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15 March 2019
Issue Four
Upcoming Dates
Principal's Report
Deputy Principal Report
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Bee Incursion
Chinese New Year
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Upcoming Dates

Saturday, 16th March

Foundation Drinks night 7:30pm

(NB Change of date from 23rd Feb)


Sunday, 17th March

10am Mass followed by

a St Patrick's day picnic

in Father's Garden!



Friday, 22nd March

School Disco after school

The Foundation to Year 2 Disco will be from 3:45 to 4:45pm

followed by the Years 3 -6 disco from 5pm to 6:15pm.


Monday 25th March

Swimming program begins for 9 days.

Monday, 25th March to Thursday, 4th April inclusive.

NB on Tuesday 2nd April, all students

from Foundation to Year 4 must bring an extra T-shirt

and shorts to practice survival swimming techniques.


Tuesday, 26th March

Year 5 / 6 Parliament excursion


Friday, 5th April

No swimming

Holy Week re-enactments in the hall at 9am

Last day of term 1


School holidays

Saturday, 6th April to Monday 22nd April inclusive.

NB Monday, 22nd April is Easter Monday.


Tuesday, 23rd April

Students school resume for Term 2


Thursday, 25th April

Anzac day holiday


Monday 29th April

Cross Country carnival 9am 

Nettleton Park


Monday 29th April

First Reconciliation Info/ Activity night

7pm to 8:30pm


Friday, 3rd May

Year 6 Kids' View Social Justice conference 


Friday, 10th May

Mothers' day breakfast

from 7:30am


Sunday, 12th May

Mothers' day


Tuesday 14th to Thursday, 16th May

Naplan testing


Sunday 19th May

Year 3 / 4 sacramental Commitment Mass

at 5:30pm


Friday, 24th May

Grandparents' day


Monday 27th - Wednesday, 29th May

Year 5 /6 Camp at Sovereign Hill


Saturday, 1st June

Parents Association Mid Year Function

for all parents.


Saturday 8th to Monday, 10th June

Queen's birthday long weekend


Tuesday 18th June

First Reconciliation ceremony at 7:30pm


Friday 28th June

Last day of Term 2

Sacred Heart feast day Mass at 9:15am

Clothing collection for St Vincent De Paul

Principal's Report

Classroom Culture
...At Home

Dear Parents,


The more we immerse ourselves in  teaching and learning, the more we think about assessment that improves instruction. It leads me to think about those open to learning conversations we need to have with our students, not just at school, but at home also. What we do know, and research supports, is that students are empowered when they actually articulate what they are learning.  


If you have an opportunity to visit any of our classrooms, as many visitors and parents did this week during our Open Days, you would see 5 prominent questions in each classroom that support and promote this way of thinking.


These are questions we ask of our students as they learn. 


They are also the 5 best questions you can ask your child about their learning day!


In asking these questions at school and at home, we are providing three essential elements:

- time to learn together

- purposeful listening

- accountable talk about classroom practice


So the five questions are:

What are you learning? (and why?)

How are you doing?

How do you know?

How can you improve?

And where do you go for help?

So have a going at using these prompts. With time and consistency, your child's responses will continue to evolve and their learning flourish. Remember, when students believe in their ability to learn – they do better.

St Patrick's Day Celebrations


This Sunday after 10 am Mass in the Presbytery garden.

Come along and join us at 10 am Mass followed up by a celebration of St Patrick’s Day! During Mass there will be Children’s Liturgy with a focus on St Patrick. After Mass, stay for a sausage sizzle, some tasty green themed treats and a cuppa or a beer!

Bring a plate to share and join us in the celebration!


St Cecilia’s Pastoral Council  


Open Days

I would like to congratulate and thank everyone involved in our successful Open Days on both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

It was another very busy couple of days with many interested visitors and current families.  The atmosphere throughout the school  was lively and engaging and I heard a lot of positive comments from prospective students and their families.


If you have any feedback about the Open Day, please do e-mail me via




Save The Date

Mid Year Function

(Saturday 1st June)


This is one of our best nights of the year.

Heavily supported, fantastic fundraiser for our school community...lots of fun!


More info to come...please put this date into your calendars!


Easter Morning Tea

Tuesday 2nd April

The PA (Parents Association) are planning a special Easter Morning Tea celebration on Tuesday 2nd April. There will be the option of purchasing an Easter themed morning tea for your child through CDF Pay.

Details to follow next week through the Skool Bag app.

Swimming Celebration

Congratulations to our successful swimming squad again for their wonderful recent performances. We gathered together this week for a yummy celebration lunch. Special thanks to Niki Judd with the help of Donna Nugent for coordinating this. 


We also had 5 swimmers from St Cecilia's attend the Boroondara Division Swimming Carnival at Monash pool recently. The swimmers were:


  • Susannah Slattery, G6 in individual 50m freestyle and backstroke (12/13 years)

  • Walter Adams, G4 in individual 50m freestyle and backstroke (9/10 years)

  • Walter Adams, Tyler Murray, Finn Hase and Jack Slattery in the 9/10 years boy freestyle relay

They represented our school beautifully and should be congratulated on their achievements.

A big thank you to our swimming coaches Marita Slattery, Luke Manley and Teresa Galgani. 

Well done team!



2019 Catholic Education Week

This week was Catholic Education Week.

The theme for Catholic Education Week for 2019 was Growing Young in Christ.

Catholic Education Week is an opportunity for all Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne to celebrate their Catholic identity, the pivotal role they play within their local community and the strength of the Catholic sector.

Today we were involved in :

  • Mass for Schools in St Patrick's Cathedral held on Friday 15 March at 10 am
  • Following the Mass, a Concert will be held in the Treasury Gardens for primary students on Friday 15 March


Healthy eating and diabetes workshop in Grade 2


Here is a report from Henry O'Byrne (Grade 2) regarding a healthy eating and diabetes workshop attended by Grade 2 during the week!


                                               Wednesday 6th March.     


The chocolate crackles looked so delicious that my mouth was watering!  Caroline Brand was here to tell us about Ben’s diabetes and healthy snacks.  We learnt that you need to eat healthy foods but only sometimes we can have a little sugary snack. It was so fun!


We also made and ate an apple donut, it was very yummy and my apple donut had yoghurt and coconut and cinnamon on it. I even got to help make the chocolate crackle, but we had to wash our hands so we don’t get sick. I was surprised that we can make healthy chocolate crackles.


I had so many questions about Ben’s diabetes.  You can get diabetes type 2 by eating too much sugar but Ben has diabetes type 1 which has nothing to do with what you have eaten. I asked Ben what happens when his blood sugars are high. If his blood sugar goes too high Ben has to have insulin and water to bring blood sugar back down. Ben has to have insulin before each meal. It was interesting learning about Ben and diabetes.


By Henry O’Byrne

(Thank you to Henry, Benjamin and Caroline)


Please note that our St Cecilia’s Annual Disco will be held on Friday 22nd March in the school hall. This year, the theme is hair accessories, so get as creative as you like (or a headband, hat or bandanna will fit the bill)

Please check out this flyer which includes times and further details.


Secondary School References

After consultation with other Catholic Primary Schools within our zone, it has become an agreed upon practice to write student references, if requested, for just our leaving Year 6 students. We do not write references for year 4 students as we would prefer not to refer students out of our school in Year 5. This practice will not disadvantage any year 4 student, as it is maintained throughout other neighbouring Catholic Primary Schools.  

Daily lessons in resilience



Thank you to the many families who have already created a CareMonkey Profile online.

I urge all families to continue to complete this process so that we can commence sending out our school notes and forms via CareMonkey as soon as possible. Please contact the school via the following email if you are experiencing any difficulties with this process.

CSEF (Health Card) Reminder

Could all parents who currently hold a Health Care Card please click on the following link. Please call our school office if you have any queries.

Health Care Card reminder...

 Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Warmest regards,

Marty McKenna

Deputy Principal Report


Dear Parents,

We particularly draw your attention to  the dates for the celebration of the sacraments.

All the sacramental dates for the year are on the Religious Education page. We ask that you add these to your personal calendars and advise any family members who may wish to attend the sacraments. 


Further dates and times will gradually be added- once they are confirmed.


We would like to draw your attention to the upcoming School Disco which will be held after school next Friday, 22nd March. Please see the flyers that was sent home on Thursday. 

The Foundation to Year 2 Disco will be from 3:45 to 4:45pm followed by the Years 3 -6 disco from 5pm to 6:15pm.


The theme is: Hair accessories and all students are asked to wear a headband, bandana or other adornment! The cost is $7 per child and this includes pizza, prizes and an icy pole.


Please pay via CDF and advise the organisers of any dietary requirements by Monday 18th March.


Sasha Nettle


Emily Manley


On Tuesdays, we have now introduced

Games In The Courtyard which include: Twister,  using two colourful parachutes to toss a ball (and hide underneath!), giant Checkers, Snakes and Ladders and Tic Tac Toe board games.

The students are particularly enjoying the new parachutes!

As you know the Technology club began a few weeks ago .

It is held on Wednesdays at lunchtime in Mr Griffith's Year 5/ 6 H classroom.


On Fridays, we also have the Circus Equipment in the courtyard which includes: juggling balls, spinning plates, diablos  and scarves to wave.


Next term we will introduce Just Dance in the Hall and of course we have Tennis lessons from Monday to Wednesday, Drama Club on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Choir on Thursdays and Fridays and Instrument lessons on Wednesdays and Thursdays.



Swimming sessions for all students in the Foundation to Year 4 classes will begin on Monday, 25th March and conclude on Thursday, 4th April.  Please check your child's school bag for the information/ permission notes which were sent home yesterday. 

You are asked to complete the forms and return them to school by next Tuesday, 19th March.

NB All students are requested to wear caps during the swimming program and if you need to purchase one for your child, there is a return order slip attached to the information sheet. We need all of these orders asap so that we can collate them and the swimming teacher will deliver the new caps to the school next Friday.

This will give you time to write the students' names on them before the swimming program begins. reminder too that all clothing needs to be named. ( You would be amazed how various - and sometimes embarrassing- items of clothing can become separated from your child!) 


Chinese Fan dancing assembly.

Last  Friday, 8th March we had a special Chinese assembly.  The students from Foundation to Year 6 to participated in a fan dancing incursion during the day which culminated in a small concert/ fan dancing display. 

Here are some pictures of the students and some parents who answered questions about the Chinese culture. Eg What is a lucky number for Chinese people?




Anna Clarkson,  arranged for an expert in bee-keeping to visit the school on Thursday, 14th March. He explained the importance of bees in the world and how they are vital for future food production. The students learnt a wealth of information about bees, their habits, communication and by products as well as honey, of course!

Please ask your children to tell you all about this session! I am sure that we will all learn something new from this experience! Thank you to Anna for organising the speaker from 'Ben's Bees".



St Patrick's day celebrations


This Sunday after 10 am Mass in the Presbytery garden.


Come along and join us at 10 am Mass followed up by a celebration of St Patrick’s Day! During Mass there will be Children’s Liturgy with a focus on St Patrick. After Mass, stay for a sausage sizzle, some tasty green themed treats and a cuppa or a beer!

Bring a plate to share and join us in the celebration!


St Cecilia’s Pastoral Council   


Monday, 29th April from 7pm to 8:30pm:

First Reconciliation ( Year 3) Parent/ student information/ activity night


Sunday, 19th May at 5:30pm:

Both Year 3 and Year 4 students are asked to attend Mass with their families and make a commitment

to prepare for the sacraments of First Reconciliation ( Year 3) and First Communion ( Year 4).


Tuesday, 18th June from 7:30 to 8:30pm:

The sacrament of First Reconciliation ceremony will take place in the Church.


Monday 22nd July from 7pm to 8:30pm:

First Communion ( Year 4) Parent/ student information/ activity night


Sunday, 20th October at 10am:

First Communion ceremony (Year 4)


NB If any students are in Years 3 - 6, who are new to the school and have not yet received any of the sacraments, please contact me (Karen Whiting) at :  so we can make arrangements.

St Patrick's Mass

On Friday, 15th March a small group of students from each Catholic school in Victoria was invited to attend a special Mass at St Patrick's cathedral to celebrate Catholic Education Week.  As only up to 10 students can attend, we decided to take our Faith and Wellbeing leaders.  The Mass was con-celebrated by a number of priests and the chief celebrant was Archbishop Peter Commensoli.  After Mass, our St Cecilia's Faith and Wellbeing Leaders were lucky enough to have their photo taken with the Archbishop! 

The students were amazed by the grandeur of the cathedral with its towering spires, numerous marble altars dedicated to the saints (including Mary MacKillop), the glittering brass candle holders and the huge organ with pipes that seem to reach almost to the roof!

 We sat at the front of the Cathedral, right near the main altar where we had a clear view of the choir and band. There were also TV screens everywhere so that we could watch all the priests and schools process into the cathedral and then the actual celebration of the Mass. 

After Mass, we had a great time in the Treasury Gardens where all the schools joined together to play games like Dodgeball and to listen to a secondary school band who played some Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran songs. 







Firstly, we offer a special 'Thank you' to the Foundation parents who cooked pancakes for the whole school last Tuesday, 5th March. They did an amazing job of organising this process and were so efficient that they had the first batch ready at 9:40am!

The day is known as Pancake (or Shrove) Tuesday and on this day it is a Lenten tradition to have pancakes ie with sugar, maple syrup etc- a kind of treat- which in the olden days would have been a chance to use up these sweet ingredients before making sacrifices/ giving up something during Lent. 

The teachers have explained this significance to their classes and many of the students have made Lenten promises to give up something eg lollies, chocolates, fizzy drinks, screen time etc.


We know that Jesus spent 40 days in the desert praying and fasting, knowing that he would soon die on the cross so we encourage the students to do something during Lent that is not easy for them.



During Lent, we encourage the students to be more like Jesus by observing the following practices:

We try to spend more time with God in prayer- asking Him for help and thanking him for His love.

We give up something that we do not need, or that distracts us from loving God or Jesus, or our family and friends eg screen time or a food treat.

We give money to help others in need. The students have all received Project Compassion boxes. The money raised will be sent to support the work of Caritas and Catholic Mission in Australia and overseas.

We ask you to support this worthy cause and the Project Compassion boxes will be collected at the end of Term 1.


Holy Week

As you know, Holy Week (Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday) will fall during the school holidays. Therefore over the next few weeks, the students will be learning about these key events in the life of Jesus. On Friday, 5th April at 9am in the Hall, different grade levels will re-enact parts of the story, beginning with Palm Sunday and culminating in Jesus' death on the cross on Good Friday. All families and friends are invited to join us to remember these events at  a special assembly which has always proved to be a powerful remembrance of Jesus' suffering and death. 

We will then celebrate Jesus' Resurrection at our Opening Mass for Term 2 on Friday, 26th April at 9:15am.


Student of the Week



Congratulations to our Student’s of the Week from Week 5.

(please note - we had no certificates distributed during week 6)


Week 5




FK    Charlotte Barac-Macey    

For always being prepared and organised in the classroom. You always give 100% and it shows in the work you produce. Well done.


FJ      Noah Perera           For always smiling and having a positive attitude to his learning! You are a star Noah.


1A        Fletcher Bye          For being a thoughtful and considerate class member who always displays excellent listening skills.


1B         Lucca Moss      For respecting his learning and always doing his best.


2F       Henry O'Byrne              For always being polite and friendly and for treating yourself and your classmates with respect.

2G        Chiara McMullen​​​​​​​       ​​​​​​​For working consistently to be the very best person she can be. Well done Chiara on always thinking of others and using your initiative. You are a shining light in 2G!


3/4C      Sebastian Aldcroft​​​​​​​    For making visitors feel very welcome to St. Cecilia's and for constantly following instructions and completing all tasks with a smile.


3/4D       Marina Haverkamp​​​​​​​      For having excellent work habits and looking for ways to extend her learning and use her time wisely.


3/4E        Charlotte Arizanov​​​​​​​     For always helping friends in class.

5/6H        Erina O'Doherty         For showing initiative in her learning by seeking assistance to understand challenging tasks.


5/6I          Oliver Nashed       For great matching of fractions decimals and percentages!












Today we had a big challenge in Yr 2. We had to make a healthy snack!

All the Year 2 children got all muddled together and put into groups of three!

Each team had to make a poster. The poster told you who was in the group, the name of the healthy snack we were making and the ingredients that we were using.


We all bought our ingredients from home ready to make our snack.

The judges were mystery judges but in the end Mr. McKenna, Georgia and James were the judges. Everyone got an award.


Some of the healthy snacks we made were; tuna salad, caterpillars and spiders made from fruit and vegetables, fruit kebabs, banana boats, smoothies, fruit castle, chicken and salad wraps and lots more.


In the end everyone had a lovely time and we all enjoyed tasting each others snacks.


Nikki Eagle and Edward Slattery 2G



Music News

Choir News: 



The Senior choir has kicked off to a fantastic start with over 30 students from grade 3-6 volunteering their time to learning to sing on a Thursday morning.


To make our school choir even more spectacular

we are seeking a piano accompanist to lend a hand. 


We are hoping that there may be someone with the necessary piano and sight reading skills in the school community who would be willing to volunteer their time on some Thursday mornings from 8.10-8.50am. They would also need to be available for some school performances throughout the year also.


If this sounds like you or someone you know could you kindly forward your response to




Bee Incursion


Anna reported: I think that the workshops went really well! We have so much info and still many questions to answer from the students. Some of the diverse questions asked were really fascinating… Do bees sleep? (from a grade 2 student) The answer is yes.


The students were amazed by the colony of bees (20,000 in a hive), 1 teaspoon of honey is made from 100 bees in their lifetime and they only live for 5 weeks, they poo outside their hive….. you can even get toothpaste made from propolis which is a substance that bees make from tree resin.

Manuka honey is used in hospitals to treat wounds….. lots of fascinating facts.



Ben's Bees


By Ivy 3/4E

On Thursday 14th of March we had an incursion with Ben’s Bees. The man’s name was Greg. We learnt about different breeds of bees and how some are very harmful and that some are quite calm so you don’t  need to have any protection when you open their hive.


The Queen bee

Greg told us that the queen bee lays thousands of eggs every day and that how the bees choose the queen bee. At first there are about 6 bee eggs that are chosen to be the queen and the egg that hatches first then goes around and  stings the other eggs so they don’t hatch.


What happens when the Queen Bee dies?

The Queen bee releases a scent that lets the bees know that she is alive and to keep calm.

When the queen dies the scent goes away and all the other bees in the hive start to panic.

The other bees immediately start looking for another queen.


How do you get the honey out of the bee hives?

Greg showed us a bee smoker. You can smoke it and the bees think there is a bushfire so they all go outside the hive and stay there while the people open the beehive and get the honey.  Once the smoke goes away the bees go back into the beehive and keep on working.


Bee Incursion


By  Charlotte 3/4E

Today we had the bee incursion  and I learnt:

That bees  have all different jobs.

Some of the jobs are:

-Collect water for the colony

-Collect pollen

-Collect nectar

Collecting water for the colony

Bees need a lot of water to survive.This is how bees drop off their water.They shake off all they collected onto the colony to cool them down.

How bees communicate

When bees drop off honey they do a wiggle dance to tell the other bees where this good honey is and not only do they tell the bees where the honey is, they tell how far it is to fly.

Bee queens

Bee queens make a smell so that bees know that she is here and alive. If the smell is gone, the bees pick 5 eggs and whichever egg hatches first, that is the queen and the worker bees sting all the rest of the bees and feed the queen royal jelly.  


Bee Incursion

About the queen:


On Thursday, a man called Greg came and taught us about honey bees. We  learnt that when the queen bee dies, all the workers must chose 5-6 eggs that might be the queen. Out of all the eggs, the first one to hatch goes and stings all the other eggs that were chosen. Then. when the queen bee is still a lava, the only thing it eats, is royal jelly. It is believed that if a lava eats only royal jelly, it can transform it from a normal worker into a queen bee. There is no king bee. The queen makes a smell and when she dies the scent goes very quickly.


About the smoker:

Beekeepers use smokers to check hives and to get honey. The smoke makes the bees think its a bushfire and go into emergency mode. They tend to start eating their honey rapidly and whilst they are eating, the beekeepers can scrape all the honey off. The smoke that is produced by the smoker is cold and fits into the bees temperature.


About the workers:

Every bee that goes to collect the pollen and the nectar is a girl. There are only girl workers. The boys are very lazy. They can't even feed themselves! The workers must do that as well! In winter time, the queen kicks all the boys out of the hive because they eat too much honey.


Overall, we all learned quite a lot of information about bees and we enjoyed the lesson!!!


Bee Incursion


On Thursday the 14th of March a man called Greg came in to talk to us all about bees. He told us that bees live up to 5 weeks and then they die.  Also he said that the bees have a queen bee but when the queen bee dies, they have to make a new queen. So how they make a new queen is... they give some special food to a baby egg that the old queen had laid. Most of the bees are female but only some men bees. The men bees do absolutely nothing to help in the hive, they don’t even get their food -the female bees have to get it.

By Lucas 3/4E


Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year


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