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18 February 2019
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Dates to Remember for 2019
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Early Dismissals
Compass for Learning
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Production 2019
Later Years
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Dates to Remember for 2019


Monday 18

Pres Ball Rehearsals 4:30pm to 8:00pm


Wednesday 20



Thursday 21

Catchup Photos, 9:00am to 11:00am


Monday 25

Pres Ball Rehearsals 4:30pm to 8:00pm



Tuesday 26

College Swim Carnival


Wednesday 27



Monday 4

Pres Ball Rehearsals 4:30pm to 8:00pm


Thursday 7

Knox Division Swimming


Tuesday 12

Intermediate Sport


Wednesday 13

Parents Association Meeting, 7:30pm


Monday 18

Pres Ball Rehearsals 4:30pm to 8:00pm


Tuesday 19

Year 8 Sport


Monday 25

Year 7 Sport

Pres Ball Rehearsals 4:30pm to 8:00pm


Tuesday 26

Swimming EMR


Wednesday 27

Year 10 Mock Interviews

Open Day

Discovery Evening, 6:00pm


Monday 1

Production Camp

Pres Ball Rehearsals 4:30pm to 8:00pm


Tuesday 2

PST Night


Friday 5

Last Day of Term 1


Term 2

Tuesday 23

1st day of Term 2

Ensemble Music Camp


Wednesday 24

Ensemble Music Camp


Friday 26

Choir Camp


Monday 29

Senior Soccer, Intermediate Girls AFL

Pres Ball Rehearsals, 4:30pm to 8:00pm



Wednesday 1



Thursday 2

Senior Badminton, Girls Netball

Boys AFL


Friday 3

Generations in Jazz

Stage Band & VoxEns


Monday 6

Intermediate Soccer

Pres Ball Rehearsals, 4:30pm to 8:00pm


Wednesday 8

House Cross Country Period 3 & 4

Parents Association Meeting, 7:30pm


Thursday 9

Intermediate Badminton, Girls Netball, Boys AFL


Monday 13

Year 8 Soccer, Senior Girls AFL

Pres Ball Rehearsals, 4:30pm to 8:00pm


Tuesday 14

Junior Girls AFL


Thursday 16

Year 8 Badminton, Girls Netball, B/M AFL


Friday 17

Presentation Ball


Monday 20

Year 7 Soccer


Thursday 23

Division Cross  Country


Monday 27



Tuesday 28

NEVR Concert & Day Rehearsal Hamer Hall


Wednesday 29

Year 10 Exams



Thursday 30

Year 10 Exams


Friday 31

Year 10 Exams


Monday 3

Year 11 Exams


Tuesday 4

Year 11 Exams


Wednesday 5

Year 11 Exams


Thursday 6

Year 11 Exams


Friday 7

Year 11 Exams


Tuesday 11

Year 11 Exams


Wednesday 12

Year 7 Badminton, Girls Netball, B/M AFL

Year 10 TAFE and University Visits

GAT, 9:00am

Parents Association Meeting 7.30pm


Thursday 13

Year 11 - Fit to Drive


Friday 14

Assessment Day

Student Free Day


Tuesday 18

Cross Country EMR

Vocal Concert 1 with LYC


Wednesday 19

Vocal Concert 2 with MYC


Thursday 20

Senior Basketabll

Vocal Concert 3 with Vox Ens


Friday 21

Pas Student Performing Arts Concert & Production Staff


Monday 24

Northern Territory Tour


Tuesday 25

Northern Territory Tour


Wednesday 26

Northern Territory Tour


Thursday 27

Northern Territory Tour


Friday 28

Northern Territory Tour

Last day of Term 2


Term 3

Monday 15

Curriculum Day Student Free Day


Tuesday 16

First day of Term 3


Wednesday 17

Parents Association Meeting, 7.30pm


Wednesday 7

Year 10 Course Selection

Normal Year 10 classes



Thursday 8



Friday 9



Tuesday 13

House Athletics


Wednesday 14


Parents Association Meeting, 7.30pm


Thursday 15



Friday 16



Monday 19

Year 7 Basketball


 Monday 26

Year 9 City Experience


Tuesday 27 

Year 9 City Experience


Wednesday 28

Year 9 City Experience


Thursday 29

Year 9 City Experience


Friday 30 

Year 9 City Experience


Tuesday 10

Division Athletics


Wednesday 11

Parents Association Meeting, 7:30pm


Wednesday 18

GALA Concert 2019 Melbourne Recital Centre

Term 4

Monday 7

First day of Term 4


Tuesday 15

Contemporary Band Program Showcase


Wednesday 16

Parents Association Meeting, 7:30pm


Thursday 17

VCE Dance Showcase

(Unit 2 & 4 Combined)


Monday 21

Art & Technology Showcase


Tuesday 22

Art & Technology Showcase


Thursday 24

Art & Technology Showcase


Friday 25

Art & Technology Showcase


Monday 11

Year 9 Camp


Tuesday 12

Year 9 Camp


Wednesday 13

Year 9 Camp

Parents Association Meeting, 7:30pm


Thursday 14

Year 9 Camp


Friday 15

Year 9 Camp


Friday 6

Year 10 Formal


Monday 9

Orientations Evening


Tuesday 10

Orientation Day


Wednesday 11

Parents Association Meeting, 7:30pm


Friday 20


End of Term 4

2019 Term date:

Term 1:

January 30  to 5 April


Term 2:

23 April to 28 June


Term 3:

15 July to 20 September


Term 4:

7 October to 20 December

Principal's Report


Welcome to a new school year!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of our new students, families and staff members who are beginning a new journey at Wantirna College this year. On the first Thursday of the term 250 Year 7s, began their first day of high school and they all spent time during the day completing activities and being mentored by our Year 12 students. This opportunity was a chance for our Year 7s to meet and build relationships with our Year 12s, an experience that they enjoyed and an occasion that lessened their anxiety about meeting “the oldest” students in the school. These older students, also enjoyed the interactions with the Year 7s and it took their minds back to what it felt like starting their first day of high school, the excitement, the anxiety and all of the emotions that come with this important milestone. I have enjoyed talking to, and meeting, many of the Year 7s over the last couple of weeks and visiting them on camp this week.


A number of new students throughout various other year levels also started with us over the last week. I welcome them and their families to our amazing school and look forward to sharing their experiences over the coming years as well. I would encourage all new students and families to provide me direct feedback about their transition experiences and let me know if there are things we can do to better support students and families during this key time.


The new school year also brings changes to staffing. During the holidays Mr Clive Oldland decided to take a new position at Koonung Secondary College and as a result I have communicated my thanks on behalf of our community for his input and contribution during his time here. His departure along with others that I communicated late last year has led to quite a few new arrivals beginning with us this year.  I would like to again welcome all of our new staff and I look forward to working with them closely over the next 12 months and beyond.



Our focus for the year – CHALLENGE!

This year we are focused on raising the bar and challenging staff and students to achieve great things. Whilst our students continue to deliver outstanding results, I am of the belief after spending countless hours examining learning data that our students are capable of achieving even more. This has been the centre point of much of our discussions as a staff over the last week. The challenge teachers will be what that looks like in practice. I also encouraged all of our students during Year Level assemblies to consider what they could do to raise their expectiations, and how they could set their sights higher and achieve more this year.

Our goals this year

We are currently finalising our annual implementation plan (AIP) for 2019. Our two main AIP goals are: improving literacy outcomes, particularly for writing and building stronger student and staff relationships. Whilst there are plenty of other challenges and considerations this year, we will be committing significant time and resources to focus on these two. You should have already received communication from me either by a notice or via compass explaining our four early finishes for term 1 and 2. The reduction in the lunch break by 30 minutes and the commitment from our staff to use that 30 mins to extend their professional learning time is an example of how committed we are to our main goal of improving writing outcomes for students, a challenge that all schools across the nation are facing. We will be looking to engage with our parent community during this year to provide opportunities for parents to better understand how they too can support their young people to achieve significantly better writing outcomes.


Kevin Murphy


Assistant Principals

Homework Expectations

Everyone understand that most students dislike homework and it is often a chore to get them to complete it.  It is, however, a necessary evil as it allows students to begin to understand that learning is not just something that happens at school, but something that occurs throughout life.  It also ensures students have an opportunity to consolidate or supplement the learning they have been doing during the day.  Students who complete homework become more self directed, organised and autonomous in their learning.


Most often teachers will set students specific tasks for homework which may include:

  • Preparation activities for new learning
  • Activities that are designed to practice and consolidate learning
  • Extension activities
  • Reading, watching programs, and online learning.

We follow the The Department of Education recommendations about how much time students should be spending on homework each night. 

  • Year 7 & 8:     45-60 minutes (in total)
  • Year 9:   45-90 minutes (in total)
  • Years 10-12:  1-3 hours per weeknight with up to 6 hours on the weekend at peak assessment periods. 
  • There are many ways that families can assist their children with their homework including:
  • Providing a learning space for your child at home and encourage a regular daily time to complete work.
  • Discussing key questions or suggesting resources to help with homework.
  • Asking your child to teach you what they have been learning.
  • Help in creating a balance between time spent doing homework and recreational activities or part time employment
  • Celebrating your child’s successes and achievements
  • Encourage use of the library, homework club, Maths Boost and other out of hours school support.
  • Attending school events (Parent Teacher Student Interviews) and communicating with teachers about your child’s learning

If your child is having issues in relation to Homework, either too much, not enough or in appropriate time frames, please ring or email their classroom teacher as a first port of call.


School Shoes

We always love the start of a new school year when our students all return in their new school uniforms.  Everyone looks great with their bright whites and shiny school shoes.  It is at this time that those who do not have the correct uniform really stand out.


In our assemblies in the first week we spoke to  all students who had the incorrect footwear about the reasons for our specific uniform requirements regarding shoes.


The uniform requirement is that students have plain black, leather, low heeled, lace up shoes.  The plain black provides a uniformity with the rest of the school population.  We require students to be in leather shoes as these offer the most protection in the yard but also in practical classes where students may be working with liquids, chemicals or sharp equipment.  Low heeled ensures that students will be able to move across the various terrains in the College with ease and the lace up shoes are the easiest to remove in case of an injury.


We understand that there are a number of                  parents who have bought their children black runners as school shoes. Where the runners meet all the criteria for school i.e they are plain black and leather there is no problem  Unfortunately some students have stretched the boundaries (as teenagers are want to do) and have told their parents that soft, canvas or mesh runners are okay.  This is not the case.


We have been speaking with each of these students of protective footwear at school and have discussed the potential consequences.  Students who have the wrong shoes will be issues a uniform pass in the short term (until the weekend) to give parents a chance to get the appropriate footwear.  Students will receive one demerit point if they have provided a note and three demerit points if they have not.  Once a student has reached 10 demerit points they will receive a uniform detention.  


Practical teachers will also be required to undertake a risk assessment for students without the correct footwear.  Where the teacher deems the shoes unsafe for the activity the student will be provided with different learning activities to ensure their safety.


If you need to purchase school shoes and this is a financial issue for you, please contact Katrina Katz in Student Wellbeing who will be able to assist.


Catherine Ford, Shane Kruger and

Andrew Lewis

Assistant Principals

Early Dismissals

Semester 1

Parents should have received a letter home at the beginning of the year regarding some changed arrangements to the school day in semester 1.  College Council has approved the reduction of lunch to 30 minutes and an early dismissal at 2:45pm to allow teachers to undertake a significant professional learning program called Literacy for Learning.  The dates for these arrangements are:

Term 1

Monday 18th February

Wednesday 20th February

Monday 25th February

Wednesday 27th February


Term 2

Monday 29th April

Wednesday 1st May 

Monday 27th May

Wednesday 29th May


These arrangements do not impact on instruction time for students.  The bell times on these days will be changed to ensure not class is missed or shortened.  Those students who are unable to make arrangements to leave school earlier may access the library.  There will be supervision in both the library and the yard until 3:15.   


The literacy for Learning program is a key strategy in our plan to improve student writing and will ensure our teachers across all subject areas have a similar understanding and approach to assisting students to write better. 


Compass for Learning

Ongoing Assessment

One of the great things about Compass is it allows teachers to work in partnership with parents around student learning.  We try to make feedback easily accessible to parents so they can discuss with their children the types of things they need to do to get to the next stage of learning.   


To support families in having ongoing conversations about learning, teachers use Compass to record student assessments and to provide students and their parents with feedback about learning.  Each teacher is asked to provide written feedback on Compass at least twice per term.  This maybe on major assessments know as Common Assessment Items or on more minor pieces of assessment that occur during the semester. 


Teachers are asked to get the feedback up on Compass in a two week time frame wherever possible.  This ensures the feedback is linked as closely as possible in time to when the students are undertaking the learning and as such allows parents to offer support to their children at the point of need. 


Feedback may summarise how a student went and should give advise about future learning.  It is important to note that the feedback on Compass is often a summary of more detailed feedback which is given on each student's work.


We encourage both students and families to have a conversation about the feedback that is provided on both Compass and the task and to consider what strategies they could employ to improve further.


Each Learning Task 7-11 is assessed using the below grading scale:

VH:  Meets the criteria to a VERY HIGH standard (100-90% of allocated marks)

H:  Meets the criteria to a HIGH standard (89-80% of allocated marks)

MH:  Meets the criteria to a MEDIUM HIGH standard (79-70% of allocated marks)

ML: Meets the criteria to a MEDIUM LOW standard (69-60% of allocated marks)

L: Meets the criteria to a LOW standard (59-50% of allocated marks)

VL:  Meets the criteria to a VERY LOW standard (49-40% of allocated marks)

UG:  UNGRADED- The standard of work does not meet the criteria associated with the award of a grade.

NA:  NOT ASSESSED- the student has not submitted the piece of work or has submitted it late.


Last year we reduced and streamlined the number of Learning Behaviors that teachers report to parents on in order to ensure they were clearer and more concrete so that teachers , students and parents all had a common understanding of what they would look like in a class.  The feedback from these changes was overwhelmingly positive from everyone in the community.


The frequency of reports will not change this year and will include:  

Term 1:  Interim reports and Parent Teacher         Student Interviews

Term 2:   Semester 1  reports

Term 3:  Interim reports and Parent Teacher Student Interviews

Term 2:   Semester 2  reports

All reports will be published through Compass and can be accessed there by parents and students.


Catherine Ford


Parent's Association



The Wantirna College Parents Association would like to invite you join us at the next meeting, Annual General Meeting.


 7.30pm in the Conference Room

(enter at Main Office)



All Interested Parents Welcome!


The Wantirna College Parent’s Association is an active group of parents who endeavour to enhance the opportunities of the students.  We conduct fundraising events, provide services and feedback.  Our involvement in past years includes the Second Hand Book Sale, the Presentation Ball, refreshments at Parent Teacher Interviews and fundraising BBQs.  We support the College by providing funds for the purchase of equipment and services in many areas of the College.



The Annual General Meeting of the Wantirna College Parents’ Association will be held on


Wednesday, 13 March 2019


Commencing at 7.30pm in the Conference Room.

(enter through Main Office corridor)




Please consider taking the opportunity to be involved in the College by being part of our Committee and its endeavours to support the College and enhance the opportunities of the students.


MAIN FUNDRAISERS in 2018 included:


Presentation Ball


Second Hand Book Sale


Our General Committee meeting will follow immediately after the conclusion of the AGM.


Catherine Ford

Parent's Association Liaison


Production 2019

The Addams Family


Later Years

Start to 2019

It has been an exceptionally smooth start to 2019 for our Later Years students. Over 600 students across Years 10 to 12 have settled really well into their classes and are demonstrating a bright and positive attitude to their studies. It has been great to see the busy hive of activity throughout the day in the Senior Centre with students from all year levels mingling with one another. The Later Years team have observed the implementation of good study habits by students using the Senior Centre effectively. This has set a great tone for the year ahead.

The Later Years team for 2018 consists of:

Dina Mingos

Leader of Later Years


Katrina King

Leader of Catalyst Programs, Later Years


Andrew Beavis and Chris Leunig

Year 12 Level Leaders



Anthony Cotton and Julie White

Year 11 Level Leaders


John Davison and Kate Chamberlain

Year 10 Level Leaders


Phil Newnham

Careers Counsellor


Wendy Pearce

VASS and Later Years administration

VCE Family Evening

On Thursday evening the College hosted a VCE Family Evening. The evening provided families with an opportunity to meet with some of the Year 12 VCE teachers and the Later Years Team. The presentations focused on enabling parents and Year 12 students to reflect on the best ways to approach study in their final year of school and in preparation for their exams.


Importantly, the Later Years Team outlined the VCAA requirements of the VCE program. A new VCE handbook has been distributed to all Year 11 and 12 VCE students and this will be available for parents to access on Compass next week. We ask that families pay particular attention to the sections on attendance and assessment.


A highlight of the evening was the keynote speaker from Elevate Education. Elevate Education are experts in providing study skills support to students particularly in the areas of time management and motivation. The College will be inviting Elevate Education back to the College for a number of workshops with Later Years students throughout the year.


Katrina King

Later Years Catalyst Programs



2019 promises to be an exciting year at Wantirna Secondary College. There are so many wonderful things that happen throughout the year, in every part of the school. A special welcome to Andrea Digby who is returning from family leave and Virginia Nugent who joins our team and brings with her a wealth of experience and wisdom. We wish Alex Shepherd and Mandy Plumridge all the very best as they take family leave in the coming weeks.


Across the whole College this year, we are focussing on writing and trying to teach our students how to write in a more technical and abstract way. We are going to teach them what the register continuum is and how to make language choices according to their audience and the purpose of their text. We want them to understand how to write in an informal and casual way and we want them to learn how their language changes when they start writing in a formal and more technical way.



As the term progresses, the register continuum will start going up on the walls of our classrooms and many of our teachers across all subjects will start using it to teach their students.  We encourage you to start conversations at home about what learning is taking place at school, especially in regard to writing.


This year, we will continue using writer’s notebooks in all of our classes and year levels to encourage our students to write freely and to practise their writing skills. Our independent reading program from year 7 – 9 will continue with 20 minutes of reading at the beginning of most lessons. We are always looking for more parent, grandparent, family, friend volunteers to join our growing ‘reading volunteers’ and I encourage you to contact the school if you are interested in getting involved with our wonderful program.


Our new text addition at year 10 called The Hate U Give promises to freshen up the course and we are sure it will spark some rich debate in our classrooms as a result.


Throughout the year, we will publish student writing regularly in our newsletter to celebrate and share the exceptional talents of our students.

We are looking forward to wonderful start to 2109.


Carrie Wallis

English/Whole School Literacy

Sports Excellence Program

Sports Excellence Program

Congratulations to the 21 year 10 students who were selected to be a part of the new Sports Excellence program at year 10 for 2019.


The aim of this year long Sports Excellence program at year 10 is to engage and support high-level sports students in reaching their full sporting potential and who have ambitions to compete at a higher level. This exclusive program is aimed at students who are currently competing in competitive sport and want to improve their sports performance as part of their school program. Students will focus on one specific sport they currently compete in outside of school, and develop advanced skills, knowledge and understanding to enhance their performance. While the students will focus on a preferred sport, the program will have a holistic athletic development approach allowing students to transfer skills and knowledge into any sport.


Students went through a very thorough application process, including a formal interview. From over 60+ applications, congratulations must go to the following 21 students who were selected to be a part of the Sports Excellence program for 2019.


Hugh, Alysse, Rylee, EIsabella, Ethan, Logan, 

Shaylan, Grace, Brodie, Carly, Joshua, Amber, Sana, Zoe, Rhys, Ashleigh, Sebastian, Emily, Jess, 

Kurtis, Rorey,


Information will be distributed in the coming terms for any prospective year 9 student who is interested in this program for 2020.


If you have any questions regarding the Sports Excellence program, please don't hesitate to contact the college.


David Black

Leader of Physical Education and Health


Wellbeing News

Wellbeing Centre 2019

Our Ethos

The purpose of the Wellbeing Department is to build a culture of student wellbeing in the College community, by taking a preventative and proactive approach to mental health to allow students to participate fully in their educational programs.  We ensure agency in relation to student wellbeing to all stakeholders:  students, parents and staff and provide a triage/referral service in times of crisis based around a case management approach.

Our Role

The Wellbeing staff’s role is to work with students and their families to identify and find appropriate external support services to refer them to.  We are not able to provide on-going long-term counselling for our students.


We also act as an advocate for students at school, communicating with all stakeholders, supporting students so that they are able to be at school and focus on their learning.


The Wellbeing staff will also run preventative programs with whole year levels and small groups of students to educate and give agency to young people in a range of Wellbeing areas.


The Wellbeing Centre has a large space at lunchtime where any student is welcome to come and hang out. It has kitchen facilities including sandwich press.

Quick Release Card (QRC)

Students with a QRC are able to use the Wellbeing Centre for some time out when they are feeling overwhelmed. This is usually for 15 minutes and they are then sent back to class. Students will be assessed by a member of the Wellbeing Team on a case-by-case basis as to whether they qualify for a QRC.

Our Staff

Katrina Katz

Leader of Student Wellbeing


Guiseppe Relia

Social Worker


Katrina and Guiseppe provide ongoing support and short-term counselling for students in need. They communicate with families, staff and service providers to support students.


Thoula McLinden

Department Social Worker – 1 day a week

Caria Ward

Department Psychologist – 1 day a week


Thoula and Caria are employed by the department to handle crisis and emergency situations, high level cases, and are involved in applications for funding under the Department’s Program for Students with Disabilities.

Counselling Placement Students

Each year the Wellbeing Department hosts approximately 10 Counselling Placement Students who are completing their final year of Bachelor/Masters in Counselling at university. They provide counselling for low-level and short term cases.


If you have any questions regarding the role of Wellbeing within Wantirna College, please contact Katrina Katz.


Katrina Katz

Leader of Student Wellbeing



CSEF Application

Parents who received CSEF in 2018, are not required to complete an application form in 2019, providing there has been no change to their family circumstances.


New Families to Wantirna College

Any new families to Wantirna College will be required to fill out the application form attached.

CSEF Information

Financial Assistance Information for Parents 

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF).


Every Victorian child should have access to the world of learning opportunities that exist beyond the classroom. The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund, will ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities. School camps provide children with inspiring experiences in the great outdoors, excursions encourage a deeper understanding of how the world works and sports teach teamwork, discipline and leadership. All are part of a healthy curriculum. CSEF will be provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities.


If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. The allowance will be paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions, or sporting activities for the benefit of your child. The annual CSEF amount per student will be:


• $125 for primary school students

• $225 for secondary school students.


How to Apply:

You will need to provide a copy of your current Health Care Card with the application. 


For more information about the CSEF visit www.education.vic.gov.au/csef


Parent application close 21 June 2019



Health Centre


The College asks for medical information when you enroll your child.  It is also important that you let us know if your child’s health care needs change or if a new health condition develops.


Information about allergies, medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes and other health care related issues, should be provided to the College by parents. You can call the Health Centre on 9881 7125 or email [email protected]


This will greatly assist our school in planning to support your child’s health and wellbeing, especially on camps and excursions.


The Health Centre stocks paracetamol tablets for minor pain management such as headache or period pain. Unless you have provided a medication administration consent form (see link below or collect from the Health Centre) you will be contacted for verbal consent if paracetamol is required. If you wish your child to have any other medications kept in the Health Centre, such as liquid pain reliever, ibuprofen tablets, antihistamines, they must be provided in original packaging, including expiry date and a medication consent form completed.



YEAR 7 Parents

If not already done so, please return the Immunisation Consent Cards to the Health Centre.   They were sent home on orientation day last year.  They must be completed and returned whether your student is being Immunised or not.  If unable to find the form please collect another one from the Health Centre, located near the general office.


Eleanor Canning & Julie Dance

Health Centre


Careers Newsletter



General Information

General Office

Office Hours:                  8:00am - 4:00pm

Telephone:                      9801 9700

Attendance Line:        9881 7111


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.


Student absences should be reported to the school prior to 9am.  Please ring the Student absences number directly on 9881 7111.


If your child is in Year 10, 11 or 12 they will be required to supply an absence note when returning to school.  If your child has missed a SAC or been away for more than a couple of days, then they will be required to supply a doctor's certificate.


In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school. Students are expected to be at school at 8.40am.  Locker Bell rings at 8.44am and Home Group commences 8:54am.  If your child is late for any reason please contact the General Office on 9881 7111 or 9881 7131.

Library Hours

Monday to Thursday:

8:15am to 4:30



8:15am to 3.30pm

Collecting Your Child From School

If your child has an appointment and they are required to leave school early please complete the following:

  1. Write a note explaining why your child is required to leave school.  On this note please supply their name, home group, the reason why they are leaving and your name and phone number.
  2. Your child is required to drop the note off in the Early Leaver’s folder, which is situated in the main office.  If your child is required to leave the school prior to recess, please ask your child to request an Early Leavers pass from Debbie Hopper in the main office.  She will write one immediately.
  3. Your child will be required to sign out on the PINK sign out sheet at the main office, prior to leaving the school premises.

Please note that if your child does not have an Early Leavers pass from the main office, teachers will not allow your child to leave their class.  Also, your child is required to keep the Early Leavers pass so, if they are approached by a teacher outside the school, the student has confirmation they have permission to leave the school premises.


If you write a letter for your child to leave school early, you are NOT required to come in and sign your child out.  Also, your child’s attendance will be marked correctly.  If you need to collect your child unexpectedly, please contact the main office.  We will try our best to organise your child for collection prior to you arriving at school.

Arriving Late to School

If your child has an appointment and they are arriving late to school, please complete the following:


Write a note explaining why your child is arriving late to school.  On this note please supply their name, home group and the reason why they are arriving late.


Your child is required to sign in at the main office, so the attendance officer can make the appropriate changes to compass.

Emergency Pick Ups Only

In extreme circumstances you can ring the office to organise for your child to be collected early. It is extremely disruptive to the classrooms, therefore this procedure is for EMERGENCIES ONLY.

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop is open on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, and the first Saturday of the Term from 1 - 4pm. Prices and additional trading hours can be found on the College website.


Direct Phone:  9881 7168

Lost Property

Lost Uniforms are taken to the Maintenance Office, which is located near Health Centre.  There are two big draws just inside the door.  If you have lost any valuables, ie: phone, watch, etc... they are usually handed in to the main office.

Car Parking

New parents to the College are advised that the main car park on Harold Street is not a drop off or pick up point for students.  The car park is very busy and very tight at peak times.  It is not a safe place for students and waiting cars create congestion for people entering or leaving the car park.


The best drop off and pick up points for the school are:

  • Georgian Gardens (street opposite school crossing on Harold Street)
  • Amesbury Avenue (fenceline along the bottom oval)
  • Templeton Street (South of the roundabout)
  • Saxon Street (off Harold Street)

College Vision

Wantirna College is committed to educating our students to be inquiring learners with high levels of literacy and numeracy, prepared to be global, ethical citizens in the 21st Century, capable of showing resilience and flexibility of thinking, willing to show initiative and take on challenges throughout their lives.

Wantirna College


Kevin Murphy


Assistant Principals:

Catherine Ford, Andrew Lewis and Shane Kruger


College Council President:

Dr Joanne Challinor-Rogers


Sub School:

Dina Mingos (Later Years)

Darren Hoogkamer (Middle Years)


College Captains:


Tahlia UMI




Parents Association President:

Pam Wade


Parents of Performing Arts Chairperson

Stuart Broadley

Community News






Wantirna College Newsletter
Newsletter 8 Feb Wellbeing.pdf
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CSEF Camp Excursion Claim Form 2019 updated.docx
CSEF Camp Excursion Claim Form 2019 updated.pdf
CSEF Camp Excursion Claim Form 2019 updated.pdf
csefapplication 2019.pdf
CSEF Camp Excursion Claim Form 2019.docx
CSEF Camp Excursion Claim Form 2019 updated.pdf
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Newsletter 8 Feb Wellbeing.pdf
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community news1.pdf
Newsletter 8 Feb Wellbeing.pdf
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