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18 October 2017
Issue Sixteen
Calendar Dates
Showcasing VCE Arts   
From the Principal
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Office Oracle
Work Experience
Year 7 Language & Literature
Year 11 Literature
A Little Night Music 
Student Buzz
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Calendar Dates


Thursdays, 5 October - 9 December

Year 7 students

Swimming/Lifesaving program

Hawthorn Aquatic & Recreation Centre

9am - 10.40am


Thursday 19 October - TOMORROW!

All welcome!

VCE Arts Exhibition

6pm - 8pm

7pm guest speaker: Stephen Bram

The Arts Studio

(closes Tuesday 24 October at 4pm)


All welcome!

PIFF Senior VCE (Preshil In-house Film Festival) 

7.30pm - 9.30pm 



Tuesday 24 October

All welcome!

Open Mic performance

8am - 8.45am

Kevin Borland Hall, Arlington


Friday 27 October

Year 12 students 

Year 12 Graduation Breakfast


porgie + MR JONES, Hawthorn


VCE students & staff

Year 12 Graduation Assembly


Media Room


Year 12 students & their parents, School Council & staff

Year 12 Parent Drinks & Canapes

5.30pm - 6.30pm

8s & 9s classroom, Arlington


Year 12 students, School Council & staff

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

6.30pm - 8.30pm

Kevin Borland Hall, Arlington


Tuesday 31 October

Students in the Viva Fitness elective

Clip 'N Climb

10.45am - 12.30pm



Wednesday 1 - Tuesday 21 November

Students undertaking a 3/4 Unit

2017 VCE written exams



Monday 6 November

Mid-term break


Tuesday 7 November

Melbourne Cup public holiday


Wednesday 8 November

All welcome!

School Production: Unmurdered

1pm  AND  7.30pm

Emulation Hall

3 Rochester Road, Canterbury


Thursday 9 November

All welcome!

School Production: Unmurdered


Emulation Hall

3 Rochester Road, Canterbury


Monday 13 November

All welcome!

IB Diploma Programme Q & A session

7pm - 8pm



Wednesday 15 November

2018 Year 7 Transition 


2018 Year 7 Welcome Picnic

6pm - 7pm

Kalimna forecourt


All welcome!

PIFF Junior 7-10 (Preshil In-house Film Festival) 

7.30pm - 9.30pm 



Tuesday 21 November

Students in the Viva Fitness elective


10.45am - 12.30pm

Glen Iris


Monday 27 November - Friday 1 December

Year 10 students

Wollangarra camp

8.45am (Mon) - 4.30pm (Fri)



Tuesday 28 November

Year 8 students

Melbourne Museum & IMAX Melbourne

9.50am - 3pm


Friday 1 December

Summer Sol

Blackhall front lawn 


Tuesday 12 December

Term concludes





Showcasing VCE Arts   

Photo: Ryn Wheelan, Year 12


VCE Arts exhibition

Thursday 19 October

6pm – 8pm

7pm guest speaker: Stephen Bram 

Light refreshments

The Arts Studio





Thursday 19 October

7.30pm to 9.30pm

The Library


Our students are proud to present their final works for your viewing pleasure and we very much look forward to your company at one or both of these events.




From the Principal

Authorized to fly!

I am truly delighted to announce that Preshil is now an officially authorized International Baccalaureate World School for the Diploma Programme as well as the Middle Years Programme.


Congratulations to our outstanding team of teachers.


Lenny Robinson-McCarthy was specifically singled out for commendation on the high quality of the programme the School has developed and our teachers were commended for their preparation, thoroughness and depth of understanding of the Diploma requirements.


The letter of authorization commented that, “The mission and values statements of the School show a remarkable coherence with the IB mission statement and the learner profile”.


I feel very proud to share a section of the letter of authorization which encapsulates why Preshil has chosen to adopt this programme:


As an IB World School, you are part of a global community of schools committed to developing knowledgeable, caring young people who will be ready to negotiate their futures successfully and make contributions resulting in a more harmonious and peaceful world. We commend your school’s educators, administrators, students and families for their active roles in choosing to offer the DP. The positive results of this choice will become evident in your community as classes of DP students graduate and undertake activities that enhance social, cultural and economic environments locally, nationally and, perhaps, internationally.


The IB is committed to the professional development of teachers and looks forward to welcoming your school’s DP faculty members into the IB community of educators, where they will find collaborators and a dynamic global network of professionals committed to best practices in teaching students and in sharing those practices with each other. We invite you and your faculty to make your own contributions as an active member of this community.


Best wishes as you embark on your journey with the DP. We look forward to working closely with you to realize our shared vision of a better and more peaceful world, achieved through intercultural understanding and respect.



It is perplexing to me to consider how this message has been narrowed and distorted into the image that has been projected of the IB as an elitist programme suited only to the most academic students.


We aim to dispel this myth; Preshil is now authorized to demonstrate how the IB can meet the needs of every student and prepare them for the future they want to carve out for their individual futures in the better world we all want for them.






Marilyn Smith



Head of Campus
Blackhall Kalimna

Natalie Jensen

Head of Campus

Parents are invited to join us at an
IB Diploma Programme Q & A Session
on Monday 13 November at 7pm
​in the Library

No-one truly absorbs all the information they need the first time they are introduced to any new subject. As such we want to offer another opportunity for you to consolidate your understanding of the details of the Diploma Programme  as it will be taught at Preshil.


Particularly for those of you who have a daughter or son about to embark on this journey, either in 2018 or in 2019, we want to give you the opportunity to ask any remaining questions you have not had the chance to have answered until now.

Year 7, 2018

Over the next two weeks I will be visiting our new 2018 Year 7 students at their primary schools. This week I have met future Preshil students from Clifton Hill, Spensley Street, Kew and Westgarth Primary Schools. It's been a wonderful opportunity to meet with them in their learning environment and get to know a little more about their expectations and what they are looking forward to as they move into secondary school. 


New Year 7 students will have a full day of orientation on Wednesday 15 November, followed by a welcome picnic with the current Year 7s. 

2018 booklists

Booklists will be distributed to students mid-November through Home Group. New students to the School will be given theirs in their orientation package.


In the meantime, booklists are available now online through Campion Education and can be accessed here. Once on their website you will need to use the Preshil resource list code: NHJX.

Students leaving early

Students in Years 11 and 12 are permitted to sign in and out at the office during school hours.


However, please be reminded that students in Years 7-10 needing to leave early must be signed out by a parent/adult.


Schools are held to a high standard of care in relation to their students and this duty requires us to take appropriate steps to minimise the risk of reasonably forseeable harm. We acknowledge that occasionally it is difficult for parents to pick up their child, for various reasons, during school hours and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Office Oracle

Photo: Birds of Paradise in the front garden outside the office at Blackhall

Meningococcal vaccine FREE for your child aged 15-19 years

City of Boroondara immunisation team has now completed visiting schools in regards to the Meningococcal W Secondary School Vaccine Program 2017 for Years 10-12.

They will be holding four dedicated Men W catch-up sessions where any student aged 15 to 19 years can come and have this vaccination for FREE before 31 December 2017.

  • Monday 27 November 2017 - Camberwell Library - 2pm to 4pm
  • Wednesday 6 December - Kew Library - 9.30am to 11.30am
  • Saturday 16 December - Camberwell Library - 9.30am to 11.30am
  • Monday 18 December - Kew Library - 9.30am to 11.30am

Adolescents are at increased risk of meningococcal disease. Although uncommon, it can become life-threatening very quickly. There are different strains of meningococcal bacteria known by letters of the alphabet, including meningococcal A, B, C, W and Y. In recent years, the meningococcal W strain has increased across Australia and is now the predominant strain in Victoria.

If your child is of suitable age and you would like them to take up this opportunity, you can register your preference of dates by sending an SMS to 0409 788 375.

If you have any questions about this program you can contact City of Boroondara on 9278 4712.

Outstanding school fees 

Term 4 fees are now outstanding and your attention to this payment as soon as possible would be much appreciated. 


Please contact the Business Manager Bryce McLean at [email protected] if you need to discuss the matter.

Instrumental music tuition in 2018

If your child is currently enrolled in the instrumental music program and does not wish to continue in 2018, please give notice by emailing judy.o'[email protected] by Friday 10 November.

Did you know.....

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Next newsletter

The next edition of the Secondary School newsletter will be published on Wednesday 1 November. To read previous issues or our Arlington and Alumni issues visit the iNewsletter Library here.






Work Experience

What exactly is work experience?

There is plenty of research around that identifies that employers think work experience is vital, and two-thirds of employers say that they are more likely to hire a young person with some work experience over someone with none.  


Work experience provides students with the valuable opportunity to:

  • begin to build networks they can call on in the future
  • develop employability skills
  • explore possible career options
  • understand employer expectations, and
  • increase their self-understanding, maturity, independence and self-confidence.

Student reflections on their recent work experience

"To gain some office experience and see if that is something I would like to do."


"To get an insight to what it would be like to work in this field."


"I was able to work on a design brief and create my own designs and I also learnt how to use the basics of Illustrator and Photoshop."


"Getting a basic understanding of the way to interact with children in a teacher/student manner."


"Doing hands-on experiments and learning about the field."


" uni course preference has now changed."


"I learned how to work in a group with others and how to do complicated computer work."

Some employer feedback

"They were engaged in the work happening in the studio and we hope we were able to provide an insight into the day-to-day workings of a design studio. They worked exceptionally with one of our senior designers."


"They worked alongside my assistant, and they worked well together as a team. They took direction and advice well and hopefully have gained a good insight into the industry."


"...impressive for a 15 year old, showing a genuine interest in all areas. They presented extremely well and are very confident."


"Their easy manner with the children, and their capacity to understand the class dynamic were exceptional. They proved to be a reflective team member and could see when an approach with a student might be counter-productive. They were also confident to offer activities of their own devising."

Making an appointment

You can find me in The Careers Hub office upstairs in Blackhall. This term I will be available on Mondays, Tuesdays,  Wednesdays and Thursdays . Fridays are by email appointment only. Please use this link on the Preshil Careers website  to make an appointment on those days because it syncs to my calendar to avoid clashes. For a Friday appointment  or any questions or concerns please email me at [email protected]


Bronte Howell

Careers & Pathways Coordinator



Year 7 Language & Literature

Photo: Created by Estella, Acorn, Leila and Mila


Year 7 students spent Term 3 studying Aardman & Anthropomorphism, looking at the prolific Claymation studio’s use of personified animals/characters in their work.


Inspired by our visit to the Wallace & Gromit and Friends  exhibition at ACMI, students created their own Claymation creatures with accompanying stories. They followed the process observed at the very inspiring exhibition; carefully creating a set of characteristics and producing detailed sketches before beginning to craft their characters in plasticine. It was wonderful to see not only how creative the conceptions were but also the innovations which took place throughout the process to ensure characters were able to move and interact as initially envisioned.

Those who endeavoured to create stop-motion videos rather than tableaux, performed studies in patience and their meticulous and delicate work led to some brilliant short films. Check out Clancy and Rupert's video of a little character surfing with a swordfish here.


Otto and Ezra collaborated to create their animation of Bif and Bof  (see below a collection of ‘in progress’ shots – the students found an image which showed how best to create mouths for each expression, which they produced with painstaking precision).


Stage 1: sketches

Stage 2: create mouths for expressions

Stage 3: stills

Stage 4: filming


Another pair who jumped into the task was Flynn and Ben, who created a complete narrative about a mad penguin scientist and his quest to create The Ultimate Formula. View this on Youtube here.



by Annabel Grigg, Teacher of Year 7

Language & Literature

Year 11 Literature

Photo: Karreenga Annexe, Lara

Visit to Marngoneet Correctional Centre as part of our Crime & Punishment unit

by Annabel Grigg, Teacher of Year 11 Literature


On Friday 13 October (an unintentional but appropriately eerie date) the Year 11 Literature class visited the Karreenga Annexe of the Marngoneet Correctional Centre. Karreenga is a protective, medium-security prison which focuses on the rehabilitation and education of prisoners; the Schools Program is one where prisoners meet with students to share what they feel contributed to their incarceration and what their experiences have been since.


As part of our Crime & Punishment unit, students have been looking at criminology, the increasing popularity of the True Crime genre in multiple media and the original ‘non-fiction novel’, Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood.


Fittingly, given the grim details of The Clutter murder, our students met prisoners whose crimes included two murders and two armed robberies. The first pair we met were not far from our students’ ages; they had committed their offences in their late teens and early twenties and yearned to be back “hanging on Glenferrie”. The second pair had led longer, more difficult lives and strongly warned students about the perils of illegal behaviour, particularly with regards to drug use.


While I’m unfortunately unable to go into more detail about the prisoners’ responses due to confidentiality agreements, it was absorbing for us to hear about, not only the men’s personal lives before and after sentencing, but also their ideas about the media coverage of their respective cases. As we’ve been looking at varying narratives and how much ‘truth’ there really is in ‘True Crime’, it was fascinating to receive divergent reports from the prisoners, the Correction Officers and the wider print media once we turned hurriedly to Google back on the bus. The exercise was a study in scepticism about each account.


Now back at school, the students are creating their own profiles for one of the four men we met; using embellishment and assumption to produce ‘creative non-fiction’ in the style of Capote. Here is a reflection written by Louis:


"Turk - a man of short stature 


Turk is easily mistaken for a young boy due to his impulsive fidgeting, careless posture and prepubescent, disproportionate body. Yet his cunning, his capacity, was not only that of a man, but a man deranged.


The threat of him - affectionately called Turk and Habib - did not lie in his physical ability, and that was exactly why he was the biggest threat. Behind a veneer of charisma and the ability to manipulate he slowly broke down our defences, to the point where we stood mere centimetres away, jovially conversing with this harmless man child who was ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’.


That’s how he works - he doesn’t need to force his way into one’s life, we’ll simply let him in, because we could easily fend him off in a one-on-one. Once we’re comfortable, that’s when he strikes."

A Little Night Music 

Classical by Candlelight 

by Karoline Kuti, Music Coordinator & Teacher Years 8-12


Congratulations to our amazing students who participated in the classical concert on Monday night last week. We were treated to so many wonderful performances from both the Primary and Secondary Schools, including  pieces from our choirs, orchestras, the cello ensemble and All-In Group.


What is apparent is that, with another year of perseverance and dedication, our students have developed their skills to even higher standards and we can all be really proud of their efforts.


This journey was epitomised by seeing Abi from the Kindergarten playing violin as part of Arlington Strings in her first public performance, as well as hearing Veronica and Ryn from Year 12 sing in their last classical concert before graduating in a couple of weeks. It’s thrilling to see students work hard all year to hone their craft and share it with us all in this formal context.


Pavement Choir was challenged to sing Mozart’s ‘Ave Verum Corpus’ which was the first time many of us have sung in Latin. It was wonderful to see so many new faces join the choir for this one.


Masterful performances of Bach, Mendelssohn, Clementi, Nyman, Glinka, Saint-Seans, Vivaldi, Bellini and more were such a treat and the audience was brilliantly ‘Preshillian” in that there was so much support and love for all. It is a huge reminder of the importance of parents, teachers, family and friends coming to support students in this way.


Special mention also needs to go to Gulliver from Year 10 who not only accompanied the choir on piano but also conducted some quite complex works by Strings Attached. 


Best of luck also to two more VCE music students who performed for us - Will and Josh - and congratulations to Ebony, Mila, Ezra, Nichaud, Dante, Tilda, Allegra, Acorn, Stella and Gulliver who all performed solos. A special thanks also goes to Mat from Year 10 who revealed himself to be an informative, entertaining and funny MC.


Our students are supported by a wonderful team of professionals and volunteers and we are grateful to Joshua Kelly, Atilla Kuti, Alice Brayden, Ceridwen Davies, Katrina Holmes à Court, Jenny Lane, Helen Kerr-Lawley and Bronte Howell.


Preshil's extraordinary music culture

by Marilyn Smith, Principal


The program on Monday night was ambitious and varied, showcasing individual performances as well as some outstanding ensemble works, all of which exemplified Preshil's extraordinary music culture; a culture that embraces an astonishingly large proportion of our students from every age group.


I cannot describe the mix of admiration, gratitude and delight in watching our five year old violinists and percussionists proudly and confidently taking their place on stage alongside the older children, quietly supported by a small group of incredible adult musicians who nurture and inspire them to the highest musical achievements.


Performers are freed from the fear of being judged as not up to the standards of technical perfection that kills musicality and joy; the overwhelming atmosphere was one of shared pleasure and appreciation of beautiful music and truly live performance.


All of this is testament to our unbelievably brilliant music teachers and the band of committed musicians who support them. Thank you, Karoline and Michelle - you are truly amazing.




Student Buzz

Sasha Y10 - accepted to Riot Stage

by Sasha, Year 10


I am currently part of a stage group called Riot Stage. I was lucky enough to hear about the opportunity from our Drama teacher Kate Ellis and was successful in my audition.

Becoming a part of this group requires me to attend a series of workshops. During our lessons we experiment with different types of non-naturalistic theatre to create mini performances. We present these ideas to the group so we can later develop them into something bigger. These activities are to help develop certain skills to be able to create a real and innovative performance.


We are currently not working towards any final performance because to create a show for the public we need to accumulate funding first. This does let us really play around with different ideas and to experiment with different interpretations and techniques that we can further use in the performances that we will create. It also gives us time to get to know each other and create close friendships so that we can create a more dynamic performance once we are given the opportunity.

The group of people that I am able to work with have very different personalities and ideas but that is what makes a performance unique and exciting and I am very fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to create something individual and enticing.

For more information about Riot Stage Ensemble see

Audrey Y12 - to study and write in Japan

by Kate Ellis, Drama  & English teacher Year 12


Audrey has scored an incredible opportunity - to study and write in Japan for four weeks....ten days after her final exam at Preshil!


Audrey's writing submission was accepted and she will now be afforded daily writing workshops alongside Japanese language lessons in Tokyo. She will also have to prepare two pieces of writing which she will have to pitch with the potential of being published online.


Please join two very proud teachers - myself and Annabel - in congratulating Audrey when you next see her.


For information about the opportunity please see the link below.


Go Audrey!

Angelo Y7 - performs with MYO

On Wednesday 4 October Angelo played cello in the Melbourne Youth Orchestra's Junior Strings. This was a series of pop-up performances in one of the State Library of Victoria’s most glorious spaces (The Courtyard) to commemorate 50 years of MYO. Preshil musicians have enjoyed a long association with MYO, as some alumni attested to at this week's reunion held at Arlington.

(Footnote: There is a big Gala Concert for MYO’s 50th at the Melbourne Town Hall, hosted by ABC’s Phillip Sametz:, on Sunday 12 November at 6pm.)


Photo: courtesy of iStock

Cyber safety: how to keep our children safe in the digital space

Last Wednesday evening we welcomed back Susan McLean to speak to the parent community about cyber safety. Thank you to the parents who attended the presentation. Despite the rainy evening, we had a wonderful representation from kindergarten to secondary parents.


Susan sent a strong message about the positives and negatives of the internet and gave practical ways to protect our children and ourselves when online with devices such as iPads, phones and computers.


Susan’s presentation included:

  • Signs of online addiction
  • Sexting: existing laws and recent updates
  • Online grooming
  • Cyber bullying facts
  • Apps and hidden apps
  • Ways to protect your child’s safety online.


Fact sheets and resources are available at:



If you missed Susan’s presentation, she does have a new book available:



Susan spoke about Cyber Safety with Headspace last year:


As psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg said, “What Susan doesn’t know about Cybersafety is not worth knowing. She is absolutely brilliant and her presentations are dynamic and entertaining. She has the unique ability to connect with each audience from young people to adults. (Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Adolescent Psychologist, Cybersafety Solutions, 2017)


As always, I am happy to speak with any students, parents or specialists during the term.




Clare Coman

Wellbeing Coordinator

[email protected]

Secondary School Tours

Photo: Majestic peppercorn trees between Kalimna and Blackhall mansions

The Principal, Head of Campus and staff warmly invite you to visit us at 12-26 Sackville Street, Kew

and learn about a Preshil IB education and all it has to offer.


There are no more group tours scheduled for this year.
If you are interested in enrolling your child for 2018
please contact our Registrar Nerel Ezra on 9817 6135 or
at [email protected] 
to arrange an individual tour.


We are now accepting enrolments for 2019.

Preshil - Blackhall Kalimna