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31 May 2019
Issue Two
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Principal's Report


The commitment and participation during Term 2 has been exceptional. The tone around our school and the focus of our students on their learning is to be congratulated. Similarly the commitment and willingness of our students to participate in the many co curricula activities on offer, including: sailing, swimming, cycling, athletics technology and dance enhancement classes, just to name a few, has been outstanding. The efforts of the staff involved  as well as the participation of our students, should be applauded.


Presentation Ball 2019

It seems like only yesterday, but once again we all dressed up for the College’s annual Debutante Presentation Ball held at The Grand on Cathies Lane in Wantirna on Friday 3 May.  Thank you to Glenn and Radmilla Foote for organising the whole experience and dedicating so much of their time to helping the students, as well as Mr Jason Albress and Ms Kirsty Dare for their organisation and leadership of this event and to all the staff who supported the students on the night and supervised the rehearsals.



Open Night Tuesday 30 April

The annual College Open Night was held on Tuesday 30th April 2019 with all teaching and support staff in attendance.  The event was very well supported with a high number of families in attendance. Our Guest speakers were very well received and I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and say thank you to all involved.  Open Night, in my opinion, is a fantastic evening designed primarily to share our pride in our students and their teachers with the wider community. We are not a school that needs to increase or compete for enrolment. Open Night is a significant logistical task, and we constantly seek feedback on how the evening can be done better.  The community feedback has been very positive. 


Logistically Naplan is an enormous task for the College.  I want to take this opportunity to say congratulations to all students in Years 7 and 9 who  undertook these national assessments in the week of  May 13 2019. I had the privilege of supervising some of the testing sessions and was incredibly proud of the commitment to personal best being exemplified by all students.  

Bushfire Preparedness

Dromana College BAL (Bushfire Attack Level), has been lowered which means we will most likely only close on code red days.  Works to create fire breaks in the bushland areas surrounding the college have now been completed adding an additional layer of protection to the students, staff and visitors of the college on high risk fire days.









Congratulations to all our community on their involvement in the ANZAC celebrations. Some 300 people were in attendance at the local ANZAC commemoration breakfast held on ANZAC Day at the Dromana RSL.   Our School Captains Charlie Sansom, Patrick MacDonald, Liam Porter and Temeka Adie represented the College at the ANZAC Day ceremony in Dromana which included a march along Point Nepean Road lead by, Maizy Garwood and the laying of a wreath on behalf of the College at the Dromana Memorial. Our amazing choir sang ‘In Flanders Fields’.  I would like to thank all in attendance for supporting our students and the wider community on this important day of remembrance. 



Dromana College Sporting Success.

I am extremely proud to announce the unprecedented amount of sporting success we have had this Term.

State Surf Champions - 1st Place

Australian National Cycling Under 15 - 3rd Place

Southern Peninsula District Athletic -  Champions

Regional and State Swimming Finals

Southern Metropolitan Baseball -  Champions

FISAF Australian Super Series Junior Aerobics Competition - 1st Place

District Cross Country - Overall 2nd Place

Congratulations to all competitors, teachers and parents, for all your dedication and hard work.








 Assistant Principals' Report

Simon Jones

Assistant Principal

Years 10 - 12

All students in the senior school are now in the final stages of semester 1 courses and need to continue to work steadily to achieve their best and enjoy success in their chosen studies, whether they be in year 10, 11 or 12. Recent progress reports and semester 1 parent-teacher interviews should ensure that students and parents are very clear about student progress and what may need to be done to address concerns. Teachers can always be contacted via Compass or email for further updates if required.

Year 12 VCE students and Year 11’s doing a Year 12 VCE subject will undertake the General Achievement Test (GAT) on the 12th of June between 10am and 1.15pm. They will be doing preparation and familiarisation activities at school in readiness. The GAT does not contribute to a student’s VCE or ATAR directly, but is an important mechanism for checking school-based assessment results, externally assessed exam results and in providing Derived Exam Scores in the event that students are unable to sit the final exams due to illness, for example. All students sitting the GAT have also been issued a VCAA pamphlet explaining all aspects of the GAT.

There are no other externally assessed mid-year exams for year 12’s, however there will again be practice exams for all VCE students. The importance of these practice exams cannot be overstated as authentic exam practice where students are required to work under timed conditions is the best possible preparation for the final VCAA exams at the end of the year. We have clearly conveyed the message to students that end of year exams will be the factor that has by far the greatest bearing on their study scores and hence their ATAR. As such students need to take every opportunity to maximize and enhance their exam performance and taking practice exams seriously is a vital step in this direction.

The Year 10, 11 and 12 exam timetable and exam expectations are attached below for the information of parents.

I would also like to congratulate the Year 11 students who were involved in the Presentation Ball earlier this month. It was exciting to see all of their hard work and practice come to fruition on the night and all  the debutantes looked amazing in their finery. A memorable night was had by all who were in attendance.


Andrew Wynne                                                   Assistant Principal 

Years 7-9

Already into week six of the second term! The year is flying past and already so many experiences and events have taken place, and so much more to come! Dromana College is indeed an exciting and dynamic place to work and study.


Term One finished with the Year 7 camp, and I was delighted to spend a day with the students. I walked with a group to Smiths Beach where the students tried their hand at surfing, then spent some time with the students at the camp. This visit is always one of the highlights of the year and the camp is always well organised and a great opportunity for students to develop relationships with their teachers and classmates. It is an important aspect of the college pastoral program and provides a springboard for embracing all that the college offers in the years ahead. The Year 7 students on this camp were indeed a credit to the school and themselves, embracing all activities with enthusiasm and mutual respect. It is so important for the transition of our students into secondary school to have the opportunity to develop relationships and this camp is a great opportunity for teachers to really get to know the students. Well done to all.


Naplan testing is an important event on the school calendar, and this year again our students were tested in Literacy and Numeracy, as were all Year 7 and Year 9 students across the country. These tests were held in exam like conditions and I was extremely impressed with the attitude in which these students approached this process. Whether we like it or not, testing is an important element of assessment that students need to become familiar with, particularly as they approach the senior levels of schooling. Well done to all the Year 7 and Year 9 students and the co-ordinators for making the process meaningful and professional.


Chad Ambrose

Assistant Principal

Learning and Teaching

Dromana College is currently in the process of developing our next Strategic Plan. This process gives us the opportunity to reflect and celebrate on the work we have undertaken and the achievements of our students. One of the significant areas of work that Dromana College has undertaken is around supporting students to develop a ‘Growth mindset’. Carol Dweck, author of the book ‘Mindset,’ explains that there are two distinct mindsets that have a huge influence on how we learn.

‘In a fixed mindset, people believe their basic qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits. They also believe that talent alone creates success—without effort. In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment’ (Dweck, 2015).

Since adopting a Growth Mindset approach within our middle school maths program our students have thrived, with our improvement data amongst the best in the state. This data is simply a measure of how much our students have improved from Year 7 to Year 9, and it is simply outstanding. We encourage all students to continue to adopt a Growth Mindset approach.



Senior School News

Dromana College 2019 Debutante Ball

The Year 11 Debutante Ball was an opportunity for us to get all dressed up for the night and be presented in front of our family and friends. It was a night filled with laughter, one that we will always remember. I was privileged enough to be involved in this year’s deb ball with an awesome group of students and teachers, who were all hard working and positive about the whole experience. We started our dance rehearsals all the way back in early February. Everyone involved in the Debutante Ball was extremely committed, showing up to every dance rehearsal, and when the night finally came round on May 3rd, it definitely showed. Despite it being a very long day, with most of the girls getting up at ungodly hours in the morning for makeup and hair, and the boys helping their stressed out (but beautiful) partners with amazing amounts of patience, it was definitely worth it in the end! From the moment we stepped into our limousines, to the final twirl of our sparkly dresses, it was truly a night that we will all never forget.

A huge thank you must go to Glenn and Radmilla Foote for organising the whole experience and dedicating so much of their time to helping us present so well on the evening, as well as Mr Jason Albress and Ms Kirsty Dare for organising the Deb from behind the scenes, all the way back into last year. You guys are the best!

Alys Griffiths, 11PA




The Year 10, 11 and 12 exam timetable and exam expectations are attached below for the information of parents.


VET Sport and Recreation

On Wednesday May 1st, VET Sport and Recreation classes Year 11 and 10, accompanied by Mrs. Tash Heslop and Ms Kylie Pritchard, travelled to Sassafrass and walked the 1000 Steps and Kokoda Memorial Trial. Time was spent exploring outdoor recreational reserves, whilst understanding the significance of nature reserves, in particular historical memorials and monuments and their use in varied outdoor recreational activities.



Junior School News


Term 1 was a busy time for Debating at Dromana College. The debating season has started with a bang, and this year we have two teams of Year 8 and 9 students representing the school. So far this term, students debated against Padua College and Frankston High School, on the topic “That we should ban horse racing”.  The hard work and preparation of our debaters paid off, with both teams emerging victorious.

Congratulations to Bonnie Salt and Charlie Jones for getting best speaker for their teams! We wish our debaters best of luck for future rounds.


Year 11 News

IMMUNOLOGY DAY at GTAC (Gene Technology Access Centre)


To celebrate world Immunology Day, ten Units 3 & 4 Biology students were chosen to attend the “Your Body at War” event at the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) in Parkdale. The day began with a presentation from Professor Phil Hodgkin on Sir Gus Nossal and his contributions to the discovery of antibody formations, followed by Dr. Fabienne Mackay discussing her team’s research on the activation of B-cells.

The first activity was titled “Bonding with Antibodies”, where the group learnt about antibodies and their applications by tracing a hypothetical pneumonia outbreak back to its initial host within the hospital using a lab technique commonly used by immunologists. The next was “Pathogen Attack!”, where we played a computer game designed to teach us about the process of the immune system overcoming infections.

Lunch gave us the opportunity to speak with immunologists about their current research projects, their previous achievements, and what made them want to join the field of immunology. It was inspiring to see that of the ten immunologists invited, seven were women, and the three we spoke to all had made huge achievements in further understanding the inner workings of the immune system, and were working on projects they were interested in and enjoyed studying.

Our final activity for the day was microscopy, where we observed immune responses to diseases of the body, and were informed on why the body reacted in certain ways. Overall the day was extremely inspiring, and it was interesting to learn about how far we’ve come in understanding the immune system in such a short amount of time.


Students that attended the day were Maya Trevorrow, Zali Tocknell, Rhiannon Lewoshko, Luka Walsh, Malik Ramsey, Ruby Johnson, Eve Jensen-McCann, Freya Briggs, Skye Charles and Alex Wickham

By Alex Wickham Year 11


Lions Youth of the Year Quest

Lilia Midlovets and Marco De’Mille in Year 11 both took part in the Lions Youth of the Year Quest 2019.  The program is designed to encourage student interest in leadership, public speaking and in taking an active and constructive role in the community.


Both students presented themselves well and were a credit to the school, impressing the judges with their level of preparation, knowledge of their chosen topic and their public speaking skills. Lilia chose to talk about the importance of gratitude, and Marco chose to talk about the value in listening to and learning from others.


Congratulations to both Lilia and Marco with the way they conducted themselves, and their polished and engaging speeches. Lilia is also to be congratulated for making it to the next round of Youth of the Year. We wish her the best of luck!


Year 7 News

Year 7 Phillip Island Camp

The Dromana College Year 7 pastoral camp was held at the end of March in Phillip Island. The Year 7 cohort made their  way to the Adventure Resort which is designed to provide teachers and students with an important opportunity to be together in an informal setting early on in the school year. The camp helps to facilitate strong teacher/student relationships while participating in a range of adventure activities including archery, canoeing and flying fox.  Phillip Island Adventure Resort supplied the accommodation and catering as well as the adventure activities. A wonderful time was had by all.


Maths News

Pi Day

Our Dromana College students celebrated Pi Day with a casual dress day and lunchtime competitions. By answering questions about Pi, students were awarded a free party pie.

There was also a competition to see who could remember the most decimal places of Pi. Congratulations to the winner, Year 7 student Balin Crooke, who impressively recalled Pi to ONE HUNDRED decimal places!

Year 11 student Finley Stapleton-Hamilton won the competition for drawing a perfect circle without a compass, protractor or ruler.

Thanks to the student leaders and staff who helped on the day.


Sport News

Dromana College Athletics Carnival

 The Dromana College Athletics Carnival is a whole school event and all students attended dressed up in fabulous outfits depicting their house colours.  The event is held at Ballam Park Athletics Track in Karingal. A 'fashion' parade was held afterwards which displayed all the imaginative and colourful costumes the students were wearing. 

Students competed in events such as javelin, long distance running, high jump, discus and sprint just to name a few.




Congratulations to Harry Doye, who is part of the Year 7 Cycling Enhancement Program. He came 3rd in the Under 15’s Australian National Mountain Biking Championships over the Easter holiday's racing XCO = Olympic Cross Country at Bright. Harry is eligible to race U15’s again next year. Great effort Harry.


State Swimming Finals

Congratulations to Joel Fraser, Lily Davis, Charlie Sansom, Teo Knezic and Tiff Fahey on competing in the State Swimming championships On 24th April 2019 at MSAC. We were able to view their awesome efforts on the day through the MSAC Live Feed. This is the final year the senior girls will swim together as a team. These girls have been making the state finals as a team since they were in Year 7. A huge effort from the girls - we are so proud of you and will definitely miss you next year. Well done to Joel Fraser who came home with a silver medal and Lily Davis came home with 2 bronze medals in her individual events. Congratulations on such amazing results throughout your time here at Dromana College.



State Surfing Champions

A massive congratulations to the Dromana College Surf Team who won the the Mixed Tag Teams State Titles at Phillip Island on Friday 10th May. Winning a State Title in surfing has been rare for us and has only happened for the third time in the past 25 years or so. In very challenging conditions it was a great effort from the team and the victory was especially satisfying for our two year 12 students (their last opportunity to win a State Title), Jett Dickinson and Charlie Lucas, who led the way with exceptional surfing. The girls team did a fantastic job also, finishing third in the final. 


Mixed Team State Champions

- Jett Dickinson year 12

- Charlie Lucas year 12

- Tom Crowe year 11

- Tilly Hopkins year 9

- Will Watson year 7

- Lucas Hickson year 7

- Max Wilkinson year 7


Girls Team 3rd in the State

- Jamie Hale year 12

- Tilly Hopkins year 9

- India Lucas year 9

- Sophie Thompson year 7


Baseball Championship

Congratulations to the Intermediate boys baseball team who have now taken home the gold medal for the Southern Metropolitan Regional championship 3 years in a row - Undefeated in their time at Dromana College. Well Done boys, amazing effort!! Good luck at the state championships on the 29th May.


Regional Swimming

Congratulations to the amazing team of students who competed at the Southern Metropolitan Regional swimming championships held at MSAC on March 28th. As a school we placed 3rd behind Frankston High School and McKinnon High School. Lily Davis will be off to the state championships for 6 events in total. The senior girls relay team won gold in both the medley relay and the freestyle relay (Tiff Fahey, Teo Knezic, Charlie Sansom, Lily Davis). Charlie Sansom medalled in all her events and will be going to state in 50m Breaststroke. Joel Fraser was amazing, he was in 5 individual events and 2 relays. He won gold in 2 of his events and will be going to state for 400m free and 50m backstroke. Luke Baxter another superstar came home with 3 medals, Chelsea Hutchins with a Silver medal and the Girls 15 relay team (Tilly Hopkins, Ellie Brasser, Liana Samson Piniata, Grace Chapman) came home with a bronze medal.

Overall lots of medals and lots of amazing athletes here at Dromana. Well done Team!



Southern Peninsula District Athletics

Record breaking Winners! Dromana College won the Southern Peninsula District Athletics Carnival against their biggest rivals! On the 7th May 2019, 120 students went off to compete at Ballam Park in Frankston at the Southern Peninsula District Athletics Competition.  Dromana College won the championship by 100 points.  Going through the record book, it’s the first time Dromana has EVER won a major carnival at district level. All thanks to the amazing kids, and all the hard work they have put in.  Well-done to all competitors and congratulations to the 65 students who have progressed onto the regional finals which will be held in October. Good luck, we are so incredibly proud of you all.



Congratulations to Dromana College students Ruby Armstrong and Millie Spargo for their fantastic aerobic performance!

These girls competed against the state in an aerobics competition “FISAF Australia Super Series – Victoria” on the 11th May in Hampton Park and won 1st place.

They were entered in the Elementary stream where they were taught the majority of a routine and worked hard together to choreograph their own beginning and ending. They were competing against other secondary schools and specialised aerobics clubs. They have been training hard for months leading up to this competition, including at school and in their own time on weekends. We are wishing them all the best for their future competitions. A massive thank you to Hayley Silvester who has been so dedicated to training all of these athletes and ensuring their routines are amazing.

Their next competition is on the 15th of June, where all of our Dromana College Aerobic Enhancement students will also be competing. If successful in this, the athletes will qualify for nationals, where they will compete against all of Australia.

And a big thank you to all the parents that have been transporting their children to and from school for the early mornings and late afternoon rehearsals.

Well done and good luck!


Art Department News

Capsules Book

Dromana College has partnered with Capsules Book as part of their Next Gen Initiative.

Capsules Book have donated copies of their illustration publication, Drawn Volume 2, Leaders in Contemporary Illustration for Dromana College students to use an inspirational creative resource. Capsules Book will donate new titles as they become available, enabling students to be inspired by the work from professional artists, typographers and illustrators from around the world. 

Capsules Book are a Melbourne based business who introduce professional artists, illustrators and designers with businesses who hire freelance creative services. 

To find out more visit: https://capsulesbook.com 



Visual Art

Year 8 Visual Art: Amazing Printmaking!

Our Year 8’s have been learning the art form of relief printmaking.

Students were able to colour mix printing ink to create their own bespoke colour pallets.

Variations of designs focused on negative and positive space.



Numbulwar Visitors

Students from Numbulwar School in Central Australia had  a great time in our  Design and Technology classes. Their boats were proudly on display in the Administration Office before they were taken home.


Performing Arts News

Barnum the Musical

Dromana College’s production of ‘Barnum’ featuring the biggest musical cast the college has ever seen, was  the Greatest Show on Earth!

The world of Phineas Taylor Barnum was full of spectacle and humbug. P.T. Barnum works with his wife Charity sometimes with her support, and sometimes against her objections,  to create unbelievable attractions in a variety of ways, from the American Museum in New York City to a national tour featuring Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightingale. Along the way, Barnum meets Joice Heth (the oldest woman alive) and Tom Thumb (the smallest man in the world). He dabbles in politics and begins a lecture tour, culminating in his founding of the Greatest Show on Earth with partner James Bailey.

Showcasing the best of Dromana College’s performing and visual arts students, Barnum was an exciting and joyful ride of humbug and laughter performed at the Frankston Arts Centre and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Congratulations to all the students and staff invovled with Barnum, for an outstanding production.




Pathways News

Student Careers and Pathways Information


Dromana College is committed to the pathways of your child. It is an open and fully dedicated Careers resource centre where students can get advice and assistance about their pathway through and beyond secondary school.

It is not a resource centre just for senior students (though year 12 students will be prioritised) it is a resource centre for all students, in all year levels as well as for parents/guardians, 5 days a week, 8am – 4pm.



Are you studying Medicine in 2020?
Students planning to apply to Medicine, Dentistry and some Health Science courses in 2020 at selected Australian Universities – YOU MUST sit the UCAT  - Undergraduate Clinical Admissions Test in JULY.


If you don’t sit the UCAT you will NOT be considered for some medical courses.
See institution website for full details or Derry in the Pathways office.


For more information and to book a place: https://www.ucat.edu.au/ucat-anz/registration-booking/


TAFE Free courses:
Free TAFE for Priority Courses will reduce the financial barrier for students wanting to train in courses that lead to jobs in demand.
Free TAFE for Priority Courses covers tuition fees for priority courses for students who are eligible for government subsidised training. This includes: 30 non apprenticeship courses and 20 Victorian Pre Apprenticeship courses.

For a full list of FREE TAFE courses: https://w.www.vic.gov.au/freetafe/free-tafe.html





If you are excited about working in Cyber Security, the Certificate IV in Cyber Security is a great starting point for a career in this area – and the Certificate IV is a FREE TAFE course.
Learn practical skills in a broad range of specialised areas including:
Cisco Networking
Fortinet Network Security Academy
Amazon Web Services
Australian Signals Directorate


Cybersecurity pathways: VCE or VCAL > Cert IV Cyber Security > Advanced Diploma Cyber Security >Bachelor Information Systems


NEW work SMARTS or Skills you need, to succeed in future workplaces.
By 2030, globalisation, automation and flexibility will change what we do in every JOB


A 15yr old today will have up to 17 jobs over 5 careers in their lifetime.  Jobs for life pretty much don’t exist for today’s teenager.
New work SMARTS:
SMART LEARNING: Workers will spend more hours learning on the job than ever before. Continuous learning will be part of our every day  work life.


JOB skills for the FUTURE:

  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication (verbal)
  • Interpersonal Skills (listening, empathy, persuasion)


Tomorrow’s worker needs to develop an entrepreneurial mindset:

  • Think differently
  • Do things differently
  • Be passionate
  • Questioning how to ‘do things better’
  • Optimistic
  • Take calculated risks
  • Above all – act on their ideas
  • Workplaces will be more FLEXIBLE
  • Workplaces will be more DIGITAL

Future workers will spend less time on routine tasks and more time with people and getting value from technology.



Students and workers of TODAY face employment challenges like never before.

The days of ‘a job for life’ are over. STUDENTS need skills and flexibility to navigate the future of the world of work.

  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Critical Thinking
  • Team Work
  • Communication


These are skills employers value as much as technical skills (know HOW to do the job)
These skills are called ‘transferable skills’ – that means, they apply to any job, any industry.



Your Pathways staff:
Derry Caulfield – Career Practitioner
Jackie Douglas – SWL, Work Experience, VET Coordinator
Megan Rogers – VASS/MIPs coordinator, SWL and VET.

Green Team News

Dromana College Green Team

This Semester the Green Team have been very busy in both the garden and the kitchen. They have been experimenting with various recipes, from cupcakes to pizza using all their favourite herbs from the Green Spot. In March, the Green team took a very loud bus ride to the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show, where they went on an expedition around the Carlton gardens and exhibition building to see the beautiful displays of flowers and sculptures. The Green Team also spent a lot of time in the garden planting beans, garlic, spring onion, leek, peas, carrots, radishes and artichokes. On the last day of Term 1, the Green Team hosted one of their famous garden parties. Activities included planting pots that you could take home, a herbal tea stand, fig tasting and a gumboot throw challenge, where you could win a canteen voucher and a “golden gumboot”. 

 By Taulani Salt (Green Team member)



Information for Parents

After school homework and study sessions.

Homework Help

Wednesdays and Thursdays: 3.20pm - 4.20pm

Help with homework is available in the library after school every Wednesday and Thursday.  All students are welcome. 

Assistance is available in our quiet and well-resourced library for homework-tasks, general study, assignments, test preparation, essays and improving organisation.  

Accident Insurance Cover for Students

Some school activities and physical education, particularly contact sports, carry inherent risks of injury. Parents are advised that the Department of Education and Training does not have Student Accident Insurance cover for students. Therefore, if your child is injured at school as a result of an accident or incident, all costs associated with the injury, including medical costs, are the responsibility of the child, parent or caregiver. Some incidental medical costs may be covered by Medicare. If parents have private health insurance, some costs may also be covered through your private health insurance. Any other costs would be borne by the parents. Student Accident Insurance is an insurance policy that pays certain benefits should your child have an accident. It is a personal decision for parents which type and level of private insurance they purchase. An approved insurance broker should be contacted if you have any questions about insurance cover.

Personal Goods 

Personal property is often brought to school by students, staff and visitors. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises. The Department of Education and Training does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property.

Car Park

Please be very mindful when entering the College carpark that you do not use the bus lane. If you drop students off please use the middle car park, gravel car park or the prefered drop-off at Harrisons Road. The carpark is closed between 2.50 p.m. and 3.10 p.m. each day.

School Events on Compass

Parents are reminded when receiving Compass notifications regarding school excursions and activities, to grant permission and make payments promptly.  The College needs to arrange transport and entry into events and often needs to adhere to booking deadlines, so it is important that student numbers are confirmed in a timely manner.  Please make note of cut-off dates on school events and respond to SMS and email reminders that are sent out.  These dates are set in place so that we can confirm numbers with our outside providers.

We would appreciate your support in this matter, to avoid any disappointment a student may experience when they may not be able to participate due to late consent or payment

Family Holidays

If your student is going to be on holidays within the school term you will need to apply for approved absence at least two weeks prior to the leave. Please address your letter or email to Mr Alan Marr, College Principal.


Students who arrive late to school must sign in at Reception in the Administration Office.

Students who intend to leave school any time during the day must have a note from their parents which is given to their teacher and then must be met at Reception, to be signed out, by the parent who is picking them up. 


Parents are reminded to phone the College Absentee Line if their child will be absent or late to school for any reason (holidays, appointments, sick). A note must also be written. Parents can phone the College Absentee Line directly on 5984 7177 available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and leave a message.  An SMS text message will be sent out to parents if the College is not notified of your child’s absence.

HANDY TIP: Please save this phone number to your mobile 5984 7177- Absent Line

2019 Term Dates

Term 1:  29 January - 5 April

Term 2:  23 April - 28 June

Term 3:  15 July - 20 September

Term 4:   7 October - 20 December


Remember you can view all Dromana College important dates and events on the College calendar at https://dsc.vic.edu.au/

News and Events-Events-Month.

School Fees


As a College, we are very conscious of the cost of living pressures on families and endeavour to minimise fees and levies charged. It is however a fact that all government schools depend upon parent contributions to broaden and extend College programs. We are very proud of the breadth and depth of program offered across our College and enrich student learning by providing all students with a wide range of curricula and co-curricular programs. These programs enhance and extend student engagement and learning and are an important component of the comprehensive education for all students attending Dromana College.  It is these additional programs that set us apart from other schools.  Many of these programs are provided by external organisations and require additional resourcing. Some examples include subsidising guest speakers and presenters for pastoral lessons and subjects including English (authors and experts), extra-curricular programs such as HPV, debating, State School Spectacular, Wakikiri Dance, sports equipment and uniforms, school mini buses, science and technology equipment, improvements and maintenance to College facilities and grounds to name but some.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all families who have contributed to the provision of College programs, resources and facilities by the timely payment of school fees and levies. We understand that some families face financial pressure and that the timing of payment either at the end of or beginning of a school year can be difficult for some families. As such we would like to inform all families that ongoing periodic instalments can be paid fortnightly, monthly or quarterly to make contributions more manageable. Parents interested in discussing these payment options are encouraged to contact the office on 5987 2805.


Bus Information

Please note the College bus policy - NO BUS PASSES are issued for students going to friends, after school employment or sport. Please do not send your child to the office for a bus pass as a refusal may offend.

Uniform Shop

Trading Hours

Tuesday ;   8:30am - 12:00pm

Thursday ; 12:00pm - 3:30pm 

Telephone: (03) 5984 7143


For assistance outside these hours, please contact Noone Imagewear Beaconsfield.

Telephone (03) 9769 9093



School Review

Dromana College is currently in the process of undertaking a full school review starting in Term 2. The review process will involve input from staff, students and parents. We will keep the community informed on the progress of our review with regular updates through Compass messages and our school newsletter. 



Parent Liaison Report

Information for Parents


Dromana College are seeking host families for a group of Japanese students  Friday 2nd  August to Wednesday 7th August 2019. You do not need to speak the language just a desire to enjoy this experience.  

Requirements of a host family:

  • Provide 5-night accommodation
  • Pick up and drop off at the College Language Centre.
  • Home visit is required.
  • Own room would be great but can be shared.
  • 3 meals a day (packed lunch school days).
  • Inclusion in family activities.
  • Working with Children check for all members over 18 if not a student.

For further information, please contact:

Theresa Stelling        Mobile; 0419 502 081

Dromana College will host  Japanese  students in March 2019 and with the new changes to the Working with Children Act we would appreciate it if you may be willing or even considering hosting that you apply or update your Working With Children card now.

The expressions of interest to host will be on the Parent Assistance form for 2019 in your booklist pack or call Theresa Stelling on 0419 502 081.



The Parents and Friends Association meet the first Wednesday of each month at 7.00pm in the Administration Building. Parents, Guardians, Grandparents and students are welcome.









Due to changes with the Working with Children Act on 1st August 2017, we would like to remind all parents willing to assist the College you need to apply for a Working with Children Card by going to the following site.

http://www.working withchildren.vic.gov.au/home/

If you already have a Working with Children card but are new to Dromana College, please go on this site and add Dromana College to your card. The card is free for volunteers and you will need to supply a passport photo.



The Dromana College Breakfast Club program has a wonderful group of Parents, Grandparents and Students working hard every Wednesday morning to provide breakfast for our students.

The Breakfast Club runs from 7.30am to 9.00am every Wednesday, serving hot Milo and toast with jam, Vegemite or honey. If you are keen to help please contact me at the College, or if you would like to donate any of the following items please leave at the front office. The items we use are long life milk, margarine, jam, Vegemite, Milo, hot chocolate, napkins and disposable gloves. Make sure you leave your details so we can thank you or the company who made the donation. We have a letter at the College to ask for donations if you require one.



Please support this business as loyally as they support us. They donate all the bread we use for Breakfast Club every week.

If you shop at Bakers Delight Dromana or Somerville please mention you are from Dromana College to link a 5% annual donation from all your purchases. This will be donated to the schools fundraising team at the end of the year.



Theresa Stelling

Parent Liaison Officer

0419 502 081



Community News

Red Hill Opportunity Shop



Red Hill Op Shop is looking for volunteers to join the group of wonderful men and women who support our organization.

The commitment is just one morning or afternoon once a month and you’ll meet some lovely people at the same time.

If you would prefer not to serve at the counter, there’s lots of other roles you could fill in such as: sorting, helping the area managers display their stock, admin, etc.

We’d love to hear from you, so please contact us to find out more!

Email: redhillopshop@gmail.com or

message us at www.facebook.com/redhillopshop.

Financial Help


Rosebud Heart Soccer Club


New Players Wanted for Rye Netball Club

Players for age groups

13/U (born 2006/2007)

15/U (born 2004/2005)

Season commences March 16

For more information


0417 388 460

Briars Winter Activities

The Briars have a range of fun and exciting winter activities, including After Dark wildlife walks, Scavenger Hunts and lots, lots more. See below attachments for details.


Annual working bee and BBQ
Harrisons Road, Dromana
Saturday June 8th 2019, 8.30am 



Annual Community working bee & BBQ to undertake weed control works in the Harrisons Road - Road Reserve


The road reserve on Harrisons Road, Dromana contains some of the best examples of remnant vegetation on the Mornington Peninsula.  As well as containing important habitat for many of our native species, remnant vegetation on this road reserve provides essential links to other areas including Dromana Bushland Reserve, Bald Hill and Arthurs Seat State Park. These links are essential for the ongoing conservation of biodiversity on the Mornington Peninsula. In addition, the vegetation supports birds that eat the insects that attack our pastures.



Saturday 8th June 8.30am until lunch. Meet in the Dromana Secondary College carpark. Come for just an hour if that’s all you have – that’s still great.



1. Satisfaction that you have helped to maintain a weed free habitat for our native plants and animals. You’ve protected our environment

2.  To have a laugh and a yarn with fun people

3. Pick up tips about our native vegetation and eradication of weeds from local experts

4. Enjoy a good BBQ after our working bee, commencing around 1pm, meet and greet your neighbours from the district, relax, chat about your experiences.

Dunns Creek Landcare provides: Morning tea and freshly baked goods, BBQ, tea, coffee, juice, bread, sausages, lamb cutlets, salads & tomato sauce!   BYO: other food and drink of your choice



RSVP:   Let us know if you can join us, so we have an idea of numbers for food: 

Email:  mel.zerbe@hotmail.com   SMS:   0499 926 214  

If you have other commitments that morning, just come for lunch to meet your neighbours


1. We need someone, or a couple to run the BBQ. If you can do this instead of the working bee, please contact as above

2. Bring gloves, hat, boots, name badge, teenagers and enthusiasm. We’ll have secateurs, dabbers etc. If you have a favourite implement – bring it.



Red Hill Basketball Club

To the Red Hill Basketball Club Community,


As some of you may know there have been some changes recently at Red Hill Basketball Club.

The first is that club president, Bec Novotny has moved away from the Peninsula. As a club and community we would like to express our thanks to Bec for her tireless effort in running the club as President over the last 10 years. She has managed all teams, uniforms, registrations and training, which is a mammoth job, and we are so grateful for all that she has done. She will be missed! We wish Bec and her family all the best in their new home and new town.

We are excited to announce that our new club president is Mark Gilbert. Mark has been involved in the club as a coach and parent since 2014, and along with the committee, is keen to pick up where Bec left off and move the club forward.

The Committee is as follows:

President: Mark Gilbert

Vice President: Michelle Owen

Secretary: Emily Gilbert

Uniform coordinator: Belinda Hannemann


Girls team coordinator: Owen Gilbert

Boys team coordinator: Mark Gilbert

Finance/treasurer: Michelle Owen

RHCS liaison/training schedule coordinator: Emily Gilbert


If you are interested in joining the committee in any way, please email us at basketballredhill@gmail.com – we would appreciate any time you could give.



If your child is interested in playing basketball in the Summer season, beginning in Term 4, please email your interest to basketballredhill@gmail.com. We will be running training sessions for new players during Term 3 to prepare for the upcoming season. More details will be available towards the end of Term 2.



We are desperately looking for second-hand uniforms. We have plenty of new players wanting to buy second hand uniforms. If you have any that you are not using, please drop them to the office at Red Hill Consolidated School as soon as possible with your contact details. Any queries, please contact Belinda Hannemann on 0421 054 209 or email basketballredhill@gmail.com

Voice Treaty Truth


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