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27 July 2018
2018 - Issue 22
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Principal's report

Dear Parents, Carers and Students at Moonee Ponds West PS.

Today is National Tree Planting Day and with the help of Bunnings in Maribrynong, we will be planting in our school environment.  Thank you to Alyena  (3/4), Emma (P/1) and Brian (School Maintenance) for their work in enabling such a whole school event. Not only did we plant in the school environment but also the children were able to pot their own seeds!  Watching and nurturing living things is a special experience for children and of course is supporting this terms focus on sustainability.  Great to see so many parents and friends of MPW who were able to assist. Let us see your work grow!

Foundation Enrolments

This is an important message to the families of Moonee Ponds West who are yet to enrol their child for school in 2019.  We really need you to enrol before the end of August, so we can begin the planning for 2019.  As we have enrolment space, I will be accepting some children out of our local neighbourhood but cannot confirm these enrolments until we have all the ‘local’ families accommodated. 

This year our ‘Transition’ Program for Foundation students 2019 will be more comprehensive.  Details will be forthcoming to enrolled families before the end of Term 3.

A Self-Protecting Strategy

At Assembly last Monday, I spoke about a Kids Matter strategy for children to give ‘voice’ in situations.  The strategy is known by me, as the Three Step Telling strategy. I am encouraging children to use this strategy so that they can grow stronger on the inside!  The strategy has a focus on naming the person and naming the behaviour that is causing the difficulty.

Step 1: Name the Person

Step 2: Name the Behaviour

Step 3: Ask them to stop.


There is a repeat step, which gives space for compliance.  If the behaviour persists, getting an adult (teacher, yard duty teacher, parent and or trusted adult) to help of course is the next step and often has the desired outcome.  Sometimes telling an adult is seen by some (children included) as ‘dobbing’.  Dobbing only occurs when you have not given the other person/child a chance to change by speaking to them about their behaviour.  Did you know that DOB actually means Defend Our Buddies? By speaking and using the Three Step Telling as an enabling strategy for yourself, you are assisting your friend or buddy to behave in a way that is accepted. Give it a go.  Practice at home! See if you can build your inner shell or ability to bounce back!

Lost Property

We have quite a lot of lost property mainly causal clothes!!! Lots of $$$$$$.   I have ordered a clothes rack that will sustain constant hanging and movement, and some tubs to ensure this area has some order, maintained by our volunteer parents. After four (4) weeks, the items will be sorted, named items returned to classes and the unnamed to the second hand shop.  Encouraging your child to collect their items after playing or PE or Band or Performing Arts is the go.  We want all items to their rightful homes.

School Review

We will be having our School Review week 2 of Term 4.  This will run over 3 days with classroom observations, conversations with focus groups of parents and children and a panel of relevant people to form new goals for the next four years of operation.

To gain parental comment and rich feedback the Education Committee suggested a Parent Forum (August 9th at 7.00 pm in the Performing Arts Space) a survey to all families via COMPASS (which we are working on) and comment through the Principal Open Line.  Our local survey will be tabled at the next Education Committee meeting and circulated shortly afterwards.  Parents will be encouraged to participate in the method they feel suits them best. 


At present, we are drawing together the data sets to inform a rich Pre-Review Self Evaluation.  All the evidence we have at hand, is provided for the Validation Day, the first day of the review.  The school review opportunity is an exciting one as we review the past and plan for a stronger future.


Well that is about it from me.  Until we meet in person

Sincerely and in good faith

Kerri Simpson

Principal (Acting) at

Moonee Ponds West Primary School

School Review Parent Forum

You are invited to participate in a Parent Forum to contribute to our Pre Review Self Evaluation for the School Review.

When:  August 9th 2018 at 7-8 pm

Where: in the Performing Arts Space

Community Calendar


Friday 3rd August

Athletic trials Grade 3/4 @ Aberfeldie Athletic Track

Monday 6th August

Education Sub Committee 18:30

Wednesday 8th August

Excursion to Melbourne Water Treatment Plant Rm's 11, 12 and 24

Excursion to Edendale Environmental Park Rm's 4, 5 & 23

Thursday 9th August

Excursion to Melbourne Water Treatment Plant Rm's 16 & 17

Australian Maths Competition

Review Parent Forum 19:00 to 20:00 @ The Performance Space

Friday 10th August

Excursion to Edendale Environmental Park Rm's 1, 2 & 3

Tuesday 14th August

Circus  Years 5/6

Resource Committee - 19:00

Monday 20th August 2018

District Athletics

Tuesday 21st August

MVIMP Music Camp departs

Wednesday 22nd August

VSSS Rehearsal - Melbourne Town Hall

Book Character Dress Up Day and Multi Aged Workshops

Environment Committee Meeting 18:00

Thursday 23rd August

MVIMP Concert - Lady Northcote Bacchus Marsh

Friday 24th August 

MVIMP Music Camp return

Monday 27th August

School Council 19:00


Monday 3rd September

Education Sub Committee 18:30

Wednesday 12th September

Environment Committee Meeting 18:00

Thursday 13th September

VSSS Dress Rehearsal  8:00

Friday 14th September 

VSSS Dress Rehearsal  8:00

Saturday 15th September

VSSS Matinee and Evening Performance




Education News 


In term two the 5/6 team focused on DCT – Design, Creativity and Technology.

After watching Caine’s Arcade, a clip about a boy named Caine who created an arcade in East L.A. from cardboard boxes, students collaborated and used the design process to make their own arcade game.

Monday 23rd July, Rooms 14 and 15 opened their arcade games to a buddy grade and each other for the first time. Students moved through the two classrooms playing the games and testing to see whether they were a hit or miss.


Here is one reflection from a 5/6 grade.

Overall, we worked really together as a group and if we had a disagreement when making our game, we always compromised.

The structure of the arcade game worked quite well but next time we would put pieces of cardboard on either side of the hoop to ensure the balls wouldn’t go everywhere. It lasted for over 40 uses (which was part of the assessment rubric) and people seemed to really enjoy our game. The majority of the items that we used were recyclable/reusable.

The instructions and the rules were clear and understandable. We received feedback that our game was easy to understand and the layout worked.

If we could go back and change something, we would not use glitter because it went everywhere, made it messy and it’s not great for the environment.

Here are some comments from the 2/3 buddy grade who helped test the arcade games.

The games were good. I think the effort they put in was really good. They worked well and looked good – Hamish


The arcade games were challenging. – Charlie

I really loved the space game. You could throw the ball inside the planets. I would like to do it more often. – Chiara


I thought all the arcade games were managed well. All the big kids read out the rules so we knew what to do and what not to do. – Philippa


The games were very exciting and challenging. Everyone had fun. – Mariam


The grade 5/6s made some big games. I scored lots of points – Carlos


It was very fun. I loved Swat the Fly. We had a minute to whack as many flies as we could – Callum


I thought the games were really good and they set them out well. My favourite was Swat a Fly. I liked getting points. They made some funny ads before we came over. - Jude








Fundraising Events

Our next event is ....
A touch of Bond – Friday Oct 19th 

Please mark it in your diary!

Thanks again,

The Fundraising Team.

Fundraising contacts

Rachel & Danielle - please enquire at the office and your details will be forwarded on to Rachel and Danielle.      

School Information

General Office

Office:                                         8:15a.m - 4:45p.m

Telephone:                       9370 6875 / 9375 1197

FAX:                                                              9370 1909

Sandra Monaghan                 Business Manager

Cristina Zelaya                Administration Officer

Sharyn Reinke                Administration Officer

Leadership Team

Principal - Acting

Kerri Simpson

Assistant Principal - Acting

Barbara Springfield 

Business Operations Manager 

Sandra Monaghan

Leading Teacher

Michelle Bové

Jarrod Sutton

Student Absences

If your child is absent from school (including illness and appointment), it is necessary to inform the  school.  This can be in the form of a telephone call, email, entering the absence through the COMPASS parent portal , in writing or by advising the office or classroom teacher directly.

If your child is sick it is advisable to not send your child to school.

2018 Term Dates

Term 1:

Monday 29th January to Thursday 29th March

Term 2:

Monday 16th April to Friday 29th June

Term 3:

Monday 16th July to Friday 21st September

Term 4:

Monday 8th October to Friday 21st December


End of term dismissal is at 2.30pm for Terms 1, 2 & 3 and End of Year dismissal is at 1.30pm.

Curriculum Days

Term 1:

Monday 29th January and Friday 9th March

Term 2:

Thursday 26th April

Term 3:

Wednesday 25th July

Before and After School Care

At MPW before and after school care is provided by Camp Australia. The service operates 7.15  - 8.45 am in the morning and  3.30 to 6.15 pm afternoons.

To enrol your child please go to

Lost Property

In 2017 - a significant amount of unnamed clothing and unnamed plastic containers were donated to charity each month.


Our lost property is managed by parent volunteers and we need your help to reduce this  workload and loss of property.


You can help by:

  • ensuring that all belongings are clearly marked with students' names and room numbers
  • regularly check (and encourage your child/ren to check) for their lost property
  • remember that it is the responsibility of students and families to regularly check lost property and reclaim items

When is unnamed lost property cleared and donated to charity?

  • Last Friday of every month

Where is lost property?

In the Gym on the right hand side, as you walk in.

Community News


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