30 November 2018
Issue Seventy Seven
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From the Principal

A big heart open to God

In 2013 Pope Francis likened the Church to a field hospital after a battle. He suggested it was useless to ask a seriously injured person if they had high cholesterol or about the level of blood sugars.

You have to heal their wounds. Then we talk about everything else. Heal the wounds, heal the wounds…. and you have to start from the ground up.’ (From “A Big Heart Open to God,” America Magazine 19 September 2013)


It is a particularly pertinent message at a time when Australian Catholics are being asked to reflect and comment on the future of the Catholic Church via engagement with the 2020 Plenary Council. In recent weeks we have commenced a period of engagement with our students and I encourage families to become similarly involved at Parish level.


There was much to celebrate at this week’s Presentation Night. It is a special night on our Calendar which enables reflection on the past year and an opportunity of dreaming for the future. During my presentation, I provided some insights into planning at the College. It is much more than buildings and facilities; it is re-imagining what a Catholic education in the Ignatian tradition may look like in the years to come. We will need to ensure that the College provides relevant and contemporary learning programs which inspire and engage our students. Our aim is to provide an aspirational learning journey for all students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12.


We already have very talented staff and we remain committed to attracting and developing the best possible personnel and ensuring that John XXIII College is a first-choice destination for teachers as well as students and families. Collective teacher efficacy is identified as the most important school-based factor determining student success.

At Presentation Night and in our Yearbook, ‘Companions’, we also alluded to planning for an increased number of students. Currently there is a strong demand for places and we need to at least envisage the possibility of a third classroom stream in the Primary School and a seventh secondary class per year level. However, we are very mindful that any decision made to enhance student numbers at our College may have a detrimental impact on enrolments in other schools. Therefore, there are no current plans to initiate that discussion.

Robert Henderson


Around The Primary

Dear Parents

On Wednesday evening we hosted our annual College Presentation Evening in the St Louis Sport Centre. Congratulations to all the Primary students who received an Award/s on the night. We are very proud of your efforts and achievements.



As we now prepare to welcome the Season of Advent, may we all try hard to support our children to appreciate the little things we are ‘gifted’ with each day, and to find the real Christmas message in the small acts of kindness we do for others.  Special thanks to all families who have generously donated food items for our St Vincent de Paul Christmas hampers for families in crisis situations – every little bit helps those in need to know, they are not alone.


It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around the Primary school!  This week our Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year 2 students shared the Christmas story in a variety of delightful ways with their family and friends in our community. In doing so, they helped us think about the real reason we celebrate Christmas and reminded us to be a kind, patient, loving and generous to each other, to our children and to our community!


May we continue to support each other and our children in this final busy week of school, to be a real gift’ to one another.


Kind regards


Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary




Years 6 Awards


Outstanding student


Massimo Torre


Religious Education
Angelique Watson


Simon Casey Sports Award
Frederick Gleghorn


Design Technologies
Hunter Giles-Shanley


Digital Technologies
Georgie Tudori


Gemma Bailey


Visual Arts
Hunter Giles-Shanley


Finn Levy


Humanities & Social Sciences
Jonathan Foster


Gemma Bailey


Massimo Torre
Performing Arts - Music
Riel Abrio


Physical Education
Wim Parker


Physical Education
Tenley Burton


Luke McLernon


Max Watt



2019 PALS

A very warm welcome to our 2019 PALs! Year Group Coordinators are an integral part of the Primary community and we thank the following parents for volunteering their time in this invaluable role for 2019.


Elle Rohr

Davinia Finucane

Emma smith

Jenelle Moloney

Pre Primary
Natasha Harris

Catherine Natale

Katherine Potter

Hannah Hewer


Year 1
Caroline Di Costa

Kate O’Toole

Emma Humphreys

Rachel Hurley


Year 2
Priscilla Grainger

Alyssa Swan

Cindy Tonkin

Julie Bosnich

Tiziana Battista


Year 3
Mimma Nikoloski

Renee ralph

Katerina Pruiti

Sue Briede


Year 4
Barb Fullerton

Chris Stewart

Serena Hewes

Cherish McNamara


Year 5
Pip Paton

Jo Pazin

Bobbie Mignacca

Gemma MacMillan


Year 6

Bec Owen

Celia Gardner

Sue Matera

Jo Kenny

Lidia Fethers

Sarah Fitzhardinge


Congratulations to Bianca Petsos (5G) who was awarded with a Distinction in the Australian Mathematics Competition. She also received the ‘Best in the Primary School’ award based on her fantastic standardised score.      

GATE IS Great!

We have had an amazing year in GATE! We have researched and presented notable people from around the world, spent $2 million dollars, studied philosophy through literature, entered competitors both as individuals and in teams, and most importantly every GATE year group has reached out in various ways to support others in the College.


Congratulations to Lucy Morgan (4G) for receiving a Gold medal in the Young Australian Art Awards with her piece titled “The Whirlpool” and to Elizabeth Levey (4G) for receiving third place in The Children’s Book Council of Australia’s ‘Make Your Own Story Book Competition ‘with her book titled ‘A Leap to a Different Land’. Well done!


Congratulations to the Year Six ‘Supa Novas’ for receiving the ‘Gracious Professionalism’ Award in the First Lego League competition. This means in competition conditions they treated each other and other competitors with respect and kindness. The Supa Novas also made it through to the State Finals in The First Lego League. Fantastic effort!


Tara Purcell

GATE Teacher



Out and About

This week the Year 4 classes embarked on a trip to Brownes Dairy in Balcatta. Our teachers organised this experience for us to learn about the technological process of making dairy products. When we arrived,  Farmer Damien taught us about how yoghurt, milk and other products are made at Brownes. After that, the classes split into 2 groups. One group did yoghurt experimenting. We made curds and whey by pouring vinegar into warm, full cream milk and then mixing them vigorously together. Meanwhile, the other group watched iced coffee and orange juice being packaged in the production factory. After swapping, both classes came back together and we each got the opportunity to milk ‘Jersey’, a real cow. Some parent helpers even had a go! Then everyone said goodbye to Farmer Damien, got given a yoghurt pouch and then hopped on the bus and headed back to school. Special thanks to the kind parent helpers, including both of our Mums.

 Matthew Mignacca and Oliver Wever (4B)



Scitech is Super!

I enjoyed the free time in the discovery zone at Scitech and trying out all of the exhibits and seeing what they do.
Lana O’Gorman (5B)


I enjoyed learning new things at the CSIRO Lab and discovering new things about energy, magnetism and light.
Ella Matthews (5B)


I enjoyed it when lots of people got together to make it rain with paper cups in the ‘Blow Your Mind’ section.
Josh Tyson (5B)


Scitech was an absolute hit! We all loved it! It was an educational experience that really got us

thinking about all sorts of things. Lots of us had never been to Scitech before and the ones that

had been before still had a great surprise because so much of Scitech had changed. We ventured into a new lab called ‘CSIRO’ then saw a brilliant show called ‘Ignite your Curiosity’. It was filled with loud bangs and applauses from the intrigued crowd!


We moved on to another activity call ‘Map your World’, where we worked in groups to find out

where all these unique symbols go on the map. After lunch we excitedly scrambled into the

Planetarium where we learnt about the theory of a mysterious 9th planet. Then to finish off our

day we had some free time at Scitech to do whatever we liked until 2:30pm.

George Griffiths (5G)


Semester 2 Reports

As you are aware the College is now using ‘SEQTA’ as a learning platform and parents can interact with this product via a website known as ‘SEQTA Engage’. When parents log in to this website you are able view your children’s academic reports which are generated as PDF files.


To access SEQTA Engage please use the following link as the URL in your internet browser.


Once you have logged in, the reports can be accessed under the ‘Assessment’ tab.


If you have any difficulties accessing your child’s report at the end of the term, please send any enquiries to


Reports will be ready from 3.00pm on Friday 7 December.

Dates to Remember

Monday 3 December                    Pre-Kindy 2019 ‘Meet & Greet’
Tuesday 4 December                    Yr 6 Farewell Mass 9:00am & Morning Tea

                                                                   Yr 6 ‘Big Day In’                

Thursday 6 December                 Yr 6 ‘Big Day Out’

                                                                   Final day for Kindy

Friday 7 December                       PP – Yr 9 Mass 9:00am

                                                                 Term 4 ends



Second-hand book sale - Sat 1 December

  • Those wishing to sell and those wishing to buy or exchange information. 
  • First in, best dressed.
  • Prices are usually agreed at half of the new price depending on the condition of the book.
  • Please ensure you have your own copy of your relevant booklist.
  • Saturday 1 December 2018 from 7.30am-11.00am
  • Chisholm Pavilion, John XXIII College
  • The College does not set prices or charge commission.

2019 Year 12 Perspectives Exhibition

It is with great pride that we share the news that two of our Year 12 ATAR Visual Arts students have had their artworks selected for the 2019 Year 12 Perspectives Exhibition. This exhibition showcases artworks by some of the best, brightest and most talented graduating high school artists in the State. An annual barometer of what our youth are thinking and feeling, it is also a rich celebration of the role the arts play in the development of individual identities.


The artworks of Sebastian Barrett and Alba Muratore will be displayed in the Art Gallery of WA from 6 April – 1 June 2019. Their artist statements below explain the ideas expressed within their works.

Congratulations Sebastian and Alba!


Sebastian Barrett

Boys Don’t Cry

Chalk pastel and pastel pencil on card

My artwork was inspired by the changes going on during the transition into adulthood, specifically looking at the male perspective on this daunting transition. Men are commonly expected to be strong, courageous, and brave, but when do we stop being boys and become men? My two friends and I are depicted in this artwork; the oversized clothing represents the societal expectation for men to fit into a mould we may just not be ready for.

Alba Muratore


Oil on canvas

My artwork portrays the displacement and isolation felt by my Nonna, after moving away from Italy to a vastly different society in Australia. The contrast between Nonna and the vandalised urban background not only emphasises her disconnection but also highlights her traditional values in an evolving contemporary world. Nonna’s dissatisfied expression and closed off body language convey her rejection of contemporary society, as she is often marginalised due to her cultural differences.


Year 7 Visual Arts Day

On Thursday 22 November, 25 enthusiastic and creative Year 7 students participated in an extension program in Visual Arts, otherwise known as Year 7 Visual Arts Day. This program is designed to provide high achieving art students with one whole day of art making to develop their skills, extend their knowledge and further foster their appreciation of the Visual Arts.


Together they created a collaborative artwork; a large-scale mural depicting one of Claude Monet’s famous Waterlilies paintings with the words 'Visual Arts' placed over the top. The students worked in groups on seven individual panels using acrylic paints, which they pieced together like a puzzle at the end of the day to reveal their completed artwork. The students’ performance on the day was exceptional, demonstrating enthusiasm, passion and talent that exceeded all our expectations. Their beautiful mural will be displayed above the Art room doors to provide a colourful, positive and peaceful welcome to those who visit the Visual Arts Learning Area.


Congratulations to the following students were selected to participate:

Ruby Kaye, Ava Bostelman, Amerie Chai, Yoojung Koh, Eliza Smith, Delia Lamattina, Charley Laver, Maggie Costa Shrubsall, Skye D’Ambrosia, Evelyn Arundell, Maya Harano, Amelie Parsons, Ruth Mengler, Lily Archer, Ava Kwei, Yvie Rigg, Jasmine Slatter, Lizzie Edwards, Niamh McGoldrick, Maddie Northover, Asha Huggins, Xavier Chee, Thaddeus Watt and Jesse Jaeger.



Loreto House / Majella Catholic Primary School Beach Excursion

Monday 26 November saw the second Annual Majella Catholic Primary Beach Excursion facilitated by Loreto House Year 11 students and City of Perth SLSC.


A Big thank you to Georgia Williams (2018 John XXIII College Award recipient) who came back after leavers with her Surf Club friends including Paige Bajada (Class 2018) to help with water-safety. Many thanks also to the Year 11 students who also gave up their first day of holidays, Tamara Boog, Caitlin Cawdry Skead, Ben Cullen, Joseph Hardisty, Angelique Hewitson, Catherine Lau, Lili Morgan, Toby Morgan, Molly Rowbottam, Grace Thomas and Mr Christian Thompson.


Cameron Haines
Loreto House Coordinator


Family Zone & Cyber Safety

Download Family Zone 

Make use of the Family Zone Accounts which we are offering to John XXIII College families for free, as part of our College contract negotiations until 2020.


By setting up a private Family Zone account, you can apply age-appropriate parental controls on every device your child has access to, in any location. To find out more visit


My 9-year-old wants a smartphone. Now what?

Written by Family Zone Team 

When my nine-year-old told me she was learning to write “persuasive text,” it never occurred to me she’d use her new skills to lobby for a smartphone.


It went on for several pages, but ended like this:

At her age, I was happy with a ballpoint pen that could write in four colours! Needless to say, times have changed.

Now, my husband and I are hardly novices when it come to technology. He works in IT. And I’m a former police intelligence analyst for the cyber-crimes division, and am currently School Relationships Manager for Family Zone.

Between us, we know a lot about cyber-safety. And with two kids under 10, we know a bit about parenting too. But we still struggled to reach a decision we were comfortable with.


The thing is, a smartphone is about so much more than sending and receiving calls and messages. It’s really a portal to the world - both to the world’s store of news, information and entertainment AND to the 3 billion strangers who also happen to be connected at any one time.

That’s exciting. And that’s scary. I mean, Ava's still in Year Three!


 And yet, from what I understand, the average Australian child now acquires access to a smartphone somewhere between ages 8 and 10. Many of Ava’s friends certainly do. I spoke to some of their mums and dads to get some deep background on that.


"It's more for me"

“It’s more for me than it is for her,” is something I heard a number of times. Parents want to be able to contact their child during the day - for practical, everyday reasons like a change in pick-up schedule or after-school routine.


Then there’s the question of walking to school. That one really hit home for me.

We live only a few blocks away from Ava’s school, but I’ve been reluctant to allow her and brother Henry, aged 6, to make the journey on their own. True confession: I sometimes let them, but park my car where I can spy on them until they’re safely on school grounds.


The world we live in now

Other parents said things about “the technological world we live in now.” And I get it.  Technology will be so central their future lives - at work and at home - in a way that today’s adults can barely comprehend. We need to equip them for that world.


But like I said, Ava’s nine. She’s not ready for social media, heaven knows, or massive multi-player online games, or live-streaming, or video-sharing, or - a parent’s worst nightmare - real-time chats with strangers.


That said, Ava’s had access to a tablet for a couple of years now. We’ve used Family Zone to manage her screen-time and filter content, to set bedtimes and playtimes. But kids don’t carry tablets around in their back pockets. Tablets have a time (after school and weekends) and a place (at home). Phones on the other hand can go anywhere, all the time.


A phone on P-Plates?

The more my husband and I talked about, the more I kept thinking, if only there was such a thing as a smartphone on P-Plates. Not a dumbed down “call and text only” device, but a real phone with cool features, great security and - most important of all - unbreakable parental controls.


When I went into work and learned about a new product called the FZ ONE, I realised I wasn’t the only one. Heaps of parents have been asking for exactly the same thing.


The FZ ONE is the phone we parents have been waiting for for our ‘tweens and younger teens.

A sleek Android with all the latest features - facial recognition, great camera and screen resolution, plenty of storage, long battery life - the FZ ONE is a “real” smartphone by anybody’s definition.

But it’s also a real safe smartphone. The only one in the world with Family Zone’s acclaimed parental controls built right in.


So yes … just between you and me, Ava’s getting her wish this Christmas. Thanks partly to her pretty awesome persuasive text - but mostly thanks to Family Zone.


The journey begins

But if you think we’re just handing her a phone, even the ultra-safe FZ ONE, with no prep and no strings attached, think again!


In my position at Family Zone, I have the advantage of working alongside a high-powered group of cyber experts, and trust me I’m making the most of that brains trust as we take this step.

Music - Week 38

2019 Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

Applications for instrumental and vocal lessons in 2019 are currently open. Forms are available in the Music Office, via the College website and on SEQTA. Current enrolments will automatically renew for 2019.

Reminder – Instrument Storage

A reminder that all students – Primary and Secondary – are to keep their instruments in the locked Music Storeroom (PAC) during school hours. The College cannot guarantee the safety and security of any instruments left in lockers or outside classrooms.


Year 9 - Production 'Hairspray'

Great performance of 'Hairspray', you can’t stop the beat in this big and bold musical about one girl’s inspiring dream to dance. It was exciting to see all the talented Year 9 students who were keen to be involved in the show.


Coming soon

Year 8 Drama Night – Let’s Play
Monday 3 December, Roncalli Hall, 5pm




All parents of Magis and Altiora students are encouraged to ask their sons and daughters to show them the PDF version of the Magis Chronicle,  a 46 page yearbook which reports on all Magis activities, competitions, results and awards for 2018, and includes more than 240 colour photos. The best version of the chronicle is the glossy hard cover book which costs $60 and can be ordered by contacting me by email or phone.

Magis and Altiora students are invited to nominate for the 2019 Magis Committee, and it is intended to expand this leadership group to 4-6 students per year. Already there is a terrific team of six Year 12 students led by 2019 Magis captain Rory Hewson who will provide great, dynamic leadership for the program. Students interested need to apply by email no later than next Tuesday.


In next week’s final newsletter report further details of the wonderful success of our Year 10 World Scholar’s Cup team in Yale will be included as soon as final official results are received.  The Years 8-12 members of the 2019 committee will also be named, and new initiatives for next year will be outlined.


Jim Miller

Gifted and Talented Coordinator


School Sports Western Australia (SSWA) Champion Schools Junior Girls Carnival

Congratulations to our Years 7-8 water polo team who were undefeated and won the grand final at the SSWA Junior Female Water Polo competition.



Congratulations to James Hackett (Ward Year 11) who played for the West Australian 16 year old Boys Hockey Team which won the FHE Hockey Cup beating Japan's National Team 4-0 at Curtin University. They had victories over Japan, Penang, Victoria and various development squads to win the tournament.


Pathways and Transition

Important dates 

TAFE Applications Now Open    

UWA Design Studio for students  - Now Open  

ConocoPhillips Science Experience at UWA – Now Open  

The University of Notre Dame – Twilight Tour  6 Dec  

Curtin University – Fine Art Advisory Sessions: 3 & 4 December

The University of Notre Dame – 18 December 

Perth Music School – 2019: 14-18 January

Students applying for medicine in 2019 and beyond

2019 Year 12 students who intend pursuing medicine at UWA and Curtin University will need to sit a UCAT exam in July.  It was previously known as UMAT.  The UCAT will be like UMAT but it will now be a two-hour computer-based test.   UCAT will assess a range of mental abilities identified by universities as important to practicing in the fields of medicine / dentistry / clinical sciences.  Students should prepare for the test using free official practice materials which have been developed by the UCAT Consortium of Universities to support test preparation.  See - 

Registration opens on the 1 March. For more information go directly to the UCAT official website -

USQ Aviation Camp – EOI for 2019

Two Day Experience was a major success in 2018 with 25 school students taking two days out of their school holidays to attend the aviation focused experience. Students immersed themselves in leadership, communication, team building workshops and had the opportunity to fly USQ's 737 simulator.  Express your interest to receive an invitation for our 2019 holiday aviation experiences via 

A good read

The New Work Reality, June 2018 

The transition for young people between full-time education and full-time work is increasingly uncertain.   Following the journeys of 14,000 young people over a decade, the New Work Reality report reveals the factors that accelerate the transition to full-time work, including the skills, mindset and confidence young people need to navigate our changed world of work.  Read the full report here ..\..\REPORT\FYA_2018TheNewWorkReality_sml.pdf


Community Liturgy

Next Friday, 7 December, students from Pre-Primary to Year 9 will celebrate Mass in the St Louis Sports Centre.  Parents are most welcome to attend.  There will NOT be a Community Mass next Friday. 


This morning we celebrated our final Community Liturgy for 2018, prepared by students in Year 8 and presided over by Deacon Aaron Peters. Our College is blessed to have a deacon to assist with liturgical celebrations.  While it is the role of the priest to preside at a Mass (Eucharist), in the absence of Fr Rodrigo, Deacon Peters presides over a beautiful ‘Liturgy of the Word’, including an engaging homily.    


It is timely to thank all members of our extended John XXIII community for their support of Friday Community Liturgy. Special thanks are due to Fr Rodrigo our College Chaplain; our Chapel Choir led by Mrs Catherine Haydon and accompanied by Mr Peter Johnstone; our altar servers; our Year 12 Student Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion; students from various year groups or houses who prepare the readings and prayers, and our supportive parents who ensure that students are delivered to the Chapel before the 8:00am starting time.


Warmest thanks to all of you. It is a blessing for the whole College when students, family, friends, Alumni and staff gather as God’s people in celebration.



  • When: Fridays in Term Time
  • Time: 8:00-8:30am
  • Where: College Chapel

If you have any queries about Community Liturgy, please contact Mary-Anne Lumley: or 9383 0513.


First Communion

Congratulations…to the following students in Year 4 who have recently made their First Communion

Raphael Budlumich

Daniel Edmondson

Tate Hewitt

Allegra Hickling

Patrick Morrissey

Lucy Morgan

Cate Thomasz

Jackson Watts

Elijah Zuvela


Parish News

During the Advent and Christmas seasons many families incorporate parish liturgies and other special Nativity events into their family celebrations.




Skin Cancer Action Week

More than 2000 people in Australia die from skin cancer each year. Yet most skin cancers can be prevented by the use of good sun protection.

Check the SunSmart UV Alert every day and protect your skin when UV levels are 3 or above, even when you are in the sun for short periods. A SunSmart app for iPhones that predicts the UV level for each day can be downloaded from the iTunes App store. 

Protect yourself in five ways from skin cancer:

1.    SLIP ON SUN PROTECTIVE CLOTHING – look for clothing that covers as much skin as possible. Look for material with high UV Protection Factor (UPF)

2.    SLOP ON SPF 30+ or 50+ SUNSCREEN – Sunscreen should not be relied on as the only form of sun protection. No sunscreen provides 100% UV protection – remember to use in combination with protective clothing, shade, hats and sunglasses. 

3.    SLAP ON A HAT – Slap on a hat that provides as much shade as possible to your face, head, neck, ears and eyes. There are three main styles of hats that provide adequate sun protection:
•    Broad brimmed – brim of at least 7.5 cm
•    Bucket or ‘surfie-style’ hats – with deep crown and brim of at least 6cm
•    Legionnaire hats- should have a peak of at least 6cm. The side flap and front peak should meet the ears to provide protection to the side of the face. 

4.    SEEK SHADE- Staying in the shade is one of the most effective ways to reduce sun exposure, but remember that other sun protection measures (clothing, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen) should also be used to avoid reflected UV radiation.

5.    SLIDE ON SOME SUNGLASSES-  When choosing sunglasses look for:
•    Frames that fit close to the face
•    Wrap around styles that reduce UV entering from the sides.
•    Sunglasses that meet Australian standards and have an eye protection factor (EPF) of 10.

A combination of these measures, along with getting to know your skin and regularly checking for any changes, are the keys to reducing your skin cancer risk.
If you notice any unusual skin changes, consult your Doctor. 


For more information visit:


Jenny Hill

College Nurse


Resource:  Cancer Council WA

Uniform Shop

During Term 4 we are open the following hours:

  • Monday 8:00 am to 5:45 pm
  • Wednesday 8:00 am to 4:15 pm 
  • Friday 8:00 am to 11:45 am

The Uniform Shop closes for the year on Friday 30 November at 11.45 am.   Please bring all secondhand items in to us before then. 


Remember that we will not be accepting secondhand items after 30 November until some time in March 2019.


The shop re-opens on Monday 14 January 2019.

New sports shorts for boys

We have introduced new sport shorts for boys in secondary school.

These are now available at the shop for $35.

As usual there will be a two year phase-in period for this new item.

Bev Sainsbury

Uniform Shop Coordinator

Charter Bus

College Charter Bus



Summer Canteen Menu 

Please see the attached Summer Canteen Menu, which is available for Term 4.

There has been a very small price increase on a couple of items. 


We thank you for your continued support and look forwards to being of service to you.

Running down of Canteen Food stock in preparation of year end

We will start to run down our stock items in preparation for year end closing, which is only four weeks away.  As certain items are depleted we will remove them from the menu. During the last week of term and especially the last few days of term, some items may be substituted for a similar food item, if large volumes are ordered. We will do our best to accommodate everyone and apologise ahead of time, should someone not receive exactly what they have ordered.


Dianne Combrink
​Canteen Manager

Canteen Term 4 Menu 2018.pdf
Loreto Past Pupils December 2018 order form.pdf