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11 October 2018
Issue Seventeen
Principal's Message
Diary Dates 2018
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Principal's Message

A conversation about your child’s learning ...

Come along to our ‘Coffee and Cake’ evening and join the discussions around student learning at YRPS in 2019. Bring your ideas and hear about the plans that are already underway for 2019.



Wednesday 17th October - 7:30pm until 9:00pm at YRPS
in the staff room.

This discussion group will tackle topics related to student learning, such as:

  • Learning engagement
  • Programs for students’ interest and abilities
  • Teaching of organisational skills to help manage school work and home learning
  • Feedback to students
  • How students are assessed
  • Celebration of student achievement

Join the conversation as we plan for student learning in 2019.

RSVP to the school email [email protected] 


Kate Perkins




Whole School Swimming Program 2018

Our whole school ‘Swim and Survive’ Swimming Program is scheduled to run from Monday 26 to Friday 30 November 2018. We are planning some significant changes to the program this year to comply with new Department of Education and Training (DET) Swimming Instruction and Water Safety policy.


The 2018 DET ‘Swimming in Schools’ initiative supports the delivery of quality swimming and water safety education. It provides funding to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn how to swim and develop lifelong skills in water safety to reduce their risk of drowning and injury. It outlines a base level of swimming and water safety competency that children are expected to achieve before finishing primary school. This minimum swimming standard is achieved if a student can swim 50m continuously, answer water safety based questions and perform simple rescues, as described in the Life Saving Victoria - ‘Victorian Water Safety Certificate’. Follow this link for more details:



The DET ‘Swimming in Schools’ funding we have received will be used to cover the cost of all Year 6 students participating in the YRPS 2018 Swim and Survive Swimming Program in order to assist them to attain the prescribed minimum standard. Thus, swimming will be compulsory for ALL Year 6 students unless they have a medical certificate precluding them from participating.


As there are a number of students who have already demonstrated the base level of skill required, via their participation in the 2017 YRPS ‘Swim and Survive’ Swimming Program, we are introducing a Swim and Survive Extension Program for eligible students from Years 3 to 6. The extension program  will combine swimming instruction and the application of swimming and survival skills in aquatic activities including endurance training, water sports, relays, tows and rescues, CPR training, introduction to spinal first aids and scenario solving.

Whilst participation in the Swim and Survive Swimming Program is not compulsory for students from Prep to Year 5, we encourage all students to join in and develop these important skills.


Keep an eye out for the ‘Swim and Survive’ Swimming Program event on Compass, which will be published soon.


Meriden James

Assistant Principal 


Don't forget our upcoming 
Curriculum Day

Curriculum Day (Student Free Day) Tuesday 16th October


Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge 

The 2018 Reading Challenge finished last term and 335 students completed the Challenge. 13,421 books were entered online – what an amazing effort!


The following amazing students entered 100 books each online:

Zahra R 1/2C

Mila I 1/2C

Alexis W 1D

Layla V 3/4PA

Hugh R 3/4PA

Mason N 3/4PA

Jeremy N 3/4PA

Jade M 3/4PA

Ruby E 3/4PA

Matilda S 3/4F

Isabella R 3/4F

Liam J 3/4F

Sarah H 3/4F

Jasmine G 3/4F

Madeline D 3/4F

Kaitlyn T 3/4F

Keely P 5H

Ava C 6RV

I hope I haven’t left anyone out! If you think I have left you out please come and see me. I had some book bags for the first few students who entered 100 books online and most of those I have already given out at assembly. I have 1 book bag left and a bundle of Pancake Parlour vouchers, so I will draw out one of the remaining students names for the bag at assembly on Monday, and the rest of the students will get a voucher each as well as a certificate.


Hazel van Loenen

Reading Challenge Co-ordinator

Diary Dates 2018

Term Dates 2018

Term 3:
Monday 16th July - Friday 21st September

School Holidays: Saturday 22nd September - Sunday 7th October


Term 4:
Monday 8th October - Friday 21st December 

2018/2019 Summer School Holidays: Saturday 22nd December 2018 - Tuesday 29th January 2019


Curriculum Days/Student Free Days:

Friday 7 September

Tuesday 16 October 

2019 Prep Transition Dates 

Term 3 2018

Friday 10th August 

Friday 24th August 

Friday 14th September


Term 4 2018

Friday 19th October

Friday 2nd November

Friday 16th November


Prep Information Night - Tuesday 4th December


Orientation Morning - Tuesday 11th December


Monday 8
First day back Term 4

Wednesday 10 - Friday 12

Year 3/4 Sovereign Hill Camp


Thursday 11
Division Athletics


Friday 12
SSV Basketball Division Finals


Tuesday 16

Curriculum Day (Student Free Day)


Friday 19
Senior Regional Hoop Time 

Free Tennis Lessons at lunch - Come Try with Daniel from Match Point 


Tuesday 23 
Junior Regional Hoop Time


Friday 26

Tennis Lessons commence for registered students
Grade 2 Sleepover


Wednesday 7 

Year 5 & 6 Science works


Friday 16th 

Year 1 Popcorn and PJ Night


Friday 23
Prep Alphabet Concert

Level 2 Connecting to Country Excursion


Monday 26 - Friday 30

Whole School Swimming 


Friday 7
Prep Breakfast


Wednesday 12
Carols Night


Friday 21
Last day of School 2018

1:30pm finish

Term Dates 2019

Term 1:

Tuesday 29 January-Friday 5th April 2019

School Holidays: Saturday 6th April-Monday 22 April 2019


Term 2:

Tuesday 23rd April-Friday 28th June 2019

School Holidays: Saturday 29th June-Sunday 14th July 2019


Term 3:

Monday 15th July-Friday 20th September 2019

School Holidays: Saturday 21st September-Sunday 6th October 2019


Term 4:

Monday 7th October-Friday 20th December 2019

Summer School Holidays: Saturday 21st December-Tuesday 28th January 2020


Curriculum Days/Student Free Days:

Tuesday 29th January 2019

Wednesday 30th January 2019


Important Dates:

YRPS Market Night -  Saturday 23 March 

School Photos - Wednesday 1 May

Year 3/4 Jungai Camp - Wednesday 12-14th June 

Stars of the Week

Prep MAC

Sophie H
Working so hard on her Spelling words.

Prep F

Lily R


For returning to school with a positive attitude for learning.

Prep R

Max A

For showing improvement with his reading and writing.


Jai P


For sharing his fantastic holiday with our class. 


Isaiah P

Be there

For trying really hard to improve his handwriting.


Lucas A

Be there

For making big improvements with his spelling!


Alexis C


For her amazing efforts coaching another student in Mathematics.


Mikaela C


For writing an informative Recount story.


Ava Mc


For making such a great start at Yarra Road PS. You have fitted in so well to our class!


Layla V


For showing resilience when working with her broken arm. You've tried your best with all your school work!


Hayden D

Be there

For being there as a buddy for a new student in our class!


Jake D


For demonstrating excelling writing skills in his article about Production.


Ella P


For the amazing progress she has made in reading this year.


Luke D


For consistently being prepared for every classroom activity and giving his best.

Our School


Together we can make it great!
Let’s BE THERE for each other by staying focused on what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. A kind gesture can MAKE THEIR DAY when we do things big and small to make them feel good. Good and bad things happen every day, but you can always CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE. We know learning is more fun when we throw ourselves into it, so lets PLAY!

YRPS School Values

Respect, Responsibility, Excellence, Confidence and Resilience.

Stars of the Week will be presented next Monday morning 15th October at Assembly.



Uniform Shop Hours 

Tuesdays 8:30am-9:15am

Thursdays 3:15pm-3:45pm


Grade 6 Bomber Jackets for 2019

Notices went home yesterday to all Year 5 students. Grade 6 Bomber Jackets forms are due back by Wednesday 14th November.


Any orders placed after  Wednesday 14th November cannot be accepted. 



Our School Canteen is open on Friday's Only.

 Canteen Roster Term 4


 Friday October 12th

9am-10am Trudi Smith
12-2pm Sam Soutar & Jenny Brown


Friday October 19th 

9am-10am Rebecca Ross

12-2pm Rachel Irvine & Jo Hassett


Friday October 26th 

9am-10am Jacque Grey

12-2pm Wendy McNamara & Amanda Hardy


Friday November 2nd 
9am-10am Bianca Smith

12-2pm Vanessa Kennedy & Jen Stone 


Friday November 9th 
9am-10am Janet White

12-2pm Britt Millward & Rebecca Smith 

Registering with Camp Australia 

Registering With Camp Australia

The new school year is well underway and we are having plenty of adventures in OSHC.  Have you registered with Camp Australia yet? Even if you do not plan on using the OSHC program at our school there are many benefits for your family.



What Are The Benefits Of Registering?

Some of the benefits to registering with Camp Australia are:

  • A stress-free back up plan for “just in case”
  • Flexible access to our programs
  • Will ensure we have all the information for your kids to ensure they have the best time possible


How Do I Register?

Registration is simple and hassle free! To register visit www.campaustralia.com.au.


How Do I Find Out More About The OSHC Service At My School?

To find out more about our program as well as view and fees, please visit www.campaustralia.com.au and search for your school on the homepage.

Otherwise, feel free to come visit the program and see what it is all about.


We look forward to seeing you and your family in soon.

The Camp Australia Team.


YRPS Sponsors 

These companies support us so please help by supporting them





PA/School Community News

Important Information regarding
Head Lice


School Disco - Friday 19th October 


Daniel - Match Point Tennis Coaching


Sun Smart 


Student Wellbeing






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