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27 October 2017
Issue Ten
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From the Principal




I extend a warm Oakleigh Grammar welcome to all of our new students who have commenced this term.  Our final term is relatively short, with key assessments being undertaken and much planning for transition for 2018.


AHISA Conference

Over the recent school holiday break I had the privilege of attending the biennial Conference of the Association of Heads of Australia (AHISA), which was for the first time held in Queenstown, New Zealand. Independent school principals from Queenstown and all around Australia were in attendance, and the theme of the conference was ‘engage, explore, envision’. Opportunities to explore ideas presented from a range of quality speakers and colleagues was stimulating, and allowed me to reflect on the wonderful progress that Oakleigh Grammar has made in recent years.


Year 12 Students

This is an important time of the year for our Year 12 Graduates, who have now formally finished their schooling. This recent week has been one of high emotion as our final year students and their families have an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the past 13 years.  It is clear that Oakleigh Grammar boasts a unique culture, reflecting strong community with palpable connections in the relationships between staff, students and parents.  Our Valedictory Dinner was particularly special for all members of the Graduating Class of 2017 and their parents. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our graduating students, their parents and members of staff for their mentorship and support.


End of Year Presentations

We look forward to our end of year presentations in all sections of the School, held on the following dates:

Junior School – Tuesday 12th December 2017

Middle and Senior Schools – Thursday 7th December 2017


Greek Tavern Night

I would like to thank Nick Nicolaou and the Parents' Association for another fun-filled evening of entertainment for the community at the Greek Tavern Night on the 21st of October. Thanks are also extended to the sponsors of the event - Orthodox Funerals, Sardellis Catering and the Business Network.


Staff News

I wish to advise that our First Aid Officer Ms Simone Loughman has resigned her position, and we will be outsourcing First Aid staffing for the reminder of the year.


We welcome Ms Sze Hui Harvey as our Mandarin Teacher, who has replaced Ms Feng.

I wish all students a productive and engaging final term.

Deputy Principal


Deputy Principal


2017 NAPLAN Results


The National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students took place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, May 9-11. The assessment involved reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy tests. They were conducted by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) on behalf of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).


Although NAPLAN results are a snapshot of a student’s achievements in literacy and numeracy on the day of testing, the results do provide diagnostic information for parents and teachers about a child’s performance. At Oakleigh Grammar this information is used to support teaching and learning programs, and improve student learning outcomes.


Parents would have received their son or daughter’s personal report. The report describes your child’s particular skills in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy. The report also shows how your child performed in relation to national minimum standards. These describe minimum acceptable standards for students across Australia.


The Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 NAPLAN student results were made available to the school late last term. Teachers have begun analysing the data and plans are underway to focus on the areas where students require further work.

The Oakleigh Grammar results showed significant improvement, demonstrating the benefit of the outstanding teaching and learning programs across the school.

Congratulations to all the Junior School students on their performance in the NAPLAN Tests. Year 3 Oakleigh Grammar students performed strongly in most test domains. The median test score in each test domain was above the state, with a significant number of students in Band 6 or higher. Year 5 students performed well particularly in writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy, where their median test score was above the state.


Our Middle School students in Years 7 and 9 continued to improve. Year 7 girls scored soundly in each test domain, though the boys outshone them in numeracy. The Year 9 results continued to grow, with the girls achieving strong results in the writing, spelling and grammar and punctuation.


We would like to congratulate the students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 for their positive approach and outstanding effort in this national testing process.

Important Dates & Notices

Soiree Evening Date Change

The 2017 Instrumental Soiree Evening has been moved from the 31st of October to the 28th of November 2017.

2019 Scholarships

Scholarships are now open for 2019.


Students currently in Year 5 can apply for Year 6, Year 6 for Year 7, Year 8 for Year 9 and Year 9 for Year 10.


Please follow the link to the ACER website to apply. Exams will be held on February 24th 2018 at school.




A message from Admissions.

Waiting lists are now growing longer for entry into many years at OGS from the ELC through to Senior School.


If you or a friend wish to enrol your child feel free to join us on one of our monthly Tour Days and fill in the enrolment application or download here.


Enquiries are always welcome via our Admissions Office 8554 0014.

Lily Anne Jewellery Fundraiser for Oakleigh Grammar.

My name is Dimitra Georgiadis and I am Independent Consultant for Lily Anne Jewellery. 

With our gorgeous & ‘sentimental’ range of Jewellery you can create the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones, which will be worn close to the heart. 


We have jewellery to suit all budgets and every occasion: birthday, Mother’s Day, Baptism, Easter, Graduations, gifts for teachers and let’s not forget Christmas which is around the corner. 


Up until 20th of December, I will be running a Fundraiser for our School and will be donating 100% of my commission from all sales. I will also be donating an additional $5 for every Jewellery Bar booked.


Our preview brochure is available at https://issuu.com/lilyannedesigns/docs/issuu_october_2017_preview


Head on over to my website at: www.lilyannejewellery.com.au/SentimentalAboutYou and be sure to select “Oakleigh Grammar Fundraiser’ upon checkout. 


You can stay up to date with specials/sales by visiting my Facebook page at: https:/m.facebook.com/SentimentalAboutYou/


If you would like to know more please contact me on 0413 799 235.


Keys 2 Drive Driving School - Special Fundraising Offer

SPECIAL OFFER FOR OAKLEIGH GRAMMAR - Limited once a year offer


Keys 2 Drive Driving school would like to offer the senior students of Oakleigh Grammar the opportunity to receive one free 45min driving lesson (normally $55.00) with an option to continue their lessons at no obligation.


This is a limited offer to Oakleigh Grammar Senior School students.


The requirement for the senior students of Oakleigh Grammar to be eligible,

  • Must be 16 years of age and hold a valid Drivers Learner Permit.
  • Student must also bring their learner drivers log book.

For any students wishing to further develop their driving skills after their free lesson, Keys 2 Drive driving school will donate $5.00 for every Oakleigh Grammar student that books a one-hour lesson.


Example:  if 20 students book a 1hr lesson after their free 45min lesson, that’s a donation to Oakleigh Grammar will be made of $100.00!

Absentee Line

The Absentee Phone Line and e-mail address can be used by parents to report student absences promptly and conveniently.  


Simply phone the line and state your child's name, year level, estimated duration of and reason for absence after the tone. 


Your message will be sent directly to Student Services so that your child's absence can be recorded. Reports of absences WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED via any other means other than those listed below.


Absentee Line: 03 8554 0050

Email: [email protected]

Skoolbag: Select 'eForms' then 'Absentee Form'.

Leaving us in 2017?

Remember - one terms notice is required in writing to the Admissions Office if your child is not returning to Oakleigh Grammar.


For further information please contact a member of the Admissions Team to discuss on (03) 8554 0014 or [email protected]

Parking Courtesy

Please be mindful of our neighbours when parking your car at drop-off and / or pick-up times. We understand that parking is limited in the area, especially at this time, however please avoid parking across or partially blocking residents' driveways.


Please do not double park cars at any time - a number of staff and community members have been blocked in many times and this is should be avoided.


Please also be mindful of pedestrians in the area. It is a 40KM/HR zone at all times, and there is a lot of foot traffic around the school, presenting a number of hazards to be aware of. Safety first!


We thank you for your cooperation.

Lost Property

Please check your child’s school uniform to ensure they have not accidentally taken a peer’s blazer / sport jacket / etc. home with them by mistake.


Please also ensure all of your children’s uniforms are clearly named to ensure the correct uniform is returned to them if found in the playground or taken to lost property at the front office.

Update Your Email Address

A reminder to families to please ensure that you are not missing out on important information for your child/children and please ensure your email contact details are current as all correspondence from the School is via Email, Parent Paperwork and Skoolbag .


As of Term 2, 2017, we are no longer providing hard copies of electronic correspondence.


Please update your email address with our Admissions Team, via [email protected]


Please check your spam folder. If you find any emails from us, make sure you mark them as 'not spam' or 'trusted' to ensure they are delivered directly to your inbox.

Senior School

Head of Senior School

Head of Senior School


The term has commenced for the last time for students in Year 12. Their final days in formal education will be to celebrate their time at Oakleigh Grammar. Throughout this year they have steadily worked towards, and prepared for the external VCAA examinations which commence on Wednesday November 1st. At the start of the year we said the year would go by quickly, and indeed it has. We wish the graduates of the class of 2017 the very best of luck for whatever their future holds for them.


We offer the following prayer for them:

“May God's blessing follow you all as you find new journeys to travel. May you walk safely

along the pathways of your dreams.
May his gentle hand guide the decisions you will make and the passions that you follow.
May your hearts and lives always reflect his love and truth,
And may hope be a light within you that you carry into each new day.”


Farewell Assembly

[Click on gallery to view all photos]


Middle School

Head of Middle School


Welcome back to Term 4! Where has the year gone?


Term 3 finished in a flurry of excitement with the Year 7 and 8 Camps, as well as the Year 9 City Experience taking place. Term 4 is sure to fly past with a packed schedule of quality learning and special events in store for our Middle School students.


Year 7 Camp

During the last week of term, our Year 7 students ventured to Merricks for a three day camp of coastal and adventure activities, that included surfing, bush walking, mountain biking, tree climbing and coastal walks. The camp was a great success, and our students received high praise from the camp operator for their manners, enthusiasm and conduct on the camp. Aimar Peoples from Year 7A, shared his account of the camp below.


Day 1

As soon as we reached the camp site, we all unpacked the bus then went into the dining room to get introduced to the staff on sight. Then we had morning tea, settled into our cabins and got a rundown of the schedule for the day. We went down to the beach to enjoy the sunshine and the open breeze. We then did some activities, then walked down to the beach, eventually walking on the rocks to get an amazing view of the ocean. Then we came back to enjoy some dinner.


For dinner we had pumpkin soup, roast beef with vegetables and some chocolate mousse. We had circle time (when we talk about what is in our minds that needs to be heard out). We learned lots about each other and what we go through in every-day life. Then it was lights out and we went to bed.


Day 2

When we woke up, there was lots of noise outside. We were all very active for the day, and I will admit did annoy the teachers. For breakfast we had cereal, bread, baked beans and eggs. Oh and I forgot to say that we were assigned groups according to the activities we are doing, so group four had to clean the dining room. I was in group two, so the first activity was bush cooking where we made damper and roasted some marshmallows. Then we went to surf some waves.


We went to Point Crunchy where we learned the basics of surfing from the professionals, and rode some waves. We came back late for lunch, and my group had burgers. After that, we had some team activities that needed teamwork. Then we had bike skills where we cycled around the mountain, and I personally got my first bike ride. Then we came back to the camp site where we had the liturgy or Saint Estaphios. Father George came to the camp sight to see how we were doing and have some fun.


After the liturgy, we had dinner which was tomato soup, chicken margarita, and custard. Then we goofed around the campfire, played some guitar and nearly got to hear a scary story from Mr Damatopoulos. Then after that it was lights out.


Day 3

When we woke up, we were as active as always. For breakfast we had cereal, bread, eggs and bacon. Then we had an activity called line orienteering which required a pair go to the area marked on the map and find a paper slip with the right colour, and write what it says. To complete the activity, you needed to go through every colour of maps available. Then we had tree climbing and we climbed a 40 metre tall tree that was at the camp site.


Then we had lunch which was tacos. Then that was the conclusion of the camp. We gave our thanks to the staff and teachers that came along for the ride. We packed our bags and we went back to school. All and all this was a great camp, plus it was my first camp.


Thanks to Mr. Damatopoulos for his organisation of the camp, as well as to all staff who gave up their time to attend the camp.


Year 8 Camp

Year 8 students headed off to the Snowy Mountains for a five day camp on a working Hereford Stud farm. During the camp the students had the chance to go abseiling, orienteering, bush walking, rafting, horse riding and caving.


Year 8 Camp, By Iliana Gerantidis of 8B

On the last week of school, the Year 8s travelled to Karoonda Park for our camp. We heard the trip to Karoonda Park would take a while, so we decided to play games with each other and talk to people we don’t usually hang around with. This camp was a “no technology” camp which made us all stress initially as to how we would survive, but it was an opportunity to bond with all students and do things outside of our comfort zone.


This camp would have to be one of the best camps I’ve ever been on, because it was all about trying something new and teamwork. Activities included horse riding, abseiling, flying fox, team building and white water rafting. My experience at Karoonda was amazing, and I enjoyed every bit of stepping out of my comfort zone, which was an amazing challenge!


My two favourite activities were white water rafting and horse riding. I would definitely recommend this camp to all parents because their kids will have so much fun. I would definitely go back to Karoonda because the staff were amazing, and so were our teachers. I can say on behalf of the Year 8s that it was an experience of a lifetime.


Thanks to Mr. Costello for his organisation of the camp, as well as to all staff who gave up their time to attend the five day camp.


Year 9 City Experience

Also during the last week of Term 3, our Year 9 students undertook a week of experiential learning in the Melbourne CBD, where they independently travelled to, and navigated their way around the CBD. During the week they also had the chance to attend the theatre to see the production of Aladdin, enjoy a scenic and historical boat cruise, and have lunch in Williamstown to admire and learn about Melbourne’s renowned Street Art. Alexandra Konstantinidis has shared her experience below.


Year 9 City Experience By Alexandra Konstantinidis of 9A

City experience was very fun. We got to spend more time with friends, and get closer to people we usually do not talk to. We visited many venues and explored lots of workshops, such as the Eureka Tower and Williamstown. Personally, my favourite activity was watching Aladdin the musical. The songs, the dances, the costumes and the actors made me love it. My favourite character was the genie, who was funny and loveable. The teachers' idea to go and watch this broadcast was genie-us.


One of my other favourites was the graffiti art tour and workshop. There we got to admire some of the amazing masterpieces and create our own graffiti artwork. Another very important workshop was the empathy and sympathy talk. This talk was very important because it helped us understand the difference between these two words. Overall it was very enjoyable and I strongly recommend for all the other future Year 9s.


Again, thanks to Mrs Tsiagalos for her organisation of this special week, and to all the staff who attended or contributed to the success of the experience for the students


Welcome Morning

On the morning of Thursday 26th October,  nine new students were welcomed into the Oakleigh Grammar community, as they joined our existing Year 5 class to participate in the Year 6 2018 Welcome morning.


The morning was an opportunity for new and existing students to meet, mix, make friends and get a taste of what is in store when they join the Middle School in 2018.


Students were divided into two classes for the morning, and undertook a welcoming Pastoral session, and then participated in sports trial as a fun way to get active and get to know one-another.


The students had a fantastic experience making new friends. The welcome morning was a great success, and will help students by encouraging a smooth transition into Year 7 next year.


Thanks to all staff and parents who contributed to the success of the morning.


Student Medication

A number of painkilling cold and flu tablets continue to be found in the Middle School of late, presumably falling from student’s pockets or lockers which raises many safety concerns. Please be reminded that medication must be left, including instructions, with the school nurse, and taken under her supervision when required. Students are not to carry and self-administer any forms of medication whilst at school. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.


Upcoming events

28th October Commemoration Day Lunch – Friday 27th October

Glendi Festival – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November

Melbourne Cup Weekend – School Closed Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th November

Year 9 Wilson’s Prom Bushwalking Camp – Monday 27th – Wednesday 29th November












Junior School

Head of Junior School


Head of Junior School


Welcome back to Term 4.  I hope you had a restful and fun term break, and have come back to school recharged for the final term in 2017.  I trust that families have enjoyed the change from normal routines.


The summer uniform is worn in Term 4, although there is a two week change over time to accommodate for variable weather conditions.  It is also compulsory for school sun hats to be worn at recess and lunch, despite changing weather conditions. If your child has misplaced their hat it may be timely to purchase a new one, as these are essential this term.  No hat, no play (or sport)! 


Students will be requested to sit on the bench seat in the shade outside the staff room if they do not have their hats for outdoor activities. If you are unsure of the summer uniform requirements, please refer to the school diary or uniform policy on our website.



It is essential that parents and teachers communicate regularly about their children via the school diaries, telephone and/or email. 


Please note that Oakleigh Grammar has a policy that teachers will return any messages within 48 hours due to teaching, planning, assessment and meetings. Teachers are not expected to reply to emails very late in the evening, or on the weekends, although many do. Teachers sign the diaries on a daily basis, and respond to emails when they are available.   


Please note that if you have any concerns for your child or another child, this must be addressed with the classroom teacher, and not the student directly in the playground. This is in line with our School’s Community Conduct Policy. 


Prep Information Evening

Thank you to all parents and teachers who attended the Prep 2018 Information Evening on Tuesday 17th October. It is an exciting time as the transition commences, and we look forward to continuing your child’s educational journey. If you were unable to attend, an information pack will be forwarded to you via the mail from admissions.


Classes for 2018
The process of placing students in classes takes many factors into consideration. Teachers look at academic, social, emotional factors, and ‘best fit’ with a teacher when placing into classes. This process results in well-balanced classes, which cater for all the students’ needs.


Should your son or daughter be disappointed by their class placement, please use this as a parenting opportunity to teach them about managing disappointment, developing resilience and grit. These social-emotional skills are known to be important indicators for future life success.


Oxi Day

The students performed marvellously in song and drama at the annual Oxi Day performance. It was wonderful to have our our grandparents for a high tea, and then to finish the afternoon with the performance. A huge congratulations to the LOTE department for their work in classrooms over the last month in preparation, and the fine show that we all enjoyed. It was wonderful to see so many people in the audience which made it extra special for the students. 


Book Fair

Thank you to Ms Chitra and the library staff for running the Semester 2 Book Fair.  Not only does this instill a love of reading and books with their students, but also allows the Library to purchase resources with the bonus given to the school.  



Year 1 Minibeasts

Last Friday our Year 1s came to school dressed as their favourite Minibeast. We had Lady Bugs, Butterflies, Army Ants, Caterpillars, Spiders and more, roaming around the schoolyard! We also had an information packed visit from the ‘Insect-a-Mania’ company on the day.


The children had a chance to touch and hold various insects and their predators, as well as learn all about them. It was an amazing and fun-filled day enjoyed by all. Read more here


Coming Events

We have a number of events coming up this term that you will receive notifications for as they draw closer. Some of the events include the ELC and Year 5 Graduations, Transition Day, Carols in the Park, and the Junior School Awards Evening. 


School Happenings

Junior School Robotic Creations

Life Education







Head of Sport


Head of Sport


EISM Cross Country Carnival

On Wednesday 13th September, a small but dedicated Cross Country team represented Oakleigh Grammar at the annual EISM Cross Country Carnival at Ruffey Lake, Doncaster.


All girls age groups and the Under 13 and 14 boys ran the 3km course, while the Under 15, 16 and Open Boys ran the 4km course. Oakleigh Grammar students competed in the EISM Southern Conference.        


Well done to all students who represented Oakleigh Grammar on the day. All students challenged their own personal fitness levels, and gave it their best effort.


Our best performing students were: 

Alexander Sowden (Year 10)

3rd Place - Under 16 Boys 4km event.


Michael Kaniadakis (Year 7)

4th Place - Under 13 Boys 3km


Evangelos Nano (Year 8)

4th Place - Under 14 Boys 3km


Jacinta Kimberley (Year 8)

6th Place - Under 14 Girls 3km


Louka Bauzon (Year 7)

8th Place - Under 13 Boys


Lia Bauzon (Year 9)

8th Place - Under 15 Girls


Chris Giannaros (Year 10)

9th Place - Under 16 Boys


Tomas Smith (Year 11)

10th Place - Under 16 Boys


Nikolaos Vlanes (Year 7)

11th Place - Under 13 Boys


Chrissie Micallef (Year 8)

13th Place - Under 14 Girls


Victoria Turewicz (Year 8)

14th Place - Under 14 Girls


Yiana Tamvakis (Year 9)

14th Place - Under 15 Girls


Bentleigh District Summer Season Finals

On Thursday 12th October two of our Bentleigh District Summer Season teams participated in the Bentleigh District Summer Season Finals Day.


Girls Volleyball and Mixed Volley-Stars teams qualified for the finals after recording a number of strong wins during the Term 1 Summer Season.


Girls Volleyball

The Year 6 Girls Volleyball Team demonstrated qualities of commitment, dedication and perseverance by attending many lunchtime training sessions to improve their volleyball skills, and game strategy.


After finishing 4th after the Home and Away season, our team faced the first place Oakleigh South Primary School in the Semi Final. A very close game saw OSPS winning with a final set, with a score of 20-18. Our team went on to easily defeat St Peter’s Primary School in the Consolation Final, winning two sets to zero, to finish in 3rd place overall for the season.


Year 6 Girls Bentleigh District Volleyball Team

Stephanie Karagiannis (Co-captain)

Jasmine Nicopoulos (Co-captain)

Kalli Dikeos

Chrisoula Horomidis

Isabella Anastopoulos

Christalena Kourdoulos

Sofia Kourkoutzelos

Georgianna Petridis


Mixed Volley-Stars

The Volley-Stars team finished 3rd after the Home and Away season. A narrow Semi Final loss sent our Volley-Stars team to the Consolation Final. The team bounced back well to win the Consolation Final and placed 3rd overall.  



Sport Star Academy (SSA) provides a variety of sporting clinics run by professionals that are designed exclusively for kids of all abilities, and are mostly based at Primary School venues.


Your school has recently agreed to host SSA clinics, and we would like to get some feedback from you the parent on the days/times/sports you would like to see at the school.


Please use this link below to fill out the form. Sport Star Academy staff will then contact you about about your child joining the sports program for Term 4. Click here for survey.

Faculty News

Careers News


Career Advisor


Year 11-12 Students, ADFA Applications Open 
Applying for ADFA is a competitive, dual application process that can take up to 12 months. It is preferable you apply in Year 11, but you can still apply in Year 12.


Applications for 2018 Year 12 Students (for 2019 entry) close at the end of February 2018.


Looking for a Part Time/Casual Job? 

Employers are recruiting now for Christmas holiday jobs. For the latest vacancies, refer to our careers website, and note if you do get an interview, organise a practice interview with Mrs. Mascaro. 



Torrens: Day in the Life – Natural Therapies and Nutrition

Fitzroy campus: Sat 18th November, 10am – 1:30pm. At this event, find out what it is like to study herbal medicine, myotherapy, nutrition or Chinese medicine.  http://www.torrens.edu.au/about/events-and-workshops/natural-therapies-nutrition-workshop-melbourne


What is the Right Health Job for You? 

Check out Health Heroes and browse the various videos and numerous jobs in the health industry from administration officers to social workers, and many in between!


Find out about Mechatronic Engineering:



How to Focus on Wellbeing in Times of Stress:



Looking After Yourself in Term 4:


What Pathways are Available from TAFE to University Studies?

  • Complete a Diploma of Tertiary Studies at Monash University in either Business, Education or Nursing (ATAR 50+), OR a Diploma of Higher Education (ATAR 65+)
  • Complete a course at Monash College in Art & Design, Arts (Human Behaviour or Psychology streams), Business or Commerce, Engineering or Science; search Courses on VTAC website
  • Complete a course at Deakin College in Commerce, Computing, Engineering, Health Sciences, Management, Media and Communication or Science
  • Complete a UniLink Diploma at Swinburne (Arts and Communications, Business, Design, Engineering, Health Science, IT, Science)
  • Complete a Diploma at La Trobe Melbourne in Biosciences, Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, IT or Mass Media Communications
  • Complete a Tertiary Preparation Course at RMIT in Engineering or Science
  • Start with a VET (TAFE) course in a related field; two years of VET often equates to one at university
  • Complete a Tertiary Studies Diploma at Melbourne Polytechnic (Preston)
  • Complete a Certificate IV in Liberal Arts – a pathway into a range of degrees. Swinburne and Victoria Universities have this Certificate
  • ACU has Certificate/Diploma courses that can lead to degrees (through ACUcom):         http://www.acu.edu.au/courses/2014/other_courses/vocational_education_training_vet/
  • Complete a Victoria University [email protected] alternative entry to Higher Education and Diploma studies course: www.vu.edu.au/courses/foundations-at-vu-jyac
  • Complete a two year Associate Degree – several universities offer these (e.g.  RMIT).



Please refer to the Yr 12 Facebook page for reminders/updates from me until this year ends, and if you need any further assistance email me anytime: [email protected]

Student Representative Council (SRC)


SRC Coordinator


Term 4 has started with students representing our school at different events and competitions.


On Sunday 22nd of October Oakleigh Grammar was privileged to have been invited by the Committee to The Lefkadian Cultural Association. Students represented our school as drummers and participated in a special event in honour of the Lekfadians in the Australian Armed Forces during World Wars I and II, with special mention to James Zampelis, the only Greek Australian soldier who died at the Battle of Crete on 24th May 1941. Our school drummers had the honour of opening this special event. Congratulations to students who represented our school and Mr Panagopoulos who coordinated the group.

On Monday 23rd of October, the Orthodox Church celebrated the feast day of St. Iakovos the Apostle, the brother of our Lord. SRC members and Middle School Leaders accompanied by Mrs Angelis and myself, attended the Divine Liturgy at St Efstathios Church in South Melbourne. Students had the opportunity to meet with His Grace Bishop Iakovos, and wish him Happy Name Day on behalf of our school community.




Head of LOTE


Oakleigh Grammar students participated in the 2017 Demosthenes Greek Public Speaking competition, which provides opportunities for students to build their self-confidence, and extend their skills in researching, speech writing and public speaking. 


The competition is organised by the Modern Greek Teachers Association of Victoria, and supports students learning Greek in Years 7-8 and Years 9-10, by providing further opportunities to learn and practise their language skills.

Students are required to speak on a predetermined topic for 1-2 min according to their category. This year the topics were "An unforgettable event" for Years 7-8, and "A journey that I dream of" for Years 9-10. Oakleigh Grammar entered with two students, Alexandra Konstantinidis in Year 9, and Angeliki Stamatopoulou in Year 10.

Both of our contestants came first in their category, and they are to be commended for their effort. It takes a lot of strength and character to stand on the podium and be able to share your ideas, and to also win the audience over! 



LOTE Teacher


Our LOTE students also had the opportunity to participate and represent the school in a number of competitions.


Students in Year 4 as well some students from Year 7 and Year 8 participated at the competition with the title  “Focus on Youth of Australia”, organised by the Australian Hellenic Memorial Foundation.


The aim of the competition was to explore the Australian and Greek involvement in Greece during both World Wars. Congratulations to all student who participated and especially to the following students who have been awarded with an Encouragement Award:

Alehya Sesham (Year 4)

George Bitzios (Year 7)

Evie Starakis (Year 8)


Year 7 and Year 8 students participated in the creation of two films that were entered in the Greek Student Film Festival this year. The Greek Student Film Festival offers students the opportunity to use the Greek language in creative and innovative ways, whilst simultaneously encouraging the preservation of Greek culture.

Congratulations to Maria Andrew, Jonathan Daoulas, Stephanie Kalogeropoulos, Vasiliki Milchon, Paraskevi Zapantzis and Angelos Zois from Year 7 for achieving Third  Prize in the Secondary School Category, with the film "Treasures of the Heart", and a special thank to Mr Harbis for his technical support.


View the winning film below!


Chaplain's Corner


School Chaplain


The saints are the heroes of the Orthodox Christian Faith. Young people need heroes - people they can look up to for inspiration and imitation. Most Orthodox Christians are named after saints. The purpose of naming Christians after saints is to give them a great name to live up to. It is important to share with our families the life of the saint, so we can become Christ-Like. 


We would like to share a life story of a popular saint celebrated in the Orthodox Christian Calendar on the 26th October; the Holy and Glorious Great Martyr Saint Demetrios, The Myrrh-Streamer.


Saint Demetrios, Myrrhstreamer and Great Martyr of Thessoliniki

St. Demetrios was a young man whose parents taught him to love God. He was a soldier who wanted to spread the message of God’s love to non-Christians, but this was forbidden in his time. As a result, he was arrested, tortured and finally killed. Today, this humble martyr’s relics are in Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece, the city where he worked to protect, and to keep so many people safe. He made a difference in many people’s lives by showing them God’s path.


St. Demetrios was born in Thessaloniki in 270 AD. To a wealthy and religious family. He was an athletic officer in the Roman army. However, he always said that he was a soldier of Christ first and fore­most. St. Demetrios believed in God and in spreading His word so much, that he thought nothing of breaking the law in order to convert the pagans to Christianity. When Emperor Maximian heard about what was happening, he had St. Demetrios arrested.


Soon after, Lyaeus, a famous, giant gladiator taunted any Christian who dared to fight him. Nestor, after getting St. Demetrios’ blessing, fought against Lyaeus, said “God of Demetrios, help me”, and won. When Emperor Maximian found out, he ordered that St. Demetrios and Nestor be tortured and put to death for being Christians. St. Demetrios is the patron saint of Thessaloniki, and is credited with many miraculous interventions there. A scented myrrh streams continuously from his tomb giving him the title of myrrh streamer.



St. Demetrios is depicted in various ways on icons. On some, he is shown wearing military armor while on horseback, and holding a spear that is pointed at his enemies, the pagans. On other icons we see him wearing the same military armor, but the horse is not shown. Finally, we sometimes see him simply wearing the clothes of a noble man while holding a cross. In all of these, he is very young.

 Following Jesus in the Bible

“Then said Jesus unto his disciples, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” Matthew 16:24-25



The whole world has found you as a mighty champion in dangers, O Victor, who routed the nations. Therefore, as you destroyed the pride of Lyaios in the stadium by giving Nestor courage, holy great Martyr Demetrios, implore Christ our God to grant us His great mercy. - Tropar of St. Demetrios -


It’s important to share the life story of the saint. If anyone is celebrating a particular named day such as St. Demetrio’s, the family or friends may sing to him/her “Happy Name Day to You” using the same tune as “Happy Birthday to you…”, a special name day cake or desert may be served. The same person Demetrios may be assigned to privilege of lighting votive light before the family icon for the evening. Of course, the person whose name day is being celebrated, should attend liturgy on his/her saint’s day (closest Sunday), and receive our Lord through Holy Communion.


One educator said “Children need heroes just as they need food” yet we need to question which heroes we are offering to our children. Real life heroes exist especially in the saints of the Church. So we need to tell their stories. 

Happy Name day to all Demetrios, Dimitras, Dimi etc! May St. Demetrios always protect us and guide us! Amen.


Learning Enhancement


Head of Learning Enhancement


G.A.T.E.WAYS Report

G.A.T.E.WAYS is an independent organization offering challenging and enriching activities and experiences, to develop and extend highly able children. This term a number of students actively participated in a variety of G.A.T.E.WAYS programs at other hosting schools, and below are their comments.


Hungry As … For Students with a Love of Science and Art at Wesley College

In this journey the students dived into their stomach – and oesophagus, intestines, and even further! They investigated a different group of consumers each week, focussing on some of the more unusual or unexpected members of each group. They drew annotated figures of some of the creatures, so the creation of accurate artwork was one feature of the journey. Primarily they investigated, compared, and contrasted the digestive systems and extraordinary range of eating habits of nature’s consumers. They also looked into that sometimes controversial question – in which group do we belong?


Students’ Comments

Elizabeth Panagiotopoulos 2P: I really liked learning about ‘disgustivores’ and the drawings were fun!

Eliyah Mawal 2P: My favourite part of G.A.T.E.WAYS were all the animals we drew!

Nicholas Halkiadakis 2P: I liked how we learnt that the digestive system absorbs nutrients and that the sheep’s small intestine is 27 meters long.

Paul Makris 1A: The program was awesome because I learnt another word for stomach rumbles, ‘baboorich me’!

Stephanie Nicolaou 1G: I learnt a lot about sharks. Did you now that a shark lays 40 eggs and they line them in two row,s and the first two baby sharks that are born eat the rest of the eggs and young sharks!


That’s Unbelievable... For Students with a Love of Creative Writing at Holy Eucharist Primary School

Students were challenged to exercise the extremes of their imaginations – they explored ideas that expanded their minds; they encountered places, characters and stories both strange and unbelievable, and even invented some of their own!


Students’ Comments

Stephanie Nicolaou 1G: I liked how we learnt to use punctuation in our stories, and we got to draw an imaginative animal.

Tia Bebeklis 1G: I learnt about different animals that weren’t real like a mermaid shark, and we drew made up animals.

Mary Alexopoulos 4A: I really enjoyed learning about the trope. The trope helps us to write a baseline in a story.

George Dimitropoulos 4A: It was a great learning experience. I learnt many things about writing stories and using past tenses in my writing.

Natasha Kaniadakis 4A: I learned about motifs. A motif makes a story more interesting to read.


Years 5 & 6 Code-Orama... For Students with a Love of Technology and Mathematics at Mentone Grammar School

Once upon a time computers were just vague ideas in the minds of eccentric mathematicians. In this journey the students took a hands on look at how those ideas found their way into little bodies of microchips, and how those microchips teamed up like ant colonies into becoming our first computers. Then they learned to talk to these computers, and taught them some new math tricks, card tricks, and even some real world applications! By the end of the journey they took home a programmable little wonder computer that will come in handy with your school projects and DIY endeavours.  


Students’ Comments

Isabella Anastopoulos 6B: The program inspired me to learn more about coding, and it broadened my academic experiences. I found doing the circuits and attaching wires the most interesting part of the program.

Michael Nicolaou 5S: I found learning about coding very engaging, open ended and heaps of fun!


Years 5 & 6 Myths, Mazes and Minotaurs... For the Student with the Love of the Creative Arts and Technology at Wesley College

Students were recruited by the A-maze-ing Game Corporation to create a series of immersive computer games, involving tricky labyrinths. The games must be both exciting and educational. The challenge was to explore the rich history and mythology of mazes and labyrinths, from those of Ancient Egypt and Greece, to 20th century arcade games. Then they combined their scratch programming and electronics skills with creative flair to design mazes and code twists, turns and dead-ends that kept players enthralled.


Student’s Comments

Jaeda Louw 5B: An awesome program to do. I learnt that you can do more than you think that you can do, and it is very challenging as well!

Parents' Association

Greek Tavern Night

The Oakleigh Grammar Parents' Association would like to thank all of the Oakleigh Grammar community that attended our Greek Tavern Night. It was a fantastic night with great, food, company and music. We would also like to pass on a very special thank you to our sponsors for the evening, Peter Tziotzis Orthodox Funeral Services, Sardellis Catering Concepts and the Oakleigh Grammar Business Network.

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Lily Anne Jewellery Fundraiser for Oakleigh Grammar.

My name is Dimitra Georgiadis and I am Independent Consultant for Lily Anne Jewellery.


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Up until 20th of December, I will be running a Fundraiser for our School and will be donating 100% of my commission from all sales. I will also be donating an additional $5 for every Jewellery Bar booked.


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