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27 July 2018
Issue Twenty-one
Director of Pedagogy and Innovative Programs Years 7-10
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Director of Pedagogy and Innovative Programs Years 7-10


Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


Year 7-10 Programs Update

It has been a very busy start to Semester 2, with lots of extra-curricular opportunities on offer for our Year 7-10 students. 


Study skills

We are constantly exploring avenues to promote the development of study skills in our younger year levels. As part of this focus, we had Elevate come in to run a study skills session in the final week of Term 2 for our Year 9 SEAL students.

In order to develop a well-rounded home-study routine, it is imperative that students learn the difference between homework and study. Homework includes finishing classwork activities and/or completing consolidation tasks set by the classroom teacher, whereas study includes things such as active revision, summarising notes and consolidating knowledge/skills through a variety of means. If students do not have set homework tasks to complete, you can rest assured that there is always study to be done.

For students who are looking for a little bit of extra assistance with their studies, the Middle School Voluntary Home-study Club provides an excellent opportunity. A Communication and a Discovery teacher are present at each session and other teaching staff members are often willing to attend on request.


Course Counselling and Pathways

During the coming weeks we have a number of important information sessions and meetings for students across Years 7-10. Alongside these sessions, students will be making important decisions in regards to their subject choices for 2019. We  strongly encourage all parents/guardians to attend the sessions with your child to enable you to continue these important conversations at home.

Some of the events include:

  • Year 8 into 9 Information Afternoon – this was held on Monday after the Marketing Madness Expo.
  • Year 10 into 11 Course Counselling – Thursday 26 July.
  • Year 9 Mainstream Course Counselling – Friday 27 July. Students should attend their regular classes all day and come out of class for their course counselling appointment.
  • Year 7 into 8 Information Evening – Monday 30 July
  • Year 9 SEAL and Advance Course Counselling – Tuesday 31 July. Students should attend their regular classes all day and  come out of class for their course counselling appointment.

SEAL Program News

Year 7-10 SEAL Competitions

During Term 2, a group of dedicated 7-10 SEAL students have flexed their intellectual muscles and sat the annual Australian student competitions in Digital Technology, Geography, History and Science. In 2018, all SEAL students were given the opportunity to compete in optional national competitions, alongside the compulsory competitions, to test out their skills against students from all around the country.

A delicious afternoon tea was provided each week for the participants, as they elected to stay after school to attempt the challenging papers. Beginning with Digital Technology, the intrepid students then travelled the world in the Geography test; cast their minds back to Ancient China and World War 2 for the History competition and delved into scientific notation in the Science paper.

Prior to the commencement of each competition, students heard from Senior School teachers regarding options for study in Senior School. This gave them the opportunity to hear in detail about elective units available in the various subjects as well as directions that they could take in the future. A big thank-you to Ms. Webber, Mr. Puibello and Mr. Brooks for coming along to speak to the students.

We hope that the students enjoyed the opportunity to compete against other students nationwide. It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm and commitment they showed in attending and striving to do their best during some very challenging papers.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all students for their dedication and I am sure many students will be eagerly awaiting the results this term.


Year 8 Marketing Madness Expo

During the first week of Term 3, Year 8 students have been busily designing, building and marketing their very own toys as part of their Marketing Madness Project. Students applied their understanding of energy from Science to produce a toy that demonstrated energy transfer or transformation. Additionally, students used their Business and Economics knowledge to create their marketing campaign with the intention of running a successful business.

This week students had the opportunity to display their learning at the Year 8 Marketing Expo on Monday. We welcomed a number of visitors over the course of the afternoon and it was fantastic to see students sharing their learning with members from various parts of the Mordialloc College community. I would like to pass on a big thank you to everyone in the Year 8 team for supporting students throughout the project. Also, thank you to all the parents and guardians who came along to support the event. It was incredible to see the array of creative products on offer; all students should be immensely proud of their efforts!


Upcoming events for SEAL students

All SEAL Students

  • Year 7-10 Starlab Incursion – Monday 30 July
  • ICAS English Test – Tuesday 31 July (Year 9 SEAL will complete the paper on Monday to minimise disruption to course counselling)
  • ICAS Mathematics Test – Tuesday 14 August

Year 7

  • Chinese Museum Incursion – Wednesday 8 August
  • Medieval Day (with the Year 8 cohort) – Thursday 13 September

Year 8

  • Japanese Film Excursion (half of the class) – Thursday 9 August
  • French Film Excursion (half of the class) – Tuesday 21 August
  • TAASS (The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools) HUB Day with Mount Erin SC and Rosebud SC – Monday 27 August
  • Sovereign Hill Excursion – Friday 7 September

Year 9

  • Course counselling – Tuesday 31 August
  • MEX City Experience – 13 August/ 21 August/ 27 August

Year 10

  • Course Counselling – Thursday 26 July
  • Year 10 Camp – Monday 27 – Friday 31 August   


Alice Leppin

Director of Pedagogy and Innovative Learning Years 7 - 10









Important Dates


Friday 27

  • Year 10 Advance Ski Trip returns
  • Year 9 into Year 10 Course Counselling in the HUB
  • Intermediate Band Festival

Monday 30

  • Year 7 - 10 SEAL Starlab Incursion
  • Year 7 into Year 8 Information Night
  • MEX 9A & 9B Community Placements
  • MEX 9E & 9F Looking Around Data Collection
  • Year 10 History WW11 Excursion

Tuesday 31

  • Year 9 SEAL into Year 10 & Advance Students Course Counselling
  • PDC Meeting - 3:30pm


Friday 3

  • Facilities Meeting - 8am

Monday 6

  • Finance Meeting - 4pm

Tuesday 7

  • Australian Poetry Competition
  • MEX 9A & 9B Community Placements

Wednesday 8

  • Year 7 Chinese Incursion

Thursday 9

  • Year 8 Japanese ACMI Excursion
  • School Council - 5pm

Careers News

Course Counselling Year 8 - 12

Throughout the year we ask students to reflect upon their strengths and set goals for academic and extra-curricular endeavours. Since primary school they may have identified some careers and jobs that ‘seem cool’.  The career options young people dream up can be very indicative of their personalities, but as students usually have limited life experience they will be unaware of the plethora of options that would suit them even better. During this term we ask students to submit Year 9-11 subject preferences and ask Year 12s to commit to their first post-secondary career via VTAC and Direct applications. We now have a Subject Selection page on the Mordialloc College Careers Website with a range of resources and copies of the documents that you may find useful.

It is important to research options via our feet (attending Open Days), our minds (researching, reflecting and identifying options) as well as our hearts, gut and values (Which options seem the most exciting and interesting and important to us). Ideally a career will suit our interests, strengths, values and personality.

Open days are commencing this weekend with Swinburne University on Sunday 29 July and we recommend you resister via this link to plan and get the most out of your day.

All Year 12 students and their parents are invited to the VTAC Information evening next Monday 30 July, which is a combined secondary school event between Parkdale Secondary and Mordialloc College.

Venue – Parkdale Secondary – Senior Students

Time – 5.30 - 6.30 Career Expo

             6.30 - 8pm VTAC Information (Explanation of the VTAC Application SEAS, Scholarships)




Please send me a quick note to let me know you and your Year 12 are coming along.

Students who do not attend next Monday will need to attend an after school VTAC session in the coming week or so. VTAC Applications open on the 6th August. They will have several opportunities to meet with me to discuss their options and support for submitting their VTAC, SEAS and Scholarship applications.



Kind Regards

Jane Jamieson

Careers and Pathways Coordinator

Debating News

Valour and Triumph from our Debaters

Last Tuesday night, students from Years 7 to 12 competed in Round 4 of the Victorian Schools Debating Competition. After weeks of rigorous training and intense practice debates, our hardened debate teams were ready to take on Mentone Grammar and Mentone Girls Grammar. The round was ‘power paired’ which means teams were paired up with other teams on similar win-loss ratios and after, many rounds of decisive victories over other schools, our students were definitely in for a fight.

Additionally, debate preparation was conducted under secret topic conditions. A secret topic is where students find out the topic only one hour before their debate and must prepare with no outside help from the internet, teachers or coaches.

Even though our students were up against older, more experienced students from private schools, they composed themselves with aplomb and confidence. A special mention to Jeremy Thai Chan who, despite being in Year 7, volunteered as a last minute replacement speaker in our A Grade team where everyone else was in Year 12. Jeremy gave an outstanding speech and should be commended for not only stepping up to save our team from forfeiting the round, but for also displaying tremendous courage by debating students 5 years older than himself. He is, without a doubt, the hero of our debate team.

Congratulations to our C Grade Year 10s who won their debate by a decisive margin on the topic ‘that employers should adopt a four-day working week’. Felicitations to Callum Roberts, Ricardo Provenzale and Dylan Brown for their eloquence and taking home the Best Speaker award, again, for their round.

In a moving display of valour, our A Grade team, with the help of Jeremy, courageously debated the three Year 12 strong, power paired, private school opposition on the topic ‘that we should tax organisations based on their environmental impact’. Congratulations to Annie Mey Lee Ea, Jeremy Thai Chan and Alex Vujicic for their incisive performance.

These talented young minds have a bright future ahead of them.


Peter Vicary

Debating Coordinator


International Student News

Relocating to a totally different country with an unfamiliar culture can be a daunting experience for anyone. This is why the beginning of Term 3 has brought something new to Mordialloc College – the inaugural International Student English Centre (ISEC). 
The ISEC is an English Language Centre where newly arrived International Students from around the world can gently settle into Australian school culture, learn curriculum-wide subjects and make new friends across the College. Through their semester-long program, the newest additions to our College community get the opportunity to engage in intensive English education while immersing themselves in true Aussie experiences, such as chatting with people in the wider community about Australian culture, twisting their tongues around some Aussie slang and visiting interesting places around Melbourne. 
Some of the events the ISEC students are looking forward to are observing mainstream classes in action, joining Australian students for reciprocal reading and transitioning to mainstream classes towards the end of Term 4. If you see them about the College, say g’day and ask their name – a smile and a wave speaks every language.

Dominic Newsome

International Student English Centre Coordinator

Community News

Dobsons School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 3 2018

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Private appointments are available on Wednesdays after shop hours. Please call 8587 0570 for an appointment.

Visit the new, improved website Click and Collect ordering now available.

Phone: 9587 0738

Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.

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