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07 February 2020
Issue One

Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible, Be resilient, Be ready

Principal Message
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Principal Message

Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible, Be resilient, Be ready

Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents

Well, the students have certainly had a great start to the year, the atmosphere around the school is great and it has been wonderful to see the students eagerly engaging in their class activities and happily playing together. I'm sure you will agree that the teachers have done a wonderful job setting up their classrooms in preparation for the start of the year.


One of the big things we like to concentrate on at school each year is helping the children understand how we learn from our mistakes.

 Before Albert Einstein eventually made the first successful light bulb, he made several thousand unsuccessful ones. When asked about his many failures, he is said to have replied, “I have not failed. I’ve discovered ten thousand ways which do not work.” Failure is often the forerunner to success; without errors being made, much of our modern knowledge and way of living would not exist. Mistakes of themselves are not bad, they are part of the way in which we learn, grow and mature. Mistakes should be regarded as experiences, which give us information from which we can learn and make improved decisions – provided we don't take them too seriously. Likewise, we can only learn from a mistake if we take ownership of it and admit that we made it. As soon as we start to blame other people for what occurred, we begin to distance ourselves from any beneficial outcome. Accepting responsibility makes learning possible and though we can’t change mistakes, we can, if necessary, change how we respond to them.

When our children make mistakes, we should avoid belittling them and making a big deal out of their mistake. Instead, much can be gained if we discuss with them what went wrong and how, in the future, they might be able to avoid the same thing going wrong again. They need to be assured that mistakes can be fixed and that these mistakes can be used as a way of learning how to find better ways to be successful. 

Similar to adults, children need to take responsibility for their mistakes and we deprive them of this opportunity, if we remove the burden of responsibility from them by accepting their responsibility as our own. Our children will never learn about consequences, if there never are any. If we have a gentle guiding hand to offer our children to help fix their mistakes and solve their problems, we will give them skills that will make them happy and enable them to grow to be productive and responsible young people. Children learn by example, so, if we as parents can demonstrate the proper responses to mistakes, our children will be able to model their own behaviour and expectations, after our own. 

Peace & best wishes




We are hoping to start our School Advisory Committee in 2020. The responsibilities of the SAC are to:

Promote the ethos of the Catholic School

Provide feedback on and review school policies

Plan for the future of the school and its ability to accommodate future enrolments

Provide advice on budget planning and financial related matters

Contribute to the selection process of the school Principal

Promote child safety

To be eligible to be on the committee all members of the SAC must hold a current Working With Children Check or a current Victorian Institute of Teaching registration

The group will meet at least 5 times per year

If you would like to be nominated for a position on the committee please see Alison for a nomination form. From this group, an exec will be  formed which will provide support to the principal and the School Advisory Committee

Child Safety

School Carpark - Please reverse into the car spaces provided when dropping off and picking up your child and ensure that your children DO NOT walk/ride/scoot through the carpark, they should be walking around.  The children's safety is our priority at all times. Please use the gravel path and the pedestrian access if riding, scootering, skating or walking. Do not come through the carpark. 


All parents are required to sign the Code of Conduct.  This is available from the office if you would like a copy.

ALL VISITORS AND PARENTS MUST report to the office before entering the school grounds. Keeping our children & staff safe is a priority.  Below are some points to remember. 

  1. Schools are not public places
  2. The safety of students and staff 
  3. Potential risks posed by visitors
  4. What suitability checks may be needed
  5. The school’s policies and procedures in relation to child safety and the implementation of the Child Safe Standards
  6. The processes for identifying and reporting alleged misconduct of employees, volunteers and contractors.

With this direction, it is imperative that we are vigilant in all aspects of keeping the school safe for all.

Every person coming into our school must have a Working With Children Check, this is to ensure that our children are safe all of the time. Please ensure you have your volunteer working with children check. The volunteer check is free and can be obtained online or through the post office.

Student Awards & Achievments

Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible, Be resilient, Be ready

Students of the week

The students of the week will be awarded at assembly each Monday morning, there will be one award per class for different things each week. 



Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible, Be resilient, Be ready



Save the Date

Get to know you - Conversations with teachers.


On Tuesday 25th February we will be holding short meetings with the classroom teachers for you to help the teachers get to know your child even further. Today you were sent home a classroom letter and a ‘Through Your Eyes’ form as well as your code to access Seesaw.  Please contact Alison for a time slot on the night.


General News

Secondhand Uniforms

There is a selection of secondhand uniforms available for purchase at the office. Payment is required in cash for these items. If you would like to have a look, let the office know.


Icy Poles


During some lunch breaks for Term 4 students can purchase icy poles for .50c.  The senior students will be selling them out the front of the Junior room from 1.50 pm - 2.00 pm

Head Lice

Please keep vigilant with checking your child's head on a regular basis.  IF you discover that your child has head lice please treat the hair before your child returns to school and inform the office.

2020 Enrolments

Enrolments for 2020 are open and growing fast.  We are currently working on class/student numbers, if your child will not be returning next year or you know of anyone who maybe enrolling, could you please let the office know ASAP.

Lost & Found

Can you please ensure that your child's uniforms are clearly named.  We don't like to see families having to buy additional items because they have been lost. 

Sushi Wednesday


Youki's sushi orders every Wednesday.  Order sheets are available from the office. 


Spring is here


Term 4 all children will be required to wear the school bucket hat.  If your child doesn't have one please see the office, they are available for purchase for $18.50. The girls summer uniform is also available to purchase for $49.95.


Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible, Be resilient, Be ready


We had a bumper crop over summer with our cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuces growing throughout the holidays.  We were all able to enjoy our amazing harvest!  Our strawberries have sent out lots of runners so we will be growing them and selling at a low cost, so please watch this space.

The orchard irrigation system has been installed and we will continue working on our gardens around the school.  We hope to have another planting day for the whole school community in March where we hope to plant another 400 plants in our new wetland!


Reflection & Prayer

Prayer of the week

God, our Father, is there no end to our responsibilities as parents. We are grateful that you have never given up on us and are always available if we care to remember that you are there. We pray that our children will remember that we are always there for them.  




Pope Francis @pontifex


The Gospel will not go forward with boring, bitter evangelisers. No. It will only go forward with joyful evangelisers who are full of life.


Mass Times

6pm Saturday - Star of the Sea San Remo

9am Sunday - St Marys Church Cowes

11am Sunday - St Joseph's Church Bass





Parents & Friends


Next meeting TBC



Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible, Be resilient, Be ready

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