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08 March 2019
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Dates to Remember

Tuesday, 12 March

Boroondara Division Swimming - Boroondara Sports Complex


Wednesday, 13 March

DPS Sports Coaching - Doncaster Primary School

Year 8 Cross Country Practise Run - 8F, 8K

Year 9 MyBasketball - City Investigation Task

Year 9 MyCity - Old Melbourne Gaol

Year 9 MyCity - Melbourne Aquarium Excursion 

Year 9 MyCSI - Escape Room

Year 9 MyFitness - BounceFIT 

Year 9 MyFuture - Police Museum

Year 9 MyOutdoors - Victorian Sailing School Camp


Thursday, 14 March

Year 8 Boroondara Division Round Robin

Year 8 Boys/ Mixed/ Girls Basketball - Waverley Basketball Centre

Year 8 Boys/ Mixed Cricket - Chelsworth Park

Year 8 Girls Softball - Surrey Park

Year 8 Boys/ Mixed/ Girls Tennis - Boroondara Tennis Centre


Friday, 15 March

STEM Grand Prix Driving Learning Program - Albert Park

Year 7 Cross Country Practise Run - 7A, 7B, 7C, 7E, 7F, 7G, 7I, 7J

Year 8 Cross Country Practise Run - 8C

Year 10 Intensive Westfield Shoppingtown Excursion


Monday, 18 March

Year 7 Cross Country Practise Run - 7H

Year 8 Werribee Zoo Excursion - 8B, 8J

Year 8 Cross Country Practise Run - 8A, 8B, 8D, 8E, 8H, 8I, 8J


Tuesday, 19 March

Year 7 Royal Melbourne Zoo Excursion

Year 8 Werribee Zoo Excursion - 8D, 8F


Wednesday, 20 March

DPS Sports Coaching - Doncaster Primary School

Year 7 Cross Country Practise Run - 7D

Year 9 MyCity - Eureka Skydeck

Year 9 MyCity - Federation Square

Year 9 MyFuture - Magistrates' Court  


Thursday, 21 March

Year 12 State Library of Victoria 

Friday, 22 March

Principal's Report

Doncaster Secondary College Students to live and learn in India 

Doncaster Secondary College is one of seven schools across Victoria selected to travel to India for an immersion experience that will prepare its students to live and work as future leaders on a global scale, thanks to the Victorian Government.


Minister for Education James Merlino said the inaugural Victorian Young Leaders to India Program was an expansion of the award-winning Victorian Young Leaders to China Program and would give students and teachers the opportunity to travel to India for three weeks in 2019.


The pilot program will run for two years (2019-20), and provides a unique opportunity for 40 Year 9 students and their teachers from the selected seven schools to explore different aspects of India's diversity.


The students will experience daily life in an Indian school, explore India's cutting-edge STEM industries, visit historically significant sites and discover the nation's thriving culture, from the traditional to the modern.


The program will also develop students’ intercultural understanding and leadership skills and provide opportunities to strengthen economic and cultural ties between Victoria and India as part of Victoria’s India Strategy: Our Shared Future, launched last year.


Other schools chosen to take part in the pilot program are Alkira Secondary College, Doncaster Secondary College, Kurnai College, Lyndhurst Secondary College, Mount Clear College, Mount Waverley Secondary College and St Joseph’s College (Geelong).


The Victorian Young Leaders Programs support the Education State targets of critical and creative thinking, resilience and pride and confidence in our schools. They will also help strengthen students’ engagement in their education and equip them with the skills they need to be active, globally-engaged citizens.


Victorian Young Leaders to China 2019

Doncaster Secondary College has once again been selected to travel to China for an immersion experience for our students. 

The Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYLC) Program is an award-winning, six-week in-country immersion program for Year 9 students. The program combines language and cultural learning with personal development and leadership skills.


The program is a life-changing opportunity for students and teachers to live and attend school in China. Combining language and cultural learning with personal development and leadership skills, the program focuses on one of Australia's main regional and global partners, China.

There are two intakes of VYLC Statewide Program annually, with Doncaster Secondary College’s in-country immersion scheduled to occur in October/November.



How to Apply

The full details of these two amazing opportunities for Year 9 students will be released by the International Division in the coming week.  It is anticipated that there will be a call for student applications in the week beginning 18 March once full details of the programs on offer are confirmed.


Both VYL to India and VYL to China program costs are funded through a co-contribution model, with the Department contributing $3,000, and parents contributing the remaining $3,000 per student. For students whose parent/guardian holds a current healthcare or pensioner concession card that lists the student by name the entire $6,000 is funded by the Department.


Éva McMaster


Assistant Principals' Report

In late 2017 and early 2018, I experienced a taste of life in the Doncaster Secondary College community through a professional learning program in which I was paired with Eva McMaster as my mentor in a Principal Preparation program run by the Department of Education and Training.  What an experience!


I was immediately struck by the learning culture of the staff in the school; teachers, education support staff and school leadership were overtly seeking to improve their practice to achieve better outcomes for students in all areas.  From VCAL to VCE, student wellbeing and community involvement, successful transitions to sporting, arts, musical and academic excellence; across the board, it was incredibly impressive.


In previous roles, I have participated in many governments, Catholic and independent schools at the primary and secondary level and I had never come across such a rich, broad and inclusive learning community striving to be even better as I found at Doncaster Secondary College.  I wanted to be a part of it!  It was with utter delight I accepted the role of Assistant Principal commencing at the start of this school year.


I am thrilled to find so many incredible parent supporters of the school.  Through committees, school council, events and communication, we enjoy such a high level of participation from wonderful parents and carers.


The best part of commencing at Doncaster Secondary College, without a doubt, is sharing in the wonder of learning experienced by our lively student cohort.  The young people in our school are curious, courteous, strive to be their best and are a credit to their families and wider community.  I have found such joy so quickly in my interactions with our students.


The interesting thing about being introduced into this high-functioning community is the apparent lack of consciousness about just how wonderful Doncaster Secondary College is!  So whilst the experience is still new to me, I wanted to let you know what a privilege it is to be a part of it.


Gina Carroll

Assistant Principal

Dear Parents and Students,

Instead of one summary report at the end of a term or semester you will be able to see Learning Tasks with comments and grades on the following dates: 19 March, 14 May, 25 June, 20 August, 15 October, 10 December.


Student Led Conferences - 2 April, 27 August

These tasks will be flagged to show there is an indication of the grade and effort as well as a comment.


The end of semester reports which are a summary of each subject with Victorian Curriculum levels and grades for key tasks displayed will be published on Compass by 27 June  . There will be no comments on end of semester reports. You will see comments on the dates above by following the instructions attached.


What this means for Parents:

Parents will need to log into Compass and look at flagged Learning Tasks on or just after the dates published above. You will be able to regularly monitor student progress and see feedback about specific tasks and how students can improve. There is a file attached which will help you navigate Compass to find this great feedback provided by teachers.


What this means for Students:

Students will need to ensure Learning Tasks are submitted on time with maximum effort applied. You will be able to read comments and analyse rubrics to see feedback about specific tasks and how to improve. This allows you the opportunity to regularly monitor progress towards your goals.


Would you like some more information about the tasks our students are completing? Open the document attached below to find out how.


Gary Rule

Assistant Principal 

College Information

Our official DSC Facebook page


Celebrating our 50th Anniversary 

We were honoured to receive the certificate pictured above from Hon. Bruce Atkinson MLC in recognition of our 50th Anniversary this year.


Our 50th Anniversary Celebration Day

In a couple of weeks we are holding our 50th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, 24 March from 1.00pm at the College's David Perry Hall. This is a community event and will be an opportunity to see some familiar faces and to see the College's history come alive. There will be live entertainment from past and present student bands, food and beverages stalls and historical photo displays. This is a community event and everyone is welcome. If you're interested in attending, please register your interest by clicking on the link below.


Music News

The Music Department is now in full swing and all students should have had at least one lesson and one rehearsal with their ensemble. If your child hasn’t had either yet, please contact me or their instrumental teacher. Soundwosrks had their first rehearsal on Monday 4th March after school and they had a great turn up of enthusiastic new Year 7 students. Early rehearsals will require only basic knowledge of their instrument and time will be spent mostly on ensemble etiquette and learning to play together. Other ensembles have started their rehearsals also and I’d like to remind students that they need to arrive on time to get the most out of the rehearsals.


DSC 50th Anniversary Celebration Day

We have a collection of past and present Music students performing at our Celebration Day on Sunday, 24 March, on a stage outside the David Perry Hall. If you are interested in performing please contact Mr Dean in the Music Centre or email him at [email protected]. If not come along and enjoy the music anyway!


More positions available

If there are any students interested in having lessons on Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Tuba, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Cello, we still have a limited number of positions available. At this stage positions in Guitar, Saxophone and Percussion are full.  If you have now settled into school life and feel like you’d like a new challenge, contact Mr Dean to arrange a trial on any of the listed instruments. Our instrumental staff are very experienced and will be happy to assist you to start playing music on the instrument you’ve always wanted to play. Music levies are only $350 for a whole year of lessons so it’s a fantastic way to get into Music.

Singer Wanted

One of the Rock Bands in the Rock Program requires a singer to sing in a heavy rock/ funk style. If you can sing in this style and want to be a part of a great band in the Rock Program please contact Mr Dean.


Music Camp

Music camp is from the 27 - 29 May so put it on your calendars now and keep an eye on Compass for the information and payment amount. All Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion students are expected to attend.


Nick Dean

Music Coordinator

Sustainable School Shop - Secondhand Uniforms

More than 200 families at the school per year use the Sustainable School Shop service for buying and selling second-hand uniforms, items that are listed for sale to sell.  More items for sale are needed as there are far more buyers than there are sellers. If you have items you no longer need please list them for sale. 


The items you list for sale will appear in the secondhand uniform Stocktake Report that is regularly sent to families. Given it is the beginning of the school year, this is a busy uniform trading time. 



Around the School

Whole School Approach to Wellbeing

This is a short introduction video about our whole school approach to wellbeing. 

Drew Hanna 
Wellbeing Coordinator

Differentiation Instruction

This year Fiona Cowan and I are leading staff to further expand their differentiation strategies in the classroom to support students reach their learning goals.  This is an exciting challenge as we explore best practice to further cater to the educational needs of each individual.


Here is a brief snapshot of what we are currently working on:

During the last couple of weeks, we have been developing profiles on each student’s strengths in their preferred learning style (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic). This will assist teachers to develop teaching strategies around content, process and product to cater for individual learning preferences.  


Students may already have a clear understanding of their learning preferences and by identifying other learning styles will provide them with an opportunity to develop a multi-sensory approach to their learning. 


Last year we were fortunate enough to secure funding through the Government’s $12 million Equipment Boost for Schools initiative that provides an opportunity for schools to implement specialised equipment and assistive technologies to support improvements in the whole of school inclusive education practice.


At Doncaster SC we are acutely aware that improved hearing and understanding in a classroom makes a positive difference in your child’s education. To this end, we have purchased the Roger Digimaster 5000 SoundField package. Roger provides clarity and enables all students, not only those with hearing difficulties, to hear and understand better. 

To absorb auditory information and understand context, a student must have access to the clearest sound possible. These skills are not only required for successful academic progress but also necessary for social development (Roger Digimaster promotes its success in these areas)

We are trialling Roger Digimaster in one of the rooms in C Block. 


It is our intention to get feedback from both staff and students who use the room on Roger’s suitability, with the view to expanding the system in future years if it is evidenced to be enhancing student learning.  Already some staff are reporting small, but immediate benefits. For example, one of the Math teachers said: “I can write on the whiteboard to model my teaching and the students still have the clarity of sound when my back is turned to them.”


We have also purchased an assistive technology program called Ghotit Real Writer and Reader. This is a very comprehensive reading and writing assistance solution for users with dyslexia and/or dysgraphia, for those struggling with creating or reading text or for students with English as a second language (ESL). It is easy to use and includes word prediction, context and phonetic spell checker, grammar and punctuation checker, proofreading, screenshot reader to read aloud any text on the screen and dictionary.


This product will also be trialled this year and a sample group of students and their families will be invited to participate in the pilot program and provide feedback on suitability and viability of the product long term.  The sample group has been identified by the college and clinician diagnostic reports that have been provided by families to the college. 


If any family has concerns for their son or daughter’s learning and believes the program may support their child please contact Pamela between Monday and Thursday.

Please note that Ghotit Real Writer and Reader has been purchased to upload on individual laptops.  If the demand to be in the pilot program exceeds the units purchased, priority will be given according to the level of need.  A meeting with interested families will be conducted later in term 1 or early term 2.


In 2019 we have expanded our use of the Education Perfect online education support package. This program has been used in our Language classes for many years and was trialled in our year 7 & 8 English classes last year. Education Perfect has now been added to our booklist for all year 7-9 students. This package provides students with an array of learning activities which are tailored to suit a range of different ability levels. Assessment tasks provide students with a range of suggested activities to complete which address areas of weakness identified in the testing and all tasks provide students with feedback and teacher with a record of student’s results. Teachers can also use this program in class or set tasks from this program for homework and different tasks can be allocated to different students depending on their learning needs. Students can also access and complete these tasks at home and use this program to support or extend their current learning.

We encourage all year 7-9 students to ensure that they can access this program from home and to use this exciting educational tool to assist their studies in Languages, English, Math and Science.


We look forward to keeping you up to date with the progress we make throughout the year.


Pamela Campbell

Fiona Cowan

Differentiated Learning Leaders

Library News

Thank you to all the students and families that have donated their old school textbooks and other resources to the school. These items will go towards the Welfare Library, with the aim of assisting students in their education. I know the families appreciate this support and I thank you for your school community spirit. We look forward to continuing this practice so every student has the opportunity to do their best. We welcome donations all year and you can leave your donated items at the front office.


Sue Hayward

Curriculum Resource Coordinator

Geography Cake Competition

Let Them Eat Cake!

In delicious Doncaster tradition, we are running our annual cake making

competition for DSC’s Open Night in Term 1. The competition is open to

all students. You may bake individually or in small groups. The theme

is GEOGRAPHY. We want to see your fondant and whipped cream

creations in the shape of your favourite country, or the colours of your

favourite flag, or maybe a famous monument that you love. Be creative

and have fun! The categories are –

  • Countries
  • Landforms
  • Landscapes
  • Flags
  • Maps/Mapping
  • Monuments

Completed cakes are due on March 26 and need to be delivered to the Main Staffroom. Entry forms will be available to fill out on the day. Winners are announced at Open Night. If you have any questions, please speak to your Geography/History teacher or email Mr. Cowling at [email protected].


Josh Cowling

Head of Humanities

Student Voice

Get to know our College Leadership Team 


When did you start your studies at Doncaster Secondary College?

I started my studies at DSC in 2014 in Year 7


Tell us about some of your interests outside of school?

Outside of school I am a very passionate cook and photographer. On the weekends ill often be found in the kitchen cooking up something delicious for dinner, otherwise ill be out at the park or with my friends doing photography for both school and as a hobby


Tell us about some of the things at the College you have been actively involved in throughout your school years?

Throughout my years at the school I have been a part of many different clubs and initiatives, most of which are still running today. The SRC, Green Team, DSC Connection Project (Now DSC Connect), Art Club, and Interact have all been integral parts of developing my social and leadership skills. Taking on opportunities such as the School for Student Leadership and being a Peer Buddy were also really pivotal in bringing me forward as an average student to a leader within the school.


What gave you the confidence to be in a leadership role?

The amount of opportunities available through school have been the major contributors to my ability to be a confident leader, and someone who is able to seek advise from students within the school and action change where possible. A supportive network at home and at school really assisted in providing those opportunities, as well as giving me support when times were tough or I was struggling.


Do you have any advice for students who aspire to be future leaders?

Just do it. You will hear so many people who will want to bring you down for wanting to get involved in leadership roles. Don't listen to them. Instead invite them along, because they just might be interested. Don’t worry if you don’t have the support outside of school, approach a teacher or another leader for advice. Get involved at school. Even if you don’t realise it, teachers do notice, and so do your peers. If you always do what you have always done, you will aways be what you’ve always been.


College Annual Theme – Make Dreams Reality

What does this statement mean to you?

Making dreams reality is something that we hear often in our lives. Being able to think of something and being able to do it. I think that this saying runs further than that though. Its not just about dreams of change within the school or with your school results. It's about being able to be the best person that you can be. We always dream of being better, doing something better, or reacting differently to something. These things will all come in good time when we change ourselves to be who we want to be, not who we want others to see.


How will you live by this statement throughout the year?

Personally I would like to be able to perform  to the best of my ability in my classes and be a positive leader within the school. I hope to drive change where it is needed, and more so where people want to see it.


What are your goals for 2019 for yourself in your role and personally?

As school captain, I want to see people stepping out of their comfort zones and see new people step up to new roles within the school. I hope to see people approaching me and suggesting things about the school, and I hope to see people with more agency within the school. I hope to see my leadership skills develop and I hope to interact with as many students in the year as possible.

Personally, I would like to perform really well this year. This is my year to knuckle down and focus and do the best I possibly can.


What are your long-term life ambitions and aspirations?

Post high school I would like to go to Melbourne Uni to study a Bachelor of Arts – Psychology, and then do a PhD in Psychology and Leadership. My goal after tertiary education is to become a child psychologist and then after a few years become a teacher.


What would you like your legacy to be for Doncaster Secondary College?

I would like to be the person who made a difference. I don't mind if that difference impacts the entire school, or if it impacts on one single person. I may not be able to help everyone, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t help anyone.


In one sentence what would you like to say to your fellow students about your Pride in Doncaster Secondary College?

Our school is constantly developing, student agency is the strongest it has ever been and I think that every student enrolled in the school should be proud to be a part of that.



Our Alumni Community

Interview with former DSC student Eksath Bhareti - Class of 2014

Favourite memory about Doncaster Secondary College:

Playing four square outside G Block in Year 12 because there were so many people and it was so intense. With anywhere between 20-40 people, it felt like being in a packed MCG with so many people surrounding the game getting way too invested in a lunchtime match.


Since finishing Year 12 I have:

I have been studying a double degree of a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Finance at Monash University, currently in my final semester. Throughout Uni I have balanced study with a broad spectrum of work across Corporate, Not-for-Profit, Victorian Government and International Government. Outside of study and work, I have maintained my passion for travelling through regular trips around Australia and overseas, with upcoming trips planned for Bora Bora and Western Australia later this year. Similarly, my love for music and languages have grown stronger through regular jam sessions and attempting to re-learn French. Above all, I have been so blessed to be happy, healthy and living life with wonderful friends and family around me.


Currently, I am:

Working at the Department of Education and Training as a Project Administrator, at the Consulate of Mauritius as the Business Liaison Manager, at the Australian Red Cross as a Member of the Victorian Youth Advisory Committee and for the Victorian Government as Co-Chair of the Victorian Youth Congress.


Do you have any advice you’d like to share with current DSC students? 

Three key things to keep in mind. Firstly, keep a priority for people and building relationships. As you get older, you won't remember staying home that one night because you were too tired but you will remember the time you spent with friends having fun and building relationships. We're all doing life together so we should always keep people at the forefront of what we do. Secondly, be intentional with your actions, don't do anything for the sake of it but do things because they have a purpose, because they help others, and because they make you happy. Thirdly, be thankful. We are so blessed to have the lives we have with drinkable water, a roof over our heads and to live in Melbourne. By being thankful we can stay grounded, be more positive and connect with others better.


We share more of our alumni stories on our Official DSC Alumni Facebook page. Follow us by clicking on the link below.


Middle School

Year 7 Camp

Week five saw our wonderful Year 7 students challenge themselves at ‘Camp Weekaway’ in Benloch Valley. Our students spent two nights away and participated in various activities such as canoeing, raft building, ziplining, mountain biking,  initiatives, hut building, the maze and a ‘bush rescue’. They worked together with their peers to solve problems and form new connections and friendships that will last for years to come.



It was great to see our Year 7s build their teamwork and resilience and I saw a lot of smiles as well as some pretty tired faces at the end of the week. We’ll always remember roasting marshmallows, our eye-opening night walk and Mr Gardiner practically living in the dam. Our second half of campers also participated in an interschool round-robin on Wednesday and represented Doncaster with pride.



A big thank you to our fabulous peer-buddies. These Year 9 students gave up their time to come and support the Year 7s on camp and it was great to see them challenge themselves and develop their leadership skills. I’d also like to thank all of the staff involved in preparing for and running the camp. Camps like this take a huge team and couldn’t happen without their dedication.


Anna Ditchburn

Year 7 Coordinator

Year 9 Art Electives


Some fantastic work has been created by DSC’s Year 9 students in their various Art electives this term. They are to be congratulated on their focus, creativity and outstanding skill level. I can’t wait to see the amazing art pieces they each create with the remainder of the semester.


Kelly Spiteri 

Middle School Leader



Senior School

Year 11 VCAL

Our Year 11 VCAL students have been very busy over the past couple of weeks. Both VCAL classes have begun their public safety training program through Magenta, which has seen them participate in a number of workshops with members of the local fire brigade. They have had an opportunity to learn about the safety clothing and equipment used by members of the fire brigade, as well given the opportunity to have first-hand experience using the fire hose.



In addition to the Magenta public safety training program, all Year 11 VCAL students travelled to Oakleigh to complete a barista course. Here they learnt how to use state of the art coffee machines, safety in the kitchen and a how to turn coffee into art. 



Well done on a successful term so far, Year 11 VCAL!


Kelly Spiteri

VCAL Teacher – Personal Development Skills


Sport News

Elite Sporting Pathways Program

On Thursday, 7 March, some of our Elite Sporting students were involved in a program designed to educate them about the behaviours, attributes and mindset that have helped elite sportsmen/ women succeed.



We were fortunate enough to have guest presenters speak to the students, including Australian 800m athlete Peter Bol, Strength and Conditioning Coaches from Carlton AFL and Paul Roos, a well-known AFL Player and Premiership coach.



It was a fantastic day and students learnt how they can apply these principles to their own lives.


Glenn Strachan

Head of Sport

Teacher - Health & Physical Education

International Students

Monash Big Data Challenge


Krystal Chen (12I) participated in the Monash Big Data Challenge. Her team came the first in the ‘Applied Mathematics” workshop. Big Data Challenge is designed for high-achieving students studying units 3 and 4 Mathematical Methods or Specialist Maths. Students will be placed in teams to consider what Melbourne might look like in 2050 through the lens of business analytics, actuarial science, applied mathematics and data science. Krystal worked with students from other schools to find solutions to reduce traffic congestion in the Melbourne metropolitan area using mathematical modelling and optimisation. They competed with three other groups and their team managed to find the best solution. Krystal enjoyed this challenge very much and they also got to meet some current and ex Monash students who shared their university life and career in the science/IT/commerce fields. It was a fantastic learning experience for the kids not only academically but also finding out what they want to do in the future or what they want to study at university. Well done! Krystal. 


Heidi  Luo

International Student Program Education Support

Year 10 Careers Experience Training Session

As part of Year 10 and Careers Curriculum in 2019, all year 10 students, including the International Students, will undertake a week’s Careers Experience Placement. Students can work in a variety of industries which might be related to their future study plan. Therefore, the Careers Experience allows students to develop these skills in an authentic environment and to see the connections between different study areas. Ms Ramsay came to our Intensive Homework club to deliver the special training session for our newly enrolled students. Everyone was nervous about looking for a placement. At the same time, they were also very excited to participate in a work environment rather than studying at school. After the training session, the students feel more confident and they have a couple of idea about where to start. They are looking forward to the Career Experience week in June.


Sharon MU

International Student Program Education Support

Host Families for International Students

We are currently refreshing our list of Homestay Providers for our International Student Program.


You must be able to speak English fluently, willing to help the student(s) adjust to life in Australia and improve their English through a variety of means. Some of our current hosts provide daily conversation, homework assistance, watching Australian television and reading through an English novel or magazine together. You will act in a semi-parental role and keep the school informed about any welfare issues. As a host of a student under 18, you and all your family members who are over 18 will need a Working With Children’s Check. You will also be given lots of support from school and International Student Program Coordinator.


We need homes within walking distance or with good transport access to the school and students must have their own room, furnished with bed, cupboard/wardrobe, desk, chair and lamp. 


The benefits to you are that you can share in the life of a young person, playing a role in their successes in life and learn more about the world.  The payment for their accommodation is generous. 


Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like an application form.



International Student Program Coordinator

Doncaster Secondary College

Phone: 9848 4677


Italian News
Ciao a tutti



Italians prepare for Lent (the 40 days of abstinence before Easter) by indulging in lots of sweet treats and throwing a lively party. The most popular Italian destination for Carnival is undoubtedly Venice for the lavish costumes and masks worn even a week before the celebration. Dates vary each year, depending on what date Easter falls on.



Fourteen billion espressos are consumed in Italy each year.


Around €3,000 of change is thrown in the Trevi Fountain by tourists daily. It is then collected and donated to charity (that’s $1,715,000 Australian per year)

Jess M. 10A

French News

For any foreign movie lovers, the French Film Festival is happening from 6 March until 10 April in Palace Cinemas around Melbourne. For more information, you can click on the link below. Happy viewing!

Sylvie Berthié

French Teacher

College Council Election Outcome

College Council Election Outcome 2019

On Monday, 4 March the ballots for the Parent and Student Member positions on College Council were officially counted.


As the number of nominating DET Employee Members for College Council was equal to the number of vacancies it was not necessary to conduct an election for this category.


We are pleased to announce the following nominees will be endorsed as Members on College Council at the next Council Meeting on Wednesday, 20 March.


DET Members

Gina Carroll

Gary Rule


Parent Members

Julie Daniell

Sofia Georgiou

Christine Gouramanis


Student Member

Anastasios Raftis


Thank you to our outgoing Council Members, Andrew Mishura (Parent Member) and Ainsley Chase (Student Member). Also Jeff Pavlou (DET Member), our Assistant Principal who has recently retired.


Doncaster Secondary College sincerely thanks them for their input and participation on College Council. Their generosity in terms of their commitment to our College has been greatly appreciated.


Éva McMaster



International Women's Day

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. It is a focal point in the movement for women's rights along with the celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender equality. International Women's Day has occurred for well over a century, with the first gathering in 1911.


National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA)

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence is held on the third Friday of March each year. This year The National Day of Action will be held on Friday the 15th of March. This is an opportunity for Australian schools to highlight their everyday work to counter bullying and violence. The theme for the 2019 NDA is ‘Bullying. No Way! Take action every day’. The NDA enables school’s to have the opportunity to take action and empower young people to be a part of the solution when it comes to bullying within the school community. Class leaders throughout years seven to eleven were given the opportunity on the 27th and 28th of February to be apart of the solution to combat bullying by advocating for their peers within a survey providing the opportunity to focus on bullying and the changes we can make to create a safer community for everyone here at DSC.


Education Support Dogs

The aim of having Educational Support Dogs at Doncaster Secondary College is to improve wellbeing and engagement across the school. Educational Support Dogs can help reduce stress and anxiety along with improving school attendance, they can provide a sense of connection within difficult situations and help individuals develop social skills. The Education Support Dogs will be implemented within the school through many ways such as, being on yard duty at lunchtime, Incorporated within some classroom activities accompanied by their owners and available for any individual who would positively benefit from having access to the dogs.


Five tips to help destress

Stress is a major factor that may impact on the lives of each individual. Here are five tips you can use daily in order to help combat stress.


  1. Self-care: Taking time to pause from the reality of everyday life and enjoy creative activities that keep you from stressing over daily pressures.
  2. Exercise: One of the healthiest ways to destress is to regularly exercise. This could be as simple as going for a walk or participating in a yoga class.
  3. Listening to music: Many people find listening to music a great way to destress and calm yourself down. Listening to classical music has been linked to positively benefit students whilst studying.
  4. Eat healthily: Your diet has a major impact on your brain power. Be sure to eat breakfast every morning in order for your brain to function to it’s the greatest potential and ensure to eat healthy meals throughout your day!
  5. Positive thinking: Positive thinking can assist with better health, relationships and greater grades. Each morning tell yourself something that you love about yourself. Positive self- talk is important!

Acknowledgement of Country

We would like to acknowledge The Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation as the traditional custodians of the land Doncaster Secondary School resides on. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging, and acknowledge any Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are involved with Doncaster Secondary College community.


We extend this respect and welcome to all cultures involved with Doncaster Secondary College community.


Yulanda Scicluna 

DSC Wellbeing Team 

Careers News

Year 10 Careers Experience Program - June 24-28

As part of Year 10 and the Careers Curriculum in 2019, all Year 10 students will undertake one week of Work Experience Placement. 'Careers Experience' allows students to develop key transferable skills which link directly to the classroom through better engagement, learning and achievement. Careers Experience allows students to develop these skills in an authentic environment, investigate a future career path and to see the connections between future study areas and the world of work. In preparation, students last year received a 'Careers Experience Handbook' and Information Pack and commenced researching and contacting possible placement locations.


Year 10 Students 

Please be actively seeking to finalise your placement arrangements and, once the Work Experience Arrangement Form has been signed by the employer, yourself and a parent/carer, return the form to the Careers Centre. 
All students should have arrangements finalised by March 16th.


Vanessa Ramsay

Careers Coordinator

McDonalds - Part-time Work Opportunity

McDonalds in Doncaster East has advised that they are looking to recruit new junior team members. Students (15yrs +) should complete the online application, specifying the Doncaster East store.


UCAT Entry to Medicine in 2020

Year 12 students planning to apply for any of the following university courses listed below are reminded that registrations for the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) open on 1 March 2019 and close 16 May 2019. The testing dates will be from 1 July – 31 July 2019.


In the meantime, students who are preparing for entry into any of these courses are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the format of the test at UCAT Test Format and the practice tests and preparation material provided at UCAT Preparation.


Latest DSC Career News


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