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05 April 2019
Issue Five
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Diary Dates for Term 2, 2019
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Message from the Principal

Happy Easter!

Dear Families and friends,


Last week I attended the Victorian Association of Catholic Primary School Principal’s Conference 2019. The theme was IMPACT THE FUTURE  - the future is in our hands. I shared this experience with James Gow, Jodie Bawden and Ellis Warrener.

It was 3 full days of outstanding presenters who all shared the same message for us - Learning occurs when we connect with something meaningful and important.


It is this meaning that drives us forth in our pursuit of more. The conference reinforced our Learning and Teaching Philosophy of every person flourishing and known. Our purpose in a Catholic School is about ensuring learning is an adventure. One of discovery, possibilities and friendship where young minds are set alight. Where children grow academically and as caring young people. Each lesson is the pursuit of a new frontier. Our mission is much more than to help your child pass a test. It is to help shape their hearts and minds for a lifetime of success. We are focused on educating your children in the fullest sense. It is the success of our students that makes it all worth the effort. For us each day is an adventure too. When they leave our care we want to know that they are best equipped to leave their mark on the world.

Catholic Education Today


This week I felt most honoured and proud to be the Principal of this outstanding school. Harmony Day is a day that belongs to us. Where we can celebrate the unique relationships that shape our lives within St Anthony’s and equip us with the relational skills to make an impact on the world. I love it that we are all together sharing different stories and cultural celebrations that make us who we are. I am incredibly proud of the staff who empower your children to make their mark on our school and indeed on the world. I am incredibly proud of our students and our community. There is not another community like us.

Please make sure that your Easter is sacred and blessed. Look after yourselves in the holiday break and I look forward to seeing you all in Term 2. Thank you for your great support in Term 1. Happy Easter.


Thank you to all of our parents who contributed to the setup of our Harmony Day celebrations. Thank you to Karen Hatton for our magnificent cake and the staff of St. Anthony’s for their

meticulous planning.


Go gently and as always, if you have any feedback, questions or ideas we’d love to hear about them. Positive feedback drives our work forward. Positive interactions drive our work forward.

God bless,

Patrika Rowley

Diary Dates for Term 2, 2019

Dates to remember


School News

St. Anthony's School News

Cyberbullying and our responsibilities

I’d like to remind everyone about the serious nature of cyberbullying and in fact any bullying. We are required to take this matter very seriously and as such we have strict codes of conduct and expectations of our staff and students around respectful and responsible use of technology. We also have a system that allows us to monitor student usage. If we find any of our students misusing technology there are serious consequences. This will mean a loss of privileges in using technology for some time and communication with parents. For your information  I include our Acceptable Use Policy Document which all children and parents sign. There is a new link on our website to report any cyber bullying behaviour of any kind or anything that you think breaches this code of conduct in any way. It is our responsibility to make sure our children know when they are not using technology respectfully. Thank you for your ongoing support in working with us on this important matter.


Wellbeing Message

If you ever require any support at all we have a core team of leaders and community leaders who are here to help. Our Executive leadership team, wider leadership team and community hubs team have access to a range of resources to assist you with any support you require for your children and family. Our Wellbeing team is also available led by James Gow and our supported students team led by Susan Kubiak and Deana Portia. We have many programs and support structures available to all of our families here at school and we welcome you to see us at any time if needed. Every person flourishing and known.


We also remind you that all of the staff at St Anthony’s are more than willing to work with you and listen to you if there is a problem and when approached in a respectful and communicative manner. It is important that this home/school relationship is nurtured by family and school. Sometimes a reminder of this acceptable conduct is needed. At the time of enrolment all parents sign the Parent Code of Conduct and commit to upholding respectful community expectations. I attach this  link to this code for your perusal.  The St Anthony’s School environment is the staff work environment and one which we work hard to maintain high expectations. We expect respectfulness from our children and this always needs to be modelled through parent interactions with staff and other parents.



From Term 2 our school canteen will only be open for lunches and counter sales on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY. This means no canteen on MONDAY or TUESDAY. Canteen sales on these days are minimal and there is no need for us to be open on these days anymore. It will also mean that we can have Eileen working with our students in the learning spaces more often supporting everyone.


Prayer spaces in our library for Holy Week and Alleluia Week

This year to celebrate the events of Holy Week and teach the meanings that accompany every event we are setting up 8 beautiful prayer spaces in the Library. Each neighbourhood will take one aspect of Holy Week and create a prayerful spaces for every person to visit over the week. There will be a reflection, scripture and an activity for all students to take part in so that this week can be an opportunity for every person to enter their own sacred space. You are welcome to visit our prayer spaces. These are our themes...

Palm Sunday - Joy

The Last Supper - Friendship

Gethsemane - Big Questions

Carrying the Cross - Worries

Simon’s Help - Helping others

Forgive them Father - Forgiveness

The Cross - Sorry

Resurrection - Hopes and Dreams

Great Commission - The World


‘Prayer is key to a living faith, nourishing the soul and orienting each person to God. The Catholic school makes time to pray daily, keeping the presence of God at the forefront of each school day and connecting it to the church community and the wider world. In Melbourne’s multi-faith and diverse cultural context, the school community respectfully invites all to prayer, enabling deep encounters between faith and contemporary life, while encouraging a lived response. Drawing from rich prayer traditions, a variety of ways of praying are encouraged: individual and communal, vocal and silent, informal and liturgical. Prayer engenders a way of being in the world and a perspective on life that, at times, can be challenging and counter-cultural. Through prayer, the sacred is acknowledged, assented to and celebrated. It marks the times when we affirm the presence of God and the sacredness of everyday life. Members of the Catholic school community embrace a prayerful attitude that is open to a personal encounter with God and nurturing of humility, reflection, and a rich inner life.’

(Religious Dimension of the Catholic School, a foundation statement of Horizons of Hope: An Education Framework for the Archdiocese of Melbourne)

Prep 2020

If you have a child starting school in Prep next year please come and get your enrolment form from Jamil and submit your form before the end of Term 1. We will make an interview time with you straight away. It is important that we have current families listed as soon as possible. We have had several tours so far and are very excited about welcoming new families to our community.


Celebration of Learning

Please join us on Fridays in the Hall or Padua building for our weekly celebration of learning. Each week one class have the opportunity to share their learning and present with their peers in front of the school. Come along and support your student!



If your child is going to be absent from school, can you please call the school office on 95460044 before 9.00am. Alternatively, you can email the school to notify of your child’s absence at, or log the absence via the link on the website.

If we do not receive notification of an absence by 9.30am we are required under new regulations to message you at home or work to follow up the absence. Please notify the school of all absences.

Kids Helpline - Anytime Any reason

This week we were told that the kids helpline has an online help domain now. Children who are not comfortable to call the 1800 number can go to the website (see the link above) and enter the age appropriate link to get mental health and wellbeing support.


Kinder Visit Group

We are looking forward to getting our Kinder Visit Program up and running again in Term 2. Term 1 allows the students at the kindergartens to settle in and then Term 2 is when our visits begin. We look forward to sharing information and photos from our visits with you!


Playgroup News

This term playgroup continued with both Wednesday and Thursday groups now full.  We had visits from the local library, celebrated birthdays and visited local parks.

Community Announcements

Term 1 saw a new adult computer class begin on Monday afternoons as both our Tuesday and Wednesday classes are now full. Our adult English classes both continue of Tuesday and Friday.  This term we were once again fortunate to be part of the Peace and Prosperity Kitchen Garden Program at Government House. Seven women from St Anthony’s including parents, grandparents and parishioners attended.   We also saw 12 women from both St Anthony’s and the wider community attend a Road Safety Program to support women obtain their drivers licence. Sporting Schools, tennis program, was also a hit with many families attending the afterschool.  


In praise of ...

In praise of: The staff and students of St Anthony’s for completing a thoroughly busy and hard working term of work and play, learning achievements, personal achievements and for making our community a buzzing place of life and love. I have felt very proud doing school tours over the past few weeks because every single person has demonstrated high expectations in the way they have spoken, addressed prospective parents, addressed me and even in the little smiles and welcoming gestures they always offer. The manners and respect of our students is exceptional. I am a very proud principal.


“Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak.”  Saint Anthony of Padua

Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching Update

We are so proud of all the learning that has taken place this term here at St Anthony’s. The teachers have been very busy getting to know their students, building relationships with them, understanding their learning styles and assessing them through pre tests to design the learning for each student in the classroom. The students have been well settled in the learning spaces and following the routines of the school day. The camp to Canberra, the excursions, incursions, the explorations and investigations have all prepared our students for the learning that has already happened and which is to come in the term ahead. The teachers while planning for the students’ learning have also made every effort to foster the conditions for students to have a voice in the learning process, allowing them to make decisions about what they need to know and when.

One of our key celebrations as a school community this term is the commemoration of Holy Week as we take our students on the journey of the last days in the life of Jesus Christ. The levels have set up beautiful prayer spaces in the library and we have been challenging learners to explore and consider some deep questions about our life and faith. These questions centre around key issues, enabling learners to interpret and make meaning of their lives, the world and their social contexts as well as their religious traditions.


We also look forward to celebrating our community on Harmony Day and remember that it coincides with the United Nations' International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.The idea 'Everyone Belongs' is the very essence of Harmony Day. But it's not just a time to celebrate and reflect. Harmony Day aims to start a conversation about heritage, culture and community. We look forward to seeing many of you on Thursday, 4 April.


I wish all of you many joys and blessings this Easter.


Glennis Kerr

Learning & Teaching Leader



Parish News

What’s happening in the Parish

“No longer was there manna for the Israelites, who that year ate of the yield of the land of Canaan.” (Joshua 5:12) Over the forty years that the Israelites journeyed through the desert, God provided them with manna to eat. As soon as they were able to enjoy the fruits of the Promised Land the manna ceased. Likewise, God's blessings to us may change over the years but it is important to trust that God will always provide us with all that we need.


Team Ministry - We take this opportunity to officially welcome our new Pastoral Associate, Garry Bourke. We look forward to working with Garry in the Parish and School of St Anthony’s.

Fr Brian Collins - Priest in charge of Resurrection Team Ministry

Fr Martin Jeramias - Priest in charge of St Anthony’s

Pastoral Associate - Resurrection - Vicki Russell

Pastoral Associate - St Anthony’s - Garry Bourke

School Principal (St Anthony’s) - Patrika Rowley - 9546 0044

School Principal (Resurrection) - Jane Dunstone - 9798 4126

Keysborough Learning Centre General Manager - Neil Cooper - 9798 7005


Child Safety (StA & Res) Last year we conducted several sessions on the child safety standards developed as a result of the Royal Commission into child abuse. We believe that all parishioners are committed to the safety of children. With this in mind all parishioners who did not attend last year's sessions are invited to attend one session this year. The dates at Resurrection are Wednesday 10th April, Wednesday 15th May and Wednesday 19th June, all at 7pm in the little Chapel. We all need to be pro-active in the safety of children in our homes and institutions. St Anthony's and Resurrection parishioners are all welcome. St. Anthony's will be hosting sessions later in the year.

Deputy Principal News

Deputy Principal News

A gentle reminder that photography and filming by parents is not permitted at St Anthony's. This is because some of our parents have NOT given permission for their child to be filmed or photographed.  This also includes excursions, camps and any offsite events. Teachers are aware of which children do not have photo/film permission and therefore are able to take photos. You are most welcome to take a photo of your own child but not with other children included.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Have a wonderful Easter break!


James Gow - Deputy Principal/Student Wellbeing

Religious Education News

RE News

Be a Good Egg This Easter

Pope Francis said that “every person ought to have the awareness that purchasing is always a moral – and not simply an economic – act.”


Cocoa is a key ingredient of chocolate and many children in West Africa are enslaved to pick the cocoa beans. They will never taste the delicious chocolate their slavery helps produce. Buy only slavery-free chocolate to ensure no enslaved children were involved in the production. To buy slavery-free Easter chocolate look for any of these three certification symbols (below) on the wrappers: FAIRTRADE, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ. It’s delicious and you can buy it at ALDI, Haigh’s, Oxfam and other leading supermarkets and shops.

Good news: Late in 2018 the Federal Government passed the Modern Slavery Act, which will ask big companies to report on their efforts to introduce slavery-free goods and services.


Action: Watch the Pope’s video at:

Performing Arts Update

Performing Arts Update

Term 1 in Performing Arts has been full of mindfulness, acting skills and performing to our friends.

In Term 2 we will be getting ready for our school Production Alice in Wonderland Disney Jr, which will be in term 3 on Thursday 13th September at Nazareth - Look out for more news as it comes in!


In Term 2 we will hold auditions for 5/6 pupils - all children interesting in auditioning already have an audition script and song to learn over the school holidays. Any child interested in auditioning for either a principal role or backstage/technical role must audition in term 2.

I’m really looking forward to sharing more news about our creative and mindful learnings in the PA room through Dojo and Newsletters.


Ms Victoria Gelberg

Performing Arts Teacher

Japanese Culture Update

Japanese Culture Update

It’s been a busy term for our Japanese language and culture learning at St. Anthony’s! We’ve all had an opportunity to write our names in Japanese and learn about how Japanese people show respect to others by adding -san or -kun after someone’s name. The students loved using the new chabudai (low Japanese tables) and zabuton (cushion for chabudai) in the classroom.


The 5/6s practiced greetings in Japanese, composed simple taiko rhythms, and challenged themselves to perform level 1 trick with a kendama.


The 3/4s welcomed the Japanese year of the wild boar with kirigami art, created a Japanese themed front cover for their notebooks and built taiko drums in teams.


The 1/2s have been deciphering activity instructions explained in Japanese, engaging in positive talk with peers Japanese (subarashii!) and created a sakura tree for the Japanese classroom.


I’m looking forward to starting Japanese with the Preps next term where we will engage with the language through lots of song, gestures and play.


Linda Ly / Ly-sensei

Japanese Teacher


Community Garden News

Community Garden News

Introducing our Global Gardeners

We have welcomed our  2019 cohort of students into the garden space, and symbolically into the worldwide gardening community with a flower lei greeting. Many cultures use flowers as a greeting, as personal adornment and as spiritual offerings not just as food or garnish for a plate.


Continuing the global theme, we’ve had a parade of SunSmart hats used by gardeners from various countries. All share similar solutions to the problem of sunburn by featuring wide brims, natural fibres that breathe and high crowns for ventilation.

Students have revisited the “slip, slop, slap, seek and slide” Anti Cancer Council message with a  discussion on how we could use a shade cloth cover to protect our sun blistered tomatoes in the garden.


The second fortnight we harvested our coriander seeds to be used in our nut free dukkah recipe. We discussed that Dukkah means "to pound" as not everyone has electricity to make food. It is eaten from Egypt right throughout  the Middle East and Persia where growing food is even more difficult due to harsh hot climate than Australia. We also made sunsmart drought tolerant seed balls with our harvested coriander seeds from clay and compost. This is a valuable seed planting method for planting in arid situations and for a climate change future.

The third fortnight we harvested produce, mountains of tomatoes mostly and looked at how different cultures use different food buddies eg Italians match tomatoes with basil and Turkey might use a variation of our dukkah. We also noted how important seeds like our pumpkin and sunflower are important in vegetarian cuisine.

Last week we utilised the talents of the 5/6 grades to commence our garden arch welcome walkway into the garden with our recycled baths. a great legacy project for them to view as their contribution to the garden master plan.


Community Announcements

Community Announcements


St. Anthony's School