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10 February 2017
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Principal's News


I’d like to welcome everyone back from the summer break and extend a special greeting to all those who have recently joined the Ringwood Secondary College community. I hope you enjoyed a relaxing time and you're feeling refreshed and ready to take on the learning challenges of 2017. Classes commenced last week and it has been a busy and productive start of the year for all year levels. Our College assembly this week highlighted our student leaders and the major events and activities of the college for Term 1.


Our College Production for 2017, “Chicago” under the leadership of our new director for Performing Arts , Mr Karl McNamara has been announced and auditions will commence shortly. By the time that you have read this newsletter we will also have concluded The House Swimming Carnival too.


Staffing in 2017

As is always the case at the beginning of a new school year there are a number of new and returning staff and we particularly welcome them:

  • Ms Lara King - English
  • Mrs Monica Ho Hawker - English and EAL
  • Mr Dane Sorensen Music and Instrumental Music
  • Mr Haris Boyd-Gerni  - Music and Humanities
  • Ms Beatrice Dauguet - French
  • Mrs Kate Tanner - Drama and Dance
  • Mr Karl McNamara  -  Director of Performing Arts, Media , Drama
  • Miss Karly Horton - House and student Connections Leader, Psychology
  • Mr Matthew Tucker -  Middle Sub School Leader, Physical Education
  • Miss Sarah Farmer - Sports Trainee
  • Ms Prue Bon – English
  • Mrs Sjnelle Jordan- French, English
  • Ms Virginia Watson - InterGreat Coordinator, Science
  • Ms Kati Recinos - InterGreat, Bounce Coordinator, Art
  • Mrs Gemma Bishop – Commerce, English
  • Ms Marissa Lee, - Humanities, English, French

There are also changes in our structure for 2017 some of which are outlined in the newsletter. They reflect our increasing emphasis on the importance of Houses. Communication about house coordination teams have been notified to all families through Compass.


Building Works

Our building program is progressing well with the Junior school centre really taking shape and is on track for completion during term 3. All of the steel work is now complete and most of the roof has been secured. A significant amount of carpentry and framing is now taking place too.

The building will provide fit for purpose spaces to allow our students to have a 21st century learning environment. Our library upgrade is on track for completion towards the end of March and most of the plumbing data wiring and plastering is now complete. This term is very tight for classroom spaces as a consequence and I have been most impressed with how our students and staff have managed the situation. Whilst some spaces may be less than ideal in the short term, the changes will benefit everyone.


Student travel to and from Ringwood Secondary College

The college asks that all students ensure respectful and appropriate behaviour especially when travelling on public transport.


We are always concerned about student safety and ask students to cross busy roads at appropriate locations like pedestrian crossings or safety islands. In addition, travelling in small groups is often a good idea and areas like Ringwood Lake are best avoided when travelling alone. In addition, students riding to school should wear their safety helmets.


The signalisation works for Bedford Road / Great Ryrie Street intersection are nearing completion and the lights are expected to be commissioned soon. There will then be a second pedestrian crossing staffed by a crossing supervisor on Bedford road. Further updates will be provided through Compass.


Parents who drive students should be aware of the speed and parking restrictions near the school, as these are regularly enforced. Often it is easier to drop children nearby and allow them to walk a few hundred metres. The car park at the front of the library should not be used as a drop off point at any time immediately before or after school.


College Council Elections 2017

Nominations are now open for three parent vacancies on our school council. If you are an enthusiastic parent interested in getting more involved and having a say in what our college is doing, or know someone who is, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for people who are committed to improving the educational outcomes for all our students.

Effective councils have a broad range of experience, skills and expertise. Face-to-face and online training is also available to help councillors develop the skills and knowledge for the job. Parents find their involvement satisfying and may also find that their children feel a greater sense of belonging.

If you would like to find out more information, please give me a call at the college. Nominations close on Tuesday February 21 2017 and forms are available from school reception or via email from Karen Carden.  [email protected]


Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

Welcome to 2017 and what a beginning it has been!

Full of action and activity, the college is operating admirably under testing conditions as the building program continues. We thank everyone for his and her patience as the commitment to improving our learning environment comes to fruition. Building progress so far looks promising and enticing.


As always we have new and returning staff in any new year and you will read the introductions of some of our beginning teachers to the college in this edition. We are certain that they will be wonderful contributors to the culture and service of our school.


The Compass calendar contains general information for parents including the term dates and public holidays, whole school events and assemblies, parent teacher interviews, pupil free days and parent information nights. Parents who are involved in school council and its sub committees can also refer to the calendar to see the meeting schedule.


The Curriculum Committee had its first meeting and established key priority areas that our Heads of Learning will drive in their Learning Area meetings. Staff are working to develop continuous feedback comments for Learning Tasks in all subjects. Parent teacher interviews will take place at the end of this term and you will be invited to book through Compass later this term for these interviews.


The Year 12 Debutante Ball rehearsals have commenced and despite the heat in the gym and the hall, the happy, smiley faces of our students outweighed the slight discomfort they experienced in this warm weather. There is a real sense of community and co-operation with parents, teachers and students in this event and it is a joy to see. Thank you to Year 12 parents who have volunteered their services at rehearsals so far. Kathy Donovan, our Debutante Ball parent co-ordinator, has been kept busy organising and managing the schedule along with another parent Vicky Pleydell. We look forward to the Year 12 Debutante Ball at The Grand in Wantirna on the 4th of  March.


The Parent, Citizens and Teachers Association, (PCTA) is holding its first meeting of the year next week. We have had a number of new parents express interest in joining us and we welcome everyone who would like to meet in the spirit of friendship and service to the college. We will formally say goodbye and thank you to one of our parents whose children have completed their schooling at a Ringwood Secondary College School Council meeting in March. Meredith Anderson has done a superb job as Secretary of the PCTA and we will miss her greatly.


Eleni Stathatos


From Mr Barut

It is with great pleasure, as the Assistant Principal that oversees all the sub schools, that I welcome back all students for the start of the 2017 school year. I also extend greetings to all our parents and all our partners that make up this magnificent Ringwood Secondary College community.

Certainly, I can only envisage the night before where there would have been great excitement and a few nerves about the start of the school year. We were delighted to welcome our newest cohort into the school, the Year Seven class of 2017, all the way to our Year 12 class of 2017.


I would like to congratulate all our students for the terrific start, where the main focus has been settling into classes with their teachers. It is imperative that to continue this excellent start, students must attend all their lessons and get to school every day. Of course, if there are extenuating circumstances, we ask that parents approve any absence on Compass.


Please read this newsletter carefully to familiarize yourself with the best contact that can help you with any issues that may arise with your son or daughter. In case you are not familiar with the new college structure, each student is aligned to a House, thus, they are also aligned to a  co-ordinator who is in the same House.


Parents and carers, we ask that you log onto Compass to connect with the work that your son/daughter is doing under Learning Tasks so that the learning journey becomes a shared responsibility. Also, at times, Compass notices that are relevant to a specific year level will be posted, that may require parental action.


We look forward to a sensational 2017.


Again, welcome.


James Barut

From Mrs Allison

Welcome back to school for 2017. It looks to be another year full of great opportunities, experiences, achievements and challenges supported with positive teaching and learning.


It is a privilege to be working alongside innovative and energetic Leading Teachers, Anna Benson (Positive Education and Pathways Leader), Roi Boutsikakis (Director of Sport), Karly Horton (Director of Houses and Community Engagement) and Karl McNamara (Director of Performing Arts). Their expertise and energy will no doubt provide improved access to co curricular programs for our students that will strengthen our College.


Ringwood Secondary College (RSC) has always provided an enriched learning environment with involvement in leadership, performing arts, sport or debating to name a few programs. Students and their families are encouraged to become actively involved, to meet new people and fully embrace what the RSC community has to offer. Throughout the year, the House system will be further embedded across student management, Positive Education through ‘Bounce’ will expand into learning areas and explicit positive education lessons will be taught weekly.


With hot weather forecast for most of February, it is advisable that hats are worn outside and students are hydrated. Hats are available for purchase from PSW in Croydon. Students and parents are encouraged to download the Australian UV Alert app onto their iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It provides the UV rating and weather forecast for the day. The app lets you know when you do and don't need sun protection, making it easier than ever to be smart about sun exposure all year.


Congratulations are extended to the successful students who applied for leadership positions. The positions are very diverse and include a large number of portfolios across all year levels. Within the next few weeks both the Prefects Induction and Junior School ambassador training will showcase these leaders.


I look forward to what will be a busy and exciting year.


Mrs Maria Allison


From the Office


The start of the year has proven to be very busy on the Facilities front. The two building sites are moving along nicely and the school community can now get a sense for how grand the Junior School building will look upon completion. Hopefully in the next week the roof install will be completed, internal framing is nearing completion and we expect to see bricklayers onsite in the next couple of weeks.

The Library has a new internal ceiling and LED lights will also be installed in the near future. It’s completion date is late March and the Junior School should be finished late August.

For parents interested in taking a more active role in the development of the school facilities please consider attending our first Facilities Committee meeting of the year on Thursday 9th March, 7.30pm, Conference Room.  


Other recent works around the College have included:


  • Revarnishing of the hall and gym floors
  • Instal of Airconditioners in Rooms 809-812, IT office and VCE Study Centre/Temporary Library
  • Fertilising and Vertidrilling of oval and soccer fields
  • Painting of all student lockers including repairs
  • Replacement of the 500s decking carpet  and recoating of decks
  • Painting of select areas around the school
  • Poetry signs redone

Occupational Health and Safety 

Once again, the College is very fortunate to have Mrs Stelfox as the staff OH & S representative, who recently assisted in OH & S inductions for new staff members. In the near future we will implement our extensive Workplace Inspection program, ensuring all areas of the school are inspected every term.


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

College Tours

2017 College Transition Tours bookings open Monday 13 February at 9.00 am.


 Tours run for approximately 1 hour and commence at 9am, 3 mornings a week, with 1 Sat morning tour in May.


Bookings are essential. Book online only at


Open Night for 2018 prospective Year 7 students is on 26 April 2017 - no bookings required. 

First Aid

Welcome back to all returning families and welcome to all of our new families and we hope that 2017 has treated you kindly so far!

Nancy Davies has returned from leave this year so First Aid is staffed by Kerrie Hausler on Monday, Thursday and Friday and Nancy Davies on Tuesday and Wednesday. The door is always open 9am till 3:30pm but you can often get us outside of these hours if you need to contact us with any concerns.


If your child is sick and needs to come home they need to come to Sick Bay, and we will contact you. This is so we can account for each and every child and sometimes a rest is enough and your child can continue for the rest of the day but if your child is too unwell to stay we will contact you.


If your child has a headache or stomach pains and needs Panadol we require a permission slip to be signed from you to allow us to give them this medication.

If we have sent you any paperwork such an anaphylaxis management forms, asthma car plans or Year 7 vaccination cards for example  -  please return to us as soon as possible as this paperwork usually holds vital information for your child’s care.


Immunisation Dates this year:

April 19th

June 7th

October 11th


Immunisations this year are for Year 7 students only. Please return your immunisation card (if you have not done so already) even if you do not want your child to have the immunisation. We need to register a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for every student.

On this day only, could students in Year 7 please wear their sports uniform (this is requested by the Council Immunisation Staff). 


This is early notice – don’t worry we will remind you again!!


First Term always has some of the hottest school days in the year so please remind your children to be sun smart. The college has a sunsmart policy and more information can be found be following the link:


Have a great First Term!


Kerrie Hausler and Nancy Davies

School Nurses

From the Chaplain

Welcome back to another year at Ringwood Secondary College and another exciting year ahead. 


Some opportunities to get involved with:

  • I am looking for students year 9 and up who would like to volunteer their time for 1 hour a week for a homework program at Eastwood Primary School.  For the past two year we have sent students over on a Wednesday afternoon between 3:30- 4:30pm to assist the Burmese community students with their homework.  If you are interested please email Adam: [email protected] 
  • The Annual car show is coming up fast - Saturday the 18th of March 10am - 1pm see flyer below.

Speaking of cars I had the privilege just last weekend to go to see the top fuel drag cars at Calder Park raceway. 


I feel at times life is a little bit like a top fuel run.  If you have experienced this yourself personally you would know exactly what I mean but for those who haven't I will try and explain the experience.  This cars are incredible feats of machinery putting out around 10,000 hp - approximately 500 times higher than your average road car which does around 200hp.  During a run they would travel a distance of 400 metres in approximately 4 seconds at a speed of 380 km/h.  As they literally explode off the start line, behind the two cars, it can register a small earthquake approximately 2.8 magnitude and they will burn 100 litres in their run. 


As a spectator your whole body is drawn into the experience as they register over 150 decibels and you feel the immense energy that the cars are producing.  And, for that 4 seconds that the car goes down the line, you are out of control as the earthquake of noise rumbles down the track.  When watching it your vision becomes distorted as your eyes shake and your chest vibrates from the rumble of every 1 of the 10,000 horses just hoping that they stay contained in the motor and don't try and escape throwing shrapnel everywhere.


May this year be a year that literally leaves you breathless, in a positive way, as you engage in our wonderful Ringwood Secondary community and all that it has to offer. 


Adam Bryant

School Chaplain

Student Banking





Commencing February 2017, a weekly School Banking Facility will be available for all students.


Representatives from Bendigo Bank, Ringwood Branch will be in attendance in the Wellbeing Centre every Thursday lunchtime from 1.15 pm  – 1.45 pm providing banking services.


You can open a Student Account, deposit funds or simply chat to us about your banking needs.

Identification required to open an account – just a copy of your birth certificate together with a copy of your student identification.

Bendigo Bank, has a special student account with

  • No monthly account service fees
  • Unlimited free ebanking transactions
  • Unlimited free Bendigo ATM and branch withdrawals
  • Unlimited free EFTPOS transactions
  • Monthly interest payments

You have a choice of Bendigo Blue Debit MasterCard, or PokitPal Debit Mastercard.    You can receive exclusive discounts through the mobile app just by using your PokitPal card for purchases.   To be eligible for these cards you must be aged 16, alternatively the Easy Money Eftpos card is available.

This is an opportunity to start your savings now, with easy access and convenience, and begin benefitting from your school banking services provided by Bendigo Bank Ringwood, and Ringwood Secondary College.


Contact the Ringwood Branch on 9870 9244 for any initial enquiries – our staff are keen to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to assisting students with their own personal banking.


Sue Sadler

Bendigo Bank

Branch Manager




Messages on this line can be left at any time day or night.






This is particularly important for VCE students who have an 90% attendance requirement across all subjects

NB: VCE students who are absent for two or more consecutive days will normally need a medical certificate.  Please contact the student’s Coordinator if you are unsure about this requirement.


Late to School

If a student will be late for any reason:

  • Notify the school via the attendance line where possible in the morning
  • Or send a note with your child
  • In both instances the students will need to sign in at the office on arrival.

Please Note – Students who are regularly late to school without a valid reason will be given a lunchtime detention

To ensure that we can manage the welfare and safety of the student community it is important that you respond to any SMS messages you receive in relation to morning absence notifications in a timely manner.

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact the school.


Kay Priestley

Attendance Officer

New Staff at Ringwood

New Staff for 2017

Karl McNamara:

Subjects:  Drama/Media

Passions:  Singing, Acting, Directing, Musical Theatre, French Bulldogs


I’m loving the extreme passion the students have for all areas of performing arts. I have heard some amazing student bands from my desk in the PAC.


Karly Horton:

Hi, my name is Karly Horton and I’m really excited to be at Ringwood SC this year.


I teach Psychology, Intergreat and Health and I’m looking after the House system and Community Engagement. I thrive on the reciprocal relationships that I build with students and staff and am interested in understanding how people think.


I have had a positive experience in my classes so far, all of the students have been kind, helpful and engaged in their work. I am passionate about travelling, learning about the world and making the most out of every opportunity that I am presented with!


Lara King:

Greetings all, I am thrilled to be teaching at Ringwood this year. I have been teaching English and Literature at the Distance Education Centre Victoria based in Thornbury for the last few years.


I am excited about being back in the classroom and working face to face with my students. I have wonderful classes this year teaching Year 10 and 11 Literature and 10 and 11 English and my bright new young things in Year 7 English.


I am very passionate about language in all forms, novels, poetry, film and plays but I’m particularly interested in what students read and think and feel.


I have been genuinely impressed with my student’s willingness to share their views and being highly respectful of others. My future moment I am really looking forward to is seeing my Year 7’s in Year 12!


Prue Bon:

I’m very excited to be starting 2017 at Ringwood Secondary College! I’ve spent the last few years working in the country, which was a lovely experience, but it is such a pleasure to be back in the ‘big smoke’ and at a school with such energy and positivity.


As Ms Bon, I teach English, which is fortunate since this is a subject I’m passionate about. When I can find spare time, I enjoy writing stories and reading books, and I find I am always trying to read things that my students are reading so that we have something to talk about. After only a few weeks, I am really loving how friendly the students at Ringwood are; it is such a wonderful thing to have them say ‘thank-you’ after a lesson!


I have a feeling this is going to be a great year.  


Beatrice Dauguet


I teach French and English. My passions include travelling and exploring different horizons, hiking, boxing and cooking. I also love reading –I’m a massive bookworm!


I was at Ringwood last year as a student teacher and I’m so excited to be part of the school community! I look forward to meeting new staff and students and establishing some really strong and positive relationships.


Marissa Lee:

I teach English, French and Humanities; I love being able to share my passion for and knowledge of these subjects with my students.

My life outside school involves as much sport as I can fit into my schedule – basketball, AFL and a bit of netball – and my weekends and holidays generally involve lots of social outings, beach trips, and traveling. That, or pure hibernation.

RSC has given me a very warm welcome and I am loving the positive, supportive culture adopted by the staff and students. Looking forward to an exciting year!


Haris Boyd-Gerny:

What do hipsters become if everyone is a hipster? 


Greetings! My name is Haris Boyd-Gerny and I teach Music and Humanities. If you find me at RSC I will most likely be playing jazz guitar, pondering philosophical conundrums and collating cat memes.


I have loved the willingness of RSC students to learn and try new opportunities. Looking forward to the many jams ahead.

Around the School

After School Maths Sessions

This year after school Maths sessions will be running once again. These are great for students who want some extra help with their Maths or who just want to complete some Maths study in a quiet space. The sessions will take place in room 102 unless indicated otherwise.


Sessions for year 7–10 students will run on Wednesdays from 3.30 until 4.30 (commencing on the 15th of February).

Sessions for year 10–12 students will run on Thursdays from 3.30 until 4.30 (commencing on the 9th of February).


Tim Johnson

Bounce in 2017!

I am really happy to be co-ordinating this program in 2017. Over the year, Bounce will run on a weekly basis with the same teacher for the whole year. There will be year level assemblies and House activities dispersed throughout the term also. The aim of Bounce is to provide students with the opportunity to practice strategies to develop resilience, positive mental health practices as well as developing positive relationships with peers and staff.


It is really important to develop resilience in our young people for a number of reasons.

  • To develop the ability to learn from experiences. To bounce back and beyond (post traumatic growth)
  • Resilience leads to ‘happiness’ and therefore increased cognitive capacity
  • Fosters and promotes a growth mindset
  • Increased confidence and self-belief (decision making, peer pressure etc)

The focus for term 1 is as follows: 

Year 7 and 10 – Relationships - Supportive Friends Program working together

Year 8 and 9 - Emotional Literacy

Year 11 – Surviving VCE

Year 12 – Study Skills


Emotional Literacy is vital for students as emotions, feelings and relationships become increasingly complex through adolescence. If students are able to label the emotion they are experiencing at the time they are experiencing it, it can significantly reduce the negative impact that emotion has on the body. It also provides students the ability to find a solution to the problem, thereby promoting a growth mindset and increasing hope. If your child is struggling to articulate their feelings, a good strategy to help them would be to ask them to recognize the physical responses in their body first. This might help you to understand the emotion they are experiencing and then increase their vocabulary and emotion recognition.


Later in the year, we will be holding information sessions and workshops for parents to attend. Please keep an eye out for a Compass invitation.


If you are concerned about your child, please contact the House co-ordinator or Wellbeing team.


Kati Recinos

Bounce Co-ordinator

Art at RSC

Interested in Art - Come visit Room 5 on a Tuesday Lunchtime




Our International Student Program continues to develop and this year we welcome the following students to RSC.



Jiayi (Jenny) Lyu                     

Xinye (Helen) Xu



Jiayang (Eddy) Du                  

Charles Yang Hong                

Bun Loung (Ronan) Meng

Qiyue (Keira) Wang               

Haiyong (Anthony) Xu            

Jiayun (Jia) Zhang



Wei (Carrie) Chu                    

Xinyin (Emily) Gu                   

Kim Toan (Jarvis) Lai

Borui (Eric) Li                         

Yujia Liu                                 

Peiyi (Betty) Tang

Hoang Lan Trinh                    

Chaoxin (Charles) Wang        

Penghui Wang

Songdi (Stephanie) Wang      

Ningyu (Glen) Xie                   

Xutao (Damon) Yao

Minghui (Vivian) Zhou                       

Yifan (Yvette) Zhu



As our program increases, so does the need for Homestay Providers. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a homestay family to an international student, please contact our Homestay Coordinator, Marie Maloney on [email protected]

From Careers


Welcome back to Ringwood Secondary College in 2017. The careers team would firstly like to extend our best wishes to all of our year 12 students and those in their final year of VCAL. We wish students much success for your final year at the college, and look forward to supporting you with your career decisions. Parents with students in year 12 should note that a careers bulletin will be emailed to students every fortnight. This bulletin contains crucial information about Universities, TAFE’s, work options and career advice. Parents have also been emailed a link a careers information site.


Currently the careers team is beginning the process of managing the individual pathways (MIPs) of all students from years 10 – 12 by conducting individual interviews. Career interviews with students in years 10 and 12 will begin in term 1. Interviews for year 11 students will commence in term 2. The focus of the interviews will be to discuss student intended pathways and explore courses and careers. It is suggested that students who are unsure of their pathways undertake some interests test prior to these interviews. Information on undertaking interest tests can be found in the careers room.


Tertiary Studies here we come!

What an exciting time it’s been over the past couple of weeks with the release of tertiary placements.  93.26% of our Year 12 students have gained positions at University or TAFE Colleges. Students selected a range of courses including Sports Management, Law, Education, Nursing, Engineering, Hospitality, Physiotherapy and Science. Most popular course areas include Commerce, Arts and Health Science.


The College wishes all of our past students the very best in their chosen pathways and we welcome any students who would like advice to visit us throughout the year.  Coping with the transition from secondary to tertiary can be daunting so don’t hesitate to seek help.


We hope that 2017 is a successful year for all of our students, and look forward to working with many of them in planning their future pathways.  


The Careers Team

Junior School

Welcome to 2017!

Hello and welcome to the start of what we know will be an exciting year for Junior School students. Last week we happily greeted over 260 brand new Year 7 students embarking on their new high school journey. We also welcomed back just as many Year 8 students returning for their second year at RSC. Whilst it certainly was a busy week settling students into their new lockers and classes, we are delighted with how smoothly the year has begun. 

This year we are using a House based system for the allocation of Coordinators. Thus, your child’s Junior School Coordinator will be determined on the basis of the house they belong to. House allocation can be found on the student’s Compass home page.



As it is the beginning of a new year we felt that it was worth reminding parents of the expectations surrounding uniform for RSC students. Girls should be wearing either the College dress or tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with College logo. Boys are to wear tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with the College logo. All students must be wearing white ankle socks and black, leather lace-up or buckled shoes that can be polished. 


We have noticed a tendency for students to wear socks with branding such as the Nike tick or Globe written on them. The uniform policy clearly states ‘plain white socks’ so these branded socks are not considered uniform. We ask that parents please provide only plain white socks for their child. Facial piercings of any kind are not allowed and students will be asked to remove these.


We are aiming for consistency across the College both in enforcing the uniform policy and consequences for breaching it. As such, the following protocols have been agreed upon:


1st Offence: Detention and note on Compass

2nd Offence: Two detentions and note on Compass

3rd Offence: In-school suspension and write up on Compass

4th Offence: Out of school suspension and write up on Compass


Thanks, in advance to parents and students for their support of our uniform policy.


Year 7 Music Recruitment Evening

Over the next few weeks Year 7 students will be given a music aptitude test, a singing audition and opportunities to try out the various instruments that are offered at Ringwood Secondary College. If your child is interested in joining the music program, they are invited to attend the Music Recruitment Evening with a parent or guardian on Monday 27th February. The evening begins with performances by our senior groups in the Hall at 7pm, after which we will move to the 500’s block. Students will have a chance to try out various instruments and you can discuss your child’s musical interests with our expert music teachers. Students interested in joining choir only need not attend this session.


Year 8 Start to 2017

A great start for our new Year 8 studnets at Ringwood.


Middle School

Welcome to 2017!

Welcome to the start of what will be a busy and exciting year for Middle School students at RSC. It certainly appears that our staff and students have all enjoyed a restful break and we are looking forward to seeing motivated students achieve their personal bests in 2017!


There have been a few changes to the Middle School team this year. We would like to introduce ourselves and look forward to supporting you and your child in their endeavors:


Middle School Assistant Principal:

James Barut

Middle School Leader:

Matthew Tucker


Middle School Coordinators

This year the college have implemented House Coordinators as apposed the previous model where there were Year Level Coordinators.  The Middle School House Coordinators for 2017 are:

  • Shane Asbury – Frazer House
  • Benn Jamieson – Freeman House
  • Michael Kent – Jackman House
  • Alyce Bailey – Mabo House



As it is the beginning of a new year we felt that it was worth reminding parents of the expectations surrounding the summer uniform for RSC students. Girls should be wearing either the college dress or tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with college logo. Boys are to wear tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with the college logo.  All students must be wearing white ankle socks and black, leather lace-up or buckled shoes that can be polished. 


We ask that parents please try to provide only plain white socks for their child. Thanks so much to parents for their continued support with our uniform policy and also to the many students who continue to respect our college rules.


Year 9 InterGREAT

On Tuesday 7th February we launched our 2017 interGREAT program. The program is being directed by Virginia Watson, who is supported by a great staff team as follows:


9A Emma Lim

9B Karly Horton

9C Kati Reconis

9D Jacqueline Godfrey

9E Matthew Tucker

9F Kim Watson

9G Jess Robinson/Jessikah Jemmeson

9H Alyce Bailey

9I Peter Vlahos

9J Virginia Watson


Our very first speaker was college Principal Michael Phillips who spoke to the students about excellence and achieving personal bests.


Year 9 Camp

All Year 9 students will be heading off to the Phillip Island Adventure Resort on Monday 20th March for a three-day adventure camp. Medical and dietary requirement forms have been handed out to students. Please make sure that the medical forms are returned to the Middle School Office by Friday 24th of February. If your child is unable to attend for some reason please inform the relevant House Coordinator.


Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 classes have started well and students are working hard to ensure that they achieve their very best. We ask that students, who have not yet arranged their placement for work experience later in the year, please do so as soon as possible. If you have any questions please contact Roi Boutsikakis via email: [email protected]

Performing Arts and Music


We welcome our new Director of Performing Arts Karl McNamara to the helm.


Our 2017 Senior Production is CHICAGO.

The show will run from 11 - 19 August.


Bookings will open later in the year on the production website


We look forward to another great season



Spots are filling up quick so make sure you follow the links and book your audition!


Don't Miss Out!

Music Department

Welcome back to all RSC musicians and thank you to Training, Intermediate and Senior Stage Bands, Senior Choir and Senior Vocal Ensemble for starting the year off with their day camps over the past 2 weekends. All these groups are busily preparing for Generations in Jazz held at Mt Gambier early next term.


All rehearsals have commenced for the year and there has been some very impressive sounds are swirling out of rehearsal rooms already!


Year seven tryouts are well under way and we invite all year sevens to consider taking up an instrument.


Learning a musical instrument is a wonderful skill for any child but did you know that research shows how learning music can help your child in SO MANY OTHER WAYS:


. Improved reasoning capacity and problem solving skills


. Improved maths and language performance


. Better memory


. Greater social and team skills


A series of research in Hungary found that learning and playing music improved not only academic performance, but also memory, reasoning, working as part of a group, time management and the ability to think in the abstract.


In Switzerland, a massive two-year study of 1200 students in 50 classes scientifically showed how playing music improved students’ reading and verbal skills through improving concentration, memory and self-expression.


Other effects revealed by the study showed that students learned to like each other more, enjoyed school more and were less stressed during various tests, indicating they were better able to handle performance anxiety.


Ongoing research at the University of California demonstrates that learning and playing music builds and modifies neural pathways related to spatial reasoning tasks, which are crucial for higher brain functions such as complex maths, chess and science.


Research shows that playing a musical instrument can make significant differences to students’ abilities related to learning, memory and social interactions.


In recent research in the U.S.A. has shown academic performance is higher in those students who continue with learning a musical instrument throughout their senior years and university than those who do not learn an instrument and those students who chose to drop out of music past year 10.


 Learning music can make a difference for your child.

With this in mind all year 7 students and parents are invited to RSC Music’s Recruitment Night, Monday 27 February, 7.00pm in the College Hall proceeding to the 500’s for tryouts at 7.30pm. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to join our vibrant and exciting music program here at Ringwood.


Any year 8 to 12 students who wish to join the program, please come and see us in the PAC office as soon as possible. It’s never too late to start learning a musical instrument or join one of our many ensembles.



Our Music Association needs your help!

The Music Association is looking for new members in 2017.  It really is a great way to become part of your child’s journey through the music program, to meet other parents and to find out a little more about what happens behind the scenes at the college. 


The Music Association is a parent group, which actively supports the Music Program by assisting front of house at concerts; serving suppers, and fundraising to purchase much needed instruments (the ones that are too expensive for families to buy) and equipment.  They have a longstanding place in the history of the college and want to ensure that they remain viable long into the future. The committee meets approximately twice per term on a Monday evening. Their final “meeting” for the year is a social dinner in late November or early December.


The next meeting is on Monday, March 6  at 7.30pm and you are cordially invited to come along, meet the “gang” and find out a bit more about what they do and how they do it. A light supper will be provided.


Please feel free to call the Music Association’s Vice President Bernadette Holt on 0447 243 678 or send an email to [email protected] if you would like to find out more about the RSC Music Association.


The RSC Music Association would love to hear from you.



Janine Pero

Director of Music




"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new" Albert Einstein.

Tap into your character strengths and take a chance.


To enjoy all the benefits of the internet for learning, playing and socialising it’s essential to know how to keep safe online.


Visit the Online Safety focus area of the Student Wellbeing Hub, where educators, parents and students can find a range of resources tailored just for them.


Safer Internet Day: 7 Feb

FREEZA Applications

Freeza is a personal development program for young people aged between 15-21 and is a wonderful opportunity for those who are interested in gaining more experience or developing skills in the following areas:

  • Event management experience - learn to run a cultural event, stage manage, book performers & budget
  • Learn to be a leader, make strong decisions and be organised
  • Build confidence and people skills
  • Learn promotion, marketing and design skills
  • learn about the music industry and develop business skills
  • Develop technical skills - PA, lighting & sound desk
  • Explore educational and employment pathways into the music/event/marketing industry
  • Meet other young people who share the same interests

Please find attached the Freeza recruitment poster and information sheet.

BOUNCE into Mental Health Carnival

Attention ALL STUDENTS:  The annual ‘Bounce into Mental Health Carnival’ is being held during the first week of Term 2, 2017.


We are hoping this year to have as many student stalls as possible, so if any of the following sound like you, please get in touch and put your name on our sign-up sheet in Wellbeing.

  • Do you have community or global issue you would like to educate people about?
  • Do you have a homemade product/item that you would like to sell?
  • Are you involved with a club or group that you would like to inform people about or recruit for?

The Wellbeing team look forward to hearing from you and Ringwood SC having the best ever carnival day.

Programs Available Through Maroondah Youth

Please see information about programs available in the coming months





School Seconds -


School Seconds is an online marketplace where anyone can buy and sell their quality secondhand and recycled school related items.

You must register before you can buy or sell items, however registration is free.

There is a one-off listing fee of 10% of the items sale price, however this is capped at $25 for more expensive items.



School Books-

School Books is a specialised school text book supplier who have been selling used text books for 25 years.

They will only sell quality second hand books that have any extras still attached, for example a text book that was initially sold with a CD attachment will only be resold with the CD.

All School Book shop orders for both new and used textbooks will be sent via Australia Post with signature delivery and will cost between $7 and $13.


Ringwood Buy, Swap & Sell-


Ringwood Buy, Swap & Sell is a Facebook community page that is used by the members of the Ringwood community to exchange, sell or buy all sorts of items. Some of these items will include school uniforms, textbooks or other supplies.

You must be accepted by the page admins before you can interact with other members of the group.



School Exchange-


School Exchange is an online marketplace where parents and students can sell or buy local, good quality second hand school uniforms, school and university text books, sporting equipment or musical instruments.
It's free to browse and buy but a small listing fee must be paid before you can sell unwanted school items to buyers. Generally buyers will be within your local school community or a nearby suburb, which means no postage and packaging costs.

The Sustainable School Shop-


The Sustainable School Shop is Australia's largest resource of secondhand textbooks for secondary schools. Parents can register  in order to browse, sell or purchase second hand school items including books, uniform, etc. Registration is free but a small cost is required to post or sell books.




In 2017 every Year 7 government school student who is a recipient of CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund) automatically qualifies to receive a uniform pack that is provided through State Schools' Relief.

If your child receives CSEF assistance and is in Year 6 in 2016 you can ask for a uniform pack to be provided by State Schools' Relief through the secondary school your child is enrolled to attend in 2017.

Please check with your child's current primary school or with the office of the secondary school they will be attending to determine eligibility.

More information about CSEF assistance can be found at .




A Start in Life- Compass Program provides financial assistance to cover the costs of educational essentials. Scholarships are also available for Indigenous students and talent specific funds, you can find more information about this on their website .

To be eligible for this assistance you must be an Australian Citizen, engaged in full time education from Pre to a Tertiary qualification and under the age of 25 years. You must also be receiving Youth Allowance or Abstudy if attending an Independent secondary school or Tertiary setting.  Families must reveal extensive information about their financial situation when applying for this assistance.

For more information please visit or call (02) 9264 3017



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FREE Invisalign Information Evening


Fitness Boxing

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Red Earth Talent Quest

Call for Contestants


Croydon Soccer

Croydon City Arrows are looking for players aged
12 to 18 for both boys and girls teams.


Norwood Junior Football Club

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