night. We hope you have enjoyed 2018 with Heritage and that your child is bouncing back more, helping others, thinking about others and doing their best in all they do.


The PB4L team have been busy planning our Stand Tall Fun day for Friday the 1st of February. We have a full day of fun planned for help set the culture and expectations of our school right from week 1. We now have the structure of our behavioural process in place making it clear how a student, if needed support with their behaviour will progress from Tier 1 to 2 and then into 3. This will be shared with you early next year.


Parents, guardians and loved ones, we need you! That’s right, we need you to be a voice on our Tier 1 team which will continue to work on the matrix for student’s expected behaviour but we are now wanting to develop a teacher and parent matrix. We would like to thank the parent reps who have been part of the team so far but now that we need more parent involvement we would like to ask who would like to get involved. Positive Behaviour for Learning is helping to shape the culture and ethos of our school. So if you would like to be part of that journey, we need you!


Please fill out the survey with your details and interest. Meetings will be twice a month on a Thursday at 4-5 pm alternating between Officer and Narre Warren campus.


Thank you in advance for your help and support.


Mrs Isabelle Millien

PB4L Coach



Road To Bethlehem


Teenage School Holiday Program


From Narre Warren South

Hands On Science

On Friday, 30th November Year 1WV and Year 4CJ had the opportunity to participate in Hands On Science incursions. 


Year 1 enjoyed learning about Kitchen Science, including chemical reactions. They participated in fun experiments such as, Growing Yeast, Changing Colours, Magic Milk and Making Sherbet. 


Year 4 enjoyed learning about machines such as pulleys, wedges, ramps and screws. They explored how different tools that we use are made up of these simple machines and make our lives easier by reducing the effort needed to make them work. They had the opportunity to build mini catapults using paddle pop sticks and rubber bands. 


What a fantastic experience was had by all!


Ms Alicia Wold & Mrs Jo Capon




Primary Swimming Carnival


From the Secondary Campus

Nepal Service Trip

At Heritage College, students are taught that: 

"Your values shape your future"


One of our four core values is SERVICE. Students are given opportunities to serve in their communities from the time they enter our school until they are ready to graduate. For graduating students, our service focus is an annual development project in the remote nation of Nepal. This year’s team are currently working with Shree Jaleshwary Secondary School (a K - 12 school) to help improve the quality of their facilities. The team of 13 students and 5 adults have sanded and plastered library and classroom buildings and given them a new coat of paint.  In between times there have been opportunities for inter-school relationship building such as playing games, giving lessons and sports competitions which we alway lose. We find this trip to be a real growth experience for our students in terms of their independence and desire to help others in the future. If you would like to hear more about their trip, please check out their blog.


Miss Jody Lawson

Nepal Service Trip - Australian Base Coordinator


News from the Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Han Uniform Shop is now closed for the holidays, and will reopen on Tuesday 15th of January 2019.

  • Reopens Tuesday 15th of January: Usual Times
  • Tuesday 22nd of January: Usual Times
  • Tuesday 29th of January: Usual Times

Please note that if you wish to visit the shop outside of the normal operating hours please  email:

uniformshop.officer@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au or contact Reception to arrange an appointment.


From the Officer Primary Campus

Year 2/3C Fun!

Two hours. One class. One play centre. This is a recipe for non-stop drama. To celebrate the year, 2/3C went to Lollipops Playland in Pakenham for their class party.


Highlights of the day include:

  • The hour long game of “hide and seek tiggy” through the obstacle course like playground.

  • Keira venturing ever so high up the Everest of rock climbing walls; a feat Edmund Hillary would be proud of.

  • Mighty managing to buy a somewhat wholesome lunch from the cafe with only the set $5 snack budget.

  • The sight of normally well tempered students grabbing the opportunity to throw and shoot foam balls at their teacher in what can only be described as a vindictive barrage.

  • And my personal favourite: over half a dozen students stopping to notice a toddler alone and crying, before finding the boy’s relieved mother.


Thank you to the wonderful staff at Lollipops Playland in Pakenham. Each one of them went out of their way to ensure our students had the best time possible. Thank you also to our large parent support on the day: Kylie Martin, Helen Limu, Deirdre Harvey, Venitta Ah Tune - Cocker & Dirk Kothe. Well done 2/3C for a fun and productive year. And you all have extra homework for shooting me.


Mr Darrell Chang

Year 2/3C Teacher



News from the Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Han Uniform Shop is now closed for the holidays, and will reopen on Tuesday 15th of January 2019.

  • Reopens Tuesday 15th of January: Usual Times
  • Tuesday 22nd of January: Usual Times
  • Tuesday 29th of January: Usual Times

Please note that if you wish to visit the shop outside of the normal operating hours please  email:

uniformshop.officer@heritagecollege.vic.edu.au or contact Reception to arrange an appointment.


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