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The Principal's Voice
by Mrs Karen Spiller, OAM

Welcome to the Principal's Voice



Bertelsmann Study

A study that was conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation in Michigan back in 1998 clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of cultivating higher-level thinking as well as measurable learning and retention. In the study, two groups of 100 social studies students were taught the same information by two different methods. One group was taught in the traditional way that’s all too familiar to us, full-frontal lecturing with students sitting in rows. They pored over worksheets and were hammered with drills, drills and more drills and traditional tests and quizzes.


The second group learned primarily through problem and process-based approaches. This group of students worked both individually and in groups. They benefited from self-assessment, peer assessment and teacher assessment. They focused on creating real-world products to solve real-world problems.


At the end of the year both groups were tested using the same traditional State-mandated exams for social studies. The results were stunning and most likely not what you would expect. The scores were nearly identical for both groups, regardless of how they learned.


One year later unwarned and therefore unprepared, the students were given the very same test that the previous year had passed with both groups performing equally well. The results were astonishing.


The group that was taught using traditional methods was able to recall only about 15 percent of the content. To make matters worse, an analysis of the results and students’ thinking indicated that they viewed social studies as a series of itemised facts – this happened on this date, this happened on that date, and one event did not influence the other in any way. Theirs is an excellent example of lower-order thinking.


The group that was taught using problem and process-based learning approaches recalled more than 70 percent of the content. More importantly, they demonstrated a deep understanding of the integrated nature of their learning. In other words, they not only remembered the content but also understood its significance. They were able to make abstract connections between events. Effective learners make attachments or connections between their existing knowledge and new information.


So, what are we doing at JPC?


As with most things, the easy answers are usually simplistic and wrong, and the real answers are usually messy, complex and ever changing. With this in mind, here are six ways that the researcher suggests will support and develop our young people:

  1. Resist the temptation to ‘tell’
  2. Stop teaching decontextualised content, it needs to be relevant
  3. Stop giving students the final product of our thinking
  4. Make a shift in our teaching – problems first, teaching second
  5. Progressively withdraw from helping students
  6. Re-evaluate evaluation; make it real

At JPC, we strive to provide and nurture active learning that is real learning; collaborative learning that is deep learning; and being accountable for our own learning that makes it personal.


It is important to remember as well, that this is not just a school issue; everyone can encourage young people to develop the skills needed for the 21st Century.

Over the break

Thank you to Mr. Gallo and all staff and students involved in the production of We Will Rock You. We are looking forward to the opening of this amazing presentation, next week.


A number of staff were involved in student activities over the break as well as supporting an induction for new staff to the College. 


We also hosted the Days of Academic Challenge and the IB Asia Pacific Regional Conference.

Thank you to the P & F

For providing additional seating around the College and also to the Friends of Primary for significantly contributing to the cost of the new Prep playground. We hope that this will be finalised by Term Four.

This week at the College

We enjoyed the Year 11 Semi-formal. Thank you to all involved for making it such a special week for all our Year 11 students.

Congratulations to:

This week we would like to congratulate:

  • Year 10 student Neve Tratt who has been invited to be a member of the Queensland School Sport Basketball team to participate in the 16-19 Years Girls School Sports Australia Basketball event to be held in Darwin NT.
  • Year 11 student Lyla Sampson for being awarded Champion in the Preliminary Secondary Dressage and Year 9 student Madeleine Mackenzie Champion in the Medium Freestyle at the recent equestrian competition.
  • Year 11 students Wianiata Heemi, Soul Lima,  Taine Roiri and Year 12 student Kahleb Scott for being selected in the TAS Rugby Open Team that competed against school teams from around Australia and New Zealand over the June/July holidays.
  • Year 10 student Krystal George for placing 9th with a time of 1:59.12 (net time) in the Half Marathon at the 2018 Gold Coast Marathon on 1 July.
  • Year 11 student China Polata who played for Rugby 7's team Tribe in Paris, representing Australia and New Zealand at the Paris World Games during the school holidays.  China's team took out the competition! 
  • Shirley Mao, International Admissions Manager - John Paul International College and husband Stanley, on the birth of their beautiful baby boy Ashley born 11 July and weighing 8lb 6oz.
  • To our teachers who were married over the holidays, Head of Learning (IB) Kate MacLeod to Nathan Jones and Senior School teacher Eimear Greaney to Ian Doogue.
  • Year 7 student Pavani Wickremasinghe on her performances at the Brisbane Eisteddfod last year in which she received First Place in the Flute AMEB Grades 3 and 4 and Third Place in Flute 12 Years and Under. Pavani started in the Young Conservatorium Programme last year and is continuing this year playing the flute and participating in Wind Ensemble.


Mrs Karen Spiller OAM


Deputy Principal's News

From the Deputy Principal's Desk

This week’s focus: Online Game: Fortnite- a special report from SchoolTV


Access here: http://jpc.qld.schooltv.me/wellbeing_news/online-game-fortnite-special-report


The current craze sweeping the nation is an online game called ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’. Unfortunately, this highly addictive game is impacting negatively on the behaviour of adolescent kids everywhere. Despite it being inappropriate for primary aged children, there are still many kids in this age group battling online and teachers are reporting changes in classroom behaviour.


It has been described as a “gruesome, Hunger Games-like video game” which, as of June 2018, had 125 million registered players worldwide. In the game, up to 100 players battle each other in a savage fight to the death using weapons such as rocket launchers, grenades, assault rifles, cross-bows, pickaxes and shotguns. Disturbingly, many players post their “top 10 kills of the week” on YouTube which get hundreds of thousands of views!


Increasing evidence of young players suffering psychological distress as a result of gaming is of great concern to parents. We hope this special report will prompt parents to reassess gaming allowances and better manage technology usage at home.


This week’s special report is an 8 minute video overview of the game by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.


For many young people, the addictive nature of this game is having adverse effects on children’s behaviour and affecting their mental health. With over 125 million registered players worldwide, this game encourages players to battle each other to death using a variety of weaponry.

With an age rating of 13+, this game raises many cybersafety concerns. Unfortunately, it allows unmoderated chat between players, leaving children exposed to be contactable by 'randomers' online. This function alone makes it unsuitable for primary aged children.

In light of last week’s announcement from the World Health Organisation now recognising “gaming disorder” as a mental health issue, this special report will help parents gain a greater insight into Fortnite and the concerns surrounding it. Parents are encouraged to reassess their gaming allowances and better manage technology usage at home.

A reminder that if you have concerns about your child, seek medical advice or reach out to our College counsellors.


Next week Dr Justin Coulson will be presenting a session on winning the battle against Fortnight and Snapchat. The event will be hosted at the College in the Gorman Lecture Theatre (Tuesday, 24 July at 7.00pm).  This is a free ticketed event.  To obtain your ticket to attend please click here.  I hope that you will consider coming along. 


To print a copy of this article please click on the pdf below:



Mr Norm Kerley

Deputy Principal

We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You tickets selling fast!

Get in quick and secure your tickets before the holidays. Miss out and you'll have 'mud on yo' face; a big disgrace...'



Have you got your tickets? You'll go GaGa if you miss out!

Tickets are selling fast - get yours NOW!


Show Dates and Times:

Friday, 27 July 2018 – 7.00 pm

Saturday, 28 July 2018 – 7.00 pm

Sunday, 29 July 2018 Matinee – 1.00 pm


Venue:  Chandler Theatre, Chandler Sports Complex, Old Cleveland Road, Chandler


Cost: Adults $40, Students*/Concessions** $25.00


To purchase your tickets please click here.


*Student/Child Ticket - Child is classified as 3yo to 17yo. Children 2yo and under, may sit on a parent's lap for free (no ticket is required).

**Concessions - Please present your Concession Card on entry. No Uni/Tafe student discounts apply.

JPConnect and Techsphere Update

#toptip JPConnect


Can I make bookings and get tickets for events using JPConnect?

Response: Absolutely, online bookings for College events can be made using the “Ticketing” link on JPConnect. This includes finalisation of seating selections and payments if relevant to the event.


Please Note: teacher interviews are booked using alternate process from within Engage.

How to:

  • Select the brown tile, “Book & Pay,” to display the “Ticketing” tray for access to the link to the JPC Ticketing.
  • The link opens in a new tab and all “current” events that are available for booking are displayed.
  • Select the tile associated with the relevant event to display the booking form. Select the “Book now” link and complete details.
  • Each event is set up to reflect the seating requirements. Like most booking forms, the user will have the opportunity to select the session time, the number of seats required, and where relevant, the actual seating positions.

The upcoming “We Will Rock You” performance is offered over a number of sessions. All tickets can be booked in the one session.

  • The remainder of the process requires details marked with an * are required fields. Payment details are entered to complete the process.
  • Further assistance can be provided by the Marketing Team in Main Administration.

Queries or Questions:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 3826 3496

Drop in: Techsphere Service Centre, Markwell Carpark (7.30 am – 4.30 pm Monday to Friday in term time)


JPC Announcements

Success at School starts at Home: Session 3 (How to Win the Battle Against Fortnite and SnapChat) 

John Paul College presents Success at School starts at Home: Session 3 (How to Win the Battle Against Fortnite and SnapChat) with Dr Justin Coulson, author and media personality talking about resilience and happy families.



When: Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: Gorman Lecture Theatre, John Paul College, Daisy Hill

Cost: This is a free ticketed event!


To book your free tickets please click here.

Colour Explosion Run4Fun - DATE CLAIMER!

JPC Friends of Netball Colour Explosion Run4Fun – It’s a family fun event, where all ages and abilities are welcomed to join the fun of participating in a Sunday morning 1 km, 2 km, or 3 km run, walk, jog or skip (distances pending oval size and age category).


As participants walk, run, dance and jiggle their way around the course, they’ll pass through a variety of different colour zones. At each of these zones participants will get showered in the designated colour of that zone.


Date: Sunday, 2 September 2018

Time: from 8.00 am

Venue: John Paul College, Cec Munns Sports Centre, John Paul Drive, Daisy Hill QLD 4127

Cost: $25 per participant


Tickets go on sale on Monday, 23 July at 9.00am.  To purchase your tickets please click here.

Senior School

A Message from the Head of Senior School


Welcome to Week One of Term Three


Students returned fresh and ready for work after the holiday break.  I have had the pleasure of speaking to a number of students about their start back at school; they have shown a maturity in their conversation that is very refreshing, and I thank our wonderful staff for their commitment to our students.

New Students and Staff

This term we have welcomed a number of new students into the Senior School. This has included:

  • Year 10 and 11 students graduating from JPIC
  • Exchange students from Russia, Japan and Germany
  • New domestic students entering the College from other schools.


These students have been warmly welcomed into their respective year levels and I am sure will add to the vitality and enthusiasm we already have in the College. We wish all of these new students a special welcome to the John Paul College family and hope they will enjoy their time with us.


We have also welcomed new staff members to the Senior School - Mrs Melissa Smalley, Mr Justin Kuek, Mr Scott Cox, Mr Steven Threadgill, Ms Joelle Davey and Miss Emma Hofstetter.

We also welcome back Mr Sean Wheeler and Mr Rob Marr who are returning from leave.

Year 11 Semi Formal

The Year 11 cohort celebrated their Semi-formal event in the Coleman Centre on Tuesday night. It was a wonderful evening. The students were extremely well presented in their beautiful dresses and suits, displayed wonderful manners and had lots of fun. Seeing our Year 11 students enjoy each other’s company and include everyone in their celebrations was very special. 


A special thanks to Mrs Dawn Boland, Mrs Steph Ingham, Mr Wade Howard, the Year 11 Pastoral Care teachers and all the staff behind the scenes, who contributed to make the evening such a success.

There might have been a few girls with sore feet as a result of ‘staying the course’ in heels, however after the event they were very proud of themselves.

Year 11 Physics Excursion to Dreamworld

As a part of the Year 11 Physics programme, students took park in a field trip to Dreamworld on Monday 18 June.


During Term 2 and 3, the Year 11 QCAA Physics students will be studying topics such as Gravitational Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, and Conservation of Energy as a part of the Energy in Our World context. The work done on this excursion will assist students with the topics related to the Extended Experimental Investigation they will complete as assessment during the Energy in our World context. 


Students conducted observations and recorded data on the major rides on the day. Examples of the data was the pendulum swing time of the Claw, freefall acceleration of the Giant Drop and the initial acceleration of the Tower of Terror. Students were able to experience the joy of physics in motion in a practical sense. This contributes to the students understanding of units on Energy and Motion.


College Functions and Activities

At John Paul College we are proud of who we are, our history and values. One of the important characteristics of John Paul College students is that when they arrive at school they wear their uniform with pride. It is also expected that when students go to school events outside school hours they also wear their full uniform. Please support us by ensuring your sons and daughters wear the appropriate attire when they go to support their peers at sports events, performance evenings, college art exhibitions, subject selection evenings, etc., unless otherwise informed.


Thank you for your help with this.

Going forward into Term 3

As we have already entered the second half of the calendar year, I would like to re-emphasize the strong focus our students will need to have on their academics. John Paul College is a school where we encourage a holistic approach to learning. This is very evident when I look at our calendar and see what we have already completed this year and what we are still planning to do. Sometimes it is very easy to get distracted from some of the things that are really important. The busyness of life takes over! I would like to encourage our students, your sons and daughters, to also refocus on their learning and pay particular attention to the upcoming assessments that they will be facing in the very near future. If students focus on their 'learning habits' over the next few weeks, it will stand them in good stead for the rest of their learning this year.

Dates to Note:

Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 July - Livet Excursion – Hospitality students

Friday 27 and Saturday 28 July - School Musical ‘We will Rock You’          

Thursday 2 August - Parent Teacher Student interviews

Friday 3 August - Cum Laude & Pro Diligentia Award Ceremony

Tuesday 7 August - Parent Teacher Student interviews


Mr Allan Dennis

Head of Senior School

Middle School

A Message from the Head of Middle School


A warm welcome back to our continuing families and a special welcome to all new families to Middle School this term. On Monday morning the Middle School Office was buzzing with over 20 new students to Middle School eagerly waiting to receive their new timetable and meet their class buddy. I trust all new students have settled in well and feel welcome in their new environment.

Year 6 Engagement Meetings – Transition to Middle School

To assist our Year 6 students and their parents with their transition to secondary school, we have been conducting a series of Engagement Meetings with Senior Staff from Middle School. Last Tuesday was our second round of Engagement Meetings. Feedback from many families has indicated that this experience is very fulfilling and full of important information leading into their child’s secondary education. The transition from Primary School into Middle School is an exciting progression in the educational journey for each student. We will conduct another round of Engagement Meetings for Year 6 families later in the year. We would like to see as many students and parents as possible attend.

College Musical – We Will Rock You

The much-anticipated College Musical ‘We Will Rock You’ opens next Friday night 27 July at 7.00 pm. The cast and crew have been working tirelessly to refine the show and are excited to perform for the College community next week. Two further performances are being held on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon at 1.00pm. Many students from across the College are involved in the Musical and the quality and standard is extremely high. Your support of their efforts would be greatly appreciated. Tickets are still available from www.johnpaulcollege.com.au. Students involved in the Musical have final rehearsals at Chandler next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Student attire at Sport and Performances

As we commence the semester, I remind all students and parents about our expectations for wearing uniform when representing the College at TAS sport fixtures and performance evenings, and/or attending as a spectator. Students must attend such events in formal school uniform including the College blazer. Hats are to be worn for day time activities. Spectators and players attending TAS sport may choose to wear their sports uniform as a minimum requirement. Attendance at performance events such as the performance evening held at the end of each term also require audience members to wear their formal uniform or performance outfits. Please ensure you comply with these expectations and wear your College uniform with pride.



Mr Mark Zietsch

Head of Middle School

Primary School

From the Head of Primary School

Through active engagement in authentic and challenging Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) learning experiences, we are creating learning environments that nurture innovation, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and communication skills to help prepare our students for their future.


According to Education Services Australia, the Australian Government regards high-quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education as critically important for our current and future productivity, as well as for informed personal decision-making and effective community, national and global citizenship.


A STEM ‘talent shortage’ has been identified by Australian CEOs as one of their top business risk areas (SEEK Employment Trends, January 2018), but it also creates huge competitive job opportunities for Australians with science, maths, engineering and IT skills. The Australian Government is committed to improving the STEM skills of young Australians to ensure they have the skills they need to live and work in a globalised world.


In the Primary School at John Paul College, we embed STEM learning in our students’ lessons and inquiries every day. Through Units of Inquiry, HASS, Literacy, LOTE, Mathematics, Science and the Arts our students are challenged each day to grow and further develop their understanding of the skills and knowledge in each of these learning areas.


With STEM in mind, the design of our new Prep playground is nearly finalised.


This playground will stimulate critical thinking, providing spaces for Inquiry into Maths, Science, Technology and Engineering to encourage activity and fine and gross motor development. This is essential in the foundation years and we have created an outdoor educational space for outdoor lessons to provide connection to nature and support mindfulness.


Construction on the Prep playground will commence as soon as the tender process is finalised. You can see the plans in the Primary Office.


Our new Kindergarten classes have started with a buzz of excitement and wonder as both Pre-Kindy and Kindy E explore their new surroundings. We welcome Mikaila Price as our new Kindy E Teacher. Mikaila is very familiar to JPC, completing her practicum and internship with us in 2016.


We farewell Chris Bell (Alumni 2007) today and thank him for his time as Spanish Teacher in the Primary School and also for his contribution to JPC Hockey. We wish Chris the very best for his future.


Welcome to Mrs Cecilia Wong who replaces Chris as Primary Spanish Teacher. Cecilia speaks Mandarin and Spanish and we welcome her to the JPC family.


Next week we are looking forward to the school musical, We Will Rock You. A number of our Primary Students are involved in the performance and I encourage you to attend for a great night out and thoroughly entertaining and professional performance of some iconic Queen songs and outstanding student talent. Tickets can be purchased online through the Book and Pay button on JPConnect. Click this link to purchase tickets: http://www.jpc.qld.edu.au/news-events/bookings/


A timely reminder that there are uniform guidelines for attendance at various events for the College. Please refer to the guidelines below for clarification:

  • Supporters at sport (including weekend games and fixtures) are expected to wear the JPC Sports uniform or formal uniform
  • Attendees at recitals are to wear JPC uniform (whereas they attend the musical in appropriate free dress)
  • Performers on stage at Performance Evening wear the relevant performance attire as advised by their Performance Director (without jackets or additional items)

Mr Andy Gordon

Head of Primary School

How to win the battle against Fortnite and SnapChat

I encourage all Primary parents to take advantage of this highly recommended and free parent session happening on Tuesday, 24 July at 7:00pm in the Gorman Lecture Theatre. Parenting can be perplexing at times and Dr Justin Coulson provides some great insights and recommendations into everyday challenges we can face, juggling work, children, school and family, and maintaining balance. To book your seat, please click this link: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=384293&

From the Friends of Primary

From Friends of Primary

‘Friends of Primary’ is a group of parents and friends of the children in our Primary School. Our aim is to help create the best possible place for our children to learn and thrive. We do this through providing community school events to bring families together and to raise money to provide extra resources and equipment for our children.


On Tuesday, 17 July, Friends of Primary held their Annual General Meeting and elected new committee members for office bearer positions. We welcome and congratulate the following volunteers to their new roles: Deonie Cameron - President, Nabila Mathews - Vice President, Tara Walton - Treasurer and Rebecca Wolff - Secretary.


Over the past four years I have had the privilege of being the President of the Friends of Primary team. During this time, several projects have come to fruition: the completion of commitments made by the previous committee with the refurbishment of the Year 2 playground, the design and construction of a new playground suited to the Senior Primary students, and contributions towards the refurbishment of the Prep playground. Along the way, resources were designated to the purchase of several assets and a healthy bank account remains. In total, during the past four years the Friends of Primary group, with the support of our Primary parents, have raised $170, 745 for the benefit of the children in the Primary School. 


During the course of those years, the Friends of Primary group adhered to the original plans and were successful in completing (and surviving) all of our fundraising projects, as well as our community events. With the valuable support of parent volunteers, the Friends of Primary organised and ran movie nights, Mother’s Day stalls, Mayfair stalls, Barefoot in the Park canteens, Father’s Day stalls, World Teachers Day celebrations, Senior Primary Athletic Carnival canteens, Cookie Dough fundraisers, Disco Nights, Pancake Day breakfasts and several raffles.


As past President of Friends of Primary, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the College personnel working in Property Services, who have always helped and guided us when we were unsure of how the procedures in place worked and for ensuring our fundraising activities had the necessary resources and assistance. Our events would not have been the success they were, without the invaluable help of Wade Howard, to whom I will be forever personally thankful. I would like to express my gratitude as well to Craig Careswell and other members of P&F, whose guidance and support over the years have been invaluable. I am very grateful for the constant support and encouragement given to this group by the teachers and staff of John Paul College, especially to Andy Gordon and Lynette Boughton, who clearly made us feel an integral part of the College community. I would like to take this opportunity to recognise all of the people that have made all this work possible; the many parents that attend our Friends of Primary meetings, and the many volunteers that have helped us in the various fundraising events we have held over the past four years.  Without their unswerving commitment and the strong relationships that have been forged between Friends of Primary and the Primary School leadership team, the Primary Office staff and the Property Services crew, this would not have been possible.


I cannot finish this report without acknowledging each one of the members of the Friends of Primary Committee that in one form or another, were part of this committee during my time as President: Jackie Weller, Shannon Skead, Caroline Clitheroe, Tamara Wilkinson-Creed, Nicola Kay-Spratley, Lauren Lazarus and Ryan Nicholson. Without all of them, we would not have achieved such success. Their constant support, commitment, work, dedication, tenacity, ideas, resolutions, opinions and beliefs were fundamental to our success. I am very proud of the work achieved and I thank each and all of them for giving so freely of their time and making my task so much easier.


To the future committee members I wish them the very best and rest assured, my support and help will be always at hand. It has been a pleasure to serve as President of John Paul College Friends of Primary.


Thank you very much,

Romina Vecchi




Library Learning

Welcome Back

Welcome to Term 3. We hope you are fully recharged after the holidays because this term will be jam-packed.


Highlights include Book Week with its author and illustrator workshops and the well-loved Book Character Parade, NMLC Book Fair, the finish line for the Premier’s Reading Challenge and the launch of a new reading area in the Noelene Munns Learning Centre.


Lock these dates into your calendar.


20–24 August: Book Week

24 August: Book Character Parade

7–20 August: Book Fair

24 August: Premier’s Reading Challenge deadline for return of forms


Premier's Reading Challenge

Hopefully all the Premier’s Reading Challenge forms are filling steadily. The deadline for the return of forms is 24 August. Please return completed forms to the desk at NMLC. Remember, not only will participants receive a certificate recognising their efforts, reading for leisure is proven to help academic success and overall wellbeing. Visit the NMLC to stock up on more books and read on!

Book of the Week

Meet Jarvis. Jarvis and his mate, Travis, love footy (AFL, of course) and girls. Not necessarily in that order – sometimes it changes but you get the idea.


Jarvis is hunting for one white footy boot. He is forever losing things. He is also sort of hunting for work experience for school. On his footy boot hunt he spies a rundown used car sales yard. Yep, that’ll do. Work experience, sorted.


Little does he suspect that the people he meets at the car yard will change his life forever. And when he meets Elektra…well, let’s just say nothing will ever be the same again.


This is a story of friends, footy and crazy coaches. It is a story of things and people, lost and found. Even that pesky white footy boot turns up!


Find this book at the Middle Library, NMLC.

Chaplain and Community

Prep to Year 2 Service

At the end of Term 2 we held our Prep to Year 2 Service. It was based on the story of Jesus calming a storm while on a boat in the middle of the Sea of Galilee. Many students participated in various ways. Some did little prayers, others did a Bible reading of the story, they watched an animated video, performed a skit (see attached video) and sang in the choir. They even did a ‘Memory Verse’ from Psalm 56:3,


When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.

The story has many lessons that we can learn. One of the songs the choir sang was titled, “My God is so big.” It reminded the children of how God made everything and how powerful he is. This connected with the story because the Bible teaches us that Jesus is God and became a human being. He then did what he alone was able to do, to help us have faith in him. It is a simple message but the ramifications for us as people are enormous.


Do we trust Christ to be powerful enough to help us when we need it? Do we think he is caring enough to listen to us in our time of need?


The Disciples were afraid for their lives in the boat during the storm while Jesus slept. In the midst of the storm he was calm. Then, in their fear, they cried out to him for help. Their faith was still a work in progress, just as all of ours is each and every day. But they had enough faith, or they knew enough at least, to turn to him. And then Jesus did what only he could, he commanded the wind and the waves to be still. And they calmed down. I repeat, they calmed down.


This is the Christ we have heard about. This is the Christ that has control over nature. This is the Christ who loves us enough to respond to our cries, even when we haven’t totally sorted out our faith. This is the Christ we can trust.


This is the Christ of our school motto.


If you have some kind of storm in your life at the moment, whether your faith is strong or still forming, ask Jesus Christ for the help you need. Philippians 4:7 says,


Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.


Mr Stephen Ward


Parents' Prayer Group

The John Paul College Parents' Prayer Group welcomes all members of the John Paul College Community.


The Prayer Group's purpose is to honour Christ by praying for the College staff, students and families within the JPC community.


Prayer Group meets every Wednesday morning at 8.30am in the meeting room in the Wellbeing Centre (except for every fourth Thursday of the month when it is held in the evening at 7.30pm at Julie Gordon’s house – 64 Highview Terrace, Daisy Hill).


Co-ordinator: Julie Gordon can be contacted on 0421 809 984 or [email protected] by any parent wishing to inquire about about the John Paul College Parents' Prayer Group.

Co-curricular Performing Arts

Message from the Director of Performing Arts

Welcome back to Term 3.  Our students and staff are looking forward to a wonderful and exciting term of performance opportunities in which they will be able to share some truly memorable experiences in all of the disciplines of our Performing Arts programme – Dance, Music, Drama and Cheer.  We look forward to welcoming you to them all.


After a week of intensive rehearsals for our musical cast of We Will Rock You : School Musical they have worked extremely hard to polish their performances and are ready and excited with only 7 days until opening night on Friday 27 July!  You will not want to miss this fantastic show and tickets are still available through the JPC website.


Also, during rehearsal week, students in our musical band had the opportunity to workshop with James Barber.  James is a devoted Queen fan and has travelled the world as the guitarist with the official We Will Rock You musical.  His extensive experience and skills performing the show provided valuable experience enjoyed by our rock band students and staff.

Our last Live at the Piazza for Term 2 was held on Friday 22 June where our Primary Students took up the opportunity to perform in front of the lunchtime crowds.  Well done to our talented students, Luke Carter, Mia McNiven and Tabitha Weller on their performances.

Students in Exit 24 and Jazz Combo were invited to perform at Westfield Garden City in the evening of the last day of term.  Patrons dining in the Town Square enjoyed a 2 ½ hour set by our students.  Once again, our students displayed professionalism and their talent to the wider community.

Upcoming Dates

Monday 23 July - Brisbane City Bands Festival – Big Band and Jazz Combo

Wednesday 25 July - Musical rehearsal (entire cast) at Chandler Theatre

Thursday 26 to Sunday 29 July - Musical performances at Chandler Theatre

Wednesday 1 August - Redlands Eisteddfod – Viva Choir

Thursday 2 August - Redlands Eisteddfod – Year 1 & 2 and Year 3 & 4 Singstars Choirs

Thursday 9 August - Quota Beenleigh Logan Eisteddfod – Fusion Dance

Friday 10 August - Quota Beenleigh Logan Eisteddfod – Force Dance

Friday 10 August - Gold Coast Eisteddfod - Concert Choir & Chamber Choir

Tuesday 14 August - Gold Coast Eisteddfod – Chamber Orchestra & Sinfonia

Friday 17 August - Gold Coast Eisteddfod - Eclipse

Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 Aug - Strings Recitals

Friday 7 September - Cabaret Evening


Mr Bobby Gallo

Director of Performing Arts

Co-curricular Sport

Sporting Highlights - Senior and Primary School Sports and Activities

ASICS Gold Coast Marathon 

Year 10 student Krystal George competed in the Gold Coast Half Marathon at Southport over the holidays amongst 10,000 other competitors.


With the minimum age requirement of 15 years, Krystal was one of the youngest athletes competing. She maintained a consistent pace with every kilometre being under the six minute split. She completed the 21 kilometre course in 1 hour 59 minutes and 12 seconds (net time), achieving her goal of a sub-two hour half marathon, and gaining a PB as well. The average time taken to complete this course was 2:12:13. Krystal came in 9th position in her age division.  Wonderful effort Krystal!


Queensland Volleyball Team

Congratulations to the following three JPC students that have been selected in the following Volleyball Queensland Teams: 


        Year 12 student Hannah Le Sage U19

        Year 9 student William Jennings U15

         Year 9 student Jeremy McEvoy U15 


The Australian Junior Volleyball Championships will be held in September over one week! 


Further congratulations to Hannah who has been selected in the Australian U18 2018 Squad with Volleyball Australia. Hannah has been invited from athletes Australia wide to trial for Volleyball Australia's Centre of Excellence Program with AIS. Hannah will attend these trials after her week at the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships where she will represent QLD U19s. Hannah has also been named CAPTAIN of this Queensland Team!



Congratulations to Year 11 student Lyla Sampson who competed over the weekend at Warrick in the Interschool State Eventing and CT Championships with her two horses Fig and Mick, and was awarded 3rd place.  


This week Year 9 student Madeleine Mackenzie is heading up to the CDI (Competition Dressage International), where she will be the youngest competitor in the international class FEI J! A fabulous experience and a wonderful achievement! Good luck Madeleine.  


Madeleine has also been selected in the State team.  Both Lyla and Madeleine have now qualified to compete at the National Championships to be held in October.


State Hockey Championships

Congratulations to Year 8 student Noah Craig who competed at the State Hockey Championships. Noah’s Brisbane U13 Div 1 team finished second, narrowly losing the final 2-0 to Toowoomba.

Well done Noah!


Rugby League World Games

Congratulations to Year 11 Student China Polata who played in the Tribe7s team taking out the 2018 under 18s Women’s Championship in the Paris 18s World Games!! China scored the opening try and another two tries in the grand final!!


China will also play at the New Caledonia Rugby 7s International next weekend!! Wishing you all the best China!!


Basketball QLD State Championships

Congratulations to the following Primary students and coach who won a silver medal at the Basketball QLD State Championships over the holidays. They sure did JPC proud!

Sienna Peckham Year 6, Madison Best Year 5, Charlie Shaw Year 4 and Coach Anita Peckham.


Tae Kwon Do

Over the holidays year 2 student Amabel King won a first & second place at the Taekwondo QLD team selections.


Amabel will compete next at the Australian Taekwondo Open in September.


Keep up the great work Amabel!


JPC Kanga Cup 2018 Under 16s team

John Paul College recently entered the U16 football team consisting of players from years 8-10 into the Kanga Cup held in Canberra over the June/ July Holidays. There were over 350 teams competing in the tournament.


The team played in below zero conditions and displayed great team work and school spirit.


Their games have been challenging (and nerve wracking, heart stopping and hair pulling for the parents on the sidelines!) but they encourage each other and this has seen them make it to the finals, taking out the silver medal.


With the support of Mr Matthew Crameri, Coach Seo and his assistant coaches, the boys have done JPC proud.


Sporting Captains 

Each year our Senior students have the opportunity to nominate for Captain, for Co-curricular Sport and Activities. All Senior students can apply for these roles. 


We congratulate the following 2018 Co-curricular Captains: 


Community Care -  Sarah Herbst and Naomi Maras 

Debating - Abi Balaji 


Congratulations to our Co-curricular Captains.


Karen Graham 

Sport & Activities

John Paul International Life

From the Director of John Paul International


In Term 3, we welcome back our continuing students and many new students and families who are joining us for the first time. Last Friday all new students attended our Welcome Orientation and Testing Day.  Thanks to staff and Homestay Parents for working together to ensure that all students were ready to start on the first day of school.

Primary Preparation

Our John Paul International College Primary Preparation class for Term 3 is a blend of eight long-term and short-term students. They will be covering concepts such as ‘Identity’ and ‘Familiarisation’ with current Cultural Context, studying disciplines such as English, Mathematics and Science in order to express themselves as students in a global context.

Level 1 Focus

I would like to welcome new students to our Level 1 class at JPIC. The class has 11 students preparing for Grades 7, 8, 9 and 10. Students are from different countries; Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Most of the students are enjoying their life in Australia with our friendly JPC host families. They are happy and appreciate the support their homestay families show. We also have two students living on campus who have already made many friends in boarding. Fellow boarders are willing to help our new international students settle in.


Level 1 students have been introduced to the many events and co-curricular activities at John Paul College, with some students keen to join basketball, soccer and choir as after school activities.


Students started learning English with the theme ‘My family, my country and me’ and are now able to introduce themselves and communicate their personal details, where they are from and what their family is like.  They have also been very busy transitioning into their new lifestyle in Australia.

Our Boarding Life

Director of Boarding


Fenton Village is now buzzing with life again as boarders get back into the swing of the boarding routine. It has been extremely positive to see how well all boarders have settled back in, and how warmly they have welcomed one another back after the extended holiday break.


On Tuesday evening our Year 11 boarders attended Semi-Formal at the JPC Coleman Centre. All boarders were dressed appropriately and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Professional photos were taken on the night.


Information on how to access these photos will be distributed by Head of Year 11, Mrs Dawn Boland. 

Academic Update

Semester 1 reports provided valuable feedback for boarders, parents and boarding staff. Academic outcomes, along with DARTS results are used to inform decisions around prep support and also meetings with boarders regarding academic engagement and expectations/goal setting moving forward. If you have any questions about prep or the academic support available to boarders please feel free to get in contact on 0738263466 or [email protected]. In Term 3 we also welcome an additional Academic Tutor in Ms Jemma Benzie. Jemma is currently undertaking her Bachelors of Education at the University of Queensland and will provide support to all junior boarders, as well as seniors in the areas of Mathematics, History and English.

Term 3 Major Events – JPC Boarding

Christmas in July Dinner will be held on Sunday, 29 July. This is a highly anticipated annual boarding event and Seniors and committee members are currently working with Brenda and the chef team to ensure the menu, decorations and atmosphere on the night are excellent.


EKKA Break this year falls on Monday 13 to Wednesday 15 August. This five day break from classes allows boarders a rare opportunity to relax, refresh and catch up on their studies leading into the assessment and exam period of the term. Boarders are permitted to return home or attend leave with approved hosts during this time. For boarders who remain on campus, there will be a major outing on each day, free for all who wish to attend. This year we are going to Movie World on Monday 13, The Ekka show on Tuesday 14 and a fishing trip on the morning of Wednesday 15 August. There will also be time set aside each day for study, with academic tutors in attendance to offer support.


Staff vs. Boarders Basketball falls on Sunday, 16 September 2018. With the staff leading the Staff vs. Boarders 2 – nil so far this year after narrow victories in Touch Football and Netball, the boarders will be eager to get a win on the scoresheet in basketball.


End of Term Outing will take place on Monday, 17 September and will be at an all you can eat restaurant / buffet after a similar popular event in 2017. The restaurant is still TBC and will likely be narrowed to the final two and then decided by student vote/preference.


Mr Sean Cox

Director of Boarding

Dates to Remember


21 July - TAS Trimester 3 Round 1 - BYE

23 July - Year 1 Old Beenleigh Town Excursion

23 July - Primary Superhero Day

23 July - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

24 July - Success at School Starts at Home: Session 3. Gorman Lecture Theatre

25 - 27 - Livet Excursion, Royal Pines

25 - 26 July - Full Day Musical Dress Rehearsal, Chandler Theatre

26 July - School Musical Technical Run, Chandler Theatre

27 July - Years 9-12 AIME Session

27 - 29 July - We Will Rock You: School Edition musical performance

28 July - Term 3 Round 1

28 July - Trimester 3 Round 2 - JPC vs St Columbans, John Paul College

29 July - Netball QLD Emerging Talent Clinic, Coleman Centre

29 July - Boarding Christmas in July Dinner

30 July - Kindy A, B and C Geckoes Wildlife visit, Kindergarten Building

31 July - Kindy D, E and Pre K Geckoes Wildlife visit, Kindergarten Building

31 July - Year 5 Retreat


1 August - Inter-house Singing Competition rehearsal

1 August - Exchange Presentation and Host Family Dinner, Gorman Lecture Theatre

2 August - JPIC Assembly, Gorman Lecture Theatre,

Year 7-12 Parent/Teacher/Student Reviews

3 August - Cum Laude & Pro Diligentia Award Ceremony, Coleman Centre

4 August - JTAS Term 3 Round 2

4 August - TAS Trimester 3 Round 3 - JPC vs St Pauls, St Pauls

4 August - Boarder's Social Evening

6 August - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

7 August - Staff and large group academic / co-curricular photos, Main Administration Car Park

7 August - Year 7-12 Parents/Teacher/Student Reviews, Coleman Centre

7 August - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

8 August - Logan District Athletics Carnival, QTAC

8 August - Year 11 Jasper Jones Excursion, Playhouse QPAC

9 August - Open Day

9 August - Friends of Netball Meeting

10 August - Primary Parade, ARC

10 August - Primary School Disco, Coleman Centre

10 August - TJAS Term 3 Round 3

10 August - TAS Trimester 3 Round 4 - JPC vs Ormiston College, Ormiston College

13 August - Logan Ekka Show Public Holiday

14-15 August - JPC EKKA  Pupil Free Days

14 August - 13-15 Years Girls Regional Cricket, Moreton Bay College

16 August - Year 4 Incursion - BYO Creativity STEM

16 August - Year 2 towards Zero Waste Education Centre excursion

17 August - Prep to Year 2 Sports Day, Jukambi Oval

17 August - Principal's Assembly, Coleman Centre

17 August - Logan District Athletics Carnival 13-19 Years, QSAC

18 August - JTAS Term 3 Round 4

18 August - TAS Trimester 3 Round 5 - JPC vs Canterbury, John Paul College

19 August - Cheer Practice, Coleman Centre

19 August - Combined Chamber Orchestra Performance (JPC and Tagiev) Years 6-12), Stephen Bean Theatre

20 August - 10-12 years Girls Regional Cricket, Macgregor

20 August - String Recital (Years 3-12), Stephen Bean Theatre

20 August - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

21 August - Ballet Exams, Astaire

21 August - String Recital (Years 3-12), Stephen Bean Theatre

22 August - Prep Parade, ARC

22 August - Year 1 Back in Time Day, Prep Playground Sail Area and Classrooms

22 August - JPIC Assembly, Gorman Lecture Theatre

22 August - IB Sarlight Booknight, Noelene Munns Learning Centre

22 August - Year 9 Subject Selection Evening, Gorman Centre

23 August - Primary Schools Volleyball Cup, Craigslea State High School

24 August - Book Character Parade, ARC/Gilmore Lawns

24 August - Social Justice Service, Gorman Centre

25 August - OptiMIND Tournament, Bradley and Gorman Buildings, Coleman Centre and Gorman Lecture Theatre

25 August - JTAS Term 3 Round 5

25 August - TAS Trimester 3 Round 6, JPC vs St John's, St John's Anglican College

26 August - Year 6 into Year 7 Parent Information Evening

28 August - Kindy A and C Fathers Day Celebrations, Kindergarten Building

29 August - Primary School Father's Day Stall, ARC

29 August - Kindy B and E Father's Day Celebrations, Kindergarten Building

29 August - Years 7 and 8 Subject Selection Evening, Gorman Centre

30 August - Interhouse Singing Competition rehearsal

30 August - Primary School Student Led Conferences, Primary Precinct

30 August - Kindy D and Pre K Father's Day Celebrations, Kindergarten Building

31 August - Foundation Day Assembly (Years 7-12), Coleman Centre

31 August - Circuit Debating, Gorman Centre


1 September - JTAS Term 3 Round 6

1 September - TAS Trimester 3 Round 7, JPC vs WMAC, John Paul College

2 September - Friends of Netball Colour Explosion Fun Run, Cec Munns Sports Centre

3 September - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

4 September - QCS, Coleman Centre and Gorman Lecture Theatre

4 September - Primary School Student Led Conferences, Primary Precinct

4 - 5 September - Friends of Cricket Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

6 - 7 September -  PYP Exhibition, Wesley Building

6 -7 September - 10-19 years Regional Athletics Carnival, QSAC

6 September - Friends of Netball Meeting, Gorman Lecture Theatre

7 September - Prep Outdoor Classroom Day, Campus Grounds

7 September - Cabaret Night

8 September - JTAS Term 3 Round 7

8 September - TAS Trimester 3 Round 8, JPC vs Ormiston, John Paul College

10 - 11 September - 10-19 years Boys Regional Cricket, Thornlands

10 -14 September - Year 11 and 12 Exams, TBA

11 September - Year 8 Retreat

11 and 13 September - Early Learning Centre photos, ELC

11 September - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

12 September - National Australia Day Council (NADC) Forum, Stephen Bean Theatre

13 September - JPIC Exit Testing, Gorman Lecture Theatre

13 September - RU OK Fun Run, Stephen Bowers Oval

14 September - JTAS Athletics Carnival

15 September - TAS Trimester 3 Finals

17 September - Year 4 St Helena Island Excursion, St Helena Island

17 September - Prep to Year 2 Term 3 Service, ARC

17 September - Boarding End of Term Outing

17 September - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

17 September - Performance Evening, Coleman Centre

18 September - JPIC Carnival, Stephen Bowers Oval

18 September - TAS Athletics Carnival, QSAC

19 September - Year 11 Retreat

19 September - Middle School Design Day, Middle School Precinct

19 September - JPIOC Carnival, Coleman Courts and Mezzanine

19 September - Prep Parade

19 September - Years 3 to 6 Service, ARC

19 September - St Mark's Concert, St Marks Anglican Church Daisy Hill

20 September - IB Art Exhibition

20 - 23 September - Champion Basketball Schools Cup, Logan

21 September - Primary Parade, ARC

21 September - Assembly, Coleman Centre

21 September - Live at the Piazza

21 September - JPIC Term 3 Graduation, Gorman Lecture Theatre

21 September - TERM 3 CONCLUDES

22 September - Boarder Travel Day

24 September - 5 October - Outside School Hours Care Vacation Care Programme


3 - 5 October - Code Camp, Burke Building

3 October - Senior First XI Cricket Trial Game vs The Southbport School, CMSC Oval 1

4 October - Senior First XI Cricket Trial Game vs St Joseph's Nudgee College, CMSC Oval 1

5 October - JPIC Term 4 New Student Testing and Orientation, Bradley Building

7 October - Boarder Travel Day

7 October - QLD Schools T20 Independent Schools Zone Finals, CMSC Oval 1 and 2

8 October - TERM 4 COMMENCES

8 October - JPIC Welcome Assembly, Stephen Bean Theatre

8 October - Piano Recital (Prep to Year 12), Stephen Bean Theatre

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