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23 March 2018
Issue 4
YEAR 7  
Doncaster Secondary College
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Monday,  26 March

Medieval Day

Tuesday,  27 March
Student Led Conferences
Manningham Youth Summit
EMR Swimming

Wednesday,  28 March
Computational Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) ​

MyOutdoors - Ruffey Lake Park Exp.


Thursday, 29 March

Monash International Student Experience Day

Last day of term (Early finish time 2.30pm)

Friday, 30 March

Good Friday





A Message from the Principal

Sporting Blue Award 2017 

On Thursday, 15 March, Belinda McGee and I had the very great pleasure in attending the Victorian School Sports Awards 2017.  The presentation ceremony was held in the Members’ Dining Room at the iconic MCG.  There were 43 individual student awards, each known as Sporting Blue, to be presented across eighteen categories to young athletes for their outstanding success in 2017.  These awards are the highest sporting accolades awarded in Victoria’s government school system.  It was with great pride and admiration that we witness Stephanie Ratcliffe of Year 12 receive the award for ‘Athletics’.


Stephanie’s listed achievements in 2017 were as follows: A regular competitor at state, national and international level, an athletics career highlight for Stephanie was representing Australia at the Oceania Area Championships in Fiji, where she received the Arthur Eustace Award for most outstanding performance for her record-breaking hammer throw.  A skilled hammer, discus thrower and shot-putter, Stephanie is ranked number one in Australia in the under 18 hammer throw.  Selected as a College captain in 2018, Stephanie also proudly trains and mentors young athletes within her school community and her athletics club.

This award quite fittingly does not only celebrate Stephanie’s sporting achievements but recognises her leadership qualities as well as her dedication and perseverance.

Congratulations on this amazing achievement Stephanie.  We all look forward to following your journey in both the sporting and leadership arenas!


Stephanie received her award from Brook Stratton (Olympian – long jump) and Jared Tallent OAM (Olympian – Gold medallist in the 50K Walk in London 2012 in addition to a Silver and Bronze medal in the 50K and 20K Walk in Beijing 2008).


Space Adventure at Templestowe Valley Primary School

Templestowe Valley Primary School conducted a

Space Adventure Night on Monday, 19 March. 

I was delighted to be invited to attend such an amazing event where students were able to speak to the astronaut Scott Tingle, via ARISS (Amateur Radio on International Space Station) Program for ten minutes as the international space station passed overhead.  NASA liaised with the school to confirm the date and time for the event and after a very informative introduction that explained how the school was able to coordinate this once in a lifetime opportunity, the link to the International Space Station was established.  The students’ curiosity around space life and scientific research were boundless and astronaut Scott Tingle did his best to answer all questions before connectivity was lost.

I would like to thank Mr Graeme Renshaw (Principal) for my invitation and the Templestowe Valley Primary School community for their very warm welcome.


It is timely to remind our families that we will be running our ‘Space Camp’ to USA once again in 2019 and to keep an eye out for STEAM related opportunities at our school.


Éva McMaster


A Message from our Principal Intern

Over Term 4, 2017 and Term 1 this year, I have spent over 35 days as a Principal Intern under the mentorship of Éva McMaster.  This position is a large component of a Department of Education Bastow/Monash University course available to teachers as a principal preparation program.  I chose my placement at Doncaster as a model of a vibrant school with a visionary principal and I have not been disappointed.

On arrival, I encountered an open, inviting and inclusive staff, diligent and respectful students in a culture where striving to be one’s best is apparent from every member of the community, including the parents.  It might be easy for members of the community take this for granted, but I assure you, it is a pretty special culture at Doncaster Secondary College. 


What particularly struck me is the professionalism of the teachers, who are working with evidence to strive for new heights in teaching and learning.  I am impressed with the new model for professional learning, where teachers are working in small teams on action research about their own students and how best to cater for them.  I intend to replicate a version of this in my base school.


The staff have systemic reflective practices, using data from academic scoring, attitudes to school surveys and Pivot, which illustrates how the whole school holds itself to such a high standard.  This translates to student outcomes in many ways; academic, wellbeing, sense of belonging and aspirations.  One area slated for improvement is the school community’s desire to increase student ‘voice’, leading to greater student ‘agency’; that is ensuring students have genuine input into their life here at the school and then having the ability to facilitate real change.  I am excited about where the school is heading in this area, as are the student leaders involved in the process.


I can’t thank Eva, the Assistant Principals and the entire Doncaster Secondary College’s community enough for this unique opportunity to learn from some of the very best in education.  Whilst I’ve been here, I’ve been welcomed in to the Student Wellbeing area, the Leadership Team, the School Council, Local Consultative Committee, the VCAL team, Year Level teams, Middle School, Senior School, Parent Action Groups and the wider network of schools in the Manningham/Monash area.  Hopefully I’ve been able to provide another perspective and that may have been of some benefit to the school community.  I will provide a final presentation to the Leadership team about my learning, which will hopefully highlight to this special community just how amazing you all are.


With sincere thanks,


Gina Carroll

Principal Intern



Learning Walks - Snapshots of Learning at the School Level

To increase teachers’ awareness of practices occurring within their school and build a whole-school sense of accountability for quality of teaching and learning, learning walks are being conducted at Doncaster Secondary College.  A group of teachers (Learning Specialists) visit multiple classrooms during a designated period. 

The group has a focus in mind, e.g. learning intentions, mobile phone policy or capturing sense of student engagement. 


Each term the focus may be something different.  The focus aligns with the school priorities, for example, consistent classroom practice across the school. 


The aim is to foster conversation about teaching and learning to develop a shared vision of high quality teaching that impacts on student learning and to encourage improvement through openness and sharing of practice.  Learning Specialists supports teachers to implement effective practices observed in other classrooms which may help address differences between classes within a school.


Mr Gary Rule

Assistant Principal



Recognition Raffle Tickets

Recognition raffle tickets are given to the students in the Middle School by their teachers. Teachers will give recognition raffle tickets to certain students who…

  • Show the college values (respect, responsibility, resilience and teamwork)
  • For going above and beyond in their learning  and
  • Making individual improvements (in organisation, classwork and homework)

Students bring their recognition raffle tickets to assemblies where they go in the draw to win prizes. Any students receiving recognition raffle tickets should be really proud of their achievements.

Student Learning Goals

Throughout Term One students of all Year Levels have been setting their individual Student Learning Goals.  Goal Setting is an important aspect of growth.  It gives students something to aim towards, and as a result, helps to motivate students and keep them engaged in their learning.  In 2018, the process is streamlined from previous years.  With the aim of refining the process, all students are encouraged to establish one goal per subject in Semester One.  Goals and suggested actions are checked and approved by DiSCovery Teachers and Classroom (subject) Teachers.


In Term Two students will continue to take actions and make progress towards achieving each of their Student Learning Goals.  The focus will shift to evaluation on the achievement of these goals and challenges and opportunities that may have influenced the outcome.  This process will come full circle as students reflect on their capabilities and set new goals for Semester Two.

Inspiration about goal-setting:

“Research has shown that goals are important for enhancing performance.  It is important to set challenging, rather than ‘do your best’ goals relative to student starting places.”

Source:  Locke and Latham, 1990, in Hattie, 2009.

Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences take place on Tuesday 27th March.  This is an excellent opportunity for collaboration between students, parents/guardians and teachers all working to help students achieve their best. 


On the day of these conferences, students are expected to bring the completed summary of their Student Learning Goals and their DiSCovery exercise book. 


Students are to introduce their parents/guardians and teachers and lead the conversation.  The focus of the conferences is for students to acknowledge their achievements thus far and to identify areas for improvement.  Students, parents/guardians and teachers will discuss opportunities to adapt learning behaviours and strategies to maximise learning outcomes.  This is an empowering process and it is very exciting to hear students talk so passionately about their goals and being involved in discussions with teachers to make these more realistic.


Lana Nunis

Learning and Life Skills Specialist


Divisional Swimming 

On Thursday, 8 March twenty five Doncaster Secondary College students competed in the Divisional Swimming Event held at Boroondara Swimming Complex. All students competed well, and it was fantastic so see a strong team spirit displayed.

Congratulations to the following students who came first in their event and will be completing in the EMR Swimming Carnival next Tuesday, 27 March.

Lily (Yr 8)

12-15 100m Freestyle.

Joshua  (Yr 8)

12-20 100m Breaststroke. U14 50m Butterfly. 12-15 200m I.M. U14 50m Breaststroke. U14 50m Freestyle.

Lily  (Yr 8), Aleisha  (Yr 10), Giordana (Yr 8) and Emma (Yr 10) U16 Female 4 x 50 Freestyle Relay.

Cross Country 

On Wednesday, 21 March, over 500 students competed in the Annual Doncaster Secondary College Cross Country Carnival at Ruffey Lake Park. All Year 7 and 8 students competed in the event, plus Yr 9-12 students who opted to attend. The weather was warm and sunny, and all the students who participated gave it their very best. A congratulations to Kiewa, who won the event.

Congratulations to the following students who were Age Group Champions:


13 Yr Female and 13 Yr Male Champions

Ashton and Jaykob

14 Yr Female and 14 Yr Male Champions

Isabella and Zane

15 Yr Female and 15 Yr Male Champions

Emma and Max

16 Yr Female and 16 Yr Male Champions

Ruby and Tom

17 Yr Female and 16 Yr Male Champions

Abbey and Billy

20 Yr Female Champion



Jordan Vlahos

Sport Carnival Co-ordinator

House Updates

Year 7 Netball
OVENS were the eventual winners, beating MURRAY in a 10-4 match. OVENS went undefeated throughout the tournament. They earned their house 500 points for the championship performance and helped them rise to top spot!  


Year 8

Expressions of interest in activities and participation will start at the beginning of Term 2.


Year 9 & 10 House Basketball
Could everyone interested please use the link on their compass newsfeed to sign up.

Justin Crane

House Co-ordinator

YEAR 7  

Year 7 Class Leader Reflections from Term 1

 7A French

This term in French we have been learning about different greetings in French and learning how to introduce ourselves. We also learnt the French alphabet and practiced pronouncing the letters correctly. The class has been using a app called education perfect, which helps when memorising and practicing words in French. All French words either are masculine or feminine and students, on top of everything else, have been learning how to identify this. The teachers make french understandable and fun to learn for all of us.

Dylan and Madeline (7A Class Leaders)



7B Italian

Italian is such a fun subject. We have learnt so many new words and phrases so far. Everyone in our class can have a conversation with each other in Italian. We can also introduce ourselves and each other.                                                                                                                                                          In class we have also learnt the Italian numbers from 1 through to 20 and we all can recite the Italian Alphabet easily.                                                                  

Our class’ teacher for Italian is Prof Allen. She is a great teacher because she always helps all the student if we need it. She also allows every student to contribute to every task while keeping the classes fun and interesting by playing a fun quiz game on all the things we have learnt so far. We are sure that everyone is looking forward to learning more about Italy and the Italian language.

Catie and Riley  (7B Class Leaders)



7C English

In Term 1 our Year 7 focus for English was POETRY!!! We learnt the different types of poetry such as Cinquains, Sonnets, Haikus and Autobiographical poems, just to name a few. We also learnt how to use figurative language in our poems to make them more engaging.

Here is a poem that 7C made as a class about English:


                    Our English class is like a forest,

        Exploring New ideas.

              We are Gaining weight to our minds,

              Getting Lost in our imaginations.

               We are Inspired by our poetry,

Smiling as we Sail across a sea of books,

Learning togetHer, working together.

Aya, Ahmad and 7C



7D Food Technology

7D has been doing Food Technology this semester. We have been cooking and learning safety skills. Some of the things we have cooked are; Pizza Subs, Zucchini Slice, Potato Leak Soup ,Yum Yums and Chicken Enchiladas. We learn how to measure our ingredients as well as use the stove and oven and how to use the knife properly.

Lana and Stephanie, (7D class leaders)



7E Camp Week-away Reflection

When we first arrived at Camp Week-away we were greeted by really friendly staff that some students remembered from when they went to Camp Week-away in Primary School. After everyone arrived we were given a tour around the camp site. I loved seeing the beautiful scenery and I wish that I could look out the window and see that every morning. We were then allowed to go into our cabins to unpack and get comfortable.


Canoeing was the first activity my group did we were all excited to start camp with a water activity. Once all the safety procedures were done we all got into a canoe with a partner, we played lots of games out on the lake. My favourite was the one at the end where we had to pass a ball to other people that had the same colour canoe as us. 


Next was raft building I was happy we had both our water activities together. At first, I wasn’t really excited for raft building but it was actually fun. Our raft made it halfway out and then sank which was ok because we just swam the rest of the way and back which was fun.


 The next day we started off with flying fox, it was one of my favourite activities by far. It was so much fun zip lining across the lake. I got an amazing rush of excitement when I jumped off the ledge.


The maze was so cool, we were split into four teams of four and we had to find 10 white flags and then 4 flags of our own colour. After two people from our group found a flag we switched with the other people in our group. It was really hard to find every one of the flags, our group came 3rd.


Initiatives were next, we did two group bonding activities, the first was to swing across on a rope to the other side and one person in your group had to take a bucket of water with them. The second one we did was a spider frame, every person in your group had to get through one of the gaps and each gap could only be used once. It took a few tries but eventually, everyone got through.


On the first night of Camp, we went on a night walk in pitch black darkness. We walked for an hour to a Fire Station that gave off a little light. When everyone reached the station Mr Price told us a scary story about the Farraday Kidnappings, he pretended that it happened right where we were sitting and at the perfect moment one of the teachers scared us all. We screamed and instead of hiding in the darkness we exposed ourselves to everyone to see. But walking in pitch black darkness was quite therapeutic, the stars shining in the night sky was absolutely beautiful.


On our last night of Camp, we all had the time of our lives. Michelle came in from Student Focus and played really fun games with us. My favourite game we played was one where she would hold a chocolate bar in our hand and when she let go we would have to catch it, if we caught it we would get the chocolate. A lot of people tried but only one person was victorious, when Kayla caught the huge chocolate bar everyone in the building screamed and Michelle’s streak was ended. We also did other games like a chocolate milk chugging competition, a coke and baking soda challenge and a lot more. One of the best things we did that night was a ‘Paper, Scissors, Rock’ competition that involved everyone. After countless rounds of Paper Scissors Rock, the final two were Zac and Orlando. 1,2,3…..BANG! ZAC WON!!! Everyone rose up and crowded Zac, we all screamed and probably woke up all of the neighbours. When we finally calmed down we ate supper and went to bed.


Camp Week-away was an amazing camp with amazing activities and just overall a great experience. From the welcoming staff to the beautiful scenery, Camp Week-away was awesome.

Aiden and Jemma (7E Class Leaders)



7F Chinese 

So far in Chinese class, we have learnt greetings such as ni hao, ni mang bu mang, zao shang hao, lao shi hao , numbers such as: yi(1), er(2), san(3), etc. We have also learnt about Chinese New Year, the traditional food eaten during celebrations, what we wear, house activities and so much more. Sometimes in Chinese class we do Kahoot  to revise our knowledge and understanding of the things that we have learnt.

Kylie and Crystal (7F Class Leaders)



7G Humanities

BOLTSS is a term used in humanity for your atlas

B - border

O - orientation

L - legend

T - title

S – source

S - scale


There is also another term called SPICESS

S - space

P - place

I -interconnection

C- change

E - environment   


These main points  come in handy when creating a map. So try and remember these points and it will really help. When using your atlas, it is good to know where things are. My suggestion is to look through your atlas and try to learn some things that you think will be important to humanity and it will help in further questions.


In test conditions we all move our desks so that we cannot share answers or talk about the test questions. One reason to take your time in these tests, is if you rush these things 50% questions you will get wrong.

Madeline and Isaac (7G Class Leaders)



7H Maths

In Maths we have been learning numerous things such as positive and negative integers, place value, BIDMAS and much more. We had a test which challenged our minds, but we learnt a lot from it. We really enjoy and have fun in our Maths class and we can’t wait to expand on our knowledge!   

Dominic and Kathryn (7H Class Leaders)



7I Science

Science this year has been really good. We have learnt how to use a Bunsen Burner and how to change it from Yellow flame to Blue flame using the air hole. We have learnt how to read classifications and learnt how to write a PRAC report. We have done some experiments involving boiling liquids and reading temperatures.

Gabriella and Kirsty (7I Class Leaders)



7J Music & Health/ P.E

This term, Music has been amazing. We have done many activities throughout the term which I have thoroughly enjoyed. The tasks that stood out the most were organising our percussion ensemble performance and learning how to play “Falling” on the keyboard. I have really enjoyed Music and I’m looking forward to learning so much more this semester.


This term Health and P.E has stood out to be one of the most enjoyable subjects because of all the fun and exciting activities that we did. We played cricket, baseball and softball. We also did cross country which was so much fun. In Health we have been working on health issues affecting Australians and needed to create a PowerPoint about the topic we chose. Overall health and P.E has been my favourite subject and I am so excited for the year ahead.

Thomas (7J Class Leader)



7K Discovery

This term in Discovery we have been doing activities that have helped people build friendships with people that they don’t know. We have also focused on goal setting. We have just started to look at strengths in our self and others. One of the activities we completed was two truths and one lie about our weekends. We have also completed a mindfulness activity on smiling minds which focused on our breathing and being in the moment. Discovery this term has been really fun and intriguing.

Chloe and Oscar (7K Class Leaders)

Year 7 DiSCovery 

What an exciting start to the year!  Our Year 7 students kicked off 2018 with Transition Week, which saw students familiarise themselves with the daily activities of their lives at high school.  This included meeting their teachers, finding out where the classrooms are, learning how to use their combination lock, discussing classroom expectations, getting their logins for JacPlus and Compass and preparing for the Year 7 Social Night.  During the past few weeks, students have focussed on personal strengths and values, undertaken a reflection on their involvement in camp and the swimming carnival and taken part in mindfulness activities.  The Year 7 students have worked closely with the DiSCovery Teacher and their Goal Buddy to establish and refine their individual student learning goals for each subject.  These will then be summarised in preparation for Student Led Conferences, where students will discuss their goals and progress with their parents/guardians and teachers.


In Term 2, Year 7 students will cover topics based on managing themselves and others by taking responsibility for their actions and having empathy for others.  Continuing with their theme of connectedness, students identify their role in the school community and celebrate diversity.  Towards the end of Semester 1, students will reflect on their learning and evaluate their progress.  This will culminate in establishing their Career Action Plans.  The class leaders have been working with Miss Sayer to determine priorities for the cohort.  Throughout Terms 1 and 2, any Year 7 students are invited and encouraged to collaborate with Miss Sayer and their peers as part of the student-led assembly team to address these topics in their Year Level Assemblies.  This is a great way for students to meet with people from various class groups and utilise their organisation and creative skills to prepare and deliver an engaging and unique assembly for their peers to admire.


Lana Nunis

Learning and Life Skills Specialist

Mathematics, Health and Physical Education


​Year 8 STEAM

The Year 8 students are working in their STEAM teams to create machines with perpetual motion. In using their initiative, they are independently illustrating a thorough understanding of design.

Appropriate materials have been carefully analysed and sourced from the reverse art truck in Ringwood on their excursion. Students are testing, evaluating and reporting on their designs numerous times throughout the unit and have used tools and equipment safely and effectively, assisting their peers in the process.

In annotating their design diaries, the students are demonstrating their understanding. They should be extremely proud of their efforts.


Amanda Fisher

Art Teacher and Science Teacher



Year 9 MyOutdoors

This term we had MyOutdoors as our Myself subject. We started the term off by setting up our excursions. We all contributed and found 6 great excursion ideas that we knew everyone would enjoy. The first excursion we did we went to Westfield Shopping Town and worked in teams of 4 to purchase sustainable ingredients to cook on the school camping stoves (Trangias). This excursion helped us get our Trangia licenses so that we can cook for ourselves on camp. 


The second excursion was to  ‘Lentil as Anything’,  here is a description from their website:


At our core are our not-for-profit vegan and vegetarian restaurants, where guests contribute what they feel their meal and experience is worth, according to their own financial ability.
Lentil as Anything was established in 2000 and continues to support our community everyday by;
  • Caring for people: Providing a wholesome and nutritious meal where money is not a concern.
  • Promoting Multiculturalism: Fostering an environment of inclusion
  • Reforming Society: Acting on the structures of society to restore justice.
  • Extending and spreading it’s ethos and values: Hiring volunteers, the long-term unemployed and the marginalised.
  • Encouraging: Young people to be active citizens and get involved in community based initiatives.

We went to Lentil as Anything to experience the food and to contribute to the community that’s around us. We ended that day by doing yoga on the bank of the Yarra River. We refer to this as ‘Bush Meditation’. We also got to meet the owner of the restaurant and helped to harvest veggies that will be used by the restaurant.  

The third excursion we went on was our Kayaking Camp. We were responsible for packing everything we needed to survive into one big hiking pack. We hiked to the bus and then went to Warrandyte Bridge, here we met the Kayaking instructors and paddled down the Yarra River all the way to our campsite.  Once there we learnt how to put our tents up, using logs to hammer in our pegs. We all went on a night walk, studying the stars.  After we got back to our tents we set up a campfire, sung and then were off to bed. We all had fun and enjoyed our time in the wilderness. Thank-you to Mr Rule and Melbourne Adventure Hub for making it all possible.

The forth excursion we spent our time climbing up extreme heights at Nunawading  rock climbing. We all had fun and tried our best, racing up the walls. We all listened carefully to the instructions and we all tried our best to support and help the other person. The fifth excursion we went to Redwood Forest. We had to memorise the coordinates and spend 5 minutes in the forest wondering around in silence, just exploring and taking in the scenery. Once the 5 minutes were up, we ran around making bird noises and climbing in and out of the giant bird’s nests that previous visitors had made. We also spent the day walking up and down the creek. Everyone let their wild side out and had a lot of fun, navigating north, east, south and west. The bus ride there and back was also very entertaining with lots of singing! 

Our last excursion will be next week and we hope to have a lot of fun, playing the ‘hungry games’, a game two students created for the class using walkie talkies. We hope to use all of our new navigating skills around Ruffey Lake Park to help us find our hidden lunch. 


MyOutdoors was a great subject and I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you to our teacher Miss Chiuchiarelli for putting up with us all and teaching us how to have a good time in the outdoors!

Gabrielle 9G

Year 9 MyBakery

What we were you doing this week in MyBakery?

This week we were making cakes that helped bring out our creative side and practice cake decorating techniques.


What did you have to plan for today’s classes?

Two weeks ago, we had to make a cake design and order what we needed for our cake. We had to create designs and think about what ingredients we were going to need.

What do you think about your cake?

It was fun baking the cake and I’m looking forward to new projects in MyBakery. Also eating the cake! – what would you make a cake for if you weren’t going to eat it!

Kristian, 9C

Year 9 MyCity

MyCity this term has been a really rewarding experience.  We have had the opportunity to explore a range of landmarks in the City of Melbourne.

Students have worked in groups to create their own excursion, including creating a brochure and an itinerary. MyCity has enabled students to have the opportunity to develop independence, responsibility and organisational skills.  Some of the places we have visited include the Old Melbourne Gaol, MCG, Eureka Skydeck, Melbourne Aquarium and ACMI at Federation Square.  Through these experiences, students have had the opportunity to work together with the broader community to organise their own excursions and have developed life skills.

I have personally seen students grow and mature over the term. It has been a joy to see the students develop close bonds with one another. The experience of MyCity has helped promote independence, time management, communication skills and has enabled students to become familiar with using public transport.


Stephanie Langadiotis


Edrolo access for Year 12 students

Edrolo has been available for Year 12 students to access this year, providing video resources to complement lessons and their other learning tools. Edrolo allows students to direct the speed and length of their lessons so they can improve their knowledge and skills and includes explicit skills required for Year 12 exams.


Some students have yet to pay for access and the cut off date for this, Monday, 30 April, is fast approaching. Teachers will be asking students to refer to specific Edrolo lessons with increasing regularity as we approach the end of Unit 3 and commence Unit 4 studies.


Student feedback has been that Edrolo resources clarify topics and reinforce concepts. We ask that all students meet the deadline for payment. Please contact Mr. Cowling if you have queries.


Josh Cowling

Humanities Teacher


Year 10's In Action

The Year 10’s have settled into Senior School wonderfully and have been working exceptionally this term. Keep up the great work for the rest of the year!


Kelly Spiteri

Year 10 Co-ordinator


VCE Art Excursion to the NGV Triennial Exhibition

On Thursday VCE art students visited the NGV St.Kilda to view the Triennial Exhibition. Featuring the work of over 100 artists and designers from 32 countries, the NGV Triennial surveys the world of art and design, across cultures, scales, geographies and perspectives.

A free exhibition, the NGV Triennial is a celebration of contemporary art and design practice that traverses all four levels of NGV International, as well as offering a rich array of programs.

The NGV Triennial explores cutting-edge technologies, architecture, animation, performance, film, painting, drawing, fashion design, tapestry and sculpture.

Students have an opportunity to look at the world and its past, present and future through the eyes of some of the most creative minds working today.


Amanda Fisher & Sally Miller

VCE Arts Technology Teachers


Year 12 Photography Student at the State Cricket

On Saturday, 3 March, I went to a Sheffield Shield match (State Cricket) between Victoria and NSW at Junction Oval, St Kilda. I am a Year 12 Photography student and the focus of my year-long project is based on Cricket and the emotions of the players. I love photography and Cricket is my favourite sport, so I decided to combine my two interests for this project.

To achieve this, I contacted Cricket Victoria and received accreditation to station myself on the field of play along with the other professional photographers. I was really excited because I never thought that it would be possible for me as a student to be allowed in an area that is restricted to professionals. I also contacted Ted’s Cameras and organised to borrow a Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera in conjunction to a powerful telephoto lens. The equipment that was lent to me was ideal as it allowed me to zoom in really close and capture the emotions of the players - something that I would not have been able to do with my own lenses.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and there were many exciting moments with Marcus Harris notching a century and Steven O’Keefe getting an 8-wicket haul being two of the most significant.

I also want to acknowledge and thank Mr Cross and Mr Morris for helping me out, as I would never have been able to successfully contact Cricket Victoria and obtain the appropriate equipment without their help.


Selina, 11I


Selina is a regular contributor of photographs for our College newsletter. We would like to thank Selina for her wonderful contributions!


International Student Welcome Reception at Government House

The welcome reception is an annual event to officially welcome international students to Victoria. This event is to recognize the contribution of international students. This year’s reception was held in the State ballroom where Her Excellency The Hon.Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria welcomed the international students followed by Ms Judith Graley MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Education.


Two of the newly arrived international students at Doncaster Secondary College in 2017 and 2018, were selected to attend this event on Tuesday, 20 March at Government House, Melbourne. They are Xinru(Olivia) YU in Year 11 from China and Kit Yun HOH in Year 9 from Malaysia.


The students are always excited each year when this event is offered as it is a chance for our international students to visit Government House and to meet the Governors and other international students from other schools.

Susan Xiao Qu

International Student Coordinator

On Tuesday, 20 March, I went to Government House for the International Students Welcome reception. I felt honoured to represent my school and was enriched by the exchanges I had with other international students. It was an awesome event that touched me a lot.

 Olivia YU, 11B


The Government House or “Australian Whitehouse” was grand. We all sat in the massive rows of chairs that were filled with students from public and private schools. It was warm compared to the outside and, the tranquil silence that remained during the speeches was quite pleasant. My favourite part of this whole experience was actually the morning tea reception, waiters had appeared holding trays of little treats that varied from savoury and sweet. The interviews were brief and a new experience for me. Overall, I had a wonderful time.

Kit Yun HOH, 9F


There have been a lot of reports in the media recently about the implementation of STEM into the classroom.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and involves integrating subjects to solve real-world problems, therefore, providing a more engaging inquiry-based curriculum for students.  Many people, including Doncaster Secondary College, are now moving towards STEAM which also integrates the Arts into such programs for example in the form of the design process. A number of STEAM initiatives already underway include the following:


The Girls in STEM Club

This club meets every Wednesday at lunch in G6 and is open to all girls at our College.  You might ask why only girls?  The number of girls undertaking STEM-related subjects at university is rapidly dropping, therefore, we need to look for ways to engage girls further in these areas. 

At the moment we have just been specifically focusing on science experiments that are related to everyday life but eventually, this will be expanded to include a number of different opportunities for the girls.  So far we have made elephant toothpaste, perfume, lava lamps and lip balm.

The PrintACar Challenge

This challenge involves using a 3D printer to design a car that will race against other schools at Quantum Victoria.  We have a Year 7 and Year 10 team currently working behind the scenes designing their cars to be ready for the qualifying rounds in August.  We hope to have our 3D printer set up ready to go in Term 2 which will then be able to be utilised in other ways as well.


EduSTEM Robotics and Coding

This will commence the first week back and entails students using an interactive online platform to code robots.  Eventually, they will be able to use this knowledge to code some Lego EV3 robots themselves.


Students are encouraged to come and speak with me if they have any other ideas or STEAM initiatives that they would like Doncaster Secondary College to undertake in the future.


Jodie Purches

Science Learning Specialist


Year 10 Careers Experience

Preparations for the Year 10 Careers Experience program are progressing steadily. Students who still need to finalise placement arrangements are asked to do so as soon as possible however it is preferable that students continue to work towards a meaningful placement rather than settle for an “easy option” - please just keep us updated as to the progress of arrangements.

  • When: Monday, 25 June to Friday, 29 June (end of Term 2).
  • Completed Work Experience Arrangement Forms should be returned to the Careers Office in the Senior Centre for processing.
  • Students are more than welcome to ask questions and seek assistance from the Careers Office.

Students are expected to make contact with employers to arrange their own placement. Some industries are exceptionally popular and students may feel disheartened if they do not gain a placement immediately, but we encourage students to persist in their endeavours to gain a meaningful placement. It is not unusual for a student to contact more than 20 employers in a particular industry before gaining a successful placement. Please refer to the Information Pack that all students received last year for further information. Additional copies of the Work Experience Arrangement Form can also be accessed from the Doncaster Careers Website –


Illuminate Education – NextGen Challenge

An alternative program to Careers Experience is also available this year. The NextGen Challenge will be held at the College during the same week as Careers Experience and application forms and details will be on NewsFeed by the end of the term. Some students may choose to take part in this program in lieu of Careers Experience or if their placement week is at a different time, they would be encouraged to make the most of this excellent opportunity to participate in this program.


The challenge is being run by facilitators from Illuminate Education, with support from the Deakin Business School. The challenge will also run from Monday, 25 June to Friday, 29 June during normal school hours. An awards presentation will be held in the evening on Friday, 29 June. It is an intensive program that allows students to experience first-hand what it takes to be an entrepreneur and small business champion. Students will learn what it takes to start a new business in a week, going through the process of developing the idea, refining it, making sure it connects with customers and is viable – all the way up to pitching for investment to get it off the ground! Think “Shark Tank”. Students from Warrandyte High School and East Doncaster Secondary College may also be joining Doncaster students for this program. 


For more information about the program please see the flyer or visit the website below.


Vanessa Ramsay

Career Development Coordinator













The Importance of Sleep

In the fast-paced world that we live it is easy to sacrifice the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. What is forgotten at times is that sleep is just as crucial to us as having a positive social network of friends and family, regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet. Simply put, ensuring we get adequate sleep is an element which can help us live a healthy and satisfying life.


The Australian Sleep Health Foundation believe that approximately 40% of Australian adults get inadequate sleep. This highlights the importance of creating a healthy appreciation for our sleep/life balance in teenage years to help form a routine to take into early adulthood. If a teenager has trouble with their sleep, studies have shown it has negative short-term consequences including; decreases in concentration and memory, whilst also showing increases in moodiness and risk-taking behaviours. All of these limits a young person in fulfilling their schooling potential.


The good thing is that we can work on our sleep through the promotion of sleep hygiene. Sometimes it is as simple as a modification of our environment or the creation of a specific routine which can help us get the sleep we need. The links below provide some easy to read tips for parents and students on how to promote sleep if it is proving difficult to achieve. The welfare team at Doncaster Secondary are also available to help work with student’s and help find a routine which works for them.

10 tips for Healthy Sleep

Sleep Hygiene

Teenagers and Sleep


Tim Blacker

ACU Student Placement Counsellor




School Crossing Nominations of the Year

Every two years, School Crossings Victoria, holds an awards night to honour the dedication and hard work put into the Community by School Crossing Supervisors from all over the state. It is that time again where we ask all schools to promote the award and ask the school community to nominate the supervisor they feel is worthy of being recognised, and may even be judged Victoria’s School Crossing Supervisor of the Year. What an honour that title will be for one of our dedicated supervisors. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dreena Lawrence-Gray (Chairperson) on 0490 017 340. Nominations close on May 25, 2018.


Diamond Valley Singers Production of Aladdin Jr.


Fresh Theatre for Social Change

Fresh takes place on a Monday from 4pm to 6.30pm and provides afternoon tea and dinner. The Manningham Theatre is still looking for young performers to join them in season one 2018. For more information please contact 9846 2012 or [email protected]


College Newsletter
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nextgen Challenge - Flyer.pdf