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23 October 2018
Issue Seven 2018 
From the CEO 
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From the CEO 

Message from the City LLEN CEO 

We are so lucky to be living or working in the City of Melbourne.  Not only is Melbourne often rated one of the most liveable cities in the world, stepping outside our office we are surrounded by the wonderful food brought from migrants across the globe as well as the rich diversity of people going about their business.  Sometimes however, our newest arrivals need a helping hand to navigate our education system. We also know that many people struggle to maintain engaged in school, thereby limiting their chances to reach their potential, addressing this is the core of our LLEN work.

The City of Melbourne is also home to much needed public housing and we welcome the recent announcement that should Labour win the next State election more will be built.  Since the public housing estates were first established in our municipality in the 1960’s they have housed waves of migrants and refugees.  Migration has always been a normal part of human history, people exploring what’s over there? People looking for a better place to live. But this movement is often represented as an exception or a crisis.  Globalisation and technological advances have changed the methods used; some of the reasons for; and patterns of migration.  I am looking forward to exploring these changes when I attend Monash Universities visiting Professor Triandafyllidou’s free public lecture in the city on

“Globalisation, Identify & Migrant Agency in the 21st Century’.


I hope the information shared can inform our work with our migrant communities to better support the pathways of students from culturally diverse backgrounds. I’ll take this opportunity to promote the great work of The Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) who together with Foundation House deliver some fantastic programs aimed at helping schools and educators better understand the challenges faced my students from diverse backgrounds – refer to this information on the Attend This page of the newsletter. 

We also welcome Monash Universities Migration and Inclusion Centre’s new twitter account, migration@monash helping to combat the negative African gang tropes perpetuated by some misinformed users of social media.  Please follow them here


Louise Smith, CEO 


City LLEN News

What Else Does the LLEN do?

As well as the stories we publish for a specific program or event, the LLEN is always working behind the scenes with our schools, youth services, the City of Melbourne, employers and just about any type of organisation you can think of if they have any interest in; work with, employ or educate young people.  This work varies from advising an organisation of the contemporary issues impacting young people today, especially those at risk of early school leaving or disengaging.  We also help organisations with:

  • knowing who to talk to and meet with about a specific youth issue 
  • Who delivers what services in the City of Melbourne?  
  • What ideas do we have to help support various issues impacting different youth cohorts. 

We also help families and parents of individual students with advice and counselling on how to navigate the education system both on an ad hoc basis and via formal transition forums for parents held in the community. From time to time, we also submit responses to Parliamentary Enquiries if we can find the time!  Keeping up to date with the data and statistics for the young people in our local government area is also an important component of our work so we can inform our partners as well as the work we deliver.  Other functions we perform include; running networks, meeting with other LLENs on joint strategies, attending other organisations program/steering & governance committees in advisory roles and liaising with the Department of Education and Training to share information and provide advice about issues impacting our schools and their students. All our work is aimed at maximising retention and achievement for all students, which is after all our main goal.

Alternative Education Provider Network

The City LLEN works closely with a number of alternative education providers within the City of Melbourne. Through discussion with a number of these providers a need was identified to create a network for staff from the schools to come together to:

  • Share experience and expertise on how to support vulnerable young people to engage successfully in education
  • Identify areas of common concern and develop new strategies to address them
  • Identify community resources that can assist these strategies
  • Organise and support professional development opportunities
  • Provide a collegiate support to staff often working in small settings
  • Raise awareness of the programs at each school to create new enrolment opportunities for students
  • Share best practice, research and guidance on how to prepare students for the jobs of the future

The first meeting of the network took place on the 14 September at The Huddle in North Melbourne and was supported by staff from:

  • Hester Hornbrook Academy
  • Kensington Community High School
  • Parkville College Flexible Learning Centre
  • River Nile School
  • St. Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre

Participants were enthusiastic in their support of the network and already there has been much information shared and new relationships created. Two more meetings have already been planned for Term 4. For more information about the network please contract Andrew Smith, School-Community Engagement Officer at


MCG Careers Day

On the 15th of October the City LLEN arranged an industry immersion day attended by senior students from Kensington Community High School, University High, the Victorian College for the Deaf and the River Nile School at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).  Students heard from several guest speakers covering various careers in food and hospitality and learnt that there are a much wider range of jobs and careers available at our most famous sporting ground they had ever thought of before.  People can work in Engineering, as Grounds People (they were preparing 7 wickets for the summer cricket season when we there), Security, IT (someone is entering the data to change those football game scores), Event Management and many more.  Spotless, part of the Downer Group deliver all the food, drink and restaurant services at the G and employ thousands of people.  The Head of Human Resources explained how students can apply for part time work as well as detailing all the components of his role and others he has worked in over the years.
Shane Freer, Chef de Cuisine explained to the students what the expectations were for an apprentice and how the students could secure one.  The students were very interested in his career, what a typical day looked like and how he came to do be doing his job after leaving school early.  Many employees were sports lovers who obtained qualifications in fields as diverse as Human Resources, Humanities and Commerce but dreamed of using their skills for an organisation that meant they could work at the MCG all year round.  Students were able to ask questions of all of our guest speakers to learn more about what was involved in each profession and how to gain entry into their chosen field.  Presenters spoke about the skills, demeanour and attributes that would help the students succeed in their industry. 
After the Industry immersion component of the day, students were given a tour of the grounds and visited the Sports Museum – also an employer and a chance to learn more about the careers directly related to various sports.

On Track Connect

Every year the City LLEN together with all the LLEN’s state-wide deliver the On Track Connect program between June and August.  This initiative is designed to capture all those students post Year 12 who have not gone onto tertiary studies or found work as well as Year 11 students who decided not to return to complete Year 12 (Early School Leavers).  Participation in this program is voluntary and relies on parents or guardians ticking the box that says they are willing be contacted after leaving school when they fill in the enrolment forms for their child. We have been delivering this program since 2002, there are some interesting observations we have noticed for the students attending schools in our LLEN, these include: 

  • As time goes on, less and less students are either ticking the box to participate or the other explanation is more students are actively engaged post Year 11 or 12.  In other words our referrals have been decreasing
  • Back when most students relied on a land line at home (pre – 2008) as their main way to be contacted (this is asked for when completing the agreement to participate form) it was relatively easy to contact students and speak to them
  • As more and more students have their own mobile phones and as students and the general population screen calls in response to scammers it has become more and more difficult for us to speak to students
  • To make it easier for students to respond to our queries we are relying more on emails with a quick 4 question survey
  • For those students who are not engaged in anything post Year 12, the most common reasons include a mental illness emerging post school or dropping out of university before census date/not liking their course and being unable to find work. 


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Structured Workplace Learning

New in SWL:

The City LLEN’s partnership with Spotless Integrated has led to us coordinating an exciting SWL placement with the Spotless Epicure (catering) team at the MCG for a student in the City of Melbourne.  The local VCAL student is studying Certificate II in Hospitality. As part of the student’s application process with Epicure they were put though the same recruitment Interview and Induction process for candidates applying for employment.  Whilst rigorous, this is great training for when they finish Year 12 or university. The student commenced their SWL placement in the week leading up to the AFL Grand Final which was an exciting time as they got to experience working in a fast paced hospitality environment. The feedback from the Culinary Manager at Spotless Epicure has been very positive in regards to the student’s SWL placement advising that it is likely that they will be offered casual employment as a result of her successful SWL placement.  


For students still requiring an SWL placement during Term 4 2018 below are some SWL opportunities teachers and students may consider, remember sometimes we can arrange a placement for a day or part of a week which may support some students:

  • Cross Yarra Trams – Positions in the city & St Kilda Rd (IT, admin, business services) W110211/ W110264/ W110216

  • Carlton Baths (Sport and Recreation) W106236

  • Lady Gowrie Childcare Docklands W106288

  • Myer Melbourne (retail cosmetics and women’s wear) W107262 W107253

  • Spotless/Epicure (MCG) (Kitchen Hand, students must be able to work Weekends, great chance to gain on-going employment and work their way up) W108913

  • Bunnings Collingwood (Retail) W110257 

Loads more on the SWL Portal link! Click here 



VCAL Teachers start planning for 2019 SWL opportunities now as popular SWL opportunities get consumed early on in the year.  New SWL Opportunities for 2019 will be available for teachers and students to view after the 1st of December 2018, the City LLEN will have some exciting new placements for 2019 so get in early to secure these opportunities. 


Youth & Education News

Ambassadors for Multiculturalism

The Victorian Multicultural Commission has officially launched Ambassadors for Multiculturalism,  a Victorian Government and Victorian Multicultural Commission program bringing the passion and personal stories of high-profile Victorians together to promote the benefits of cultural diversity to Victoria. The following Ambassadors were launched: 

  • Victorian chef, restaurateur and media personality, Karen Martini,
  • Successful corporate personality and NBL Chairperson, Larry Kestelman, 
  • AFLW star and league-leading goalkicker, Darcy Vescio,
  • AFL premiership star, Jack Riewoldt, and
  • Actress, Olympia Valance

Read more about the launch here 

VET Knowledge Bank 

Check out the VET Knowledge Bank which contains all the info you need to navigate Australia's diverse and ever-changing vocational education and training system.  Includes: 

  • Getting to know VET
  • Policy initatives 
  • Governance
  • Glossary of VET
  • History of VET
  • Landmark Documents
  • Organisations and resources View the Knowledge bank here 

Re-renewed funding for the Reconnect Program

The Minister for Training and Skills Gayle Tierney visited Federation University’s Ballarat campus to announce a $12 million boost to expand the Reconnect Program by a further 17 projects, to 1800 Victorians across 55 local government areas.

The Reconnect Program targets early school leavers and the long-term unemployed by providing a range of services aimed at building participants’ resilience and workplace skills to prepare them for formal training and employment.

Participants will receive local support from community-based Learn Local organisations and TAFE Institutes to prepare for and undertake meaningful training.

Read more about the announcement here

7 News Young Achiever Awards 

the Seven News Young Achiever Awards is to acknowledge, encourage and most importantly promote the positive achievements of all young people throughout Victoria up to and including 29 years of age as of 31st December each year. 

Important Dates 
Open of Nominations:  14 September 2018
Close of Nominations: 14 December 2018
Judging: 6 March 2019
Awards Gala Presentation: 10 May 2019

Read more about the awards here 

Victoria Police Diversity Recruitment Program

The Victoria Police Diversity Recruitment Program seeks to increase the representation of African-Australians from refugee and other backgrounds in Victoria Police. This new program focuses on the challenges encountered by African-Australians who apply to Victoria Police. The program is designed to assist and provide support to applicants.

Support provided to participants

  • Mentoring and support from African-Australian community leaders.
  • Participant assessment, and guidance on recruitment pathway options
  • Guidance and support on cultural differences and expectations.
  • Mentoring, support and guidance to participants to succeed through each stage of the recruitment process.
  • 15 week Victoria Police and Protective Service Officer Recruitment Ready training course to build skills and capabilities for success through the recruitment process
  • Training on professional culture and expectations of the Victoria Police Support and mentoring during the Police Academy training and ongoing mentoring following deployment to police stations

Find out more below 


Foundation House Programs for Schools

The Schools Support Program offers a specialist service to teachers and school leaders. It acknowledges their contribution to the recovery, resettlement and integration processes for children, young people and their parents and carers, whose lives have been disrupted by conflict, persecution and long-term displacement and helps teachers and schools understand the circumstances and impact on the lives of the children they teach to better inform their practice.  For more information about their programs and resources, follow the link below. 


Voices of the Unemployed 

Educators with students considering leaving school early may want to slip them a copy of the recently released report from the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) detailing the experiences of unemployed people seeking support through the Job Active system to find work.  People who receive unemployment benefits via Newstart allowance are required to demonstrate that they are actively seeking work and attend a Job Active provider, read the report here:


Charcoal Lane - Mission Australia 

Charcoal lane hosted The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the 18th of October. While they were visiting their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander trainees plated up gourmet cuisine made with native Australian ingredients. Read an article about the visit here 

The Bastow Institute’s Horizon – Thought Leadership journal on school leadership, developments in pedagogy and all things school-related


Child Social Exclusion

Uniting Care Australia & University of Canberra’s National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling have released a new report on Child Social Exclusion examining the multi-dimensional nature of disadvantage in Australia, that includes an exploration on the impact for children and their education. Poverty, social exclusion and disadvantage are complex and persistent. Child social exclusion means lost opportunity, disengagement and the risk of leading lives of unfulfilled potential.  Educators can play a role to help identify and reach out to children at greater risk to provide them with the hope that if they persevere and stay at school their life chances will improve. Download the Report here


Year 13 Youth Engagement Specialists

The presentations on Youth Sense website show reveal the data and insights from the After The ATAR II report. By demonstrating how this research forms the foundation of the Year 13  engagement strategy, aiming to support viewers in their goal of helping young Australians transition out of high school.

Attend This

Respect and Equity: It All Starts Here

Join a facilitated panel discussion and Q&A calling on the expertise and experience of parents, childhood educators and advocates. The panel will take up the themes and findings from the City of Melbourne pilot, including how we can call out those gender stereotypes that limit us all. 

Children are welcome and catering is provided. 

Library at The Dock

107-117 Victoria Harbour Promenade

Docklands VIC 3008


Sat: 10am – noon - Free event


Cultural Diversity - inclusion, intelligence, agility - making it happen in your workplace

Hear Dr Tom Verghese give his perspective as a practitioner who has worked in the field locally and internationally over the last 25 years. He will share reflections and insights on what he has observed over his long career in the field of Cultural Diversity.

9th of November 

12:00 - 12:30 pm Lunch and networking (optional)

12:30 - 1:30pm Presentation & Discussions

1:30 - 2:00pm Q & A

Cost: Free for EEON 2018 Financial members, $50 non-members - we invite you to join as a member on the day, however you will need to purchase a ticket to this event prior to arrival.


Ngaga-dji Project / Koorie Youth Council 

Voices for justice, stories for change: Learning from First Nations and Communities of Colour in justice. This free event includes an afternoon of storytelling, panels and theatre where we learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and communities through the Koorie Youth Council’s Ngaga-dji (hear me) project. 

Studio Five Level 5, Kwong Lee Dow Building

University of Melbourne Parkville Campus, Vic 3010

Thu, October 25, 2018 at 2:45 PM – 6:00pm


Illuminate Series #5 Innovative Approaches to Education: Supporting Vulnerable Learners

Each of the following presenters are experts in their respective areas and committed to innovation, best practice and the development of skills and knowledge in the Australian education sector, particulary in the context of vulnerable leaners. 


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