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05 April 2019
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From the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff, Students and Friends

The Easter holidays have arrived, giving us some time to reflect upon our achievements, whilst enjoying the company of family and friends.  So much has happened this term, with much to look forward to for the rest of the year.  I hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter as we share all that has happened at our great school. 

Year 7 Camps Celebrate the Wonderful Young People Starting at Frankston High School 

Our exceptional cohort of Year 7 students have had a positive start to high school through their involvement in the Year 7 camps program.  During the camp students had the opportunity of making new friendships and to become more acquainted with our staff.  In particular I would like to express my gratitude to the last camp team of teachers who demonstrated outstanding professionalism in ensuring our students stayed safe, having a great time without any panic even though there was a bushfire 5km away from the site.  The camp owner commented to me that she was so pleased that the school during this potential emergency was Frankston High School because she knew she could rely on the staff to keep all going well. 

SLC Camp Inspires Student Leaders to Achieve their Potential

It was an absolute pleasure for me to meet our student leaders on the SLC camp.  I can honestly say that this team of student leaders are very impressive.  I am confident they will value add to our learning culture of excellence.  It was interesting to hear them commenting about their teachers.  They love teachers who are passionate about their subject areas and who can relate what they are teaching by applying the knowledge and skills being taught to real life situations.  This year we will utilize the expertise of our leaders to harness ‘student voice’ across the school to provide feedback about how we can continue to improve teaching and learning. 

Rowing Team: State Champions

Many thanks to our rowing coach, Mrs Mary Hunter with her commitment in coaching our rowing teams enables our students to participate in this great sport.  Mrs Hunter takes our students for training at 6.00am in the morning when most of us are tucked away in bed, also supporting our students in entering events during the holidays and weekends to help them develop their skills and fitness to an elite level.  Such dedication to training allows our rowing team to hold their heads high in competition.  Our team recently competed in the VSSSA Regatta and the Head of School Girls Regatta.  Some gold medals were achieved at the VSSSA Regatta which makes us all very proud.


Students Selected to Participate in Overseas Exchange Programs

Congratulations to Matthew Tang (Year 10) and Megan Gray (Year 10) who have been selected to attend the highly esteemed Fukuoka Daiichi High School in Fukuoka city in Japan.   They are off for nine months in April.  This will provide them with a wonderful opportunity of developing an in depth understanding of the Japanese language and culture.  We wish the boys a safe, enjoyable time overseas.

I am also delighted to inform you that Niamh Walker (Year 10), has been officially accepted as a WEP exchange student for a semester program to France, departing in August 2019.  Through the application and personal interview, Niamh displayed curiosity and maturity, both of which are essential attributes of successful exchange students. I know these students will be excellent ambassadors for Frankston High School whilst overseas.

Frankston High School: Yet Again Division Champions in Sport!

Thank you to Mrs Carly MacDonald, Ms Kate Burgess and Mrs Kylie Grech who led our champion team of elite swimmers to triumph at the Division Swimming Sports this term.  This has provided yet another opportunity for us to celebrate our justifiable reputation as an Exemplary Sporting School.  The entire school community wishes our team all the best for the Southern Regional Championships as most students who competed will be going onto this event.  However, it is not all about winning, it is about maximum participation and learning sportsmanship, making lifelong friends and learning importance of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle which is what our students are learning to do. 

Elite Student Athletes have us in Awe of their Achievements

Congratulations to Noah Oliver (Year 10) who has become  Australian Decathlon Champion.






Elli Symonds (Year 7) has been selected in the Victorian Athletics team winning three gold and a silver at State Championships.  We wish her every success as she competes for Victoria in the Australian Championships.

Also congratulations Declyn Tanner (Year 7) and Hamish Terris (Year 7) who both won Sports Blues awards for Cross Country. 

Still Celebrating Achievements of the Class of 2018

It was a thrill to hear that Matthew Coulter (Year 12, 2018) was selected to perform at the Top Class Music festival where only the most highly talented VCE students in Victoria are selected to perform.  I had the privilege of attending the Melbourne Recital Centre to see Matthew perform on piano accompanied magnificently by two 2018 alumni Joshua Burt (drums) and Whitley Gerlach (double bass).  It was a sublime performance and a tribute to the partnership between a dedicated talented student and his wonderful Music teachers.   Matthew was our music captain.  He was awarded a study score of 47 for VCE music performance, which is the highest mark we have ever had for the subject at Frankston High School and it is one of the highest marks for music in the state last year.  He has successfully auditioned for entry into Monash University’s Jazz stream and was told at the end of the audition that he would be nominated for a Monash scholarship.

Furthermore Class of 2018 Student Calvin Gu was invited to come back to our school to be filmed for the Victorian Global Learning Awards. Calvin has been nominated for this award for his exceptional ability to capture life on film.  We wish him all the best

Zoe Cox (Year 12) - Future Mayor of Frankston 2030

Thank you to a team of teachers who gave of their Sunday afternoon (31 March), to cheer on Zoe Cox, who represented Frankston High School with a team of luminaries on a panel who spoke about what Frankston would be like in 2030.

This panel was interviewed by Rev Tim Costello to find out about Frankston and Zoe was required to imagine she was the Mayor in 2030.  Zoe spoke very well to a packed audience at Cube 37 arguing for equal gender representation in leadership roles and the importance of honouring our indigenous community whilst the need to balance growth and development of the city, preserving the environment we are so fortunate to enjoy.  She also spoke of the importance of honouring our cultural heritage, particularly that provided to us by our indigenous people.

Meet and Greet:  A Huge Success!

The large number of parents who attended our recent Meet and Greet evening is certainly a reflection of the quality of our 2019 Year 7 cohort who, we have all agreed, are an exceptional group of students.  I hope everyone had a terrific evening meeting Year 7 teachers and other parents.

Melwood Hike Challenges the Old Man!

I am truly requiring a rest over Easter after attending the Melwood Hike with two classes of Years 9 and 10 students.  It is a relief to report that despite his age Mr Rowan Cameron completed this challenging hike without holding up the team to any significant extent.  Mr Cameron mentioned to the students that they should be in awe of me completing the hike, since I am apparently not young anymore.  This was a great challenge for all of us and as well as becoming more appreciative of our wonderful land the students learnt and practiced our school values exceptionally well. 

A Wonderful Story of our Boys Showing the School Values of Empathy and Respect

Liam Hughes, Jerome Hughes and Marcel Pfitzner (German International student) were recently travelling on a Melbourne bound train to attend Moomba.  There was an elderly lady (Patricia) sitting near them who looked to be asleep.   She began to vomit and  it turned out that she had fainted.  The boys raced to her aid along with fellow train passengers.  Liam demonstrated great initiative by promptly calling for the ambulance. 

The button to alert the driver was not working and finally the train stopped at Armadale station.  Marcel also showed initiative by sprinting  from the back of the train to the driver to alert him regarding  the situation.  After stopping the train, Patricia was guided to a seat on the platform, conscious now but continuing to vomit.   The boys all volunteered to look after Patricia so everyone could go about their day even though they had other friends waiting at Moomba for them. They comforted Patricia on the platform for the 40 minutes it took for the ambulance to arrive.  Marcel and Liam called Patricia's family to alert them of the situation.  Jerome acted as the look out for the ambulance.  The ambulance arrived and the boys informed the paramedics of everything they needed to know.  This is a great story that highlights why I know our future is in great hands with such fine young men as described leading the way.  

Working Bee Involves an Eager Group of Parents, Friends and Students

A huge thank you to the many parents, students and friends who came along and volunteered a Sunday morning at our recent working bee.  A terrific amount of energy and enthusiasm was devoted to mulching, weeding and hedge trimming.  As a result, our grounds are looking better than ever with great attendance of parents and students. 


Don’t forget to book online for the Parent Students Teacher (PST) Conferences early next term.  If you are having trouble making a booking please feel free to ring our ever helpful office staff. 


Wishing everyone a wonderful relaxing Easter with family and friends.


Mr John Albiston


Senior School News

Congratulations to Zoe Cox

Zoe was selected to attend the National Schools Constitution Convention which was recently held in Canberra.  During her three days in Canberra Zoe toured Parliament House, participated in discussion panels on legal issues with politicians and met leaders of our parliamentary system.  Zoe co-wrote a preamble to the Constitution which is planned to go before the Senate for discussion later this year.  Zoe was one of a few students from a government school selected to participate in this event.  Thank you to Mrs Cindy Bryant for encouraging and assisting Zoe with her application.  Congratulations Zoe.

Congratulations To Amelie Schumann

Amelie has been selected to attend the prestigious London International Youth Science Forum.  This is a two week residential program in July/August where Amelie will be attending lectures from well renowned leaders and scientists, and participating in practical activities.  Amelie was selected out of 600 students throughout Australia.  Amelie recently attended the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra and has displayed a strong passion and interest in the science area.  Amelie is looking forward to the Forum in London where she is hoping it will give her an indication of the field of science she wishes to pursue in the future.  Congratulations Amelie.

VCE Leadership Awards

Students may wish to nominate for the 2019 VCE Leadership Awards.  These awards recognize the efforts of VCE students in promoting leadership and participation in their school and local community.  VCE Leadership Award recipients are students who demonstrate initiative, inspire others, work well in a team and are committed to making a difference.  They take an interest in activities such as the arts, sport, debating and public speaking; they may campaign for social justice and environmental protection and/or raise funds for worthy causes.

To qualify students should be studying at least two Unit 3 & 4 studies.  If you are interested in nominating yourself or another student, please see me as soon as possible.

Study Skills

Students should now have developed regular study habits and an organization/study timetable according to the guidelines presented in the Elevate Education seminars and iSupport.    In the Senior Student diary there are great hints on where and how to study, motivation, goal setting, note taking skills, essay writing, research strategies, memory skills and stress management.

I encourage all students to have a look at this valuable resource and discuss how they can use these techniques to develop better study skills, which are vital for Years 11 and 12.

Students should also be practising as many exam type questions as possible, in preparation for the end of year examinations.

Parent Student Teacher (PST) Conferences

PST conferences will occur on Wednesday 1 May.  These interviews provide an important opportunity for parents, students and teachers to work together to further improve learning outcomes. 

Students Driving To School

Students who drive to school are reminded that they must complete a consent form (which is available from the Senior Office) and attach a photocopy of their driver’s licence.

Students are not permitted to park in the school grounds and hence, must ensure that they follow local parking restrictions on nearby roads.  For safety reasons, students are not to park on Foot Street outside of the Senior Campus.

Students should also be aware that they must not park too close to the pedestrian crossings or driveways.

Term Vacation

I wish all senior students and staff a relaxing and safe holiday.  Students need to ensure that they are revising their work over the holidays and Year 12 students  should continue to practise past examination questions.

Examination papers  can be viewed on the VCAA website:

Students should also look at the assessment reports on this website; these are written by the examiners and individual questions are discussed.  Generally, if students have performed poorly on a type of question then this question may reappear on future exam papers.

I cannot stress highly enough to students the importance of using part of these holidays for study purposes. 


Ms Helen Wilson

Senior School Principal

Important Dates and Notices

Important Dates


Finance Office Hours

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday

8.00am - 4.00pm



8.00am - 11.00am

11.00am - 1.00pm (CLOSED)

1.00pm - 4.00pm

Uniform Shop Hours


Sarah Smith & Sara Dawson

Telephone 9784 9080




12.30pm - 1.30pm

3.00pm - 4.00pm

7.30pm to 8.30pm


10.00am - 12.00noon





The Uniform Shop will be closed during the school holidays and will re-open  



School Tours Commence Term 2

To book online click HERE



Host Families Needed!

We are asking Frankston High School families to consider hosting a 2019 Letsibogo Girls High School student for a period of four weeks. Our Soweto students have arrived and are completing Year 11 at Frankston High School.  Host families are needed from May onwards.  Daily needs such as clothing, toiletries, pre-pay mobile phone, public transport costs plus a $30 per week allowance are provided by the school.  However, we would be relying on the generosity of host families to provide accommodation and food.

Receipts from public transport, phone cards for overseas calls (available from a newsagency) mobile phone cards, etc. will be reimbursed from the Finance Office on the 7-10 Campus.


PLEASE CONTACT:   Anne Thomson

Mob:     0409 835 541 or Email:  [email protected] 

Year 10 Immunisations

The vaccination date allocated to Frankston High School are listed below.


Year 10 Students

Thursday 2 May





If you would like your student immunised but have not completed a card, you may collect one from the General Office.

Please ensure the card is returned prior to the immunisation date.

NAPLAN Testing
Years 7 and 9
14/15/16 May

The annual NAPLAN testing will take place for all students in Years 7 and 9 on Tuesday 14, Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 May 2019.


The tests are as follows:

Tuesday 14 May

Language Conventions test,

Periods 1 and 2 (45 minutes)


Tuesday 14 May

Writing test,

Periods 3 and 4 (40 minutes)


Wednesday 15 May


Periods 1 and 2 (65 minutes)


Thursday 16 May

Part A: Numeracy – calculator,

Periods 1 and 2 (55 minutes)

students must provide a calculator for this test.

Calculators used for the numeracy test must not be multifunction or internet accessible devices.


Thursday 16 May

Part B: Numeracy – non calculator,

Period 2 (10 minutes)


Parents may choose to exempt their child from the NAPLAN tests.  If you wish to have your child exempted please contact Ms Caldwell via email on [email protected] Parents need to sign an official exemption form.

High Resolves
Years 7 and 8

High Resolves is a not-for-profit educational initiative that motivates high school students to be purposeful global citizens and develop the mindsets and skills they need to lead their communities, and the world, to a brighter future.


Year 7 Program

On Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 May students in Year 7 will be involved in the High Resolves program.  Students will spend three periods on one of these days undertaking a module on Identity and Purpose.  This addresses the core questions, “Who am I?” and “Who do I want to become?” Participants develop their sense of collective identity as members of a single human race.  Participants must develop a competence in independent thinking and associated values, including open-mindedness and critical thinking.


Year 8 Program

On Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 May Year 8 students will be involved a module on Just Society. Students will work on this module for three periods on one the days.  This module addresses the core question, “What kind of world do I want to see?” and “Will my choices be on the right side of history in 50 years?”  Thinking through such issues should lead us to favor greater social justice. Participants will develop a competence in social advocacy.

Year 10 Work Experience
24 - 28 June


Work Experience Week

24 – 28 June 2019




A reminder that all overdue Work Experience Arrangement and Work Experience Travel Arrangement forms are due back on Friday 29 April .


It is very important now that if your child hasn’t returned their forms or they are having trouble finding a position, that they speak with me urgently.  They can find me in the JRC from 8:30am to 3:30pm.


Ms Lorelle Molloy

Work Experience Coordinator


Health and Safety for Teenagers While Working on Screens

Frankston High School is aware that the overuse of computers without breaks is not good for the health of young people.  Fortunately, at our school the variety of learning activities on offer during a school day does not involve students sitting using a computer all day long.  However, the following attached information has been generously provided by a parent (Mrs Tanya Harrasser) to inform us all of the importance of maintaining our health in relation to computer usage.


Dogs for Kids with Disabilities


Indigenous Lifesaving Leadership Program is on again!!

From 5 - 12 May, a group of trained lifesaving students from Frankston High School will travel to Far North Queensland to a small remote indigenous boarding school called St Teresa’s Abergowrie.


We need your support to help fund the return trip to Abergowrie in May. All funds raised will subsidise the students’ flights.


To read more about this project and to make a tax deductable donation please go to the link below:

School Crossings

Dear Parents/Guardians,


It has been brought to our attention that an increasing number of students are crossing Foot Street in places other than the designated crossing spots (pedestrian crossings and intersections), when arriving at, or leaving from school. We will be reminding students of the need to ensure their own safety by crossing only in these places, both before and after school when entering and leaving the school.  In particular, students should not be crossing Foot Street on the crest where Rowe Road and the exit of the drop off zone connect with Foot Street.   We would also request that you discuss this with your child and ensure that, in the interests of their own safety, they are meeting these expectations.


We thank you for your support in this matter.


Kind regards,

John Albiston

School Production
30 May - 1 June

Frankston High School presents the fabulously fun ‘Legally Blonde’, based on the adored movie.

The musical follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes and scandal in pursuit of her dreams.



Kingswim Car Park
 Monday & Wednesday before 11.00am



Frankston High School Pool / Kingswim

from 13 April to 27 May


‘Like’ us for regular updates.

Main Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

Sport news and updates: CLICK HERE


Good Friday Appeal


Kids Show

Jack Green and String Dog Productions are very proud to present a pantomime show of 'Rumpelstiltskin', showing over two days at Frankston High School's Presentation Space.

Buy your tickets HERE


School Holiday Program







Parent Student Teacher (PST) Conferences

Parent Student Teacher (PST) Conferences
Wednesday 1 MAY

Parent Student Teacher Years 7-12 Conferences are being held on Wednesday 1 May.  There are no formal classes on this day except students studying a VCE Unit 3 subject who will need to attend Periods 1-6 as timetabled.  There will be no Period 0 (8.10am-8.55am) on this day.  Students studying external VET classes will need to attend their Wednesday class as normal.


All students are expected to attend conferences with their parents/guardians.  As in previous years, conferences will be conducted on the 7-10 Campus and for your assistance an information desk will be located outside the door of the Junior Resource Centre (JRC).


Years 7-12 reports can be viewed and PST Conference bookings can be made via Compass School Manager using your family username and password.  For those few families who do not have internet access please contact the school for alternative arrangements. 


PST Conferences, Wednesday 1 May will commence at 9.00am and with the last booking available at 7.20pm.


To assist you, teacher room locations can be viewed as you make each booking (see attachment).  Teachers’ lunch and dinner breaks will be staggered so there will be a range of teachers available all day for conferences.  There will also be refreshments available for parents and students to purchase from Little Olive Coffee Truck and the Year 9 LEAD Class Bake Stall.


Compass has updated the conference booking page and will walk you through the booking processPlease open attachment below ‘Compass Information: Parent Student Teacher Conference Bookings' for steps to access Compass, view academic reports and how to book conferences.


If you have any enquiries, please contact Frankston High School on 9783 7955.


Student Absence Notifications

Protecting the safety and wellbeing of children through the reporting and monitoring of absenteeism is the responsibility of both Parents/Guardians and schools.  It is therefore important that the school is notified of all student absences to ensure our attendance records are accurate and up-to-date.  Effective Monday 29 April, Compass will send automated SMS messages to Parents/Guardians of any students marked absent without explanation during the morning classes.  You will not be able to reply to the SMS.  This is in addition to our normal attendance notification processes undertaken by the sub-school teams.


To avoid receiving this SMS notification, our preferred communication method from parents/guardians of advising/explaining of any student absences is by emailing by 9.00am:

  • Junior School (Year 7 & 8): [email protected]   
  • Middle School (Year 9 & 10): [email protected] or [email protected]  
  • Senior School (Year 11 &12):  [email protected]  or Year12abs[email protected]
    • Please include your child's student name and/or ID code, reason for and dates of absence.
    • Please do not use the "send email to (child's name)'s teachers" function on Compass as this does not get received by the Sub School Team who are responsible for updating attendance records. 

You can also contact the school after 8.00am on (03) 9783 7955 and ask for the absence line.


Please note:  Parent explanations for student absences do not constitute an approved absence for VCE purposes.  As per the requirements of the VCE, approvals of absences for VCE purposes require suitable supporting evidence and/or documentation from an independent medical practitioner (or similar). Please ensure this documentation is provided to the Senior Sub School Office upon your child’s return to school.


Parents/Guardians are encouraged to regularly check Compass Attendance Records to ensure they accurately reflect your child's attendance at Frankston High School - please follow the "Profile (Attendance, Schedule, Reports)" link on your Compass homepage.


If you require assistance with your parent log in, please contact the General Office on (03) 9783 7955.  You can access Compass using your Parent login via the following means:

•   your internet browser on laptop, tablet or mobile phone:

( )

•   via the “Compass School Manager” App on your mobile device:

  • on iOS devices

( )

  • on Android devices

( )


Do we have your most up to date contact details?  If not, please contact the school on (03) 9783 7955 or email [email protected]  so we can update our records. Details that may need to be updated include home address, phone numbers, email address and emergency contact details. Please remember to contact the school if any of these details or your circumstances change at any time throughout the year.

Around Our School

World of Math

"I enjoyed the World of Maths because the activities were fun to solve, and they had a range of different levels of difficulty.  I found the challenging ones to be more FUN!  Overall it was a great experience and exciting to do something a bit different."

Lorelei Tildesley, 8A


"The World of Maths was a fun way of testing your maths skills such as probability, fractions and trial and error plus so much more.  During the World of Maths, you were given a piece of paper that shows all the activities, you partnered up and chose an activity.  The point of doing the World of Maths is to help increase your math skills while also being entertained by the many activities making you want to learn and have fun while also catering for every body’s math level."

Adam Chapman, 8A


"The World of Math was an exciting class where we had fun and challenging visual problem solving questions that tested math skills such as trial and error, probability, number patterns and fractions.  It was great fun working with your friends while solving the questions and when you got it right it is a wonderful feeling.  There was a mixture of more difficult questions and easier questions which is good for students with different levels of math skill. I personally enjoyed the more difficult overall.  It was a fun and different math class, that everyone enjoyed."

Chrisne Coetzee, 8A

"Our minds churning and creating sparks, putting our collaborative and mathematic skills into place.  On 12 March classes came together to unravel questions at a Maths incursion.  I enjoyed working in a collaborate environment, building off others, cracking equations and having the interactive workshops.           


Challenges unfolded to test our skills when having an idea and explaining to the group, overcoming problems and communicating.  Question’s proved our knowledge and problem solving skills, each question with a varying difficulty and aim.

Working in teams tested our patience as well as our cooperative behaviour, contributing and taking ideas to make mind maps and possible solutions.


The Maths Incursion was different to regular maths classes because of the joint efforts and coming to different workshops, some focusing on chance and probability, to angles, not focusing on just one topic but rounding our knowledge together and giving everything a go."

Olivia Mihailescu, 7C

"Today we participated in a very fun math session called World of Maths.  We did problem solving and interactive activities that made you think.  One of my favorite activities was when we had to try to work out how many barrels each person would get.  In this activity there were questions asking how many more or less barrels each person got.  This was very fun, and I hope to do it again." 

Sierra Meyer, 7D

Back to School

On Monday 18 March Calvin Gu (Class of 2018) was invited to come back to our school to be filmed for the Victorian Global Learning Awards.   Calvin graduated from our school in 2018 after completing his VCE.  He is now studying Film & TV at Swinburne University and is a very talented Media student.  Calvin has been nominated for this award and he is very talented with this study as he has already received many distinguished awards from the Department of Education and Training (DET) and Frankston City Council for his exceptional ability to capture life on film.

We wish him all the best for the upcoming announcement of this State award and representing Frankston High School.


Mrs Sharon Koning

International Student Coordinator

Robotics Incursion

On 20 March students from Year 7H and 7F participated in their Robotics Incursion day.  The students were tasked with building a programmable Lego robot and making their robot perform certain tasks associated with self driving cars such as: Navigating a course, detecting and avoiding collision, recognising traffic light colour and reacting accordingly.  Students used their critical and creative thinking skills to address the problems that they faced throughout the day by collaborating and sharing their ideas with peers.


Mr Steven Bonfadini

Maths/IT Teacher

Out and About

Spreading the Message

Members of the Frankston High School Eco Team visited Ballam Park Primary School recently to present about plastic pollution and its impact on the environment.  They presented with the use of a multimedia presentation that included some startling facts and figures, and spoke about the pitfalls and perils of humans overusing plastics.  They also spoke of ways the flow of plastic can be decreased, giving the Ballam Park Primary School students ideas on how to make changes at home to help curb their own reliance on plastics, in particular single-use plastics. Spreading the message is hard work but certainly worthwhile.  The Eco Team hopes to keep spreading the message with plans to visit another primary school during Term 2.

A massive thank you must be given to the following students for giving up their time and doing their absolute best to make the presentation interesting and worthwhile: Michaela Goggin (Year 10), Allira Reid (Year 8M), Kai Malcolm (Year 8M), Luisa Harrasser (Year 9), Jorden Lancaster (Year 8M) and Matilda Scroggie (Year 10).



Frankston High School will be running its bi annual tour to Japan in September 2020. 


Itinerary Highlights:

  • Tour of Kyoto: Kiyomizu temple, Golden Pavilion, Sanjusangeno Hall, Nijo Castle and the Heian Shrine.
  • Osaka: Visit to Osaka Castle
  • Hiroshima: Memorial Peace Park and Museum
  • Miyajima Island: Itsukushima Shrine
  • Nara: Todai Ji temple and Nara Park
  • Susono: Visit to Frankston’s sister city and Mt Fuji viewing centre
  • Tokyo: Stay in a traditional Japanese inn. Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Tower, Electronic town, Harajuku shopping strip
  • Nagano 3 night stay in Nagano: Visit a working farm, Zenkoji Temple, sightseeing in Kanazawa and a samurai exhibition performed by a trained samurai!
  • Kawaguchi Kita High School: One week homestay at our sister school in Saitama prefecture. Students will attend school with hosts and make cultural presentations to their Japanese classmates.
  • and more...

Dates the second last week of Term 3 and the first week of the Term 3 school, 2020


Students: studying Japanese in Years 11, 10 and 9 in 2020 


There will be an information evening on Wednesday 22 May in the Junior Resource Centre on the  7 - 10 Campus.  Parents and students will be given an overview of the trip and the opportunity to ask questions.


Information letters were handed out in the last week of Term 1.  If you have any questions or would like a letter, please ask your Japanese teacher or contact Tonia Hast at school on 9783 7955 or via email [email protected]


Mrs Tonia Hast

Japan Tour Organiser

Sustainability at Frankston High School

Plastic is certainly not fantastic.

By 2050 there could be just as much plastic in the earth’s oceans as there are marine creatures.  The reason for this is not surprising when you crunch the numbers!  By 1950 only two million metric tons of plastic waste had been created.  In 2017 humans had created 8.3 billion tons of plastic waste. By 2050 it is heading towards 34 billion tons of plastic waste.  The human appetite for plastic and the convenience it brings is insatiable.


But why care?

Current evidence is suggesting that plastic is entering the food chain to a significant degree – different studies from all around the globe have shown that micro plastic is in everything, from drinking water through to some of our food supply.  Another study has shown micro plastics in one-hundred percent of human subjects tested.  Health studies on the ramifications of this are only just beginning.  This is not to mention the harm plastic is doing to a great range of animals who ingest plastic thinking it is food.  This is the reason sea food contains so much trace evidence of plastic.


Plastic is leaving our oceans and beaches in a visual mess.  Floating marine debris is ridiculously common and can completely compromise a beach’s natural look.  Many uninhabited islands across the pacific are riddled with plastic debris because of the way ocean currents flow (Google Henderson Island for further information).  However it is the micro plastics, the ones that can hide in the environment, that are most dangerous.  Have you ever picked up a coloured piece of ‘sand’?  If you have it was most likely what is referred to in the industry as a plastic resin pellet (or nurdle).  This is what all plastic products are made from, and they are now such a common pollutant in the world’s oceans that they are washed up on beaches around the globe and disguise themselves as part of the sand.  Frankston beach is no exception to this – particularly in between the Frankston pier and Waves.  Have a look next time you are down amongst the lovely coastal area.


What is Frankston High School and the Eco Team doing?

Phase one of reducing plastic use at Frankston High School involves banning single-use plastics in their entirety from the school.  This includes such things as plastic straws, plastic cutlery and glad wrap. These are products that are typically used once and thrown away.  These single use products will last in the environment for, at least, hundreds of years.  All for a few moments of convenience.  A school wide ban will likely take place from the start of the 2020 school year, with efforts over the course of 2019 concentrating on education in how to avoid single use plastics and the alternatives that are available.

Phase two will likely involve a school wide audit of plastic use and ways to significantly decrease our reliance upon plastic products with recognition of a ‘refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle’ campaign that has all departments within the school working towards a minimal use of plastic products within their areas.


Phase three will be a move towards only having essential plastic consumables available within the school. Things like medical necessities and learning equipment.


Of course none of this will be possible without support from the entire school community. It is certainly a lot to ask, however in comparison with future forecasts of what will happen if we do nothing, it pales into insignificance.


So, what can you do to help?

  • Consider how your child’s/children’s lunches are packaged and sent to school. Could you avoid sending the glad wrap? Could you use paper bags instead? Could the whole lunch be contained in a lunch box without any wrapping?
  • Could you ask your child/children to bring their soft plastic rubbish (any plastic that you can scrunch up in your hand) home and then take it to Woolworths or Coles to be placed in their soft plastics recycling bins? This will then likely be turned into furniture by a company named REPLAS in Carrum Downs!
  • Can you use an alternative to single use plastics at home? For example using normal cutlery as opposed to plastic. At the most recent staff curriculum day Frankston High School staff swapped from using throw away plastic cutlery and plates to metal cutlery and ceramic plates obtained by Eco Team members from local op-shops.
  • Can you refuse plastic straws at restaurants? Most of us don’t need them but it is something we just accept because we are so accustomed to it.
  • Can you encourage others to also reduce their use of plastic?

For further ideas just ask Google.


I’m hoping that together we can all make a valuable contribution in making the world better for our students and future generations.


Mr Brendan McKinnon

Sustainability Coordinator

PFA News

Parents and Friends Association (PFA) News

Thank you to all those who attended our AGM last month.  We would like to welcome the new PFA committee for 2019:


President:                           Paul Williams

Vice President:                 Shez Cantile

Secretaries:                        Melanie Cotta and Emily Egan

Treasurer:                           Trisha Brumbaugh

School Council Rep:       Nickie Fidge


A big thank you to Majella Strangward for her contribution as secretary, and welcome to Melanie and Emily!  We look forward to a great year together.


Thank you to all of our families who supported the Second Hand Book Sale at the end of last year.  We were able to return over $20,000 to our families from the sale of books, this will be credited to your school accounts early next term.  The PFA were able to raise $10,000 which, together with the $1,000 raised at the State election BBQ, we now have the pleasure of deciding how to contribute back to the school!


Some of the projects that we have proudly funded or contributed to from our fundraising in the past include musical instruments, rowing boats, an art printing press, cameras for the media department, and a soon to be constructed recycling hub by the Eco Team.  We have also supported Student Wellbeing and Breakfast Club with our contributions, and each year present the graduating Year 12’s with a memento glass.  This year we will be providing four scholarships to recognise and support individual students.


All are welcome to come along to our meetings, usually the second Tuesday of the month during school terms.  We often have guest speakers to tell us about different activities happening at the school.  Our next meeting will be Tuesday 14 May, where we might be lucky enough to have a preview of the upcoming production “Legally Blonde – The Musical”!


You can also join our mailing list by emailing [email protected] to receive our minutes and other reminders.  Upcoming events include supporting Student Wellbeing at the Mother’s Day High Tea on Saturday 4 May, and we will be running a sausage sizzle at the Federal election!


This year we will once again be participating in the Woolworths Earn and Learn program.  Just remember to collect those stickers every time you shop at Woolworths as the more we collect, the more equipment we can provide for the school.  The 2017 Earn and Learn collection enabled us to get nearly $400 of equipment for the STEM program.  This year’s program starts on 1 May so let your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours know that Frankston High School is collecting and we would love to have their stickers! Frankston High School collection bins will be at the Woolworths store in Bayside Shopping Centre and at the Baxter store as well as at the Front Offices on both campuses of the school.

Our Sponsors


Proud Sponsors of our Breakfast Club


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