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14 March 2019
Issue Seven
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Literacy Reading Strategies in 1/2UR  
Religious Education Who are we? in 3/4GT
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Education in Faith Project Compassion
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Upcoming Events

What's On - Term 1




19th March  Whole School Cultural Incursion - Aboriginal Culture

21st March    Harmony Day and Multicultural Night

25th March   Open Day

26th March    Year 3/4 Camp @ Campaspe Downs

28th March  Books in Homes Assembly

2nd April      Learning Expo at 9 am

5th April       Last day of Term 


Term 2

23rd April     Students Return

9th May         School Photos

9th May         First Reconciliation Parent Night

23rd May       School Sports Day

15th May       Family Mass @ 9.15am

31st May        School Closure Day- Berry Street 

5th June        First Reconciliation

11th June      School Closure Day- Aboriginal Catholic Ministry

19th June      Trinity Feast Day Mass @ 9.15am

26th June      Student Led Conferences

27th June      Reports Home

28th June       Last day of Term


Term 3

15th July - Students Return

30th July - First Communion Parent Night

31st July - St Ignatius Mass @ 9.15am

8th-9th - August School Closure Days- Catholic Identity and First Aid

15th August - Assumption Mass @ 9.15am

19th September - School Concert

20th September - Last day of Term



Term 4

7th October - Students Return

9th October -  Confirmation Parent Night @ 7.30pm

23rd October -  Whole School Mass @ 9.15am

25th October - Confirmation

30th October - 1st November Year 5/6 School Camp

28th November - Student Led Conferences

5th December - Community Carols

10th December - Year 6 Graduation

11th December - End ofYear Mass

12th December - End of Year Celebration Day

16th December - Last Day of School (students)


Principal's News


Dear Families

As mentioned in past newsletters, if you have a child in year 4-5 and you are considering applying for a Catholic secondary school, it is essential that you apply in year 5. Now is the season for school secondary tours- please contact the schools directly to find out when their Open Days are and how to apply. 




Two of our local Catholic secondary schools (CBC St Kilda & PCW) have Open Days coming up. Both schools have strong relationships with Trinity and receive a number of our students each year. Please consider paying them a visit if you have the chance. 


Trinity wins Art Prize

We're pleased to announce that Trinity has been awarded the ZArt Art Prize for Primary at the Catholic Education Office's Annual Visual Arts Show. The prize was awarded "to the school which best explores and encourages the use of a variety of media at all its age levels." 


The three pieces that were chosen for the show were Adeng and Julianna's Banksy Art Works and Starry Starry Melbourne which was a co-constructed work by 2018's 1/2RM students.  The school wins a $200 Art supllies prize from Zart Art. Thanks again to the students for their great work and particularly to Elorraine who worked with all our grades last year in the lead up to the Art Show. The Exhibition is open until Saturday and all are welcome to visit.

Mo Mo Challenge

There has been a lot of media around the MoMo challenge. Some parents have discussed this with their children and some children have talked about it at school. These conversations have been limited. While we are not discussing the content of this with students we have reaffirmed in the Esmart classes this week the need to talk to others who we trust if we feel unsafe online. I have attached the following statement from the E-safety Commissioner.

If you continue to have concerns about your child being concerned please consider using our school counsellor.  

Xavier Interviews

Xavier scholarship interviews will be held next Tuesday at 9am. If you are a year 6 boy who has applied for a scholarship please ensure that you are at school and ready on Tuesday morning. 

Adventure Playground Upgrade and Use


Playground Upgrade

It's great to see our families enjoying the use of our Adventure Playground after school. On the holidays, sections of the playground will be upgraded to increase seating for families and provide additional equipment. The design of the playground was developed with consultation with our student leaders and our school board. Part of this upgrade will be funded through the great work that our Parents and Friends have undertaken over the past year - a big thanks to them and all our families for their continued support.  


Playground Use After School

Please remember that after school play is for children who are being supervised by their parents only. Students waiting for collection must wait with the yard duty teacher and in the office if their parents are running late to take them home.


It is expected that if you choose to allow your child to play on the Adventure after school that you are actively supervising your child. Although we appreciate being informed if there is poor behaviour on the playground, as this is a parent activity, supervised by parents (not teachers) the school is not responsible.  

Weetbix Triathlon

Will and Melina did an amazing job competing in the Weetbix Triathlon at St Kilda on Sunday.  It's great to see them competing and putting in such a great effort. Well done to you both! 

Catholic Identity Surveys

This week Catholic Identity Surevys will go home to families. These surveys are conducted once every four years and provide us a broad picture of our community. Adminstered by the Catholic Education Office Melbourne and the University of Leeven they are confidential and are conducted online. If you have the chance please participate. 


Thanks everyone- I hope you have a great rest of the week. 



Reading Strategies in 1/2UR


The students in 1/2 UR have been learning about various reading strategies during Literacy. They have been focusing on ways to make reading engaging and enjoyable. They have read shared texts such as ‘Pig in a Wig’ and ‘George’s Fire Station’ and taken part in picture walks, made predictions and looked for clues to prepare us for our reading.


Some questions they have been learning to ask during reading are “Does it make sense?” Does it look right? and does it sound right? They have been using these questions to help think about their reading and understand the text. 


The students have incorporated digital technologies into our reading through the creation of directed drawings and learning pages that link to our class books. Students used Ipads to listen to stories, read along with and create pictures that are used to retell the stories.


Cameron – “I can go back and reread to find out what happened”

Valentina- “It’s good to look at the pictures for clues”

Yagmur- “My directed drawing helps me to retell the story”

Amy- “When I read I ask myself if it makes sense and sounds right”

Religious Education
Who are we? in 3/4GT

Exploring Identity and Belonging in 3/4GT

This week in Religious Education, 3/4GT have been exploring the topic of identity and belonging. Students explored how a person’s religion is an important part of their identity. They learned how people are baptised to become part of the Catholic community. They also learned other ways people of the Catholic faith express their identity including through receiving of the sacraments, prayer, mass, scripture and participation in social justice.


Students created an acrostic poem of their name, showing the different aspects of their personal identity.



In Mandarin classes, Senior and middle year level students have made some pocket size booklet to help themselves remember the key characters and phrases we learnt in the past few weeks. They put great effort in making those booklets to reinforce their understanding of the new vocabulary. It is also a tool for them to refresh their learning at home.


The Junior levels are learning the Chinese numbers and how to write number characters in Chinese. For some of the students, it is their first time writing in a character based language. Their demonstrated their fine motor skills as well as engaged in the unique system of Chinese writing.


Here are some of the examples:



Family Engagement

Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday  

Just a note to say a BIG THANKYOU to all the parents who so generously gave up their time to make pancakes for the school community to enjoy on Shrove Tuesday. There were moments that looked like a scene from MKR! Pancakes were being cooked on the BBQ, electric frypans, stove top frypans and sandwich maker!! Pancakes were flying out the door in no time! Lots of happy smiles as children enjoyed mountains of pancakes with various toppings. Classes also shared learning activities about the meaning of Shrove Tuesday in preparation of the Lenten Season of our church

Cultural Diversity Week


Student Leadership 

SEL Awards 

These awards are awarded when students have demonstrated great social-emotional learning, a highly valued part of our school learning community.




Prep/1 AP    Giaan

Prep/1 LO    James

1/2 RM          Douglas

1/2 UR          Chelsea

3/4 HT          Abigail & Domenico

3/4 GT           Adelia

4/5 TR           Andy & Edom

5/6 MG         Chloe & Tomasz

5/6 FA           Lucas

Music            Kwachi

Sport            Sai

Mandarin    Selena

Ignatian Award

The Ignatian Award is awarded to students who demonstrate the values and qualities of St Ignatius. This term, our Ignatian Value is Welcome. 


This week the Ignatian award is awarded to Oscar C. Congratulations Oscar!




Education in Faith
Project Compassion

Project Compassion


EXTEND After Care

Extend Autumn Holiday Bookings now open





Richmond Community Announcements

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Richmond Library Activities


Richmond Scout Group


Streets Alive Advocacy Group


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