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31 May 2019
Term 2 Week 5
From the Principal 
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From the Principal 


Dear Parents and Caregivers, Konnichiwa!

Additional activities at Grange Primary Schools

At Grange Primary we try and provide your child with additional opportunities on top of the set curriculum that enhance and foster student learning, engagement and wellbeing. Activities are often specific to a year level or several year levels.


Some of these opportunities include -

  • After school sport
  • Camps
  • Excursions
  • Homework club
  • Wakakirri
  • $20 Boss
  • Choir
  • Debating
  • Oliphant Science
  • Tournament of the Minds
  • Personalised Learning Projects


Such opportunities are only able to succeed through the good will of teachers, often giving up so much of their own time to enable their success. While the school as a whole supports teachers and these initiatives, there is no requirement for teachers to run them.


From my experience you would be hard pressed to find many schools offering such wide extra curricula activities and experiences for their students.


It is fantastic to work with such a committed group of teachers, so willing to go the extra mile to best support and stretch every student in their learning, engagement and wellbeing. This exceptional effort by our teachers and leaders is one to sincerely thank and celebrate.


Regards, Grant

Grant Small, Principal

Grange Primary School 




School Activities

Adelaide Zoo Visit 



Alpacas with Maracas

"Alpacas with Maracas" the crowd screamed along with us!


The day to perform with our Room 4 CAT Buddies was finally here! We acted out the story 'Alpacas with Maracas' for National Simultaneous Storytime on Wednesday 22nd of May.


The crowd giggled and clapped as the story unfolded. Macca and Al were dancing and prancing, blowing and throwing and crashing and thrashing! 'Tikka- Tikka-Ta-Ta-Ta' went the Maracas as the Alpacas were dancing!


The crowd went wild for the Room 4 and 16 Alpacas with Maracas! "That was so much fun," we said to our CAT buddies at the end of the show! 

By Evie and Maddi Room 16



School News

Canteen News

Canteen volunteers are always welcome. Please see Jo in the canteen to register your interest.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 


Term 2

 Week 6 2019

Monday - Helen Yialas

Tuesday - Help Needed

Wednesday - Zina Spirdinoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - Kelly Miige

Term 2

Week 7 2019

Monday - Public Holiday

Tuesday - Help Needed

Wednesday - Zina Spirdinoff

Thursday - Helen Orfanidis

Friday - Student Free Day


Entertainment Books
Now Available From the Front Office!
Don't forget to purchase your copy today. 
Funds raised will help the school to upgrade outdoor play spaces for our students.  


Woolworths Earn & Learn

Woolworths Earn & Learn is happening again this year, between the 1st May and 25th June 2019. Collect as many stickers as you can and stick them on the sticker sheets and return them to Grange Primary School.

Collecting the stickers will help the school earn amazing resources for our students.



Dear Parents/Caregivers,

You are invited to attend the Literacy & Numeracy Workshop being held on Wednesday, 12th June @ 

9 a.m. in the Staff Room.  These workshops are designed to assist parents/caregivers in supporting their children in their education.  Refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP to and state the year level that your child/children are in.

Debbie Moore

Parent & Community Liaison Officer

Grange Primary School 



We previously advised that Hats and Bags would still be available from school via the Front Office or the Qkr App. However, it has been reported to us by our uniform supplier that many people have asked about having hats and bags on sale along with the clothing items. Therefore, starting immediately, hats and bags will only be available to purchase from Westside School Uniforms, either at the Westside shop or via their website. 

Prices will be as follows:

Medium Bags with logo                $40.00

Large Bags with logo                      $42.00

Hats  plain no logo                          $10.00


It has come to our attention also that people are having difficultly locating Westside Uniform shop. The majority of the shops in the block face Grange Road, however Westside are situated around the corner in Falkirk Avenue. Should you have any difficulties finding the shop please call Amanda at Westside on 0450 224 887. 


Dates to Remember

Term 2 2019

Term 2 Week 6

5th June - Power Youth Program Years 6 & 7

5th June - OSHC Sub-committee Meeting 6.15pm

Term 2 Week 7

10th June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

11th June - Governing Council Finance Meeting 5pm

11th June - Governing Council Executive Meeting 6pm 

12th June - Power Youth Program Years 6 & 7

13th June - Rooms 12 & 13 Central Markets

14th June - Student Free Day 

2019 School Terms

Term 2                          29th April - 5th July

Term 3                           22nd July - 27th September

Term 4                           14th October - 13th December

2019 Student Free Days

Term 2                          Monday, 10th June Public Holiday  

                                          Friday, 14th June

Term 3                           Friday, 30th August 

                                         Monday, 2nd September

Community News

Literacy and Numeracy Morning




Foster Care


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