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23 April 2018
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CSC to receive $11.75 million to finish school rebuild

It was with great excitement that we received a surprise visit from Maree Edwards, State MP for Bendigo West, on Friday morning. Ms Edwards visited us to deliver the welcome news that we will be receiving $11.75 million in next month’s State Budget, which will allow us to finish rebuilding our school. The completion of this rebuild will involve the construction of a new Artisans’ Precinct, Canteen and Administration Building at the Lawson Parade entrance to the school, and then the extension of our Performers’ Precinct to include more general purpose classrooms, a media studies lab and additional toilets and staff room space. Once these new buildings are completed, all of our old buildings will be demolished and our students will be educated in entirely new facilities.

Although I will receive more details about timelines over the coming weeks, I am expecting design work with our architects to begin very soon and then continue throughout the remainder of this year, with construction to commence in 2019.

Lobbying for the new facilities our students need and deserve has been a long process, and there have been many people who have been advocating strongly for our school during this time. In particular I am grateful to Maree Edwards, Mary McPherson (former principal), School Council (especially our President, Beth Mellick) and the Mt Alexander Shire Council.


Next Wednesday CSC students are invited to represent our school in the Castlemaine ANZAC Day parade. If students would like to participate, they are to meet me outside the Town Hall at 8:45am in full school uniform. For many years now it has been a tradition that our School Captains deliver an ANZAC Day address at this 9am service. The quality of these speeches has always been extremely high, and I know that Des and Nioka will do us proud again this year.



Pride, Respect, Responsibility: 

CSC Values through our Uniform Policy

During the mentor day meetings held at the beginning of the year, parents/carers and students are asked to agree to the conditions of CSC’s Uniform Policy and sign an acceptance form.  With the merger of the two campuses onto the Blakeley Road campus last year, School Council approved a two year transition period for senior students to adapt to wearing the uniform.  In 2018 Year 12 students are the only students not required to wear a uniform, but they must adhere to a dress code developed in conjunction with the Student Representative Council (SRC).


Thank you to the majority of CSC families who are supporting the uniform policy.  Unfortunately there are still some students who are regularly attending school out of uniform and we are asking for support from families to improve this practice. Of particular concern are the number of students wearing non-CSC pants (instead wearing jeans, tracksuit pants and even skins) and sneakers.

In wearing our uniform, students actively demonstrate the CSC values of pride, respect and responsibility: pride in our school, respect for school policies and responsibility in adhering to them.  In not wearing the uniform, in the worst case (such as a lack of leather shoes in a technology class), this results in risk to student safety.


CSC assists families to ensure students are in uniform in the following ways:

  • Consultation with students has occurred to introduce additional items of uniform which students are comfortable with (e.g. the CSC jacket a few years ago and warmer winter pants ).
  • Mentor teachers are reminding students to wear uniform and are providing an “Out of Uniform” pass to students who have an unavoidable obstacle in wearing uniform items that day. eg uniform not dry, left at mum/dad/carer’s house etc.
  • Mentor teachers will request students out of uniform to obtain loan uniform items from Reception.  
  • State School Relief funding is available to eligible families to cover the cost of uniform items.  Family Finance Manager Karen Burton is happy to help with eligibility and applications and can be contacted on 5479 1111.
  • Uniform items can be purchased from the Uniform Shop from 3pm to 5pm on Tuesday , Wednesday, Friday and Thursday 3pm - 7pm. 

Thank you for your support with this.  If you have any questions, please call 5479 1111.

Paul Frye

Achievement & Answers

It has been a very positive beginning to term 2, with one of our students receiving a full scholarship from Southern Cross Cultural Exchange.  This is a very high achievemnet as there is only a couple of full scholarships awarded in Australia.


Amy Ferguson, Year 10, was successful in her application for a fully funded trip to Germany, which runs from August 2018 until January 2019.


Amy always sets exemplar standards in relation to our College values of Pride, Respect and Responsibility, and our College is extremely proud of her efforts. This provides a perfect example of what can be achieved through having high personal expectations and working hard. 

The notion of setting high expectations in educational settings is considered by educational experts, such as Professor John Hattie, to be fundamental in maximising student outcomes. At CSC we are continually reviewing our whole College operations to ensure a culture of high expectations exists in all classrooms. The initial phases are focussed on operational procedures, including mobile phone usage, attendance and student uniform. Running alongside these tasks is the continued focus on improving pedagogy, of which will be referenced in future newsletters.


Mobile phone update

The following information was email to families earlier this week.

The introduction of our College’s new system to manage student mobile phone use during class time has been extremely well received by students, teachers and parents. However, we have identified some areas of refinement, which will ensure we are providing the best possible environment for student learning. From the beginning of term 2, 2018 the following alterations will be made:

  • In the event a student is required to take their phone to the library for a third incident within one term, their parent or carer will be required to collect the phone from the College.
  • Any subsequent offences during that term would also require a parent or carer to collect the phone from the College.

Since the beginning of the school year we have appreciated parent support relating to the management of mobiles phones and we ask for this continued backing through the refinement of this process.



CSC uses the computer software program XUNO, providing staff, students and families with up to date information relating many aspects of school. One important function of XUNO is providing attendance information, which can be viewed by subject or overall. Maintaining a high presence in class correlates closely to enhanced academic progress.



It has long been recognised in education that students learn in many different ways and at various speeds, therefore providing students with access to their subject resources ensures information is constantly available to improve student outcomes. Providing detailed online information also ensures parents are kept well informed of the high quality learning that occurs at CSC. Students and parents can login to CSC’s Moodle to access resources specific to each class.


Both XUNO and Moodle can be accessed through hyperlinks on the College’s website, if you require technical assistance please contact CSC’s Administration Team on 5479 1111.


Justin Hird

Assistant Principal

Year 10 Work Experience 2018

All Year 10 students at Castlemaine Secondary College in 2018 are to participate in a compulsory one week Work Experience placement of their choice, from the 23rd  July until the 27th  of July.


Work Experience is part of the schools’ educational program where students experience the world of work, often for the first time. It involves students participating in a short-term industry placement to broaden their experience and understanding of the world of work and possible career opportunities. In general, students will observe different aspects of work within a specific industry and may assist with tasks allocated by their supervisor.


A major component of the program is for students to be active participants in the organising of the placement of their choice. It is also recognised that many students need support in finding their placements. To access this support I need them to come and make contact with me.


In the past, many students undertaking Work Experience have been offered apprenticeships, traineeships, school based apprenticeships or part-time work opportunities as a result of their placements.


For the Work Experience to be organised the following documents and tasks need to be completed:


  1. The Work Experience Arrangement Form.
  2. The Work Experience Travel and Accommodation Form.
  3. Two [email protected] Occupational Health and Safety Modules.


In order for the Work Experience Arrangement Document and the Travel and Accommodation Document to be completed prior to signing, I will require the following information:


  1. The Business Name;
  2. The Business Address;
  3. The Business Contact person – both First and Surname;
  4. The Business Phone contact;
  5. The Business email (if available).


Year 10 students who are undertaking a VET Program as part of their studies are encouraged to undertake the Work Placement component of the VET Program during Work Experience Week.


If you have any questions or there is any reason your child may not be able to participate in a Work Experience placement during these dates, please contact me as soon as possible on 54791111/0438890280 or by my email ([email protected]).


Mr Cook

Careers/MIPS Co-ordinator

Let's get into the FLO


It’s been a busy start to the year with the Etty St Program: VCAL and the ‘new-look’ FLO Program.

As usual, our aim is to engage students with ‘real-world’ learning opportunities that have a ‘hands-on’ approach about them.



Etty students came to the party with their involvement with this year’s Harcourt Applefest. Thanks to Jaqueline Brodie-Hahns who came and spoke to students sharing her experiences of volunteering and motivated students about the benefits of being a volunteer.

On the day before Applefest, our students were busy moving marquees, setting up stages, and doing odd-jobs as the need arose. We calculated that our 18 students on the day, all contributing 3hrs of time, donated 54hrs of labour that helped Applefest come together for the event on the Saturday.

If anyone ventured to the A.N.A Hall in the main street of Harcourt they would have seen the magnificent cake stall that provided tea or coffee with a sweet accompaniment for those who needed a refreshment.

Huge shout out to the following businesses who provided cakes for our stall the supplemeted the 200 cup cakes that the Etty Street students provided. Those businesses were Johnny Baker, Peddling Pastries, Cookie Crumbs and Maxi IGA.

Garden Project:

If anyone lives near the Etty St Campus they would have noticed the site looked somewhat derelict in the first 4 weeks of the year.

VCAL students gave life to the saying ‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’, and rolled their sleeves up and embarked on a ‘grounds maintenance program.

We had a truck load of mulch donated by the Mt Alexander Shire from storm damaged that hit Taradale just before Xmas and have been busy spreading on garden beds. We worked with Harcourt Lions Club who provided helpers for a weekend working bee, and pulled out and trimmed dead trees from the gardens. The result is an Etty St that looks cared for and a pleasant place to come to school each day.

Victorian Miniature Railway:

Term 2 sees the start of our weekly collaboration with the Victorian Miniature Railway (VMR) in Harcourt,that everyone is really excited about.

VMR have a vision to build Australia’s largest miniature railway and have it operational by the end of the year.

We had a visit in term 1 and start our weekly visits this week. There are a number of jobs to do including: building 2.4km of track, building a replica railway station modelled on the one over at Maryborough, landscaping and planting working with landcare. Our progress and activities will documented on the newsletter and our Instagram account.


Japanese Student’s 20th  Visit
Wednesday 1 to Sunday 5 August 2018

This year is the 20th time Castlemaine Secondary College we will be hosting students from Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.  This is a great achievement and one we couldn’t do without everyone’s support.

To enable this to again run smoothly, we are looking for CSC families to host these students whilst here. This is a truly rewarding and worthwhile experience. 

Application forms are available from the reception office and library.

We will be organising another trip to Japan in 2019, so this may be a wonderful opportunity to establish some rewarding friendships.

If you would like more information or have any queries please contact the reception office on            

5479 1111.  Thank you.

School Council Happenings

At the recent School Council meeting and AGM, we welcomed new Council member Paul O'Connor as a parent representative, welcomed back Patrick Byrne as a parent representative, and welcomed Clayton Tremlett and Alan Stewart as teacher representatives (DET). These DET (Department of Education) reps are voted in by staff. Maria Angeloni was voted in to Council as a community representative in order for her to continue the work she is doing in managing the Profile and Communications Portfolio on Council - primarily project managing the new website and set of communication principles for CSC.


We farewelled Outdoor Education teacher, Cole Waters, from Council and thank him for the marvellous work he has done, particularly on the Buildings and Grounds Portfolio.


The rest of us remain the same (parents and DET reps are on two year terms), and the following people were re-elected to their positions: Beth Mellick continues as President, Dean Bridgfoot for another year as Vice President, and Barry Sutton remains our long standing Treasurer.


There is new state legislation in place which gives us two positions on Council for student representatives. At present, these positions are being filled informally by the school captains, Nioka and Des. But after the new legislation and the rules are released, there will be a formal process of electing these representatives.


This is what Council looks like and the Portfolio areas that they will work on:

Paul Frye, Principal - Executive - all portfolios

Beth Mellick - President - all portfolios

Dean Bridgfoot - Vice President - Buildings and Grounds

Barry Sutton - Treasurer - Finance

Debra Watson - Parent - Finance

Patrick Byrne - Parent - Wellbeing

Rose DeMaria - Parent - Profile and Communications

Paul O'Connor - Parent - Support Groups

Paula Jenkins - DET - Profile and Communications

Clayton Tremlett - DET - Support Groups and Buildings and Grounds

Alan Stewart - DET - Policy

Maria Angeloni - Community - Profile and Communications

Nioka Mellick-Cooper - student - SRC

Des Cook - student - SRC


Elissa O'Connor, Business Manager - In Attendance - all portfolios

Justin Hird, Assistant Principal - In Attendance - Policy



Castlemaine Secondary College Parent Teacher Support Group

We would like to remind parents that there exists a wonderful opportunity to lend a hand at school through the Parent Teacher Support Group. John Terry and Cath South, former (and soon to be again) parents of CSC students are involved in processing requests from teachers. In the past, tasks that parents have worked on have included photocopying, gardening, guest speaking or providing technical advice, and even knife-sharpening! To register your interest, please email Cath South, [email protected] and you will be included in the group email for future requests.


Beth Mellick


Year 7 Camp

Great Camp

We left CSC on the bus to Mt Evelyn and everyone was very excited. The bus trip took sooooo long it was 3 hours, but finally we arrived at the camp and that was forgotten. Then we unpacked the bus and the leaders told us the rules/boundaries area and then we went to our cabins. We had so many activities to do and our first was crate staking which was really fun. Other activities we did were: wildlife encounters, giant swing, high ropes, low ropes, team work stuff, night walk on the first night, heaps of ball games, RedFaces evening, campfire with marshmallows and the food was yummy.

Overall, the camp was really fun and I wish we could stay longer than 3 days!


Dean Farrow 7C


Year 7 Camp

Camp was amazing! The food was great and the activities were super fun.

We stayed at the YMCA camp at Mt Evelyn. Some of the activities we did were high ropes, hut building, a night walk, and the giant swing.

Hut building was where we had to build a hut big enough for our group out of the things around us, and it had to be waterproof. So after that activity, a lot of people went back to camp wet.

This camp helped us make new friends and build up our courage.

Then it was time to head back to school. Most of us were sad to leave such a fun place. I wish we got to stay there longer!


Ruby Pender-Hodgson 7E



You Are Invited to:
Wellbeing at CSC Information Event
uest Speaker Jeremy Forbes from HALT

When: Thursday, 26th of April

Where: Castlemaine Secondary College, Wellbeing Centre

Start: 5.30 (till 7.30)

Nibbles provided.


Next Thursday evening CSC are invited to a very important Wellbeing information session. Guest speaker Jeremy Forbes will share the importance of;

  • learning how to take care of ourselves,
  • how families can support their child’s wellbeing and
  • the health services available in Castlemaine and how they can support wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing staff will introduce how they can support your child’s wellbeing needs and how they will support you and your child with connecting with health services in Castlemaine and Bendigo.


More about Jeremy Forbes



Jeremy is a tradie who saw something dark and sad happening amongst tradespeople. It is a big problem, the sort that people generally shy away from addressing. He wanted to call a halt to it. So, he opened the floodgates and galvanised a community into taking action.

(source  )


The blurb describing Jeremy’s TEDtalk explains, very simply the importance of taking care of mental health;


‘Jeremy’s TED talk was about the need for a whole-of-community approach to suicide prevention. In his talk, titled ‘The stereotype of the superstrong macho male can be fatal’, he spoke about HALT’s origins in Castlemaine and the bigger picture of what we can do as a community to reduce alarmingly high rates of suicide.’ 



Jeremy Forbes is wanting to share his understanding and support of the importance of mental health and taking care of our wellbeing with Castlemaine Secondary College families.


Library News 


Book Club News

In 2018 the Library is running three Book Clubs. The Tuesday and Thursday clubs are open to all students, while the Senior Book club is aimed at students in year 9-12. As well as discussing our holiday reading this year, we have also taken part in a book tasting, which involved “tasting” books from a number of categories. The menu included:

  • Best Young Adult books of all time
  • Let the reader beware (banned books from across the years)
  • Award winners
  • There’s more to Graphic novels than Manga

Students also received their bookmarks from the Braće Radić school in Đakovo, Croatia  as part of the Connecting Communities & Cultures initiative we were involved in last year. In 2017 Book Club members were fortunate to receive a grant from Lisa Chesters, our local federal member of parliament, and in early May, Bookclubbers will be heading off to Readings and Minotaur bookshops in Melbourne to purchase items for the Library.

Guest speaker

On March 21st the Library hosted a visit by local photographer, artist and illustrator Lorena Carrington. Lorena has recently collaborated with author Kate Forsyth to create a beautiful book exploring strong female characters in fairy tales. Lorena’s presentation was both inspiring and informative. Vasilisa the Wise (by Kate Forsyth and Lorena Carrington) is available for borrowing from the Library.

Library website

The Library has its own website, which can be accessed via the CSC Moodle or the College website. It provides information on research skills, study tips, copyright, Library databases and reading recommendations, as well as Library programs and events. Members of the CSC community are welcome to visit the Library website and use its resources. Please contact the Library if you have any questions.


Library Orientation

During Term 1 all year 7 students participated in the Library Passport program as part of their introduction to Castlemaine Secondary College. Students undertook a variety of activities including:

  • Logging on to the network and digital citizenship
  • Getting to know the Library (including a treasure hunt)
  • Wide reading booktasting
  • Research skills testing
  • Introduction to plagiarism and bibliographies
  • Introduction to databases (focussing on the World Book encyclopaedia)

Library Catalogue – Oliver

Our new Library catalogue is up and running, and making life much easier for students and staff alike. Oliver v5 provides access to our print and online resources, from home as well as from school. Users can search by title, author, series and subject, and there is also an advanced search option available. Students are able to login to Oliver, where they can renew loans as well as reserve items that are not on the shelf. The catalogue can be accessed via the CSC website (using the Library link), or the CSC Moodle.

Andrea McDonald


Castlemaine Library Event


What have we been up to?

Science Experiments yr 10


Theatre Studies – Top Arts Excursion, March 20

As of the VCE Theatre Studies course, a group of students attended, an invaluable excursion to view a selection of excellent performances from students of 2017 at Arts Centre Melbourne.

This was a great opportunity to gauge the quality, standard and effort required to achieve at the highest level, which students will be undertaking themselves in term four.

Look who we ran into !





Outdoor Ed


Community Notices


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