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30 May 2018
Issue Eight
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Message from the Principal

Encouraging a Global Perspective:
Student International Exchange Program

At Kinross Wolaroi we offer a wealth of opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom that enables students to dream of a wealth of possibilities and equip them with the confidence, ambition and social awareness needed to face a lifetime of achievement and service.

We live in a vibrant and global society that presents an incredible range and depth of exciting opportunities and experiences. I believe it very important that our students develop an understanding of their place in the world and have and appreciation of the experience and context of those who live beyond our shores.

Over the years I have been a passionate advocate of international student exchange programs for the challenge they present to pre held perspectives and the personal discovery and growth they afford. Student exchanges promote intercultural awareness and understanding, forge friendships across differing cultures and backgrounds, and develop a sense of international citizenship - all contributing to an enriching and rewarding educational experience.

These experiences contribute substantially to our philosophy of providing learning experiences which are personalised and challenging, while giving students the opportunity to build independence and resilience on a global stage.

Kinross Wolaroi has had exchange relationships with two schools in New Zealand in recent years – Christchurch Girls High School and Timaru Boys High School, both whom will continue to be part of our new program. We have also undertaken exchanges in the past with Strathallen School in Scotland, situated near Perth an hour drive north of Edinburgh. Our relationship with Strathallen will be reinstate, and I will be visiting their new Headmaster in Scotland over the July vacation.

During the mid-year break I shall also be establishing exchange links with Rugby School, one of the oldest independent schools in Britain (established in 1567 when Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne) and Rydal Penross School in North Wales. Both these co-educational day and boarding schools are located in magnificent settings and offer an outstanding education experience, both in and out of the classroom.

We will also be exchanging with The Doon School, a boys’ only independent boarding school in India, ranked as the best residential school in the country. A school modelled upon the leading independent schools of Britain, it has afforded marvellous exchange experiences for students in the past when it had a reciprocal relationship with The King’s School in Sydney.

We are exploring opportunities in France and Japan, both countries that will provide a rich cultural and linguistic experience for our students. More information about these opportunities will be available as details are finalised.

Exchanges will be undertaken by our students during Year 10 for a period ranging from six weeks to a term, depending on the specific arrangements agreed upon with each particular school. All students – day, boarding, girls and boys will be eligible to participate and selection will be based on application and interview. It will be crucial that we send outstanding ambassadors of Kinross Wolaroi and our nation.

An essential component of the Exchange Program is its reciprocal nature where we host students from our participating schools from around the globe at Kinross Wolaroi and with our families. Visiting students will engage in the full educational experience at KWS and share their perspectives and understandings of the world with our students. The opportunity to host students is a highly rewarding and satisfying one that can lead to the forging of lifelong friendships.

Some wonderful opportunities ahead.

More information regarding our program can be found within our FROG pages or by contacting our co-ordinator of Student International Exchanges, Mrs Catherine Litchfield ([email protected]).

Staff Movements

Mrs Lyn Vernon – Ancient History Teacher and Commanding Officer of Cadets

After 25 years of service at Kinross Wolaroi School, Mrs Lyn Vernon has announced that she will retire at the end of the 2018 academic year. Mrs Vernon has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the School, and has held positions like MIC Swimming, Hockey Coach and over 18 years of service to the Cadet program. Mrs Vernon has worked tirelessly to develop Cadets into the successful outdoor program it is today. The Cadet program will be different without Mrs Vernon, however, there is no doubt the program is much richer due to her years of dedicated service.

On behalf of the School, I wish Lyn every happiness as she moves into her retirement at the end of this year.


Mr Charlie Rowe – Director of Co-Curricular

Charlie Rowe has accepted a position at St Joseph’s College, Hunter’s Hill where he will be the Head of Rowing and coach of the First VIII. This exciting opportunity sees him return to his alma mater, commences at the start Term 3, 2018. Mr Rowe has thoroughly enjoyed his 4 ½ years at KWS and has found it to be one of the most fulfilling stages of his career.

Mr Rowe has been a highly respected member of the School community and has made a strong contribution to KWS in his roles as Head of Co-Curricular, teacher of PDHPE and Acting Head of Senior School. During his time, Charlie has worked on the remodeling of the Sport MIC structure, Co-curricular payments model, Variation to Routine procedures, the School Calendar and has made very positive impact on the Rowing Program. Charlie has also instigated the Athlete Development Unit, the third pillar of support for the students, which is an initiative that the School sees as part of the next strategic plan.

In his role of Head of Co-Curricular, Mr Rowe has been a wonderful support to all areas of our broad co-curricular experience.

On behalf of the School, I wish Charlie and Elizabeth every success and happiness as they return to Sydney to embark on the next exciting stage of their journey.

Dr Andrew Parry

Message from the
Head of Senior School

Term 2 Week 5

I hope all parents of students doing or preparing for exams this term are not too stressed! It can be caused by concern that your child is working too hard, or not hard enough, or that you feel unable to assist him or her. We all know that the secret is to apply a consistent effort throughout the school year so exams don’t assume a disproportionate importance when they arrive – helping your child to do that is quite a task, however.

On Saturday I was in Sydney presenting one of the sessions at a day for HSC French students. The day was organised by experienced examiners and markers belonging to the NSW Association of French Teachers; the main message there was also consistency of effort. Students have to take ownership of their learning and make sure they are doing regular practice of all the skills involved. This holds true for every subject, of course, not just French. Please encourage your child to be doing that little bit extra each night above and beyond just what has been set by teachers. Success at the HSC is often down to good and positive habits, established early and kept up right to the finish line.

On Wednesday I will be in Sydney again, this time at the School Law Conference. The main emphasis at such conferences, and all the information that comes through from the Association of Independent Schools and other similar organisations, is that our very first duty of care is student safety. We must make sure that our grounds and facilities are safe, both in the day school and in boarding. I think we all know that’s a given. However, what is becoming increasingly the focus is that students should be safe while on excursions, doing experiments, playing sport, in the playground and the like. And it’s not just physically safe – they should be safe from harassment or intimidation, both in person and online. Recommendations that have come out of the Royal Commission are being dealt with by schools now and we are being asked to be particularly vigilant about ‘child on child’ abuse (the term used by the Commission). This is a sensitive matter for wider school communities and very challenging for school leadership teams. I look forward to learning more on Wednesday.

On Tuesday 5 June the school will be welcoming inspectors from NESA; they will give us the final ‘tick of approval’ following online submission of many policies and documents prior to Easter. I am old enough to remember inspectors coming into classrooms (and we thought they were there checking us pupils out, of course, not realising that it was actually teachers being inspected!); this no longer happens but many other aspects of the school and its procedures will be checked carefully on that day.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the Coonabarabran equestrian expo; meanwhile, have a great fortnight.

Bev West

Head of Senior School

Message from the Chaplain

A reflection on Sunday's Reading

They watched Jesus to see whether he would cure him on the Sabbath, so that they might accuse him. And he said to the man who had the withered hand, “Come forward.” Then he said to them, “Is it lawful to do good or to do harm on the Sabbath, to save life or to kill?”... He said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” (Mark 3:1-5)

In these few verses, Jesus enters the synagogue and heals a man. Pharisees subsequently leave the synagogue and plot Jesus’ demise. This was a set-up. Pharisees were lying in wait to see if Jesus would cure on the Sabbath day (a day of no work, and healing was regarded as work). Jesus’ question “is it permissible on the Sabbath to do good or to do harm” is met with silence. In all four gospels, only in these verses is anger (orge) attributed to Jesus. Elsewhere the term refers to God’s wrath. Without touching the man or even speaking words of healing, the man’s hand is restored. Jesus has not ‘treated’ the sick man but has restored health.

Aside from the passage communicating Jesus’ lordship over the God-instituted day of rest, it asks us to consider our priorities in life. Do we put the dignity of another before our rituals of fidelity? Are we more concerned about who I am as a man/woman/Australian/Christian than about respecting someone who is different to us? 

Sometime people can get stuck on their self-identity or their own particular viewing of the world without realising that they are denying others individual worth or the same opportunities in life that they themselves enjoy. It is an easy trap to fall into. Jesus’ anger is a reminder that as people of God we are called to be just that.

Same-sex Marriage

The law has changed to allow people of same gender to marry in Australia. However, it has done little to bring peace within Church congregations about homosexuality. Each side of the conversation draws upon Scriptures to justify their stance on homosexuality. Within the Uniting Church in Australia (KWS is a School of the Uniting Church – just saying!) there is a determination to remain united, loving and respectful towards those whose opinions differ to our own. Fundamental to the discussions is an informed understanding of the relevant Scriptures. There is opportunity to hear from a world-renowned Biblical scholar on the matter.

You are invited to attend a talk by Professor Bill Loader, entitled ‘Same-Sex Relations: a first century perspective. Listening to the Biblical witness.’ It will take place on Tuesday 26th June from 7:30pm – 9:00pm in Wesley Church, Orange (a couple of doors down from the RSL in Anson Street). Entry is free.

Prof Loader’s work on sexuality is well known and respected for its balance and respect for the ancient texts. At a recent Australian Anglican Bishops’ conference the retired conservative former Archbishop Dr Peter Jensen of Sydney Diocese observed that Loader’s presentation on the same-sex issues in the New Testament was the best he had ever heard, though he differed in how one now should apply it.


Kinross Wolaroi School is a school of the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA). It is not a secularist school. As a school of the UCA, the ethic of love as modelled by Jesus is extended to all who attend KWS. But there is a grab. The lived witness to the ‘ethic of love’ is also expected from all who attend KWS. That’s the way it works. Part of the ethic of love is respect.

Respect is a funny thing; we all expect it but some feel entitled not to give it. This, I suspect, is a reflection of contemporary political and social rhetoric. Disrespect is difficult to respond to respectfully. When disrespect toward the other, be it, for example, a boy’s sexualised language toward a girl or a student’s surly attitude toward a teacher, is perceived less as a misbehaviour and more as a perceived entitlement, we have a problem.

Respect is an element of love. As the Chaplain of KWS, as a man of faith and as a human being, I oppose the objectification of others and the arrogance held by some who think that the rights they enjoy are more valuable that the rights owed to others. My stance is grounded in Scripture, logic and human decency. At times, that means calling disrespect for what it is. I encourage others to dare to do the same.

Let’s face it, our world has witnessed enough of what happens in the absence of love. I encourage you, irrespective of your worldview, to reflect upon the values you hold dear and ponder on the behaviours you tolerate. The values you tolerate will fashion the nature of life for our youth as profoundly as those you hold dear.

Conversations with our teenage children can be difficult. When discussing values, it may be a matter of raising the value when the opportunity presents. Perhaps you prefer to address the matter head-on: ‘remember that the way you treat women matters. Think of what you expect for your mother or sister’ or ‘it is only by the Grace of God that you are you and not that person’ or ‘before you criticise him/her think about yourself. I love you but none of us are perfect’. You get the idea.

The core values of Kinross Wolaroi School are courage, respect, inclusiveness, resilience and commitment. It is, I suspect, becoming even more important for people “to do good” (recalling the Scriptures for this weekend) and to be counter-cultural as disrespect gains societal traction.

Phil Worrad

Student Wellbeing


If your kids seem to be spending longer than usual on their devices then it is likely that they, like many other kids in the school, have discovered 'Fortnite'. Fortnite is like a cross between Minecraft and the Hunger Games, Fortnite drops 100 competitors on an island and requires them to scavenge for weapons and other resources, build defensive structures and vanquish opponents in a quest to become the last player standing. The game itself is free and playable on game systems, computers and mobile phones alike, but players pay for accessories and costumes for their characters.

It has without a doubt intruded on our family life often distracting from homework, jobs around the house and other better interactions within the family. My boys argue that playing Fortnite is a social experience as they can team-up with friends in pairs or fours. If they’re not together physically, they communicate — over FaceTime, a headset linked to a game system, or the like — to co-ordinate strategy, alert teammates to threats, cheer for one another and trade banter. In addition, I am informed that the game also helps to cultivate the spatial skills needed in mathematics. My boys are hooked: it has quality graphics, a sense of humour, apparently you advance rapidly through the game and the game itself has that enticing element of gamblers luck.

While I do not necessarily agree with all their arguments they do raise some points that need to at least be considered. However, it all comes down to use in moderation and awareness of what they are playing. So as a family and as a School, we are attempting to set limits in a positive manner.

At School -

  • We are in the process of blocking Fortnite during school hours 8.30am – 3.30pm. This will ensure the temptation to sneak a game during class or break time will be thwarted.
  • Tutor is now technology free time in the Senior School. As a school we believe the focus should be on building positive inter-personal relationships without the distraction of devices.
  • Holding information sessions. The Orange Police Youth Liaison Officer will be meeting with Year 7, 8 and 9 over the coming week to talk about digital literacy, including online gaming dangers.

At home -

  • We are focusing on other activities such as completing homework, being physically active, participating in family life and getting enough sleep. Trying to make the time together as a family positive rather than always focusing on the negative and arguing about what they cannot do.
  • Setting limits on screen time that have been negotiated together, such as allowing gaming on Friday afternoons and some time on the weekend.
  • The rule that if arguments breakout and become too heated, then their devices are taken away for a period of time. Nobody gets to play then.

The link below provides some excellent information about Fortnite and is a must for parents to read. Good luck to all those families negotiating the Fortnite online craze.

Emma Bylsma
Head of Student Wellbeing

Message from the Head of Teaching and Learning

Let us Measure all that is Meaningful

What do we want for our kids today? On the surface, this seems like the simplest and most straight forward of questions. We want them to be happy and successful. Of course we do. So what does ‘happy’ and ‘successful’ look like? Well, this is an unfair question because it is far less simple and straight forward. How might we define the qualities of ‘happiness’ and ‘success’? The two are very subjective and abstract. It is different for different people. Similarly, measures of success take a huge array of forms.  Of course, as teachers and parents, regardless of the woolly definitions, we seek to ensure that we create an environment in which ‘happiness’ and ‘success’ thrive. My point is this. Just because something is difficult to measure and define, does not mean that we should not do everything in our power to nurture it.

Schools aim to provide students with a ‘holistic’ education. We wish to develop the academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth of our students because all of these things come together to contribute to ‘happiness’ and ‘success’. It is very easy to collect data on academic performance and assessments. It is less straight forward to collect data on our students’ stories; their passions; their interests and goals. But it is absolutely crucial that we do.

American author, Herman Cain said: ‘Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.’ So if we want to ensure our students are successful (whatever that might look like), we must first ensure that they are ‘happy’. If they are ‘happy’ they are already predisposed to learn.  Students know that there is a significant difference between a teacher who teaches the curriculum and a teacher who teaches the student. However subtle the difference, the effect is monumental.

‘Student Voice’ is an important tool for happiness and satisfaction. There are lots of opportunities for Student Voice across the School. The SRC has been one way in which we have been able to provide inclusive student leadership opportunities within the school, supporting students’ active citizenship. The opportunities offered through TREE are also a great way of valuing and engaging student voice, allowing active and meaningful contribution to the school and the community. The Indigenous Cultural Immersion Program in Arnhem Land provided opportunities for student participation in celebrating difference and diversity; respecting identity and cultural background. The whole school community benefits when students work together with the staff and the wider community, on issues they choose and value.

Student Voice inspires and empowers students to take charge of their own learning. So, in seeking to value and engage student voice within teaching and learning - involving students in conversations about what and how they learn best - we will certainly be well on the way to nurturing those qualities which are so notoriously difficult to define.

One of the most powerful tools available to influence academic achievement and classroom dynamics is making students feel that they have a stake in their learning. [1]

Student Voice really takes off when teachers and students engage in meaningful dialogue about teaching and learning – about what happens inside of the classroom. In short, if we are to truly teach our students, we must be willing to learn from them.

Therefore, one of the Teaching and Learning Initiatives this term is to organise Student Consultation Meetings with representative groups of students across all Year groups to gather valuable data and ascertain exactly what it is our students believe to be most important in their learning experiences - What makes them happy in the learning environment and how they measure their own ‘success’.

While listening to Student Voice is important, research shows that the benefits for students do not come from just hearing and sharing their own voices; it is more about how other people (teachers and parents and other students) respond to the Student Voice and work with students to make ideas come to life. The Student Consultation Meetings will generate data on genuine and authentic ‘voice’ where teachers ask students for their opinions and listen – really listen – to what the students have to say and incorporate what we learn into our classroom teaching. When students believe they are being heard and influencing decisions, the school becomes more relevant to students’ lives and is more likely to be seen as serving their needs.

Additionally, this term, I will be catching up with more students at recess and lunchtimes on a less formal basis to engage with them about how they can take control of their own learning. We should encourage our students to view both happiness and success as a journey rather than a destination – we will gladly come along for the ride but they must be the drivers!

[1] Ainee Shehzad Salim -

Serena Lewis
Head of Teaching and Learning

Message from the
Director of Co-curricular

Co-curricular involvement is integral to our school

As Director of CC I make every attempt to get to as many activities as I can across the full range of offerings in Performing Arts, Cadets and Sport. They are all important, even the social activities that some students choose to take on. It is one huge point of difference that schools such as KWS offer – a full CC program. As I have often said in different forums, I have no doubt about the benefits of involvement in such a programme, I have no doubt that those who choose an activity and stick with it, are taking up an opportunity that has the potential to set them up with many skills and personal attributes that will be helpful in many walks of life.

I have always been involved in schools where co-curricular is an imperative. Involvement in such activities helps develop what is known as a growth mindset, put simply, a mindset that recognises that effort, and persistence in effort, are what counts most in any endeavour, not innate talent or natural ability. It is the willingness to try, to fail, to try again, to fail and to try again and to persist until one sees improvement. If we cast our minds back to when we first started a new skill, one that we have found challenging, then we know what it is like to fail. If we persisted in the activity, then we have tried, failed, tried again, and so on. We have persisted. This is the most valuable lesson that involvement in co-curricular activities can give you, as long as you have a go and give it your best effort. In my short experience at KWS, this has been a hallmark of the majority of students with whom I have been involved.

Let me tell you a brief story as an example of the impact that involvement in co-curricular activity can have.

Some years ago, in my old rowing club, we were celebrating the 125th anniversary of that club. I was reminiscing with some past rowers and one of them told me his story, when I asked him what he was doing. He had joined the Royal Australian Navy and had risen to the rank of commissioned officer that saw him piloting a sea hawk helicopter. He had seen active service over Iran and had flown several night flights, in close proximity to the enemy no fly zone. Now think about this for a moment: he is in charge of a multimillion dollar, high tech flying machine, with loads of explosive weapons on board, as well as around 20 troops who were relying on his ability to keep them safe, to be able to control his nerves and his machine and to bring them home alive. Utterly amazing stuff, which none of us who haven’t seen active service could begin to appreciate. When I expressed absolute admiration for his skills and abilities, he was very humble, and he asked me:

‘Do you know what got me through those night flights, when I was so nervous and anxious that I could hardly control myself?’

I had no idea.

He replied: “I took myself back to when I was sitting on the starting line for my final race for the club with my four mates and I relived the moment on that day, when I had never been so nervous, so anxious and so lacking in confidence about putting myself through the pain of the next 6 or 7 minutes. And I would say to myself, if I was able to cope with that, then I could cope with anything!”

Those of you who know me well would know that I am deeply passionate about rowing, but even I thought he was going a bit far and I foolishly responded: “Come on mate, that was just a rowing race, and you’re talking about being responsible for people’s lives, at night, flying over enemy territory with a very real chance of being shot down!!”

Well, to say that he was angry with me is an understatement and it was now me that was nervous, as this young man had grown even more and was now 6 foot 6, about 100 kgs and was very upset with me for challenging what he had said.

He regained his composure – thankfully for my sake – and then explained how rowing had indeed taught him these lessons, about effort, about persistence, about a growth mindset. He acknowledged the difference between the two events, but he was firm in his conviction about the lessons he had learned from his schoolboy rowing days.

I would extrapolate such benefits of co-curricular involvement to all fields of endeavour that we offer here at KWS, not just sport, but also performing arts and cadets. I have seen the benefits accrue to many students over many years, including my own children, so I would highly recommend a full and passionate involvement. We offer such a comprehensive range of activities, that we should be able to cater for most students. When we can’t, then we are very willing to support students in recognise activities outside the school that we cannot offer.

To that end, it is timely that I repeat from my last bulletin that the strategic intent for Co-Curricular programs for the immediate future states:

CC involvement is integral to our school. We believe the provision of a well-balanced and developmentally appropriate CC program enhances the holistic learning opportunities for all students. The school expects a full commitment to the CC program and it is our intent to support all participants in fulfilling this expectation.

I encourage all our students to fully involve themselves in the program and I look forward to a bright future for the Co-curricular program here at KWS.

Charlie Rowe

Director of Co-curricular

Message from the
Director of Boarding

Boarding is all about relationships.

The relationships you forge with your peers; the relationships you build with staff and the sense of belonging you feel alongside your fellow boarders. If this shared experience is positive and challenging, it can be immensely powerful at the same time, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

In the week just gone, I have been fortunate enough to see this first hand.

Last Sunday 25 of our boarders from Years 7 and 8 headed out to the School’s farm near Blayney, to engage in a small conservation project under the guidance of Tom Riley, the Director of TREE. The boarders got through a virtual mountain of work planting eucalyptus and acacia seedlings into wind rows and assisting local contractors in completing fencing works. The attitude and work ethic within the group was outstanding and the number of laughs and smiles on display during the day never dimmed. For their efforts, boys and girls were rewarded with a tasty BBQ lunch with a soft drink and ice block to cap off the day. Overall, it was a lovely opportunity for our boarders, it got them off site and was something different and is only the beginning of our new focus on improved weekend activities for boarders.

Last Tuesday night, the girl boarders hosted our School Council for dinner at PLC. It was a lovely affair and the girls presented themselves wonderfully well. Rhianna Simpson (Boarding Prefect) and Hunta Wilson (Vice Captain of Stuart-Douglas House) gave a speech which captured what it meant to be a boarder at KWS and this was then followed by a rendition of ‘Riptide’ led by Georgia Mudford on the ukulele and accompanied by backing singers, Kate Alderman and Sarah Faulks. At the end of the night, looking around the room, it was clear to me just how comfortable our girls are in their own skin; most girls were deep in conversation with Council members discussing and highlighting areas for improvement.

I would like to finish by including excerpts from the speech given by Rhianna and Hunta at the PLC dinner. For me, they exemplify the very best of what it means to be a boarder at KWS.

‘When I came into boarding I was a little nervous to be away from home but since I was already at the school, I knew most of the girls. Everyone made me feel so welcome as soon as I came into boarding, it really is a family environment. I remember during my first week, it snowed heavily and school was cancelled for the day. We played out in the snow and couldn’t stop laughing. Laughter really is the best medicine...especially in cases like this. Laughing, hanging out and keeping yourself entertained takes your mind off home and mum and dad, and lets you enjoy these special moments...’

‘The seniors of Stuart Douglas and New taught me to be a leader in different ways. Simply by being there and having a chat but also through their mannerisms and how they presented themselves. I became quite close with the vice-captain of New house 2 years ago and we still catch up for coffee dates to this day so not only did they teach me what they knew but friendships were created in the process’
‘My boarding experience on the first day wasn’t the best because I enrolled late…… but I was still welcomed by Stuart Douglas and all the girls who I hadn’t met before. It was such a fun filled experience and there was ALWAYS something to do whether it was going to the gelato factory, kicking a ball on the oval or seeing a movie, you couldn’t complain that you were bored. That’s something that boarding does really well, they cater for everyone and there’s always someone to do something with.’

Matt Curran
Director of Boarding

Performing Arts Updates

Camerata Concert

This Friday night we are very excited to be hosting our annual Camerata concert, which will showcase our wonderful solo musicians. Students will present a variety of works, some of which were performed as part of the concerto competition earlier last term. It is sure to be an amazing night of music, so please come along to support our students. The concert will begin at 6.30pm in the DPA chapel, a light supper will be provided during the interval.

Cadet Passing Out Parade

Congratulations to all students involved in the Marching Band for the Cadet Passing out Parade last week. The band performed a choreographed version of ‘Seven Nation Army’. It was a lot of fun to prepare this item, which challenged the students to move in formation whilst playing. They also played the traditional parade pieces, and were very ably lead by Lachlan Cisco as the Drum Major. Thank you for all of your efforts, and congratulations on such a wonderful display, Marching Band! A reminder to the Chamber Strings and Stage Band members that you will be performing at the cadet dinner on the 22nd June. Final details to follow.

ZEAL Theatre Performance

Next Friday (boarders travel day), we will be visited by the ZEAL theatre company to perform their original work ‘King Hit’. It is a verbatim piece, which has been inspired by real-life events and stories. The performers will also complete a workshop for the HSC Drama students which will aid in the development of their Group Devised performance. Drama students need to ensure that all permission notes are returned this week. Please see Ms Anthony if you have any questions.

Performing Arts Festival

This week, all students involved in the upcoming Performing Arts Festival have been sent information regarding rehearsals and the performance. There is a ‘Combined Item Rehearsal’ this Sunday from 10.00 – 11.00am for all students who will be singing in the combined item (that is, all students in SWE, Stage Band, VOX, Chamber Choir, Koristers, Chamber Strings who are not in Orchestra). A reminder too that for the festival, students will need to be dressed in Performance Blacks. Please see the information sent home for full details, or see Ms Anthony or Mrs McRae if you have any questions.

Wind Octet

Over the weekend, one of our Senior Music students Hamish McIntyre was involved in a series of concerts as part of a Wind Octet. They played music by Mozart, Weber and Haydn on Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn, and Double Bass. By all accounts, the standard of the performances was exceptional. It was a great experience for Hamish to be playing such sophisticated repertoire with professional musicians. Congratulations.

Scenes from Childhood

The KWS Performing Arts Department presents Scenes from Childhood - Thursday 21 June 2018 from 7pm at the Orange Civic Theatre.


Term 2 Key Dates for your diary

Friday 1st June Camerata Concert 6.30pm DPA Chapel

Friday 8th June ZEAL Theatre Performance for Elective Drama Students

Thursday 21st June Performing Arts Festival 6.30pm OCT

Friday 22nd June Cadet Dinner (Stage Band and Chamber Strings)

Wednesday 27th June Elective Music and Drama Night

Heidi Anthony

Head of Performing Arts

The Regional Engagement Enterprise

TREE – ‘Rethinking Learning’

A key goal for The Regional Engagement Enterprise in 2018 is to establish a contextual project in every year of the prep school and every faculty of the senior school. Significant progress has been made to date and the below is a snapshot of some of the activities and projects undertaken. To hear more, become a follower of our blog or follow us on Instagram (tree_kws).

Y8 Geography (08GEOS) at Windermere

As part of their Year 8 Geography course, 08GEOS mapped our new school farm (Windermere) with Mr Ronald (their teacher) and Mr Peter Worsley from the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Working with avenza maps on their iPads, the students began by first mapping the school to learn how to plot distances, calculate areas and draw boundary margins. Once competent the students headed out the the farm and mapped 4 different quadrants in small groups. They mapped fence lines, areas of erosion, waterways, gates, heavily vegetated areas and areas of infrastructure.

These maps and key point locations were then downloaded and sent to Mr Worsley in an excel spreadsheet for him to overlay them in one large map. This map was requested by the school’s Farm Steering Committee who will use it to help inform their understanding of the property and their decisions on how to stock it.

Y10 Drama

As part of their Year 10 course, our drama students explored the issue of regional and rural mental health in Term 1 with their teacher Ms Dunkley. This is a very topical subject, particularly for our boarding community of whom many have been sadly touched by farmer suicide.

During the project the students had a tutorial from local filmmaker Jim Gowing of Awe vision ( how to imagine, film and edit the necessary material for a short feature film. They also had a brilliant talk from and discussion with RAMPH (Rural Adversity Mental Health Program – consultant Di Gill from Canowindra. Di explained the warning signs, triggers, programs available to help and actions people living in a regional area can take to ensure improved wellbeing.

The students produced some brilliant, albeit confronting, short documentaries; often using images and stories of home. Here is a link to Henry Williams’ video

The TREE Team at the Farmers Markets

During Term 4 2017 and Term 1 2018, 16 students from Years 8-11 participated in ‘The TREE Team’ as an alternative to their co-curricular commitment. These students had to design, develop and pilot a business that sold home-grown and value-added produce at the Orange Farmers markets. They began with a butchery course on making sausages, smoked bacon and Christmas ham from local smallgoods maker Stefan Birmili of Cured Orange. Following sales in excess of $2000, the students reinvested these funds into their ‘Dinner in A Bag’ concept. With the help of local horticulturalist Greg Kocanda, the students planted up the market gardens at the Wolaroi and PLC site before harvesting their bounty. These used the fresh produce to make fresh pasta (using the eggs from the chickens) and sauces (tomato, herb butter and pesto) which combined with some of the produce was sold as a ready-made dinner for $20 to market goers. The students did fantastically well in raising over $1000, part of which went to Foodcare in Glenroi as ‘Dinner in a Bag’ donations (recipe cards included) and in hosting Christmas morning tea.

Tom Riley
Director of The Regional Engagement Enterprise

Sports Updates

Equestrian News

Alex Wald has a lot to be proud of when it comes to her riding of late. 

Late last year Alex began campaigning a new horse, Royal Cruiser.  They won their first ever 1.10m class at the prestigious Summer Classic Show in Sydney. Last weekend, Alex placed 3rd in a field of 60 riders, on an open class with adult and professional riders at  1.15m. Congratulations Alex and Royal Cruiser. 

Pictured is Alex receiving her 3rd place ribbon at the Dubbo Show last weekend.

Jess Shanahan 
KWS Equestrian Coordinator

Football Reports

KWS U13 Glory Vs CYMS Gold

Result: 2-4

This match proved to be an epic battle between two closely matched sides. For much of the game each team worked hard to make inroads against the other and each of the goalies made some fine saves. With less than 10 minutes left the score was 2-2, which was an accurate measure of the state of play. Sadly our team failed to clear the ball twice from our penalty area and we watched as CYMS exploited our reluctance to close the space. Ollie was once again our goal scorer, matching some fine running and passing from the midfield. Abigail worked hard from the forward line, often chasing her opponents and providing sufficient resistance to cause them to turn over possession. I was also impressed with Sophie's work as goalkeeper, the sound progress made by Dan and William in the defensive line and Arlie's courage as she continued to apply the blowtorch to the CYMS backs.

Matthew Healey

KWS U13 Victory Vs CYMS Green

This week saw a short sided KWS Victory team take on competition favourites CYMS Green at Kinross Wolaroi. Victory started strong, forcing CYMS into defensive play early with quality passing and the forwards running into space, a few good strikes at goal were unable to find the back of the net being well defended by the CYMS keeper. Multiple counter attacks by CYMS broke through the KWS defensive line pushing the KWS keeper to his limits, strong defence and athletic goal keeping kept CYMS to a 3-0 lead at half time. Well led by the captain, KWS continued to challenge the CYMS defence with some early second half attacks and shots on goal, but with KWS down to 10 players and injuries in the forwards slowing our attack CYMS pushed on to take the match.

Nick Mastrangeli

KWS U14 Strikers Vs Waratah Vikings

Result: 1-2

The Strikers’ first home game of the season against Waratah Vikings started perfectly with a one nil lead after 18 minutes. A quality counter-attack saw Luke Hunter provide Ben Jones with a perfectly weighted lob pass for the centre forward to finish off at close range. The Vikings’ fitness and pace started to show, producing multiple opportunities that over time resulted in a 2-1 lead. Needing to push forward to secure a draw, the Strikers showed tremendous team spirit and grit, coming home strong to give the Vikings several scares but without the killer blow. Another leap forward for the KWS team who will be again better for a close game.

Ben Ronald

KWS U15 Jets Vs Waratahs Wanderers

Result: 3-2

The team played a very exciting game on Saturday, seeing Kinross Jets winning their first game of the season. It was all defence that put Kinross in the game, our back line consisting of Bryce Elsegood, Fergus Baldwin, Fraser Molloy, Caden Wilkin. Our midfielders, Marnie Adams, Sarah Lyons, Joshua Karbowiak, Griffin Robinson, Stanley Zhang, Charlie Southwell, George Cummings, Thomas Kiss and William Gudgeon played with passion and supported the entire game. Nelson Shepherd and Tom Gill had an outstanding game up front with the support of the whole team. Our goalies, William Noble and Fergus Baldwin, handled the pressure throughout the game. Very well done, Kinross Jets.

Gavin Bell

KWS U17 Vs Bathurst 75

Result: 3-1

The fourth round found KWS U17 up against Bathurst 75 in a very good contest at Kinross. Both teams displayed quality ball handling and passing skills which made the match highly competitive and enjoyable. Both teams had several quality chances that could have gone either way. However, it was the impressive support play from William Cornally and golden boot of Noah Whiteley which delivered KWS home. Noah earned an impressive hat-trick which solidified him the MVP performance. The final score was 3-1 for the home side, the first of hopefully many wins for KWS U17.

Walter Prowse

Men’s First XI Vs Waratahs FC

Result: 0-2

Easily the best game of the season so far from the First XI Men’s side, as the cohesion and work at training was clearly evident on the field. Waratahs are one of the frontrunners of the competition, and to stay within 2 goals of them was a pretty impressive effort. The determination shown by Rex, Hamish, Will and Ed provided a fine example to the rest of the players, and those players in the team on the high side of 40 years of age displayed a never-say-die attitude that will surely rub off onto the junior players as the season goes on. The playing surface resembled the Northern Distributor from 2016, as this slowed the game down a little, perhaps to our detriment. Some lovely through balls from the backs and the midfield provided a glimpse of opportunity, and some slick passing combination augers well as the season moves on. A small dose of luck went our way as the penalty that was conceded bounced off the bar, rather than into the goal for change. A huge thanks to the lovely ladies of the First XI Women’s side, whose vocal and physical support is really appreciated.

Paul Tierney

Men’s First XI v Barbarians

Result: 2-4

A scoreline of 1 nil to the good guys late in the first stanza didn’t reflect the patterns of play that had occurred, with KWS both unlucky and a little wasteful not to be 4-0 up at the break. With TWO shots hitting the crossbar, and one of these hitting their goalie in the back of the head then hitting the bar again, it became a little evident that we need to rub the rabbits foot a little harder just before the opening whistle. Instead, the score at the break was 1 all, which gave the opposition far more of a sniff that they deserved. We still had the lead 2-1 with under 20 minutes to go, and were looking good to register our second win of the season, but 6 games in three double-header bunches proved too much for weary bodies, and despite still giving the classic 110%, the entire team simply ran out of petrol, succumbing to the relentless onslaught from the fresh legs of the opposition.

Paul Tierney


KWS U13 Glory Vs Waratah Braves

Result: 4-6

Again another sterling performance against a fancied side was not enough to convert the outcome into a draw, which would have been an accurate reflection of the state of play. Right from the outset KWS took it to their opponents and scored two quick goals, through slick running and clever control, with Abby and Airlie showing poise when faced with a charging goalie. Newly appointed Captain Ollie added to the score with two more goals. Waratahs spent the match fighting hard on the rebound and pushing the outcome towards a draw. Unfortunately a couple of defensive lapses and some heavy challenges upfront spoiled our chances of staying with our opponents. So close and seemingly so far. I was proud of the effort made by the entire team as they chased hard, fought for possession and put together a number of phases of fluent passing. Well done to Airlie and Abby for their enterprising play upfront, to Ollie and Jessie for their perpetual momentum in the midfield and to Henry, Will and Dan for providing stubborn defence against some slick opponents. Dan also showed good timing and a keen pair of hands as goalie in the 2nd half. A win should surely be just around the corner!

Matthew Healey


KWS U13 Victory Vs Blayney Tigers

With two new players on the field, KWS started strong with multiple shots at goal missing the mark narrowly putting the Blayney Tigers on notice. Late in the first half, a cracking shot by the Blayney striker was defended strongly with a goal saving dive by the keeper, only to see him sidelined for the remainder of the match due to injury. Blayney Tigers took advantage of the loss placing high emphasis on attack which proved too strong for a weakened KWS defence.

Nick Mastrangeli


KWS U14 Strikers Vs Waratah Braves

Result: 1-5

It was not the Strikers’ game this weekend. They developed an impressive range of plays in a match that’s score was by no means a reflection of the match played. On the day the Braves came together as the better team, making the most of lots of opportunities created by some of their dynamic forwards. The Strikers developed some great plays in the second half in particular and with a little more cohesion and focus could have kept the game a lot closer.

Bill Tink


KWS U15 Jets Vs Lithgow City Rangers

Result: 0-8

This was a very intense game, with Jets up against a very exciting team to defend. All game, our midfielders worked all over the pitch – Marnie Adams, Sarah Lyons, Joshua Karbowiak, Griffin Robinson, Charlie Southwell, George Cumming and Stanley Zhang worked very hard. Our strikers, Nelson Shepherd and Tom Gill, had plenty of opportunities at goal but just couldn't finish. Our backs Caden Wilkin, Fraser Molloy, Rob Adam, Bryce Elsegood, Fergus Baldwin and William Gudgeon had their hands full defending their line, with a lot of ball coming their way from the tall Lithgow strikers. Our two goalies, William Noble and Fergus Baldwin, played extremely strong in goal with heaps of shots coming at them. Well done Jets for great sportsmanship on the day.

Gavin Bell


KWS U17 Vs Bathurst 75

Result: 11-0

The KWS (U17) soccer team were up against Bathurst 75 side in a very tough match. The boys from Bathurst proved to be very skilled and disciplined in their play which saw them put in 11 goals. KWS never gave up in their efforts to stop the onslaught; great performances from Duncan Suthers and Bradman Gavin at the back prevented many more goals from being scored. Jasper Mihalich also displayed a very good work rate in the centre of the park despite KWS’s lack of possession. The game was played in very good spirit and an enjoyable game was had by all.

Walter Prowse


Men’s First XI Vs Barnstoneworth United

Result: 1-7

The curse of the home ground disadvantage continues as an understrength, yet fully committed KWS outfit went down to the skilled and super-speedy Barnies squad. Small lapses occurred in three little patches during the game which saw the score blowout, and for the rest of the time the play was pretty evenly matched. Lady Luck decided to shine the other way yet again (L), as our shot that hit the crossbar rebounded over the top, whilst their effort in the crossbar challenge caught the under edge and sailed into the net. A score of 4-2 would perhaps be a more accurate indication of the run of play, but we still need more consistency, determination in the ball contest, and a lift in on-field talk and communication. A well-earned and well worked team goal was slotted late in the game by Owen. Thanks again to the small band of supporters who help lift spirits with their cheering.

Paul Tierney

Netball Reports

KWS 13As Vs KWS Eagles Won 31-1

The 13A’s had a great game on Saturday with everyone playing extremely well. The Eagles gave a great fight especially in defence. We started off slow and gradually settled into the game winning 31-1. Everyone was on their top game and Sophie Martin was voted the well-earned player of the match. Good job so far in the season and today was a well-deserved win. I am looking forward to next week’s game.

Game points awarded by the coach were as follows:
3 points to Evie Hall for positioning in the goal circle.
2 points to Jayde Caro for creating spaces and passing well.
1 point equally to Sophie Martin and Tanisha Mundy for reading the play well across the court.

Jade McLean


KWS 13As Vs Life Studio Green Machine Won 31-22

The game this week was the 13A’s KWS netball team against the Life Studio Green Machine team. This was a very tough game as last time we played them, we were defeated by 3 points. Everyone was on fire. The defence was getting some amazing intercepts, the mid court working fast and getting it down to the circle with ease and to top it off, the shooters got some amazing shots in. The game was very tough, but we ended up winning in the end by a whopping 31 to 22. Congratulations to Prue Donnelly for being players player and thank you to those who played with the 15s team as they were short of players.

Players’ player went to Prue Donnelly.
Game points awarded by the coach were as follows:
3 points to Evie Hall for amazing attacking play.
2 points to Prue Donnelly for dynamic defending play.
1 point equally to Lily Robson and Ayla Ryan for commitment to their positions.

Thank you to Evie Hall, Jade McLean, Jayde Caro and Ayla Ryan who played a quarter each for the KWS Owls.

Lily Robson


KWS Lightning Won 13-7

KWS Lightning had a successful win on the weekend with a final score of 13-7. We all worked really well together and put lots of great and hardworking effort in. We focused on defending, intercepting and quick passes.

Our passing skills and communication were good but we still need to work on trying not to step.

Annalise Emmi


KWS Giants – Summary Report for Weeks 1-3

Week 1 saw our very capable but new team defeated well and truly by the extremely strong Hawks Netball Verto, sustaining a 49 to 8 loss. However, the ladies picked themselves up and demonstrated improved team work and skills for their second game on May 12th, when they achieved a narrow victory against OAGS, winning 24 to 20. On Saturday 19th May, the Giants faced up to another strong Division 7 team, playing CYMS Hows the Missus. Despite this long-standing team widening their lead to 11 goals by the third quarter, the final score showed a great effort on the part of the Giants as CYMS victory over the Giants was only 41 to 37. The players’ passing, intercepts and shooting are improving with every training and game. In particular, some ill health has hit the team hard and we have not been able to field substitutes yet. With a concerted effort to increase fitness and endurance for games, we look forward to a great season ahead and thank the parents who continue to support the team on game day.

Emma Le Couteur


KWS Giants Vs KWS Vixens

In a fierce match where the score does not reflect the effort put in by all, KWS Giants faced off against KWS Vixens, the top of the ladder. With no subs due to sickness (shout out to Greta Ward for moral support and water), the Giants worked hard for the whole game, but the Vixens ran away with a victory. Beaten but not defeated, we look forward to a second match further into the season.

Molly Harris


KWS Crosses Vs CYMS The Opposition Lost 21-59

KWS Crosses (21/59) had a challenging and tough match against CYMS The Opposition. Despite the score, the Crosses worked persistently for every ball and did exceptionally well to earn the 21 goals gained. A magnificent effort and to be admired is their never give up attitude. 

Defence leads were strong with Adelaide Gavin (GD) driving forward, clearing from her player to make the pass from Sophie Brunner (GK) on the back line, strong. Sophie Brunner really worked at getting the rebounds from the missed opposition goals. Brilliant and accurate shooting by Erin Bracks who tirelessly dodged and weaved away from her player to gain space close to post to score many goals. Emma Wright, WA and GS, drove hard for the ball, quick for centre passes and very quick and ready around and within the goal circle for shooting. Ebony Fisher (WA) dropping back was always ready to take the long passes towards goal. Caitlin Edmonstone (C) was a solid and reliable player, worked hard to create spaces to take the ball from defence to attack. Siobhan Finn (WD) used the whole court and drove wide to take the pass from defence to attack. Ella Yardley (GA), quick out for centre passes, was an excellent conduit and able to feed the ball directly to GS to take the goal. Great effort girls.

Cathy Small


KWS 3rds Vs Hawks Trussco Won

On Saturday 19th May, the KWS 3rds played Hawks Trussco. We all played a good game against Hawks - they were a very aggressive team but we were able to come away with a big win. Ailish played Shooter and was able to overcome her nerves in the circle in the first quarter. Kate, Sarah and myself worked hard for the ball in centre court, and Lucy and Bella playing amazing in defence, with Bella getting a number of tips and intercepts. Liv and Katie reached their aim of more than 50 goals in our game despite the Hawks defence being quite aggressive.

Lucy played amazing in defence in the second half of the game – she was always running for the ball, intercepting and worked really hard.

Looking forward, we know that we all need to work on slowing down the ball and just breathing before we pass and not be so rushed.

Jade Jolliffe


KWS 15 Owls Won 20-13

Victory. Today was the girl’s best game yet, winning 20-13. Our shooters were on fire today, scoring with nearly every attempt. As the game progressed we started moving around the court more effectively, but our opponents were pretty good at intercepting our passes for the first half of the game. Thank you to the girls from the 13’s that helped us out, being a player down.

Nathan Lewis


KWS 15 Sparrows Vs OHS Crusaders Lost

Whilst defeated overall, KWS 15 Sparrows played a strong game against OHS Crusaders. Despite a disappointing first quarter, the Sparrows narrowed the gap in the second quarter. As always, the girls’ shooting was excellent and the defending significantly improved as they began to ‘read’ their opponents more effectively. It was great to see some strong passing patterns and good team communication among them.

Serena Lewis


KWS Thunderbirds Vs Hawks Future Build Lost 26-33

The girls took to the court with determination and passion to do their job. It was a pretty physical match but KWS stood their ground and were not intimidated by an aggressive and experienced opposition. Defence was superb throughout all thirds and the attacking players gained productive momentum as the game progressed. As circle defence, Emily, Rosie and Bella made sure Hawks had to work hard for their goals. Shooters, Emer, Alanah and Chelsea were always looking to create space and they combined well in and around the circle. Centre court players, Kate, Chloe and Bonnie continually drove forward, working hard to ensure the ball progressed down the court. A courageous and team effort – well done!

Kathryn Northam


KWS Thunderbirds Vs CSU Aggies Won 35-31

The girls came out firing in the first quarter with lots of good court play and getting in to space. The goals were plentiful and we created a significant lead. By half time, CSU had made a comeback and we were just in front.  The next two quarters the girls worked hard to keep the lead. Chelsea was pivotal to getting the ball into the goal circle and Alanah shot some superb goals. Kate made some sharp passes into the goal circle to put Chelsea in a great position to shoot. Chloe worked tirelessly at Centre with Bonnie at Wind Attack. Once again Bella, Rosie and Emily really put the pressure on in defence and numerous times they got back possession. The girls were really excited to get their first win on the board. A great effort!

Kathryn Northam


KWS Cross and CYMS Winchester

KWS Cross versing CYMS Winchester, started incredibly well with both teams neck and neck with the goal scoring to be even scoring at 16 at half time. It was great to see KWS Cross working closely together being aware of court positioning to create space and effective leads. Excellent shooting by Ella Yardley (GS) and Emma Wright (GA) with impressive goal scoring accuracy, made crisp well timed leads, worked the goal circle well to create space and position close to the post. Siobhan Finn (WA) super speedy off the line to generate leads for the centre passes and always there for the quick pass in and out from shooters. Magnificent intercepts by Caitlin Edmonstone (C) who timed her leads to redirect the play many times back to the attack. The centre court defence played tightly with strong leads for effective passing through centre. Charlotte Baldwin (WD, GD) quick off the line to assist with the centre passes and also made it difficult for her player to break free. Adelaide Gavin (GD) gaining ground to mark her player, and worked very hard to prevent opposition from getting the ball. Ebony Fisher (WD) consistently watching play to intercept many passes and Sophie Brunner (GK) great at catching rebounds for strong passes towards centre court.  Well done girls, it was great to see some of the training techniques coming into the game as well. Thank you also to Adelaide and Emma who umpired the game beforehand and also to Olivia Small who helped umpire.

Cathy Small

Rugby Reports


The Kinross Wolaroi 1st XV took on St Ignatius College in some beautiful sunny Autumn Orange weather on the weekend. The game started with plenty of hard running by the Riverview team who were met with some outstanding defence by Rhys Draper, William Smith and Donny Freeman. Aiden Kelso provided some valuable meters at number eight as he continues to make his presence felt. The backs played some fantastic running rugby with Thomas Jackson, Lachlan Fisher and Preston Simpson making a number of line breaks. Donny Freeman scored the first try for KWS and this was followed by an intercept by Sam Ridley who off loaded to Preston Simpson. Half Time Score SIC 17 KWS 10.

The second half was very entertaining with KWS dominating possession and scoring first with a hard running Rhys Draper. Rhys converted his own try. The score was now SIC 17- KWS 17. The score would remain locked for the majority of the half where both sides battled for field possession. In the last 5 minutes of the game the Riverview team through some excellent running rugby ran in three late tries. Final Score 38-17 which was not a true indication of what was quite a tight game. This was great preparation for the team as they take on The King School this weekend.

Tries: Donny Freeman, Preston Simpson, Rhys Draper.
Conversion: Rhys Draper.
3 points William Smith.
2 points Donny Freeman.
1 point Ellis Hawker, Rhys Draper, Preston Simpson.

Liam Callaghan


KWS 1st XV Vs Knox 2nd XV Won 62-12

On the road again. For the last 3 weeks the KWS boys have been on the road but the thought of taking on Knox 2nd XV at Wahroonga was a great opportunity. The team had trained well during the week and it didn’t take long for the boys to dominate. The first half saw 5 tries to KWS in what could only be described as an impressive performance.

The forwards ran freely and supported each other at the breakdown, the backs passed with accuracy and width.

The second half was equally impressive as the 1st XV posted another 5 tries. Knox did not give up and were able to post 2 well worked tries, which caught us out defensively. This performance highlighted our potential and that we are ready to take on a GPS 1st XV next week. In the past 2 games it has been pleasing to see the boys use the width of the field which has resulted in greater involvement from our back 3 (wingers and fullback). Our catch pass is improving and our defensive alignment is starting to work well. No doubt these two aspects of our game will be tested next week as we take on Riverview 1st XV.

Tries: Fisher 3, Freeman 2, Rose, Jackson, Sear, Kelso, Draper.
Conversion: Simpson 3, Draper 3.
Points: 3 - Jack Jones, 2 - Ellis Hawker, 1 - Aidan Kelso, Donny Freeman, Rhys Draper

Huon Barrett


KWS 2nd XV v SIC 3rd XV Lost 0-19

The KWS 2nd XV were well matched against a strong Riverview 3rd XV side with the first half remaining scoreless as neither side could establish dominance. KWS struggled to build momentum as handling errors and poor work at the breakdown frustrated the side. The second half saw SIC score out wide soon after the restart. This was followed by a yellow card for KWS after a string of penalties. SIC took advantage of their extra man to score again. The match remained tight but KWS could not break the SIC defence and struggled to get out of their own half. This pressure eventually resulted in a last minute intercept try to seal the match 19-0. Best players for KWS were Henry Carter (3 points), Ben Bellamy (2 points) and Angus Andrews (1 point).

Paul McRae


KWS 2nd XV Vs TKS 4th XV Won 22-21

The final trial match for the 2nd XV saw KWS cling on for a hard fought victory. Brett Johnson opened the scoring by finishing off a good passage of ruck work close to the line which he converted to have KWS 7-0 up after 5 minutes. Kings later hit back after KWS left the blind side unattended to have the half time score locked at 7-7. The second half saw Kings pressuring the KWS line before Charlie Wilson snatched an intercept and ran 80m to score under the posts. Brett Johnson added the conversion which was soon followed with a penalty goal to have KWS leading 17-7. Kings exploited the gaps in the KWS defence close to the ruck with an easy try to keep them in the game. This was soon followed up with another converted try to have Kings leading by 4. KWS maintained their composure to build pressure on Kings before Tim Mutton dived over to seal the one point win with less than 1 minute on the clock. This was a strong effort by the KWS 2nds with key moments such as a Will Smith try saver in the first half and excellent kicking from Brett Johnson making the difference in the end. Coach points went to Nik Booth (3 points), Will Smith (2 points) and Fraser Robertson (1 point).

Paul McRae


KWS 16As Vs Riverview Won 14-0

The Riverview game was seen as a good test for the 16A’s and test us they did. Riverview came out firing and pulled off some big hits which rocked the boys and caused some silly mistakes and poor ball retention. This gave Riverview good field position and a high percentage of the ball, great defence from Digby Cooper, Harry May, Ed Taylor and Tom Richardson in the middle kept repelling the Riverview attack. At last towards the end of the first half we put together some quality phases and managed to score through Hugh Aldersley and Alex Brien converted.

Our defence continued to hold in the second half through Will Waddel, Lew Connick, Lachie Donnelly and Josh Dominello. Great structure and shape saw us get the ball to Liam Choi in space and needless to say it was 5 points as soon as he touched the ball, Lachie Donnelly added the extras.

Well done to boys who trialled for ISA last week and congratulations to those who made it.

KWS 14 (Tries Hugh Aldersley and Liam Choi, Goals Alex Brien and Lachie Donnelly).
3 points: Digby Cooper.
2 points: Tom Richardson.
1 point: Harry May, Lew Connick, Will Luelf, Liam Choi.
Andrew Hillan


KWS 16As Vs Kings Won 28-5

The first half saw KWS turn over a lot of ball due to poor ball security or laziness at the ruck. This gave Kings a lot of ball in good field positon and the weight of possession finally told with Kings crossing the line about 20min into the half and lead 5 nil at the break. In saying that our defence was outstanding with Ed Taylor, Lachie Smith, Harry May and Lew Connick all leading the way.

The second half saw a change in attitude and a change in momentum with KWS starting strong. Ed Taylor scored a well-deserved meat pie. This was followed by Alex Brien who spotted a gap and darted through before sprinting away. Alex Brien then found more space and at pace hit the Speed machine Liam Choi on the chest to put him away for his customary try. Will Waddel then iced the cake when he ran an inside line to find the white chalk.

This really was a complete performance, but as we spoke about after the game we will need to lift for the season proper that starts next week.

KWS 28 (Ed Taylor, Alex Brien, Liam Choi, Will Waddel tries, Alex Brien 3 and Lachie Donnelly 1 goal).
3points: Ed Taylor.
2points: Jack Pengilly.
1point: Digby Cooper, Alex Brien, Hugh Aldersley.

Andrew Hillan


KWS U16C’s Vs Riverview F’s Won 75-12

A very good week in training reflected in Saturday’s performance. A great offload by Max led to Joe Priest going over, converted by Tyrese, 7-0. From the kick off, Nick Keirle with a fantastic jinking run set up a great position for the boys to attack. A break by Joe set up Tyrese for a score under the posts, converted by Fletcher Taylor, 14-0. The pick of the try’s was from a lineout just outside the 22, forwards with a superb lineout move, backs drawing in players to score in the corner, 21-12 the score. A turnover by Captain Hamish Napier fed Sam Houghton to show his speed and run the length of the field. The half time score was 28-12. The boys didn’t let up in the second half with another 7 tries, the backs with great hands once again put Jack Davidson in the corner for another great team score. Final score 75-12!

Gary Hardy


KWS 14A's Vs Kings B Won 63-0

KWS started the match very positively, with two early tries coming from great offloading and continuity that attracted opposition players and made space out wide, allowing our backs to capitalize and get on the scoreboard. The players were asked before the match to concentrate on gaining possession of the ball and making sure we’re applying constant pressure both in attack and defence, a task they took very seriously and worked together to achieve. Doug Philipson consistently put us on the front foot in attack and had the vision to distribute to our prolific try scorers Archie Haling and Gus Staniforth, both of which playing the best I’ve seen them this season. The backline was able to get on the front foot due to tireless work by Jack Smith and the forward pack at the breakdown, an aspect that let us down last week. The performances of the game however came from Darcy Shaw and Charlie Philipzen (Men of the Match) who shared throughout the game an unearthly telepathy that allowed them to seamlessly know where each other were. These two symbolize a huge factor for our flawless performance against kings, with each player working to support each other and take aspects from training and transition them into the game. Extremely proud of the work by the players and their ability to take on feedback, transfer it into a game and get a great win for KWS. Look forward to our sessions this week and the next progressions ahead of Saturdays game.

Rob Fenner

KWS 14B’s Vs Stannies and Kings

Last weekend, the KWS 14B’s faced St Stanislaus College and the Kings School in a round robin, in which we were near to faultless. An extremely confident and keen 15 ran out, putting a fair share of points onto both oppositions. Some incredible running and try scoring from Lachie Hodgkinson and Remy Niven in the centres, leading us to victory, not to forget Nic Lyne playing at number eight who was fearless in attack and defence. Our security at rucks and break downs was helped by two extremely skilful forwards, two work machines, Alec Hoskin and Ziggy Le Couteur. Every member of the 14B’s put in a fantastic shift, simply great to watch. A few things to work on this work in training to prepare ourselves for the next one! A happy coach!

Freddie Williams


KWS 14C Vs Stannies and Kings

The mighty 14C team took on rivals St Stanislaus College and the Kings School on a very misty Saturday morning. It was safe to say that we dominated both games and the looked very strong on the day.

We went up first against St Stanislaus College and got off to a good start with Hunter Colbran scoring a very good try to put us up on the scoreboard. All the boys put their hands up and really showed some character as they played even though they were feeling quite sick before the game. I was very proud of the boy’s achievements in the first game.

The 2nd game against Kings, the boys seemed to carry on where they left off in the first. Kosta Tanos ran the ball with sheer determination scoring 3 tries and ended up being named man of the match. Hugo Pearce showed incredible heart on defence putting in some outstanding hits on boys double his size! I think the boys did get a bit selfish towards the end as everybody wanted to try and get over the white line. Nothing we can’t fix in training this week though. The boys can be extremely proud of their efforts this past weekend!

Connor Greaves


KWS 13A’s Vs Riverview 13B’s Lost 42-7

Unfortunately, the 13A’s went down in a tough match against Riverview. The Sydneysiders played a quick brand of Rugby, with very few breaks in play in the first 15 minutes. Riverview starved the KWS boys of the ball in the first half. The Sydneysiders led 12 nil at the break because of some extravagant back line work - which saw them cross out wide, just prior to half time.

The defence by the KWS forwards was great up till this point. The tackling by KWS against a fierce loose head prop was outstanding.

In the second half KWS were determined to come back but with an unfortunate error rate and lacklustre defence off the kick-off it allowed Riverview to get space and time. KWS still had a lot of improvement to make and fought right to the end and with some great runs from Will Deshon, Luke Dominello and Dudley Shepherd. KWS were able to score in the last ten minutes and put some real pressure on the opposition. A lovely run by Hugh Thopson with the ball in both hands saw him slice through and run 40m to score. Will Fuller converted.

At 42-7 KWS knew they had been in a tough game. The bus trip home was a bit quieter this time, with many boys looking forward to our fixture V Kings this weekend.

Well done to the Sydney boys on a hard fought victory.

3 points Hugh Thompson.
2 points Carter Kirby, Will Deshon.
1 point  Luke Dominello, Tom Patton.

Jason Smith


KWS 13A’s Vs Kings 13B’s Lost 24-7

The 13A’s went down in a tough match against TKS. The Sydneysider played a quick brand of Rugby, with TKS spreading the ball on every opportunity. An early injury to half, Bailey Barrett saw the KWS backline reshuffled. All the boys wish Bailey a speedy recovery from his injury.

TKS made the KWS boys work very hard to get the ball in the first half. The Sydneysiders led 12 nil at the break because of some extravagant back line work - which saw them cross out wide, just prior to half time. Forwards such as Harry, Luke and Will Deshon tackled their hearts out in this half.

In the second half, KWS were determined to come back and defence was the cornerstone of the KWS 2nd half. Getting off the line to cut down get space and time, kept KWS in the game. KWS still had a lot of improvement to make and fought right to the end and with some great runs from Will Deshon, Carter Kirby and Dudley Shepherd. KWS were able to score in the last ten minutes and put some real pressure on the opposition, with Carter, cutting through to score under the sticks. Will Fuller converted. It was pleasing to see the slide Defence of the backline deny TKS from scoring on multiple occasions, which frustrated the visitors.

At 24-7 KWS knew they had been in a tough game. The boys are looking forward to our fixture V Auggies this weekend.

Well done to the Sydney boys on a hard fought victory.

3 points Carter Kirby.
2 points Will Deshon.
1 point  Luke Dominello, Will Pearce.

Jason Smith

KWS 13B’s VS Riverview Lost 20-30

The mighty 13B’s started slowly against a strong Riverview team in Bathurst, with Riverview getting first points on the board in the opening few minutes. The two blues boys soon bounced backed with Jack Chamberlain scoring a great try busting through and running 20m to score.

Charlie Hall and Brad Kildey’s defence was strong in the centres, holding the Riverview boys out. With 2 more tries by Zac Arnette in his first game in the forwards and our try scoring machine Jake Hale scoring, the half time score was 15-10

The second half was anyone’s game, but with Riverview rolling on some fresh legs off the bench was what they needed. Kelvin Chang is finding his feet on the paddock in his first year of rugby making metres and carrying half of the opposition with him every run. Charlie Collins lead the forwards around with another great performance. Charlie Hall is in high contentions for the John Williams tackle trophy.

Jake Hale scored his second for the day but it wasn’t quite enough to get the win, going down 30-20.

3 Points and Players Player Charlie Hall.
2 points Jake Hale.
1 point Shared between Charlie Collins, Brad Kildey and Ethan Shaw.

Will Kerr

Career News

KWS Careers Evening

Thursday 28th June 2018 from 5:30-7:30pm in the DPA

Compulsory for Year 10 and 12, strongly recommended for Year 11.

More details to follow.

2018 Engineering and Technology Cadetships

Engineering Cadets undertake university study in electrical, mechanical, mechatronic, computer, software or industrial engineering. Technology Cadets select from computer science, information technology or information systems. Alternatively, they may choose to study commerce or arts and intend to take a major in information systems. A Technology Cadetship is an effective way to launch a career in technology and in business.

Cubic Transformation Systems has joined the program and will look to place Engineering Cadets in Sydney, whilst Macquarie Group will place Technology Cadets in its Technology Division.

Applications for this program close on June 22nd.  For more information visit

Education Services Australia

Through Google Analytics they can see that information for parents is highly sought after when it comes to helping their children with their career choices. For that reason they have developed an Assist your child feature page containing links to the articles that provide tips and advice for parents and carers to assist their child with their career development.

The link to the new feature page can be found on the Assist others page via the website footer. May need to copy and paste link into your browser.

Engineering opportunity for female
students Years 8-10

Experience It! 2018 – for female students from Years 8-10

For girls who love solving problems, are creative, and want to make a difference in the world!

This year Sydney University will host this annual event in collaboration with Engineers Australia and the NSW Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer.

  • Date:  20 July 2018
  • Venue:  Abercrombie Building, Sydney University
  • Fee:  No charge!

8 universities collaborating with 8 engineering businesses in delivering fun & immersive group activities. Experience It! aims to inspire girls to know that they can achieve many, and great things. 

Scholarships are available for students living more than 100kms from Sydney CBD - to assist with travel and accommodation requirements.

Register Now                                                                      
Download Flyer

University of Melbourne
Study at Melbourne Webinars

Webinars are fast becoming a popular research tool for prospective students. They provide an opportunity to find out about specific topics and an avenue to speak directly with university staff in real time from the comfort of their home. The Study at Melbourne Webinars page lists past and future webinars so they can view them in their own time. The following webinars were recently held and are now available to access.

  • The Melbourne Model: What is it?
  •  Bachelor of Arts - Problem solvers of the future
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Biomedicine
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Agriculture
  • Virtual tour of the University of Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Design
  • Bachelor of Music

More information :

Australian National University (ANU)

George Alexander Foundation Scholarship

Each year the Australian National University ("ANU") may offer up to five (5) awards known as the George Alexander Foundation Scholarships ("the award").

The objectives of the award are to support:

  • commencing students who must move away from home in order to undertake an undergraduate degree at ANU;
  • students who demonstrate strong academic merit, community involvement and leadership potential. Applications for 2019 will be open in May and close in August 2018. Specific dates are yet to be confirmed, however please keep an eye on the website for more details on the application process.

A new dual degree offered by ANU and Ritsumeikan University

Spend part of your degree studying in Japan and graduate with a Bachelor of Asia Pacific Affairs from ANU and a Bachelor of Global Liberal Arts from Ritsumeikan University within four years.

For more information visit the website.

Southern Cross University Open Day

This year’s Open Days will take place on our campuses at Coffs Harbour (including the National Marine Science Centre) on Friday 27 July; Lismore on Saturday 28 July and the Gold Coast on Sunday 29 July. SCU invite you TO come along and sample what life at Southern Cross University is like. There will be hands-on workshops and presentations, the opportunity to check out their state-of-the-art facilities, enjoy food and fun activities, and even take a guided campus tour. Schedule it in your calendars and visit for more information.

Southern Cross University Taster Days coming July school holidays Year 11 and 12 students are invited to visit Southern Cross University campuses to get a ‘taste’ for study and career opportunities in the July school holidays. Students will get behind the scenes and participate in hands-on sessions in their chosen discipline and be inspired by the possibilities with Southern Cross University. This is a fantastic day for students to get an idea of what studying their dream course could really be like! Any questions, please contact [email protected]

University of Newcastle Open Day

Like many universities the Open Day falls during our Trial HSC examination period. The Open day in 2018 at UON is on 25th August.

I recommend students interested in attending UON in 2019 attend the Schools Visit Day on Thursday 5th July. You can register to attend at

Australian Catholic University Early Entry

ACU Community Achiever Program early entry applications now open ACU’s Community Achiever Program (CAP), formerly the Early Achievers’ Program, is open to students who volunteer their time and energy to help others. Successful applicants receive an early conditional offer and may benefit from a reduced minimum ATAR requirement. Applications close on 31 July 2018.

Other Early Entry programs at ACU:

Kimberley Jones
Year 12 Co-ordinator/Career Advisor


13 Reasons Why Season 2

13 Reasons Why, Season 2 commenced last week. Season 1 of the show depicted a number of confronting topics related to adolescent mental health in the context of suicide. Netflix and Headspace have released a resource for parents to discuss the content of Season 2 with their teens. The resource can be found here:

There is also a discussion resource for young people here:

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or are concerned about someone you know, please arrange to see a School Counsellor by visiting the Student Support Suite, or call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.

Rebecca Anderson

School Counsellor - Registered Psychologist

Traffic Safety at KWS

I am writing to ask (plead really) for the cooperation of all drivers in making traffic safety in and around our school a personal priority.

On Thursday 24th May the afternoon traffic queue of cars with prep parents picking up children stretched (as always) back past the Stop sign towards Cox Ave.   This is to be expected.   As a teacher who was walking from the main bus bay area adjacent to the Gym down to Sally Kennett Oval behind the Gym walked past the first car he observed the driver chatting away on her phone.   By the time he reached the end of the queue he had counted 14 out of the 19 cars in the queue where the driver was either talking on, texting or reading their phone whilst driving.

This behaviour is well-recognised as being a significant factor in increasing the risk of injury or death to pedestrians – particularly children.   Aside from anything else, using a mobile telephone in anything other than hands-free mode while in control of a motor vehicle is unlawful.   Just because you are inside the gates of the School does not alter this fact.

As a final comment, we highlighted the use of mobile phones as one of the safety rules on campus in the video prepared by our Prep School students in late 2017.   I would ask all drivers to remind themselves of the rules by taking a few minutes to re-watch the video, which can be found here:

In the end, the safety of your own children is at risk.  It requires a conscious effort from all drivers to prioritise pedestrian safety.

Thank you for your attention.

Greg Alderson

Business Manager

Orange Youth Forum

Headspace Orange is partnering with CAHMS to present the 2018 Youth Mental Health Forum for youth 12-25 year olds, parents, caregivers, family and friends.

The forum proposes to increase peoples knowledge about mental health by sharing lived experiences, collaborating with services and professionals.

The Forum will also have two guest speakers, Dan Hunt, former NRL player, having played 150 games for the St George Illawarra Dragons over 9 years. Dan will be sharing his life story, including growing up, his NRL career, injuries, addiction, his mental illness journey with bi-polar, and the strategies he found helpful in overcoming these difficulties.

Chris Fitzpatrick, suicide survivor.  When Chris's life was just about to take off, he had a false start which left him with a life altering disability. Since then he has been working hard on becoming someone that he can be proud of. It hasn’t been an easy road, but it has been worthwhile. Chris will share his story with us and some of the best lessons he's learned so far, in a very raw and honest way.

The forum will also host a Q&A Panel for participants to ask questions on the day as well as presentations from headspace, CAHMS and other service professionals.

Headspace staff will be available on the day should any one feel the need to chat with them on any of the content presented on the day.

For more information or to register contact Sharna Lord on 0428 299 158 or email [email protected]

Tickets are free and can be booked through Eventbrite,

Rebecca Anderson

School Counsellor - Registered Psychologist

International Exchange

Boys wishing to apply for exchange to Timaru School are reminded that applications are due Monday 28th May.

Applications are now invited for girls wishing to travel to NZ to exchange at Christchurch Girls High School between mid August and September.  Applications for the CGHS exchange are due to Mrs Litchfield on the 4th June.

There is now an opportunity to apply to visit Scotland and attend Strathallan school in 4th Term. One boy and one girl in Year 10 will be chosen to go to Strathallan school and exchange partners from Strathallan will come to KWS next year.

Applications for the Strathallan exchange are due 18th June.

Application forms, information booklet and links to schools can be found on FROG on the student exchange site.

Catherine Litchfield

Student International Exchange Co-ordinator

Language Exchanges:
Host Family Expressions of Interest

As the school builds upon its International Exchange Program to include a Language Exchange Program, we are seeking expressions of interest for volunteer host families to welcome some of our international visitors. Students participating in this program a likely to come from France, with a good level of English, but may also be from New Zealand or Scotland and, in the future, Wales, England, India or Japan. Students are 15-16 years old and would be in Year 10, attending KWS for between 4 and 6 weeks and participating in all aspects of school life as well as other cultural excursions. This is an excellent opportunity for students to get to know a culture other than their own, and would be particularly beneficial to students of French, though this is not a requirement. If you and your family would be interested in participating in the program, please forward expressions of interest to either Mrs. Catherine Litchfield ([email protected]) or Ms. Holly Young ([email protected]). Any such expression would not commit you to the program and an information session and package will become available at a later date.
Holly Young

Lost and Found

Bree Rouse left her school uniform (dress, shirt and tie ) in the gym change room on Friday afternoon before leaving for Hockey and unfortunately it had been moved when she went to find it on Saturday. If you have seen Bree's uniform could you please let her know or hand in to Reception.

Upcoming Events

Careers Evening

Save the date - Thursday 28 June 2018 from 5:30-7:30pm - more details to come.


Camerata Concert

The Camerata Concert is an annual concert which showcases premier solo performances from students in years 7-12. The concert features the students who entered the Concerto Competition earlier in the year, as well as including some of our senior performers in Years 11 and 12 . 

The Camerata Concert will be held on Friday June 1st  in the KWS Chapel commencing at 6:30pm. A small supper will be provided at intermission. All welcome!


NSW Regional Technology Expo

“Embrace Today – Explore Tomorrow”

Encouraging students to be involved with science and technology is one of the major themes of the NSW Regional Technology Expo to be held in Orange from 24-24 June 2018.

The education component of the Expo will be held at James Sheahan Catholic High School on Friday/Saturday 22/23 June and features exhibits by all local secondary schools, many visiting schools and primary schools across the Central West of NSW.

There will also be exhibits at the Orange Function Centre on Saturday/Sunday 23/24 June. One of the feature exhibitors is Jamie Gardoll from the Clever Owl in the Post Office Building in Summer Street Orange. The Clever Owl is a locally owned and operated business specialising in a range of quality toys, games, puzzles and have recently added Children’s clothing to their range.  

There is a focus on educational and scientific toys and games that educate whilst providing oodles of fun! Toys are more than just fun and games for children. Majority of toys provide an opportunity for them to learn. The best toys and games will engage a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others. This is the main focus of the owners of The Clever Owl to encourage “family” time and interaction with learning being added to the mix (without the child even realising).

They cover a diverse range from Construction/Physics, to Electricity/Magnetism, including Hydraulic/Pneumatic, solar, genetics, wind/chemistry all the way through to Robotics and Nanotechnology for all ages from 2 up.

They also carry a range of education and scientific board games and cognitive toys and puzzles such as

The NSW Regional Technology is presented by the Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak and has the NSW Government, Orange City Council and Telstra as platinum partners.

Further information regarding the NSW Regional Technology Expo can be found at

Tickets are available for $10 per day for Saturday and Sunday for adults covering both the Orange Function Centre and James Sheahan Catholic High School. School aged children are free on both days. There is no charge to attend the education sessions at James Sheahan Catholic High School on Friday 22 June.

Prep Performing Arts Concert

The Prep Performing Arts Concert will be held on Thursday 14 June 2018 at 5.30pm. 

The concert will showcase our Prep Performing Arts ensembles including Strings, Band, Choirs, Dance, Solos and Percussion. All students will be performing and all are welcome to come along.


KWS Senior School Fortnightly Bulletin
Prep Performing Arts Concert Poster (Final).pdf
Prep Performing Arts Concert Poster (Final).pdf
Scenes from Childhood.pdf