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03 May 2019
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Principal's Page

Welcome Back for Term 2!

I welcome back our College Community from the recent school holiday break.  I hope families had an enjoyable school holiday period, and that students are ready for what will be another busy term at Wheelers Hill Secondary College.

Parent - Teacher - Student Conferences, Term 2

We held our Parent - Teacher - Student Conferences earlier in the week (1/5/19).  It was a great opportunity for students and families to learn more from teaching staff about the academic progress of students. 

The term 'conference' needs to be highlighted here.  We encourage our students to actively participate in these conferences to highlight their own thoughts and opinions of their learning experience, together with sharing their reflections on how they think they are progressing across their subjects.

We were pleased with the level of attendance for our Parent - Teacher - Student Conferences this term, and we encourage parents and guardians to make contact with the relevant teaching staff if they have any queries relating to their child's learning.

VCE Centre

The VCE Centre is now complete. Classes commenced in this renovated space earlier in the week.  There is a distinctly more modern feel to the VCE Centre.  New carpet and furniture, freshly painted surfaces, together with classrooms taking on a more open feel, have contributed to a more contemporary look.  The VCE Centre of 2019 is a vast improvement on what we had previously, and I thank staff, students and families for their patience with respect to the works attached to this area of the College.


Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (or VCAL)

We are investigating the implementation of the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (or VCAL) for our College Community.

It is incumbent upon on all secondary schools to provide study and course options for Senior School students.  In the Senior School at WHSC, we currently offer the Victorian Certificate of Education (or VCE), together with providing opportunities for senior school students to embark on Vocational Education and Training (or VET) in study areas of interest.  The small number of students currently who do decide to enrol in a VET course (eg Automotive Studies, Construction, etc) combine their VET studies with their VCE.

VCAL can be another option for students.  VCAL is a course that allows for more applied or experiential learning in areas such as Work Related Skills, Numeracy, Literacy and Personal Development.  

VCAL is seen by some students and their families as as a viable and worthwhile course of study.  Many schools currently offer VCAL to their Senior School students as an alternative to the more academic course being the VCE. 

We will continue to investigate the possibility of implementing VCAL for our College Community.  At this stage, I invite students, families and staff to contribute to our discussions by sharing any ideas or feedback that they may have about VCAL for our school with the General Office.


NAPLAN Assessments, 2019

NAPLAN Assessments are from the 14th to the 17th of May for our Year 7 and 9 students.  As a College, we have been busy preparing our students and staff for Online NAPLAN Assessments this year across all schools.

Whilst NAPLAN can be used as a measure by schools, individual students and their families to gauge student learning in Literacy and Numeracy, it is not the only way in which to note progress in these key areas.  For example, teaching staff use their expertise to continually assess and report on student progress on an ongoing basis across multiple subject areas.  This assessment and reporting by staff gives a comprehensive approach to monitoring and gauging student progress.

If families have any queries concerning the 2019 NAPLAN Assessments, please contact the General Office. 

WHSC and Social Media

Please be reminded to follow what is happening at the College by accessing our Social Media Platforms in Facebook and Instagram.  We have a plan to update these platforms on a regular basis to try and keep our College Community abreast of the most recent activities and events, both in and out of the classroom.  


Value of the Week - Respect

We had our Special Anzac Day Assembly earlier in the week (30/4).  Mr. John Coulson was our guest speaker.  

Our students were incredibly respectful on the day - Respect is one of our key values at the College.  Please read on to learn more of our Special Anzac day Assembly.


And finally..............

Bunnings in Notting Hill have partnered with our College for a fundraising opportunity on Saturday 8th of June.  We are calling on families to volunteer on the day to help out with a Sausage Sizzle at the venue.  Our Parents and Friends Committee have been instrumental in organising this event and this is a great opportunity for our College to raise some funds for key programs and / or equipment.  Please contact the General Office if you are able to assist (eg a 2 hour time slot) on the on the day,










Aaron Smith


Assistant Principal's Page

Welcome To Term 2.

We finished Term 1 off with a bang! Our Open Night was a great success and it was a lovely opportunity to show our community what we have to offer. As mentioned, it has been an eventful beginning to Term 2 with a respectful Anzac Day Assembly and a wonderful buzz during our Parent/Student/Teacher conferences.


We have a few staff changes:


Peter Allen has taken a position for Term 2 as Acting Assistant Principal at Carwatha College P-12.

Judy Baxt has taken leave for the rest of the year to take up a position at Bayside College.

Andrew Dixon has been seconded to DET to work in the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy Unit.


Cue my introduction. This is not Andrew Dixon’s writing, this is Claire Hanley, I will be Acting Assistant Principal during Term 2. I am very excited about this role, and hope to support students, staff, parents and the community to the best of my ability.


We would like to welcome our new staff to our community:

Belinda Spina who will be teaching middle school and senior English classes.

Mark Tatton who will be teaching senior English classes and middle school Performing Arts classes.

Rosalie Sullivan who will be teaching middle school Food Technology classes.

Vijaya Sanga who will be supporting students in the PSD program.


These teachers are committed and will support our students to help them achieve their best.

College Assembly - ANZAC Day

On Tuesday 30th May the College came together to commemorate ANZAC day. The assembly took place in the gym and was MC'd by the College Captains. In addition, we were privileged to have a guest speaker, COLONEL JOHN COULSON, OAM, RFD, ED (Retired).  

John spoke of his experiences in the Vietnam War and the potential for everybody today to meet the challenges of the Anzac spirit – Courage – Endurance – Mateship and  Sacrifice. 

I would like to share with you a little bit about John.

John retired from Wellington College in 2004 as its Principal and spent a total of forty-seven years with the Victorian Education Department. He then became the state coordinator of the Victorian Spirit of ANZAC Prize until 2007.


John was a member of the Army Reserve for thirty-five years, retiring in 1995 with the rank of Colonel. John served in South Vietnam in 1967 and with the British Army in 1981.

He is a Governor of the Shrine of Remembrance, Chairman of the Battle for Australia Foundation, Regimental Secretary of the Royal Victoria Regiment, a member of the Defence Reserves Association and Patron of the National Servicemen’s Association.

John is a member of the Richmond Football Club, and a life member of the Murrumbeena Football Club.

He is a member of the Lions Club of Waverley and President of the Waverley Lions Village Inc. that provides low cost accommodation for eligible old age pensioners. 

John chairs the Waverley RSL Sub Branch’s Norman A Smith Memorial Scholarship committee that provides an annual $8000.00 scholarship.

John’s most recent appointment is as Director of the Murrumbeena Bendigo Bank Board.



They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.


College Uniform and Attendance

We would like to take the opportunity to remind students and families of the uniform requirements of the College and reiterate our expectation that all students continue to wear full School uniform as outlined in the College Uniform Policy which can be found on the website.


Parents/Guardians are also asked to support their children by ensuring regular attendance at school. 

Schooling is compulsory for children who are 6 to 17 years old.

Students are expected to attend  school during normal school hours every day of each term, unless:

  • the student is registered for home schooling and has only a partial enrolment in a school for particular activities
  • the student has an approved exemption from school enrolment or attendance.

Daily attendance is important so students don’t fall behind socially and developmentally.

School helps:

  • maximise life opportunities for students by building education and support networks
  • develop important skills, knowledge and values that set them further learning and participation in the community
  • students make the most of life opportunities.

Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete year 12, or an equivalent qualification, have:

  • better health outcomes
  • better employment outcomes
  • higher incomes across their lives.

Regularly missing school may be an indicator of disengagement, leading to adverse outcomes. It is an easily observable warning sign.

A child missing one day a fortnight will miss four weeks in a year, and more than a year of school by year 10. It is important that children develop regular attendance habits at an early age.

If you require support from the college to further support the young people under our care, please contact a member of the subschool team.

Middle School

Leader of Middle School: Melissa Robinson- [email protected]

Year 7 YLC: Ben Shepherd- [email protected]

Year 8 YLC: Angela [email protected]

Year 9 YLC: Jacinta Wilson- [email protected]


Leader of Senior School: Judith Riddoch-  [email protected]

Year 10 YLC: Max Ellis- [email protected]

Year 11 YLC: Megan Hodgkinson- [email protected]

Year 12 YLC: Anna Anetoudis- [email protected]


Student Wellbeing Coordinator: Louise Ford- [email protected]


Judy Anderson and Claire Hanley

Assistant Principals

What's Coming Up Next


  • Core Program
  • Geography Survey 7B & 7D
  • Women of Troy Play - Yr 12


  • Senior School Inter-sports
  • Year 9 Careers Advisory Day


  • Dance Day 2019
  • Sport Coaching 
  • Science Program Yr 11- Guest Speaker


  • Elevate - Yr 8
  • Geography Survey 7E


  • Morrisby Online Career Assessment
  • Core Program
  • VCE Drama Ensemble Rehearsal 
  • VCE Ensemble Performance


  • Naplan Online Testing


  • Naplan Online Testing
  • School Council


  • Naplan Online Testing
  • Yakult Excursion - Business Management Unit 


  • Naplan Online Testing

Naplan Online


Don’t forget your headphones!


As you will be aware each year in May the NAPLAN tests are conducted with Year 7 & 9 students to assess their knowledge and skills in various areas of Literacy and Numeracy. Term Two is now well under way and we are a little over a week away from the NAPLAN Online tests.


Test Schedule

For our College the Writing test will occur on the morning of May 14th followed by Reading test in the afternoon with the Convention of Languages test in the morning of the 16th and Numeracy in the afternoon. These sessions will appear on each student’s Compass schedule. We will also conduct catch up tests as required between the 15th and 20th May for students who may be absent when the scheduled tests are run.


Practice Tests

In 2019 our College will be conducting NAPLAN Online as part of the national transition. This will offer a more tailored test which will adapt to students’ levels as they answer questions and more precisely assess their level of understanding. Of course this will present some challenges as students and teachers adapt to the new format. Last term we did manage to complete practice tests for most of our Year 7 and 9 students so hopefully your child has some idea of what to expect. If they missed out or would like another look please go to http://www.nap.edu.au/online-assessment/public-demonstration-site At the College we try to emphasis with students that NAPLAN is not an achievement test but an assessment of where they are at in their learning. As such there is limited benefit in practicing for the test beyond work normally undertaken in class. However as it is an online test this year there are some practical preparation needed and it is here that we ask for your support.

· It is expected that all students will have a fully charges and functioning laptop and bring functioning headphones for each test. If there are any issues with this please see our IT Department as soon as possible.


Disability & Exemptions

All students are expected to participate in the NAPLAN Online tests, hence the scheduling of catch up sessions. Support can be arranged for students with disabilities, if the student regularly receives similar support in class. Similarly exemptions may be granted to students who have been learning English for less than a year. If either of these cases apply to your child please contact the College as parent consent is required before support or exemptions can be granted.



Similarly we also recognise that some parents or carers may not wish their child to participate in the NAPLAN tests. If this applies for your child please contact the college as soon as possible, as you must sign a Student Withdrawal form. These forms are available at the school.

Having been through some teething problems with the practice tests we anticipate that NAPLAN Online will be successfully implemented. However there are a range of contingencies in place to deal with the unlikely occurrence of significant issues both within the college and more broadly. These include extending the test windows and paper-based tests. For more information about NAPLAN Online, please visit the VCAA website at www.vcaa.vic.edu.au or the NAP website at www.nap.edu.au

Thank you for your support,


Paul McGlynn

Curriculum Implementation and Data Leader


Don't get triggered, life's LIT!  

Punctuation and Grammar for our Target Audience


My sister is older and smarter than me.


I know. How is that possible?


But it is pretty simple. She worked her butt off at school. Day and night, she diligently studied to achieve Dux of our secondary school. Now she works in a professional world that is foreign to me. She has Bachelor Degrees in Commerce and Economics, became a Chartered Accountant and has just recently received her MBA (Masters of Business Administration).


Despite this esteemed pedigree, when she writes to me via text message and social media she is incredibly slack with language, she is humorous and occasionally makes inappropriate comments. She adapts her language for her target audience.


In our messages, we are able to flaunt traditional conventions of punctuation and grammar, as we know each other well and can read our tone of voice in our laid-back vernacular. We also limit the use of punctuation and grammar to maintain the pace of the messaging, we can communicate quickly before returning to the ‘real’ world.


This sounds familiar because we all do this. This is common behaviour.


This week I had this little situation with my sister via text message and it got me thinking. To be honest, I’m still nutting this idea out. I haven’t got it all sorted yet, but this theory may change my approach to student writing.


I don’t want you to get too excited, but it is AMAZING.


However, I don’t want you to think that I’m going to receive a Nobel Prize for this realisation. Because I think you need to be old to receive that anyway and I’m only 21 to 38-ish years of age. True story.


Anyway, back to the situation with my sister. I was messaging her about hosting her baby shower. As we were nearing the end of our message we stumbled across a miscommunication. Here is the chat below. Be aware of grammar and punctuation errors.


Okay. There are obviously a few errors in that discussion, but this is where my mind-blowing discovery comes from.


My sister begins the exchange with ‘OK.’ Simple, innocent and straight to the point. However, this has accidentally changed her tone because she overlooked her target audience (me). She has gone back into professional mode and suddenly utilised punctuation in what was a free and loose chat. To me, her target audience, I now view this full stop in a different light.


It has a different context to what should have been a simple sign off. I fear I may have upset her. So, the messaging continues with this as the driver. She responds with another full stop in her reply and this is where the discussion extends to explore what full stops, capital letters and exclamation marks can actually mean in simple text messaging.


Okay, it’s getting boring now. I hear you ANGRILY YELL (or Angrily Yell.) - WHAT WAS MY EPIPHANY?

My epiphany was this:


Our students bring informal messaging (limited focus on grammar and punctuation) to high stakes writing tasks at school.


They consistently use informal language and forget to consider their target audience.


Everything written has a target audience and no, it’s not just the teacher. In English when students write a Text Response their target audience is not the teacher. It is someone who has shown interest in the text, someone who has read or viewed the text before and now wants to hear different opinions and ideas on the themes and conventions. They want enlightenment from the text.


A Community Design Brief has a target audience. The brief must be accurate to reflect what is appropriate for the community, families, children and Local Council. A School Policy must be worded correctly for School Council. Homework tasks must be worded so students and parents understand what is required. Women’s Day must carefully word their blatantly dishonest celebrity gossip columns. The power of the written word cannot be underestimated. We MUST get the details clear for our target audience.


I know you’re thinking this is not new information. This is pretty basic.


And you’re right, it is.


However, the epiphany helped me develop a stronger appreciation for our students.


They are bilingual x 10. They have the ability to write to multiple target audiences via social media.


They make concerted efforts and may focus a little bit on punctuation and grammar in messages to Mum and Dad.


They may even step it up a bit more for Grandma and Grandpa.


But for their friends they use language and grammar that suits their usual tone and pace. For their siblings their tone might completely change again; punctuation and grammar may be relied on more or less. It depends. Our students are aware of their target audience even though the term may have not entered their vernacular yet.


As a teacher, I am going to focus on this a little more in class. I should ask students to write their thoughts about this issue as if they were writing it to their BFF, then write it again to Grandma, then write it again but this time it’s to Mum’s Boss . . .


You can do this at home and challenge word choices thrown around the kitchen while making dinner. While writing the note to the PE teacher about the missing school uniform. You may ask your child to do it and consider their language and grammar for their target audience.


Informal social media language is perfectly acceptable, but students need guidance to understand target audience in low stakes and high stakes writing tasks. We all play a role in this contemporary obstacle our students face.


Claire Hanley

Literacy Learning Specialist



Numeracy in Physical Education

This week we will continue the journey of looking at how Numeracy is used across all Domains at Wheelers Hill Secondary College.The focus for this week is Year 12 Physical Education.


The Year 12 Physical Education students were analysing and graphing Primary Data they had previously collected in a Practical Laboratory activity. Some of the data included Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and time data. This is a requirement for Unit 3 Outcome 2 VCE Physical Education.



All of this was in preparation for the SAC: ‘Laboratory Report based on primary data collected during participation in a practical activity, which analyses the relative contribution of energy systems and acute responses to exercise’. 



Below we can see Connor Whyte extending a graph to show what his prediction will be for the future. 

A big thankyou to Kerrie Lay for sharing how Numeracy is used in Physical Education at Wheelers Hill Secondary College.


Michelle Galli

Numeracy Learning Specialist


Performing Arts

VCE Drama Showcase Night!

Students in Year 11 and 12 Drama have worked hard to create original, engaging and thought provoking performances for their Outcome assessment task. 

They will be presenting their performances to audiences Friday 10th of May, 6:30pm

Exploring the impacts that Social Media has on society, the students utilise a variety of performance styles and techniques to send a strong message to their audience. 

Tickets are free - please make sure you book to secure your spot! 



Music Showcase Night

VCE Music Performance students, along with Year 10 and Instrumental Music students, will present solo and group performances to the wider community Monday 13th May, 7pm!

Another free and wonderful event to celebrate the talents of the students at Wheelers Hill Secondary College!

Book your tickets here! 


Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader

Middle School Report

Middle School News

Welcome back everyone. The coordinators and myself were saying that it was very pleasing to see so many parents and students at the Parent/Teacher/Student conferences this week. Hopefully students were able to reflect on how they work in class and what they can do to improve. Students need to remember that a lot of the skills they learn in one class can be transferred into other classes or in life. 

Please keep an eye on the calendar and compass as their are many important events coming up this Term. 

Year 7

On the first day day back students watched a performance called Verbal Combat from Brainstorm Productions. It gave the students an opportunity to consider and reflect the impact that bullying can have on others. Seeing a topic in a different medium can sometimes make an impact and therefore allows  students to take in the information and look at it from a different perspective. 

Have a discussion with your child about whether the following situations would be classified as bullying.

Staring        Telling secrets      Teasing     Intimidation           Un-friending                Mimicry        Peer pressure       Pushing around      Slapping            Blocking              Taking things             Text Messages  Name calling        Rumours                  Posting photos

Threats           Abusive phone calls    Rude gestures    Discrimination       Anonymous posts


As parents, sometimes we don't know how to approach issues that our child may encounter on social media. Please look at the following website for some ideas.



Thank-you to Lillian K and Jordan G who volunteered to take up the wreaths at the whole school assembly. 

Year 8

The year 8 students have had no major events  this fortnight, but I remind them as part of the year to do their Personal Best. This could be in the classroom, in a sports team, a member of the School Production or even helping out at home. 

This term I would like all Year 8 students to work on what homework looks like. Sometimes homework is set by the teacher but also we ask student to revise and reflect. As parents you can help your child with this. Instead of asking "How was school today, do you have any homework?" rather "What subjects did you have today and what happened in them". This will open up the conversation, which will then lead to them letting you know what they have learned and then you can challenge them on extra things such as organizing their work or sparking ideas in their minds.

Year 9

The students had the opportunity to attend the Elevate session looking at techniques such as memory and  mnemonics. Most of the students got skills from the sessions that they hopefully will use as they do their exams at the end of the Term ( 17th and 18th of June). They looked at attention, storage and retrieval. 

Ask your child what they learnt and how they are going to apply it in everyday life as the more they practice, the better they will get at the new techniques.


Mrs Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader


What Lights Your Fire? 25 Awesome Questions to Find Your Passion

What is your passion? What are you great at that you also love and have a red hot passion and drive for? Do you know? Until you locate that thing, it will stay parked in your heart and no one will benefit from it.

While you may be incredibly great at something, unless you can identify the thing that makes your heart race, the thing that you think about constantly, the thing you would PAY to be able to do, you’ll settle for helping others achieve their passion.

Explore what lights your fire!

You are the only one who can find your passion. Go somewhere quiet, with no internet and dedicate at least 2-3 hours to developing your answers. Some may apply more than others. That’s fine.

Allow your mind to run wild. Use the questions below to explore what lights you on fire.


1. What makes you happiest in your life? What excites you?

2. What do you do that makes you feel invincible?

3. What do people thank you for?

4. What are you ridiculously good at? What are your precious gifts?

5. Who do you look up to? Who are your mentors? Who inspires you? Why?

6. When was the last time you were in a state of flow, in the zone and totally lost track of time? What were you doing?

7. Imagine you won $150 million in the lottery. It’s now three months later. How will you spend tomorrow?

8. What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

9. If you could have or do anything, what would it be?

10. What topics do you find yourself continuously arguing or defending with others? What beliefs does your stance represent?

11. What makes you most angry about the state of the world? With unlimited resources how could you fix it?

12. What are you most afraid of for the next generation, whether you have kids or not?

13. What do you love helping people with?

14. What’s your favorite section in the bookstore? What’s the first magazine you’d pick up at the grocery store?

15. When was the last time you couldn’t sleep because you were so excited about what you had to work on? What was it?

16. If you trusted that your art (your creativity) would support your life, How would you live?

17. What would you gladly do for free?

18. What do you want to be remembered for – what dent do you want to have put in the world?

19. What do your friends always tell you you’d be good at, that you should do for a living (i.e. “he’d make a great…)? If you don’t remember, then go ask five of them.

20. What are you naturally curious about?

21. If you had a free hour to surf the internet, what would you explore?

22. Think back to when you were 5 or10 years old. What did you want to be when you grew up? Anything goes. What skills and metaphors do these represent (i.e. pilot may be a symbol for freedom)?

23. If you could write a book to help the world, that is guaranteed to be a best seller, what would the title be? What’s it about?

24. What careers do you find yourself dreaming of? What jobs do others have that you wish were yours?

25. What 3-5 dream jobs or businesses can you imagine that would firmly embody your passions?


Take as long as you need to, your ideas may not come to mind right away, but in no time, you will find that you already are passionate about something, you just need to trust your instincts.

If it feels right, follow your heart.

No matter what happens in your life, never stop believing that you will somehow find your passion and lead the life you want.

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” John Ruskin

Remember you can log onto the following websites which will assist you with discovering your passion and Career Action Plan –



Happy Career Researching!


Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator

Community News

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