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08 June 2018
Issue Eight
Important Dates
Principal's Report
College Uniform
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Important Dates


Monday 11th: Queen's Birthday Holiday

Wednesday 13th: G.A.T Exam

Thursday 14th: School Council

Friday 15th: McGuire College/Shepparton High School Debutante Ball

Wednesday 20th: Hume Regional Cross Country

Friday 22nd: Year 10 Meningococcal Vaccinations


Thursday 26th: School Council


Wednesday 1st: Curriculum Day (student free day)

Friday 24th: School Athletics Day

Thursday 23rd: School Council

Friday 31st: Senior School Formal


Tuesday 18th: Junior Summer  Sport Day 1

Thursday 20th: Parent Teacher Interviews  

Friday 21st: Parent Teacher Interviews  

Principal's Report


Dear Parents and Friends,

This week teaching and learning teams from across the College  have been focusing on the importance of providing time for our students to reflect on their learning. 

Reflection helps students not only to remember but also to actively participate in the learning experience.


Reflection is thinking about the ways new learning fits in to what we already know.

Reflection allows us to make connections between new learning and previous experiences. 

We interact with new information: making observations, asking questions, and comparing our understandings with those posed by others.

Reflective activities in the classroom help to make thinking visible, enabling our students to learn from one another and to gain greater insights into their own thinking and learning processes.

For reflection to be effective it needs to focus on the knowledge and understanding that has been gained from a learning experience as well as the processes that were developed to gain this knowledge.


In other words, we want our students to reflect on what they learnt as well as how they investigated, communicated and / or participated in pairs, small groups or whole class contexts to access this learning.








Reflection also has a future focus.

We ask the questions:

  • Where do I now go with this learning?  and
  • In what new contexts can my learning be applied?

Great food for thought as we rapidly head towards the middle of our school year. 


Thank you for your great support of our College.


Kind regards, Claire Kelly


“Great teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging students to create their own passage forward.”  Nikos Kazantzakis      














Shepparton Education Plan

Staff from each of the four Secondary schools have been involved in a series of forums with the Architects from Gray Puksand discussing possibilities for the new school master planning process.


Student workshops have  also been held at Shepparton High School to enable current students in both our feeder primary schools and the four Alliance Secondary schools to contribute to the planning process.


The VSBA have also scheduled a third round of community consultation, this time specifically on the new school design. 

Please get involved, attend workshops, and fill in the online survey as we want to hear from you!


Help Design your new Secondary School

We are seeking feedback from the Shepparton and Mooroopna communities about the design for the school.

 Survey Complete our survey 


To stay up to date on the Shepparton Education Plan:




College Uniform

Student Dress Code

A reminder to all students and families that full College Uniform is a requirement for all students at the College. 

Next week uniform will become a focus of all Year Level Meetings where there will be a strong message given to students as to what is appropriate uniform and what isn’t.


Why are uniforms important?  

Uniforms show that we are all part of an organisation and wearing it says we’re all in this together.


If we wear our uniforms with pride, it means that we are half way there to being respectful, buying into what the McGuire Values are all about.


Uniforms give students a sense of belonging to McGuire College and create an identity for our school community.

  • Hoodies are not permitted to be worn under school T shirts. A long sleeve navy  top may be worn under the school T shirt during the colder months. 
  • Leggings and skins are not permitted to be worn with school uniform.
  • School jackets and jumpers can be purchased from the general office for $75.00.  
  • State School Relief provide assistance to families in need of help purchasing uniform. Contact the College Wellbeing office.



School News

Year 12 Biology excursion – Pathogens and Immunity


On Wednesday the 6th June, Year 12 Students studying Unit 3 Biology participated in a program at the Gene Technology Centre in Melbourne to support their learning of pathogens and Immunity.

They were able to explore the immune response to the bacterium causing an outbreak of mastitis in a dairy herd and perform tests to determine the ideal treatment. In addition they examined the primary and secondary immune response to a tetanus vaccine in a herd of cattle.



Year 7 Camp 

57 of our Year 7 students attended a camp at Alexandra Adventure resort from the 28th - 30th May.

The camp program included a range of exiting adventure activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, abseiling and ropes course.  Students participating in the activities were encouraged to develop skills in teamwork, goal setting communication and problem solving.





Senior School Mid-Year Progress Meetings


The senior school staff at McGuire College will be holding Senior School Mid-Year Progress Meeting evening. It will be held at McGuire College on Thursday 21st June 2018 between 5.00pm and 6.00pm in E wing.

All year 11 and 12 students and families are encouraged to attend. Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be provided.


The aim of the evening is for you and your child to have the opportunity to meet and talk with their senior school subject teachers regarding:

  • Their progress so far this year.
  • Key areas for improvement.
  • Strategies that you could employ to support your child’s learning and success
  • Any learning needs to help your child achieve success.


The McGuire College Careers and Pathways team will be available during the Mid-Year Progress Meeting evening to discuss student future pathways, goals and further education opportunities beyond secondary college. There will also be representatives from local tertiary and employment agencies to answer any questions you may have about future study, training or work post-secondary college. 


 If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Mr Matt Koutroubas at the school on 5858 9800.

From the Office

Contact Details

We understand that from time to time student details may change. Please remember to notify the office immediately if these details change for you:

  • Mobile numbers
  • Occupation/Employer
  • Work place phone number 

It is also necessary that we have your student Emergency Contacts correct.  In the event of illness or injury, we have a duty of care to ensure that students are only released with a relative or family friend who appears on the student record. 

  • Please review these details from time to time and advise particularly if you need to ADD or REMOVE one of your emergencies.


Parents who call the office to notify of their child/s absence are now required to provide a signed hand written note or medical certificate to have the absence approved.


Collecting your student early

It is preferable that students do not miss valuable school time to attend appointments that could be scheduled outside of school hours. However, we understand that sometimes this is not possible.  If you need to collect your student before the end of the school day please provide them with a note in the morning that they can show the general office who will issue a pass to give to the classroom teacher  so that they can leave on time.


This way, the student will be waiting at the office to be collected when you arrive.  It is not always timely for students to be located at short notice. Class rooms often change and sport or other activities could mean your student cannot be readily located.


Students should not leave school grounds at any time without signing out at the office

Important Camp Dates

Year 8 Rubicon Camp:  20th - 24th August

Year 9 Sailing Camp:  18th - 20th June

Year 9- Term 3  Alpine School: Dinner Plain 

Year 10/11 Central Australia Trip:  17th - 27th September

Year 10/11 OE Snow Camp: 1st - 3rd August

Year 12 Camp:  27th - 29th June


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