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13 March 2017
Issue Three
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Principal's Patch

Dear Parents 

As we all are aware, communication between school and home is not easy to ensure effectiveness, particularly when relying on primary school aged children, but as in life, relationships are a two way process and schools and parents rely equally on one another to ensure the effectiveness of this.   

Through computers, and over recent years with the rise of smart phones, we are all able to readily communicate electronically and able to be in constant touch 24/7 with email, social media, and the many other apps and devices. At PBSS we are constantly reflecting on our practices to keep improving these methods and will continue to ‘tap’ into this form of communication, including our successful Facebook page.


Please LIKE us on Facebook  if you haven’t yet done so!                                                                                                

This year our office staff have certainly noticed the value of email and how much this has improved communication, demands on their time, the reduced number of parents asking for replacement notes that disappear into the depths of school bags and therefore cost effectiveness!  

Additionally, for many years we have wondered how many parents actually take the time to read the newsletter as a considerable amount of time and money is spent on its publication each fortnight. Our recent e newsletter provides us with this data about the number of emails read etc and we are certainly hope that the reading of this main source of information continues to improve. Other data showed that 77% of you accessed the newsletter on your smartphone and that it was read   a total of 350 times. I’m guessing it’s handy to access on your phone at after school commitments, or when you’ve hit the lounge after the busy days we all seem to have these days. Thank you to each of you who take the time to read the Beach Buzz each fortnight!


As a principal, ‘communication’ between all stakeholders … teachers to students, students to teachers, teachers to parents, parents to teachers etc  is a word where I espouse the importance of its need to be positive, honest, respectful and timely. Recently, the Department of Education and Training (DET) have published posters and information for parents about resolving issues respectfully at school.



PBSS is a very positive and supportive school, and whilst there are at times issues that invariably arise in any complex organisation such as a school, the vast majority of issues at PBSS are conducted very respectfully with all stakeholders. However, to further clarify the DET and PBSS communication processes I urge you to read the publication in the link below as it also explains the importance of parents making contact with their child’s teacher as the first point of contact for academic or social issues. This has also been sent in a paper copy with the youngest child in each family.


Face to face communication is equally important. As mentioned, this  week the Parent/Student/ Teacher interviews are on. The purpose of these interviews is to provide time for parents and teachers to discuss how your child is settling into the school year and any other wellbeing matters that should be shared so that your child has the  best educational experience possible, and as we expect at PBSS ... That each child is achieving their personal best.  These respectful conversations between home and school are critical for your child to accomplish this. A reminder to  bring your child to the interview as it is intended to be a 3 way conversation. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have not yet arranged a time to meet. 


As with all communication in 2017 to year levels or the whole school, we are providing this in both paper and electronic form.  Two weeks ago we did this for a facilities survey to gauge parent opinions about ideas for future improvements. I also took the advantage to obtain feedback on current initiatives. Thank you to those that returned the survey. 

When reading through the feedback and suggestions in the survey it was important to reflect on what the recurring points were. It was also interesting to note that frequently what one person thought was positive, another person had the opposite opinion. This reiterated my thoughts that I mentioned in an earlier newsletter this year where I explained that I constantly use a ‘big picture’ hat when assessing the impact of every decision made in the school for the good of the majority and how difficult it is to satisfy everyone.

Below is a summary of the recurring main points from the survey:-

Curriculum, Classroom and Learning

Positive Feedback

  1. Journey groups
  2. Dojos as a communication app
  3. Instrumental music program – strings and band
  4. The range of extra-curricular  activities
  5. Improvements in school communication


  1. All teachers to use Dojo app
  2. Parents to be informed of individuals receiving class or major award on assembly so they can attend
  3. STEM focus for PBSS 


Positive Feedback

  1. Amazing upgrades and school facelift over the last two years, including signage


  1. Playground additions
  2. Air conditioning in the hall / classrooms
  3. Afternoon pick up and carparks, including crossings
  4. Cold water to be available for students
  5. Added footpaths in a variety of areas

 I am thrilled to say that planning for some of these suggestions had already commenced and will be a reality in the coming months. As for the other suggestions, the school and P&C will work closely together to make a priority list for future fundraising and targeting of funds.  



Finally, I would like to address the communication between parents and their children about pick up and after school details as our friendly and helpful office staff are currently being inundated with these types of calls from 2.30pm each day. Could parents please spend a few minutes each morning confirming afternoon pick up details with their child. Please note that last minute phone calls through the office  to pass on messages to children about pick up details should only be for emergencies.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 


Kind regards

Sandra Thompson


Deputy's Desk


On Friday 3rd March, Borobi visited PBSS.  

Borobi, a loveable koala with fur the colour of the ocean and a passion for surfing and adventure, is the mascot for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018).  He and his assistant Sarah entertained us with information about the markings on his fur and taught the students a dance.  It was great fun meeting Borobi, who is currently on an adventure overseas where he will teach the same dance at Buckingham Palace.


GC Suns

Steven May, Jack Leslie and Jesse Joyce, from the Gold Coast Suns, spent last Friday afternoon discussing health with our Year 4 - 6 students.  The players shared their goals for the season and reminisced about their most challenging games. The students were eager to find out more about the life of a professional sports person asking many inquisitive questions about meal preferences and game day preparations.  

SHINE Program

Our Year 4 students participated in session one of the SHINE program last Thursday.  As part of their work in the community, the Gold Coast SUNS provide a free six hour program that is run over a four week period.  Students will experience firsthand and learn about: 

  • Being healthy
  • Being active
  • Beach safety
  • Playing AFL

The program will run on Thursdays in week 8 & 9 during school time for one hour.  Each student received a colour booklet this Thursday to use and work through as part of the program.  Year 4 students will also interact with the players in person as they deliver the program.  Finally in week 10, students will participate in a fun based carnival at Metricon Stadium with other schools as a way of celebrating the conclusion of the program.


Please encourage your children to be diligent about wearing their helmets.  Many of our PBSS students enjoy riding to and from school, but sometimes we see students arriving with their helmet in their bag or attached to their school bag.  At assembly last week, I addressed this with our senior students and would love to see all students wearing helmets and riding around our local area safely.


Although the brief cold snap seems to have passed, some mornings are starting to be a little cooler.  Students were made aware of the winter uniform expectations on senior assembly and I will remind our junior students on Wednesday. Please ensure that students are wearing the school winter uniform or plain navy blue  is acceptable.


Students have also been spoken to about loitering after school.  We have asked all students to go directly home and change out of their school uniform before meeting up with friends to go bike riding or other social activities.



During the year our school offers opportunities for children in Year 2 - 6 to enter the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS), from the University of NSW, in various learning areas. 

ICAS provides an opportunity for students to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external testing situation. It provides teachers, parents and students with comprehensive reporting of results in the various subjects.  This year we will participate in English and Mathematics.  The tests are an excellent preparation for national tests and the student report is useful for highlighting your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

All students receive a certificate and an individual student report indicating which questions they answered correctly and their score compared with the rest of the students tested. The certificate and individual student report are also suitable for your child to include in a portfolio.


Certificates are awarded for each year level in each state as follows:

  • High Distinction to the top 1% of entrants
  • Distinction to the next 10% of entrants
  • Credit to the next 25% of entrants
  • Merit to the next 10% of entrants
  • Participation to all other participating students.

A UNSW medal is awarded when the highest score in each year level in each state in each subject is judged to be sufficiently meritorious. Students must sit on the official sitting dates to be eligible for a UNSW medal.

The competition cost is $9.00 per student, per competition.  Further information will be coming home soon.

Anti-Bullying Day

On Friday 17th March, PBSS students will be taking part in Anti-Bullying Day.  The National Day of Action is a great opportunity to engage students in our school's anti-bullying measures and to further explore our 2017 focus on kindness.  Students are encouraged to submit anti-bullying posters and colouring in for judging on the day.  Other programs will include a bouncing castle for junior students, information sessions for all grades, a costume parade and competition as well as senior, team building activities in the PAC.  

Students are encouraged to dress as their favourite hero on the day.  This could be a super hero such as batman, an everyday hero such as a firefighter or policeman or as someone they look up to such as a sporting personality.  Students are asked to bring a gold coin donation.

Students will be expected to dress in sun safe clothing and are reminded of the following

clothing expectations:

  • school wide-brimmed bucket hat
  • closed in shoes
  • no singlet tops

Senior students will be participating in their normal sports program in the afternoon.  If your student is to be partaking in water activities as their Friday sport, please remember to bring the necessary extra clothes.

Students of the Week


Prep G - Charley & Harper

Prep N - Kylah & Reade

Prep S -  Stevie & Dash

1D  - Poppy & Jazaiah

1K - Jemi & Bae

1R - Bonnie & Kartar

1/2B - Alexi & Max

2E -  Rutva & Ferguson

2T - Caitlin & Tyrese

3B -  Zali & Kaylum

3M - Leo & Remy

3T - Riley & Elikai

4L - Quinn & Oscar

4S - River & Mackenzie

5B  - Lachlan & Jack

5P - Te Ira & Ashley

5H - Amina & Nat

6B - Charlotte & jack

6C - Tyreece & Alex

6N - Jayda, Milaya & Ty

Sport and Music News


Congratulations to our wonderful chess competitors who competed on Wednesday in the Gold Coast South Chess Tournament held at Caningeraba State School.


More than 290 competitors from around the district faced off in a teams competition. Each player played 7 matches with points awarded to the winner of each match. Our school club sent along 10 competitors and have proven that they can compete at a high level.


Our two youngest players both from year 1 came away with wins during the day. Our sole year 2 player did her year level proud with many closely battled matches. Our 2 year 3 players showed the necessary skills during the day that with more experience they will win many more matches during the year.


Our more experienced players in years 4 – 6 proved they are very capable of playing well. Congratulations to Thomas in year 5 who finished the day in 5th spot and has now been invited to attend a youth development chess tournament this coming weekend.


A very special thankyou goes out to Mrs Goody and Mrs Harris who transported students to and from the venue. Another big thankyou goes to the parents who also transported their child/children to the venue giving them the opportunity to compete at a high level.


Chess Club is held every Friday in the Rainbow room starting at 8:00 am.


Jason Hill

Chess Coordinator

Term 2 Interschool Sport

Permission notes with payment details will be sent home this week for the students who have been selected in the PBSS teams for Interschool sport, and those who selected surfing.  Payment of $40 is due no later than 29th March for rugby league, soccer, netball and school provided surfing ($110 for experienced surfers who chose surfing through the surf school). 

Instrumental Music - Strings and Band

All parents should have received a note explaining the details of the upcoming Beginner Instrumental workshops at Tallebudgera SS  for strings and band.  $5 cost is now due.  Two invoices were also emailed out to you $3 + $2 = $5 in total as per the note. 

Library and ICT News

Reading Ticket Winners

To encourage students to make the most of their time browsing and borrowing in the library we reward children with reading tickets.  The children place their reading tickets in the raffle box and each month we draw 4 winners.

The winners for the month of February were:

Maleah Prep G

Cybella 2E

Marley 3B

Jacinta 5P

P & C News

AGM 17 March, 5:00pm (general meeting 5:30pm) All welcome!

Have you handed in your 2017 P&C Membership form yet?  Don’t forget that all memberships and officer’s positions lapse at the AGM, which means current P&C members must also renew their memberships, and the AGM is the only meeting where a person may do so without being present.  All parents, carers, teachers and staff are welcome, we invite you to join and we truly value your input! Meetings are held in the school library.


2017 will be my eighth year of membership with our P&C, and I’ve noticed that over the entire four years during which I’ve been an officer, whenever I tell my friends and family outside the school community about it I find myself needing to quantify that statement with something like, “everyone works together” or ‘it’s such a great little school,” because I’m afraid the words ‘P&C President’ might conjure up a picture that is just not indicative of who I am... or of who the other officers are, or of what it is that we actually do for the school.


Yes, it’s overwhelming at times, and yes, there are times when we disagree.  But more often than not we do find common ground, and we are brain-storming, creating, organising, collating, distributing, asking, buying, selling, counting, paying, and most importantly, we are helping one another in our common goal to enrich our child’s journey of learning at Palm Beach, and we are finding a way to laugh and enjoy it while we’re at it.


I often say there is much to be grateful for at Palm Beach, after all we take great pride in the fact that we are not your average Tuckshop, we are not your average second-hand shop, and we are not your average P&C.  But because of this, Palm Beach is also not your average school, so if any of these qualities are something you appreciate at Palm Beach, then the best way to preserve them is to pitch in when you can.


Volunteering doesn’t have to be a burden, and many hands make light work.  In fact, if every parent at our school did Just-One-Thing, by giving just 2 hours of their time ONCE per year, we’d have help every single school day and at every single event for more than 2 years straight, without anyone having to come in twice (except of course for the officers, sub-committee members, and convenors, who would then have A LOT less on their plates!)


And while I can’t say that I’ve ever seen as many smiling faces as the ones we have now pitching in to help make these things happen, the bulk of the workload unfortunately still rests on the same small group of people, and since that’s just not a sustainable solution we are looking for a few coordinators to help lighten our load.  


Of course getting more help isn’t the only solution; we could also have fewer events, cancel a few Discos, Book Clubs/Book Fairs, Stalls etc. because let’s face it, no one will loose a leg if we do.  But ultimately it will mean less revenue generated towards things like books, computers, playgrounds, picnic tables, school furniture, shade sails, the annex renovation, school signage, bubbler taps, security alarms, smart boards, fencing, garden sheds, bin relocation, and so on.  And I can assure you that Palm Beach State School would be a very different place without the invaluable contributions which I have witnessed the P&C make to the school since 2010, and that’s just during my time.


So if you haven’t gotten one already, please check your child’s school bag for a hard copy of the AGM notice, Membership Form, and Volunteer Form that went home with your child last week, and please consider doing Just-One-Thing. We look forward to hearing from you!




Kind Regards,




Nikki Robinson, P&C President ;-)




The Farmers Shed

Your chance to win!! The Farmers Shed are raffling a fantastic bike and helmet!  Just $2 a ticket, winner will be announced Tuesday 28th March, a perfect prize to start the school holidays with.  All money raised goes straight back to supporting our wonderful school.  The Farmers Shed is open from 8:15am-9:00am on Fridays and 2:15pm -3:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, come in and see Bazil and Samantha for raffle tickets - you might snap up a bargain while you're there!



Donations Needed

Have you got any costume jewellery or watches (that are in good condition/not broken) that you no longer need?  We’d love to see them donated to The Farmers Shed for us to sell! All funds raised go back to the school!  Pop by and see our wonderful volunteers Samantha and Bazil.
Kind Regards,
 PBSS P&C Executive committee

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Tuckshop Hours

Our Tuckshop is open Monday – Friday for both first and second break.


To place orders and to see the healthy menu options that are available, please visit  We do have a small menu available for those orders that need to be placed on a brown paper bag; this can be done in the morning before school starts at the tuckshop window.


We are open for over the counter snack sales during both Lunch and Afternoon tea breaks

Here are some of the items we sell:


20c for fruit pieces Watermelon, Apple and Orange

50c buys a Date and Oatmeal Cookie, Tortilla Chips, Choc Brownies, Apricot Bites, Yoghurt pops, popcorn bags, GF Banana Muffins all made in the tuckshop


$1.00 for Lemon Fizz iceblocks and Tuckshop made Watermelon and Mango Peach Ice Blocks.



Whats New on the Flexischools Menu

Butter Chicken Curry is back on the menu as well as Mexican Chicken and Cheese Sausage rolls!

  • Taco Tuesdays are back choose from Beef, Shredded Chicken and Salad Tacos
  • Wednesday Chicken wing pack with oven baked sweet potato chips and corn on the cob
  • Thursdays is Sushi Day, Avocado, Chicken Avocado, Chicken Teriyaki and Tuna

Volunteer Roster

Tuesday         14th March     Katie  

Wednesday   15th March     Yuliia

Thursday       16th March    Sue

Friday             17th March     Teneille


Monday          20th March     help needed

Tuesday         21st March     help needed

Wednesday   22nd March    Yuliia

Thursday       23rd March     Sue

Friday             24th March     Teneille


Monday          27th March     Help needed

How can I help?

Not sure how you can help in Tuckshop?  If you can make a sandwich then we need you!  Volunteers prepare food (such as sandwiches), place orders in bags, put all the orders in class Tuckshop boxes and; if you can stay for first break; help serve children.  We would love to hear from you, please come and see Cheryle at the Tuckshop.

Short on time?

Want to help out but don’t have time?  Busy parents don’t forget that even if you can’t volunteer your time in Tuckshop or at fundraising events, you can still help out by buying a coffee at school drop off, or ordering a meal deal for your child on special days.  Every little bit counts, and your contribution helps to ensure the survival of a quality Tuckshop at Palm Beach.

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop

Our Uniform shop is open every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8.30 – 9.00am, or order at your convenience anytime through Flexischools and your order will be delivered to your child’s classroom the following school day.

Uniform Pricing

Jackets $50.00

Polos $30.00

Shorts $30.00

Skorts $30.00

Hats    $15.00

Events Calendar




Now that the weather is cooler and the sun isn’t blazing down upon us,

we can reconnect with our community garden.

Those who are interested in participating in any way are invited to a meeting, Wednesday 22 March in the community garden from 3:00pm – 4:00pm


Anna Bassi

PCYC - Outside Hours School Care


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