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27 June 2019
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Important Dates


  • 27th June - Semester One reports available to parents in Compass at 9 am 
  • 28th June - Final Day of Term 2
  • 1st July - Semester One reports available to students in Compass at 9 am 
  • 15th July - First Day of Term 3
  • 22nd July - Year 8 & 9 Information Night & 2020 Prospective 8-12 Information Night
  • 23rd July - Senior School Information Night
  • 30th July - Concert for Cambodia

Upcoming Events


Principal's Report

Time certainly flies in an excellent school like MGC, it is hard to believe the end of term two is upon us already! The learning achievements of the students and staff continue to grow as do the wide array of experiences offered. Many thanks to Pat Sklavakis, Alison Lam, Brooke O’Calloghan, Bridget Tellefson and Leigh Hanley for overseeing the VCE Genaral Achievement Task (GAT) and semester one exam process. Thank you to Glen Holland who ensures the exam rooms are well prepared for students, staff and exam supervisors.


As the world evolves we are constantly looking to evolve also in line with Horizon Reports and developments in neuro-science and education. To facilitate this work we are conducting a curriculum audit and review to investigate renewal at the College in line with the Victorian Curriculum and latest research. For example, where will Digital Technologies be taught specifically? Where can new subject offerings meet current students’ needs? Please see the links below if you are interested in exploring aspects of the Victorian Curriculum further:

Intercultural Capabilities

Critical and Creative Capabilities

Ethical Capability

Personal and Social Capabilities


Congratulations Giorgia Salmas, Year 12!

On 20 June we honoured the achievements of our very own Youth Olympian, Giorgia Salmas. The third Summer Youth Olympic Games were held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from the 6th to the 18th October, 2018. Over four thousand athletes between 15-18 years old from 206 countries competed in 32 sports, with Australia claiming 21 medals in total. Our team of 88 athletes competed across 26 sports. Giorgia was part of the Australian Team competing in fencing. Fencing is a very exciting but also physically demanding sport where Georgia achieved a fantastic personal result. In recognition of this great achievement Sean Wroe, Athletics Olympian who competed at the 2008 Beijing Games presented the Olympic Flag to Giorgia to be flown at Melbourne Girls’ College in her honour. We are very proud of Giorgia both personally and professionally for her hard work, persistence and courage.


School for Leadership

Congratulations to Year 9 students, Aeonie Ostik-Smith, Abigail Marsland, Lola Nibali and Jessica Bell for their selection from a strong field of candidates to attend the Alpine School for Leadership in term 4.  The term long experience sees the girls participate with students from all over Victoria in leadership, personal and community building projects and life skills. The vision for the experience is to build a community where people are passionate, informed and active global citizens


Cross Country Congratulations!

Our students will write more fulsomely about our success in cross-country last Wednesday but please see a glimpse of our championship flags!


The MGC Rowing Program Review


The report was tabled at School Council on Tuesday 18 June by the reviewers, Tim Dolphin (Rowing Program Director at Methodist Ladies’ College) and Jono Rundell (long-standing member of the MGC Rowing Program). Tim and Jono began the review on 6 May, 2019 with clear terms of reference that have resulted in a series of excellent recommendations to Council. The recommendations will be passed on to the new Director of Rowing for their input and implementation. The review summary has been sent to the rowing community but if any other stakeholders would like a copy please let the front office know.

A 2019-2020 handbook written along with the new Director of Rowing and covering many key aspects of the review is currently under development. A meeting will be held in the Library at 5.30 pm on Tuesday 16 July where our new Director will be introduced in person to the community.


Announcing our new Director of Rowing, Glenn Fischmann

It is with great pleasure we announce the appointment of Glenn Fischmann as our new Director of Rowing. Glenn is a highly qualified and experienced VCE secondary teacher with a degree from Monash University in Secondary Education, Economics and Business.

Glenn has over ten years of experience in coaching rowing from beginner to National Masters level champions. Glenn was Head Coach at Carrum Rowing Club and a coach at Frankston High School.  Glenn is a National medalist in the open lightweight quad scull and a National Champion at Masters level, with recent medals in both sweep rowing and sculling. Glenn also has broad experience as an administrator having served as a club office bearer at the Carrum Rowing Club as Treasurer, Secretary and President. Glenn’s expertise in key areas along with alignment to the vision and values inherent in the rowing review recommendations made him the outstanding candidate.


In applying for the position Glenn wrote, “When I first attended the Head of Schoolgirls regatta, I was stunned by the passion and excitement on display from the athletes from

all of the schools present. Having subsequently coached many individual rowers and crews to compete at this regatta, I remain convinced that the drawcard of

competition at Head of Schoolgirls remains a powerful tool to engage students in their education. It is unparalleled in developing persistence, team work, respect, resilience

and motivating students to attempt to reach their personal best. This Director of Rowing role attracts me as developing these qualities in students is what drives me as an



You are warmly invited to meet Glenn on 16 July, 5.30pm in the Library. For catering purposes please book via this


Congratulations to  Lily Hopkinson, Eloise Webb and Chloe Johnstone who will be appearing in Young Australian Broadway Company’s upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz at the University of Melbourne’s Union Theatre from July 10-13, 2019. Please contact University of Melbourne Bookings: for performance information will be held


Many thanks to our community for all of your support which is appreciated by our staff and students. Have a restful and relaxing break from school routine over the next two weeks and we look forward to the beginning of term 3 on Monday, 15th July.


Kind regards,




Upcoming Events

100% Attendance Awards

As we all know, attendance is very important for academic success and student wellbeing. Students with high attendance:

  • have higher learning growth. They don’t miss out on important concepts when they are away
  • maintain strong connections with their friends and peers
  • demonstrate good self-discipline and organisation. This is valued by future employers and gives the student optimal future career choices

At Melbourne Girls’ College we are recognising students with 100% attendance for each semester. See below the 117 students that achieved 100% attendance in Semester 1. These students are being awarded with a certificate at a Year Level Assembly, and one randomly selected student per year level will receive a $50 gift card of their choice.


Brent Houghton

Assistant Principal

On behalf of the Principal and Year Level Leader teams


Thank You for supporting the MGC Trivia Night 2019

On Saturday 1st June, MGC hosted our annual Trivia Night. This was a great chance for parents and teachers to get to know other members of the MGC community and have some fun. We would like to thank all those members of the school community who attended and helped to raise around $7000 for the school.


MGC would also like to warmly thank the MGC suppliers and local businesses who generously donated towards our Trivia Night. Please consider using these businesses whenever you can:  


Amora Hotel Riverwalk

Argon Services Licensed Electrician

Atelier Art Supplies

Bob Stewart

Bubba Pizzas

Burnley Brewing


Element Melbourne Hotel Richmond

FortyFive Downstairs

Fuji Xerox

Hardrock Climbing

Hart Sport

Learning with Technologies

Luna Park

Office Document Solutions

P & J Painting

Restock Business Consumables

Rotary Club of Richmond


Thank you finally to our wonderful Office and Library teams, particularly Bryony Sahlstrom, Nia Holdenson and Glen Holland, for all of their work in making it such a fantastic night.


Brent Houghton

Assistant Principal

Richmond Rotary Club

Congratulations Karen Money!


Congratulations to our Principal Karen Money who was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow in appreciation for her substantial contribution to Rotary Club of Richmond on Monday 24th June!

This award recognised Karen's tangible and significant assistance in supporting the clubs programs and her contribution to humanitarian efforts and girls education. A well-deserved recognition for a most valuable contribution. 


Below is the introduction given by President Jo Cowling as she presented the award to Karen:


When thinking of this year’s recipient of this award, Karen Money’s efficiency and results are the attributes that come to mind. Throughout Karen’s career she has not only managed to achieve amazing student outcomes, but she has also managed with her husband Paul to bring up a large and loving close knit family.  Before landing one of the most prestigious job’s in the State at Melbourne Girls’ College, she was chosen to amalgamate two struggling secondary colleges and was able to improve the results in spite of lack of funding and considerable opposition.  During those turbulent years Karen also managed to lecture at the University of Melbourne. Her popularity grew so much that they made Karen the face of their Graduate School of Education and plastered her face all over their advertising brochures!


In more recent times Karen has been quoted in The Age, has appeared on TV talk back shows and has been invited to speak on the radio with Jon Faine on educational issues.  She is involved in many committees and stakeholder groups within the department of education, AEU and University of Melbourne to name a few. Karen’s main career aspiration is to ensure every child is not disadvantaged or left behind in education. Her colleagues would sum up her qualities as selfless, passionate, soft hearted, boundless energy and extremely kind.


Emily Miller

MGC Rotary Liaison


Bring Your Own Device

MGC is now recommending to all families a particular make, model and supplier for student laptops that we believe meets the expectations of the 21st-century curriculum. Additionally, we recognise that handwriting is still an essential skill. VCE exams are handwritten and will continue to be and MGC strongly encourages the use of active pen-enabled devices which provide more significant natural interaction with the learning programs.

As over 50 staff have now been issued with enhanced pen laptops and MGC has formed a partnership with a leading and trusted education supplier to offer families an easy method to purchase a pen-enabled notebook.


Managed Laptop Program : FAQs

What are the additional curriculum benefits of a managed program?

  • Students will have access to a greater array of free software through the Edustar image - this enables a teacher to confidently arrange a lesson knowing students will have the required program.
  • Downtime due to damage and repairs will be significantly reduced.
  • Staff will know what students have on their devices, minimising confusion and preparation at the start of a lesson.
  • Pen-enabled devices allow for a whole new level of interactivity.

What ongoing support will the College provide?

The College provides technical support onsite to troubleshoot problems for students. If there is a fault with a student laptop purchased, our technicians will log a warranty claim, and technicians will come to MGC and will fix within two business days after a claim is processed.


Is there a warranty, and what happens with insurance?

Most laptops come with a one-year limited warranty. This can be extended to three years by purchasing an extended warranty. The Department of Education has no insurance to cover student laptops for loss, theft or non-warranty repairs.

Parents are advised to check home insurance policies and consider covering the laptop for accidental damage and loss. Insurance can be purchased. The College accepts no responsibility for damage or loss and cannot enforce payment from another family if a laptop is accidentally damaged by another student.


What is the expected lifetime of the device?

A laptop is expected to function effectively for between three to five years, depending on individual use and the extent to which it is looked after. Students should, therefore, be able to use their laptop from Year 7 to Senior School.


Families can access the Parent laptop purchase portal here:

Finally, MGC Computer Services are happy to provide advice but only take questions via email. Please contact the IT Manager of MGC, Anthony Keen on [email protected] for any questions regarding IT @ MGC.


Tuning into Teens


Performing Arts

2020 House Production Poster Competition-Girl Power!

Thank you to all our entrants- we are proud to announce Chantelle Campbell as the winner of the House Production Poster Competition!

Arts Captain Executive Team.


Piano Soiree

Congratulations to the following piano students who performed on Tuesday evening at MGC's Piano Soiree:

Winner of best costume was Maya Garrett and winner of the bowing competition was Maya Somerville.

A special shout out to our Year 12 performers, Kate Thomson and Amy Spinks.

A huge thank you to our piano specialist Katrina Halliday for preparing her piano students so beautifully.






















































































String Soiree

On Tuesday 18th June the string and guitar students of MGC performed at the String Soiree. Students presented a variety of solo and ensemble pieces, and it really was a fantastic evening of music! Highlights included performances by the String Ensemble, Violin Ensemble and Cello Ensemble, rock star performance of ‘Enter Sandman’ by Arshia Dabas, ‘Purple Haze’ by Aimee Stranks and Laura Wilcox, solo Violin performances by Evie Scott and Mihiri Dharmabandu, and a beautiful American tune by Layla Enriquez-Tsilfidis who sang and accompanied herself. Special shout out to the following Year 12s for performing in their final soiree at MGC: Jemima Lam, Susan Su, Crystal Choo and Layla Enriquez-Tsilfidis. Thank you to our audience for supporting the students, and to all performers for putting on a vibrant performance evening! Thank you to Les Gyori, Andy Clarke and Wen Chin for preparing their students.


Vocal Showcase

On the evening of 17th June, the auditorium came alive with the sounds from MGC’s Vocal Showcase! This evening is where students who are part of Choir, Show Choir, Soul Band or who take vocal lessons, perform for their friends and family to show what they have been working on. Rachel and I, as choir captains this year, hosted the Vocal Showcase. We had a total of 32 performances throughout the night, including solo, duet, trio, and choir performances. There were even a few songs that were sung in different languages! The soul band was also involved on the night, which made the performances even more lively and exciting, performing Whitney Housten’s classic “How Will I Know”. The mass song finale, “Don’t Blame it on the Boogie” saw all 85 students onstage, singing and dancing.

It was very exciting to perform as well as see others perform. It was a great experience being part of the organization of the Vocal Showcase. I also felt that by being able to host it, I became more confident and improved my public speaking skills.

It was a super fun night. A special thank you to the following Year 12’s involved:

Riley Stoffel, Franny Fleet, Ella Paull, Sonia Li, Miranda Moloney, Caitlin Moloney and Marissa Di Marzio.

We could not have done it without Ms Corry, Andy Clarke (Soul Band), and our amazing vocal teachers, Ellyce Calder and Susan De Jong. A big thank you to all of them for putting together the Vocal Showcase, we really could not have done it without you.


Tyana Tsai

2019 Choir Captain.

Regional Cross-Country

On Wednesday the 19th of June 28 Melbourne Girls’ College students fled to Bundoora Park for the Zone Cross Country Championships.


The course was very different to that of Princes Park (previous championship). Which was a challenge in itself. However, every single MGC student put their best foot forward and took the altered course like a champion.


First up were the u17-21 girls! MGC was the only school to make a team in this event, which a huge commendation on the 4 year 12 girls (Amy Spinks, Charlotte Mansfield, Florence Webb and Molly Sharrock) who gave up their day to race in this event. Also, congratulations to Coco Knowles of year 10 who raced in this division and came second. 

Up next were the u16 girls who again represented MGC magnificently, with the team coming in 3rd place! Superb effort by Lucinda Macdonald, Saskia Junge, Helen Alonso and Erica Brown-Yamada who all individually qualified for states.


Before we knew it the u15 girls were coming around the track, leading the MGC girls was Georgie Watson, closely followed by Victoria Trentin. The MGC team came in first place for this event meaning that Bethany Zmak, Hayley Cumming, Georgie Watson and Victoria Trentin will be joining the other girls at the state championships, along with Chloe Mansfield. Well done to all!

Following the u15’s was the u14’s who again did an amazing job. MGC maintained their strong reputation with 2 girls coming in the top 12 and heading off to states as well, Chloe Kamberis and Jessica Edbrooke. The U14 team came third overall, winning a bronze medal! Congratulations to Chloe, Jessica, Zoe Forde and Luelle Spear.


Finishing up our MGC campaign, the u13 girls left nothing on the track. Heidi Cannell continued to wow the crowd coming in 1st place. Joining Heidi at states will be Holly Chapman who came 10th. The team including Heidi, Holly, Indi Agosta and Jade Simoni also placed second, winning a silver medal.

It’s great to see so many girls doing such an amazing job on the track as well as getting around and supporting the others before and after their races. A massive congratulations to the 18 MGC girls who will be heading off to the state championships on the 18th of July. Also, a huge thank-you to our MGC co-ordinator Ms T as well as Ms Miller, and also Mr Fero-Kovassy who played a huge part in ensuring the event ran smoothly. We couldn’t have done it without you.


Niamh Georgakas (Official Cross Country Journalist)

2019 Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition

We want to recognise and celebrate the fantastic effort and results of all our French students who participated in the 2019 Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition. They represented our school with pride and brilliance. We would especially like to congratulate the following students who achieved a perfect score for their performance and have made it through to the finals which will be held at the Alliance Française de Melbourne on Sunday the 4th of August and Sunday the 25th of August.


Mia Bainbridge

Clara Batten

Mikhayla Burstin

Mila Eastick

Ana graham Perez

Jacqueline Le

Chanumi Liyanage

Ava Morison

Amy Morrison

Gwyneth Op't hoog

Quinn Simpson-Tuckey

Amelie Jamieson

Neha Lal

Annabel Noble


We wish you all “bonne chance” for the upcoming finals!​


Library News

New Library Books


Student Book Reviews

The Pause is a gripping story about a 17 year old called Declan. Declan deals with depression and anxiety – finally coming to the conclusion that enough is enough. He is going to commit suicide. But right before he jumps in front of an incoming train, he sees two alternative futures – one where he goes, and one where he stays. You follow him as he goes down both paths, and it brings more than just tears to your eyes – this is a full on sob story. I love this book because it really describes the road not taken, and shows how Declan learns that suicide was never the right answer. The book also has little cliff hangers – making you wait until you finally find out. This book has the potential to help out so many kids in need, and I bet it already has. Read it. You won’t regret it.

Library Events


Homework Club

Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Please note that there will be no homework club on Thursday the 27th of June, due to a staff meeting.


Hope to see you there!!

Ms Hajzler


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