11 May 2018
Week 2.2 - Issue 6 
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Prayer For The Beginning Of The School Term
Dear Lord, as we begin this new school term, we gather once again as your community of believers.
We thank you for the energy and spirit that you renewed in us throughout our holidays.
We thank you for the time to enjoy our family and friends and to reflect on what is important in our lives.
Let this term be marked by enthusiasm and love so that, with the inspiration of your Spirit,

we may continue to grow in our faith.
Help us to fulfil Your hope for us with honest intentions and works of faith.
Let us be gentle with ourselves and bring laughter, joy and love to others.
We ask this in your name.

St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College

When our community comes together for good works, amazing things happen. This was clearly evident throughout the week with performances of the College production of Oliver the Musical, a true sign of commitment, cooperation and selfless giving for the enjoyment of others by our students, staff and families. My heartfelt thanks to Miss Hilton, Mr Beins, Miss Alban, Mrs Freind, Mrs Palermo and Mr Lawson, students and staff in the cast and crew and the supporting families, all who have been committed since Term 4 last year, including Sundays! It came together to be a magical display of the exquisite talents of so many in our community, creating memories to last a lifetime. Words cannot describe the joy that all in the audience experienced, but more importantly, the joy that was so clearly evident on the faces of the performers. Bravo!

The learning journey of our students relies heavily on the partnership between staff, parents and students and as such, it was so pleasing to see the number of parents who availed themselves of the opportunity to meet with teachers at our Parent-Student-Teacher interviews held this week. Sincere thanks to all families who attended, I’m sure you found the time to discuss student learning with teachers to be invaluable, and to the staff of our College, who go to great lengths to provide these opportunities for students and families.


On other matters, our community may recall the announcement some weeks ago of the impending retirement of our much-loved Business Manager, Mr Tim McIntyre. It is my privilege on behalf of Fr Peter and the Norbertines, to announce the appointment of Mr John O’Sullivan to this position. Mr O’Sullivan will join our community towards the end of this term, having previous experience in this role at a number of private and independent schools. We take this opportunity to warmly welcome Mr O’Sullivan and look forward to a strong and blessed association with him in the future.


I would like to finish by acknowledging a wonderful celebration held in St Joseph’s Church last Saturday morning. It was the celebration of the Profession of Simple Vows for Brother Kenneth and Brother John to our Norbertine community. All members of our College congratulate the brothers on this special occasion, we are blessed to have them among us.


Finally, one of the prayers of intercession from the Mass speaks beautifully of the spirit of community here at St Norbert College, the focus of our time, talents and treasure and to live as St Norbert himself inspired “to be of one heart and mind”.

God Bless.

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

Deputy Principals

Uniform and Personal Presentation

It was wonderful to see our students arrive back to school so beautifully presented in their winter uniforms. What a great advertisement to our College! A reminder that the College blazer should be worn to and from school each day.

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

With 1 in 2 Australians diagnosed with cancer by age 85, most of us will be impacted by cancer in our lifetime. The Year 12 students would like to host a Morning Tea for the Cancer Council. This will take place during recess on Tuesday 22 May. For $4, students can purchase a drink (tea, coffee, milo) and a cake/slice. Tickets will go on sale from Wednesday 16 May. The following donations will be gratefully accepted: Tea, coffee, milo, milk, cakes, slices, scones, cake mixes, eggs, small paper plates. Please contact Jason Partridge via email j[email protected] if you can make a contribution. Well done to the Class of 2018 for this initiative.

Year 10 Information

This is a crucial term to begin the process of career decisions and therefore future academic pathways. There are some important events that are part of the subject selection process which are outlined below:

  • Friday 18 May: Exam Preparation Session, Period 2, Xanten Theatre
  • Monday 28 May - Friday 1 June: 2019 Course Information in subject classes
  • Friday 8 – Thursday 14 June: Exams
  • Friday 14 June: Period 3-Subject Selection Information, Period 4-Work Experience Induction (CAE students only)
  • Monday 25 – Friday 29 June: Work Experience for Year 10 Careers and Enterprise students
  • Wednesday 27 June: Year 10 Parent-Student Information Evening, 6:00pm, ORC
  • Tuesday 31 July: Year 10 Subject Selection Interviews, 3:30 – 7:00pm, BP Forum

The School Curriculum and Standards Handbook offers advice to parents and students and has been uploaded onto SEQTA Documents.

Year 12 Important Dates

  • Monday 1 – Tuesday 9 October: College Final Exams
  • Wednesday 10 October: ATAR students return for Exam reviews
  • Friday 12 October: All Year 12 students return for House Assemblies and Graduation rehearsal
  • Monday 29 October - Friday 16 November: ATAR Exams

Early Offer - University of Notre Dame 2019

Are you a high-achieving Year 12 student who wants to study at a leading Australian university? Do you want to get a head start on your future? If so, you may be the ideal candidate for Notre Dame’s Early Offer Program.


The Early Offer Program is open to students who can demonstrate academic excellence and are motivated to make a special contribution to society, and/or who can show exceptional personal or leadership qualities. You can demonstrate this by your reports, your exam results, by your active contribution to school, church, or community, by your work achievements and by telling us about your personal or leadership qualities.


Applicants will need to demonstrate a predicted benchmark ATAR of 93 for the Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Physiotherapy; and a predicted benchmark ATAR of 90 for all other undergraduate programs. For academic capability, all offers are made based on Year 11 and Year 12 reports to date.


Such an offer means that you can sit your Year 12 exams with added confidence and reduced stress – it’s also a great way for schools to acknowledge their outstanding students.


Early Offer applications for Semester 1 2019 are due by 31 July 2018. For more information and an application form visit

Parent Committee Meeting

All parents and guardians are invited to attend the Parent Committee Meeting on Tuesday 15 May at 6:00pm in the Koinonia Room (Boardroom in Main Reception). Planning will be done for the Celebrating Mums Breakfast (please see flyer). All are welcome and we would love to hear your ideas for the remainder of the year. Our next Parent Seminar is scheduled for Tuesday 19 June at 7:00pm. A guest speaker from Headspace will provide information for parents on Teen Mental Health issues. Please save the date.

Ms S Rainford (Deputy Principal 8, 10, 12)

Supporting the Home-School Partnership

When conducting enrolment interviews for potential students and their parents, I always emphasise the fact that schooling is a three-way partnership between students, families and the school. The benefits of a strong home-school partnership is critical with educational research consistently finding that teacher and family relationships are important for young people’s social and emotional wellbeing and academic achievement (Desforges and Aboucher, 2003). A vital component in this partnership is the development of open lines of communication between the College and the home. Teachers are encouraged to keep parents aware of the academic, social and pastoral development of the students that they teach. Similarly, parents are encouraged to ‘keep an eye’ on the progress of their children through logging into SEQTA Engage, attending interview nights and information sessions and, when necessary, making direct contact with their child’s teachers. Through regular communication, parents and teachers can work together to ensure that students are making the most of their educational opportunities.


On Tuesday this week, the College conducted our first round of Parent/Student/Teacher interviews using Edval Interviews for the first time. The night was a great success with 1257 interviews taking place between students, families and teaching staff. Some teachers were completely filled up on the night meaning that some parents were unable to get bookings with teachers they wished to see. In this situation, parents are encouraged to contact these teachers (via email or SEQTA direct message) to arrange an alternative way to discuss your child’s progress.


In order to facilitate better communication between families and the College, it is important that families update their contact with the College when changes occur. These changes may involve a new home address, a different mobile phone number or an updated parent email address. In the recent information sent to parents about the Parent/Student/Teacher interviews, a total of 38 emails were undeliverable and therefore weren’t received by parents. By updating family contact details, these types of problems can be avoided. It is also important for parents to ensure that the Emergency Contact details are kept up to date.  An ‘Update of Family Information’ form is available on the St Norbert College website under the ‘Forms’ tab at the bottom of the home page.

Mr P Hawke (Deputy Principal 7,9,11)

Dean of Studies

Maintaining motivation​

In previous newsletters, we have looked into the science of deliberate and purposeful practice to improve knowledge or skills, however, the extra challenge is to maintain motivation. Anders Ericsson poses this question that anyone engaged in practice will eventually face. As he notes:

“Getting started is easy, as anyone who has visited a gym after New Year’s knows. You decide that you want to get in shape or learn to play the guitar or pick up a new language, and so you jump right in. It’s exciting. It’s energising. You can imagine how good it will feel to be lighter or to play that new song you have learned. Then after a while, reality hits. It’s hard to find the time to work out or practice as much as you should, so you start missing sessions. You’re not improving as fast as you thought you would. It stops being fun, and your resolve to reach your goal weakens,” (Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise; pp.166 – 167).

In this instance, the focus should shift from willpower to motivation. Willpower can decrease when used often (like muscles after a workout) and so motivation supports the ability to develop a habit through routine. To achieve academic success, students need to develop and stick to a routine. Maintaining motivation, according to Ericsson, requires a routine where time is set aside for full concentration, removed from all distractions. This motivation consists of two parts: the reasons to keep going and the reasons to stop. When you quit something that you had initially wanted to do, it’s because the reasons to stop eventually outweighed the reasons to continue.

Successful motivation and effort requires a strengthening of one and weakening of the other, and so setting aside a regular and fixed time to practice and revise is the foundation of achievement. Designing a study plan that sets aside the best time(s) in your week to achieve this is the first step, followed by determining the right amounts of sleep, recreation and other commitments that is required to maintain balance. Good planning can help avoid many of the things that may take away time for practice and revision. And most importantly, it is never too late to start or make a change.

NAPLAN Schedule

Tuesday 15 May

Writing (40 minutes)

Language Conventions (45 minutes)

Wednesday 16 May

Reading (65 minutes)

Thursday 17 May

Numeracy (Part A) - Calculator allowed

(50 minutes)

Friday 18 May

NAPLAN ‘Catch-up’ (if required)


NAPLAN (Special Provisions)

Any student with Special Provisions will complete the NAPLAN Assessment in the Br Pat Forum (Year 7) OR with the Enrichment Class in T6 or P6 (Year 9). A Laptop/Scribe is ONLY used for the Writing Section, and Teacher Assistants will inform students of their specific arrangements prior to the NAPLAN assessment.

The Teacher Assistants will collect a laptop (with full charge) and the NAPLAN Assessment Paper(s).

Externally Set Task (EST) – Year 12 General Courses

The ESTs are assessment tasks for each Year 12 General course that are developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) and distributed to schools for administering to students. The EST is included in the Assessment Outline of the Year 12 General syllabuses for all courses as a separate assessment type with a weighting of 15 per cent for the pair of units. The purpose of the EST is to:

  • assist to ensure the fair assessment of student achievement in Year 12 General courses
  • have an educative role in establishing common understandings among teachers of the course standards and related content
  • provide access to feedback which will encourage teachers to review and, where appropriate, adjust their marking
  • model best assessment practice which teachers can apply to other school-based assessment tasks
  • assist to inform the Authority’s other moderation activities.

The EST is administered in the subject lesson time and marked by the teacher/s delivering the course using the marking key provided by the Authority. The school provides to the Authority the total raw mark for each student. Following the marking of the EST by the teacher/s, the Authority reviews a sample of EST scripts from each school delivering each course. Schools are required to provide the scripts of a prescribed number of Authority-selected students (i.e. normally six from each class) for independent marking. The feedback provided in the Authority’s SIRS reports enables the teacher/s of the course at the school to reflect on their marking practice and on occasions, the Authority may initiate a grading review based on the EST data. The EST Schedule for Year 12 General courses St Norbert College will be as follows:

Wednesday 9 May     -    English

Monday 14 May          -     Religion and Life

Tuesday 15 May         -     Mathematics Essentials

Wednesday 16 May   -     Integrated Science

Monday 21 May           -     Computer Science;                                                                Drama

Tuesday 22 May          -     Career and Enterprise;                                                          Dance

Wednesday 23 May    -    Health Studies;                                                                        Materials– Wood;

                                                   Visual Arts

Semester One Examination Timetable (Year 11 – 12)

The Semester One Examination Timetable has been finalised and distributed for Year 11 and Year 12 students. Please note that students are required to be at the College only for their examinations. Students should arrive no later than 8:30am (morning examinations) or 12:30pm (afternoon examinations).

All Year 11 or Year 12 students with overdue assessment tasks (including certificate courses) must attend the College until all tasks are up to date.

St Norbert Day – Friday 15 June

The celebration of the entry to eternal life for St Norbert is June 6 and it is traditional for the College to mark the occasion with a day of celebration. This year the College will celebrate   St Norbert Day on Friday 15 June (Week 7) with the following arrangements:

8:45am    -   Homeroom

9:10am    -    College Mass

10:15am  -   Morning Tea – House Gathering

10:40am  -   St Norbert Day – Activity Group Meeting

11:10am   -   Staff vs Students (Soccer / Netball)

11:50am   -   Depart for St Norbert Day Activity

3:15pm     -   College Dismissal

Further details regarding sign up for St Norbert Day activities will be distributed via MCB.

Mr R Dowling (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Calling All Dads: Gratitude Letters for Mother's Day​



I know you have heard of Mother's Day, but have you heard of a Gratitude Letter?

Better yet, have you ever given one? It is an unexpectedly uplifting experience. I gave one to an ex-boss of mine, and she kept it for years. It's nice to be appreciated. And it feels pretty good doing the appreciating too!

So, you can probably see where this is heading. Mother's Day is coming up - what a perfect time to ask your children to tell their mother, in their own words, what they love and appreciate about her. How about they write it in a letter she can keep? You can help them if they are too young to write. My husband did.

Here comes the best part: Then you have them read it aloud to her - with your help if they need it, and really make her day. Everyone in the family has all the positive emotions buzzing through their bodies and brains (read on to see why that is SUCH a good thing for everybody).

Then we will make it even better. If you can record the reading and the reaction, take a photo of them hugging at the end (and a photo of the letter), pretty quickly you have the ingredients of a heart-warming video that we will post on our YouTube channel with others - and you can all watch it and send it to your family and friends.

Gratitude is one of life's most vitalising ingredients. Research has shown that practicing gratitude can have dramatic and lasting effects in a person's life. Beyond these benefits, it feels good in its own right to appreciate that we have been the recipient of freely and generously given kindness. After I have convinced you of the science behind gratitude and how good it is for the whole family to be involved, you can check out the video we made from the letter my children surprised me with:


Physical Benefits:
▪ Stronger immune systems
▪ Less bothered by aches and pains
▪ Lower blood pressure
▪ Grateful people exercise more and take better care of their health
▪ Sleep longer and feel more refreshed upon waking

Psychological Benefits

▪ Higher levels of positive emotions
▪ More alert, alive, and awake
▪ More joy and pleasure
▪ More optimism and happiness

Social Benefits:

▪ More helpful, generous, and compassionate
▪ More forgiving
▪ More outgoing
▪ Feel less lonely and isolated

(Adapted from Robert Emmons, "Why Gratitude Is Good.")

It nourishes a fundamentally-affirming life stance - it is saying YES to life.

And it helps us cope with stress, both in everyday life and trauma, recover more quickly from illness and enjoy more robust health.

AND it can be cultivated - in an enjoyable way. By writing a gratitude letter for example!

For more information on this article go to:

Pastoral Care Team


Blessed Hugh of Fosse Basketball Scholarships Now Open

Basketball Scholarships are available for students entering Years 7 - 12. The scholarship covers 50% of College tuition fees. A prospectus for the Specialised Basketball Program is available on our website or from reception. Basketball try-outs are held on Thursday 19 July commencing at 3.30pm.


Applications for Basketball Scholarships close on 15 June 2018.

Mrs A Hughes (Principal's Secretary-Enrolment Officer)

Student Ministry

Shopfront Winter Appeal and Canned Food Collection

Student Ministry are supporting  Archbishop Timothy Costelloe’s LifeLink charity by collecting winter bedding and clothing for Shopfront. Scarves, socks and beanies are especially useful! If you have any that you no longer require your donations would be appreciated.


We are also aiming to collect 1000 cans of non-perishable food items for Shopfront. Cans of soup, vegetables, milo, spaghetti etc are very much appreciated. Please help us reach our target by bringing in some donations. Baskets will be placed in Homerooms for this or donations can be dropped off at Reception or the Student Ministry Centre. The Winter Appeal will run until the end of Week 8.

We will also continue our on-going collection of toiletries for Shopfront, especially those that are given at hotels. If you have some of these in your cupboards that you do not require, Shopfront would really appreciate these.


Thank you for your continued support.



Wednesday 16 May is the day we will start our Knitting Club. All students are invited to attend. Needles and wool are supplied. We always appreciate donations of wool, so if you have some at home that you no longer require we can put it to good use. Our Knitting Club knits basic squares that are then joined together to form blankets for Br Ollie’s Wheelchairs For Kids program. We also welcome parents and grandparents who would like to come in and knit with us, or knit at home and send in squares. If you are interested, please call Ms Kyd at the College for more details.

Ms M Kyd (Coordinator of Campus Ministry)


Senior Boys AFL

The season opener was a  courageous battle by a talented band of SNC brothers.


On the walk to Queens Park Reserve the stories of the talent in the Lynwood team were all the boys talked about - four State players, a school AFL program, and players who were legends in the local weekend teams. The expectations of success were not high. When we reached the oval, there was a crowd of students, parents and staff who had come down to watch, the mood changed and we knew this was going to be a good game.


What we witnessed was an excellent game between two teams where neither side was giving an inch to the other. The scoring opportunities were rare. The St Norbert defence kept foiling Lynwood’s charges at goal. Nyika John was consistent in putting the pressure on all over the oval and displayed some great strength, winning several contested marks. Patrick Osias played the ball hard getting in and under several packs to bring the ball out to waiting teammates. The courageous effort of Jackson White in contests against packs of the opposition was matched by the several strong marks he took. The never-give-up attitude of the whole team was exemplified in Fletcher Clemmence’s spectacular chase down of the opposition's #25, he ran over 60 metres to stop a goal in the dying minutes of the game. St Norbert’s two goals were scored by Connor Young Free.  Final result SNC 2.3.16 to Lynwood 6.5.41.


If you can make it down to Queens Park Reserve on a Wednesday afternoon please join us in supporting the Senior Boys AFL team for what is shaping up to be a season of cracking games.

Week 2.3 16 May:    Home vs Sevenoaks @ Queens Park Reserve

Week 2.4 23 May:    Away vs Kent Street @ Queens Park Reserve

Week 2.5 30 May:    Home vs Clontarf @ Queens Park Reserve

Mrs M Silva (Team Manager)

Student Achievements

Emily Bates - Year 7 - Xanten

Congratulations to Emily Bates who recently competed in five races in the Junior State Swimming Championships over the holidays. It was a successful competition for Emily, achieving personal best times in all her events. She was most successful in the backstroke events achieving the following:

50m backstroke: 7th in the State 

100m backstroke: 8th in the State

200m backstroke: 6th in the State


Emily’s next goal is to work towards National Championships qualifying times for 100m and 200m backstroke of which she will be eligible in 2020. Congratulations Emily!

Chloe Reilly - Year 9 - Tongerlo

Congratulations to Chloe Reilly who has been selected in the State Schoolgirls Under 15 AFL squad and is off to Adelaide in July! Congratulations Chloe!

Mr M Price (Head of Sport)

Nes'eya Williams - Year 11 - Magdeburg

Congratulations to Year 11 student, Nes’eya Williams who recently competed at the U/18 National Basketball Tournament held in Geelong. Nes’eya represented WA Metro Women's team proudly averaging 11 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists per game, helping guide her team to a 6th place finish.

Mr L Ford (Specialised Basketball Coordinator)

Integrated Science

Scuba Diving

At the end of last term Miss Gardner and Mr D’Almeida took four students from Year 11 and 12 to receive their Scuba Diving qualification from Perth Scuba Cannington.


This was a three-day intensive course. Day one saw our students endure a swimming test, to ensure they could swim 200m and stay afloat for 10 minutes. Next, students learned all about the scuba equipment and how to assemble their BCDs, Rigs and tanks and complete safety checks with their buddy. Throughout the day they completed numerous skills tasks, including descending in water, removing their mask and clearing it out underwater. Day one was a long day with the course finishing about 6pm.


Day two brought us to Rockingham foreshore where we kitted up for two off-shore dives. This was now putting these skills into practice. During these dives students went to a depth of 10 metres. All students needed to learn and display skills at this depth; this proved challenging at times with the limited visibility offered at these dive sites. Regardless all students completed the skills. This then allowed them to continue onto day three's open-water dive.


Day three, the last day of the course, we embarked on a boat out to Rottnest. With confidence students geared up and jumped into the choppy waters of the Indian Ocean. They descended to 18 metres below sea level where they saw entrancing reef structures and an abundance of fish species at two different dive sites. This was the best day of the course where the students got to relax, show the skills they had learnt and enjoy the wildlife swimming around them.


By the end of the weekend, Daniel Tan, Jorja Belli, Caris O’Hara and Shanzae Jehangiri all became certified Open Water Divers. They will receive their PADI diving licence in the coming weeks and will be able to dive and explore the ocean anywhere in the world.

I would like to thank all the students for their efforts and their parents for the ongoing support. I would also like to thank Mr D’Almeida for accompanying us on the trip.


Overall it was a very successful course and one we hope to continue every year.


Our aim is to ensure students at St Norbert's get the best possible opportunities that will prepare them for all good works.

Ms S Gardner (Integrated Science Teacher)

Year 9 Humanities

Perth Climate Justice Summit generates student action

I learnt that climate change is a bigger problem than I thought it was and even the earth gaining one degree can cause a lot of problems.

Cody Halton


A group of our Year 9s with an interest in environmental issues took part in the Perth Climate Justice Summit on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th of May. This was an opportunity provided by the HASS department and the College Academic Excellence program to extend student involvement in the community.


They joined 100 students from schools around Perth for a program to deepen student engagement in sustainability and climate action. They heard from people on the frontlines of climate change including from developing countries, Indigenous Australia and marginalised communities. Students worked with the support team to develop skills and plan campaigns to make change and lead climate action in their communities.


Student comments about the experience:

A great experience to be able to learn how to promote the positive changes needed in our school to ensure a positive environment for future generations - Nellie Bond


The summit provided us with a better understanding of climate change and what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. The summit helped me to see what I could do in our school as an individual - Juphil Jiji


Our school can make small changes that will help the environment - Asta Breeze


I learnt that everybody can have a positive impact on the environment if they participate in activities that can help our environment - Sophie Kala


I learnt that being in a first world country we don’t really feel the effects of climate change but at the same time we are ruining the lives and homes of those in third world countries with our actions. I believe we are the ones that have to make a change! - Zeta Stevens


Stay tuned for ways you can actively join the students to help them achieve their goals.

Ms M Silva (Humanities Teacher)

World of Maths

World of Maths incursion

In the last week of Term 1, all Year 7 Maths students participated in a ‘hands-on' Maths activity presentation, conducted by Mr Mike Matthews from the 'World of Maths' association.


In today’s highly technological society with ever-changing devices, this incursion was a refreshing change and a unique experience for our students. They moved from activity to activity in groups to solve the 25 different mathematical problems, ‘equipped’ with great curiosity and enthusiasm.


The students collaborated, calculated and experimented to solve the various problems, all in a fun atmosphere. Here are some of their comments:


“The Maths incursion was a great time. We got to solve different problems and socialise with our friends.” Tanaka Machiri                                                                         

“The World of Maths incursion was very educational, but fun at the same time. I enjoyed trying to figure out the difficult puzzles and I enjoyed the fact that most of the problems were hands-on and interactive.” Anna Holland                                                                  

“It was so much fun. Although it was challenging, it was a good way to make us think outside the box.” Marcus Secades                                                                                                   

“There were good problem-solving games and sums to do. It was a very enjoyable day. It made Maths fun”. Ciera Power                                                                                                         


Quotes from the introduction to the Maths activity by Mr Mike Matthews:

“We don’t call them mistakes, we call them learning experiences”.

“Practice makes progress and progress means we are getting better and better”.

“There are two types of people in the world; winners and learners. Never think of yourself as a loser, you are a learner!”

Ms D Tersigni  (Year 7 Mathematics Teacher)


Years 8 and 10 Immunisations

Year 8 Immunisation

A reminder to the parents of Year 8 students that Round Two of the Immunisation Program will take place on Thursday 30 August at 9.00am. Parents are requested to not make any appointments for their son or daughter on this day, where practicable. The initial permission slip which was submitted earlier in the year covers this immunisation.


Year 10 Meningococcal W Immunisation

The Health Department of WA will offer free Meningococcal immunisations to Year 10 students this year. The immunisations will occur at the College on Thursday 21 June 2018.

Meningococcal disease is a bacterial infection of the blood, spinal cord membranes and brain. It disproportionately affects adolescents, which is the reason the State government is offering a free, school-based immunisation for your children. However, the vaccination is not compulsory.


Permission slips were distributed to Year 10 students in Homeroom on Friday 6 April. These must be returned as soon as possible.

Mr B Gherardi (Head of House – Tongerlo)

(Year 8 Coordinator)

Performing Arts

Instrumental/Vocal Music Lessons

Notice of Lesson Absence

Tutors must be contacted by 8.15am on the morning of the student’s lesson in order to be advised of illness; failure to contact the tutor will result in a charge being made for the scheduled lesson. Performing Arts Administration (Tel: 9350 5433) should be contacted by 8.15am if the tutor cannot be contacted directly. For all other student absences (including tests, exams, excursions, athletics carnivals, medical appointments and the like) students must inform their tutor at least one week in advance. Failure to give this notice will result in a charge being made for that lesson.


Mr C Beins (Head of Learning Area – The Arts)

Where's My Bus App

New Bus Tracking App Available

Horizons West have recently started to use the ‘Where’s My Bus’ app, which allows parents and students to track the location of their school bus in real time. You can also use the app to calculate the best stop for you to catch the bus and to find out how soon you need to start walking. The app tracks each bus on the St Norbert College Bus service in the mornings and in the afternoon.


The app is for iPhones and iPads only at this stage, and can be downloaded for free from:


You will need to login with the following credentials:

Username: [email protected]

Password: snc1234


If you have any problems downloading, installing or using the app, please contact me via email: [email protected].

Mr M Biddle (Community Relations and Marketing)


Uniform Shop



Mondays        8.30am – 11.30am

Thursdays      1.00pm – 4.00pm


Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)

2018 Entertainment Book

Buy your Entertainment Book or Digital Membership through St Norbert College

and support St Joseph’s P&F.


St Norbert College is again selling the Entertainment Books with proceeds going towards St Joseph’s Primary School. They are $70 each and you can purchase either a hard copy  at College Reception or the digital version by clicking on the link below.

Order page:

Virtual Book Link:

Catholic Education WA - Preparing for life after school


In Focus Careers 


Cannington Leisureplex Fitness Centre partners with St Norbert College

Want to join the gym? Are you in Year 10-12?

Year 10-12 students of St Norbert College now have access to a discounted Gym membership and Leisureplex Plus membership. The two options available to St Norbert College students are:

  • Gym only membership - $20 payment twice per month (approximately $10 per week) – programming and appraisals included if any student wishes for assistance.**
  • Leisureplex Plus membership (gym, pools, wellness suite and group fitness access) - $30 payment twice per month (approximately $15 per week) - programming and appraisals included.**

** flexi direct debit basis, two weeks’ notice to cancel, no lock in contract.


The pricing model above will only apply to St Norbert College students who join through the St Norbert College Physical Education Department (you cannot access this deal direct through the Leisureplex). Please email Mr Hodgen [email protected] to be able to access this deal with Cannington Leisureplex.


Cannington Leisureplex Fitness Centre features state-of-the-art equipment for those wanting to stay fit and healthy. Incorporating a selection of the latest strength and conditioning equipment, the gym is an ideal space for a workout. Additionally, the centre’s knowledgeable and friendly staff can help create a fitness program for you.

Mr S Hodgen (Head of Learning Area - Health and Physical Education)


Parent Committee Meeting  - Tuesday 15 May - 6.00pm

Year 9 Retreat Days - Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 May

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