Photo: Looking forward to seeing you back in Term 3! Happy holidays from all of us in the English faculty

Cecil Hills High School Newsletter

06 July 2018
Issue Six
Another term of great teaching and learning
Students in the spotlight
Around the school
Team Play launched
Where are they now?
Celebrating our rich diversity
A taste of Cecil
In our community
Showcasing Year 8
It's all about the future
Sports Shorts
Important dates
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Another term of great teaching and learning

Photo: Year 7&8 students experienced the passion and excitement of the FIFA World cup with their very own Futsal tournament.

As term two ends

Some roads are soft and some are bumpy
Some roads you really fly
Some rides are rough and leave you jumpy
Why make it tough by getting grumpy?
Plenty of roads to try

‘Merrily We Roll Along’ by Stephen Sondheim from ‘Merrily We Roll Along’’

School Plan update

One of the key features of Strategic Direction #1: respectful, responsible and successful learners is our restructured curriculum which allows students to connect more regularly with their learning, their teachers and each other.  Students have fewer subjects and fewer teachers, who they see more often.  This means that Year 7 students have now completed their mandatory Stage 4 studies in Music or Visual Arts and will switch into their other course (ie, Visual Arts or Music) for the second semester.  For Year 9, they have now completed 50% of their elective course as they complete one full Stage 5 elective in Year 9 and their other Stage 5 elective in Year 10.  These changes are influenced by Standard 1 of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, namely, ‘know students and how they learn’ as teachers will get to know their students more quickly under this compressed model.


One aspect of Strategic Direction #3: leaders as community change agents is ensuring we have a positive public profile for our school.  We have an amazing school our reputation in the community is outstanding.  One of the reasons our school is growing is due to the fact that parents who currently send their children to private schools are switching to Cecil Hills High School as they value the education we provide.  I would like to thank the work of our Community Engagement and School Promotions team which is doing wonderful work in this space including work on our new website, new app, Facebook page, school newsletter and much more!  Stay tuned for more information on our new app and website.



Our new 5 minute warning bell is working well and I would like to thank students and parents for their assistance in helping us ensure our students act ‘responsibly’ (one of our three FOCUS words) by being punctual.

School News email

There is a significant amount of debate in education circles about a range of topics.  This includes Gonski, school funding, mobile phones in schools, NAPLAN and more!  A great way to keep up to date with these discussions is to subscribe to the ‘School News’ digital newsletter issued weekly:

Subject Selection Evening

This important event will be held on Monday, 30 July 2018.  Year 8 will attend at 5.00pm and Year 10 will attend at 6:15pm.  This is a very important evening to learn everything about subject choices, curriculum requirements, NESA rules and different pathways.  In terms of my introductory quote, there are “plenty of roads to try” in choosing subjects but it is very important that Year 10 students in particular take lots of advice and choose the right road to travel.

Staffing news

I am very pleased to announce that Mr Nathan Collins has been appointed to Cecil Hills High School in a permanent capacity.  Mr Collins has worked with us for many years in the Social Sciences faculty and

has coordinated a number of programs including after school tutoring and rock and water.  He also creates our exam timetables and currently is one of our Year 7 Advisers.  I am very pleased to have Mr Collins join us in this new permanent role and I know you will congratulate him on his appointment.  We have amazing teachers at Cecil Hills High School and we are very fortunate to have positive, hardworking and dedicated staff like Mr Collins at our school.

P&C Meetings

Our next P&C meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Monday, 6 August 2018.  There will be a repeat session at 9:30am on Thursday, 9 August 2018.


I look forward to continuing to work with the staff, students and parents of Cecil Hills High School, the best school in NSW.

Mark Sutton, Principal

Students in the spotlight

Photo: Mr Jacob and Mrs Lukose with our Shining Stars performers, Vincent, Giovanni and Christina

Shining Stars

On Wednesday the 20th of June three students from the Support Unit performed in a dance item under the title Shining Stars as part of the In the Spotlight dance festival. The students attended five full day workshops at Busby West Public School before taking part in an evening performance at the Seymour Centre, Chippendale.

The students demonstrated the amazing ability to remember the dance steps to the entire dance routine and displayed no signs of stage fright despite performing in front of a sold out audience. Congratulations and well done to our students -  Christina George, Giovanni Fava and Vincent Huynh.

Mr Jacob, Shining Stars Coordinator


Decision making workshop

Senior students in the Support Unit had the opportunity to participate in the 2 hour workshop. The fun interactive workshop was conducted by Jared Ngaika from Carers NSW. This program provided students the opportunity to improve their ability to communicate effectively and work as a team. An important element of this workshop was to ensure the students understood the strategies and skills required to make decisions in different areas of life including socially, within a school context and at home.

Mrs R Sharma, Special Education Teacher

Around the school

Year 11 Biology

Year 11 Biology students enjoyed a day out at Penrith Lakes Environmental Education Centre on Thursday 21 Friday 22 June 2018. Students learn about local history, past and current changes to the environment and conducted their own study of the local habitat.

As part of the Stage 6 Preliminary Biology course, students learn how to study and measure the health of an ecosystem. As always, Year 11 were actively involved and enthusiastic participants. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the education officer, Neil who was helpful, humorous and informative.

P Vella, Year 11 Biology teacher

UBS Finance Academy

Monique Grant is one of forty Year 11 high school students from across NSW who has demonstrated an interest in finance and has been chosen to attend the prestigious UBS Finance Academy to be held in

Sydney next week. Along with other participants, Monique will participate in workshops,  gain a first-hand insight into financial markets, the operations of a bank and the many career paths available. We look forward to hearing about Monique's experiences when she returns to school.

Debating success

Our year 7 debating team versed our year 8 debating team. The topic was, “That we should ban NAPLAN testing”. It was a very close debate, however our year 8 team were the winners. Well done to both teams.


 Broken Hill and beyond

Year 12 Earth and Environmental Science have been given the wonderful opportunity to take a Road Trip throughout Western New South Wales as well as Western Victoria.

This road trip will allow the students to see, first hand, ways in which locals care for the country as well as the difficulties faced by locals, such as, salinity and introduced species.


Students will drive from Sydney to Dubbo, to Cobar, to Broken Hill, to Mildura, to Echuca, to Wagga Wagga and then back to Sydney. During this adventure students will see and chat with many farmers and experience firsthand what it takes to care for country. The group depart Sydney on Sunday, 8th July and return on Saturday, 14th July.


Keep an eye on the Cecil Hills Facebook page for updates on our adventure.

Mr Vesey-Wells and Ms Ha, road trip coordinators

FIFA World cup

Year 7&8 students experienced the passion and excitement of the FIFA World cup  this term with their very own Futsal tournament.
Our Year 12 students conducted a fundraiser that saw Poland win overall and the Matilda's awarded the 'Spirit of the Game' award.


Eyecare Program

The school is pleased to announce that the Student Eyecare Program will be running this year during the second half of Term 3. 

An optometrist will be onsite during school hours to provide students with a free comprehensive eye examination that is covered through Medicare Australia. One in six students have eye conditions that go undetected. This is due to the high level of visual demand on their eyes from books, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Every attendee will receive a full report about their eye health and a prescription will be provided if glasses are required. The prescription can be taken to any optical store to get the glasses made.  Don’t let your child miss out on this worthwhile health program!  For more information you can visit the Student Eyecare website. 


Street Art incursion

How can we use Street Art to make our local school community a more interesting and vibrant place? This was the driving question to students.

The students decided to focus on the CAPA quad, researching international artists and learning about various Street Art techniques and materials. Then on Wednesday, their planning and research came to fruition, when they worked as a team to bring their ideas to life.

The feedback from other staff members and students has been wonderful, and I would like for the rest of the school community to see the students' wonderful work.

C Marks, Street Art teacher


Team Play launched

Photo: League of Legends, Year 9 and 10

League of Legends

On Monday 4 June, Cecil Hills High School launched its first weekly e-sports tournament in which students from Years 9 to Year 11 competed in the online game - League of Legends.


League of Legends is an online team based e-sport which allows students to combine strategic thinking and coordinated team-play whilst providing opportunities for Cecil Hills  High School staff to teach important life-skills - including leadership, respect, discipline, netiquette and effective online communication.      

Last year, more than 360 million people tuned in to watch the competitive mid-season finals of professional League of Legends. The widespread enthusiasm and passion which comes from the community of this e-sport is matched by Cecil Hills High School students every Monday as they mentor each other and overcome obstacles together during our school-wide tournament. The winning team of the tournament will compete against other NSW schools across the state to represent Cecil Hills High School on the broader e-sports stage.


Thank you to Mr Lee, Mr  Hillsmith, Mr  Lay, Mr  Vargas and Mr Sutton for the ongoing support and time required to help form the club and for providing innovative opportunities for Cecil Hills High School students.


B  Nguyen, League of Legends Coordinator

Where are they now?

Our graduates

My name is Nikola Pozder.  I graduated from Cecil Hills High School in 2008.


I loved writing at school, something I thoroughly enjoyed doing and I took part in almost every sport that was available (even netball!). Combining these two things and you get a sport journalist. It was a dream and something I went on to university to study and ultimately begin working within the media field.

After completing my Bachelor in Communications, Majoring in Journalism, I couldn’t find a job in the field. I then completed my Masters in Teaching (Secondary) but managed to find my first job in media upon completion.


I started my media work with Football NSW where I had the opportunity to interview many accomplished coaches and up and coming players, as well as report on the Men’s and Women’s National Premier Leagues competitions.


During this time, I started my first full time job at Microsoft, editing for their news branch

Currently, I’m still at Microsoft and enjoying my time here.


Getting married to my beautiful wife last year in September has to be one of the highlights of my life so far and now we’re expecting our first child August! Other than that, completing my university degrees are something I’m extremely proud of as well as being Best Man to my best friend and former Cecil Hills High School student Gordan Opacic.

Another ‘achievement’ would be attending the Under 20 FIFA World Cup Final in New Zealand where Serbia defeated Brazil in extra time, something that will live long in the memory! Booking last minute flights and game tickets along with witnessing a late Nemanja Maksimovic extra time winner.


There were so many memories from school, so many good memories! As students we were always lucky to have the opportunity to attend such a fine school like Cecil Hills High School. Running around the lake for cross country on freezing cold mornings, winning the Regional Indoor Soccer final, making the PUMA Cup final on two consecutive occasions, captaining the Bernera Zone football team and receiving a ‘Zone Blue’ and making the Sydney South West football team.


Away from sport, the fantastic and caring teachers we had. From Mr Rayner and Mr Condon in PDHPE, Ms Twomey and Ms Fluke in History, of course Mr Alfonsi (one of the greatest legends of Cecil Hills High School) and our year advisers Ms Papageorgiou and Ms Saliba. (If I continued naming them I’d go on for days)!


Celebrating our rich diversity

Refugee Matters at Cecil

Refugee Week 2018: Sunday 17 June to Saturday 23 June “#WithRefugees” is a unique opportunity for us all to experience and celebrate the rich diversity of refugee communities. Cecil Hills High School caters for a diverse student population, with 83.4% of students from a wide range of non-English speaking backgrounds and the celebration of Refugee Week at the school created a better understanding between different communities and encouraged successful integration enabling refugees to live in safety and to continue making a valuable contribution to Australia.


Refugee Week provided an opportunity for the school to raise awareness about the immense courage and resilience of refugees who take unimaginable journeys to seek safety. The week began at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre for some of our refugee students who along with Year 9 English attended ‘Tree of Life’ a 90 minute performance by 20 young refugees who had experienced the horror of war, trauma and persecution. Each cast member a survivor mainly from countries such as Iraq and Syria performed their own story of escape, survival and eventual triumph through a powerful fusion of spoken word, movement and projected imagery. For our students, it was a powerful insight into the refugee experience as told by the refugees who experienced it.

2018 witnessed the creation of the new Connect program at Cecil which is delivered through roll call classes aimed to helping students to get organised, reflect on their wellbeing and to provide more pastoral care.  During Refugee Week 2018, the S.T.A.R.S Connect that provides a safe and inclusive learning environment to targeted refugees and new enrolments were greeted with a healthy breakfast which also provided an opportunity to enhance their social connectedness and wellbeing. The week continued with more engaging activities such as the story telling of ‘The Little Refugee’ by Anh and Suzanne Do. An uplifting and inspiring refugee story about one family’s survival against the odds, and the transforming power of hope.

To end the week a valuable teaching and learning resource “The Bilingual Dictionary for ESL Beginners” was distributed to some of the S.T.A.R.S students for individual student use at school and at home to support their English language acquisition.


Furthermore, the continuation of our successful Refugee after School Homework Support Program every Tuesday afternoon have staff from other faculties volunteering their time to provide individual coaching. Our senior refugee students are in the process of being provided information regarding scholarships and further studies. This has been beneficial in developing achievable career goals and future direction. Students continue to express their appreciation which is often reflected in improved outcomes across all KLA’s.


As Refugee Transition Coordinators, our aim is to work collaboratively with all staff to enrich the wellbeing of our refugee students and to support their progress towards meeting curriculum outcomes. We both truly enjoy the challenges of this enormously rewarding profession and will continue to work together towards making our refugees from being surviving to thriving refugees.

Mrs Marilyn Rattos, Refugee Transition Coordinator / English EALD Teacher

Ms Adia Sahid,-REgee Transition Coordinator / SRC Coordinator / WHS Representative




A taste of Cecil

Photo: Year 6 students from Kemps Creek Public School experience a woodwork lesson with Cecil Hills High School teacher and Year 7 2019 Adviser, Mr Faga

A day in the life of a high school student

During Week 9, a number of teachers across all teaching areas happily gave up their time to take part in the ‘Taste of Cecil’ lessons as part of our Year 6 transition program. Led by Andrew Faga and Vivian Phan (2019 Year Advisers), fun and engaging lessons were created to introduce Year 6 students to future high school activities.


Our three feeder primary schools took part in this exciting initiative program  - Kemps Creek Public School, Bonnyrigg Heights Public School and Cecil Hills Public school.


Year 6 students experienced crafty English lessons, tasty cooking classes, intriguing science experiments and maths lessons also known as Mathemagic. Mrs Vella describes Mathemagic as “an absolute BLAST!!  It is such a BUZZ to see the students light up after I perform the magic trick” whilst still practising their Mathematics skills.

As for English, students rolled a dice to determine key features of their story. This added an interactive aspect to creative writing activities. Mr Faulkner highlighted that the “students were really engaged and were very enthusiastic and happy to give responses every time we asked questions”.


Kemps Creek students spent the morning at Cecil Hills High School. There was wonder and excitement in the students eyes as they walked around our school grounds. Students made mini pizzas in our Tas room, mini woodwork projects in our Workshops and explored the watercolour galaxy in our Art rooms. They walked around our classrooms, shared stories and for the first time actively participated in high school life. Mrs Vella, emphasised that “although this experience may be branded as, ‘A Taste of Cecil’, in reality it really is about transitioning the primary student to high school”.


Thank you to all the teachers who took part as well as all members of staff for their support in making ‘Taste of Cecil” a success.

Ms D Kulevski, English teacher



In our community

Photo: Student artwork - Cubist Still Life - Year 10 2017 Visual Art

Higher School Certificate 


Holiday activities


Showcasing Year 8

Elective Showcase


It's all about the future

Photo: Year 10 at the Future Finder event

Year 10 Future Finder day 

On Wednesday 4th July 2018, 35 students from Year 10 were lucky enough to experience a day in the life of a uni student. Visiting the new Liverpool Campus for the University of Wollongong (UOW), the students looked into the future by sitting in lecture rooms, walking around campus and enjoying the laid back atmosphere of lunch in the sun with games and live music playing in the background.


The day started with an introductory session, delivered by UOW mentors who outlined the many different pathways and options available to get into university and the course desired. The sessions that followed really gave students a taste into university life as they sat and listened to an International Studies lecture on Genocide, created gaming codes in the IT Lab, and explored the world of Nursing with a hands on approach.

At lunch the students soaked up the sun on the rooftop of the university, chilling out on the bean bags, and playing giant chess and connect four all while listening to the live musician in the background.


It was the perfect insight into uni life! Students were given the tools and information necessary to really find themselves and their bright future.

Ms O’Malley and Mr Issa


Year 10 Future Finder Day

On Wednesday 4th July, 2018, during session 1, Year 10 were provided with information about the requirements for the award of a HSC and ATAR by  Mr Sutton. Our students were presented with information on our schools ATAR and non-ATAR course options allowing them to start gaining an idea about different pathways and courses that are available to them. The main message from Mr Sutton was to ensure the decision is the students, and to make informed choices considering their abilities, interests and motivation.

Deborah Neich from the University of Wollongong provided information about different courses that the university offers, course requirements and alternative pathways students can take. Nathan Millet, the Senior Pathways Officer discussed the benefits of school VET and external VET and courses that are available to students. Suzanne Taylor discussed school based apprenticeships/traineeships as an option for students who know what they would like to do and can complete a SBAT as part of their HSC course of study. Students became aware of the study pattern and requirements involved in each, and it has allowed them to think about the different study patterns that they could embark on.


During Session 2, students were provided with useful career development strategies and in particular what employers a looking for along with tools provided to them on the “skillsroad” website that can help them discover who they are including their strengths, information on various jobs and a job board.


During session 3, students were guided through various activities on how to make an informed decision on a senior course of study for the Preliminary /HSC that suits their their strengths, interests and career options. Students created a draft of subjects they are now considering to undertake by looking at what is being offered and then checked out their preferred  subjects course descriptions, major and practical components and any pre requirements suggested through resources provided to them on Moodle. Students utilised interactive career bullseye charts on our schools careers website to find careers that could come from one or more of their preferred senior subjects including vocational careers. They then researched the duties, personal requirements and training required.  Those students considering university were guided through the “jobjump” careers website where they were able to find out information about assumed and recommended HSC subjects and the ATAR required for various courses of interest.


For the last session, all the students were seated in our awesome E-Flex space listening to an enlightening presentation from Adam Newman . Adam discussed the different ways of “getting where you want to be on your own terms”. Adam gave us an insight into his life and a step by step guide of how to reach the top.

“If you aim for nothing, you will hit nothing”.  


A huge thank you to Mrs Reid for organising both the uni day and the Future Finder Day at school for our Year 10 students.

Ms Cossetto, Year 10 Adviser


Year 10 Subject Selection Evening

On Monday 30th July, the Year 10 Subject Selection Evening will be held in the school gym from 6.15pm to 7.30pm.  It is a great opportunity for students and their parents to get more info and speak to expert teachers about the array of subjects available for their Senior Years of study. Each faculty will have a stall set up and there will be ample opportunity to ask the nitty gritty questions about a subject. Whether you know what subjects you are choosing, or not, this night is a must to attend!


It will keep you informed about the subject selection process and will allow Year 10 students to make well informed decisions about their future.

Ms O’Malley and Ms Cossetto, Year 10 Advisers

Sports Shorts

Photo: Congratulations - Zone Athletics Champions

Regional Cross Country Championships

Thirty four students competed at the Sydney South West Regional Cross Country Championships at Hurlstone Agricultural HS recently. Our standout performers were:

  • Brendan Prasad,  2nd in 14 years Boys
  • Marcus Saggiomo, 4th in 18 years Boys
  • Bianca Dempsey, 7th in 16 years Girls
  • Michelle Prasad, 8th in 12 years Girls
  • Jaydan Prasad, 9th in 12 years Boys
  • Vanessa Parada, 10th in 17 years Girls

Congratulations on your excellent results. These students have qualified for the NSW All Schools Cross Country Championships at Eastern Creek in week 1 next term. We wish them all the best.

Bernera Zone Athletics Carnival

Our team of 101 athletes displayed great speed, endurance, power, determination and tremendous school spirit over two days at Campbelltown Athletics Centre to retain the Zone Athletics Trophy We won the girls, boys and overall points score by a whopping 442 points.

We had six Age Champions:

  • Jorja Jackson, 12 years Girls Age Champion
  • Jasmine Scully, 15 years Girls Age Champion
  • Bianca Dempsey, 16 years Girls Age Champion
  • Taye Sahib, 12 years Boys Age Champion
  • Cayden Boyter, 13 years Boys Age Champion
  • Simon Lim, 14 years Boys Age Champion

We had 10 relay teams qualify for the Regional Athletics Championships. All students should be extremely proud of their efforts. We wish all our star athletes all the best at the Regional Athletics Championships early next term.


Jarred McKinley represented NSW CHS 1's at the NSW All Schools U16 Boys Football Championships

recently. His eye-catching performances earned him selection in the NSW All Schools shadow squad for the National Championships. We are very proud of your efforts.

Jarrod Carluccio has also been selected in the NSW All Schools Opens squad despite missing the tournament through injury. We wish him all the best at his second successive National Championships next term.

Christa Oliva of Year 8 has been selected in the under-14 NSW Metro team for the National Youth Championships in July.  We wish her all the best as she experiences her first taste of representing NSW in her ninth year of playing football.

 Read her story here


Oztag Gala day

100 students across years 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 competed at the Regional Oz Tag gala day this week. All students displayed great skill, team work and sportsmanship and thoroughly enjoyed the day. The year 8 boys’ team were victorious in their competition and were crowned South West Sydney Oztag gala day champions. A big thank you to Miss Saliba and Mr Dunn for their time and effort in organising and training the teams.


Netball Schools Cup Gala Day

Sixty one students represented our school at the Netball Schools Cup Gala day at Liverpool recently. We entered girls’ teams in the Yr7/8 competition and girls and boys teams in the Yr 9/10 competition. All students thoroughly enjoyed the experience. All teams improved dramatically as the day progressed and their skill and confidence grew with each game. They had so much fun. They are so keen to play again next year. A big thank you to our senior student umpires, as well as Miss Fagan and Miss Preston for the time and effort they put into training, coaching and organisation.

Grade Sport

The year 9 & 10 winter competition is in full swing with all teams participating well. Most of our teams are in contention for finals spots near the half-way point of the competition and we are anticipating good performances and results from our teams in the remaining rounds of the competition.

Knockout Competitions

Girls Netball  

qualified for Finals Day

Bill Turner Shield   

Rd 4, lost to John Edmondson HS

Bill Turner Cup          

Rd 3, defeated Patrician Brothers Fairfield

Rd 4, lost to Freeman Catholic College

Boys Football             

Rd 3, defeated Miller HS

Rd 4, defeated Elderslie HS

Rd 5, lost to Liverpool Boys HS

Girls Football             

Rd 3, defeated Mt Annan HS

Rd 4, defeated Holsworthy HS

Rd 5, defeated East Hills Girls HS (Regional Champions!!)


Regional Championships

Congratulations to our Open Girls Football team who were crowned Regional Champions for the third successive year. They played outstanding at the recent central venue winning both of their matches. The girls were impressive with 6-0 and 3-1 victories. The team has qualified for the final 16 series of the state-wide knockout competition.

Yesterday our Opens Girls Football team travelled to the Hunter region to play Lambton High
School in the final 16 series. In a brave, courageous and determined performance the girls came back from being behind three times to see the game level at 3-3 after extra time. In the dreaded penalty shootout, both goalkeepers were immense but unfortunately for us Lambton HS were victorious 4-3 on penalties. I am so proud of the effort of the whole squad. With four starting players out with injury, sickness and overseas travel, the girls lifted their level of play in their teammates’ absence and almost came away with a remarkable victory. They showed heart, passion and a huge amount of skill in true "CECIL SPIRIT". I am so proud to be this team’s coach. Well done girls on your outstanding displays all season.                 



B Condon, Sports Organiser

Important dates


Friday, 6th

Last day of term 2 for all students


Sunday, 8th

Broken Hill Camp, Year 12 Earth and Environmental Science

returning on Saturday, 14th 


Tuesday, 24th

Term 3 begins for all students

Thrive refugee coaching 2pm


Wednesday, 25th

HSC lectures - Business Studies and Modern History

Year 7 Premier's Reading Challenge

Year 8 Elective Showcase 4pm to 7pm

Thursday, 26th

After school

Year 12 timber in workshop

Friday, 27th

CHS Cross Country Championships

State Futsal Open Girls Championships at Penrith



Monday, 30th

before school:  Year 12 timber in workshop

Year 11 Class Chef experience at Liverpool

Subject Selection Evening for Year 8 and Year 10


Tuesday, 31st

Thrive Refugee coaching (2 - 4 pm)


Wednesday, 1st

Year 12 Biology - Museum of Human Diseases

State Futsal Championships at Penrith  - U14 girls and boys


Thursday, 2nd

State Futsal Championships at Penrith - U16 girls

after school: Year 12 timber in workshop


Friday, 3rd

Year 12 Earth & Environmental Science to Sydney Water, Penrith

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