07 April 2017
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From the Principal


St Ignatius of Loyola gained most of his spiritual insights in the small village of Manresa in Northern Spain. In some European countries ‘to make a Manresa’ means to go on Retreat. It is within this context that our Year 12 students have attended their ‘Manresa Retreat’ this week. It is a Retreat designed to enable our students to think more carefully about their relationship with themselves, their family and with God.


Next week is Holy Week and it is appropriate that our senior students spend some time on reflection and prayer in the approach to Easter. In a change from tradition, all our Year 12s have attended the one Retreat site this year providing an opportunity for a wonderful and shared experience.

The death and resurrection of Christ is the cornerstone of our Catholic faith. I encourage families to attend Religious services next week to enable reflection on the true meaning of Easter. I also congratulate our students and staff involved in this week’s beautiful and reflective Holy Week Concert.


This week we were honoured with the presence of former NASA astronaut, Dr Scott Parazynski. A veteran of five Shuttle flights and seven spacewalks, Dr Parazynski was a guest of former students Julian Coyne (class of 1997) and his wife Adele Coyne (class of 2001) as he joined students and staff for breakfast during his busy commitments in Perth. We were thrilled that Mr and Mrs Coyne were also able to provide tickets for some of our students to meet with Dr Parazynski at SciTech later that day. As well as inspiring our students with stories of his space adventures, Dr Parazynski’s showed genuine interest in meeting and interacting with our students. It was a fleeting visit but very memorable for all involved.


The end of each term results in some students and staff moving on to other educational opportunities. We wish them all well for the future and particularly acknowledge our staff leaving the College or commencing periods of leave:


Claire Peirce (Primary), Clare Magee (Primary) and Emma Terranova (Mary Ward Secondary) will be leaving the College.


Dirk Gleghorn, Ronald Lloyd, Mary-Anne Lumley, Jodie Tesoriero and Yagan Williams will be taking periods of Long Service Leave during Term Two.


Together, let us seek justice.


Yours sincerely


Robert Henderson

Around The Primary

Dear Parents,


What a fabulous term we have all shared!

It only feels like yesterday that we welcomed in the new school year, with new school shoes and uniforms, books, classrooms, new friends and students, new teachers – where did the last 10 weeks go? As we approach the holiday season, it is important to take some time to look back and reflect upon all that has been achieved this term.


Congratulations to the children for the way in which they have engaged with their learning journey and to the parents for supporting their learning journey so positively this term. Thank you to the parents who have taken the time to attend the Parent-Teacher Meetings this week. This is an important part of our Reporting process and we encourage all parents to now have conversations with their children to help them reflect on the learning that has taken place, to set goals and to plan for the way forward.


My sincere appreciation is extended staff who have guided and nurtured your children this term – they are wonderful educators who have a deep commitment to help the children reach their personal best and are always working hard to give their best to the school.


As we come to the end of the term, it is time to farewell Mrs Peirce (Kindy teacher) and Mrs Magee (GATE teacher). We thank them for sharing their teaching skills and expertise with our school community.


This week the labrynth and amphitheatre were transformed into sacred spaces to share the Easter story. The Year 3 staff put great thought and reverence into the planning and the students carried out their roles with great dignity. Our special Easter reflection concluded in the chapel with beautiful music and prayers. All the children participated in a truly prayerful way.

We all look forward to sharing some stories of the adventures when we return next term. However, here is a holiday challenge for you to contemplate with your family - consider switching off email, text messages, Instagram, Facebook, Internet, TV, movies and mobile phone to gain some more meaningful moments as a family.

  • Visit the local library and borrow a few classic books, and choose one to read as a family book, maybe a chapter or two each day
  • Pump up the bike tyres and ride along some of our beautiful bike paths
  • Look through a recipe book, shop for the ingredients and cook together one afternoon – and sit down to eat as a family
  • Sleep out in a tent in the back garden, chat in the dark - what a magical experience.
  • Build an indoor cubby and share some stories with the children
  • Jump on the train and spend a day in the city
  • Get out your family photo album, talk to the children about your memories – a great conversation starter!
  • And some of my favourites – a jigsaw puzzle, board game, Lego, Uno or chess – something you can start and come back to tomorrow.

Wishing you all a restful holiday break, a change of pace and a peace filled Easter. We look forward to welcome students back to school on Wednesday 26 April for the start of term two.


Kind regards


Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary


Zoo Camp – Written by 5G

Last week, it was 5G’s turn to immerse ourselves in the animal kingdom at the Perth Zoo ‘Roar and Snore’ Camp. While reflecting on this once in a lifetime experience, we brainstormed some of the reasons Perth Zoo is truly the best location for a Year 5 camp.


Firstly, the educational benefits of this camp are like no other. We are currently learning about animal adaptations in Science and it was thrilling to see some of these first hand. Our prior knowledge allowed us to answer some challenging questions which impressed our amazing group leaders, Rob and Joan.


We learnt about endangered species, animal enrichment and the many ways that the Perth Zoo caters to the diverse needs of a range of animals.


Furthermore, the ‘Roar and Snore’ Camp experience gave us the opportunity to participate in many fun activities. In the ‘Race to Save’ activity we collected information about endangered species and recorded our results in a crossword puzzle. The enrichment activity required us to fill pine cones with fruits and vegetables that we later delivered to the birds to feed on and play with too! We also embarked on a night safari to see various animals activity in the dark of night. We also had countless opportunities to engage with animals, including some hands on experiences!


All in all, this camp was one which we will always remember. We value the knowledge, new friendships and life skills that we developed whilst on our camp and will continue building upon these as the year continues. We had so much fun too!


Year 6 Basketball Lightning Carnival

On Thursday some year 6’s participated in the Year 6 Lightning Carnival at the Willetton Basketball Stadium. Ten schools competed in the event and we fielded two competitive teams. We played six rounds over the course of the day and our students displayed good skills and sportsmanship on the court and all the hard work in the Physical Education lessons over the last five weeks was rewarded with encouraging results.


Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Carnival.


JTC Boys Blue                                  JTC Girls Blue

Quinn Binet                                      Sienna Carroll

James Mitchell                                 Elizabeth Edwards

Sandy Smith                                     Jasmine Slatter                

Lawrence McNeilly                         Sophia Defrancesco            

Marshall Lalor                                  Sophie Standen
Nathan Flack


JTC Boys Gold                                 JTC Girls Gold

James Brierley                                Summer Burton

Conor McCormick                          Amerie Chai

Patrick Eastwood                           Cleo Zuvela

Thomas King                                   Jessica Jahn

Charlie Hodge                                Joanne Negus 


Thank you to Miss O’Donnell for assisting with the girls’ team and to Gianluca Tomassone, a Year 12 INSTEP student from Newman College, for helping the boys with strategies throughout the Carnival.


Mr John Alderman
Primary Sports Co-ordinator




Year 9

Term One

Term One has been a very busy term as students settled into the rigour required for Year 9 courses. Many students have taken up the challenge to engage in the many activities on offer in the College. These range from the Arts, Sport, Debating, Leadership training, assisting at Open Day or the Mary Ward social and of course their courses of study. It has been pleasing to see students developing their skills, challenging themselves by doing something new or embracing the things they enjoy. These opportunities help students to broaden their outlook and abilities.


During the holidays Year 9s are challenged to reflect on their courses, review how they went and set themselves some clear goals for Term Two. Students have been challenged to organise their study programs so they can hone the skills they need to develop, revise areas of work that they haven’t mastered yet or want to improve on.


This week we had two Year 9 teams who participated in their first ever debating competition. With the help of Anna Dolin (Class of 2013) and Tom Paparo (Year 12) and myself we ventured to Christchurch Grammar School to compete in the Junior Division. Our topic was No Body No Parole:

That we should introduce no body, no parole legislation


John XXIII Team Two had the affirmative argument and did a wonderful performance against MLC. Unfortunately, we were narrowly beaten but the experience was a fantastic learning curve and has made us more determine for the next debate. John XXIII Team Three held the negative argument against Scotch College again we were narrowly beaten but learnt a lot about debating especially the rebuttal aspect.


Thank you to the Parents who joined us and supported our teams in this wonderful experience. No doubt you were very proud of the teams.


Our next debate is on Tuesday 9 May and our topic is Civil Disobedience:

That we should support civil disobedience used to protect the environment (e.g. People chaining themselves to machinery used in land clearing, sea shepherd, Greenpeace etc.,).

Team Two will have the negative argument for this debate and Team Three will have the Affirmative argument. We wish the teams all the best in their preparation and performance.

I was also very proud of the Year 10 team who also had the same topic as us. Having the opportunity to witness how much the boys have grown in confidence and in skills over the past year was a moment to feel proud of what we achieved from the experience in Year 9.

Knitting  Club

A new opportunity will be offered in Term Two by Year 9 St Louis. They have been learning to knit during Homeroom time so that they can set up a club next term and assist any able knitters to help them to make items for Charities. Please see the message below as we are calling for assistance from anyone who has spare wool or needles that they would like to donate.


“We are starting a year 9 group knitting club where we hope to be able to teach the students the wonderful and meditative skill of knitting, ultimately with the aim of knitting baby hats and blankets that can be donated to worthy causes. We are looking for any donations of knitting needles (straight, circular of double pointed needles) or yarn that you may not have a need for. Any donations to the knitting club will be highly appreciated and can be given to Ms Wooltorton or Ms Casadio or dropped off at Student Reception”.

Music - Week 10

Catholic Performing Arts Festival

The Music Department welcomes all individual applications for the 2017 Catholic Performing Arts Festival. This year’s festival runs from Monday, 24 July to Friday, 25 August, with categories for Vocal and Instrumental solo performances. For more information about how to enter, please contact the Music Department or speak to your Music Tutor. The closing date for entries is Sunday, 7 May.

Term Two Ensemble Rehearsals

Please note the following weeks for commencement of rehearsals for Term Two.


Week 1

Chamber Orchestra, Treble Choir, Senior String Quartet, Swing Band, Primary Singers, Chapel Choir.


Week 2

Concert Band, Wind Band, Year 5 Band, Primary Band, Wind Band, Junior String Quartet, Wanju Voices, Rock Band, Saxophone Ensembles, Barbershop, Senior Madrigals, String Orchestra, Mini Minors, Percussion Ensemble, Senior Guitar Ensemble, Clarinet Ensembles, Flute Ensembles.


James Kros

Director of Music



Well done to all students and staff on their efforts in representing John XXIII College throughout Term One. Nearly all teams were playing off for 1st or 3rd position. Attached is a copy of our results. Special

Nominations for Term Two NAS Sport are on in the gym during lunch until the end of term. Details of trials will be sent to students early next term.


NAS vs SAS Girls Touch Rugby Interzone Final

Congratulations to our Champions League, Girls Touch Rugby Team. The girls won their game against All Saints College 4 – 0.  Well done to Olivia Stowell who was named MVP for the final.

Holiday and Term Two Cross Country Training
(Years 7-12)

Training is on Tuesday and Thursday throughout the holidays meeting in the College pavilion at 8:00am. In 2017, our Term Two cross country training will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  A copy of the training schedule is attached. A reminder that our House Country Carnival is on Friday 28 April, Week 1 of Term Two.



La Chandeleur celebration

Madame Leckey’s Year 7 French classes and Madame Lucas’ Year 10 French class concluded the term with a celebration of La Chandeleur. Traditionally celebrated on 2 February, la Chandeleur is a French holiday during which people traditionally eat crêpes. Our French students enjoyed exploring the origins of the celebration, testing their crêpe tossing abilities, and eating crêpes with a range of toppings.


Jennifer Leckey

French Teacher


Handover Night

It was lovely to see the culmination of our Summer Boys season and beginning of our Winter Girl’s and Boy’s seasons at the Rowing Handover Night held in the Pavilion on Tuesday night.


Coinciding with the blessing and Naming of our new Single and Double Sculls.  After 14 years spent at the John XXIII Rowing Club, The Wishaw Family was recognised for their exceptional contribution to the club through massive efforts on numerous committees over the years with then double being named in their honour.


The ‘Toby Mace’ was named after current coach, Class of 2014 and 2014 Captain of Boats. Toby has spent the last 3 years giving back to the club in the role of coach, inspiring our rowers to be the best they can be.

The John XXIII College rowing club has always kept strong links with the College’s House system, with at least one boat being named after each house always in the shed. Upon retiring one of our boats this season we concluded our boat naming celebration with the name of the ‘Campion’.

We recognised our exceptional rowers for their great commitment over the past six months. Special mention goes to our Junior and Senior Oarsman award recipients Conor Doyle and Evan McAuliffe and our joint Clubman award winners, David Wishaw and Steven Vincent.

As handover night marks the changeover between Boys and Girls seasons our Boys Captain of Boats David Wishaw welcomed our Girls Captain of Boats Emersyn Haddleton.

On Behalf of all the parents and rowers I would like to thank Deacon Aaron Peters for his assistance with blessing the boats and all those who attended the night.


Rob Thomas

Rowing Coordinator


Holy Week Liturgies In Parishes 

For many families, embracing the liturgies of Holy Week and Easter enhances their celebration of this most important feast in the Church year. Parishes will also be offering the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


Not sure of the times of liturgies in your parish?

Some off our local parishes have supplied schedules, which can be found on the College website here.


Further information for various parishes is available on the website of the Perth Archdiocese:

Sacrament Program 

Do you have a child in Year 3, 4 or 6?


Students in these classes are excited about their Parish commitment liturgies and about preparing for the Sacrament this year. It is a great privilege for this task to be shared among parents, the parish and the College, in what is the ‘family-focused, parish-based and Catholic school supported’ sacrament program of our archdiocese.


If you have not already enrolled your child in a a parish program it is important to do that immediately. 

If you need support in this, there are several people available to assist:

Parishes in the College catchment area may have supplied information about their programs. Check the College website here.

GOOD NEWS for Palm Sunday

The reflection for Palm Sunday is from Father Andrew Hamilton SJ, and is printed here with kind permission. Father Andy is a Jesuit, a theologian and, among his many other roles, the Media Officer for Jesuit Social Services.


Date palm branches are double edged. The fronds are soft and sift the air as they are waved in celebration. They are waved as a symbol of victory for a visiting king. Towards the junction with the trunk, though, the unfurled fronds are sharp, like swords. They can lacerate and are about deterrence. They are a symbol of cruelty.

In the story of Jesus’ last days, both ends of the palm are in play. On Palm Sunday Jesus enters Jerusalem in a pantomime of royalty.  Rolling on a donkey, with people waving palm fronds, he is accepted as king for a day.  But later he experiences the palm spikes. He is captured and beaten, has thorn spikes hammered into his head, and is made a bloody symbol of deterrence. The festivity of Palm Sunday is the prelude to the cruelty of the Passion. And the Passion, of course, is itself the prelude to the Resurrection in which the spikes of suffering and rejection expand, soften and flutter green and verdant.


It is appropriate that many Christian celebrations of Palm Sunday include meditations in the light of Jesus’ entrance to Jerusalem as king both on the nature of kingship and also on those made victims by the power of the State.  It is a time for remembering the Christians and other persecuted groups in the Middle East and also the people who seek protection from war and persecution and who are treated brutally to deter others.


Marches that take place through Australia in solidarity with people who have claimed our protection and who now languish in cruel detention or have had their lives indefinitely suspended are particularly appropriate on Palm Sunday. Marches re-enact the short, comic journey of the first Palm Sunday, are similarly powerless in the face of power, have the same makeshift, amateur, enthusiastic feel to them, and take place against the same dark public threats to human dignity and to the respect due to each human being. They express the same 

solidarity with the victims of power that Jesus showed in his life.  They try to turn the sharp spikes with which refugees are tormented into the fronds of welcome. 


CAPSA, the Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum, supports the Palm Sunday gatherings and marches in solidarity with asylum seekers throughout Australia. They offer a rare opportunity for us to identify publicly with Jesus in the crucial events of his life and with people who suffer unjustly at the hands of our own government with public support. It is a privilege on Palm Sunday to go beyond our Catholic communities to share the company of others who are appalled by what is being done in our name.


Such gestures as the Palm Sunday marches for refugees are particularly important in a year when throughout the world the palm trees of celebration seem to be stripped and the spikes of fear, discrimination and exclusion are being sharpened. Jesus suffers with his brother sisters.  They invite us to join them in solidarity.

©Andrew Hamilton SJ

Community Liturgy

The first Community Mass of Term Two, where we continue to celebrate the seven-week season of Easter, will be on Friday 28 April.

For parents who would like to plan ahead to attend the schedule for year groups and houses is below.  However, our liturgies are open to all, and everyone is welcome whether or not you are one of the ‘regulars’.


28 April - Community

5 May – Year 7

12 May – Year 11

19 May – Loreto House

2 June – Year 10

9 June – Year 9

16 June – Year 11

23 June – Year 12

30 June – St Louis House


For any enquiries concerning the Community Mass, during Term Two, please contact Monica Smokrovic: [email protected] or 9383 0513.


When: Fridays in Term Time

Time: 8:00-8:30am

Where: College Chapel

House News

House Volleyball

After five rounds of matches, the finals for House Volleyball were completed last week.  Most games were closely contested, with a number of the results being decided by one or two points. It was fantastic to see five different Houses represented in the play-off for 1st and 2nd place which led to a very close overall result. One point separated the top three teams overall with Ward finishing in first place and St Louis and Koolyangarra in equal second. Well done to all students who represented their Houses and a special congratulation to the Ward students. Thanks to Sport Captains Olivia and Harrison for their efforts in organising the competition.




Yr 7/8  -  Koolyangarra 1st Ward 2nd

Year 9/10  -  Ward 1st Campion 2nd

Year 11/12  -   Loyola 1st St Louis 2nd

Overall:   Ward 1st, St Louis and Koolyangarra 2nd


Jodi Power and Cameron Haines

House Sport Competition Coordinators

Loreto Water Run Fundraiser

A big thankyou to Loreto students, families and the wider community for contributing to the “Water-Run-Fundraiser”. Loreto House raised $3336.20. The proceeds of the funds raised have been split 50/50 to be shared between the Caritas East Africa Appeal and Majella Catholic Primary School’s swimming program.


Loreto Students from Year 7-12 participated in in a “Water Fun Run”, where the objective was to run an individual total of 5km and move as much water as possible from one end of the oval to the other. This target replicated the average distance predominately young girls in developing nations have to travel to fetch water on a daily basis, depriving them of an education.


The day was fun and highly spirited. Although the Year 12s controversy moved the most water, Year 7 and 8 Loreto were very competitive with going head to head with greatest distance travelled and funds raised. Year 7s were the eventual winners earning them a well-deserved sausage sizzle lunch this week.


Special mention to Shaila Miranda (Loreto 9) who single handily raised $334 and had 32 sponsors!


Other honourable efforts who raised $100+ dollars were;

Year 7: Emily Elkington, Amelia Loveridge, Jade Randall, Chloe Rodrigo

Year 8: Stella Kenny, Talei Macdougall, Jerome Nichols,

Year 10: Ruby Nichols

Year 11: Miles Lockwood

Year 12: Jamie Marshall, Claudia Thompson


Cameron Haines 

Loreto House Coordinator



Cross Country Carnival and Medical Conditions

Interhouse cross country carnival will be held on Friday 28 April.  If your child has any following medical condition it is important to please remind your child that they must carry their treatment with them for the day.



  • Students must carry their asthma reliever medication with them during the event.
  • Students who have been recommended by their doctor to use their reliever medication prior to exercise should take their medication as directed, this would usually be 5 to 10 minutes before the event starts. If your child has been unwell recently with asthma then it is advised he/she not participate in the cross country run.


  • Students must carry their “Hypo kit” with them.



  • Students with allergies and prescribed with an Epipen (Adrenaline Autoinjector) must carry their Epipen with them.



  • Please remind your child to eat and drink prior to participating in cross country and to keep well hydrated by drinking water during the carnival.
  • Please remind your child to wear SunSmart College hat and apply sunscreen 2 hourly.


Thank you


Jenny Hill

College Nurse

Uniform Shop

Winter Uniforms

The Uniform Shop will be open for one day during the holiday break, on Monday 24 April from 8:00am to 1:00pm.

Men of John XXIII

We Want Dads!

Are you interested in becoming more involved as a father? The Men of John XXIII College (MOJTC) are here to support you through socials and events, advocating the benefits of becoming a better dad.


We are looking for dads who would like to:


1.      Join the MOJTC committee.  Just come along and help to guide our future direction.

2.      Become a Year group representative.  Join with other dads in your child’s year and run an event, which gives you all more time with your kids.

3.      Have an idea for an event?  Go for it!  The committee has funds to assist and the MOJTC will work with the College to help make it happen.


If you are keen to help, simply email: [email protected].            


Need an idea for an event?  Look here for some great ideas:


If nothing else, check out The Fathering Project website:


Be involved.

Community Notices

Behaviour Tonics

Behaviour Tonics are running the Engaging Adolescents – parenting skills for resolving teenage behaviour problems.  Running over 2 x 2.45 hr sessions it is full of information, tips and practical strategies. 

When:  Two Wednesday evenings of 14 and 21 June 2017.

Time:  6:45pm–9:30pm

Where:  Behaviour Tonics, Wembley


Junior Rugby Clinic


Sleep Out Under The Stars

The University of Notre Dame Australia is partnering with the St Pat’s Community Support Centre for the second year and will host the Sleep out under the Stars on the Fremantle Campus. This is a family friendly fundraiser and you are invited to attend all or part of the sleep over in support of the homeless in our community. This event is being held from 5.30pm Saturday 6 May 2017.


For more than 40 years, St Patrick’s has worked with the homeless providing food and shelter, together with services including health, self-development and mental well-being.

Funds raised from the Sleep out under the Stars will support St Pat’s and the dedicated team of staff and volunteers to provide a safe environment; and  promote social inclusion and self-worth to assist people to return to independent living.

For details please see the information below and register at or


NAS Sport Results Term 1 2017.pdf
NAS Sport Results Term 1 2017.pdf
JOHN XXIII 2017 Cross Country letter and training program for Term 2.pdf
EA Parent Flyer Wed 14th & 21st June 2017.pdf
Junior Rugby Clinic.png