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29 March 2018
Term 1 Week 9
From the Principal 
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From the Principal 


Dear Parents and Caregivers, Konnichiwa!


STEM Works Completion

Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) site facilities improvements have now been completed. Our school was one of several schools across the State that were funded at $1,000,000 to improve and refurbish school facilities to better support the learning and teaching of STEM. Each school was provided with the flexibility to individualise the refurbishment strategy to best meet the needs of their site. The funding could not be used for any new and additional buildings.


Our thinking here at Grange was to have multiple areas of action that improved STEM learning for each and every student in the school. This strategy supported our belief that STEM learning happens in all classrooms every day.


Alongside this work we also moved some classrooms to locate all like year levels together to better enable collaborative work across the year level. The school added in about $100,000 additional funding to support this work in non STEM spaces such as performing arts, technology and furniture upgrades.


The key outcomes of this work by year level include-


  • refurbishment of two wet area spaces
  • breaking out to the quad outside space improving the inside/outside connection

Year 1 and 2

  • refurbishment of two wet area spaces upstairs/downstairs
  • creating a doorway and breaking out from rooms 22,24,27,29 to the wet areas
  • creating a doorway and breaking out from rooms 26 to technology/multi purpose space in room

Year 3

  • Moving all year 3 classes together
  • Installing a verandah around the quad enabling more inside/outside learning opportunities
  • Refurbishing room 15 to create a general classroom space with new wet area, display window box

Year 4/5

  • Refurbishment of office space into a break out student learning area opposite room 10
  • refurbishment of wet area space for upstairs 4/5 classes
  • Refurbishment (painting, carpeting, removal of internal wall) of rooms 12/13 to create a two teacher/classroom collaborative space

Year 6/7

  • Addition of sink and joinery to Louise Moss building
  • Creation of student learning space from teacher office space
  • Addition of Solar Panels to roof of Louise Moss and technology to record and measure power generated and saved


Performing Arts Centre (shared with OSHC)

  • Creation of a performing arts centre and addition of a performance stage, smart TV, acoustic pinboards
  • Improved lighting

Specialist STEM Centre

  • Installation of two display window boxes to enhance natural light and display student STEM learning
  • Creation of wet space from staff office space
  • Creation of early years STEM investigation centre in room 22


  • Moved upstairs
  • New library shelves and displays

Across the school we have also purchased new furniture, some of which we are ordering or have ordered and are waiting on delivery. Electrical upgrades and attention to current new build requirements have also been part of this work.


Attached are some pictures of the refurbished spaces. I think you will agree that for a large school such as ours we have achieved improved STEM learning environments that will have such a positive impact upon the learning of every student.


Our builder, Harrold and Kite were excellent in supporting us to achieve a high quality of work while minimising the disruption to students and their learning.


The $6,000,000 Better Schools funding for school refurbishment and capacity increase will further enhance our facilities in the provision of the very best, contemporary learning environment for our students and their educators.




Grant Small, Principal

Grange Primary School 

[email protected]                                               


School News

Introducing Wade Ball

Position at Grange: PE Teacher

Where were you teaching before you came to Grange: Roxby Downs Area School

Favourite Foods:  BBQ, Pizza and Fresh Seafood

Favourite Movie: The Blind Side, Old School, Major Payne

Things I like to do in my spare time: Fishing, camping, 4 x 4

Inspiring quote for students: Treat people how you want to be treated


School Pick-up Zone

Parking/Drop off Pick up of students and use of the school grounds.

We would like to remind parents of the importance of following the correct procedure for dropping off and picking up students using motor vehicles. Please remember that the DROP OFF/PICK UP area is not for parking - drivers must not leave their vehicles.  

The parking around our school is the jurisdiction of Charles Sturt Council and out of our hands. Student safety however is our concern and we ask that you keep this uppermost in your mind.


School Crossing Monitors

Week 10

2/4 - 6/4

Lachlan S - Room 32

Ruby B - Room 32

Darcie W - Room 32

Sophia W  (Reserve) - Room 33

Week 11

9/4 - 13/4

Sophia W- Room 33

Alicia G - Room 33

Dylan P - Room 33

Finlay B (Reserve) - Room 37



Canteen News

Canteen volunteers are always welcome. Please see Jo in the canteen to register your interest.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 


Week 10

2/4 - 6/4



Wednesday - Zina Spirdinoff

Thursday- Helen Orfanidis

Friday- Kelly Miigge

Week 11

9/4 - 13/4

Monday - Aymee Lumsden

Tuesday - 

Wednesday - Zena Spirdinoff

Thursday - 

Friday - Kelly Miigge


Emerging Technologies High School Class 

Please see attached flyer for the Inaugural Seaton High School Emerging Technologies Specialist Program for Year 8, 2019. As this is a specialist program, student applications are required.  Please see Alex Narcys, 6/7 Senior Leader for an application form or contact Seaton High School. Applications close Friday 6th April.


School Activities

Harmony Day

In Room 25 we celebrated Harmony Day by creating our own ‘Harmony Day Heroes.’ Having brainstormed the meaning of Harmony Day and creating posters with a class buddy, we then chose a motto for our mini Harmony Day people to wear on their t-shirts. There were many messages on our t-shirts that showed our understanding of acceptance, tolerance and kindness. We loved making our mini Harmony Day heroes! 


Graphic Design in Room 21

Parent and graphic designer Megan Swan shared interesting information on design and graphic designs which the children in Room 21 used to create their own personal logos.

We have shared some photos and logos below.


Fundraising News

2018 Easter Raffle

Thank you to everyone who donated and/or purchased tickets to our Easter Raffle.  A lot of time and effort goes into organising the raffle so a big thank you to the Fundraising Committee  and the Front Office staff who gave up their time to the various tasks required. At the time of publication the total amount raised was $4511.00, a fantastic result. 

Congratulations to the following lucky winners.

1st Prize - Kerry Hodges

2nd Prize - O. Mack

3rd Prize - Krystal Martinovic

4th Prize - Kim Apostolides

5th Prize - Jacki Robinson

6th Prize - Greta Musci

7th Prize - Greta Musci

8th Prize - Eva Carr

9th Prize - Tyla Dooley

10th Prize - Anita Bazalicki

11th Prize - Ava Parker

12th Prize - Carly Brown 

13th Prize - Genevieve Lawler

14th Prize - Miniken Family

15th Prize - Hannah Moore

Easter Egg Guessing Jar - Luke Carley


Sport News

After School Sports update


AFL Football

Registration continues for AFL Football in all year levels and will close on Wednesday 11th April.

We are still looking for players for Years 2/3 and 4/5 so if you have registered you interest but not returned the form please do so as soon as possible. Altenatively, if you child is interested in playing Australian Rules Football for the school, please see the Front Office for a registration form.


Nick Godlevsky

Grange Football Delegate


Community News

Inspire Fitness

The Grange Parents Fitness group has recently relocated to the Grange Baptist Hall on Surrey Street and is also at the new day and time of Friday at 9.00 am.

If you have thought about joining us now is the time. Perhaps you were unable to come on Wednesdays and Friday suits you better. Drop your kids at school, walk down the road to the church hall, get your workout done and you have the rest of the day to enjoy.


For more information about this and other sessions call or text Ryan on 0433 492 444 or
Max on 0431 533 736



Fulham United Football Club



Fulham United Football Club has limited places available for Junior Girls players to join our MiniRoos Under 9 (born 2009-10) / Under 11 (born 2007-08) teams for the upcoming season.


Fulham United FC, based at Collins Reserve, Fulham Gardens, is one of the most successful community clubs and the largest football club in South Australia, fielding 40 junior boys’ and girls’ teams each weekend and providing a pathway to FFSA Men’s and Women’s elite competitions at senior level.


No experience is necessary to join our junior program and first time players are encouraged to come and try. There is no trial process for new players at this stage of the season.


Registration fees are very competitive and offer great value covering all costs for participation including quality coaching.


For more details, please contact Patrick Kelly on 0416 173 386 or at [email protected]


Dates to Remember

Term 1 2018

Week 10



Week 11




Term 2 2018

Week 1

30/4 - Student Free Day

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